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The centurions mulled around the foot of the cross on which the man hung, hands and feet pierced with spikes. The man deserved the punishment he was receiving, running around claiming to be a deity. One of the guards keeping the wailing people back glanced back to see the muscled young man, totally nude and bleeding from the scourging he had received earlier. The long, dark hair matted with blood hung over the man’s traps and down over protruding pectorals overshadowing cobblestone abs with liquid running from a fresh wound in his side. The long, thick cock hung over large testicles that commanded the young guard’s attention. “What a waste.” he thought to himself, a closeted, gay soldier. “This man was definitely worthy of worship!” he mused, “What a shame he is so docile and tenderhearted. He could have been a mighty warrior, powerful and feared.” 

As the guard looked upon the horrific spectacle, scanning the broken, yet obviously once powerful body of the man, the doomed criminal opened his pained eyes and looked down at the guard from the cross. A grin formed on what was once a handsome face as he mouthed, “It is finished . . . and now my wrath!” Clouds formed above him, lightning flashed, a bolt striking the man squarely in the chest as he hung there.

The guard fell to his knees as he witnessed the man seem to absorb the energy and power from the lightning. His body tensed, muscles and veins bulging massive and hard as wounds seemed to disappear from his tortured body. His body began to swell and grow . . . thicker, harder, more imposing and powerful. The cock began to swell, rise, and harden as the thick lips began to grin and then form a sneering smirk.


The centurions gathered at the foot of the cross looked up in confusion as the man inflated with thick, rippling and vascular muscular proportion before their eyes. His massive feet quickly touched and cratered the ground at the foot of the cross as he clenched his fists and brought them forward, snapping the cross in two as the spikes slipped through his meaty palms. The thickness of his vein-encased, muscular form bulged forth obscenely as he flexed.


One guard standing close was crushed beneath one of those massive feet as it depressed the ground beneath the man’s tonnage. He looked into the kneeling guard’s eyes and grinned as he ground his foot into the cratered earth, grinding the bloody remains of the guard into a gruesome paste beneath him. As he did so, the swollen, granite-hard muscles of his leg ballooned and rippled as they expanded with power. His cock, now throbbing erect and swollen, began to bubble pre-cum from its piss slit. Its size was nearly that of the puny men and women gawking at such a vision of undeniable power and sensual masculinity.


With incredible speed, he snatched the guard that had impaled him with his spear, engulfing his torso in his mighty fist, and effortlessly lifted him from the ground as he flailed about like a rag-doll. Eyes glaring from his uber-handsome face, he raised his other massive hand and engulfed the doomed little man’s skull in that fist. The giant man’s arms exploded with more size and power as the little creature’s skull simply exploded from his fist. Blood, skull fragments, and brain matter showered those gaping up at colossal and omnipotent physical perfection. The twitching, headless corpse fell and draped across the base of the titanic muscle-beast’s cock as he grinned and thundered, “I GAVE YOU THE CHANCE TO ADORE A LOVING AND COMPASSIONATE DEITY, BUT NOW YOU WILL WORSHIP WHAT YOU TRULY DESIRE: A POWERFUL AND TERRIFYING GOD! I WILL BE THE BRUTAL BEAST YOU HAVE PRAYED AND LONGED FOR!”

With that, he reached towards the two crosses on either side of him, encircled each cross in his fists and effortlessly pulled them from the ground. The men hanging on each cross were pulped in his fists as he raised them up and flexed, their blood and entrails squishing from between his clenched fingers and pouring to the ground as wood splintered and bones were ground to liquid. He opened his hands, brought each to his lips and lapped at the remains of the two thieves.

Looking directly at the worshipful guard that had fallen to his knees, now trembling, he bellowed, “You will now lead this band of soldiers, little worshiper. Bring me Pilate and the religious leaders that dared condemn me.” he snarled flatly. He leaned forward and snatched the dumbfounded lead centurion by a leg from the ground, dangling him in front of his massively muscled and rippling body of a GOD. “The rest of you pathetic mortals will follow him or face my wrath.” 


With that, he lifted his other oaken arm and grabbed the other leg of the squealing, struggling centurion dangling by one leg in front of him. His enormous, powerful muscles ballooned as he flexed his expansive back and pulled his arms apart, ripping the puny man in half as if he was nothing but a twig, He tossed each part into the camp of mesmerized soldiers and boomed, “You WILL obey and please me . . . in one way . . . or another.” He then reached down to the corpse draped over the base of his throbbing, erect shaft and crushed it around the twitching sex spire. He began to slowly stroke the stimulating residue of a man up and down his vein-encased member. “Now GO!”

All military bolted down the hill at his command. The worshipping little guard, now commander of the battalion, lagged behind to encourage two women and a civilian man gaping up at the muscled giant now pleasuring himself with the crimson, gelatinous lube that had once been a large man. “You three. Come with me . . . quickly!” he ordered.

The younger woman shook her head, her eyes never leaving the swole giant creature looming over her, as she disrobed and stepped towards his expansive feet. She kneeled, dipped her hair in thee pre-cum mixed with blood puddled at her master’s feet, and began to clean his feet with her hair.


“NO!” the older woman yelled, but the commander grabbed her and the civilian and began forcing them down the hill towards the town.


The godly muscle beast focused on the woman cleaning his feet and dropped to a knee before reaching down and lifting her to his bloody, pulsing cock. She reached out and caressed the hot, hard surface of the glans of the crown of that sensual appendage.


She looked up as her inhumanly muscled master rumbled in approval at her light touch before screaming, “Please . . . my God . . . I’ve longed for you since you first found me . . . UNGH! GOD! FUCK ME!” She looked into the eyes of the one she loved, but the kind, gentle eyes had been replaced with a cold, dark, and hungry look.


God licked his lips as he snarled down, lifting and positioning her dripping pussy over his hungry cock-head large enough to split her in half. “As you wish.” he thundered as he tightened his grip on her torso and impaled her slowly.

The worshipful young woman’s legs splayed and her hips cracked and snapped as she attempted a muffled scream of “YES, MY GOD!” as she felt the deadly trunk pop her open. The massive cock traversed her body, shattering her bones and pulping her organs as she quickly became a cock-sleeve of flesh for the deity’s sexual pleasure.


The commander and his two civilians turned at a rumbling roar that shook the earth to witness the young woman’s self-sacrifice to their new insatiable, brutal, and bloodthirsty God. As he continued to stroke his mammoth meat, he stood and began striding down the hill towards the town. The three turned and began to run even as the newly-appointed commander’s cock throbbed to full attention witnessing such masculine beauty, such omnipotent power, such uncaring and insatiable lust. He longed to please his newfound God, to serve him totally!

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Pilate’s wife was still angry with him for capitulating to the mob that had gathered in the courtyard chanting, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” concerning the man her husband had interviewed at the insistence of the religious leaders.

“You should not have done as the crowd demanded!” she barked as her husband lifted a chalice of wine to his lips. “He was a kind man and you know he did nothing worthy of such a death.”

Pilate looked up as the soldiers sent to crucify the man entered their chambers. “Is it done?’ he asked almost sheepishly, knowing his order was as unjust as his wife accused.

“Sir,” one soldier babbled almost incoherently, “he has sent us to bring you and the Jewish leaders to him. He still lives, your eminence. We crucified him, but he did not die. He changed before our eyes! Lightning from the sky connected with his dying body and he became GIGANTIC! He grew, sir . . . muscles burgeoned all over his body as he expanded to a massive, muscular TITAN . . . right before our eyes! Surely he is a god, Master . . . and a powerful, ANGRY god!”

Pilate saw piss begin to flow down the soldier’s leg before the man pulled himself together and continued, “The monstrous Nazarine reach down and plucked our commander from the ground like a toy and rent him in two with his massive, bare hands. He tore the man apart like he was nothing but bloody parchment! He then grinned and lapped our mangled commander's remains from his bloodied fingers after tossing the so easily split corpse to his massive feet. With a voice like thunder, he then appointed your soldier, Sextus, to command us.”

“What the hell are you droning on about?” Pilate snapped as rhythmic vibrations began to be felt through the floor. He looked down into his chalice to see the wine rippling with each vibration increasing in magnitude. He turned and stepped onto the balcony overseeing the courtyard which had earlier been packed with the angry mob of locals. A throng of those that had been there before poured through the gates into the square frantically as if running to escape something terrifying. As he watched the people filling the courtyard once again, a massive, dark shadow resembling broad, massive shoulders overtook their scurrying forms. Pilate slowly looked up and stumbled backwards at what he beheld.

The now titanic, swole colossus that Pilate had condemned peered down over rippling, protuberant pectorals, the massive mounds creating a deep cleavage created between the expanses of rippling, thickly muscled flesh which ground together ominously. The creature simply stepped through the gates, obliterating the walls containing them as men wetly crunched beneath his expansive bare and bloody soles, their liquified remains exploding onto all nearby. The dark eyes glared down at the little man cowering on the balcony as his mane of curly black hair draped over mountainous traps flowed over his powerful chest and thick undulating back musculature. His angry grin displayed perfect white teeth through his dark mustache and bearded, olive face.

Pilate was mesmerized. Such size, such power, such brutality contained in this titanic creature exuding masculine perfection!

Suddenly the voice of the crucified one thundered, “BRING THE PRIESTS AND PILATE TO ME!” as the crowd in the courtyard covered their ears. His dark eyes began to flame, fire dancing from the pupils. Two soldiers grabbed Pilate and dragged him from the balcony, kicking and screaming obscenities. Others rushed to the temple and returned carrying the struggling, robed priests as Pilate was hauled into the courtyard. Many of those who had earlier cheered for crucifixion fell to their knees, crawled to the muscle-bound colossus and began kissing his gory feet and toes. As they touched the flesh of the titanic man, they screamed shrilly before bursting into flames and disintegrating into fine ash.

“SO, PILATE . . . WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM NOW, YOU IMPOTENT LITTLE BUG?” the giant sputtered as he leaned forward, grabbing one of the priest’s by the head in his meaty fist, flicking his wrist and snapping the man’s neck with a loud, sickening CRACK like he was effortlessly snuffing a chicken and dropping the twitching corpse at Pilate’s feet.

Pilate looked up, trembling, just as the formerly condemned man’s throbbing cock pulsed pre-cum, roping down onto the little man, totally emasculating him. Pilate slurped at the steaming nectar covering him and choked out, “Forgive me, my God! I was wrong to condemn one so pure!” even as his little dick rocketed to full, rock-solid erection - something he had been unable to attain for years. He had always craved power, and this now titanic, swole Nazarene radiated pure, unyielding power like the sun radiates unquenchable heat.

The behemothic Nazarene sneered as he lowered to one knee, raised a powerful, bulging arm, and brought his fist down as Pilate yelled like a woman in labor. He raised his puny little arms uselessly before being liquified and entombed, his pulped remains soaking the cratered earth beneath the colossal fist executing merciless punishment in an instant. “PATHETIC LITTLE INSECT! FORGIVENESS WAS OFFERED, BUT A BRUTAL WARRIOR WAS DESIRED.” he bellowed as he raised his fist and licked Pilate’s remains from the massive fist.


The swole, colossal man stood to his full height and glared at the remaining crowd that had, not so long before, called for his execution. He reached down and snatched the largest of his soldiers from the ground as it shrieked and struggled uselessly.

The giant muscle-beast that had hung on the cross raised his other hand, muscles bulging and rippling all over his body as his man-sized cock now throbbed, bobbed, and bubbled gallons of pre-cum as he sneered at the struggling little bug.

He was clearly getting off on releasing his pent up rage as he grabbed the upper half of the man with that hand and simply snapped him in two, tore him in half like so much garbage and tossed each half into the crowd of stunned, yet quickly becoming lustful, onlookers.

“NOTHING BUT PATHETIC, WORTHLESS LITTLE PESTS!” the man-god bellowed as he lifted an imposing foot over the crowd and brought it down hard, liquefying those caught beneath and splattering those that escaped his aim with blood and gore. He reached down and scooped the remaining terrified men in his fists, raising them struggling and screaming above his head, looking up at them with disgust. His arms hardened, throbbed, and bulged with power as he slowly clenched his fists, relishing the sounds of bones snapping and bodies popping in his grasp as blood began to spurt, seep, and rain down into his mouth from his clenched fists, some running over his lips and flowing down across his titanic torso.

Pilate’s son shoved his mother off of the balcony where she stood gaping and masturbating herself while watching the most muscular, powerful, and handsome being she had ever seen brutally and callously slaughter men she thought untouchable. The boy had always admired his father’s power over others, but now he beheld TRUE power incarnate! The boy disrobed and fell to his knees as he watched the colossal muscle beast lower one bloody hand to his lips and lap at the remains flattened and plastered within.

The all-powerful creature lowered his other hand to the tower of twitching, pre-cum issuing cock and slurppily stroked the blood-and-human-remains-dripping fist as he focused on the little woman he saw pushed from the balcony. She lay writhing on the ground trying to scoot away. The stunning titan grinned as he released his colossal cock, reached down, and lifted the minuscule woman, wailing and flailing about wildly. It then focused on the now nude, well muscled little boy on the balcony that shoved the living rag-doll he how held in his fist. The boy kneeled and drooled as he slowly stroked his hard little dick worshipfully in the presence of his all powerful, brutal, and blood-thirsty new-found god.

“I ACCEPT YOUR SACRIFICE, YOUNG INSECT.” the omnipotent, swole man-god rumbled as he lifted the howling woman to his stunning, bearded face. “Pilate’s little worshiper!” he seethed as, with his free hand, he swiped any cloth covering her and positioned her pussy over his tree trunk cock. She moaned as the cum slick tip spread her legs out and pulsed against her sensitive, gushing flesh. She screamed a short burst of both extreme pleasure and pain as she simply split apart upon that godly mushroom head and then disintegrated to a bloody, gelatinous goop around his cable like vein encased shaft. “I EXPECT YOUR BEST, LITTLE ONE . . . BRING ME WHO OWNS YOUR HEART.” the muscle deity rumbled to the worshipful boy who so effortlessly sacrificed to his god’s lustful destruction the one who bore and loved him.

The boy’s lusts consumed him and he stood, turned, and ran into the palace that was formerly Pilate’s. He returned with a massive servant whom he had lusted after since he was small. “This man was a god to me, Terrifying and All-Powerful One, but, compared to what you are, he is nothing at all! I offer that which I have previously worshiped to you, My GOD!”

The titanic crucified one grinned and reached towards the swole little guard as he yelped like a frightened little pup and turned to run. Muscle erupted all over the godly giant’s perfect body as his brawny arm reached over the mesmerized boy and snatched the fleeing muscle-guard from the floor. The boy breathed in deeply of the musky scent blowing over him from the giant’s movement and orgasmed for the second time and, this time, without a touch. “My GOD!” he whispered as he watched the most handsome and powerful man he had ever seen lifted effortlessly by his brawny and even more gorgeous God like a living, wriggling, squealing little toy.

The Nazarene set the guard in his free hand and swiped away his loin-cloth, leaving him totally exposed. The crucified one spoke, the tiny man’s bones vibrating at the sound, “A magnificent creation, you are, puny one. CUM TO ME!” he commanded as he flexed his rounded, planetary pectorals together, grinding against each other with diamond-demolishing power.

The little creature’s cock shot to worshipful attention and it fell to its knees weeping even as it longed to please the man-god holding him in his palm like he was barely anything at all. He spontaneously jettisoned volleys of his seed upon the Nazarene’s command up onto his little body and into the expansive palm on which he kneeled.

“So tiny . . . so weak . . . so uncontrolled.” he frowned as he moved his hand supporting the little man towards the expanse of his rippling chest. “Please me, insect!” he commanded as he pursed his lips and spit a long string of steaming saliva into his palm, covering the muscled little creature in his godly spit. He lowered the trembling muscle-guard to his colossal, twitching cock. The little creature attempted to hug and kiss the gore spattered sex tower so much larger than he. All heterosexuality evaporate being toyed with by true power and knowing he was less than inferior to the god commanding him. The little toy felt pure power for a split second as God flexed his fist around His cock. The little insect couldn’t breathe, the sound of snapping bones, exploding organs, and bursting flesh were the last sounds the once powerful little creature experienced before becoming God’s cock lube. Even as that, it was barely enough to grant the magnificent being any feeling of pleasure at all.

“PATHETIC!” thundered from God’s full, blood covered lips as his little sacrificial bug was simply crushed to a minuscule amount of paste, smearing upon his prodigious shaft. He stroked the crimson remains slowly on his hard and steaming, vein-mapped, blood infused, pre-cum coated cock, nonetheless, to display total superiority to all in His presence.

God looked down at the boy who adored Him and heard his small voice begging, “Please, my God! Thank you for accepting my sacrifice to you! I know I am nothing and you are EVERYTHING! You hold the power of life and death in your hands. Allow me to serve you, my Master, I BEG you, all-powerful and almighty God over all. Let me touch you and still live. Allow me to feel your terrifying power, my Lord. Make me to be what I have longed to be since birth that I might carry out your will, my King. I know you can do ALL things. Mold me into your image, I humbly beseech thee.” the young boy pleaded and prayed to the one he longed to serve and obey.

The Nazarene grinned and stretched out his hand towards the boy who began to float up off of the balcony. The boy felt his whole body begin to throb and stretch orgasmically. With each pulse, he felt his body thickening and expanding. He looked down at his body rippling with new muscle, bulging larger and harder as he floated towards his unimaginably, breathtakingly beautiful and handsome God of power and masculinity.

In his mind, he clearly heard his Master rumbling, “So be it, little one so quickly devoted. Your deepest desires are granted to you!”

In a flash the boy’s feet planted firmly on the ground before his God. He could hear terrified screaming as he felt a tingling sensation beneath his feet before the pleasant crunching of bodies beneath his new tonnage. He felt his massive fist encircle his inhumanly large throbbing and twitching cock at the pleasant feeling of power and superiority. His muscles bulged and fought for space as he moved. He looked up at God’s radiant face.

“Thank you, my God!” his thoughts traveled even though his lips did not move. He looked down and saw he stood taller than the palace on which he stood just moments before, but half the size of his God.

It was then he looked down, barely able to see over his hard, billowing pectorals. He looked at his massively muscular arms and thickly corrugated abdominals. Then he beheld his cock . . . a massive miniature of his God’s! He looked down to his expansive feet, about half the size of his God’s. He then heard his God’s voice, “Demonstrate your power to those that crucified me, my newfound Son.”

Images flooded the godly boy’s mind. Brutal, bloody rampages. Ruthless, sadistic executions. He felt sexual lusts building within him as pre-cum began to bubble from his massive, circumcised mushroom crown, roping to the bloody ground on which he stood. “Oh, GOD! THANK YOU!” the boy-god bellowed, shattering the eardrums of those left scurrying at his feet. He saw a priest that had belittled him numerous times in the palace, reached down and encircled his torso with his mighty fist, lifting him screaming and kicking about wildly. “Who’s the worthless little infidel now, old man?” the boy-god seethed.

“NO! NO! Put me down you insolent little brat!” the priest screamed even as he gazed upon manly power he could actually feel emanating from the smaller colossus holding him tight.

The Son’s handsome face darkened as he lifted his new toy to his face. “You have never been anything but a bug.” he seethed as he drew him towards his rippling pectorals. He roughly pressed him into the deep cleavage between the two boulderous muscles and flexed just enough to hold the insect in place. He relished the feeling of his powerful new muscles and what they could do. The little priest struggled uselessly and prayed for deliverance.

The Nazarene instructed his new son, “Deliver him, Son, as he deserves.”

The boy-god began to deliberately and slowly flex his pectorals. The priest struggled as air was pressed from his lungs with no room to breathe back in. The Son’s cock flooded with blood and throbbed hard and twitched in anticipation. The boy-god leaned forward and snatched another priest from the ground, bringing him to his vein-encased cock, begging for its first release. He could feel his godly testicles churning. He ripped the covering from the priest he’d snatched from the ground and brought his little head to the boy-god’s larger mushroom tip flowing with pre-cum. “Suck me, bug, while your ‘brother’ is delivered to DEATH!” he growled.

The priest began punching the sensitive cockhead of the boy-god, which only stimulated him further, covering the priest with pre-cum. “Have it your way, bug!” the boy boomed as he lifted the priest to his full lips, ‘I’ll suck you, then.”

The little priest in the boy-god’s fist had never felt such power, seen so much perfect, thick, and rippling muscle. His cock throbbed to full mast in adoration. Then he looked up behind the boy-god to see the Nazarene, twice the boy-god’s size, lift both arms and flex. “Oh, my GOD!” hissed through his lips as his little insect-dick erupted in orgasm. The boy-god grinned as he brought the worthless little priest to his lips and sucked the spasming little priest’s dicklet and pea-balls into his mouth. He increased suction until the priest was screaming in pain, the suction causing him to bend backwards into a V shape until his spine snapped with a loud CRACK. At the same time the priest wedged between the boy god’s pecs simply exploded between the two powerful orbs of muscle flexing in upon him.

The boy-god clenched his jaws, slicing the priest in his mouth into pieces. He spat the remains into his palm, lowered it to his bucking cock, and crushed it against his shaft and began to slowly stroke. He then flexed his pectorals alternately, grinding the other priest’s broken corpse into paste before scooping those remains from between his death pecs and turning to his new father-God and lifting the remains to him as another offering.

The Nazarene smiled, leaned down, and lapped his boy’s palm clean as the boy-god continued to stroke his own cock and moan with a deep, sensual pleasure he had never known. The boy-god closed his eyes as he felt his muscles, once again, begin to inflate and expand. He moaned thunderously, “Oh, yes, my God, YESSSS! THANK YOU!” as his feet expanded and grew, plowing through the earth.

At the same time, the ground began to rumble and convulse as an earthquake rolled beneath the two gods and little people scattered about their feet. The palace began to expand outward and collapse as two horns appeared attached to a reddish-black head. Those left of the crowd that had encouraged crucifixion recoiled as an uber-handsome face appeared with large dark eyes glowing. As the thing continued to rise from the splitting ground, mountainous traps split the earth, then massive, striated shoulders and chest displaced the earth. The being grinned and sharp, pointed teeth appeared.

Two Pharisees turned to flee, but could not command their legs to obey as a long, split tongue darted from between two full, black lips and rows of sharp, white pointed teeth. The tongue snatched the two fleeing religious men from the ground on which they stood rooted. One man was grasped within each part of the saliva-dripping forked tongue and drawn towards the steaming mouth of the beast. Each puny little man was impaled upon a separate pointed tooth, their blood flowing into the creature’s hungry mouth.

Two massive arms exploded from the earth and flexed hard. Obsidian muscle rippled and bulged from the colossal appendages as the magnificently titanic and appealing body of the ungodly fallen one began to rise from the earth. Sex and lust oozed off of the being like molten rock flowing off a volcano and commanded submission with no words ever having to be spoken. Men and women gawked at its beauty and obvious power. They were torn as three of the most gorgeous and powerful masculine beings to ever exist in the universe occupied the same time and space, vying for adoration and worship.

Mankind had been long taught that Lucifer had remained powerful, yet a master of deception reduced to an ugliness easily discerned. It was now clear that this was not the case. Lucifer was unmatched in his dark beauty and his mere existence commanded a deep desire towards his dark power and lustful sensuality. The air became even more sexually energized and all sexual organs within sight and smell distance of the all-powerful trio flooded with desire to be close to such unlimited power and unmatchable beauty.

“Hello, Lucifer.” boomed the Nazarene. “Welcome to a new age! Not what you expected, is it, Fallen One?” as his new son continued to bulge with new size and muscle before Him.

Lucifer looked at the blood-streaked Nazarene’s massive size inundating with power, potency, and, yes, brutality and at the smaller godly boy with identical characteristics. For the first time in eternity, the Dark One felt confusion. His own massive and desirous cock throbbed with desire towards the pair of man-gods standing there oozing sensuality comparable to his own.

“Greetings from the underworld, Nazarene.” Lucifer roared as he witnessed all of the angels of heaven in the heavenly dimension cowering away from the Nazarene and, apparently, not making a move to intervene on anyone’s behalf, neither in the heavenlies nor the earthly. “What has happened to the Grand Plan, Nazarene?” the Dark One seethed.

“Obviously, the plan has changed.” the man-god rumbled with such power and authority that Lucifer felt a pull to worship this new Nazarene exuding pure masculine energy and unlimited, godly power. The dark one’s magnificent, long, thick, black cock involuntarily lurched in salute of such perfection and burst through the earth in front of his magnificent, planetary pectorals, bowling a group of humans over in the process. Scalding pre-cum bubbled forth, incinerating those unfortunate men ogling the dark one’s beauty and longing to be close to such sadistic power.

The Nazarene continued, “Man opted to trash mercy and grace for a conquering king, ‘Satan’, so we are not at odds as much as before that ignorant decision. Until we work this out, you may have noticed some souls being unexpectedly dispatched to your domain recently.” With that, the Nazarene grabbed another Pharisee gawking and drooling at the Dark One. He held the struggling bleating little creature in front of his disgusted face and continued speaking to Lucifer, “This pathetic little, double-minded sack of flesh, like many, made the decision to worship itself, mankind, or cows, or goats, or whatever, and not us, so . . . “

With that, the Nazarene threw his head back between his mountainous trapezoids, lifted one powerful, oaken arm inundating with powerful muscle and holding the wailing little creature dangling by one ankle over his cavernous mouth. The little creature begged and pleaded as the all-powerful Nazarene grinned, lowered his free hand to his massive throbbing and pre-cum roping cock and began to slowly stroke the bloodied member. At the same time, the boy-god’s growth stopped and he opened his eyes. Now as tall as the Nazarene’s tits, the boy-god, smiled and muttered, “FUCK, yeah!” as he grabbed his God’s gore covered, leaking cock and inhaled the throbbing mushroom head as his master slowly stroked and moaned in anticipation.

Lucifer, shocked, finished rising from the earth. Thick, bulging muscle danced with fibers harder than diamonds beneath his thin, reddish-black skin. His colossal cock throbbed with anticipation at what he was witnessing. Was this all a trick? “Jesus CHRIST!” he thundered, “What the FUCK is going on?!?!”

The Nazarene smiled as he stopped stroking his pulsing cock, letting the boy-god take over that task. He raised his other thickly muscled arm, grabbed the terrified little man’s other ankle and unceremoniously ripped the little fucker down the middle, spilling his blood and organs onto his waiting tongue. He gulped it down before dropping both halves of the little corpse into his mouth and chewing, mouth open, so blood and bits flew out of his mouth and all could see the mastication before he, again, swallowed, and wiped the blood and gore from his lips on his muscular forearm.

Lucifer snatched a few masturbating little men from the ground and crushed them against his bucking cock and began to stroke furiously at the sight. “HOLY FUCK!” erupted as a clap of thunder from his muscled throat as he fell to his knees, splattering a few stragglers to paste that were worshipfully gawking up at his dark, lustful perfection. “Whatever the new plan is, I’M IN, Nazarene!” the Dark One lustfully rasped, almost a prayer after witnessing such callous and bloody brutality from the Nazarene, the most beautiful masculine creature he had ever seen . . . other than himself, of course.

“Good.” responded the Nazarene as he POPPED the boy-god’s hungry mouth from his cock head and spun the slightly smaller muscle-god around. “Lucifer, meet my son, the Boy-god, but you can call him Prince. Prince, this is Lucifer, but you can call him Satan. Now, it’s time to head to the temple and see how they did gathering their sacrifices.

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“Always hoped that I'd be an apostle
Knew that I would make it if I tried
Then when we retire, we can write the gospels
So they'll still talk about us when we've died.”

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