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1 hour ago, GayScot3 said:

This story is hot as fuck, can’t wait to read the next instalment😈

What he said. 

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Beginning of a new era?

I felt his heavy foot shifting on my growing member. It felt as if someone overstimulated me over and over again. I could feel my muscles rippling with each breath I took. I had to be way above 2 meters by now.

But I couldn’t resist the urge. I wanted more. I couldn’t compensate what was happening. I was corrupted by Alexei’s Power.

He was towering above me when I heard steps approaching. It was Jake. … Fuck I forgot about him… „Luke… Everything allright?“ his voice was shaking slightly. He clearly was nervous. I heard his heavy shoes slightly sticking to the dense cum on the ground with each step he took.

I felt Alexei’s foot crush my shaft slightly more. The cell’s iron bar still bent apart when he towered there and waited like a predator for his prey.

He slowly stroked his massive cock. His fat cockhead kissing the metal of the iron bars while his balls churned with each of his rough strokes…

I still laid on the ground… Exhausted and horny at the same time. I couldn’t process what was happening when Alexei just crunched slightly under the pressure which build up inside his nuts.

It was the moment when Jake walked around the corner, when he released his massive load. Jake’s beefy body was catapulted off his feet and up against the opposed cells prison bars. His muscles were bulging. His body already growing by the potency of Alexei’s cum when two strong arms slowly wrapped around Jakes body from behind…. „Guess it’s breeding time“ the other prisoners low voice boomed when he slowly pushed his massive cock through the iron bars between Jake’s legs.

I gulped when I saw Jake… How helpless he was… How his muscles were growing… I wanted to charge towards him for help… But then I felt Alexei slowly squat further down until his rough hands managed to wrap around neck… He lifted me off the ground like a fucking toy…. „Fuck boy. What have you thought… We’re living in this pathetic prison for ages without any revenge?“ His low voice dropped another octave.. The ground was shaking. I could feel his nuts vibrating with each of his words. 

Jake was moaning… Growing helpless on the other side of the corridor. I could hear the prisoners cock thrust inside Jake’s ass. His pecs slowly growing hairier… His uniform just ripping apart like paper while he slowly but steadily grew past the 2 meter mark. His gaze changed at some point… He started flexing his glutes with each of the prisoners thrusts. Milking him rougher and greedier with each moment…. While the prisoner behind him slowly grew bigger… Manlier…. I heard his low grunts. Saw his cock slowly deform the metal bars before Alexei forced me to face him again…. „Don’t worry boy…. I won’t kill you…. After all you’re part of the reason why I’m finally free again“ His musk forced my cock to unload in between his monstrous hairy abs. His hair was brushing against the ceiling of the cell when he slowly forced his massive cock through my legs. I felt it lubing over my wide shoulders. I could feel the veins of his anaconda push my legs further apart while his grin just got cockier.

He slowly pushed my legs apart before he placed his monstrous cock up against my glutes. My eyes widened… His cock was inhuman. It was impossible that he could fuck me with his tool… But he didn‘t care. He just wrapped my head up against his hairy pecs‘ cleavage. My cock was fucking his abs with each of his movements. His sixpack rippling under the ongoing growth while I felt the hot liquid which was pumped inside my body… I hear Jakes low moans and grunts in the back….
It was as if his semen just made my body adapt to his needs… My own voice got deeper… Manlier… I felt my cock slowly grow thicker against his hairy abs. I felt the stimulation, the friction of my massive growing anaconda until my cockhead slowly found its way up against his pec shelf.

And then I felt the first thrust. He tried ramming his cock all in without success. He barely managed to force half of his fuckrod down before I felt it fighting with my abs from the intestine. *NNNGHH FUOOCK* My low moans sent a shiver through his body… I could feel his cock just rippling inside of me… My muscles trying to adapt… Trying to grow along when Alexei‘s low voice made the building shake…

*NNNGHH FUOOCK YEAH BOY* The other prisoner stopped breeding Jake for a minute when he lost control over his shaft for a long moment, filling Jake‘s body up to the rim with his seed while he watched what was going on over there.

Alexei grew bigger… He was forced to crunch further down when his shoulders and neck started fighting with the ceiling… There was no way he could break further up. But his cock didn‘t want to stop there. I felt it… Felt the insane sensation while it stretched me like a fucking condom further open. 

My body somehow managed to adapt… My gut was already worse than a roid gut. I coughed up semen now and then while his pecs started rippling around my head. I held onto his massive frame. Crawled my rough fingers up against his hairy chest plates while his abs almost crushed my cock in one of their flexes. I hammered my fists up against his body… I didn‘t want to get ripped apart right here and now… But Alexei was in a fucking trance… I hear him drop to his knees. His massive hairy nuts hitting against the ground before his body started pushing forwards. He was growing in height again… His time his upper body was grinding against the iron bars, just deforming them slowly while his feet broke through the brickwall onto the other sides cell. It was Mike who came the instant he saw what was going on. He was jerking off… Watching Alexeis transformation while he kept destroying the whole place slowly but steadily.

My body was flexing… Growing… Rippling… I had to be almost twice Mikes size by now… But I couldn‘t check anything.. I just felt it… The fucking power that was surrounding me… Alexeis arms pinning me to his growing frame while his cockhead and upper shaft stretched me like a condom… My eyes were watering slightly, cum spurted out of my mouth. My cock was cumming nonstop. Pressing out as much fluid as possible. I could feel my hairy nuts slamming against his steelhard abs with each of his movements… But it was too late…

There was no way back… I felt Alexei‘s muscles ripple when he pushed my tighter. He was crunching down slightly as much as possible before I heard his inhumanly low voice. „Grow for your new Master“ His shaft was trembling, vibrating when I realized… He held back most of his load….

I blacked out the moment when his cock exploded inside of me… 

//////////////////// Open end for now. But there will be more stories in the future. I‘ll just call it another warm up 

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