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Potential, Part 2, "The Zoo" - Chapter 3 added 6/4


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Hey guys,

My apologies for any delay. I had started posting this story before the site revamped again, and I've been waiting to repost it until I felt like it was safe to continue. Hopefully, the system is stable. Time to reacquaint yourselves with the characters and get caught up with the story. I'll add the next installment soon, probably tomorrow.


Potential, Part 1 “Los Angeles”

Chapter 1

Timing isn’t everything, but it can surely make or break you. That’s the excuse I had for breaking up with Josh. We were just too young, or, at least, I was just too young. Josh already had his head on straight and was wise beyond his years even though his body was still growing and maturing when we parted at the age of 21. I told him we just had different paths to take, and so we headed off in opposite directions to pursue the next step in our educations. 

Truth be told, I was an idiot to let Josh go and even more of an idiot to have orchestrated the whole separation just so that I could sew some wild oats way out west. Josh was smart and kind and oh so adorable. He made me think of things I would never dream up on my own. He made me laugh, and most of all he made me want to be a better person. He was warm and handsome and had a broad, gorgeous smile that made me want to kiss him every time he laughed. His big brown eyes told me that he loved me, and he would do almost anything to make me happy. Josh was nearly perfect, but he lacked in one department, and in my book, it ended up being the deal-breaker. Josh was just too skinny. 

Oh, don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t an ectomorphic freak of walking skin and bones and sinew – far from it. In fact, he had an athletic body that many men our age would kill for. He was certainly tall enough and dark enough, and he had the beginnings of a beautiful pelt of swirling black hair across his chest, creeping up his neck, but he was a runner, lithe and lean, and while he had a beautiful ass and legs, his thinner torso left me wanting. He loved to run, and I knew he’d never give it up to develop the kind of muscle for which I lusted.

When Josh and I first met, I fell for the man inside the runner’s body. We enjoyed a romantic courtship and had fantastic sex despite his too-skinny-for-me body. Josh liked that I had some muscle, and it excited me to be the bigger man and experience the thrill I felt when Josh would blow a load when I flexed my biceps while I fucked him or sucked him off. After some time, however, my lust for muscle overwhelmed me, and Josh’s body left me wanting. Muscle was my fetish, and I fantasized of men with truly pornographic bodies – huge, vein covered arms, thick, meaty pecs, cannonball-capped, mile-wide shoulders, tree trunk thighs and big, beefy asses. 

The trouble with fetishizing muscle was that the fantasy men of whom I dreamt probably just did not exist. I wanted more that was reasonable to expect. I wanted everything I had with Josh, and I wanted it wrapped up in a package of competition worthy muscle. I understood that fantasy was healthy to a limited degree , but I found myself going off the deep end, more and more obsessed with muscle and as a result, less and less satisfied with Josh.

Now I knew that I was being superficial, but I wanted to explore my fetish; so, I broke it off with Josh. Oh, I never really told him why or laid the blame on anything concrete, but when he got a fellowship at Harvard to complete his studies in biochemistry, I accepted a similar appointment at UCLA. Moving across the country gave me a chance to extract from Josh in a painless manner, and it got me to the coast of California where the sun and lifestyle and proximity to physique culture  were much more in line with what I wanted.

Josh was crushed that I was moving, and he offered to give up his fellowship and follow me to California, but I assured him we would both be better pursuing the paths already laid before us, and we could either make it work long distance, or we would pick things up again at a later time if we were fated to be together.

As fate would have it, our separation was less painless and less simple than I had planned. Shortly after arriving in LA and securing an apartment, while I was still in the midst of getting settled,  I was feeling extra horny and decided it was time to find some muscle. I didn’t know a soul in California; so, I downloaded Grinder and started cruising. The guy I found was what I thought I wanted: “28 yo, bodybuilder, 6’1”, 248#, big dk, dom-vers” with a neck-down pic that made my dick get hard so fast that I had to jack off to his picture before engaging him in chat.

He was on-line, so after I licked the cum off my fingers I started texting:


“Hey yourself”

“Like your profile… UR huge!” 

“I’m guessing U like muscle.”

“U can’t imagine - just blew a load from looking at ur pic.”

“Nice… Are u hard again already?

Fuck, I was hard again already – really hard in record time… and leaking pre

“Um,.. yeah. I just busted a nut a couple minutes ago, and I’m ready to go again… “

“U want to blow the next load on my pecs?”

Fuuuuck… “Hell yes! U know I do.”

“Thinking about u jacking 2 my muscles is making my dick real hard. Where u?”

I gave him my location.

“On my way. Keep ur hands off your dick till then. I don’t want you going off again without me.”

 Fuck! I started pacing. I had never hooked up like this before, and I didn’t know what I should do. My apartment was a mess of empty and unpacked boxes strewn from wall to wall, and my bed was just a mattress on the floor. But the apartment wasn’t what had my mind on edge. No, it was anticipation. Before my two year relationship with Josh, I had only had sex with men of average or athletic stature, never with a real bodybuilder, and this guy’s pic made him look like a roided beast. 

I had just zipped up my pants and donned a pair of sox when I heard pounding on my door. Fuck! He was here. For some reason, I felt a little bit afraid. I knew something new was going to happen when I unlocked the door, and I knew that once I did, there’d be no going back again.

I slid back the bolt and turned the nob. As I opened the door, a monster of a man pushed in and nearly knocked me over, grabbing the front of my shirt just as I was falling back.

His face was nothing less than rough, and many men would find him downright ugly. His teeth were stained, and more than one were missing, but he was huge, and I could tell from the bulge in his overstuffed jeans and the way that his hoody draped across his bulging muscles that I had hit paydirt

In a deep, rough voice, the voice queried, “You Matt?”

I stammered, “Uh huh…” overwhelmed by the situation and his size. 

I opened my mouth to ask his name, but before I could make a sound he used the fistful of my t-shirt he was still holding to pull me in and shove his big tongue in my mouth. 

My first reaction was outrage and disgust. His body reeked, and his mouth tasted like a toilet. I pushed back, but as I struggled to free myself from him, I found my hands pushing against the thing I most desired. Muscle. I felt conflicted, and my desire to get away was slowly being overcome by my lust for what was in my grasp. I stopped resisting and started kissing back. I was growing accustomed to his rancid taste, and the marvel of muscles flexing in my hands had made my cock respond and start to plump.

He broke the kiss and pushed me away while keeping my t-shirt in his grip. 

“I thought so,” he said, smirking. “You pretty boys are all the same. None of ya think you like it rough until it’s in your hands, and then you can’t get enough.”

I just stared at him. The encounter was vastly different than I had expected, but my dick was getting harder, and I wanted to see where things would go from here.

“You’re big,” I said, unable to come up with any other small talk at the moment. “I mean really big.”

He smirked again and flexed his pecs. Still covered by his hoody, they bunched up underneath the cloth. I gasped. I had never seen anything so magnificent up close in real life before, and I felt my hard-on moving in my pants, seeking room for its increasing volume.

The beast saw my erection twitch and grow, and he reached a calloused hand a sized me up through the fabric of my pants.

“You’ve got a big dick, pretty boy.”

He pulled me in again, and I expected him to rape my mouth some more, but instead he grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it up and off my body. His hands and eyes surveyed my torso and he slightly smiled, more to himself than me.

“… and you’ve got some muscle, too.”

He groped me, feeling my shoulders and my arms and then tightening his grip around my biceps before lifting me into the air until my crotch was level with his face. I was helpless as he gently chewed on my erection through my trousers. It was titillating, but I wanted something more.

Somehow, he sensed it. Slowly lowering me against his body, he gently set me on the floor and stepped back.

“Socks off,” he said. One at a time I raised my feet and uncovered them. He watched me move and admired my athletic body as it slightly flexed. I could see his bulge enlarging. As for me, I was already harder than a rock.

When I was done, he said, “C’mere.”

I closed the distance and he grabbed my waistband by the belt and started to unbuckle but then let me go.

“Pants off,” he said, more quietly this time. His voice was deep and gentle. I didn’t know if he was warming up to me a bit or merely toying with my libido. It didn’t matter. I undid my belt and unbuttoned and unzipped my khakis, and my pants cascaded to my ankles. I stood there in my boxers, the front of which were tented by the biggest, hardest erection I had ever suffered, the cloth of which was wet with streaks of precum.

He looked at my pants bunched around my ankles. “Step out of them.”

I freed my feet and kicked my khakis to the side. The fabric of my boxers lightly stroked my hard erection as I shifted, sending shivers down my spine and around my hole and perineum.

The beast stepped forward and grabbed my hard-on through my boxers. He whistled when he felt its girth and whispered in my ear while breathing on my neck, “Wow, Kid, you DO have a big dick, don’t ya.” He squeezed it again, and I felt if flex in his grip.

I wasn’t breathing. I didn’t want to move. Somehow I was so excited just being in the presence of this muscle man that I was afraid I’d blow my load before he let me see his body.

He released his grip and slid both hands into the waistband of my boxers, allowing his callouses to the graze the light fur that adorned my ass cheeks. Still confined within my boxers, he slid his hands around my upper hamstrings and massaged them with a low moan. He stroked them upward until he reached my ass, tickling the fur along my perineum, sending another shiver to my hole and prostate. I felt the muscles inside my pelvis flinch, and a spasm sent more precum up my shaft. I sucked in my breath, and he smiled at the effect that he was having on me. 

Then without warning he pushed my boxers down, freeing my erection and allowing a breath of air to cool the heat of arousal just a bit. It was shocking, standing stark naked before this muscleman with the hardest, most painful erection of my life, him still fully clothed but pushing all my buttons. It just felt right to me. I was a muscle pig. I had crossed a line, and I would never be able to cross back again.

“Flex,” he said, raising my arm to the level of my shoulder and bending my elbow to a right angle. He was a god, and so I obeyed, flexing hard with all my might. “Nice,” he said as he ran his hand over the gentle rise of my cramping biceps. I nearly came from flexing, but the beast knew what to do. He reached down to cup my balls and squeezed them just enough to be unpleasant but not enough to hurt me. “You’ve got great structure Kid, and these big nuts of yours have a lot of testosterone inside. I can feel it. If you wanted, I bet you could even look like me.” 

He stepped back from me and started to unzip his hoody. Just the act of reaching up to grab the zipper sent a flexing wave across his torso and stretched the sleeve across his bulging biceps. 

“Nnngggh… wait!” I said in desperation. I was trigger close.

“Oh Kid, you’ve got it bad,” he laughed. “How am I going to let you worship all this muscle if I can’t even take my shirt off?”

“Oh god, I’m sorry. If you could just talk me down a bit… then maybe we can continue.”

“Alright, Kid. What do you want to talk about? You wanna hear my stats?”

“No. No, I don’t think that would help right now. How about,… where are you from?”

“Poughkeepsie. Yourself?”

“Boston. Cambridge to be specific.”

“And what are you doing in LA, Matt from Cambridge?”

“I came for graduate school at UCLA.”

“Yeah? I don’t think so. You’re a smart, preppy, pretty boy, and I bet you could have gone to graduate school anywhere on earth. I think you came all the way across the country to make a change, and I’m getting’ the impression that I’m part of it. Am I right?”

I’ll be damned. He just read me like a book. I was floored. The shock took the edge off my libido, and I relaxed a bit.

I stood slack-jawed, trying to find the words to ask him how he knew my story.

“What?” he demanded more than queried. “Do you think you’re the first uptight WASP to ever ping my profile? I tell ya, Kid, you’re one of many, but you’ve got something none of the rest of them has had.” He looked me up and down again. “You’ve got potential. You wanna look like me?”

Then he reached up for his zipper and began to pull it down. I didn’t stop him this time, but still he double checked me, looking from the zipper up to me and asking, “You ready now?”


Potential, Part 1, Chapter 2

“You ready now?”

That was all he had to say. I was ready. I had never been so ready in my life. I had fantasized about this moment for so long that it would be impossible to not be ready, but... at the same time,... I wasn’t really ready. I had thought I could control myself, meter out my reaction so I could make the moment last, be in control.

The Beast was in control.

He rumbled, “I think you’re going to enjoy this.”

He tugged at the zipper and then pulled his hands away. 

“You wanna do the honors?”

My dick answered the question by hardening to iron once again and obscenely swinging up in a perfect arc, leaving a gossamer strand of precum as it rose.

The Beast looked down and chuckled, “Subtle much?” He nodded at my throbbing hard-on and raised an eyebrow. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

I reached up and grabbed the zipper and began to pull it down. Tooth by tooth, the zipper opened, and the hoody split into an accentuated V-shape, pushed apart by plates of thick pec muscle separated by a deep ravine and dusted with a dark shadow of matted swirling hair that disappeared into his scoop-necked tank top. His skin was glistening and I touched it.

“You're wet,” I pondered, unconsciously aloud.

“Sweaty,” he corrected, "and rank as hell. I was finishing at the gym when you pinged my profile.” He flexed his pecs, and a wave us muscle rolled underneath my hands. “I didn’t get a chance to shower.” 

He rolled his pecs again. My knees buckles slightly.

“Chest day,” he smirked. 

Then he curled his hand into a fist and bent his elbow, flexing his cloth covered arm, stretching the fabric to its limits with a grunt.

“Chest and biceps.”

My jaw fell slack, and my hands fell from the task of pulling down the hoody’s zipper and landed on his flexing arm. It was warm and hard, and it felt even bigger than it looked. I tried to assess its circumference by encircling it with my hands, but my fingers wouldn’t meet.  My hard-on shuddered. 

“H-h-how big?” I stammered.

He straightened his elbow and then flexed again, twisting his wrist left and right, causing the ball of muscle to rise and dance and harden in my hand.

“Just shy of 22 .”


He flexed again. My knees began to buckle, and my balls pulled up. The Beast recognized the signs of my impending discomposure and relaxed his flex. With lightning speed he grabbed my balls and pulled them down, postponing my climax once again.

“Kid, I don’t know how you’re gonna make it. My zipper’s only half way down, and you’ve nearly lost your load twice already.” He grabbed my wrists and held them tight in one hand while continuing the downward tug on my ball sac with the other. “What are we gonna do with you?”

He looked around the room and grabbed a kitchen chair and pushed me down on the seat. Then he commanded: “You sit here, and keep your ass in that chair until I say you can get up. Keep both feet on the floor at all times, and put your hands behind your back - and keep them there, or I’ll use that roll of packing tape to bind you.” He nodded in the direction of my moving supplies box. Then he looked back at me. Sternly, “Capisce?”

I nodded. 

“Alright. Now I’m gonna kick off my shoes and socks while you cool down a degree or two. Then we’ll get back to business.”

He turned his back, giving me a view of its vast landscape. At the shoulders, he was as wide as any door, but I could see he tapered sharply at the waist, and his ass was round and high and tight, and I watched it dance and flex as he kicked off his shoes. Then he bent down to pull the socks from his feet.

The show was unintentionally titillating, and it did nothing to cool me down. Quite the opposite - by the time the Beast had turned back to me, my hard-on was dark red and throbbing, and a stream of precum was leaking from the slit.

The Beast’s gaze fell upon my organ, and he licked his lips.

“That slab of meat looks bigger every time I see it. You gotta be what, Kid, eight and half, maybe nine inches?”

“A little north of nine,” I stammered.

He whistled. “Niiiiiice.” Then one corner of his mouth lifted into a knowing, mischievous half-smile. “What d’ya say I try to get  you close to ten today?” And with that, he raised his arms into a double biceps pose and held it. Mountains rose beneath the tight gray jersey of his hoody’s sleeves, and the waistband drew up, revealing four of the bricks that made up his six-pack.  

The vision sent my hard-on surging. I could feel it expand and lengthen, transforming into stone. I was so hard it hurt. I threw my head back and bellowed at the ceiling.

Then he dropped his arms and pulled the zipper of his hoody until it reached the waistband. It fell loosely open at the same time that my eyes refocused. Both the hoody and the tank-top underneath it now hung loosely at the waist, suspended several inches forward by the thickness of his pec shelf.

Then he grabbed the lapels of his hoody and began to wrestle it from his shoulders. First the right and then the left, he struggled to make the sleeves comply. As he strained and wriggled, the muscles of his arms and torso danced and flexed before me, and the more flesh that he uncovered, the bigger and more magnificent he appeared to be. 

Once his deltoids were extracted, he turned his efforts to working the sleeves over the massive muscles of his arms. As he struggled, his pecs and biceps bunched and flexed, and I thought my cannon would go off, but somehow I staved off climax once again. He saw me staring slack jawed and smirked. Then he turned his back to me, and his giant triceps emerged and flexed into striated, giant horseshoes. 

Looking over his shoulder, he queried: “You got a measuring tape? I am pumped, and I wanna see what kind of effect I’m having on that fuck stick of yours. I mean, it’s pretty obvious to me that your dick is getting bigger, but I’d like to document it – give you some goals for the next time you run into somebody else with a body close to this.”

With that, he hit a rear double biceps pose the likes of which I never imagined could be real. Maybe it was just because it was my first time in the presence a real, competition-ready bodybuilder, or maybe it was because he really was that big. Regardless, as he curled his fists and bent his elbows and deliberately pumped his arms, he caused the peaks to rise and fall, creating an undulating range of mountainous biceps, traps and deltoids. 

Then he flexed the pose again and held it. I saw stars  and felt my cock expanding. He turned his head and glanced over his flexed right biceps. 

“Tape measure?” he demanded.

“Top drawer at the end of the counter.”

He relaxed his pose, opened the drawer and retrieved the tape, allowing it to unroll to the floor. I was still staring at his bull neck, sloping traps and mile-wide shoulders glistening with perspiration and gracefully dancing with every move he made.

When the tape had unwound from his hand, he turned slowly to the right, giving me my first side-view of his body. Although he was still partly covered by his scoop-necked tank top, I could see the thickness of his pecs, arms and shoulders , and I could appreciate the round fullness of his unflexed muscle bellies. He was big, and he was thick, especially in the chest and shoulders, but his arms were currently the star of the show. Ripples of flexing muscle danced up his forearms as he fidgeted with the cloth tape measure, and his unflexed triceps and biceps muscles moved like giant writhing serpents on his arms. Every time he turned his wrists, the muscles would contract or lengthen, bunching up or stretching out in a masterpiece of muscle choreography.

He turned further to the right, now fully facing me, revealing the full width and round fullness of his chest and arms and shoulders. The top and sides of his lightly furred pecs were on display, and I could now see how massive they really were.

He held his hands out toward me, holding the tape between his fingers and his thumbs, reporting aloud as he slid his grip along the numbers, “…six inches,… seven, eight,… eight and one half,… nine,… a little north of nine…”

He stopped there, turned the tape so that is was oriented vertically and then squinted with one eye, measuring my hard-on from a distance. He nodded with approval. 

“Looks a bit bigger than that to me,... but it's nowhere close to ten.” 

He smirked and looked down at his body and then stared back at me and flexed his pecs together. “How are we going to get you up to ten.” He flexed his pecs again, now in sequence slowly, first one and then the other.


My balls roiled within my scrotum. They were aching badly, and precum was freely flowing from my hard-on. A drop of saliva landed on my chest, bringing to my awareness that I was drooling. I looked down and was shocked to see the sizes of my swollen hard-on and bloated testicles. Fuck! I was sporting the biggest, reddest hard-on I had ever seen, and the network of pulsing arteries and crisscrossing veins was insane to say the least.  

Then he slid his fingers slightly further on the tape and stopped at 10.

"How are we going to get you close to that?"

The question was purely rhetorical, but still I answered without thought or hesitation: “Take off your tank top.”  It was an automatic response, and I couldn’t help but say it.

The Beast looked at me and smiled. It was the same smile that the devil makes when he seals the deal that steals your soul. He had me hooked, and we were going to play this  game together. 

He grabbed his tank top by the hem and slowly pulled it upward, taking his time to let my eyes drink in every detail. His six pack and obliques came slowly into view – hard, tight, cut, defined. They flexed and shifted as he moved, and when he exhaled, every cut and crevice deepened, and every bulge and cobble stood further out in bold relief. When all six bricks were on display, he tucked the shirt’s hem beneath his chin and flexed again. He wrapped the tape around his waist and held it tight at 31”. Then he grimaced and flexed again for all his worth, twisting slightly to the left and then the right, causing his midsection to tighten even more and the tape to slacken slightly. He re-cinched the tape, and the measurement dropped to 30”. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. His abs themselves were the thick and gnarly, but the circumference of his waist tapered down to nearly nothing. There was not an ounce of fat. Deep cuts accentuated the shape of every muscle, and sixpack a slicked down coat of dark brown hair enhanced the package, thickening slightly in the center, the swirling pattern converging into a midline trail that drew my  eyes along his abs until it disappeared into his waistband.  

Further south, his bulge enlarged, and I could see his cock shifting as it hardened. He grabbed the expanding cylinder through his pants, causing it to further lengthen. 

I swallowed hard. It. was. big.

“Fuuuuck,” I whispered.

“I like flexing,” he replied. “It makes me hard.”

He groped himself again and moaned.

“You make me hard.” 

Then he nodded at my huge erection, “I make you hard, too.” 

Then he returned to the task at hand.

“I think I was about to take my tank top off,” he continued as he dropped the shirt’s hem and slid an arm inside the arm hole. Then in a single, graceful motion, he pulled the tank top up and off and dropped it to the floor. Then the Beast relaxed his arms down to his sides and stood there, just staring straight ahead, breathing.

Holy Mother of God…

His chest was nothing less than stunning. An intricate pattern of swirling hair and tanned, flawless skin adorned the full, round plates of muscle that rose and fell with every breath. His nipples and areolae were large and darkly pigmented, set along the lower contour of his massive pec shelf, pointing slightly down and outward, their rounded shapes stretched into horizontal ovals by the slabs of muscle underneath. 

He took a deep breath, and his chest expanded. He then exhaled, and the muscles thickened and contracted. Just the act of breathing was more erotic than I could handle. 

My balls pulled up, and I felt my sphincter spasm

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! I thought, but I regained control.

His chest was huge. In fact, it was so larger that any purist for symmetry and proportion would argue that was too big for the remainder of his body. But to me it was perfection. His pecs were thick, and they looked heavy on his chest. Their curves were smoothly convex, and they were without a blemish or a hint of gynecomastia. Adorning them, a  swirling, symmetrical pattern of shiny fur lay flat and smooth upon the muscle, darkening in the midline where it dove deep into his cleavage. 

However, it was not the perfect skin, the perfect shape or the lightly furred adornment of his chest that made my cock go surging once again. It was the mass and the density of the muscle. His pecs looked heavy, and they were THICK

If having his pornographic torso fully revealed  was overwhelming, then what happened next changed my life forever... The Beast began to flex. He began with  subtle but unmistakable intention. He straightened slightly, and took in a breath. His chest rose, and his upper back began to widen. His lats spread slowly, pushing his monstrous unflexed arms up and slightly outward from his body. His mid-section tightened, appearing to narrow as the remainder of his torso expanded. He placed his fists upon his hips and began pushing inward. As his elbows inched slowly forward, the cobra hood of his lats obscenely widened, and his pecs began to thicken. I let out a gasp as a gush of precum spurted forth. 

Muscle stacked on muscle bulged obscenely and fought for room upon his torso. The striations of his pecs and deltoids multiplied, and cuts deepened everywhere. Beneath the hulking mass of lats and delts and pecs, intricate sawtooth cuts of his serratus and obliques declared themselves, and the six stones of his cobbled abs popped boldly in relief. I was in awe. His body was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen.

My balls were aching badly now, and my cock was waving wildly in the air. I was so hard that I felt like I could fuck a granite boulder. I was edging closer, and the beast was coaxing me toward climax with his flex. Still, I had not cum yet.  

“I’m surprised you haven’t lost your load by now,” he said, relaxing his pose and freeing his hands to begin working on the buckle of his belt and then the snap above his zipper. As his hands maneuvered, waves of muscle flexed across his arms and torso, his giant pecs alternately bobbing up and down as they flexed and then relaxed.  

“A lotta guys shoot when I first take off my shirt, but I guess you’ve got the staying power that it takes.” 

He groped his hard-on through his pants and growled and flexed his pecs again. 

“Fuck, I’m pumped today!” he said, flexing his pecs in succession, slowly and deliberately rolling them up and down and then pounding them with his fists. 

“I’ll be you’ve never seen a chest like this.” he said as he flexed the mammoth beefy plates once more, this time together, grunting as he held the flex. At the same time he roughly groped his hard-on, and a  wet spot formed at the end of the enormous flesh cylinder that extended leftward toward his hip.

Then he worked the zipper down, reached inside, and extracted the most colossal erection I had ever seen. 

“You hit the jackpot, Kid,” he said as flexed his pecs again and stroked his hard-on. Then he licked his lips and looked me up and down and added, “…and I didn’t do so bad myself. I can see it, and I can smell it. You got potential, Kid." He flexed his pecs again. "You wanna look like me?”

Then he raised his arms and flexed a mighty double biceps pose. As his midsection narrowed and his lats spread out like wings, his biceps rose, transforming into enormous granite peaks. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. He held the pose and flexed so hard that his body shook with power. Then without relaxing, he asked me once again, “Do you wanna look like this?”

Fuck! I wanted nothing more. The thought of all that muscle was more than I could handle. I felt the floodgates open, and I climaxed, unleashing a torrent of white hot cum like I had never produced before. The first volley hit the ceiling, shooting from my cock with such velocity and force that it was almost painful. However, all I felt was pleasure, and each additional pulse produced equal satisfaction, causing me to spasm to my core. Warmth spread throughout my body as I imagined having all that muscle. I wanted to look just like him, maybe even bigger, and he thought I could achieve it. I had potential.



Potential, Part 1, Chapter 3  

 My body was beginning to relax as my climax coasted to what I assumed would be the most blissful denouement I had ever experienced. A warm satisfaction spread outward from my spine as my muscles loosened, and I began to long for a luscious post-orgasmic slumber, but I was snapped back to the moment by the sights and sounds before me. The Beast had not cum yet, and he was still weathering a hormonal tempest, in desperate need to blow his load.

We were not done yet.

“Fuck, Kid! You put on an impressive show.” He dropped one hand from his double biceps pose and used it to stroke his massive member. His other arm was still flexed before him, quaking in tetanic contraction as it seemed to grow before my eyes. I heard the Beast grunt, “Awww fuck, Kid! Look at that peak!”

He straightened his arm and then re-flexed it. It looked more mighty than before, and the Beast’s hips bucked as he stroked his hard-on.

“That peak made you go off like nuclear warhead.”

He started stroking harder. His cock head was swelling more and turning deeper cherry red.

“Look at that fucking mountain!”

He was now jacking his huge cock with abandon, and his breath was getting jagged.

“I bet you’ve never seen such power.”

He raised his elbow, bringing the giant muscle closer to his eyes, staring at it with so much lust that I almost blew another load from watching. Then he raised his arm a little higher and brought his biceps to his lips. His mouth opened slightly, and his wide, wet tongue made contact with the apex of the peak. Then he mashed his mouth onto the muscle and stroked his erection twice more with his other hand. Then his whole body started quaking as every muscle flexed completely. The effect was devastating – both the magnificence of his body and his arrogant display of self-appreciation.  My waning erection had long since shot back to full hard, and now I felt the inevitable tingle of another unavoidable orgasm. We were going to cum together, me for the third time in an hour, and I was hungry for his load.

As he took one final stroke, shoving his meaty fist to base of his mighty shaft, I dove forward and wrapped my lips around his hard-on just as we both began to blow.



Potential, Part 1, Chapter 4

“Whew!!! Oh Man! Oh fuck, that was a good one,” remarked The Beast, wagging his softening erection in my direction. “You gotta great mouth, Kid. That was some huge load, and you took it like a pro…” 

He bounced his pecs and then flexed a dick-hardening most muscular pose. How could I be getting hard again?

“Argghhh!” He growled

Then, surveying his body spatter all over with my cum, he added, “I’m guessing I provided all the inspiration that you needed, too.” 

Then he playfully growled again and flexed down harder until his face reddened. He caught my eye and winked. I was really warming up to this guy. He had a sense of humor. I had to give him that.

Then he relaxed his pose and asked, “You got a shower, Kid. I gotta get ready for my shift. Can’t keep the animals waiting, you know, and I have to get rid of the stench of sex before I feed ‘em. Otherwise they get all horny and agitated when I show up smelling like sex.”


“Yeah. I’m one of the keepers at the LA Zoo. I tend to the animals – check their health, feed them, clean the enclosures and stuff, assist the vet…”

“I see… Hey, I’ve never heard of the LA Zoo, but I’m new here, as you know,” I said, gesturing to empty packing boxes that littered my apartment. “I’m guessing a town like LA probably has a pretty swell set up.”

“Actually, it’s pretty rinky-dink compared to a lot of other Zoos, but it’s what we’ve got here, and keeping the animals is what I do.” Then he continued. “I’d like to get a job at a real renowned kinda place, like The Bronx Zoo, but this’ll do for now. Besides,…” he added, bouncing his pecs again, “The Doc is a handsome guy like you, and he’s super-hot for my bod.” He stretched and pretended to yawn, casually flexing while he watched my response. God, he was sexy!

“… and he gets me all the gear I want.”

“The Doc?”

“You know. The animal doc – the vet.”

“Ahhhhhh… Okay. I get it.  

So,… how’d you get a job as an animal keeper?”

“I was in vet school for about a year. It was a real commitment. I was too busy with classes to hold down a regular job. Funds started running low and I couldn’t make ends meet. Well, you know how it goes. I started feeling like all I was doing was working and going to school, and I was getting more into debt. So I dropped out for a semester.  The school helped me land a job at the zoo, thinking I’d save up some dough and return in a year. Instead, I fell in love with my job as a keeper and realized that I was happier and my life was much better balanced than it would be as a vet.  That ‘year’ I took off then turned into six, and that brings us up to the today.”

I was floored again. This guy was full of surprises.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Nah, kid. I’m pulling your leg! I’m too dumb to get into vet school. Besides, it would take too much time from the gym.” He flexed his pecs and then struck a double biceps again. 

“You wouldn’t want these muscles to atrophy, now would you?” His dick was rising again, and a whole new tide flowed into my own.

I started to ask, “So why do you…” But The Beast put his finger to my lips and stopped me.

“Enough questions, Kid. I came here to flex and get my rocks off. It’s been a lot of fun so far, but I’m only about half-way done, and I could sure bust another load if you wanna give me a hand in the shower. Besides…” he added, pushing his pants to his ankles and working them off his feet, “you haven’t even seen my best features yet.” He flexed his enormous quads into a sickening display of giant writhing serpents that gave my cock another surge toward erection. Then he pirouetted to give me a full view of his beautiful unflexed ass. I say “unflexed” because the curvy contours looked smooth and inviting, yet when he slapped it with his meaty hand for effect, it didn’t even jiggle. My dick shot to full hard in a heartbeat and started leaking again. I had never seen an ass like that before. It looked like a marble sculpture, gracefully undulating and beautifully rounded, but it was tan and warm and it flexed when he moved. 

“Oh God…” I uttered under my breath.

It made me want to dive face first deep into his crack, although before that moment, I had always found the idea of eating someone’s ass unappealing. However, right then and right there, his magnificent asset had changed me.

He shifted his weight slightly from one foot to the other, and the gluteus muscles moved under the smooth skin. It was hypnotic.

Nnnnnggghhh” I had to struggle to keep from cumming right then.

“I’ve been told it’s a beauty, but me, I prefer my big biceps.” He flexed his arm for effect, and I almost lost it again.

Then he looked down at my erection which jutted brazenly straight from my body and asked with a smile, “Is that thing pointing toward the shower, or are you gonna lead the way?”

I then raised my hand and pointed at a door through the bedroom, indicating the bathroom and shower. I wanted to follow. If anyone was going to lead the way, it was going to be The Beast and that ass.




Potential, Part 1, Chapter 5

The Beast sauntered across the room and through the bedroom door and disappeared into the bathroom. I stayed behind a moment just to gather myself and admire The Beast’s beautiful backside. My eyes followed his wide neck, thick traps and broad shoulders down the hulking curves of his lats to his tight, narrow waist and the undulating muscles of his ass. As he walked, he moved with refinement and fineness, not stomping like an oaf but lightly moving across the floor. Still, there was confidence in every step. It was mesmerizing to watch him move. He was beauty and masculinity in motion, his cannonball deltoids grazing the door frames, and his thick back looming powerful and wide over his narrow waist and muscular, slim hips. Tree-trunk thighs and diamond calve connected him solidly to earth, and as he moved, his muscles contracted and lengthened with the graceful nature of a panther, his strong legs propelling his massive forward without effort. 

It was breathtaking. I was truly so astounded  that for a moment I forgot to breathe. I wondered if the beast had ever seen himself on camera moving with such beauty, but I highly doubted it. I suspected that he could not truly know what masculinity that he embodied.  

Then the sound of running water roused me from my trance. 

“Hey Kid, I’m getting in now.” Then he tempted from the shower. “I could use some help here. You comin’, or what?”

I’m not sure I remember how I got there, but suddenly I found myself and my erection entering the shower. The Beast was already wet and glistening, and he was rubbing the bar of soap across his upper torso, working up a silky lather.

“There you are,” he said as I squeezed into the tight enclosure. Then he looked down at my bouncing hard-on, slapped it it with his soapy hand and watched it spring up harder, slapping up against my abs.

“I was getting worried that you had shot another load without me, but I see you’re still cocked and ready, so to speak.” Then he cupped my balls and weighed them in his hand, adding, “These babies are amazing. Three loads and still plenty of power in reserved.” He squeezed them gently, ever so erotically. 

Then he passed the bar of soap to me and said, “Have at it,” extending his neck so that I had full access to his upper body. No sooner did my hands contact his upper chest and shoulders did my cock begin to buck and spasm, and I painted his abs and lower pecs with ropes of white, hot jizz. It just happened without warning. I had no control at all.  My knees buckled as record-setting pleasure shot through my body, and I thought I might sink down to the floor, but the big man grabbed my by the biceps and held me up until I finished. Then he chuckled softly and raised an eyebrow adding, “Did I say three? I must have meant four.” 

I was spent again, and I felt the need to find a horizontal surface, something soft on which to fall asleep, but The Beast had other plans. He put the soap bar back into my hands, puffed out his big chest and extended his neck again. 

“C’mon, Kid. Get back to washing. I gotta get ready for work, and I still need to pump out another load myself. Besides, it seems you like feeling up my muscles, and I want to find out how much magic you’ve got  left in those goose eggs between your legs.”  

Then I began the task of soaping up his massive body. I rubbed the sudsy bar across his chest, using his luxurious coat of swirling fur to work the forming bubbles into a silky lather that I then spread across his mounded traps and boulder shoulders. The beast moaned softly in appreciation as my hands massaged his muscles, grabbing thick slabs of beef and kneading them firmly as they slid beneath my soapy grip. 

“You got great hands, Kid, but you can massage my muscles a lot harder than that.”

I increased my efforts, and The Beast responded, groaning with increasing volume.

“Take a good, long look and cop a good, hard feel. You’re gonna be this big someday, maybe bigger. I know it.”

He flexed his chest, and the muscle rose and thickened. My cock hardened, and I felt The Beast’s erection rising against my thigh and then sliding against my pelvis. I reached down and grabbed our organs with my soapy hands and began to slowly piston up and down, marveling at my added length and girth and realizing that he was still bigger.

His lips parted as he let out a low moan of pleasure, and I quickly covered his lips with mine, this time me the aggressor, this time me raping his mouth with my invading tongue. It was exciting. I was in control,… or so I thought until he broke the kiss and pushed me back. I must have looked crest-fallen because The Beast the put his hand up to my lips and softly pushed against them with two fingers. 

“I like that you’re showing some initiative. It tells me that are up to meet the challenge…” He paused and then continued, “but take your time, Kid. We’ll get to that in just a minute. Right now, I’ve got this crazy pump, and I need for you to work my pecs.” He removed his fingers from my lips and kissed me sweetly. Then he puffed out his chest and pulled my hands up to his pecs.

I looked and behld muscle underneath my hands, the silky skin, the swirling pelt, and the perfect, large, dark nipples. His pecs were full and thick and firm. When I squeezed, the muscle gave a little, and the beast let out a muffled moan. 

In truth, his pecs were disproportionately large. Even on his titanic body, they seemed oversized and slightly bloated. Perhaps it was the pump from his recent workout, but I suspected The Beast had somewhat of a fetish for big pecs, for bench pressing extra heavy loads of iron and for pumping up his chest so big that it could not be ignored and had to be admired. I had never seen anything so magnificent in all my life.

I rubbed the muscle in concentric circles with both hands, spreading out my hands and fingers, trying to enjoy as much of the vast real estate as possible, but compared to his monstrous muscles, my hands looked small and insubstantial.

“You like big pecs, Kid?” The Beast inquired.

I nodded, too dumbfounded to speak.

“Yeah, me too,” he said, and then he flexed  his pecs together, causing the muscle to roll and rise and thicken underneath my hands, the density increasing as he flexed, and the consistency transmuting from hardened flesh to tungsten steel. 

Fuuuuuck. I was harder than a rock again and leaking.

Then he relaxed his flex, and the heavy slabs of flesh dropped back upon his chest, settling onto his torso with a bounce that reverberated up my arms.

“What do you think, Kid?”

My dick spasmed out a drool of precum.

“Fuck, you are enormous.”

“Yeah, I’ve got the biggest set of knockers in this town,” he acknowledged, smirking and then bouncing the huge muscles up and down.

 “I was pushing 740 today for reps, trying to get them even bigger, but I may have reached their limits.” He then flexed his pecs until they nearly doubled, deep striations exploding across their vastness.  

My mouth fell open in a mix of shock and lust.

“You may never see another chest like this.” 

I groped the hardened muscle, and The Beast responded with another moan, and I felt his erection pulse against my hip. So I upped the ante, made a fist and punched  the flesh of his flexed pec muscle. It was ungiving; so, I punched again, this time harder, and The Beast let out a moan of pleasure that I’m sure transmitted down the street and around the block. Then I drew back and punched his pecs with all my might.

 The Beast’s knees nearly buckled, but it was not from the force with which I punched his torso. No, it was from the pleasure he derived from flexing hard against my punches. I understood. I had felt that same erotic pulse. I could only imagine how it must feel to be loaded with so much muscle that you felt it jump and thicken with every movement, that you felt it overcome the force of gravity with just a flex, that you felt it  plumet back toward earth as you relaxed, to feel it hanging heavy on your frame.  

I punched his body five more times, and I watched his hard-on swell and lengthen.

His lips curled into a smile that morphed into a smirk and then into almost a sneer – not look of malice but one of arrogance instead.

“That’s right, Kid. Give it all you got. I like this muscle handled rough.”

He flexed his abs into a double row of bricks and curled his hand into a fist and pounded on his six pack. The cuts between the cobbles deepened as each muscle thickened against his blows.

“MUSCLE!” The Beast bellowed.

“HOLY SHIT!” was my response.

Of their own volition, my hands grabbed and groped his marble washboard, the soapy water allowing them glide across the ridges, abetting in their worship.

“MUSCLE!” he roared again, crunching down into a most muscular pose that flexed his hardened body in to a mind blowing display of size and deep striations.

“Oh my God.” I muttered as my hands explored  his iron shoulders, arms and torso.

“So hard...”

Then he grabbed my wrist and guided one lusting hand to his pelvis where my fingers wrapped around his massive hard-on. It was huge and hot and dense as granite. I felt it throb within my hand as I stroked it through the silky lather. 

“UNNNGGGGH!” The Beast moaned loudly as I stroked him to the brink of climax. Then he grabbed my other hand and led it up his body, across his massive torso, over the obscene shelf of his enormous pecs, and up to his boulder shoulder. He placed his meaty hand on mine and slid them both together down his arm as he raised his gun and flexed it. His biceps rose into a mountain, expanding underneath my fingers as his cock expanded in my hand.  Then with one last, almighty effort, he flexed with all his might and held it. The sneer became a grimace, and his arm began to shake. Then something almost magic happened - I felt the muscle grow.

“M U S C L E !” he bellowed one last time, and his cock spasmed in my hand, and ropes of thick, white cum shot in the air. He straightened his arm and then he flexed again.

“M U S C L E !” he yelled again as more white, hot cum fountained from his penis.

Then he raised both arms and flexed a double biceps pose, adding a second alpine peak to the range of mountainous muscle that adorned his arms and shoulders.

FUUUUUUCKKKKK!  It was more stimulation than I could handle, and my own cock exploded for the fifth time that morning. I came another banner load, and then The Beast and I collapsed into a heap together. Then to my surprise, he gently grabbed my chin and guided my yearning mouth to his lips and kissed me. For the first time in a long time I saw stars behind my eyelids.

Then The Beast broke the kiss and told me, “Ya done good, Kid. The Doc is gonna love ya.” Then he put the soap bar in my hand and turned his body in the shower. 

“Now wash my back. Then we can get down to the zoo. We don't want keep the animals waiting.”


***************************End of Part 1****************************************************************




Potential Part 2 “The Zoo” Chapter 1 

We drove 2 cars in tandem to the Zoo. Since Ian worked there, he said his full shift would last longer than I would probably want to stay, and he had a few things to do after work that might keep him even longer. Still, he wanted me to see the place from both the public side and behind the scenes. Most importantly, he wanted me to meet The Doc, or, as he put it, “I want The Doc to get a load-a you.”

When we drove up to the employee entrance, the gate was closed, and an largely muscled guard walked out to Ian’s Jeep, shook Ian’s hand and chatted for a minute before gesturing to me in the car behind. My windows were rolled down; so, I could hear their conversation.

“Oh, that’s Matt back there. He’s guest of mine. You can let him in with me.”

“Oh no I can’t! He’s not coming in this way, not without instructions from the top. No one gets through these gates or gets past me without The Doc’s instruction, and The Doc didn’t say anything to me about letting a “Matt” in here today.”

“That’s because he hasn’t met Matt yet, but you know what The Doc says – that any time we come across someone who’s got potential we should bring them directly to the Zoo and introduce them to The Doc. I’m telling you, Sarge, this kid has got the goods in spades, more potential than anyone I’ve ever met.” Then he continued, “You’re perceptive. I’m surprised you can’t sense it from here already.  The Doc will want to see him.” 

The guard looked at Ian, unmoving.

“You know the rules, Puddy.”

“C’mon, Sarge,” Ian implored. “You can make an exception just this once,” he added, reaching out a muscled arm and cupping the guard’s large package in his meaty hand, “for me.” He continued, manipulating the guard’s equipment through the khaki material of his pants.

“Remember, I was the one who brought you here and introduced you to The Doc. I know what I’m doing, and, besides, you owe me.” 

The guard put his hands against the Jeep’s roof and leaned forward, allowing better access to his growing bulge. Ian groped the mound of flesh, adroitly coaxing the shapeless mass into a tube that grew and lengthened in his hand. 

Had the act not been so brazen and so willingly received, it would have shocked me, but these two men were so casual about it, that it made the exchange seem quite normal, probably commonplace between them, and neither seemed concerned that they might suddenly be discovered or that the security cameras were recording every second. I was a stranger in a foreign land. Maybe LA was just that kind of place.

I started getting hard myself, but my rousing lust was interrupted when the guard straightened and stepped back from Ian’s adept manipulations.

“Yeah, I remember. You brought me here to meet The Doc,... but I came through the public gate my first time, and that’s the way we always do it. Today is no exception. Last time I checked, it isn’t National Bring-a-Trick-to-Work Day; so, your little friend can just go back out front and come in through the public gate like everybody else. If he’s got the goods, The Doc will know it before he even gets close to Campo.”

“But Sarge,…”

“No ‘buts,’” replied the guard, straightening his stance and stiffening his resolve. It was clear he wasn’t changing his mind now. Ian groaned loudly in frustration. He knew he had lost this battle; so, he hopped out of his Jeep, sauntered back to my car and handed me a map and a visitor’s pass. 

“Put this pass around your neck. Drive back out front, park, and walk in with the sheeple. When you come through the  public entrance, walk straight ahead until you pass the shuttle station. At the fork in the road, veer to the left and follow the signs to Campo Gorilla Reserve.  There, you’ll find the exhibit for the Western Lowland Gorillas. Mill around there for a few minutes until I’ll find you, and then I’ll bring you to the back.” 

Then he nodded toward the guard who was standing by his Jeep. “That’s Mike up there. We call him Sarge. He’s a stickler for the rules. He’s pissing me off today, but all-in-all he’s a good guy. When I met him, he was down on his luck and not the man he is today. I got him this job myself. Propped him up until he made it. He seems to have forgotten where he came from and who got him here.”

Then he continued with his instructions.

“After I go through the gate service gate here, he’s going to signal you ahead to make a U-turn. When you do it, I want you to make sure all your windows are down, and see to it that he gets a real good look at you.”

I knitted my brow in confusion.

“Just do it. I want him to have a look at you. He’ll understand why I wanted you to enter through the private gate. He’s got a great sense about these things, same as me, and he’s gonna understand right away why I tried to bring you back here.”

“Okay, Ian, but I don’t want to be causing any trouble.”

“Oh,… it’s not your doing, and I wouldn’t call it trouble. It’s more like prophecy and destiny. You just don’t understand your place in it yet, and you don’t know the power that you wield. You’re kinda like Dorothy when she drops her house on the Wicked Witch of the East in Munchkin Land. It wasn’t her doing. She had no intentions of stirring the pot. She just gets caught up in a whirlwind, and all of a sudden she’s disrupted the power structure, and all kinda crazy things start happening. I think I’m right here, Kid, and if I am, we’re all in for a helluva ride.”

Ian smiled like the cat who just swallowed the canary and wiggled his eyebrows up and down. 

I was in the dark. Dorothy? Munchkin Land? Power structure? WTF! 

Then he continued, “Oh, and one more thing. No one calls me Ian here, no one except The Doc at least. We all have nick names – Sarge, Wolf, Otter,… you get the picture.”

I raised an eyebrow. “And….?”

He blushed. I didn’t think he had it in him to feel embarrassed about anything, but he actually crimsoned just a bit. 

“They call me ‘Puddy.’”


“Yeah – on account of I’m such an adorable Widdle Puddy Cat.”

Again the Cheshire grin and wiggling eyebrows. Now it was my turn to laugh. I had known this man for all of 2 hours, and he had gone from being “The Beast” to being “Ian” to being “Puddy” in that short time. Well, he was adorable, but it made me wonder what was next?

“I think I’ll call you Ian for now – at least until I make my own assessment -- but thanks for the heads up about the nicknames. It’ll save on confusion later on.”

He broadly grinned and patted the roof of my car loudly as he stood and turned walked away, sauntering back to his Jeep and giving me a first class view of his tightly muscled backside that made me start to harden again. Then he hopped into the driver’s seat, cranked the motor and drove off through the gate. 

After the gate closed behind Ian, Sarge signaled me ahead and gestured that I should make a U-turn and head back out. I couldn’t help but notice the way his uniform shirt pulled tight across his ample chest and shoulders and the way it’s short sleeves strained against his bulging biceps. No wonder Ian had arranged a job for him. He was fucking hot and built like the proverbial brick shithouse. I nearly drove my car right off the pavement, but I recovered, and I saw Sarge lower his mirrored rims to check me out. Then he inhaled deeply and rearranged his bulge as it expanded. It made me think about pulling over right there and then, but I reconsidered. Ian would be waiting; so, I drove on, keeping an eye on Sarge in the review mirror as I drove away and noting that as I rounded the corner he brought his walkie-talkie to his mouth.








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Potential, Part 2  “The Zoo” - Chapter 2


It was a gorgeous, sunny California day, and the zoo was filled with sights and sounds of exotic plants and animals. When I entered through the public gate, I flashed my visitor’s pass, and everything was laid out exactly as Ian had described. I walked straight ahead until I passed the shuttle station and then veered left at a sign that read “Fork in the Road.” From there, I followed signs that indicated “Campo Gorilla Reserve.” 


Sun streamed through the overhanging leaves of palms and tropical plants, casting frond-like shadows that dappled the pavement. Visitors, mostly families with kids, massed in small groups at individual exhibits, and the animals mostly lazily lounged in the shadows or occasionally paced in the background, although occasionally some frisky juveniles would interact with the visitors or do something especially cute, and the crowd would erupt with a laugh or coo an audible “aaaawwwe.”


All-in-all, it seemed to be a pretty typical zoo, although, as Ian had mentioned, it was considerably smaller than what I would have expected for a city the size of LA, and the crowds were more sparse than I would have imagined. Still, the visitors seemed happy to be there and satisfied with the exhibits, probably glad to find this refuge of calm in the middle of a city that was otherwise overstuffed with theme parks and chaos.


I was just approaching Campo Gorilla Reserve and wondering how I would meet up with Ian when I spotted a grinning mountain of muscle walking my way, briefly cupping the bulge in his pants and then flexing his pecs with a bounce.  The khaki uniform dress of all zoo employees did little to disguise the all kinds of sexy that this hot man exuded. He looked like sex on a stick, his big muscles bulging and churning as he walked straight toward me, his oversized tackle and bait pushed out front by the mass of his thighs, creating a lump in his pants that was hard to ignore.  


Just as we were approaching, I heard a young boy behind me say to his friends, “Hey, guys! There he is! There’s Ian!” Then the pounding of ten little feet as the handful of seven-year-olds passed by me on their way to touch base with their favorite zoo superhero. 

“Hey, Ian!” they yelled, running up to the big guy, slapping their hands on his oversized body like he was home base.

“Hey guys,” he said, mussing their hair with his oversized palms. “What are you doing here today? It’s hot as blazes! I thought you’d be swimming. “

The first boy replied, “We’re going to Typhoon Lagoon later, but we wanted to see the new big gorilla first. My dad says he’s like King Kong!”

Ian squatted down on his haunches, leveling his stare at the boys, and raised both eyebrows in a mock look of horror and shock, “You mean Tongo?”

“Yeah, Tongo!” the four boys gleefully yelled in unison. “Tongo!”

“Well I just saw Tongo less than five minutes ago. His enclosure is right over there,” he said, pointing in the direction of Campo Gorilla Reserve. “We had to put him in a special enclosure because he is so big and so strong that he was bending the bars on the usual cages.” Ian mimed pulling two bars apart, and one of the boys let out a, “Woah,” while the other boys vibrated with excitement. Then one of them asked, “Is he stronger than you, Ian?” 

“Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t really know, but I’m afraid he might be. He can bend bars of steel!” Then he leaned into the boys and continued in a quieter voice, as if he were sharing a secret. 

“The thing I’ve got going for me is that I’ve been eating my vegetables and getting lots of fresh air; so at least I’m the best I can be. I’ve also been eating bunches of spinach like Popeye; so, I might even be stronger than Tongo.”

“Wow!” said  another boy, and the third boy said, “Show us your muscle!” 

Then they all joined in chorus, “Yeah, Ian. Show us your muscle!”

By this time, a small crowd of parents and kids had gathered closer to Ian to hear him hamming it up, and now everyone young and old was about to get the show of a lifetime. I checked out the crowd, and all eyes were on Ian. Everyone seemed to be holding their breath, waiting for the charismatic mountain of muscle to make his next move, hoping that he would pull back his sleeve. It seemed Ian, not Tongo, was the zoo’s main attraction, and it was Ian who loved the attention.


Just then, I felt the warmth of a hand on my shoulder and a gentle squeeze of my trap. A soft, friendly voice said in my ear, “He’s truly remarkable, you know.”

I turned to see who was talking to me and was pleasantly surprised to see a handsome man with twinkling eyes and a dazzling smile.

“Excuse me?”

“Ian, of course – remarkable,” he nodded in Ian’s direction… “but you already know that.”

Just then group of small voices erupted in delight as Ian pumped his arm a few times, stretching his sleeve to its limits and diverting our attention back to the sideshow.

“Okay guys,” Ian said to his fan club, “I’ve shown you mine. Now you show me yours.”

The kids responded by proudly rolling back their sleeves and flexing their nearly non-existent biceps, straining and writhing as hard as they could.

“Wow!” the muscle giant erupted with mock admiration. “You guys are really coming along. I can tell you’ve been spending a lot of time playing outside and getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine. It’s really important to do that every day and eat all of your vegetables and always be kind. Real men treat everyone nicely”

The kids were all ears, hanging onto every word that he said. My heart swelled as I watched this man who I had originally pegged as crude and egotistical so adeptly and gently provide these kids encouragement and guidance about being healthy, good citizens.

“Now you kids run along and see Tongo. I just gave him a some leaves and huge bunch of bananas. Maybe he’ll share some with you if you’re respectful and quiet.”

Ian rose from his haunches, and the kids turned their attention toward Campo Gorilla Reserve, but before they continued their journey to see the big new gorilla, they said thank you to Ian, and they all waved good-bye. And like that, the sideshow was over.

But I was still mesmerized. Ian turned and saw me staring at him and emphatically waved as he headed my way. 


My heart melted. Oh God. I knew this feeling. Was I really falling for Ian?

Then the gentle hand on my shoulder gave a soft squeeze, and the voice repeated itself, “Truly remarkable.” I started to turn, but Ian called me again, waving, 

“Hey, Matt!”

I waved back to acknowledge that I had seen him. Then I felt a slight sting on my neck.  I swatted at what I assumed was a small biting fly or a sweat bee, but I must have missed. Nothing was there. Then I noticed that something else was missing as well. The handsome man with the dazzling smile and the twinkly eyes who had just patted my shoulder was nowhere to be seen. It was as if he had vanished.

“Hey, Matt,” Ian called again. “Come this way,” he motioned for me to follow as he veered down a side path that was marked “Zoo Employees Only.”

I caught up to him as we entered the cover of the dense foliage. I couldn’t resist. I grabbed his hand, spun him around and reeled him in for a kiss. He responded and kissed me back deeply. Then he stopped, grabbed my shoulders and pushed me away.

He was staring at me with a mix of curiosity and concern.

“What?” I asked.

“You… You taste different.”

“Well, I did brush my teeth before we left may apartment…”

“No. It isn’t that. Look at me! Look me straight in the eyes.”

I did as he said.

“Your pupils are dilated. How are you feeling?”

“I feel fine. I feel great!” I grabbed his thick pecs and gave them a squeeze. “In fact, if you can believe it I feel a bit horny.”

He flexed in response. “Why doesn’t that surprise me?”

Then it hit me. I began to feel uncomfortably warm, and I thought I might vomit.

“You sure you’re okay? You look a little green in the gills.”

Then I started to sweat, and my whole body shuddered. It was like a small seizure.  

I felt panic and fear. 

“Ian, what’s going on!”

He held me up by the shoulders and said, “Don’t worry, Kid. I got you.”

Then he spun me around and pulled down my collar.



“He already dosed you! That sneaky little fuck dosed you right out in the open.” 

“Who? Dosed me with what?”

“The Doc!”

“Dosed me with what, Ian!”

“Christ! I don’t know! Nobody knows. He calls it ‘The Catalyst,’ and he doses us all with it. He says it realizes potential.”

Another wave of nausea passed.

“I don’t feel very good.”

“That’s expected. The first time is awful, but believe me, you’re gonna be fine. In fact, you’re gonne be better than fine, but right now we need to get you inside.”


“Yeah, you’re not gonna feel very good until you lie down, and then I gotta fuck you.”


“Well, I’m assuming… The Doc left you with me; so I’m guessing  he made me your trigger.”

“My trigger?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry about it right now, Kid. You ask too many questions. Just leave it to me.”

He tipped my chin up and kissed me softly on the lips.

“I’m gonna take care of you.”

I looked into his eyes, and the world started to tumble.

“I think I’m going to pass out.”

He tightened his grip on my shoulders. “Go ahead, Kid. I gotcha. Just let it happen. I gotcha.”

I trusted this man who was so great with the kids; so, I relinquished control, and everything faded to black…

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  • Maxum changed the title to Potential, Part 2, "The Zoo" - Chapter 2 added 5/25

Great story so far.  I particularly like Matt’s obliviousness to his radical changes aheaD.

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Potential, Part 2 “The Zoo” – Chapter 3


When I awoke, it was twilight, either evening or dawn. It was slightly confusing because I didn’t remember going to bed. All that I knew is that I felt well and well-rested – not the kind of well-rested that makes you jump out of bed to take on the day but the kind of well-rested that makes you want to luxuriate in the bed just a little bit longer. 

Somehow I was at home, in my apartment, in my own bed and deliciously horny. I didn’t know how I had arrived there, and for the moment I just didn’t care. So many details seemed blurred or obscured, and the trip to the zoo somehow felt like a dream. I remembered our encounter with Sarge at the gate, and I remembered walking into the Zoo’s formal entrance, but I barely remembered much more than that – Ian flexing his arm for the kids, a handsome friendly man in the crowd and a bee sting or something. Not much more beyond that. But remembering back further was incredibly clear. 

Without opening my eyes, I imagined Ian again, incredibly thick and enormously  muscled, taunting and flexing, and wagging his gargantuan hard-on. The size of his legs and his ass. His tight defined waist. Those incredible pecs that could press 740 and his sharply peaked 22-inch biceps. On top of it all, he had intimate to me that if I put in the effort I could look just like him. He would help me, make me big enough to make other men drop to their knees, big enough to get off on myself and make me cum as I kissed my own biceps or beheld my reflection. 

Maybe bigger… Maybe stronger… FUCK! 

The thoughts sent my libido into orbit. I felt my morning wood further harden as it snaked over my left hip and eventually lay flat against my belly. I felt it throbbing. It ached for attention. It demanded relief. I reached down with my left hand and grabbed it.  God, it felt good. This morning, at least I thought it was morning, it felt even better than usual. It felt perfect,… bigger,… thicker, and my hand felt bigger and thicker as well - stronger, more meaty, the kind of hand that makes you look down when you shake it. Fuck! I was having one helluva twilight delusion, the most erotic waking dream in a long time, and I wanted to take the slow train to pleasure town; so, I kept my eyes closed, and I let my imagination run wild.

My hard-on more than filled the palm of my hand and my fingers could barely surround it. To boot, its sensitivity was far greater than normal, and as I stroked, every nerve ending sent Tsunamis of pleasure that radiated out from my pelvis to the tips of my fingers and toes. Every stroke of my hand was a revelation of erotic indulgence. I tried to hold out for as long as I could, but I knew there would be no prolonged edging this time. Even with the brakes fully applied I was careening towards an explosion that would be one for the records.

Oh God! I knew it was coming. I could feel it was coming. I wanted this climax. I needed this climax; so I let my imagination run wild. Visions of huge musclemen with shirts stretched across ultra-wide shoulders and mega-thick pec shelves raced through my head -- sleeves stretched tight around seam-busting biceps and horse-shoe shaped triceps. Musclemen flexing incredible peaks and bouncing over-sized pecs in my face -- posing and jacking and moaning… 

Then I heard it. Heavy breathing. Someone else was in my room and was watching. Fuck! I had my dick in my hand and was jacking like there was no tomorrow. God, I hoped it was Ian. Who else could it be?

Still, I paused…

A deep voice said matter-of-factly, “Don’t stop on my account.”

It wasn’t Ian.

I opened my eyes, and a stranger, even more muscled than Ian, stood at the foot of my bed.

He wore a threadbare, faded camouflage T-shirt with the words “Los Angeles Zoo” distorted across his oversized chest.

“Puddy told me you're the new guy.”

He rubbed his palms together, and his pecs thickened and flexed and visibly hardened.

“I’m Sam. They call me Samson,” the voice rumbled. “Puddy sent me to keep an eye on you until you awoke.”

God he was handsome, and the deep tone of his voice sent vibrations that felt like he was licking my privates. But it was the body that got my attention. He nodded at my still-throbbing hard-on that I held in my hand and smiled wryly and said, “I was going to come rouse you, but I see you’re already up.”

His pecs flexed again, and I let my hand slide slowly down my erection, gripping it tightly at the base and causing it’s big head to redden and swell. 

The muscleman gripped his own giant bulge through his trousers, causing his forearms and biceps and triceps to swell.

“That’s a good-looking dick, man, and it’s already big.”

He loosened his belt and unbuttoned his fly and pulled out the thickest piece of meat I had ever imagined.

“Mine wasn’t nearly that big when I started the program,” he stroked, “but you can see it got bigger.” He licked his lips and stroked his big meat again.  “You’re going to be fucking enormous.”

He continued to stroke slowly, causing his muscles t ripple and flex.

“Fuuuuuck…” I managed to utter, my first words since Samson had entered the room.

“Yeah. I know,” he replied. “I’ve been told it’s a beauty.”

He stroked it again, and a gossamer strand of pre-cum dripped to the floor.

“Puddy said you like big dicks.”

He stroked it again. Fuck, I was so close to cumming.

“But he said you like big muscle, too.”

He bounced his pecs and then stretched his arms wide, surveying his own massive frame. 

Then he looked back to me.

“I have really big muscles, but I think you already noticed,” he said, stating the obvious. “That’s why they call me Samson – because I’m so big and so strong.”

He rolled his shoulders and neck like he was loosening up. Then he grabbed is right elbow with the opposite hand and pulled it across his thick chest, stretching his back. There was barely room for his pecs and his arms, but somehow he managed to make it look graceful. Then he grabbed his other elbow with the opposite hand a continued to stretch. He was getting ready for something. I was getting ready to blow .

“ I’m the biggest so far.”

He looked down to his hands curled the mitts into fists. Then he rotated his wrists around a few times, admiring his forearms as they bulged and expanded. 

“Lee Priest has nothing me… “

He pulled his sleeves up to reveal his huge upper arms and his cannon ball deltoids. 

“Hollibaugh neither…”

Oh God. I knew what was coming, and the anticipation was driving me up to the edge. I was teetering on the brink of my climax, and Samson was setting the stage.

“Puddy said you liked his big arms.”

He held his wrists out again and flexed his bowling pin forearms. 

“My arms are bigger.”

Oh God, were they bigger! Fuck! His arms were enormous, and, even relaxed his biceps and triceps bulged obscenely outward. Veins snaked over the formidable flesh, silently feeding the sleeping behemoths that waited to transform into mountains of glory with one command from their leader. I loosened my grip slightly as I felt my shaft expand one more time, hardening into quivering steel.  

“Especially my biceps.”

He stared me straight in the eye, but I barely noticed. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his beautiful arms. 

“Do you want me to flex?”

God, I had never wanted anything so badly in my life. Just the thought of it… just those six simple words… “Do you want me to flex” had initiated the unstoppable physiologic chain of events that would culminate in a geyser of cum that would rival Old Faithful. That dull pleasure, that feeling that precedes the first contraction of orgasm, was building at the base of my cock and deep in my prostate. I could feel the reservoirs fill with my load. 

I let my hand slowly slide to the top of my shaft, and I felt the inevitable tingle.

Then Samson raised his arms outward, curled his hands into fists and bent his elbows to 90 degrees. As his biceps and triceps expanded, I slid my hand down my quaking erection and watched as titanic peaks rose toward the ceiling. Then he took in a deep breath, expanded his chest and let out a groan as he bore down the strength of his flex. His pecs thickened and rose, and his lats spread wide like the hood of a cobra. Fully flexed, he was more than his shirt could contain. Rips appeared in the fabric at his deltoids and under his arms, and then he flexed even harder, and his shirt shredded and fell away from his torso.

Fuck! I couldn’t take anymore. My body convulsed with unimaginable pleasure, and thick white cum raced up my shaft and shot from the head of my penis. The first volley made its mark on the wall over my head, and subsequent shots hit the ceiling and painted the room. Samson broke his pose before I was through cumming, grabbed his big dick with both hands and added his load to the wall.

When he was finished, he licked the cum from his fingers, flexed his mighty right biceps and breathlessly said: “You wanna look like me?”

Hell yeah!

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  • Maxum changed the title to Potential, Part 2, "The Zoo" - Chapter 3 added 6/4
On 6/4/2022 at 5:40 PM, Maxum said:

Then Samson raised his arms outward, curled his hands into fists and bent his elbows to 90 degrees. As his biceps and triceps expanded, I slid my hand down my quaking erection and watched as titanic peaks rose toward the ceiling. Then he took in a deep breath, expanded his chest and let out a groan as he bore down the strength of his flex. His pecs thickened and rose, and his lats spread wide like the hood of a cobra. Fully flexed, he was more than his shirt could contain. Rips appeared in the fabric at his deltoids and under his arms, and then he flexed even harder, and his shirt shredded and fell away from his torso.

What a moment.

He is in for a wild ride.


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