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Jake is almost there at undderstanding "the voices" he managed to hear well enough and realized it was him and his inner thoughts.

Brad. My god that man is raw power

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Amber squealed as Brad picked her up by her waist, spinning her upside down, and bringing her mouth down onto his swollen, vertical cock. She’d barely undone his jeans and released his unyielding cock, pulling the waistband of his boxers below his balls, pushing them out and allowing them to hang in front of the gaping zip of his jeans. He groaned with pleasure as the teeth of the zip dug into his scrotum, the pain increasing his arousal.

As she attacked his dick, he groaned, and moved one of his arms to the small of her back, hugging her to him, so he could remove her panties with his other hand. He savoured her smell, using his powerful neck muscles to exploit the new vantage point, and attack her sensitive spots from the new angle. She squirted with pleasure. Blood rushed to her head, swelling her plump, luscious lips, which she used to caress and massage his cock, from base to meatus, her tongue swirling and flicking, causing Brad to buck with pleasure.

His tongue flicked her clit, and he used his lips to grasp and pull on her lips, making her squeal and moan. He flexed his cock, causing it to twitch and bounce in her mouth, sending bolts of pleasure through his shaft and spreading through his body. She lapped up his pre, sucking and licking, enjoying his sweet nectar.

As he brought her to orgasm with his mouth, he was ready to bring himself to orgasm, using Amber as the tool. He held her waist with both hands, performing a hammer curl movement, bouncing Amber up and down on his cock, face fucking her without moving his cock.  He exploded in her mouth, pumping in volleys of cum which she swallowed with zeal. As he continued cumming, he pulled her from his cock, spewing the last few ropes of his seed onto her face.

He spun her around the right way up, kissing her passionately, his cum mixing with their saliva, and spreading in his goatee beard. As they kissed, he lowered her onto his still-hard cock, entering her and flexing, swelling his cock inside her, eliciting gasps of pleasure from her and deep, resonant groans from him, her entire body quivering as a result of his baritone reverberation. She orgasmed again, squeezing and massaging the entire length of his cock with the muscular contractions of her climax, sending matching waves of intoxicating shivers through his shaft, spreading out to his entire body. He came again, pumping his seed inside her, cum leaking down her legs as he filled her and she overflowed.


As HE came, HE nuzzled Jake’s prodigious bulge with HIS face, caressing it with HIS hands. HIS inner voice was louder, again, as HIS attention was diverted to HIS pleasure and that of HIS partner – Increase heart rate. Increase blood pressure. Relax penile arteries. Constrict penile veins. – HIS subconscious was instructing HIS cock to swell again.

HE took off Jake’s pants, releasing his prodigious genitals, cock at full mast ready to enter HIS hole. HE moved over to Brad, who was penetrating Amber, holding her up and lowering her onto his cock. Brad had not taken off his jeans, his luscious cheeks trapped by denim, his hole, protected. HE wanted to change that.

HE grabbed the waistband of Brad’s jeans, and lowered them over the mounds of his bubble butt, careful to ensure the zip did no damage to his scrotum. HE revelled in the sight of Brad’s bubbles, massive hamstrings inserting under the cheeks, the sweep of his quads clearly visible even from behind. HIS cock was painfully hard.

HE pressed a finger into Brad’s perineum, sweeping it up between his cheeks, pausing at his hole, HIS excitement rising as he saw the muscles pucker and flex, Brad’s glutes nearly crushing HIS finger as HE pressed against his hole. HE smiled. Fingers weren’t going to cut it.

HE lay HIS shaft across the top of his crack, between the bubbles. Brad hesitated. This was a step beyond a little rimming and arse play, this was full on anal penetration. Did he really want to go down this path?

Jake, sensing his hesitation, approached his friend and whispered in his ear. Amber squealed as his cock jumped and hardened inside her, and his glutes relaxed, allowing HIM to prepare to enter Brad’s virgin hole.

Pre was almost gushing from HIS painfully hard cock. HE could hear HIS subconscious preparing HIS entire reproductive system for entering Brad, HIS brain increasing the sensitivity of the nerve endings in and around HIS cock.

HE rubbed HIS meatus on Brad’s hole, transferring some pre. Brad groaned. Amber squealed. HE pushed HIS glans against Brad’s hole, it putting up a determined fight to prevent HIS cock from conquering the territory beyond. Brad’s power made his anus extra tight. As HE pushed harder, it slowly began to give way, opening like the aperture of a camera, allowing HIS meatus to deposit pre into virgin territory. As HE pushed harder, ecstatic waves of orgasmic pleasure were rocketing up HIS shaft and spreading through HIS whole body, as Brad’s anus fought back, pressing on HIS glans, stimulating the myriad nerves.

HE told Brad to relax, and his hole released some tension, allowing HIM to thrust forward, entering him. It was a first for both of them, and it was a toss up who was enjoying it more, getting more pleasure from it. Until, that is, HIS glans met Brad’s prostate. The giant roared a massive roar, startling them all, and his cock began spewing gobs of cum every which way. As Brad came, his muscles pressed on HIS cock, bringing HIM to the brink.

Jake wanted in. He entered HIM from behind, both gasping; Jake’s massive cock was a tight fit. HE was ready to cum, and by the sounds of Amber, Brad was raring to go again, and Jake was ready at will.

Jake began pounding HIM from behind, slamming deep, his glans rubbing and stroking, HIS prostate sending waves of pleasure as Jake’s glans passed across it, back and forth. HIS subconscious was virtually screaming in HIS head, instructing HIS prostate to produce semen, preparing HIS balls to launch their sperm - HE was cumming.

They all four orgasmed simultaneously, HE and Brad experiencing new, previously unknown pleasurable sensations.


As Jake orgasmed, he clearly made out his subconscious voice issuing instructions to his body to ejaculate. He wasn’t yet sure what it meant, but at least he wasn’t going crazy hearing non-existent voices.

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HE lay in post-orgasmic bliss, practising quieting HIS subconscious. It seemed to be getting easier, but could HE intercept and control it? Surely, if HE could control the voice, silencing it (even if only for a short time), then HE’d have control over all aspects?

So, what could HE do? Could HE stop breathing? HE thought ‘stop breathing’ and HE – well, HE wasn’t sure - HE kind of pushed it into the stream of HIS subconscious, like floating a boat on a river, where HIS thought was the boat and the stream of HIS subconscious the river.

Sure enough, HE stopped breathing! HE thought ’restart breathing’, and pushed the thought into the stream. As before, HE started breathing. HE became excited - HE could control it, control the subconscious commands to HIS body!

HIS excitement suddenly burst, like a water balloon, leaving HIM sheepish and embarrassed, even though nobody else knew what HE was thinking. HE’d just achieved what even the smallest child could do. HE held HIS breath. Congratulations.

Okay, something else, HE thought, something you can’t normally do. Stop HIS heart? Risky - what if HE couldn’t restart it? HE wasn’t alone but, still, if HIS heart was stopped for long enough for the ambulance to arrive, HE’d probably be brain dead. Well, if HE could stop HIS heart just by thinking it, then HE should be able to start HIS heart by thinking it, right? And it was the ultimate test of the limits of HIS new ability. If HE could do that, HE could do anything.

HE took a deep breath - the usual way, no weird thinking and pushing involved. HE thought, “stop my heart beating”. And HIS his breath, again the normal way.


Jake lay in post-orgasmic bliss, his thoughts focussed on his own thoughts, and his subconscious voice that he could now hear, sometimes clearer, sometimes fainter so that he was barely aware of it. What did it mean? Was he losing his mind?

He didn’t think it was a mental illness, he seemed to have all his faculties, and the voice seemed to be mirroring what was actually happening to his body. Not quite mirroring, more like a precursor. He’d hear his subconscious voice say a command, and a moment later his body would respond and perform that command.

Was he actually hearing his subconscious controlling his body? Surely not? Who could do that? What was the point? He didn’t want to know that his stomach was producing acid, or his kidneys adjusting his salt balance, or his colon producing faeces. Gross.

If he’d thought about it a little more, he might’ve realised that even being aware of the passive stream of commands could be extremely useful, allowing one to optimise nutrition intake, for example, to one’s own body, rather than relying on ‘bro science’, or timing workouts for when the body was maximally primed for hypertrophy. Of course, being able to manipulate those commands, to force those things onto the body would be better; much, MUCH better. But he wasn’t there, yet.


Brad lay in post-orgasmic bliss, his thoughts focussed inward, he’d crossed a line tonight. He’d allowed himself to be fucked up the arse, like some fag. But it felt so fucking GOOD. Holy fuck did it feel good. When HIS cock pressed on his prostate – that was a real eye opener, literally and figuratively. Combined with Amber orgasming on his dick. FUCK. He was getting hard again just thinking about it.


Amber lay in post-orgasmic bliss, her thoughts focussed inward. Earlier, she thought she recognised the voices in her head, thought she could make out what they were saying, but it slipped away as Brad made her cum again. Brad! What a beefcake! Jake was fucking hot, but Brad was just as hot, in a totally different way. They didn’t quite mesh the way her and Jake did – she didn’t think she’d ever find anyone that made her feel quite like Jake did – but variety is the spice of life, even when you’ve already got access to the greatest spice on earth that is Jake.



Well, that was anti-climactic, HE thought. HE was expecting HIS heart to stop beating, certainly a climactic event! So, what did that mean? Did it mean HE could only control his subconscious to do things he could already make it do (like stop breathing)? Yawn. Did it have limitations, where HIS subconscious wouldn’t let HIM harm or kill HIMSELF? Sort of like if you try and hold your breath forever, eventually your subconscious forces you to breath? Well, that would be better. But how to test that, and practice?

Then, it hit HIM. The brain doesn’t directly instruct the heat to beat, the heart will intrinsically beat, even without any connection to the brain, but controls the heart rate by controlling the body’s natural pacemaker. Of course - HE nearly facepalmed at his stupidity.

HE thought, ’stop triggering the pacemaker’. HE nearly jumped out of HIS skin with elation! HIS heart stopped beating! HE could control any aspect of HIS body, at will!

HIS elation very soon turned to dread and panic as HE began losing consciousness, HIS blood pressure crashing, HIS brain starved of oxygen. HIS vision began to tunnel, HIS hearing faded. HE needed to act, FAST.

‘Restart the pacemaker’ HE thought. HE was relieved to feel HIS heart resume pumping, fresh blood flowing to HIS brain, oxygenating it, restoring HIS senses.

It would take some time to learn to properly control this ability, and when pushing the limits was too far. HE smiled, HIS fantasies would be fulfilled. HE heard HIS brain instruct HIS body to inflate HIS cock again, and HE smiled as HE tweaked the process, slowing it down, edging HIMSELF to full mast.

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It seems that the right formula allowed the person to use and control teh brain in a faster way than the  unfinished version. Jake and Amber will get where HE is now but not as fast

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1 hour ago, Ro20316 said:

It seems that the right formula allowed the person to use and control teh brain in a faster way than the  unfinished version. Jake and Amber will get where HE is now but not as fast

Not to give too much away, but the extra dose and interaction between the two formulas has given him an ability that the others don't have. He already has it, he just doesn't realise it yet, and doesn't know how to control it. He's still riding high on the wave of T given by the doctors, which is clearly affecting his personality.

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HE had been awake all night, listening to the others' deep, rythmic breathing in their sleep, testing HIS new ability, practising silencing it with ease.

HE thinks of the ability as analogous to the cockpit of a sophisticated jet aeroplane. As the pilot, HE now had access to every possible dial, switch and panel, controlling every system and aspect of the aeroplane. Though, with such control comes responsibility and danger – lots of crashes are caused by pilot error.

Some dials and switches, you never really want to play with, cabin pressurisation, automatic oxygen mask deployment, fuel pumps - these and other systems, you want to maintain on ‘auto-pilot’, having the aeroplane itself maintain control of them. These were like HIS basic day-to-day life functions, keeping the heart beating when at rest, regular breathing, general liver and kidney functions - HE didn’t want to have to manually manage those, but leave HIS subconscious brain to keep HIM alive as it always had.

Others, like flaps, and ailerons - the system normally controlled these, but the pilot could override the automatic settings as needed. These were like the normal bodily functions that you could consciously override, holding your breath, holding your bladder - everyone had the ability to override their subconscious for these, this was nothing special.

The third category - everything else - were functions that one sometimes wishes they had access to, and now HE did. Hormone levels, metabolic rate, digestion, bodily repair, immunity, brain chemistry… and on and on. HE was now god over HIS own body, able to adjust virtually any aspect.

HE was getting ahead of HIMSELF a little. HE still needed to work out how to ‘flip a switch’ and have it stick at the new setting, not switch straight back again. HE could hold HIS breath in the new way, for example, but HIS subconscious would make HIM breath again (as it would for anyone else). HE wanted to be able to make a change, and only have it change back if HE explicitly made the change.

There was another aspect that HE was yet to understand. Every time HE’d cum yesterday, HE’d hear the ‘voices’ like before, louder, and HE could not quieten them. They would fade themselves over time, but HE could not quieten them the way HE could HIS ordinary subconscious voice. HE wasn’t sure what it meant, perhaps the flood of hormones during orgasm interrupted some chemical process, though HE couldn’t begin to identify any such mechanism.

HE began considering the possibilities.

Jake thought HE was delusional when HE said that HE’d be bigger than Brad, more defined than Jake, but HE knew different. HE would maximise HIS hypertrophy, adjusting HIS hormones and metabolism to supercharge HIS growth. HE’d have the world’s densest, hardest, most vascular, powerful muscles. HIS cock lept at the thought. HIM, with giant, powerful muscles. A vascular network covering HIS body, veins prominent, bulging with strength, feeding power to HIS muscles. Strength to smash any opponent, dominate anyone at will, subdue them with HIS power. HIS cock ached at HIS fantasy, globs of pre leaking down HIS shaft. HE thought of HIS favourite porn video, massive, jacked stud with powerful, vascular muscles using his strength to force his cock down some slut’s throat, gagging her, choking her. Only HE would be the stud. HIS muscles bigger, harder, more powerful and jacked. Veins running along HIS skin like roots of a massive tree, feeding HIS power, HIS strength, HIS dominance.

HIS cock erupted with HIS cum, the muscles creating HIS orgasm fatigued from so many orgasms, it was more of a dribble of cum, than an eruption. HE would change that. HIS cock would blast cum, buckets of it, so hard it caused pain. The final humiliation, wrecking some slut’s face with HIS cum or, better yet, some massive, jacked stud’s face, blasting into HIS beard, up HIS nose, into HIS eyes, blinding him temporarily, causing painful welts from the pressure of HIS cum. HE smiled as HE finally drifted off to sleep.

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HE dreamt violent, erotic dreams. Dreams where HE dominated. Dreams where HE was all powerful. Dreams where HIS body was worshipped, HIS entire body pumped, covered in dense, thick, powerful muscle, massive, engorged, inch-thick veins, HIS skin paper-thin, dick skin, showing off HIS dense, striated, vascular power for worshippers to lick, suck and cum over. Dreams where HIS cock, painfully engorged, massive veins feeding it with blood, pumped out cum so powerfully, each volley was like a bullet, slamming into HIS victims, leaving painful welts and weals.

HE awoke to tented boxers, but it felt like normal morning wood, not the crazy horned-up feeling HE’d felt yesterday. HE’d already passed one half-life of the short-term testosterone injected into HIM by the doctor, and the other formulations were still building up the levels in HIS bloodstream.

Soon, HE wouldn’t need to worry, HE thought, HE’d be able to ramp up production of HIS own testosterone to supra-normal levels. And not just masses of testosterone flowing through HIS veins, but HE would eliminate aromatase, and all the other negative by products of hyper testosterone levels, and clamp down production of cortisol and other hormones detrimental to muscle growth. Maximising HIS hypertrophy and recovery, without any of the risks or side effects. No gynaecomastia for HIM.  HIS cock bounced and twitched in anticipation, swelling harder.

HE needed to discuss HIS situation with HIS colleagues. Though HE didn’t want to reveal that HE had deceived them, having injected HIMSELF and then lying to Jake about the test, HE needed to discuss HIS abilities, how and why they had manifested and, maybe, they could help HIM learn how to ‘stick’ HIS changes.

HE headed towards the kitchen, adjusting HIS erection, to find the others just finishing up breakfast.

“Good morning all.”

“YOU’re awake,” Amber said, “and I see the testosterone is still doing YOU good.” HE blushed, though did not try and hide it.

“It’s wearing off a little, but I have another dose to inject later today.” HIS cock twitched at that.

“Maybe YOU should hold off for today, give YOUR body time to adjust,” said Jake. “YOU were an animal yesterday.” Now it was Brad’s turn to blush.

“It felt fucking incredible. I couldn’t stop cumming I was so horny.”

“We noticed.” They all laughed, except Brad. He was quiet, reserved.

“And after YOU inject today’s dose, YOUR levels will be higher than they were yesterday. YOU’re going to be a wild fucking beast. Brad better watch out,” Jake teased.

Brad gave him a dirty look and punched him in the shoulder, playfully, but the solid thunk as his mammoth fist pounded into Jake’s deltoid - an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object - made HIM wince in sympathy. Jake didn’t move an inch.

“Let’s hope so,” HE said. “I’m curious, what did Jake say to you last night to make you change your mind?”

“He sai–”

“Never mind what I said. What’s important is that Brad decided to trust YOU, and opened himself up to YOU, literally and figuratively. And,” he said, grasping each of them by their traps, squeezing slightly, “you both popped your anal cherries.”

“Not gonna lie, it felt fucking amazing,” Brad said, “when YOUR cock hit my prostate. FUCK that felt good. I’ve always thought of myself as 100% hetero, I guess it’s more complicated than that. I mean, I’m still attracted to birds, I don’t look at YOU, or Jake, or any other bloke and feel any sort of attraction, but having YOUR cock up my arse WAS mind blowing. So what the fuck do I know?”

“Don’t worry, mate, who cares whether you’re 100% hetero or not? Certainly no one here. You don’t have to go out picking up blokes - though with your muscles, you wouldn’t have any problems with that - but if we’re having fun, enjoying our bodies, so what if you choose to allow some prostate massage.” Jake made a lot of sense.

“You can fuck pussy. There’s no doubt about that,” said Amber. “And your tongue and mouth work wonders, so I wouldn’t worry about your hetero credentials.”

He smiled, “Thanks, guys. It helps to talk things through.”

“Speaking of talking things through. I have a confession to make, and need your help.”

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HE confessed to what HE’d done and apologised to Jake for lying to him about the test and its results. As HE explained what HE was experiencing, and what HE’d learned HE could do, Jake and Amber were floored. Jake was right, he could hear his subconscious mind controlling his body, but he could also control it? His cock swelled as he considered the possibilities. He’d blast through his plateau, he’d finally have the body of his dreams. No roids needed. FUCK. YES.

“That sounds pretty close to what I’ve been experiencing, though I haven’t managed to control anything yet,” said Jake. Amber nodded, indicating her agreement.

HE was intrigued, they ALL had the same ability? Curious. HE was sure it was a result of the vaccine HE’d injected.

“Neither of you injected yourselves?” They shook their heads. “Strange. Maybe part of it aerosolised, entering your system that way?” HE speculated.

Jake wanted to head to the gym immediately, test his new found ability, learn how he controlled the thoughts, so he could do it too. Imagine ramping up the T levels just before a workout? Blasting adrenaline through your body before starting a lift. He would break world records. He was already lifting at elite strength and stamina levels, he didn’t need much of a push to be approaching world record standards.

“Tell us again, how did YOU change the control thought,” Jake said, and HE explained HIS technique again, using HIS boat in a river analogy.

Jake concentrated. They all noticed movement in his bulge. Jake grinned. It fucking WORKED. He’d instructed his body to draw up his scrotum, drawing his balls to his body, and then released them back to their low hanging position.

Amber’s nipples hardened, clearly visible through the fabric of her top, and then reverted to their flaccid state.

Brad was intrigued. Intrigued, and more than a little jealous. The potential and possibilities had not yet occurred to him, otherwise he’d be far more than a little jealous.


Jake stepped up to the bar. It was loaded with eight plates on either side. Just looking at it felt heavy, difficult, painful, let alone trying to deadlift it off the floor. It was not his one-rep max, but neither was it a warm up weight, they’d already warmed up.

As he stepped up to the bar, he concentrated his effort on setting his body for maximal performance. He set his balls squirting masses of testosterone into his bloodstream, increased his human growth hormone levels, blood vessels relaxing and widening, maximising blood flow (and bringing out his vascularity like never before), reduced the sensitivity of his pain receptors, he mimicked the effects of stimulants, increasing his metabolism, allowing for faster clearance of lactic acid and, as he was about to rip the bar from the floor, he injected his bloodstream with masses of adrenaline, amping up his strength.

His cock was painfully hard, his head sticking out of the waistband of his workout shorts. The combined effects of the hormone profile he’d set for himself, and the god-like power he had over his own body created a heady, erotic arousal. He could’ve shut down his tumescence, but he enjoyed the feeling, and it added to his overall stimulation.

He hinged at his hips, grabbing the bar and preparing his grip. He used no belts, gloves, gripping aids. It was all him - the new, enhanced him, but him. He roared as he ripped the bar from the floor, powering it up as his glutes contracted bringing his arse forward, the bar resting against his bulge at the top of the movement. He controlled the bar on the way down, reversing the movement, hinging at the hips, sticking out his butt, keeping his lower back straight the entire time. Gently touching the bar to the floor, not allowing the floor to take the entire weight keeping tension on his muscles, he ripped the bar up again.

His erection somehow hardened even further as he continued to perform rep after rep. His balls tingled and pulsated as he pushed their testosterone output even higher. As he worked, he tweaked his body’s response, maximising his performance. Despite the huge weight, each rep was textbook perfect, each rep a perfect replica of the previous rep, no hint of sloppy form as he fatigued.

Those watching were treated to an arousing, erotic display. Just the sight of someone controlling such huge weight was arousing, his mastery of the gargantuan weight unquestioned. Jake merely added to the sex appeal.

Jake’s entire body was super-pumped, his veins distended and engorged to what looked like near bursting. As he performed rep after rep, his entire body swelled with a pump like he’d never experienced, and they’d never seen. His forearms swelled to double their normal size, masses of veins branching across the muscles, powering his grip, enabling him to hold onto such Herculean weight. His hamstrings writhed as they flexed and relaxed, helping to power up the bar off the floor. His bubble butt swelled as his glutes flexed powerfully, driving his hips forward each rep, lifting the bar to his bulge. His cock was leaking pre as he continued his reps.

As he completed his 25th rep, he lowered the bar for the final time. He growled a deep, animalistic roar, releasing the bar and crunching into a most muscular pose. As he flexed into the pose, his cock started pumping volley after volley of cum across the gym floor, his arousal total and complete. His eyes were wild, unfocussed, his entire psyche focussed on his pump, the growth, the feeling of power he felt as he dominated the weights.

Incredibly, other than a light sheen of sweat, which highlighted the striations and vascularity over his entire body, he was not gassed, his breathing a little heavier than normal, but he clearly had more in the tank. Much more.


Ten plates a side. 945 pounds (~428kg), including the bar (his gym used pound weights on the heavy side, kilograms on the light side).

He was still cumming as he stepped up to the bar. He ripped the bar from the floor, bringing it up to his bulge, slowly lowering it to give a feather touch on the floor, and ripped it up again. A textbook rep. The bar creaked and groaned from the weight, it bent at the ends, the weight flexing the steel of the bar. Yet Jake’s reps remained textbook perfect to the last.

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Jake is already taking advantage of what he now can do. Its awesome and really helps he knows how to best build muscle.

They finally learned about the injection HE took ad now one step closer to figure out someone inhjected them as well

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Right, if he doesn’t have a name, could HE please be written about in all-uppercase? 
It would be easier to follow this amazing story…

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