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Stepdad Growth. Max’s Arrival. (New chapter added 6-20)


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I forgot to say, I had noticed the fact that Charlie was eating lots of what any bodybuilder would consider junk food with all of his fast food meals. He could get away with it due to the extreme amount of exercise he is doing and the calories he's burning. THEN Jack mentioned it at the end of Chapter 3, and my eyes perked up. If that comes back as a plot point later, it would be neat. After all, Charlie can afford a private chef to cram clean food and tons of protein down his throat. lol.  That said, there are no Shake Shacks within 50 miles of me, and I've  heard such great things  that I'm a little jealous.

It would be awesome to see sweet Jack again too. 

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  • bbmikenj changed the title to Stepdad Growth. Max’s Arrival.

I didn’t see this coming! Curious to know what the surprise he’s got for him from the doctor is

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Mmmmffffff, FUCK YEAH. Pin that brat down and fuck his asshole inside out. 

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To say that was hot would be an understatement. To say that was satisfying would definitely be an understatement. Max has very quickly learned that he is not the big dog around the house and that he won't be able to bully and intimidate his stepdad, all while Charlie pays for everything he wants. No, it's far from it. 

I might be being too nice when I hope that Charlie doesn't go too far in "torturing" Max, as I hope that maybe he can help turn him into a better person through this. However, if it's just pure comeuppance for a guy who's treated others like shit since practically the day he was born, well then there's joy in that too. Either way, I know we will have fun on the ride!

I definitely hope more growth, in both muscle and height, is in  store for Charlie, as it will be awesome to see Max's reaction to his suddenly large stepdad getting even bigger and stronger right before his eyes! Oh, and then there's the mystery of the "surprise" Charlie obtained from Dr. Lazarus (still loving that name BTW). I can't wait to see what that's all about. 

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  • bbmikenj changed the title to Stepdad Growth. Max’s Arrival. (New chapter added 6-20)

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