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My New Old Dad (Parts 1&2)


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On 5/16/2022 at 11:24 PM, alexdog said:

I worked out for hours and did cardio until my heart was going to explode.

I love it when stories mention/depict buff guys doing their cardio 😍😍❤ So that's already 10 points from me.

Would love to see a continuation of this story. The feats of strength presented here are insane! 👍(maybe even some endurance training for that strong heart 😍)

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On 5/16/2022 at 4:24 PM, alexdog said:

My New Old Dad 

Part 2

I couldn’t believe what my dad just did to Dylan for me. Dylan and I used to actually be friends believe it or not.  Back in middle school, I had confided in him that I liked men.  He was the first person I had come out to because I felt that we were very close.  In fact, he made me feel very comfortable with it - even said that I had nothing to worry about in telling him.  But then high school hit, and he fell into the popular jock crowd since he was their star baseball player.  One thing led to another, and, well you know how that story goes.  Jock kid becomes popular, becomes bully, and I guess my sexuality was the perfect target.  I wonder if he even felt bad about the way he treated me…well before today I mean.  I fantasized about ways I’d get revenge - usually involving humiliation from the muscle god of my dreams. I’m pretty sure that’s when I started to develop a deeper and deeper yearning for that perfect male: strong, shredded, hot as fuck, cocky. I even wrote stories in my spare time which developed even deeper fantasies for me, and many times they involved my own perfect beast seeking revenge on those that had done me wrong.  Now, I’m sitting on a couch next to a character right from my imagination, and I witnessed the sexiest display of humiliation that I have ever seen. And what’s more?  The man’s my father


Did I feel turned on? Hell yes, but also, I felt so loved.  I’ve always felt so vulnerable and weak, but for the first time that I can remember, I now felt so protected.  I hugged my dad on the couch. My one arm around his lower back and my other lay across the front. His body felt like iron, yet I felt so comfortable as he gently massaged my shoulder kissing the top of my head. With my eyes closed I smiled loving what I’ve missed for so long. The years I spent alone started to melt away with every slow breath he took. My hands clasped together around him, and then I realized there was still so much room left between my arms and his body…damn how small was his waist?! His adonis belt etched on his core even when he was sitting still naked on the couch, but it didn’t feel awkward.  I sighed audibly in happiness as I squeezed him tight unable to make an impression on his body. 


“Dad, no father would ever do that for his son. I’ve never seen anything like that. I can’t even begin to tell you how that made me feel.”


“Correction Bryan…no father should ever do what I did to you many years ago. I left you alone with nobody to show you the love you deserve. I was in a bad place then son, and from now on, I am going to make it up to you any way I can.”


“Dad, how did you even know about Dylan? You and I only reunited yesterday. You said you broke into the foster home, but there’s nothing there that mentions him.” Yes I had written stories, but all the names were changed in case they were ever discovered.  I didn’t want more fuel to fire up Dylan’s daily onslaughts.


“Son, I know everything about you. Years ago I made a solemn promise to be the perfect dad for you from here on out. It might seem a bit crazy but I kind of studied you. Several times a week I even went to your school and hid behind trees when you ate lunch outside. I saw Dylan teasing you, calling you a fag, and at first I cried. But then I went to your foster home. I saw all your magazines and even all the stories you wrote.”


Oh my god he read my stories?!  My eyes snapped open, and he saw my reaction.


He let out a chuckle as he continued to massage my shoulder. “It’s ok Bryan. I liked reading them because it let me know more about you.  I have to say though, you do have quite some imagination. Your protagonists can be quite brutal. I saw it all…the stories, the pictures you drew, and even read all your magazines. That was a little harder to do since many of the pages were ‘glued’ together.” Oh god, I can tell by his tone that he knew the truth there.


“Then I started to fantasize too.  I started to fantasize about having a son that would be proud of his dad. I dreamt about being a dad that would be everything his son ever wanted and earning your love.  I dedicated all of my time into creating that fantasy for you which would fill my fantasy as well. You don’t just like muscle son, you crave the unreal god character.  Well its real now, Bryan.  I studied bodybuilding and nutrition, lived in the gym, and perfected my diet. I worked out for hours and did cardio until my heart was going to explode. I practiced posing for hours every night developing unreal muscle control and knowledge of my own body. My confidence soared, my strength grew exponentially, and when I knew the time was right, I came for you. And do you think the time is right Bryan?”  He pulled out of my hug.  “Look at me, son. If Superman saw me from across a room, he’d whip out his dick and start jerking it.”

He put his mouth to my ear so I could feel his chin lightly brush up against my cheek. His voice went deep and soft, “I’m the most ripped, strongest, most dick hardening god around. I’m everything you have ever dreamed about, and I’m your fucking father.”


His attitude instantly started to turn me on again.  I grabbed the pillow next to me and put it in my crotch to hide my growing bulge in my jeans, completely embarrassed.   


He laughed as he grabbed the pillow from my grip and threw it down to the floor. “Don’t be shy around me son. I want to make you so happy, and this…” he said pointing down at my crotch “shows me that I’m doing my job.” He reached down and started to undo my button and pulled my zipper down.  Then he pulled my boxers down at the waistband fully exposing my dick. I felt so awkward at first, but that seemed to vanish as he smiled. I could tell he was genuinely happy making me happy. He grabbed my chin, turned my head to face him, and kissed me sweetly on my forehead.


“Nothing is off limits Bryan…nothing. You want to walk around naked, go for it. Do you want me to? I’ll walk around only wearing a jockstrap at Costco if you wanted it. You want me to pose for you? Humiliate someone? I’ll wrestle the strongest motherfucker you can find into the ground if it would put a smile on your face.”



I believed every word he said.  My breathing became faster, but I just went for it. “Can I touch you?”


He smiled broadly as he took my hand and brought it up to his pecs. “Let’s start with this god chest son.” He guided my hand all around the massive mounds, down the cleavage and around the underside of his outer chest that stuck out from his rib cage. “You’ll only see that type of separation on an anatomy chart” looking at the ridge on his upper pec shelf.  He brought my hand up to the center of that meaty pec and placed his hand over mine.  Then he bounced it twice under my palm saying “Boom, Boom” as the muscle grew inches outwards from the sheer mass of it.


“Can your drawings do that, Bryan? How about this? Watch this fucking control.” He reached down and picked up a rock from the basement floor and wedged it tightly in the cleavage of his pecs where it stayed motionless.  He looked at his left pec and slowly started rolling it up from bottom to top, and while doing that he then shifted his gaze to his right pec. Then, with unreal control, he started flexing that from top to bottom. They were going in alternate directions, and then with not so much as a second’s thought, he changed the directions of both. They ballooned outwards completely enveloping the rock in a cocoon of muscle. “Have you ever written something like this in one of your stories? Watch this shit” He then slowly tensed his chest harder and harder and harder until every striation popped out through his paper thin skin looking like piano strings. The muffled sounds of rock crushing filled the room. “Pick a fiber, son.” My hand reached up and placed my index finger on one of his thick striations. I then watch him concentrate as he flexed that individual shred, shortening it under my touch.  I’ve never seen anything like that! It was harder than granite too!

“Holy shit dad! This feels unreal! How hard is your body?”


He then relaxed his chest and gave me a chuckle as sand fell onto the couch. “Well if that didn’t answer your question, how about this?” He walked over to the oil drum from earlier and dragged it over to us. It was caved in the center from his massive bear hug but then he turned the drum around. Right above the crumpled center were two globe indentations with ridges lining the impressions. As it dawned on me what I was looking at, he then hit a most muscular pose turning his chest into a shredded roadmap of definition. “Looks familiar, don’t it?”


Oh my god!!! His fucking chest pressed into the drum, and all those ridges??? They were his striations! He then brought his index finger to his right pec to trace out a massive vein snaked on the top. He then said “Look” as he pointed to the drum where a curved indentation formed identically. A fucking vein?! It was like a steel mold of his god body


“I’m THAT fucking hard, Bryan.”


His massive cock was swinging between his legs. My eyes went right to it.  It was so big soft that I couldn’t even imagine what Dylan had to suck rock hard.  It was like he read my mind…”11 inches Bryan. 11 thick, strong, ass widening, jaw snapping, pussy stretching inches. So tell me son, am I what you wanted in a father?”


“Dad you’re more than anything I’ve ever wanted in a fantasy let alone a dad!”


“Oh fuck Bryan! Your approval means everything to me. It’s what I have been wanting, and it turns me on knowing I can be this for you.” Oh he wasn’t lying. He started to get hard right in front of me. My eyes were widening taking in the sight. I watched it thicken and rise slowly to full mast.  Veins the size of straws started coursing up and down his shaft feeding that pole until it was standing straight up like a tower of pure fuck muscle up against his abdomen.  “I know your fantasies, but this is mine…to be perfection for you and earn your love.”


My eyes never left his massive cock as he spoke. He really loved showing off to me how flawless he was as he led my hand up to his pole and made me attempt to wrap my grip around his shaft.  “Try and move it, son.”


My hand grasped it tight, unable to fully get around the girth.  I started to pull it down away from his abs, but he responded by flexing his dick against my strength. It was like trying to move a flagpole cemented in the ground.


“Imagine poor little Dylan’s swollen throat after sucking this iron cock, Bryan. I almost drowned him in my cum too. It’s a good thing I ab busted two loads out earlier before you woke up this morning.”


“Ab busted a load? What do you mean?” I was confused.


He gave me a cocky smile then said, “Watch.” He pointed at the top row of his abs and started slowly exhaling.  HIs top two abs tensed into two hard diamond cut bricks.  Then in a show of sheer muscle control, he slowly ran his pointer finger down each row of his midsection as he continued exhaling. Each row contracted slowly one at a time as his finger went over them, and each row individually flexed from top to bottom in one fluid motion.


His waist cinched tight at the bottom to a size that would make women jealous. He then put his hands behind his head and then blew out even harder. A meshwork of veins crossed over the entire gut as he then looked at me, smiled, then brought his hand down to his abs and slowly caressed them. “Bryan, have you ever seen such perfection? This is like a corrugated column of pure marble Bryan. It’s all for you.”


He then brought his thumb down to his cock standing at full attention against his abs. He pulled his dick down then let go so I could hear the loud smack as his cock made contact with his abs again. You could have heard it if you were in the next room.


He then put his hand over his pole, sandwiching it between his palm and armor plated 8 pack. He turned so his back was facing me, and with his other hand put his hand on his glutes as he said “Bubble butts are for fat fucks.”  His ass then started to flex, dimpling in the side with scalloped shreds fanning out over the surface.  The separation between the different muscle bellies I haven’t even seen on someone on a competition stage.  The steel globes started to ripple and undulate as his hips gyrated forward and backtwards.  I could hear him say under his breath, “oh fuck!”


He took his free hand off his glute and moved it behind his head so his bicep was peaked against the side of his head.  He turned his head, looked at the mound lovingly and said “Look at that split”  as he brought his mouth to the two heads and started sucking on the heads…covering his arm with his tongue.  His hip thrusting intensified as did his moaning.  Saliva dripping on the floor from his biceps.  Oh my god what was he doing?



He then slowly turned around to face me .  Oh my fucking god, I’ve never seen anything so hot in my life. His hips continue to buck with his hand pressing his cock up against his core.  That monster dick slid up and down the rows of his midsection making audible thuds as it traversed each concrete row of ab muscle.  He was fucking his abs!. His muscle control, separating the inner division of those columns so his cock could nestle in between them. His obliques carved on the sides like razor blades disappearing into his lats.

His cock was so massive it ran from the top row to the bottom of his abs with each thrust of his hips. He looked at me and smiled and bit his lower lip as he started fucking faster. Torrents of precum started coating his midsection, making them glisten and easing the thrusts. It brought the definition out even more if that was even possible. And then it happened.  He looked at me, told me to get ready as he fucking roared like a beast. Massive ropes shot out of his dick and hit the top of his chin splattering outward. Pump after pump like a never ending geyser, and he already came multiple times today. Fuck I couldn’t contain my hard on. It was throbbing and all I wanted to do is jerk off. This was impossible!


He looked at me, got on his knees in front of me on the couch, exhaling and panting like he just ran a marathon.  “That’s how you ‘ab bust a load’ son.”  He looked down and saw my throbbing dick and smiled as I gulped hard in complete amazement. “You could take care of that if you want Bryan. I’d love to see that I’m making you happy.”


“I don’t know dad. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life…MY LIFE. But I’ve never jerked off in front of anyone before. I don’t know if I could do that…especially my own father!”

“Nonsense Bryan. Don’t ever be shy around me. This is what I’ve been preparing for, and we have many years of being together to explore your every fantasy.” He smiled and turned around again while on his knees showing off his wide as fuck back.  He brought his hands down to his waist, his thumbs on the back side of his waist as he flared out each lat individually. First left, and then right. He heard me gasp and said “Oh, you think that’s hot, then maybe I should flex for real this time.” He then brought his lats back and then SPREAD them like a cape forming a sickening V.  The indentation under his armpits carved into a deep U shape you could wedge a basketball in.  He looked like some mutant cobra. “Tell me Bryan, have you ever seen a back so fucking ripped in your life? Ever seen veins as thick as these on anyone ever?” He grunted hard as a meshwork of thick and thin veins started snaking all over the surface.  “Bryan, I dare you to find 1 inch of smooth skin on that fucking back.”  I couldn’t!  It was covered in unreal striations and veins.


What happened next was beyond comprehension. He scooted back towards me and reached his hands back spreading my legs apart.  He grabbed my legs and pulled me into him so my throbbing dick was touching his back and my legs wrapped around his abs.  “The Colorodo Rockies have nothing on this shit” he said as he brought his arms above his head, made two fists and slowly lowered his arms striking the most beautiful back double biceps pose I’d ever seen. His whole back looked like a mountain range with deep valleys and high peaks. He realized my cock was laying right in the center of his back so he took his arms which were at 90 degrees and started to bring them down while still maintaining it flexed.  He trapped my cock between his shoulder blades surrounded by dense rhomboid muscle.  He then demonstrated unreal muscle control as he started to ripple his inner back muscles, and seemed to actually roll his fucking rhomboids around my dick. The feeling was absolutely intense. He started flexing faster, bringing his arms down, massaging my cock from the bottom of my shaft up to the head in calculated precision.


The feeling was driving me insane.  I pulled myself into him, wrapping my arms around his bull neck and feeling his pecs as I pressed up against his back.  “Dad, I’m going to fucking cum!”

He smiled broadly as he flexed as hard as he could. I screamed as I shot upwards…up his neck and in the back of his hair. My orgasm was almost 20 seconds long, and then with absolute dexterity he started milking my cock with his back completely draining it.  He then relaxed as my dick slid out of his rhomboids as he stood up.

I still couldn’t believe what I was staring at. This was a living fantasy, right in front of me, and it was my father. A titanium statue of pure muscle and not an ounce of fat.  AND HE WAS STILL ROCK HARD! He smiled with satisfaction.  “Bryan, that was just a small taste of what it’s going to be like for the rest of your life. I’m never going to let you down again. I’m going to be everything you’ve ever wanted and more. Nothing is off-limits.  Nothing is too taboo with me. Now…Let’s get cleaned up.”

Seeing my utter exhaustion, he sat on the couch next to me, grabbed my hand and put my arm around his neck.  He stood up and supported me with his strength as we walked up the basement stairs into the house.  This is going to be an amazing relationship

Oh... my... GOD

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