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He was tensing his body in my grip. His muscles rippling while his cock desperately tried to unload again and again without any juice left inside his nuts.

“Don’t worry…. I’ll make sure you rehydrate well” I pulled my fist out his ass and slowly wrapped my rough hands around his pumped arms, squeezing them to feel their density before I slowly lifted his body further up until he could finally face me properly.

I grinned when he shifted his gaze away. I could see the lust in his eyes. Each time my pecs flexed around his cock I could see his orgasm build up over his lips. “Can’t even look at me, huh?” I wrapped my massive arms around his body, forcing him into a tight bearhug before I finally forced him into a kiss. My massive muscles almost crushing him inside my hug.

He squirmed in my grip. Let out a low moan inside my mouth while his arms tried to stabilze his body by wrapping their pumped mass around my thick, sculpted neck. I could feel my cock throbbing up in the air behind him. Pre running down his back and onto the bathroom counter into the sink, already flooding the floor after the drain couldn’t devour it all.

I slowly lowered one of my arms, supporting his lower back before I positioned my cock up against his pumped glutes…. He was built… And he once was a top. But right now he was squirming in my arms, moaning up against my lips while his cock couldn’t even blast a nother load…

I slowly made my way towards his bedroom. I could feel my cock edging once I realized how massive I was… Even sideways my nuts fought with the doorframe. And I had to squeeze my prey even harder in my grip when I forced my way through.

I slowly forced his arms off my neck before I tossed him onto the mattress… My muscles were still rippling. Pre was constantly rushing out of my hardon when I flexed for a most muscular once again. I could see the veins. My sculpted body bulging with power and destruction before I slowly lifted my arm for another biceps flex. I couldn’t resist the sight in the mirror…. I was monstrous…. I was blocking out the light on the ceiling, throwing a shadow over my massive abs. My hairy pecs bulging outwards, my fat nipples hard from my little show while I ignored him for a moment.


His cock was spasming once again when he hit the mattress. He heard his own moans… He couldn’t hold them back. Even now when he stopped fisting him. His musk alone.. The sight alone made his cock explode constantly over and over again.

He felt dyhydrated… Fucking sore… And he couldn’t even think clearly anymore… He felt the damp mattress underneath his pre coated muscled back while he watched the show.

He could see his body towering at the end of the bed. His hair brushing the ceiling. His cock big enough to crush anything up against his mountain-like abs.

His pre looked like cum… Even thicker than his own. And at the same time… That pre was sticky like hell.. He couldn’t even move up against the glue-like suction against the mattress. He was pinned into place, forced to watch.

His massive hairy pecs fought with his rippling arms. He was wide… He just watched while he just started digging his nose into his musky pits again… That musk was way too intense… Way too strong… Almost as if it was one of the many reasons why that fucker grew that monstrous in the first place. He couldn’t resist when his cock edged again, spasmed. His abs tensed, crunched slightly when he let out a load uncontrolled moan.

He stopped apruptly. Almost as if he just realized he still had prey... His eyes slightly widened when he looked up at the massive behemoths’ eyes. They were a cold icy blue, staring down at him like he was a fucking rat inside the city’ streets.


I felt my cock throb with each whiff I took. With each flex of my guns. With each fucking crunch of my abs. I could feel the power flooding through my veins. The lust rising with each of my heavy breaths.

My torso was monstrous… And each breath felt like an eternity. I stopped in my daze. Hearing the low moan coming off the mattress… I locked eyes with him. It was the first time that he managed to hold my gaze tonight..

My cocky grin got even wider when he shifted away again when he realized all my attention was drawn onto his body again…

It took me some energy to crunch down until my rough hands wrapped around his ankles, slowly pulling his huge body closer towards the edge of the mattress. I heard his body fight with my pre. His muscles all pumped. Guess he had his full body workout in for the night once we are done.

“Almost forgot my promise”… My low voice boomed when I lifted him off the mattress again upside down. I had his ankles locked with my hands while he faced my massive hairy nuts. My cock was grinding up against his hairy legs. A stream of pre running down his body until it soaked over my massive nuts… “Time for your protein for the night, huh?” I repositioned until I had both his ankles in one of my rough hands…. “Submit to your new Daddy” I heard my voice vibrating throughout my whole torso… It even made me almost blast my load up in the air…

He didn’t answer… He didn’t say a word… But he took action and I felt him slowly wrapping his arms around my massive cock base, pulling himself in before his long tonuge started running over my massive, sweaty cum-soaked nuts.

I felt his massive arms flex around my cockbase.. He was still a monster of a man… Yet we weren’t done for the night. My free hand slowly ran over his glutes. My small finger slowly running around his hole before I started opening him up once again.

He was tugging on my hairy nuts in exchange for my service… But it just made me hornier… We were only 10 minutes in before I forced him up for another kiss. I wrestled him onto the mattress. Forced his body down onto the fabric while my monstrous cock lubed over his abs and pecs before I managed to reposition it underneath his sculpted frame. My tongue ran over his sensitive nipples. It just turned me on even more when he squirmed like a runt…

I forced my tongue in for another kiss when his eyes widened and he felt my giant mushroom head slowly entering his hole, now forcing my monstrous loads of pre  directly into his system.

His abs were pushing outwards, his cock was spasming and starting to unload monstorus valleys of cum, trying to get rid of all the pre. I just kissed him rougher, felt his hands push against my hairy pecs and sculpted arms while my cock slowly advanced inch for inch… I couldn’t hold back. It was almost as if his body adapted to my needs.

He was growing slightly in all the right spots.. His abs rippled, his glutes got thicker and denser, starting to massaged my shaft while his moans got more and more desperate.

I felt his strong arms lock in around my wide neck. Sweat was dripping over my hairy pecs and nipples onto his body when I started to thrust my cock in as far as possible. His abs got thicker, rippled when my cockhead fought against the inside of his body. My pre made sure he was growing big enough to satisfy me.

*NNNGHH FUOOCK* My low voice growled when I pinned him harder against the mattres. My cock slamming in as far as possible before I heard my sweaty nuts slap back back up against his skin. Each movement of my gigantic frame made the wood of the bedframe squirm underneath us. Each thrust made the building slightly shake under the power and weight.

Each thrust made his body grow bigger… Wider… Manlier… And at the same time I couldn’t stop… I slowed down when I leant in for another kiss. He pulled himself up slightly until his lips were close to my ears before he just whispered a weak. “Breed me…” His cock unloading against my abs, his body slightly shrinking back down when my abs clenched. I squirmed slightly under the fucking pleasure of my orgasm. My balls tensed. They pushed outwards, got slightly blue while the veins over my cock and muscles pumped outwards. My cockhead was visible against his abs before my load forced its way out of my shaft…

I didn’t shrink in the proces… Instead… I just grew bigger for the favor… My muscles rippled, hairier… bigger… BIGGER… *NNNGHH FUOOCK* My voice trembled in lust while his body still managed to wrap around my shaft… I could see the fucking outlines while his brutish body couldn’t even compete with my cock on its own….. I slowly pulled out, filling his hole completely with my hot, warm seed before I let it slap onto his hairy abs and pecs. My fat cockhead slapping onto his frame before I unloaded a second load all over us and the ceiling of his bedroom… *BIGGER* My low voice trembeld in lust and pleasure. *BIGGGER* My pecs pushing outwards, thicker … Manlier… My muscles flexing for a most muscular right above him when my cock unloaded a third time all over us.


He felt ruined… Sore… And at the same time.. He felt pumped as if he had the best workout of his life… Did he grow bigger while getting fucked?... Or was it just imagination.. He still felt puny… He felt even smaller now that his cock could pin him down with ease… He just stared onto the giant shaft… The fucking behemoth of a man towering behind it. Flexing and displaying his newfound strenght and power.

Fuck his cock was pressing the air out of his lungs… He just let out another soft moan when he let his muscles relax. He felt heated up by all the cum inside his body.

The last thing he remembered were the blue piercing eyes glancing down at him and the hulking mass which slowly blocked out his sight. Forcing his body in for a warm, pleasant bearhug.


He looked cute.. Almost innocent. Our eyes met for a long moment before I slowly lowered my massive body on top of his own, wrapping my strong arms around his body before I rolled over.

I felt his small breaths on my pumped frame before he dozed off. His head resting on my hairy pecshelf. . .




The end. //////////////

I’ll post more stories similar to that one in the near future. (Remember to order heavy stuff online and switch off the elevator?)
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