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A voice from above...


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From the shimmering red and gold sky that hung above Agrabah, no-one, in their right mind, could have depicted what was happening that evening in the Royal Palace. Jafar, Agrabah's royal vizier, definitely had the upper hand after acquiring the Genie's lamp and using his wishes to turn into a yard-long magical snake. While Jafar was being attacked from all sides by Aladdin and his companions, and Jasmine slowly drowning in the hourglass, something was nagging him... He looked around, but Iago wasn't the one that was bothering him; it was something else entirely, something mysterious...

Slowly Jafar snapped back into reality as Aladdin was trying to get his attention. "That annoying little brat," Jafar thought to himself, "honestly should incinerate that puny little waste of life here on the spot..." Then Jafar suddenly froze to the words "not the most powerful being in the universe". Did Aladdin just give him the ultimate inspiration for his final wish, "The genie will always be stronger, you freak!" yelled Aladdin. Eventhough Prince Ali was a massive con artist, he did have a point... There the voice subtly whispered again: "genie... chain... god..." Those three words continued to swarm through his head, the weirdest thing was that it almost sounded as his own voice... As if his future self was trying to tell him something, but what exactly... Jafar was abruptly interrupted by the street rat himself, in the corner of his eye he could see solely Jasmine's lips reaching above the magic sand, "What are you waiting for you spineless pussy? Don't you think you can handle begin like Genie?!" At that very instant the words of his guardian angel made sense, the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place...

Quickly Jafar turned his hypnotising cobra eyes towards Aladdin, who was trying to hurt him with his agile scimitar, Aladdin froze into place due to Jafar's power and gave the slightest wink towards his friends. "GENIE! I AM READY FOR MY FINAL WISH!" Jafar bellowed across the throne room. "Ya'know I'd rather you didn't, mister power hungry megalomaniac, isn't his eno..." Instantly the Genie's mouth zipped closed due to Jafar's power. "Mighty Genie of the lamp, I, Jafar of Agrabah, wish to become..." Aladdin grinned hopefully, " an IMMORTAL, OMNISCIENT, OMNIPOTENT GOD!!!" in the mere nanoseconds that followed Aladdin's face went blank, the hourglass disappeared, freeing princess Jasmine, and the whole throne room was filled with magical creatures in all shapes and sizes. There were a couple of different genies, some unicorns, several fairies and many more. With a blink of an eye the creatures imploded into a little dot, followed by a pulsating red hue that filled the room with anguish. The red pulsating orb made its way to Jafar, as it came closer it started to expand, almost like some sort of nuclear fusion... When the orb almost reached the vizier, Jafar shrunk back to his slender self and was immediately swallowed by the orb and the orb shrunk and disappeared. For a few seconds the sky turned bright blue, you could hear the birds chirp and al the damages Jafar had caused vanished; the squad thought they had won. Aladdin ran towards Jasmine but was launched across the room as the little pulsating hue returned. Subsequently the sky turned an inky black and Jafar's laughter echoed maniacally along the horizon. Out of the hue a fiery and scaly red genie-like figure appeared. The creature wore Jafar's face, but much more perfected in a way: a razor sharp jaw, an immaculate manly chin with a perfect goaty, piercing yellow eyes, almost like those of a demon, pointy ears, pouchy lips and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. On his, almost bald, head a tightly bound ponytail, held together by several gold rings.

Within seconds the squad saw the entity grow: firstly the size of a little muscular dwarf, then a seriously buff human, followed by an 10 feet tall superhuman, then, as the ceiling simply vanished, a whopping 100 feet tall musclebound god. As Jafar started to grow, his muscles expanded with every pleasurable breath he took. Firstly Jafar's pecs exploded out of his chest, within seconds they covered the massive palace in a frightening and foreboding shadow. Underneath a titanium 12-pack slab of divine abs formed that pushed his pecs ups, making them bounce in the most sensual way possible. Above the pecs Jafar's neck muscles started to bulge around his neck, making his facial appearance even more superior. Next his obliques appeared like perfect hills between his pecs and abs. As he grew, his majestic moans echoed through all the far corners of the world. With immense power Jafar raised his arms, creating massive gust of wind that made several houses in Agrabah collapse, and immediately his shoulders and lats became humongous. Jafar hoisted into a double bicep pose and two veiny mountain-sized biceps were conjured up out of nowhere. He clenched his fists, making his triceps and forearms bulge with obscene power. A low growl surrounded the castle as Jafar opened his hands, revealing that his slender fingers had turned into thick muscular fingers topped with shiny black claws that could cut through titanium. While Jafar enjoyed every second of his new power and the whole of Agrabah was frozen in fear, the red hue started to tornado around the gods torso. A layer of thick musky hair appeared on his abs and chest and as Jafar pressed his pecs together, two golden nipple rings were added to his superiority. The musky smell of omnipotence, making the genitals of most of its inhabitants quiver, covered the lands when his pits started to fill with hair. The last adjustment became visible when a snakey tongue slithered out of his mouth.

"THE POWER!!! THE ABSOLUTE POWER!!!" bellowed Jafar to the puny little humans beneath him. "You thought you were smart, didn't you you street rat, tricking me into becoming a shackled little genie!" Aladdin stammered... "Why become a genie, when one can become a force nature, AN ACTUAL GOD!!!" Shrieks were heard all across Agrabah as the sky filled with lightening and thunder, making the torso look even more perfect.

Jafar, and the hue that still tornadoed around his lower parts, started to rise from the ground. A loud crackling sound overpowered the thunder and the ethereal hue started to split, a massive pair of clawed and hairy feet with golden toe rings arose from the darkness. This was followed by the creation of two hairy legs as thick as humongous oversized tree trunks, both covered in snaky pulsating veins. Jafar looked down, grinned, and spat on his almighty hands; he made his way down to his groin area and started to use the lightning to mold his stallion. The city of Agrabah was in awe of what they witnessed next. A 40 feet long curvy cock hung tightly between his muscular legs, topped with a beautiful and shiny mushroom head; he snapped his finger and a cock ring appeared. The god's legs pushed his shiny, slightly bushy, testicles forward, making yet another shadow cover the area. Two quick booms indicated the creation of a smooth and immensely muscular dumptruck with a shiny, rosy anus shimmering in between the cheeks.

Majestically, yet forcefully, Jafar's being rushed down to earth, landing into a powerful superhero pose. The sheer impact of the landing caused a massive earthquake and out of the distant rumbling a threatening black throne, with veins of lava coursing through it, appeared from the depths of the earth. The magic carpet rushed out from underneath Aladdin and turned into a silky see-through cover for Jafar's almighty genitals. At that exact moment Jafar noticed something amusing and, for the street rat himself, extremely humiliating. With his inhuman vision Jafar noticed that Aladdin came at the sight of his superiority. "Good..." he mumbled, a surge of power made Aladdin rush towards Jafar's face, mockingly Jafar made him pass his immaculate pecs slowly, "Deep down I always knew you had a weak for dominance! Not a complete waste of life HAHAHAHA!" He put Aladdin on his nipple ring and together they took place on the throne.

A screech from Iago interrupted his victory moment, a quick bicep pose, which almost launched Aladdin into outer space, created a surge of magic that fused Iago and Rajah in a big, muscular, and fiery griffin that took place on one of Jafar's legs. "All hail almighty lord Jafar, you're one and only god!" said Iago repeatedly. "Iago, my companion," said Jafar, "I will grant you the power to sniff out all pure evil doers in this universe and give you the freedom to destroy them however you see fit!" Iago took of and spread fear amongst the people, leaving Jafar with a slight grin on his beautiful face.

When Iago was out of sight two things happened that made Jafar very happy: first he saw Jasmine crying because she lost her precious Rajah. "Honestly princess, you really are a spoiled little brat but I'll give you one of the most desirable thing their is..." Jafar's eyes lit up with fire and Jasmine's clothes turned into those of a stripper and she launched up towards his neck, where she was entrapped in an hourglass pendant. "I'll grant you immortality, so you can spend the rest of your existence enjoying the view down below... Isn't that generous my princess?!" The other thing that happened slightly aroused his godliness. He looked down and smiled from ear to ear, Aladdin had started licking his nipples. "Ohhhh daddy, almighty daddy..." moaned Aladdin, Jafar's nipples got hard and Aladdin squirted his cum all over them. Instantly Jafar got a humongous pulsating boner, creating a loud bang when his cock slapped against his abs. Simultaneously Aladdin started to grow, within seconds a fit Arabian giant, about two thirds of Jafar's size, with a juicy bubble butt and a good cock stood naked in front of our new master. A drop of precum fell on Aladdin's feet, which turned into a red hue that put his hair in a man bun and gave him a tight leather jockstrap and shackles. "There you have it, my perfect little sex buddy Aladdin!" A little cry from Jasmine was overpowered by the commanding voice of Jafar telling Aladdin to turn around. The dominance in Jafar's voice arouses Aladdin, giving him an boner. Without hesitation Jafar clawed one hand firmly into Aladdin's shoulder and put several fingers in his mouth, then he pounded Aladdin's beautiful ass, you could literally see his cockhead poke into Aladdin's abs. "RRRRRrrrrHHHHhhhaaaa...RRrrrHhaaa..." echoed through the area with every forceful pound Jafar gave, causing literal avalanches around the globe. Then Jafar finally came like he had never did before, waterfalls of sizzling cum fell down to earth, filling the area with the sweet smell of dominance. The cum gave Aladdin an immediate pump, which made Jafar smear the last of his cum over Aladdin's pulsing abs.

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On 11/7/2021 at 10:43 AM, hunklover said:

Fine, but this is the last one!


his4 2.png

Love it hunklover. I mean this is under continuous stories... You could continue it. 👍😘

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38 minutes ago, idealmuscle said:

Love it hunklover. I mean this is under continuous stories... You could continue it. 👍😘

Nah... I think I took it to it's natural climax.


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