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EBFs and Size Freaks (Part 9 posted, June 13th)


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Yeeeees! Time to read what John looks like in full power-hungry mode!!!

This is gonna be so hot!

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  • LORUS changed the title to EBFs and Size Freaks (Part 8 posted, June 4th)

Part 8


“Umberto I’m shit-scared right now. Is this… John’s doing?” Lee, as naked as a new-born, no longer felt safe, even with Umberto’s massively muscled arms protecting him greater than any man-made armour.


“Sssh, my gorgeous Lee. I’m not sure what’s causing this entire complex to start collapsing around us. If it is indeed John, I don’t know how he could’ve found this place. It’s not on any maps and not easy to find.”


The complex comprised ten floors above ground, and eight below. The floors below ground contained the panic rooms. The only way to the panic rooms was via one universally accessible elevator shaft. Only top officials, including Redfern himself, had access to the secret VIP panic room at the very bottom. Umberto wasted no time ripping apart the elevator doors, hopping onto the top of the elevator car, before breaking the cables with his bare hands. Securing Lee safely in all his muscle, they rode the car downward at breakneck speed. He knew the way to Redfern’s personal panic room. It was time the old coot gave him answers.




The Institute’s Elite Security and Interception Task Force was composed mainly of ex-special ops military personnel, as well as privately contracted security specialists. They were all tough as they come, and highly trained to deal with giant bodybuilders gone rogue.


The disturbance had begun over in E-Wing on the ground floor. A gaping hole had been created by something extremely powerful. They hastily set up a blockade to seal off the area, giving the Institute personnel time to get to the panic rooms.


Through dust and debris that created a hanging fog in the air, a huge silhouette appeared. It was hulk-like, easily fifteen feet tall and about ten feet wide at the shoulders. It bulged with more muscle than any metazenic bodybuilder they’d seen so far. This was new, and all the more ominous because of it.


“Unknown assailant. This is Commander Decker. I order you to stand down immediately. Failure to comply will leave us no choice but to open fire,” said the commanding officer via an audio mic on his uniform that connected wirelessly to the complex’s audio system.




John, now a behemoth beyond all bodybuilding extremity, stepped through the miasma of dust and exposed himself to the heavily armed blockade of trained operatives. They had expected a gross hulked-out monstrosity. Instead they got:


“Holy shit… you’re… you’re…,” Decker was stuck for words. 


“I THINK THE WORD YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IS ‘GOD’, MORTAL!” John’s voice was deep and booming, but it had an attractive quality to it. As for the rest of him:


Every inch of him was an evolution of the male aesthetic, which took perfection and multiplied it a thousand fold. From head to toe he was flawless, his beauty and musculature hundreds of times more pronounced than Umberto Morelli’s. He flexed his magnificent six hundred-inch chest, and created billowing hot currents of muscle stink which rode across the lobby to engulf the security team. They were immediately transfixed by John’s presence and power. One by one they dropped their weapons and collapsed into jellied heaps, their cocks throbbing hard and on the verge of orgasm.




The giant bent down to pick up an assault rifle. It had a grenade launcher attachment. He played around with the weapon until he found the trigger that fired the grenades. He pumped one into his pec cleavage and then squeezed. The explosive detonated, but between cleavage deep enough to hide a man’s head, shoulders and chest, the grenade didn’t even graze him.




He bashed through a wall which took him to an inner parking zone for armoured vehicles of various types, from all terrain troop carriers, to mobile labs as big as trucks. He went over to the biggest truck, the top of which drew level with his upper pecs. He regarded it with interest and smiled.


He bent down at the knees and gripped the truck from underneath. Then, as easily as a man lifts a baby above his head, John lifted the truck above him. It felt like nothing at all.




Firing every spring-loaded muscle in his gigantic body like rounds shot from a cannon, John tossed the truck. It soared upwards into the sky, growing smaller and smaller as it gained more and more altitude. John watched it disappear, having no idea where it would land, but he hoped it would land on his cunt brother’s pizza parlour with him in it.


He bashed in another wall and arrived in the gym recently populated by Umberto and Lee. He sniffed the air.




Suddenly everything went dark as the electricity failed. Three seconds later emergency turbines kicked in. The now many vacant corridors and rooms that made up the institute as a whole were bathed in crimson light. Unfazed, John the behemoth pressed on, stomping through the complex in search of his prize.



Umberto set Lee down when they made it to Redfern’s panic room in the VIP level. He’d had to bash his own way through walls, and widen maintenance shafts in order to make it there. Fortunately he didn’t meet with any security personnel he’d have to incapacitate in case they went on the offensive against him. The couple were dirty from their trek through the bowels of the complex. The panic room was sealed behind a thick titanium door, with only a hand scanner to grant access.


Umberto angrily pounded a mighty fist on the door, making small dents in the metal. 


“Open up, Cyrus. It’s Umberto and Lee. You’re going to tell me what the fuck is going on, or I’ll feed you to that fucking thing up there!”


The door promptly slid open with a pneumatic swish sound. Inside, Redfern, his assistant Rob, and Redfern’s personal secretary Yasmin cowered in a corner. Yasmin started crying like a small child.


“It’s okay, dear. You know Umberto. He’s not going to hurt us,” Redfern assured her. 


“Is that John attacking us?” Umberto was mad as hell, but fortunately he wasn’t a violent person, unless he had to be. Redfern nodded nervously, pressing the button on his personal control panel to re-seal the door. The room wasn’t that big, but there was a door opposite the entrance that led to  a restroom and sleeping area, as well as enough provisions for the long haul if required. Along one wall several computer screens displayed ever-changing security camera footage covering the entire complex. Some areas had been completely levelled; others were on fire, but internal fire suppression systems were already dealing with that particular threat.


“We managed to get a brief look at him. We made a still image. Rob, bring it up, if you would.”


Rob brought up the image on one of the screens. It was a little distorted, but Umberto and Lee couldn’t believe the size of him. His face could be clearly seen. It was so beautiful, no mere mortal dared look at it without going completely mad.


“How is this possible?”


“Before the program that resulted in your father passing on metazenic chromosomes to you, Umberto, there was one before that. Ten years before, in fact. It was before I proposed the program to the military. I funded it out of my own pocket, with some private investor interest I won’t go into. Like the program that followed a decade later, this was a failure. Until now. I used a test subject no one would miss if it resulted in his death. So one night I found him strung out on crack cocaine and alcohol and living in squalor beneath an overpass. His name was Eric Lillicrap. John is his son.” 


“But he was in my flat, when Sam and I first met him. He was big then, but nothing special. Now he’s three times the size of Umberto,” Lee threw in.


“Even I couldn’t grow so big that fast. And he got taller, too. If he’s a late bloomer like me, then he shouldn’t be able to increase his height. Is there something else you’re not telling me, Cyrus?”


“My team and I searched the gym he damaged and we found samples of RECIUM in John’s semen. There were also signs he’d made off with a considerable amount of black market anabolic steroids cut with all manner of dangerous substances. One sample we tested contained rat urine. Terrible. 


“It’s only a guess at this time, but I think all of the steroids John took in his teens and twenties, suppressed his metazenic growth process to such an extent it was laid dormant. But your RECIUM-laced muscle musk must have  awakened the chromosomes, including his ability to increase his height. This represents an entirely new branch of research.” 


It was a lot for Umberto to take in.  However, there was one thing of which he was certain:


“There’s no way I can take him on by myself. Are there any others like me nearby?”


“Not here, no. And the ones who might be able to stand up to John could never be transported here in time,” said Redfern, despondently.


“How did he know to come here?” Umberto asked  sternly.


“I cannot say. The Institute is not easy to find. Maybe he’s able to home in on RECIUM. We have a stockpile of it here, but it’s scheduled to be destroyed. I’m currently into the final stages of perfecting a new drug to help control – and even enhance – your growth. But more about that in due course.”


“We need to destroy that stockpile now, Cyrus. Can we do it from here?”


“Alas, no. I would need access to the central control nexus. But the relays have been damaged. The best I can do from here is to punch up a schematic of the level containing the stockpile and how to reach it.”


Umberto snorted something incomprehensible. “Is there a way to even knock John unconscious, so he can be contained? That would be a big help right now.” Then he remembered something Rob said to him earlier:


“That sculpting technique you mentioned, to alter the size of our muscles. Can that be used to make John smaller?”


Redfern looked at Rob. Rob looked at Redfern. Their eyes suddenly beamed brightly as blood excitedly coursed through their veins.


“Yes… it very well might. If we apply it to him under greatly increased atmospheric pressure. We could compress him down to at least your size, at a guess!” Redfern skipped over to a computer console and started crunching numbers whilst Rob looked on with utmost interest.


“Yes… I think it will work. At least there’s a fifty-fifty chance it will work. Or kill him in the process. I’d rather he remain alive. John is something new… unprecedented. If he allows us to flush all that poison out of his system, we may be able to restore some stability and order to his life.” Redfern’s fingers deftly manipulated the keyboard, as scientific equations rolled across the computer screen at a furious pace.


“So, do you happen to have an atmospheric chamber handy?” Lee had been silent. But he was eager to offer any assistance he could. He was cold. Yasmin found him a spare white lab coat to wear. It was absurdly large on him. But he was grateful for it. Umberto, in contrast, was happy to be his hugely-muscled naked self.


“There is  one, on level three. The same level where the RECIUM is stored. We think John is occupying the floor above that. If we could just get him into it, I can drop a nano-module directly into the chamber, along with enough tranquillisers to knock out a herd of elephants.” Rob was suddenly more excited than frightened. They had a plan. It could either be massively successful, or an utter failure.


“Nano-module?” The science fiction nerd in Lee was suddenly intrigued. As if Rob could read his mind:


“You know how Iron Man’s suit could morph onto him in the later movies? Nano-tech. We’ve been developing it for years, with various applications in mind. We programmed  sine to enter a body and actually shrink the space between atoms, as well as cause muscle fibres and bone mass to enter a state of cellular regression. Basically we can make you – or just parts of you – smaller, but not younger. The fountain of youth, alas, is  still decades off, if at all.”


“Indeed, and by increasing the atmospheric pressure, the process is accelerated, and as a result, much more effective,” Redfern enthusiastically added.


“So I’ll use the maintenance tunnels to get to the level with the RECIUM. Then I’ll destroy it, which means I’ll be the RECIUM magnet John is looking for. All I need to do then is trick him into entering the atmosphere chamber. It’s a better plan than no plan at all,” said Umberto, flexing his muscles to work some stress out of them.


“I firmly believe John is not beyond redemption, Umberto. Now please, I feel we have little time to waste,” said Redfern.


Umberto kissed and hugged Lee firmly and lovingly before memorising the maze of tunnels he’d need to get through in order to get to the RECIUM above. 


Naked and bursting with massive, heaving muscles, he left the panic room and set off on an uncertain course.


John continued to leave a trail of devastation as he coursed through the Redfern Institute in search of the means to grow even bigger and more powerful. He felt in his mind that he was now the strongest bodybuilder in all existence. He had transcended mortality completely, to become something else, something more. He was no longer bound by society’s mundane laws. Should he choose to, he could take over the world and become its supreme ruler. No army would be able to stop him. Surely this had been the goal of the original program initiated by Cyrus Redfern three decades before. What had failed twice in the past, had finally paid off. A true god now walked the Earth. The world could be his plaything if he chose it to be.


He smelt food wafting towards him, causing his mouth to water. He found the cafeteria and crashed right through another wall. The entire complex was in lockdown, all doors sealed. But walls could now so easily become doors to one such as he.


The various dishes at the serving station smelled delicious. There was even pizza; how utterly ironic. He started chowing down on heaps of fried chicken wings, crunching through the bones and swallowing everything whole. He drank an entire urn of tomato soup, caring not if the hot liquid spilled down his chin and over his monstrous pectorals. He crushed the metal urn as if it were a paper cup before tossing it over his shoulder.


He sniffed the air. He smelled a human nearby. Cowering in a corner was a kid no more than eighteen or nineteen. He was wearing a hairnet and apron, clearly a canteen worker. How easy it would be for John to pick him up and crush him like an insect.




“Puh-please, Mister… please don’t hurt me,” the boy croaked, shaking in fear.


The giant reached down and lifted him up like a child would a doll. He raised him up so that their eyes were level.


“AM I BEAUTIFUL TO YOU?” John’s breath was like a warm blustery breeze to the kid, although one flavoured with chicken and tomatoes. The kid started crying like a little boy.




Two differently-sized sets of lips connected softly, albeit fleetingly. Since John had begun to transform, he found men to be quite attractive. He would never feel a sexual attraction to women from here on. This seemed right to him. He wasn’t a monster. He rejected that utterly.


But there was another hunger scorching him from within; one that food could never satisfy. He left the cafeteria, taking one mighty stride after another, closing in on his ultimate goal.



The kid hadn’t been harmed by the beautiful monster. Instead he felt uplifted, all fear for his safety rendered void by a kiss from a god. For an interminable time after the giant’s departure, he sat quietly in a facility drenched in emergency lighting, sirens wailing, and all manner of chaos erupting around him.  The taste of the giant bodybuilder’s kiss remained on his lips. It was a musky, manly taste he would savour for a long, long time to come.



Umberto made it to the storage room containing the last of the institute’s RECIUM. There were at least three dozen metal cases – each one sealed with its own batch number – stacked onto pallets – for transport via forklift truck. An adjoining furnace for disposal of medical waste was already burning at maximum temperature, but the conveyor system that fed it was halted due to the lockdown. This wasn’t a problem for Umberto. He picked up a nearby forklift truck as though it was a kid’s toy, and used it to smash through the delivery hatch into the furnace. 


The temperature in the storage bay instantly shot up. Overhead a pipe ruptured sending scalding steam gushing downward. Strong though he was, Umberto would soon pass out if he didn’t get out of there. With one mighty burst of strength, he lifted up the stack of palleted RECIUM and tossed it into the ravenous furnace.


Just then a wall ceased being a wall and became a gaping mass of destroyed steel and concrete. A fifteen foot tall behemoth – the ultimate personification of muscularity at its most exaggerated – roared into the storage bay, unaffected by the searing temperature.




John was a couple of thousand pounds heavier than Umberto, and more than twice as tall. He didn’t just pick up another of the forklifts as though it weighed less than a man’s shoe, but he crushed it into a smaller, denser mass like it was made of paper. He threw it at Umberto with incredible force, but Umberto, although wilting a little from the heat, managed to dodge the projectile, albeit just barely. He was getting more and more used to his current size, and therefore all the more nimble for it. Perhaps this would give him the edge he needed to get the better of the far bulkier muscle god. The atmospheric pressure chamber was on the far side of the level, as he recalled in his mind the schematics shown to him back in the panic room. 


Umberto had only seconds to act. Maybe John could be reasoned with.


“The RECIUM is destroyed, John. There isn't any more. If you come down from your roid rage, Doctor Redfern will be only too happy to make you his prize subject of interest here at the Institute. Together we can find new ways to grow bigger and stronger. Right now you need to think a little more clearly. We’re here to help.” Umberto couldn’t think of anything more to say. He was out of options, except to try to get John into the chamber.




John managed to grab hold of Umberto by the arm and swing him with enough force to collapse another wall. Somewhat winded, Umberto’s landing was broken by an array of computer equipment. He needed a couple of seconds to compose himself. 


Good, he thought, I’m one room closer to the atmosphere chamber. 


He picked himself up off the ground just as John bore down on him for a killer strike.


I need to grow, he thought. I need to grow now, or it’s all over. 


Umberto tried his best to force a growth spurt, annoyed that his power would betray him at such a crucial moment. He willed a thick miasma of green-hued musk to issue from every one of his pores. It would either momentarily obscure him from John’s view, or else force John to grow even bigger and way stronger. It was a risk he’d have to take.


The growth began, only it wasn’t like before. It required a lot of concentration and effort, but he felt his muscles getting larger, only nowhere as big as he needed them to get. Still, the muscle fog soon filled the room, enough to stall John somewhat. But it also enraged him further. His skin tightened as more and more veins erupted across his entire mass. He began flailing his arms, striking nothing in particular and going around in circles.


Fuck, he’s getting bigger faster than I am, Umberto thought, his heart racing from a mixture of muscle-growth and sheer panic. It was all over. He knew it. He wasn’t powerful enough to get John into the vital chamber that would end this nightmare. Umberto closed his eyes, waiting for the killing blow. He’d used up too much energy creating the muscle musk blanket to try to stall John, so there was little left to sufficiently grow his muscles to give him that vital edge. Then:

“Hey John, you fucking loser! You owe me a kitchen chair!!!”

Lee stood in the hole in the wall created by the monster. His body was laved in sweat from the heat generated by the furnace nearby. He was completely naked, skinny as ever, but this time his erect penis exceeded twenty inches, and at least half that around. He wielded it like a weapon bobbing before him with an appetite entirely its own.


John was momentarily distracted from Umberto. He turned around to gaze down at the pathetic morsel he towered over. He flared his lats and puffed up his chest, adding inches of muscle mass per second.


“AND WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO DO WITH THAT PATHETIC TOOTHPICK?” John roared with laughter while caressing his own 50+ inch cock.


“Why don’t you bend over and find out. I promise to go easy on you,” Lee teased. 


“Lee no… he’s too strong for you,” Umberto pleaded, fearing for his lover’s life. Why hadn’t he stayed back at the panic room where it was safe?




John got down on all fours, but even in this position, his hole was level with Lee’s chest. With pure adrenaline doing all of his thinking for him, Lee found a nearby chair and pushed it between John’s massive legs. He leapt up on it, even as his twenty-inch dick grew thicker, longer and harder still. Having never had a dick up his arse, John’s hole was virginal and unclaimed. Lee rammed his super-cock in as far as it would go. John actually winced from the sensation, arching his mighty back and gritting his teeth as he dug his fingers into the concrete floor with enough force to cause it to crumble.


Umberto couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. Lee was fucking a fifteen foot muscle giant. Lee was an insect compared to him, although one with a dick that could inflict superhuman damage.




This was all Umberto needed to smash through that last wall and into the atmosphere chamber. He made it to the room in one piece. Immediately Cyrus Redfern’s voice came over the loudspeaker. 


“I can see you on the monitor, Umberto. Just get John onto the spot on the floor marked with the white ‘X’. I can initiate the sequence from here!”


Umberto didn’t have to be told twice. He gingerly bounded back into the previous room and joined his boyfriend around the back of John. The behemoth seemed to be enjoying this new experience, as Lee used up every ounce of energy sending his mega-cock in and out of  a hole that was becoming less tight with every thrust. Lee couldn’t believe the newfound power of his cock. It was still growing, filling more and more of John’s capacious insides. 


“Pull out now, Lee,” Umberto ordered, and with a final burst of power, charged up his muscles and grabbed John by his right foot once Lee had sprung free and rolled to safety. Umberto managed to get him into a swing, with momentum enough to shatter his ankle in multiple places. The behemoth let out a scream so loud, it left Lee and Umberto’s ears ringing. Umberto felt like his eardrums had burst, but he still managed to swing the giant around and around, feeling his own muscles expand and grow to meet his current requirement. 


After about six complete rotations, Umberto let go of John, sending him reeling into the next room where he landed with a mighty crash on the ‘X’ marking the spot. John landed on his shattered ankle, damaging it even further. All he could do was writhe around in extreme pain just as the super-thick pressure-proof glass dome hastily descended from above, locking tight into its mooring clamps on the floor. A rubber seal around its circumference finalised his imprisonment  in a chamber he might have been able to shatter, only he was in too much pain to even try.




Through nozzles built into the dome, powerful knockout gas was administered, many times the strength necessary to immobilise a herd of elephants. John began to get drowsy. His threats became less colourful, less emphatic. His speech began to slur and slow. His eyelids grew heavy, and his flailing of limbs eventually fizzled out.


Goliath had been felled at last.






The crisis had passed. Normal power had been restored to most parts of the Institute, and damage assessment teams mobilised to the worst damaged parts of the complex. Fortunately there’d been only minor injuries, with no fatalities reported. 


Umberto and Lee had been given appropriate attire to wear, with the former squeezed into the biggest singlet that could be found on campus, whilst Lee was lost in a baggy tracksuit, which just about contained the massive member he’d grown in the heat of a most desperate moment. It was a freaky amount of flesh for such a skinny young man’s body mass to support, but already the nanobots surging around his system were working at full power in the place where they were needed most. Gradually Lee’s penis would be reduced to a size he could better maintain, whilst still being an absolute whopper piece of fuck-meat.


Umberto had grown a little more during his showdown with John, and when he was offered the nano-treatment, he turned it down. He preferred to get used to his increase in muscle mass without needing tiny robots to ‘Borgify’ any of his parts.


They stood around the atmospheric chamber alongside Redfern, Rob and two other technicians watching the unconscious John gradually being reduced in mass. A cocktail of drugs had been administered to him, helping to clear out all the bad shit he’d put into his system, specifically any steroids he’d found when he broke into his old gym. The nanites also worked to repair his ankle, and it was expected to heal perfectly.


“What happens next?” Umberto was glad Lee was unharmed. He’d taken a massive risk taking on John the way he did, but in the end it made all of the difference. Umberto cuddled his boyfriend close to him.


“John is something new… a completely new branch of research,” said Cyrus Redfern, perhaps with a modicum of concern in his voice. 


“He’s responding well to the treatments,” said Rob with enough optimism to drown out his superior’s mild consternation.


“Indeed, unlike you, Umberto, John had this power thrust upon him, with hardly any time to adjust. Combined with the levels of toxins in his system, it is hardly surprising something like this happened. We will keep him at the Institute for as long as it takes to get him clean and restored to a state from which he can never turn rogue again. He’ll require ongoing psychological evaluation, but it’s nothing we cannot handle, now that he’s been subdued with help from the both of you.”


At which point, Lee said: “I think my dick is back to a reasonable size.” He had no qualms about showing off his mighty trouser trunk; he was extremely proud that it was strong enough to pound even the biggest metazenic bodybuilder.


“Sixteen point four inches,” said Rob scanning it with a laser device. “Are you sure you’re good with that? The nanites will stay dormant in your system for about a year. Should you wish to go larger or smaller, just ring me up and I can activate them remotely.”


“As long as I don’t go around assimilating people and saying ‘Resistance is Futile’,” Lee joked.


“Nothing like that will happen, Lee,” Redfern was quick to point out.


“Let's head home, Lee. Our work here is done. It’s time you moved in with me anyway. You saved my life today. I never want to be apart from you,” said Umberto, smothering his boyfriend in kisses.


“Maybe I can assimilate your ass tonight,” laughed Lee, winking mischievously at his massive bodybuilding boyfriend.


“Ha ha, in that case I won’t resist one little bit!”


Next: The Happy Ending (Coming Soon)

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  • LORUS changed the title to EBFs and Size Freaks (Part 9 posted, June 13th)

EBFs and Size Freaks Part 9


“Why can’t we just hire caterers to make all the party food, honey?” Keith Doppler-Wickham pushed the shopping cart sluggishly along the home baking aisle at Alderson’s Supermarket, wishing he could be at the gym pumping iron right now, instead of slogging through the grocery shopping with his new husband of one month and six days, Sam Doppler-Wickham. Sam, in complete contrast, was enthusiastic and excited about baking his husband’s birthday cake from scratch.


“Oh stop complaining, you massive stud. You’ll only be twenty-six once in your life. And I happen to excel at baking. I’ve never had anyone in my life important enough to bake a cake for. I want this to be just perfect.” Sam had to stand on his tiptoes in order to kiss his massive six feet four inch bodybuilding hubby, since his own height gain had petered out at the six feet one inch mark.


Given that it was now nearing December, the climate was a lot colder. Even huge bodybuilders need to wrap up against the cold. Both Keith and Sam were wearing sweaters and jeans, as opposed to their accustomed attire of anything tight and skimpy enough to show off their massive muscle gains. But even wool sweaters could barely contain their musculature. People couldn’t help but stare at the ostensibly married gay couple going about their daily business. With a combined weight of over 1,200 lbs, Keith and Sam were truly gigantically built, with massive pectoral shelves pushing out their sweaters to a point where it was impossible to look straight down and see their feet.


Since the closure of Gridiron across the street, bodybuilders had become something of a rarity visiting Aldersons. Redfern was forced to close many branches of the gym in order to divert funding into the new replacement for RECIUM-412, a yet-to-be-named combination drug and nanotech delivery system. Most of the Gridiron bodybuilders had been relocated to the Institute proper, benefiting greatly from the high-tech training equipment on offer. The 500 lb bodybuilder was becoming the new norm, it seemed. 


“Mmmmf… your kisses always work on me, you gorgeously-muscled man,” said Keith, leaning into his husband’s kiss and feeling a growing bulge happening in his pants.


“Right back at ya, sexy. Now do you want chocolate frosting, or slutty pink?”


“There’s a slutty pink kind?”


“If I make it for you, it’ll be slutty, I promise,” Sam purred, hugging Keith’s muscles playfully. They were interrupted by a slim duo of twinks who’d plucked up the courage to approach the massive bodybuilders.


“Excuse me, we’re sorry to interrupt, but would it be possible to get a photograph of you both?” one of them asked, a slightly nervous tremble in his voice. His more confident friend – or boyfriend – stepped in at this point.


“It’s just that we’ve never seen bodybuilders as big as you two. We both want to start lifting weights, and your picture will be great motivation for us to really get into it.”


Sam looked at Keith. “What do you think, honey? They seem like nice guys. Maybe we should give them something to remember,” said Sam, grinning with smug delight.


“Yeah, sure. We’d be happy to. But you’ll have to give us a hand getting out of these sweaters. We’re not used to all this wool around us,” said Keith, flaring his lats and flexing his hulking pectorals.


“Really? You’d let us do that?” One of the twinks couldn’t believe his ears. Both of them were skinny and very cute, maybe a couple. They obviously were into bodybuilders, and Keith and Sam were two of the biggest bodybuilders in town.

“What’s your name, sweetie,” Keith asked the first twink, the taller of the two.


“I’m Jesse, and this is Walter,” said Jesse, placing an arm around his fella.


Sam and Keith’s gazes locked, then they looked back at the twinks.


“Yeah, I know. We get that a lot,” Walter chuckled, “but we never have to spend much thought picking our Halloween costumes.”


“We dressed up as barbarians for Halloween. We were basically just wearing loin cloths and a lot of baby oil, but you’d be surprised how difficult it was to find loin cloths big enough to sufficiently cover our junk,” said Sam proudly, patting the front of his exposed button-fly muscle jeans from House of Trione, a branch of which had recently opened in town and was managed by none other than a certain Lee Fordham.


“Wow, you’re literally big everywhere. It’s amazing how huge you are,” Walter marvelled.


“If you think we’re huge, you should see our friends Umberto and John. They make us look like toddlers,” Keith remarked.


“Wow,” Walter and Jesse exhaled in unison.


Keith thought it was amusing that Walter’s eyeline was level with his heaving pecs. Both Keith and Sam were very much top-heavy when it came to their bodybuilding. They loved to grow their chests disproportionately large and then bask in the struggle of trying not to burst out of shirts in public, or get stuck in doorways, or even booths in restaurants. They loved how the world had to adapt around them to keep up with their growth and increases in size. It was one of the best turn-ons a massive bodybuilder could experience. And it only got better the bigger they grew.


“Well, could you help me off with this sweater, Walt? It’s starting to feel a little restrictive.” Keith lifted his arms over his head, causing his lats to flare even thicker and wider. Beneath their winter coats, Walter and Jesse were both thankful that they were suitably attired so as to hide their instant boners.


Walter gingerly took hold of the end of the sweater and began to lift it upward. He held his breath in case exhaling would frighten the bodybuilders away, as absurd as that thought was. Gradually a pale blue mesh-shirt began to reveal itself. Keith made sure to flex his pecs as Walter continued to reveal more of his amazing torso.


Walter eventually got the sweater free of its wearer, and when Keith lowered his arms, his pectorals dropped and bulged outwards. He was wearing a semi-transparent blue mesh-shirt with a Henley collar and four button front. The buttons, of course, were straining to bursting point. Keith’s big nipples and dark areolas were clearly visible through the mesh. The short-sleeved shirt was the kind of thing that only looked great on the biggest of bodybuilders. Keith decided to tantalise Walter and Jesse further by blasting out a full lat spread, bringing huge mass to his upper body and causing some seams to start spitting threads along the sides of his shirt.


“Oh my… you’re… you’re…” Walter couldn’t finish.


“Enormous? Well… I’m getting there. Six months from now, and neither of us will be able to get through the doors to this place. We’ll have to do our grocery shopping online, heh heh.” Keith loved to show off and boast about his future gains. Sam was the same. They both couldn’t wait to get much, much bigger, and with input from the Redfern Institute and its improvements to the muscle-growth process, the sky really was the limit.


“Well this big galoot has hogged the spotlight enough,” interjected Sam, wanting in on the fun. He didn’t even wait for Jesse to help him off with his sweater. It wasn’t cold inside the supermarket, so Sam decided it was time to lose the sweater altogether.


“My gorgeous husband may be a little taller than me, guys… but as you can see, I’m more densely-muscled. Check this out. Grrrrr!” Sam leaned into a most muscular pose, forcing blood and his serum-infused testosterone to course through every muscle fibre. The sweater didn’t stand a chance against such pressure, and it split apart right down the seams of each sleeve and down the middle of his back. He clumsily managed to remove the ruined sweater, which he then tossed into their shopping cart. Underneath he wore even less than Keith, a sleeveless pale pink crop top made of an even finer mesh than Keith’s under-shirt, and one that ended about an inch above his oversized nipples. He flared his lats and then popped a massive double biceps, causing veins to explode all over and his muscles to bulge bigger than he’d ever popped them before.


He pulled his pose into a side chest, causing threads to snap in many places. The top just couldn’t contain so much muscle. Sam then crabbed into a most muscular pose, and the top came apart, springing away from his muscles, leaving him completely shirtless. He bounced his throbbing pecs and then stuck them in Jesse’s awe-stricken face.


“Get a feel of these big boys,” Sam smugly boasted. It was an invitation from both bodybuilders for the twinks to run their hands all over their huge muscles. Neither Sam or Keith cared that they were in Sam’s former place of employment. The normal rules of society no longer applied to massive muscle gods.


“Say, what are you two doing later? Would you like to come to Keith’s birthday party? I’m making him a cake. It was going to be just us and some friends, but you’re more than welcome,” Sam offered, amicably.


“Really? Wow, that would be amazing,” said Jesse, speaking for himself and his boyfriend.


“Cool. It’s settled. Here is our address. We don’t live far from here,” said Keith, handing Jesse a business card to their new co-managed gym: “ShapeShifters”


“Our apartment is on the floor above the gym. We’ll set you up with a membership if you like. We cater to beginners, as well as hardcore bodybuilders,” Sam added.


“Guys, this is amazing. We can’t thank you enough. And to think, we only came in here to get some bottled water,” said Walter, unable to believe that their lives were about to change for the better.


They said ‘see you later’ to the bodybuilders, allowing Sam and Keith to get on with their shopping.


Upon turning onto another aisle:


“Eugene? Is that you?” Sam hadn’t seen his ex-manager in months. It was odd seeing him out on the floor stacking shelves with boxes of cereal.


At first Eugene didn’t recognise Sam, considering how different he looked compared to six months ago. But the more he looked, the more Sam still had his cute, angelic face, only a little more angular and masculine than before. And, of course, the face now belonged to one of the most muscular bodies Eugene had ever seen.


“Sam? Sam Wickham? Oh my!” Eugene staggered against the shelving, knocking several boxes of cornflakes onto the floor. Keith was only too willing to pick them up for him.


“It’s Doppler-Wickham now,” said Sam, holding up his wedding band, as if he needed to show it. The massive bodybuilder by his side hugged him lovingly, smiling with pride.


“How did you… did you…” Eugene struggled to find the words. 


“Get like this? I guess the bodybuilding bug hit us…”


“...HARD!” said Keith, finishing his husband’s sentence. He raised up an arm and a massive double-peaked bicep almost tore apart the sleeve of his shirt.


“How come you’re working out on the floor, Eugene? You don’t look very happy to be doing that,” Sam inquired, almost in earnest. Eugene looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.


“Head Office demoted me three months ago. They said my management ethic wasn’t up to code with company policy. I’m just a regular floor worker now. How did you ever make ends meet on a wage this low?”


“We didn’t, that’s the thing. But Aldersons wasn’t without its perks,” said Sam, making sure not to spend too much time reminiscing about the place.


“Yeah, the bodybuilders coming in everyday. Well that dried up when the gym across the street closed down. You two are the first bodybuilders I’ve seen shopping here in months.” Eugene almost sounded sad.


Sam stepped aside with Keith for a moment. Eugene idly watched them conferring over by the oatmeal. They spoke for about forty-five seconds before Keith nodded, and then Sam once again stood on his toes in order to kiss his gorgeous husband. They summarily returned to Eugene.


“I see you’re still wearing EBFs, Sam, and you too, er….”


“Oh shit, sorry, I thought you knew my name. I used to shop here a lot, when I lived on Bridge Street. I’m Keith,” said Keith, extending a hand to shake Eugene’s. Eugene had never shook a bodybuilder’s hand before. He was a bit cautious at first. But fortunately Keith didn’t yank his arm out of its socket, delivering only a warm, friendly handshake.


“Oh yeah… we’re both big into exposed button-fly jeans and pants. In fact, remember Lee Fordham that used to work here?” Sam was glad he could work Lee into the conversation. Eugene nodded a couple of times.


“He manages a ‘House of Trione’ clothing store here in town. It specialises in high end and casual fashion for huge bodybuilders. We sometimes help out there, doing shirtless greetings outside the store, when we have time. It’s a mecca for all things exposed button-fly,” Sam went on.


“Yeah, the sluttier the better,” Keith added, bouncing his pecs beneath his almost fully transparent shirt. A few more pec bounces and buttons would certainly be pinging off.


“Wow, that's great to hear. Glad you’re all doing so well since you left here. This place went downhill after that. The new manager rarely shows her face outside of the office. And she did away with the exposed button-fly option for the male staff.” Eugene pointed down to his bland-looking work pants with a concealed zipper.


“We run our own gym, ShapeShifters… over on Amanita Street. It’s not open long, but a lot of Gridiron’s members switched over to us when it closed. How would you like to work for us,” Sam offered, his excitement nearing fever pitch.


“Yeah you have management experience, and it would free us up from the admin end of things so that we can focus more time to getting even more hardcore with our bodybuilding,” Keith added. He raised his arms up to make his biceps erupt with size and hardness.


“Yeah, we’ve been kinda looking like skin and bone, lately. We need more time to hit the weights hard, instead of wading through paperwork,” said Sam, teasing Eugene slightly. To even suggest men their size were skin and bone was absurd, but also kind of hot.


“With you in charge of all that, we can focus on getting absolutely huge!” Keith and Sam could tell they were turning Eugene on. His boner was quite visible in his pants, and the offer they presented him with was one he’d be foolish to refuse. The married couple then sprung up a combined full lat spread, filling Eugene’s entire field of vision with a wall of obscenely beautiful muscle. Skin and bone indeed.


“Oh dear… if you’ll excuse me, gentlemen… I er… need to use the restroom… right now!!!” Covering his moistened crotch, Eugene scuttled away to relieve himself of another creamy load.


“Think about our offer while you’re in there, Eugene. It’s ShapeShifters. Our number is on our website. Give us a call when you make your mind up,” Sam called after him.


Then Keith grabbed his beautiful, shirtless husband. “I love you, Sam!”

“I love you too, Keith.”


It was a big day for John Lillicrap. He received certification from the Redfern Institute that he was to be released from its care on his own recognisance and deemed no longer a threat to society. He’d still be required to attend the institute once a month, but that was a normal requisite of all metazenic bodybuilders.


The nanotech sculpting process had reduced his body mass by more than sixty percent, bringing his height down to six feet eight inches tall, and his weight to a respectable 1,345 lbs. There wasn’t much between John and Umberto, although John had him slightly beaten in height and weight. However, Umberto was more densely muscled, and still the most muscular metazenic bodybuilder of them all.


Cyrus, Rob, Yasmin, and several of the senior staff at the Institute met John down at the gate to give him a pleasant send off.


“Today is a new day for you, John. And in turn, a new day for all of us,” said Cyrus, extending a hand to shake John’s. The huge bodybuilder was only too pleased to accept it. He shook it warmly.


“I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me, Doctor,” John boomed, still learning to lower the tone of his voice.


“It won’t be an easy road for you to take, John. You’re still something of a mystery to us. But in time we will fully understand what it is that makes you different. How you unwittingly made that truck strike your brother’s restaurant is still baffling. How you were able to toss it with such precision… why, we’ll be theorising on that for years to come.”


“I don’t remember much about that day, and for that I’m thankful. I’m just glad no one was in the restaurant when the truck destroyed it.” John bowed his head in shame.


“Have you been able to reconcile with him?” Rob asked out of interest.


John shook his head. “I called him, but he hung up on me.”


“Maybe he just needs time. He’s family, after all, whether adopted or not,” said Yasmin, trying to be more optimistic than John himself.


“Are you sure you don’t need a ride to your apartment? We try to provide accommodations for our ‘beneficiaries’ as close to the Institute as possible,” Redfern inquired.


“It’s fine… I’d like to walk. It’s not that cold,” John replied simply. At which point:


“Hey, don’t you think about leaving without me,” came a voice from further up the grounds nearer to the main building’s entrance. The voice belonged to Mitchell Ryan, John’s boyfriend of several months. The junior bodybuilder had just had a growth spurt that very morning, and he was struggling to half-jog/half-waddle along on his new more muscular legs. Naturally accident-prone, it was a wonder he’d been able to hold down a job as a dishwasher at the Institute cafeteria for as long as he had. 


John was glad they’d gotten close. Something about kissing Mitchell  – that day when John at his most monstrous had rampaged destructively through the Institute – kept his humanity in check. Maybe it was the one minute factor that allowed John to be brought back from the brink of losing himself to a power that could easily have destroyed the world if left unchecked.


“Wow, Mitch, that was some growth spurt you went through,” Rob commented, now regretting not having asked Mitchell out months before when the chance felt right. Of course, that had been before John had transferred some of his growth power to Mitchell via that one fateful kiss. Mitch’s growth from that point onward had started off subtly at first, but this was his fourth growth spurt and the first since he and John became sexually intimate. Obviously with more of John’s ‘essence’ entering Mitchell’s body on a regular basis, his growth would increase and occur more often. He, too, would have to be monitored over time, but he was cool with that. The pros more than outweighed the cons with regard to this.


“I went looking for you earlier, to give you my new measurements, but I guess the excitement of moving in with John in our own place kinda got the better of me. I’m a little scatter-brained today,” said Mitchell. He was a high school dropout, not the brightest light on the Christmas tree by any means. But he made up for it in cuteness, and, of course, now that he was a bodybuilder, he just got better looking with every growth spurt.


“Don’t worry about that. Your new apartment is full of the latest tech. There are laser scanners throughout that will record your measurements and other vitals constantly. Don’t worry, we won’t be spying on you. You’ll have total privacy. But we’ll need to record telemetry for research purposes,” Rob went on to explain.


“It’s fine. I’m cool with it. I never thought my life would take such a dramatic turn for the better,” said Mitchell, still in awe that he was now about to start a completely new life, with one of the most muscular men on the planet. And he, too, had the potential to grow absolutely huge beyond imagination.


“You’ll also be able to access your physical data from your smart phone whenever you wish. An extra little gift from us to you,” Redfern added.


“Thank you again for everything. I’ll never forget what you’ve done for us,” said Mitchell, deciding “Uncle” Cyrus deserved a hug. The normally reserved pillar of professionalism allowed the young bodybuilder to hug him dearly. He even blushed a little. 


At that, John and Mitchell left the Institute and began their walk to their plush new home.


“I wish it was the middle of summer, so we could get out of these winter coats, and just show off our muscles, John. Having a body like this makes me feel so fucking sexy all of the time,” said Mitchell, his breath misting out before him with every word spoken.


“There’ll be plenty of time for that, my love. By the time summer comes around again, you’ll be twice – maybe three times – heavier than you are now. All of it pure muscle,” John exclaimed, holding his much smaller boyfriend's hand lovingly. From a distance they looked like a father leading his young kid by the hand. Mitchell had a lot of growing to do.


“I hope so. And by then you’ll be way bigger than you  are now. You were so hot, that day, when you bashed your way into the cafeteria before displaying such gentleness and sincerity toward me,” said Mitchell, who then had to bite his lip for bringing up the day John hated the most.


“Sorry, that just slipped out,” said Mitchell, hoping he didn’t upset John. 


“It’s okay. I’m taking my meds like a good ‘little’ bodybuilder. I won’t lose my shit like that ever again. I was so fucked up with steroids long before I ever put on Umberto’s shirt.”


“It’s a pity that the shirt is no more. I wouldn’t mind putting it on for you, in the bedroom. You never know what would happen,” Mitchell remarked, imagining to himself how huge it could have made him grow overnight.


“Even if it were still around, it would have lost its potency. Besides, my body makes its own muscle musk, but the nanotech keeps the levels stable. I don’t want my gorgeous man turning into a rampaging muscle hulk during our love making.” John stopped walking and bent over to kiss his boyfriend.


“I just want to be as big as you, so you can fuck me properly. Even after today’s growth spurt, I’m still nowhere near the size I need to be for you to safely fuck me. You’d still tear me apart with your mega-dick,” said Mitchell, a modicum of despondence reducing his mood slightly.


“Just be patient, Mitch, baby. Foreplay and muscle worship will have to continue a little longer. Maybe tonight I’ll let you fuck me with your bigger dick. I’m sure it’s grown along with your muscles.”


“Yeah it did. Only by an inch or so,” said Mitchell, almost ashamed.


“Well, let's get home as soon as we can. I can’t wait to get to know that extra inch a lot better,” said John. Having said that, he lifted Mitchell up like he weighed nothing at all, holding him securely like a dad would to his eight year-old kid. Then he started to run.


“Whoa, what the fuck???”


“Get ready for the ride of your life, Mitch. I’m about to rock your fucking world, baby!”





June 1st marked the beginning of House of Trione’s summer sale. Summer had returned, and that meant hot, dry weather, lots of sunscreen, plus the sexiest fashions for men anywhere in town, some with up to 33% off. Now that the clothing range extended to non-bodybuilders, foot traffic in the store was up 75% on the previous quarter. 


Umberto was helping Lee to open up, although there was very little to do. Lee had scheduled three of his best staff to work a night shift making sure everything in stock was marked down to the sale prices, as well as to get the store ready for the bombardment it was sure to receive the next morning at 9 a.m.


“They did a great job last night. They left us very little to do. You should give them a raise, honey,” the giant bodybuilder suggested, as he clumsily leaned forwards so he could just about see over his upper pectorals and place a fresh float into the drawer of the cash register.


“Yeah, I’m giving them an extra three bucks an hour, plus a heftier monthly bonus. They looked really tired when they clocked out this morning.” Lee had to pause from what he was doing every other minute to gaze with delight at the engagement ring Umberto had slipped on his finger the evening before, over dinner at their favourite Italian restaurant. By August he would be Mr Lee Fordham-Morelli. They’d already discussed the possibility of becoming parents, too. Everything was falling into place. And things could only get better and better.


Being down three staff, Keith and Sam had been called up for greeting service, which they were only too happy to provide. Their gym was running great under Eugene’s management, although on more than one occasion they’d caught him masturbating in his office when he should have been doing paperwork. But for the most part he was getting the job done, giving Lee and Sam more time to bodybuild. And boybuild. And BODYBUILD!


They arrived at the store a few minutes before opening. Lee and Umberto hadn’t seen much of them for a few weeks, mostly face-times and infrequent texts. They only showed their faces, and stayed off social media, as they wanted to shock the fuck out of people when they once again re-emerged from their bodybuilding cocoons to show off their much-improved physiques. 


Lee gasped when he saw a parting sea of anxious male shoppers cramming around the entrance waiting for the CLOSED sign to change to OPEN. They had to move sufficiently to allow two beautiful bodybuilding giants to enter.


Lee opened the doors to let in Sam and Keith. But he couldn’t form any words, as sheer disbelief caused his throat to go very dry very quickly.


“Hi guys. We’re back,” exclaimed Sam as the couple clumsily made a show of squeezing through the double doors simultaneously. Their combined mass almost took out the door frame with it. Umberto almost couldn’t speak when he saw how their closest friends now looked.


They both wore matching ‘onesie’ stretch-denim singlets, each bearing the House of Trione logo to the left of the bib. Designed like overalls/dungarees, these left very little muscle covered up, and cut and sewn with such finesse that every muscle on show looked set to burst free at any moment. Of course, the pair would need to grow a lot more before that happened, thanks to some masterful stitching and stretchy reinforced ribbing.


Sam’s was pink, whereas Keith’s was pale blue. They liked this colour combination. The blue suited Keith because he had darker hair than Sam’s. Everything worked on them. Both singlets were low cut below the pec-and nipple line. The front was button-up, also incorporating an exposed button-fly down the front of their obscenely-bulging crotches. Both bodybuilders had the front unbuttoned right down to below their belly buttons in order to show off as much muscle as possible. The singlets ended just above their knees and only the thinnest strip of reinforced denim held it all together at the back, showing off 99% of their rippling muscles from behind. Their bubble butts were accentuated by extreme contouring, making it seem like the entirety of the garments were sprayed on and barely allowed to dry.


“From the new season. Fortunato kitted us out in these before we got here. We wanted to surprise you both,” said Sam, blasting out the widest, most space-guzzling lat spread he’d ever performed. He wasn’t as tall as Keith or Umberto, but he damn sure made up for it with the sheer density of the muscle mass he’d put on in recent months. His muscles stretched straps and made buttons and elasticated ribbing ‘groan’ from the strain.


Keith rolled his thunder-thighs over each other several times before snapping them taut and making ridiculous masses of muscle explode from his quads and hamstrings. Veins quaked across them, made to seem inferior to the ones now blasting out of his upper body as he leaned into a massive most muscular. They now weighed over 1000 lbs each, with Keith topping Sam by a meagre two dozen pounds of muscle. Still not as big as Umberto and John, they were jaw-dropping to look at.


“Oh fuck… you’re both huge,” Lee cried, finally able to speak.


“You think? I dunno,” said Keith, and then to his husband: “What do you think? Are we huge, Sammy?”


“Well… it’s definitely a start,” Sammy enthusiastically returned. And then to his husband: “On the count of three…




Two two enormous bodybuilders tore off their singlets like they were wet tissue paper, exposing their big surprises beneath.


“Heh heh… these were just to get over here without getting arrested. But THESE are what we are wearing as your loyal greeters for the day,” Keith unabashedly explained.


They were both clad in the new House of Trione cock slings, the skimpiest posing thongs ever created. Both had butt-crack strings at the back, which stretched around the hips only to end in pouches that were almost transparent due to being stretched so tight across their monstrously over-sized cock heads. Both nine-inch thick and seventeen-inch shafts were completely exposed, bulging more obscenely than usual thanks to the cock rings they both wore. Their junk completely stretched out the lycra sling, and Lee could only imagine what would happen to them should Sam and Keith come out with erections.


“Aww fuck, guys, you’re both fast catching up to my size. And I’ve never gone out in public wearing so little,” said Umberto, quickly getting turned on to the muscle gods whose presence he stood in.


“You’ll both get us shut down if you go outside dressed like that, guys. I’m afraid I can’t allow it. Fortunato will have my head up on a pike,” said Lee, who although getting a massive boner in his EBFs at the sight of the much larger Sam and Keith, didn’t want to lose the job he’d grown to love so much.


“Who’s idea do you think this was? Fortunato’s okay with it. We’ll drive all super-horny muscle addicts out there into getting even more drastic with their plastic. We’ll make a killing. It’s not like we’re near any churches or schools. It’ll be fine,” beamed Sam. He shot out an enormous double biceps which caused two buttons to pop off Lee’s pants. They shot across the store, one of which bounced off Umberto’s right pectoral muscle before disappearing to parts unknown.


“Damn, I have to change my EBFs now, you guys,” said Sam, scurrying off to not only change into new pants, but to blow a load in the staff restroom.


“Don’t worry Lee. We’ll open up now. We’ve got this covered. And Umberto can manage for a few minutes, can’t you, big guy.”


Big indeed. Umberto hadn’t had a growth spurt in months. He was worried Sam and Keith would surpass him in size if they kept growing at this rate. Until the new RECIUM replacement was ready, Redfern had created a nanotech algorithm to suspend Umberto’s growth indefinitely, under the proviso that once the new drug was ready, he could continue to increase his size. He’d gained a little due to conventional bodybuilding and using the right supplements, but it was painfully gradual for him, and barely noticeable on someone his size. Still, maintaining what he had was better than nothing at all. He just hated waiting around for the “next big thing”.


“I like your outfit. Finally we get to see you pushing a mesh crop top to its absolute breaking point,” said Sam as he took his position to the left of one door. 


“Yeah, ditto. Really suits you. But you should probably go shirtless. You should really show off that amazing three hundred and whatever extra pounds of muscle you have on us,” Keith added.


Umberto really had the biggest pair of pulsating pectorals amongst the three of them. It just bothered him that they were nowhere near as big as he wanted them to be. Like Keith and Sam, he loved being top heavy. But the size of his pecs were never enough. He had to get bigger.


“Yeah, that’s a good idea, I guess. This top is a little restricting to my muscle melons,” said Umberto, and started to flex like he never flexed before. He’d spent much of the previous day bodybuilding like crazy in the warehouse apartment, which was now kitted out in the latest training equipment the Redfern Institute could provide. All machines had been improved greatly, with even greater resistances added. It meant that as Umberto continued to bodybuild without the metazenic process active inside him, muscle could still be gained. Even a few pounds a week was better than nothing. He was still very pumped from the previous day’s workout. Ideally he wished he could have bodybuilt throughout the night, to get even more insanely pumped, but he wanted to be fresh for the big day, and not let Lee down in any way.


But the pump was enough to reduce the crop top to shreds, leaving Umberto shirtless and tanned, with a massive amount of shiny, rippling muscle to show off to the hungry shoppers.


On another count of three, Sam and Keith simultaneously opened the doors one handed, whilst flexing their biceps with the others. Horny gay men started to pour into the store, more keen to see the huge bodybuilders working there than to actually care about making purchases.


“Welcome to the House of Fortunato, catering for not only fashions for the biggest bodybuilders in town…” Sam began, letting go of the door in order to now blast a double biceps up past his knuckles. His body expanded in all directions, and his dick caused the sling to strain even further to the point some of his cock head could now be seen.


“... but also now you, the non-bodybuilder can also dress like us big boys, with up to 33% off selected items,” Keith finished. He pushed out an obscenely gigantic full lat spread to the “Oohs” and “Aahs” emanating en masse from the invading throng.


It was re-empowering to Umberto that the mass of muscle-frenzied horny men flocked straight towards him. He was now wearing only his bottoms, a skin-tight pair of indigo full-length EBF pants cut in a jeans style, but with a lot of stretch spandex along for the ride. The front had five silver embossed buttons down the fly, once again with gaps in between through which thick dark bush teased through. The sides of the pants had laced-up panels about four inches wide connecting front and back. These panels were also under a lot of strain. They had no waistband, and so even more scrumptious man bush poked out from between his cum gutter/aqueducts.


“Fifty percent off all purchases and a grope of my huge muscles to anyone who  spends over a thousand bucks in store today,” Umberto announced. He filled out his upper body into a huge full lat spread. His pecs bulged outward, sideways, and upwards, making his head completely disappear, save for his hipster topknot. Soon the store was crammed with shoppers, forcing Keith and Sam to step outside and give the public a bodybuilding show they’d never forget.


“Check out the size of Sam and me,” Keith boastfully hollered, throwing himself into pose after pose in synchronicity to his husband’s not fully graceful posing routine. They had gotten so huge lately, that they still weren’t properly adept at coordinating their routines. But there was something so ultimately gratifying (and hot) about being clumsy about your movements due to so much muscle mass bulging from every inch of your frame.


As to be expected, the Doppler-Wickhams got more and more excited by each other’s posing before a horny public audience. This caused their dicks to grow even larger, now becoming almost full erections. Their cock rings felt tighter around the trunks, making the veins bulge even more prominently. Serum-infused blood coursed through each shaft, gathering within the mushroom heads and turning them into apple-sized masses.


“Feel up our muscles all you like, guys, but only on the way out, and you’d better be laden down with bargains,” Sam issued. He was very horny, but also in a playful mood. It was amazing the power now possessed by Keith and Sam, as their bodybuilding and blood serum made them larger and larger. Each time they grew gave the mundanely-built public more and more to spill their seed to.


“Yes, shoppers… here at House of Fortunato, we’re literally BULGING with value!” Keith threw up more biceps for the throng to gasp to. He got so turned on by his new size, that his cock sling, now weakened by precum, split apart with the force of a rubber band splitting, sending an even bigger, thicker cock outwards and upwards as his erection sprang up to full mast.


Shoppers gasped and gawped, the interior of the store now a moaning frenzy. Most attention was still on Umberto, but anyone who tried to touch his muscles got diverted away by Lee, now returned to the floor, but safe behind a counter in case his skinny twink self got trampled underfoot.


Sure enough, minutes into the start of the sale, a police officer pulled up on his motorcycle and was already approaching the front of the store where Sam and Keith – now both totally naked but for their cock rings – continued to draw in the crowd with their incredible bodybuilding show.


“Sirs, are you aware that you’re breaking country indecency laws? You have to desist with this display, or I’m going to have to write you both up,” said the cop, already reaching for his pad and pen.


Keith looked at Sam. Sam looked at Keith.


“And what about that very visible boner you’re sporting, Officer…”


His badge read “McMullen”


“Yeah, Officer. You’re not being very decent yourself. I’m not well up on law enforcement, but I’m pretty sure it’s not illegal to give a police officer a massive stiffy,” Keith jokingly added.


“Maybe you could help us out by performing a little crowd control to help our customers enjoy their shopping experience,” Sam lustily teased. He fanned currents of cool air towards the cop simply by bouncing his huge pectorals. Officer McMullen’s trouser bulge grew even more prominent. The cop tried not to moan in lusty delight, being on duty and all. But a clothing store for huge bodybuilders was operating along his patrol route, which he’d known for some time. It was obvious Officer McMullen had a hidden agenda on this splendid summer morning.


“Well, there are too many people on the premises. A breach of health and safety will definitely add to your list of violations.” McMullen began to jot some things down on his pad. Sam looked at him more closely. He was pretty short for a cop, so he had to crane his vision to better take him in over the curve of his enormous pectorals. 


“Say, you don’t have a bodybuilder brother by any chance, do you? You look a lot like a guy that trains at our gym. I don’t think his name is McMullen, tho.”


“That’s Randy, my half brother. Same mother, different fathers. He got all the good genes, the lucky bastard,” McMullen seemed less official now.


“Oh I dunno about that, Officer. You seem to be filling your uniform out in all the right places,” Keith flirted. This caused McMullen to blush slightly. He smiled, causing pleasant dimples to crease up his cheeks.


“I do enough to be fit for the demands of the job, sir.” McMullen was already putting away his pad.


“It’s a bit mad around here, being the first day of the sale and all. But if you could help to get these crowds to calm down and form orderly queues, we’ll return the favour by offering you free membership at ShapeShifters. We’ll even be your trainers. We’ll soon have you bursting out of that hot uniform. Randy will be so jealous of his bigger  brother.”


“Really? That’s… er… nice of you guys. But you’ll have to cover yourselves up, or I will have to report this. Just doing my job, guys.” At least they’d gotten him to change the ‘sirs’ to ‘guys’. It was a start.


“Okay we’ll go inside and try to find something that fits. But we’ve been crazy bodybuilding these past few months. We’ve gotten absolutely huge.” And to demonstrate, both Keith and Sam morphed up into their impenetrable wall of full lat spread magnificence. Their bodies radiated muscle musk, the start of another growth spurt. McMullen couldn’t help but breathe in such an irresistibly masculine aroma. He breathed in deep whilst before him, surrounded by awestruck muscle-hungry shoppers, Sam and Keith began to grow even bigger.


To be Concluded!

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Wow!  Too much is never enough for these guys.  Sam and Keith would probably use the shirtless A&F greeters (if they still existed) as dumbbells to pump their biceps.

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14 hours ago, FallenAway said:

Wow!  Too much is never enough for these guys.  Sam and Keith would probably use the shirtless A&F greeters (if they still existed) as dumbbells to pump their biceps.

Those anorexic A&F douches would weigh less than toothpicks to Sam and Keith. Expect massive muscle growth in the final chapter.

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I have to say that i want to be able to read this story but the words are SO light and that makes it really hard to read.

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On 6/17/2022 at 11:31 AM, ToolShedCub said:

I have to say that i want to be able to read this story but the words are SO light and that makes it really hard to read.

You could switch to "dark mode" in the upper righthand corner of your screen, or you could highlight the text while you're reading.  I have used these tricks to read stories that have a text color that is difficult to read.

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