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Unbound Beast Inc - Journey to Complacancy & Kinglyness Part 1


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This journal is property of Rhys Cullen.


March 5th:

So the doctor told me to start this journal to record my thoughts and any physical changes or side effects while working for UBI. Oh right! I should probably start from the beginning. You can say that I've been "blessed" my whole life, I'm normal looking enough and rarely go to the gym (though I still make sure to keep myself in decent shape otherwise) but I've had one thing going for me since puberty hit me like a god damned pallet of bricks. I'm hung, like wearing sweat pants could get me an indecent exposure arrest level of hung. While I'm not at that mythical foot long dong level I'm close enough at a nice, and very thick, eleven inches. My dick is so fucking massive I swear guys could taste me when I top them. Funny enough though Saturday night when I was out at the club I was "scouted" while taking a piss. Some guy got really chummy with me and I thought he wanted to touch it or maybe a quick lay but all he did was give me a business card to some fucking supplement company I've never heard of and said that I'll be "Very well taken care of and paid well if I can prove I'm not just all dick." Needless to say I was tempted to throw the card away but I was intrigued by some easy money.


Come this morning, Monday, I took time off work for a "medical appointment" and went to the address on the card where I was met with a somewhat pretentious looking ass office building. The inside wasn't much better but hey at least the buff guy at the front desk was cute. I had to putz about for a bit on my phone before they had me ushered into some medical exam room. A very built doctor greeted me as I entered the room and introduced himself as "Dr. Stephen Carey but you can just call me Stephen and I'll carry this conversation." before he slapped me on the back a lot harder than I bet he meant to while laughing at his own "joke." When he was done amusing himself he immediately had me strip down to nothing. Usually when someone sees The Legend I get a gasp or maybe even some fear of what damage it could do but Stephen just let out a small whistle before fondling my balls before saying they could use some more bulk though. I god damned promise you those bad boys are fucking massive just like my dick and was about to say something to him before he continued.


"Oh don't get me wrong they are very nice Mr. Cullen those are some very nice goose eggs you have there but for our purposes we're going to need something with a lot more heft." He held up a hand to stop me from saying something as he continued, "Allow me to explain exactly what you're here for and what our intentions are. You see, some of our most in demand and potent supplement use some....'natural' ingredients and processes to make them and I'm sure you can guess where I'm going here. What we need and what we are going to do if you sign up for this is a steady and very plentiful need of cum, but not any old cum Mr. Cullen. It was found out pretty quickly that another one of our supplements once administered temporarily alters a man's cum for a time into a very powerful catalyst that can be used to make our corner stone supplements, namely those that cause you to grow muscle at an exponential rate. First we give you a separate drug which will increase your already extremely impressive balls to a size and potency that will be able to keep up with our demands. Once we get your boys upgraded to men once a week you'll come here and we administer that supplement I was talking about causing those bad boys, and everything they have in them, to produce a pure form of that catalyst which we will....harvest from you."


"Wait, what the fuck do you mean by harvest?" I asked him but he stopped me by bringing out a machine I could immediately guess the purpose of. "We put you into this bad boy here and let you have your fun until you've got nothing left to give, pay you, and do it all over again the next week. To put it simply your dick is a straw and your balls are a Capri Sun drink dry once a week, pay you for it, and pay you even more for it depending on how much you produce. So if you agree to to this I'd highly suggest you abstain until your milking session to get the most bang for your buck. Keep at it long enough and this 'quick buck' I'm sure you're thinking this is going to be will pay more and have greater benefits than any job I you'll have. We are very interested in making sure our 'donors' are in tip top shape and have every need met."


Dr. Carey looked at me to gauge if I was interested or not and well....I sure as fuck surprised him with my response. I came. I fucking came all over him and the office like a god damned fire hose. I found out something about myself I never knew, ruined his clothes, and had a new job in one fell swoop. After I made a mess I had to sign some paper work and set up a way for them to pay me before Dr. Carey gave me a shot in each of my big balls (yes I'm still annoyed by him calling them small). It hurt like hell but my dick was so hard the entire time and the bastard even gave me a lollipop after before sending me home haha. What ever, if anything happens I'll write about it but otherwise I'm leaving this thing alone until my first "session" with the doctor.


March 7th:

Holy fucking Christ. No you fucking don't get it. Ho. Ly. Fuck. Ing. Christ. So...yeah. Yesterday? Nothing. My balls still felt a bit sore from the shot on Monday but nothing else. Fucking today though? Holy fucking Christ! My balls were sore but they were sore for a whole different fucking reason. I woke up and felt...off, like there was a dead ass weight attached to my dick and I was, understandably, worried. I threw off my sheets and well...I can see what Carey meant by my "goose eggs" not being enough. That fucking shot did exactly what he said it would but it did its job like it was a fucking personal vendetta against me. Now my big ass balls were pretty fucking big, the doctor called them goose eggs and that is pretty much a literal description, but these things? Each ball was the size of the entire bulge of a porn star and both of these fuckers together were so fucking big to look cartoonish even next to my almost foot long dong. Fuck, the only reason they weren't totally like some fucking smut cartoon bullshit level of insanity was because my dick was so big. To put it plainly there was no god damned fucking way I could hide these things and I'm pretty sure I needed to buy some custom tailored....everything. The worst thing though? I'm a horny bastard. I've always been a fucking total horn dog and even if I don't hook up with someone I fucking have to get off multiple times a day but today? Well there is a difference between a need and a NEED and these fucked NEEDED constant attention all fucking day today. I had to jack off so much and ruin so many towels, bed sheets, tissues, or anything in range for me to try and minimize damage to little effect. Christ, I need to jack off again. I'll write later if I don't have my dick in my hand all day again.


March 8th:

Oh Christ, they got a little bit bigger and I've been on edge all day need to get off but I need to hold off till tomorrow when I have my first "session."


March 9th:

You can't see it (because you're a fucking journal) but I'm holding up an imaginary cigarette after my "session" with Dr. Carey. I left early from my shitty ass job for another "medical appointment." I got to the exam room and could already guessed what I need to do and stripped while waiting for Carey. I kept stamping my foot and tried to distract myself from jacking off then and there as even after a day of holding off I could feel these baseballs hanging from me boiling over just waiting ruin someone's face or clothes. This time when Carey saw me his whistle was genuine (fucking better be impressed this time) before he began his examination. My "men" as he called them were in tip top health, though still sensitive still, and of a very impressive size that was worthy of the dick they're attached to. He rolled out the milking machine, as he called it, before reasserting the process, giving me that shot he mentioned, and then hooking me up to it.

His little joke about the straw and Capri Sun turned out not to be a joke at all. I'd been ranging from semi-hard to raging pissed off angry hard on all fucking day but the moment he turned on that machine? Holy shit man. Any blood I had in my fucking body that wasn't keeping me alive went straight to my dick as this fucking thing sucked at me with a force of a thousand thousand attention starved daddy issue laden twink bottoms. I went of like a god damned rocket in less than a minute and gain within another minute and again soon after. I came, then I cam, then I came, then I spewed, ejaculated, sprayed baby batter, and every fucking euphemism you can think of time and time again until finally after over a hour I was finally dry. Carey had left the room so I had to wait a bit as the machine still kept trying to get more from a stone as I had multiple dry, and still very fun, orgasms. Empty as I was my dick was still hard and begging for more but the doctor knew better, again he let out a sincere whistle as he saw my output showing well over a god damned gallon of the pure form of what ever this miracle drug was. He gave me some time to get the feeling back into my legs before giving me a check and saying a simple "See ya next week!"


March 10th:

I thought my dick would be done for after yesterday but nope, like always the first thing I felt was a primal hunger to shoot my seed everywhere the moment I woke up. Also I'd neglected to say anything as there was no reason to but Carey told me to start recording my weight for some reason and I'm up a pound, I sure as hell though I'd lost weight after my milking session yesterday but here I am up one. What ever. I'm going to enjoy my weekend.


March 11:

Horny as hell and up another pound.


March 12:

Had to take multiple wank breaks at work and up another pound.


March 13:

Another pound and fucking Christ I need to do something to distract myself from jacking off so I can get paid.


March 14:

Another pound, horny as hell, and I bought a gym membership. Maybe if I distract or tire myself out at the gym I keep my dick out of my hand (or another bottoms unfortunate ass) before I cum away my pay day.


March 15:

Ok, running isn't enough so weightlifting it is. Another pound gained and now my clothes are little tighter....I thought Carey said the drug wouldn't do anything to me asides from the balls or these fucking baseballs in my pants to blame? Oh who the fuck cares. I could stand to gain some bulk anyways but if this keeps up at this rate I'm going to need to go up a size in, well, everything. Tomorrow is my second milking session, second pay day, and I did the best I could to try and store up for it. Maybe I should bring up my weight gain to Carey....or maybe fuck it.

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