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My Hulk-daddy is Paying : Chapter Sixteen


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The Prelude is found HERE

The preceding chapter is found HERE


My Hulk-daddy is paying : Chapter Sixteen

Jim and Max were watching the big screen on the wall in Jim's flat.

"Do you watch Doctor Who?"

"Can't say I do."

"Probably better start from the episode The frightening dread, otherwise you wouldn't understand the plotline of Anxiety of a Time Lord and Knickers of the Daleks. My favourite is the twenty-first Doctor."

"The twenty-first?"

"I'll explain later."

Jim pressed a button.

* * *

Nate stirred in his sleep. Rob lovingly glanced in the direction of his powerfully built husband, and exquisite sensations circulated in his rejuvenated body. Tenderly, Rob placed his huge palm on Nate's shoulder, and returned his attention to the morning news.

"... escalating conflict between the Third French Empire and the Nigerian Realm, but the EU and the AU have formed a committee of diplomats in purpose of alleviation of this tension."

"Yesterday, the European Court of Human Rights announced, that government officials of the Republic of the Two Sicilies will be tried for acts committed against migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, following the Libyan Famine a few years ago."

"Spring has arrived unusually early in southern Spain, and wildfires are destroying the countryside, speeding up desertification."

"Tomorrow, Poland and Hungary will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of The Plush Revolution, and officials from each country will visit the other."

"Tension between the Third French Empire and Germany is now dissipating, after a diplomatic solution to the conflict. Saarland will become part of France, and Alsace-Lorraine will become part of Germany, all of them under the status of autonomous regions."

"The Dutch government in exile, now residing in Vaduz, released a communiqué, stating that no efforts will be spared to re-build the collapsed barriers and dams. European Union bodies have promised EU project means for rebuilding. Similar means will be granted to Flanders."

"Asked if the United Kingdom of Wessex, East Anglia and Midlands will join the EU, as the Kingdom of Scotland and the Grand Duchy of Kent have done, or perhaps follow the Kingdom of North England into the customs union and common market, the Prime Minister in Winchester answered, that the United Kingdom has no intention to join the unelected EU, concluding his speech: Thank God for the House of Lords, and God bless the King!"

"Meanwhile, in the Independent Republic of California, the guest tenure of acclaimed Siberian anthropological scholar Kostoku Aksyonov, famous for his post-post-colonial theory, has been cancelled after student protests against Aksyonov's use of the word 'shaman'. In a written communiqué student representatives complained about Aksyonov's use of gendered language. Professor Aksyonov explained, that the word 'shaman' is of Evenki origin, and is linguistically unrelated to the English word 'man'. Voices have been raised, that the Californian government ought to put pressure on Siberian authorities to replace the word 'shaman' with a less cis-patriarchal-specieist-colonial-imperialistic word, but no consensus has been reached about which particular word will be the most suitable replacement. This happens against the backdrop of other sensitive issues of international and domestic language-politics, such as threatening French-speakers and Spanish-speakers into changing their grammar into something less oppressive. Just a few hours ago, two opposing student protests clashed violently in San Diego: One in favour of the word 'shaperson' and the other one in favour of the word 'shaperx'. A pacifist sit-in in favour of the choice 'shabeing' didn't attract much of attention, except from a small group of protesters, who claimed, that the use of the word 'shabeing' is assuming somex's ontological status, and thus an act of oppressive anti-Pyrrhonistic micro-aggression."

"The mayor of Tallahassee and the governor of Florida both attended the opening ceremony of Tallahssee's new harbour. The harbour will create growth and opportunity for the people of Tallahassee, not least refugee families from Miami and Tampa."

"In the United Federated States of America, the Congress voted for the Improved Godliness Act, which will allow prosecution of schools teaching evolution and will open up for capital punishment of persons proved to be witches. The amendment proscribing clothes mixing two different fibres didn't achieve enough votes, after lobbying from the apparel industry."

"Swiss and Irish diplomats have been asked for, in order to negotiate between the two claimants to be the United States of America. After the event, that turned Washington DC and its surroundings into The Forbidden Zone, the Boston government and the Chicago government have refused to talk to each other for a decade, and minor skirmishes have been a recurring phenomenon in the Appalachians, but international observers express some hope for a breakthrough."

"The Texan Congress voted for continued state-subsidies of heavier-than-air travel and the oil industry. The President of Texas comment: 'Nothing will be allowed to change our way of life.'"

"And now, a documentary about the booming wine industry in British Columbia."

Rob switched off the screen.

A murmur came from Nate's pillow:

"Do you really have to watch news this early? We're on vacation, eh?"

Rob reclined, lay on his side and facing Nate's face and still closed eyes. Nate was lying his body prone, his right arm under his pillow, but his face turned in Rob's direction. His facial expression was entirely relaxed and without worry, and yesterday's experiment had removed all signs of aging from his face. In some ways, he now looked younger, than when Rob first met him, but there were also differences: The robust brow, the protruding upper jaw that gave him an arrogant expression in those promotion pics hadn't been there before the disastrous experiment that changed their lives so many years ago, and his dimpled chin, though comparatively powerful already before their first 'hancing, had become more so. The restored youth and his relaxed expression gave Nate an air of innocence. The feeling of warmth in Rob's heart region returned. His hand returned to Nate's shoulder. The other man smiled and let out an approving yelp.

"Amazing night."

"Mmmmm. You're such a stud. Smart stud."

Rob chuckled.

"You are such a gorilla. My big love-gorilla."

Without moving his torso or legs, Nate reached out his left arm, fumbled blindly, and placed his paw on Rob's pec. His smile grew wider.

"You look sexy in Badboy style."

"I reckon. You look sexy in NuJock style."

"We're quit." Nate was silent a few seconds and continued:

"Why NuJock?"

"I could ask the same. Why Bad Boy? You know what I think about 'Party like there's no tomorrow', but I admit, that it was fun to act the part yesterday."

"You take everything so seriously. Look what it did to you. You need time for recreation. More of it. More often."

Rob let out a non-committal:


"No, I mean it!" Nate opened his eyes, and the full impact of the golden brown gemstones, that were Nate's eyes, hit Rob's mind and heart.

"The fancy words you use, when some of your clients seek 'hancing to overcome medical problems: Recuperate. Replenish. You need to listen to your own advice. You sound like a posh twat, sometimes, do you know that, Doctor Nelson?"

Rob blushed.

"You know, that I'm not posh."

"I've heard all your 'I'm lower middle-class' before, but let's face it, not everyone get a degree in the Deluge Economy. Not after the Crisis. Not since farming became the default. I know, that it hurt your bleeding Centrist New Deal heart to admit it, but the life we share isn't average."

"I'm not in the mood for politics, Nate."

The serious expression on Nate's face faded, and a cheeky grin flashed against Rob:

"Do you want to know, what I'm in the mood for, Robbie? You get three guesses. I'll give you a clue."

Nate grabbed Rob's free hand, and moved it under the blanket. Something was like a throbbing hot steel-pipe under the blanket.

Without saying anything, Rob let his lower arm slide under Nate's waist, and his upper paw firmly grabbed Nate's rock-hard glute. Heaving himself backwards, he forced Nate's heavy and powerful body to rest upon him, chest to chest, cheek by cheek, their rejuvenated manhoods throbbing excitedly against each other. They stared into each other's eyes, gazing tenderly, gazing in testosterone-fueled lust – brown gemstones and blue ice losing each other into the other. 

"Fuck, Robbie. I was horny in my teens, but nothing like this. I'm ... Uh ... I can't believe ... Yeah, I love your eager mitt grabbing ...  Uh!"

Two minutes later, the man known to the public as "The Machine" rode his husbands dick, flexing his gargantuan arms, while his husband admiringly caressed and groped his Apollo's belt, abs and pecs. 

"Tell me, that I'm your big little Hulk!"

"You are my big little Hulk. Grow for me. You are the strongest there is."

"That's right, my big little He-Man. You have the power, and I'm the strongest there is. Oh, fuck, yes ... Fill me, you big brutal Bad Boy!"

* * *

To be continued.

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Oh “Knickers of the Daleks” !!! 🤣🤣🤣 

“My knickers are in a twist! Exterminate!!! Exterminate!!!”

Can’t wait!!! 😂😂😅

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Posted (edited)

It can't be Muscle Growth in every chapter. I concentrate on world building in this story. Life after The Crisis and The Space War is neither a happy Star Trek future nor a gloomy Mad Max reality.

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does often rhyme." (Mark Twain)

Edited by Hialmar
Mark Twain
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