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I hope 🤞 you have more of this story in you--it's good, really pretty damn awesome! 🔥🔥🔥💥

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Glad you guys enjoy the story as much as I do.
Part 2 - (The remaining Day 3)

My first stop was a small second hand shop at the site of the street. I was barefoot when I entered and I ignored the open mouthed stare the young man gave me when he saw me enter.

I had to slightly duck when I entered. My cock’s outlines clearly visible down to my knees while along with my huge nuts finishing the impression while my muscles even made the hoodie look two sizes to small. “Got anything that fits my size?”.

He was young, probably still a student who needed the money to lower his loans. “Umm. S Sure sir, Anything specific?” He gulped his fear down slightly while I raised one of my brows… I slowly glanced down. I looked massive. The hoodie couldn’t cover my abs completely and the dried cum was still sticking to my hairy abs. I was barefoot and the grey sweatpants were showing off my ankles, clearly too short for a man with my height.

I slowly lifted my right arm, taking a slight whiff off my pit and slightly cursed. The whole shop had to smell like me by now. “Hey don’t give me that look” I heard my low voice… I could feel the vibrations through my chest while I spoke. “See my delivery truck out there?.... Could need a new Uniform that matches theirs… And perhaps a pair of boots in my size along with some socks and so on” I locked eyes with him again…. “Nothing expensive”

I slightly kneeded my right pec when I leant against the small counter. I was watching him run around the store. Now and then I catched him how he took in my sight. I couldn’t tell if he was scared or appreciating my built at the moment. But once I undressed right in front of him to change into the shirt which he proudly presented to me he clearly was more aroused than scared after he had to help me out of my hoodie before I accidentally ripped the shirt apart like paper with my torso… “G Guess 3XL wasn’t your size, sir” He was hard and his cute face got awfully red once he realized my eyes were resting on his cock’s outlines. “Got anything bigger that I can use as uniform?”

He edged away towards the back of the shop. Probably trying to hide his boner under his belt and shirt while he rummaged through the different shelves.

He finally came back with a pair of shorts which looked worn out and a olive green shirt that looked more like a tent in his thin arms. Yet it looked perfect on me… It looked like painted onto my muscled frame. The fabric was thin and worn out… But it didn’t matter. My clients wouldn’t mind if it was slightly transparent against my sweaty mass.

“Perfect” I grinned. “Now could need some shoes and socks”. I slowly tried pulling the shirt back over my massive frame and struggled again. “Which shoe size, sir?” – “Stop with the sir already… Call me Luke. You make me feel like a old fellow… Size 10” I struggled with my shirt again until he helped me out of my prison without breaking the material this time. “Sir…. Ummm – Luke I’ve Size 10…. But your feet look more like a Size 16 or above…” He shifted uncomfortable before I realized I couldn’t see my feet in my current position. I moved towards the full body mirror next to him. Fuck he looked pathetic. Almost like a twig next to me. I stared into the mirror and saw my massive feet next to his own. “Yeah… Was just… Joking” I pulled him into a slight headlock. “Tell me your name already and bring me a matching pair of shoes when you already know my fucking feet size just by staring at them. Got a foot fetish or what?” I felt him struggle against my pit while I kept squeezing him under my right arm. “L LIAM” He squirmed under my arm when I finally released him. Slightly getting onto his knees while he tried to get fresh air in again. “Umm… Sorry buddy. Guess was a bit too touchy” – “N… No worries” He slowly got back up on his feet. I smirked just so slightly once I realized he had a big wet spot on his grey shirt… Guess he enjoyed my hug…

I leant against the counter again. I was shirtless when he arrived with a few pair of socks and a set of heavier construction site shoes. “S Sorry Si… Luke – Those were the only shoes I’ve got around”

“You wouldn’t mind helping me out with the socks and shoes, right?” I didn’t wait for an answer when I sat on the counter, slowly lifting my sweaty feet. It was easier that way. And I didn’t want to destroy my sweatpants which I borrowed from my sweet runt of a boyfriend. – At least that was how I declared our new relationship.

Liam didn’t even dare to reject when he squatted down and started with his work.

He stood awkwardly next to the open door when it was time for me to leave. “Come on… Don’t give me that look” I had to grin slightly when he just wanted to open his mouth and couldn’t find a word. I just pulled him in against my frame for a bearhug, feeling his hands wrapping around my biceps while he barely met my upper abs with his gaze.

“Next time just ask if you want a fucking blowjob” I squeezed his ass through his pants for a long moment before I released him to head for my truck.

I left him my ripped hoodie behind. I couldn’t service all the men I encountered. There were just too many… Too fucking many who wanted to submit. I felt my cock harden in my jogging pants, grinding against the steering wheel once I squeezed myself into the drivers cabin.

Slowly making my way through town into the suburbs towards my pathetic and small flat.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I carried my stuff in a box under my arm when I slowly unlocked the front door. I had to be at least 7’6 (2,3 m) after I had to crunch and squirm my frame through our doorframe.

I could call myself lucky that we had 10ft ceilings inside the whole building. But that was the great part about my fucking apartment. There was no master bedroom, no fucking walk in shower and a personal gym.

Instead I just had one room and a bathroom where I barely could close the door once I entered for an shower.

My gut growled at me as soon as I entered my small room. Still the same mess.. I made my way to the fridge, slowly pulling out all the leftovers I had stored inside.

I was hungry… I could eat a fucking cow. I cooked up all the remaining flesh and rice I had stored. Fuck I still remembered the food in his house. The protein powder mixed in…. I stood up to grab the protein powder I’d stored and started pouring quite a bit onto my food before I chugged it down.

Else there was no chance that it would be enough for my new… enhanced physique.

Afterwards I decided to take my first shower in days. Until I realized how I could look over the shower cabin. I was huge…. The fact that the waterbeam was aiming at my massive hairy pecs only made me hornier along the way. I could feel my pre throbbing on my hairy feet. I stroked my fat member… Let out low growls and got even cockier when I was edging. My massive nuts were blue already. They fucking craved to unload but I didn’t want to give up yet…. I panted when I slowly made my way to my bed where I grabbed the cockring which I had stored…. “Right…. There was an issue with that…” I stared into the mirror and onto the size of my cockring… It was pathetic…. Puny… I crushed the ring in my rough hand before I slightly cursed.

I couldn’t resist the urge…. Couldn’t hold back the fucking lust which build up inside my body. Later that night I was grinding my massive member up against the bodypillow. Feeling my massive nuts churning and waking me back up every now and then. I missed his body… Fuck I missed his cock… And at the same time….. I wanted his hole. I wanted to thank him for the favor… Or rather destory him in his own four walls after he’d grown me…. Gifted me that power…

Maybe he didn’t know what he created…. I dreamt about the next day. Dreamt about how I’d crush him and force him to submit. I laid on my bed, my muscles flexing now and then while the roids and hormones started to slowly push my muscles further out. My cock slowly got longer. My nuts slowly got denser and bigger to keep up with my sex drive. Their blue color slowly fading once they could hold my load in again… My pecs pushed out slowly. My hard shaft was kissing my hairy pecs slightly, lubing my abs with my pre down my happy trail while my hairy calves just dangled off the end of the bed.

I cursed when the alarm rang the next morning. My fist just slamming it shut… Maybe a bit too eager after I heard the plastic cracle under the impact…. “FUCKKKK” I groaned, crunching myself together, feeling the pillow in my pumped arms…. I wanted someone to fucking squeeze instead… I wanted him right now… And yet I knew I still had my job… my duties…

I slowly forced my huge frame out of the bed. Making my way into my bathroom when I cried out under pain after I slammed my head against the frame again….. “FUCK’S SAKE” I held my forehead, staring at the massive beast in the mirror…. My cock just rippled under my lust…. My morning wood leaking pre denser and thicker than any of my old pathetic loads…. I slowly ran my hand over it… I squirmed when my nuts just tensed. Bulging in lust. I felt so horny… Fuck I wanted to breed… I needed to breed someone. I grinned while my rough hand stroked over my fat, hefty cock.

My pecs bouncing slightly with each movement before I couldn’t hold it in any longer. My massive nuts just releasing the pressure inside. My massive load covering the whole mirror and wall. Spraying back all over my hairy pecs and abs… I moaned in relieve. Ignoring the knocks on my walls. “SHUT UP” I heard my neighbour…. I’d thank him another time…. I let out another grunt when I felt my balls just grow slightly in the process… Just reloading in mere seconds before my cock thanked me with a second blast against the walls. . .

I already knew… Things would change tonight. . . I grinned at my cum-covered reflection and slowly ran a finger through the thick, gluelike puddle to give it a taste before I slowly made my way back outside, rubbing the remaining thick fluid into my hairy physique before I slowly forced my frame into my uniform….

I ignored the fact that I could see my hairy abs again. Apparently his roid-filled cum and protein had their effects on my body. . .

Mike slightly cursed when he tried to work out that night. “You’ve lost weight and strenght, master. Your program has adapted to your needs”.

He almost felt like his arms are gonna break when his workout equipment tried setting a whopping 650 lbs as resistance. He usually only lifted a partial of that number…. And yet… Something was off since his last night.

He still felt horny… He still felt like a fucking beast… But somehow he felt puny in his own gym and bedroom. The scent drove him crazy. He felt like a small runt when his gym equipment told him each part of his workout routine that the resistance had to be further reduced.

Worse was when he catched himself sniffing that delivery man’s uniform in his bedroom. Not only that… He catched himself masturbating and dreaming about him.

That fucker was handsome… He was hot, had a great ass… And somehow… He always came back. Usually the deliver men turned around when they found out the elevator was broken. But that fucker just made his way all the way up to his penthouse, popping a fucking boner in front of his door like it was the most common thing in the universe.

He could still recall when his only fear was that his uniform got ripped apart. And there he sat with that runt’s ripped uniform in his grip…. He let out a low moan before his cock exploded all over his torso and the fabric of the uniform.

It was already past midnight when he selected the premium delivery inside the app. Somehow sensing that he wouldn’t be disappointed this time, before he dozed off.


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This is so hot! I just love how big and how much more the character keeps growing in every masculine possible way!

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Part 3 (Revenge 1/2)


I brushed my teeth while bouncing my massive pecs in the mirror. My reflection turning me on again until I finally left my flat in my known morning rush. I managed to duck through the doorframes this time on my way out. It felt almost impossible to get inside my truck, the steeringwheel fighting with my legs but the seat was already at the limit. The truck slightly shifted to my side underneath my new weight when I finally took off.

I stopped my truck right in front of the small bakery before I slowly manouvered my huge frame inside. “Hey Jonny… Looking cute today”.

He squirmed when he heard my voice. I could see him slightly shifting before he turned around to face me. “Eyes up here” – I smirked slightly while he already blushed in a bright red. “The usual” I tapped the counter with my rough fingers while waiting.

It took him a moment until he turned around to pack my order together. “Looking good… Mister” – “Already forgot my name?” I mused before I tipped him the usual and slowly took the bag out of his small hands. “Hey don’t give me that look… I’m Luke…”

I saw his jaw open slowly while he just gaped at me…. “N No way….” He almost creamed his pants when he slowly added one and one together… “Thought you’re maybe… His brother or father… DIdn’t expect you…. To be…. Well….” He shifted while his boner was slightly denting the apron forward.

“Huh… My father…. Guess he wouldn’t fit through your door” I loved teasing him… And I knew he believed most of my nonsense when he just gulped slowly. “I’m already late… Catch you later”

I winked and ignored the young man who bumped against me on accident on my way out.



Adam was already waiting next to his truck. It was the usual sight. This time he’d managed to manoveur all the small packages inside with his scrawny frame. Fuck he looked like a twig ready to be blown away with the next boeh.

He was facing away from me when I arrived. And I couldn’t help myself when I slowly approached him from behind until my wide back threw a shadow over his frame…. “Hope your boxes are heavier this time”

My voice even made me slightly hard. I could feel my pecs and nipples slightly vibrate with each word I spoke. I jumpscared him “FUCK’S SAKE. Don’t scare me to death” He cursed while he turned. His eyes widening once he realized that I…. Had a few enhancements.

Fuck…. My cock had to be as thick as his biceps…. And my fat soft member.. Probably could compete with his forearm while I towered in front of him… “H How… Did… you get that…. Massive” I slightly crunched down towards him until my lips were closer to his ears whispering in my low humming voice “Each time you jerk off to my frame…. I grow…. Bigger…. And stronger” I run my hands over his cheeks, squeeze them rough before I force him in against my massive body, making sure he got a good whiff of my pits as well.

“Fuck even now…. You fucker really like ruining my day, huh?” I kneeded his ass rougher before I slowly forced my small finger inside his hole, ignoring his moan against my pit. – I knew how kinky Adam was. He was known to even give blow jobs to get other coworkers to help him out by his tours. But apparently… They struggled to satisfy him…. Or I just hit the right spot with my small finger alone because I felt im squirm under my grip, jizzing in his uniform….

“But don’t worry….. I’ve got used to it…. After all can’t blame you that you keep jizzing off to my body” I lead his hand slowly inside my shorts and jockstraps around my soft member. He didn’t turn me on right now. But a bit of teasing was always a good penalty.

We got interrupted by the loud horn which signaled it was almost time to leave. I lifted him off the ground until my lips were right next to his ear again. “Next time… Call me Daddy if you want any help with your pathetic boxes…”

I let go of him, slightly grinning when he dropped to his knees with a prominent stain against his shorts. I took my time to stroll towards the five huge boxes he had prepped for me. Two fridges, a freezer and another unlabeled box. I ignored our other coworkers who just gaped when I carred one package on each of my shoulders…. I was already late…. And I was slowly getting horny… I wanted to breed… To fuck… I slightly crushed the package under my arm before I realized it. The metal clearly deformed inside the box judging by the sounds it made.


After I convinced Adam to help me with most of the smaller boxes for my own truck I was left with one prominent box. It was bigger this time. “Guess he thought it would be a burden for me to lift a fridge up to his flat, huh?” I stared at the double-doored boxed fridge before I lifted it inside my truck without even breaking a sweat.

It was hot outside… And the weight wasn’t the issue… But fuck…. The walking… Each step was a fucking burden after I could feel my massive nuts and cock fight with my hairy quads for room in my shorts and jockstrap… I could smell my own musk in the sun. The beaming heat almost killing me.

I already downed several bottles of water during my tour. And a few protein shakes I mixed with my remaining protein powder that morning.

But even now after I finished my meal I was still hungry…. I felt like a fucking hyena in the desert. Craving for food…. And something to breed….

It was already late afternoon when I towered in front of the apartment complex. My cock was already getting aroused just by the sight of the building alone.

I slowly wrapped my arms around the massive box, slowly lifting it out of my truck. My sweat already covering the cardboard, soaking It through while I slowly made my way towards the building. “Delivery” my low voice hummed into the microphone before the door buzze dopen once again.

The elevator was “out of order” again… I pushed the button and had to slightly grin. I knew he just messed with me each time.

It never was out of order… He just used it as another tool… “That cocky fucker” I wanted to use It and felt my cock force my jockstrap further down my waist, almost snapping it inside my shorts when I heard the voice “Maximum weight reached. Only five people at a time allowed”.

Guess I’ve to take the stairs then, right? I slowly grabbed the box and pushed it towards the stairs before I got it onto my wide shoulders once I was through the door. My cock was hardening with each step. I heard my jockstrap snapping apart after the fifth level. My fat cock just ripping through the fabric, pushing out underneath my shorts.

It rubbed against my hairy, sculpted quads. With each of my steps I could feel the lust… The fucking sensation rise in my nuts. They were already blue again… Fucking pumped to the limits when I felt it happen again. My body adapting to my needs. My muscles rippling with each of my steps. My muscle fibers slowly getting denser. My frame didn’t change at first. Instead my weight just doubled in mere minutes. My muscles slowly getting denser and stronger in the process. The fridge on my shoulder felt like a toy the moment when I reached the penthouse level.

I placed it down… I couldn’t care less bout my clothes. I pushed it through the door and forced my massive body through sideways.

I surpassed the hallway one last time and knocked against the wooden door. “Delivery”.

I tried to make my voice sound as high as possible. Yet it still sounded like a fucking bear. Probably because I was a fucking beast of a man….

I pushed the box away and filled out the complete doorframe. . .


He was already edging when he heard the doorbell ring. The low voice almost made him unload right here and now while he laid on his couch, jerking off.

He was pumped to his limits…. And he was hornier than ever. “Can’t wait for another round with that fucker” He ran his finger over his fat throbbing member before he slowly got up when he heard the knock….

He swaggered cockily towards the door. His hand wrapping around the handle, pushing it open in one impulsive action…..

And his nuts couldn’t hold it in at the sight. Exploding and splashing against the wall of olive green fabric, muscle and cock.

He saw nothing else…. Just a set of hairy, monstrous pecs inside a way too puny uniform. It didn’t even cover more than one row of his hairy abs.

And the cock…. He gulped when he saw the fat cockhead down by his massive hairy quads before it just ripped through the shorts and slapped up against his abs and pecs…. “Delivery” a low voice boomed as introduction.

He couldn’t even spot his arms…. When did he grow that wide… When did he…

He slammed the door shut in shock… His cock still throbbing with the rest of cum while he could still smell it in the air.


I grinned when I felt his cum hit my abs and pecs… I let out a soft moan when the door slammed against my massive cock…. It turned me on how he tried to avoid my presence…

I slowly crunched down, wrapping my rough hand around the door knob before I just destroyed the fucking door by pushing it open…. “That’s not the way how you welcome someone…. Looks like you ‘re a fucking pervert, huh?” I ran my thick finger over my cum-soaked abs and pecs before I pushed it inside my mouth to take a ogod taste…. “Pre? Or was that all you’ve got?” I flexed my pecs and muscles into a most muscular, my shirt just popping off my body, revealing my hairy set of pecs once the fabric tore apart.

I saw him edge away… His eyes wide while he barely could face my massive pecs… “Fuck are you turning me onr ight now”.

I slowly advanced, following him into his master bedroom where he tried to hide in his bathroom….  He had no chance. The first door broke like paper… And the second one… Was even easier than the first one after I got used to break these barriers with my body….

I struggled with the fucking doorframe of his bathroom… But once I got through… There was no way back out….

He stood there with a broomstick in his hand. Just when I got through he slammed it up against my nuts…… *NNNGHH FUOOOCK* My voice dropped another octave, my balls pushed outwards hairier underneath the stimulation. I cramped slightly when I had to crunch for the moment when my muscles pushed out bigger… I felt my head now finally brushing against the ceiling. My cock was ouzing out pre thicker than his cum earlier when I licked over my saly lips… “Fuck boy… You know how to stimulate a man, huh?” I flexed my right growing arm up into the air for a flex before I licked over my biceps bulge.

I took a long moment to just inhale my fucking musk while he stood there with his broom. “FCKING FREAK” He squirmed while he backed up against his bathroom counter…. “Fuck that’s all you’ve got?” I slowly focused my attention back on his body, slowly cornering him up against his counter with my mass and muscles… His hands were pushing up against my abs while he couldn’t even see my face at his current position…. My cock was pinning him up against the stone surface, forcing his pecs slightly apart while his face was constantly flooded with my thick pre… “Don’t be shy boy…. Drink up Daddy’s milk” I slowly lowered my hands to wrap them around his cheeks. Squeezing his unfucked ass hard… “Wanted to do that for so long” I kneeded his juicy ass rougher while I ignored his week attempts to slam his knees into my nuts which only made his situation even worse.

“For each fuck… One finger?” I slowly forced my small finger inside his hole down to my knuckle. I could feel his boner fight with my hairy nuts… “Fuck looks like your cock can’t even lift my nuts, huh?” I pushed my ring finger in, my grin widening when I heard his uncontrolled moans. He slammed his fists against my massive abs and pecs…. But fuck…. He only made me hornier… I forced my third finger in… “Sorry man… But preparation is key” My low voice boomed while I slightly crunched down again, forcing his face upg ainst my sweaty pecs…. “Start worshipping me boy…. You told me you want a proper foreplay, didn’t ya?” I forced a fourth finger inside, hearing his uncontrolled grunt when he creamed in between my massive balls….

I lifted him off the ground, now forcing my whole fist inside his ass while I let his cock slide in between my sweaty pecs… “How does it feel… TO receive the same fucking treatment, huh?”  He wanted to answer… But I muffled his voice with my sweaty pit after I flexed my right arm full mast, only stabilizing his body with my armpit and my massive fist up his ass.

“Can’t hear you babe” My low voice boomed while I started bouncing my massive pecs around his boner. I almost crushed his member in between. Feeling his glutes squirm each time his cock tried to spurt out another load. But his balls were fucking dried out already….

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