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The countdown has finished!

Stepdad Growth. Max’s Arrival. (New chapter added 6-20)


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Great start, with the guy hungry for it. I feel the heat emanating from your writing. And Dr. Lazarus, nice touch.

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A new Bbmikenj story! My day is made!


"I’d like to live forever and look like Henry Cavill while I’m doing it,” I said.

Stop reading my mind!

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So excited for this.  I've been craving some middle-aged men growth stories and you are one of my favorite authors so I'm all for this.  Nothing like a wiser, more experienced, more powerful middle aged or mature bodybuilder to put a cocky young buck in his place :)

And I love the realistic aspects you sprinkled into the story.  The follastatin, using two different sized needles to draw and inject the gear with.  Those little aspects add so much to the story. 

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My comments echo those of other commenters. I love the story so far, and I'm really looking forward to more! I also thought that Lazarus was an awesome name for the doctor, a very creative touch.

While I suspect and hope that Charlie will have a beyond normal reaction and results from his treatment, I too like that the doctor is using real world means like testosterone, follistatin, and HGH for his treatment. And like @dredlifter said,  the points about switching out needles for drawing and injecting test was inspired! I've only read that on a couple of blogs while searching for info about TRT shots. Those details really do add a lot to the story and make it so vivid and realistic.

I do have one question, that may be answered in a future chapter, will we find out Max's current size before he comes home from college? We know how tall he was in high school and that he was athletic, but we don't know if he got taller and more muscular since then. Otherwise, I guess it will be a great moment of suspense to  find out if Charlie overtakes him in size when he shows up.

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I’m so excited. A new story from one of my all time favourite writers? Can’t wait to read more. 

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  • bbmikenj changed the title to Stepdad Growth. Max’s Arrival. (New chapter added 6-20)

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