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Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 10; finale) 01/08/22


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wow.hot story. You made me exploded and at the same time, wondering what Irfan is looking for? Will he turn to be a bad guy when he find it? 

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On 6/11/2022 at 5:55 PM, MrMuscleLover12 said:

Feeling reassured, Irfan lay back down next to Arthur. He gently reached over and placed a hand on Arthur's left pec, feeling the godly heartbeat beneath

How did I miss this the first time I read this? 😍😍🤤😂😂 (I LIVE for heartbeat-moments from buff guys.)

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Fun story.  Reminds me of "Zombie Muscle" another fun story with a zombie invasion as the backdrop for growth.

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Chapter 4: Learning about these gods


There was total silence. Only the gentle breeze all around them made noise. The townsfolk just stood in total disbelief. Before them were the two most immaculately muscled hunks they had ever laid eyes on in their lives. 

Arthur had to admit that he felt a little awkward. He had spent the better part of the last three years continuously naked, unashamed of his god-bod and pristine cock (why would he be after all?!) but we was feeling a little "too" seen at the moment. Irfan on the other hand was living for the attention! He hadn't said anything, but he kept finding men in the crowd to lock eyes with, and would then bounce his pecs, emphasizing their striations, weight, and density of them. So far all his chosen men had silently orgasmed, and eventually Irfan found himself one that actually fainted.

Leaving out a booming laugh at the sight of the little human passed out on the ground, Irfan finally took charge and broke the silence. "Greetings" he said, loud enough for the entire population to hear him perfectly. "I am Irfan, and this is Arthur. Do not be alarmed! We are indeed gods! But we come in peace" he said, raising his arms as he spoke, subtly demonstrating their inhuman muscularity via small flexes and ripples. Irfan's own dick was clearly semi-hard from the attention he was receiving. 

With the townsfolk still in complete silence, one of the men Arthur and Irfan had met back on the outskirts of town suddenly piped up. "Oh great god Irfan, please demonstrate your power, so that maybe my fellow mortals will understand your greatness" said Joe, who was undeniably now a fully devoted sub to his two new muscle gods. 

"An excellent idea" said Irfan. Without warning Irfan's calves flared to their maximum size, resembling their full diamond-like shape. Pressing only with his bare feet, Irfan rocketed upwards into the sky and out of sight for humans. Arthur could still see him of course, and smiled in anticipation of Irfan's landing. BOOM! The ground shook as Irfan landed back down in the exact spot from where he had leapt. The entire crowd fell like dominoes from the force of the landing. Irfan roared with laughter as people fumbled to pick themselves back up.

Walking over to a nearby jeep parked near the town's main gate, Irfan sank his fingers into the vehicle's chassis, cutting into it as if it were made of liquid. He then began to casually curl the jeep, barely paying it any attention as its weight was evidently meaningless to him. "Arthur, show the people your power! Let them know what you can do!" Irfan called out to Arthur, addressing the people more than him in a performative sort of way. 

Smirking, and feeling a bit more confident, Arthur pursed his lips and blew gently. The crowd suddenly found themselves bracing a fierce wind, and being pushed back away from Arthur as they did. Arthur was gentle of course, and he made sure to stop blowing the second it became obvious that the humans and their small bodies had had enough. Strutting into the dazed crowd, Arthur let the humans and their small, frail hands feel him up. Most went for his abs, others reached up for his pecs. The height difference between Arthur and the crowd was striking. A few daring ones had taken their opportunity to stroke Arthur's rapidly hardening cock as he strolled by. Stopping in the middle of the crowd, Arthur closed his eyes and concentrated. He could feel the gentle touch of dozens of human hands on his abs, pecs, back, ass, quads, and cock. Focusing, Arthur unleashed his godly pheromones. Like a wave through the crowd, the humans fell one row after another as their orgasms overwhelmed them. Never had they felt such pleasure in all their lives.

"Nice one Artie!" called Irfan, who was now juggling the original jeep plus two others. Joe, Vince, Zeke, and Tim were at his feet, licking and kissing the toes and tendons, totally unconcerned about the several tons of weight that was being so recklessly manhandled right above their breakable bodies. They knew that they were safe with Irfan though. 

It took several minutes for everyone to get back on their feet. And when they did, they kneeled before Arthur and Irfan. Godhood had been established.

Irfan walked over to Arthur, deliberately stomping his feet into the stone ground as he did, leaving behind deep cuts. His feet and toes smashing into the pavement. "That was fun. Now we own an entire town" said Irfan, gently placing the three jeeps back down, and fixing the dents his hands and fingers had made as best he could. "Own?" asked Arthur, with an eyebrow raised. "Oh you know...just fun to know that we've got plenty more worshipper to choose from" said Irfan with one of his trademark sexy smiles. 

One of the men from the crowd came crawling forward, catching the attention of Arthur and Irfan. "Please sirs, hear me out. I am Damien. The mayor. I was on my way here when I heard the great voice of Irfan, and arrived just in time to feel the orgasmic pleasure of the great Arthur. Please, will you help us solve our food crisis?" begged the tiny mayor. Irfan reached down and took a handful of Damien's collar, before raising the human into the air until he was at their eye level. Damien began to whimper like a puppy. "Be at peace little human" said Irfan, "we're not going to hurt you". Damien became much more relaxed, even has his own feet just dangled there, his entire life literally in Irfan's hands.

"Is there somewhere we could speak in private?" asked Arthur, running his hand along Damien's arm in a reassuring manner. Damien instantly started tenting! 


Irfan had no problem making himself at home in Damien's office. As soon as the three of them arrived, Irfan immediately took the mayor's seat and placed his giant god feet onto the table. He reclined back into the chair, resting his hands behind his head, causing his biceps and lats to flare. Arthur had taken over holding Damien off the ground by his collar. Arthur gently placed the tiny human back down when they arrived. "So Mr. Mayor, how can we be of service?" asked Arthur, who sat down on the mayor's desking, placing a hand on one of Irfan's feet which Arthur then began massaging, using his super strength to give Irfan the foot rub of a lifetime. Irfan let out a moan of pleasure, making Arthur giggle. 

Damien swallowed audibly. "Well, the thing is, the zombie hoards have been migrating into the surrounding forests, and have been hunting the animals that we normally hunt for food. We're low on bullets and capable men, so we're finding it harder and harder to secure food" the mayor explained. Irfan had begun stroking himself, clearly enjoying his foot massage. Arthur chuckled at the sight of him, and brought Irfan's foot up to his mouth where he gave some of the toes a quick kiss. "So the zombies are no problem" said Arthur, focusing the massage he was giving Irfan on individual toes, "we can take care of them. You want us to bring back the animals too? Or should we leave them to your hunters?". Before Damien could answer, Irfan let out a loud moan as he blew his load all over his abs and pecs. Arthur cheered in triumph before leaning down to run his tongue all over Irfan's torso, cleaning up the cum, feeling his tongue run move about the curvature of the muscles on Irfan's body. Irfan himself was recovering from his climax, gently running some fingers through Arthur's hair.

"Just...the zombies, ugh....will be fine" said Damien, who couldn't help but start jerking his own erect dick at the sight of Arthur and Irfan's display of casual sexuality. "Excellent" said Arthur. Arthur felt hot though; he wanted more of Irfan, all to himself. "We'll start tomorrow, but for now I want a place for Irfan and I. Our own place. Got anything?" he asked. "House....across the street...yours" said Damien, blowing his load as he looked up from his kneeling position at the sight of the two gods before him, both of them now standing at their full towering heights. 

Arthur and Irfan left, hand-in-hand.


"I like you Arthur. You're fun" said Irfan, as he and Arthur lay cuddled up on their sides, in their new bed. Irfan was gently running his fingers along the side of Arthur's head, occasionally playing with Arthur's ear, which just felt fucking amazing. Their muscle-bound legs intertwined, their feet caressing one another. "Oh I bet you say that to all the gods" joked Arthur, and he and Irfan giggled, momentarily bringing their faces closes enough together to touch noses. 

After a moment of just gazing into one another's eyes, they kissed. Their first proper kiss. Their tongues so sensually pressing together as they made out. "You taste amazing" breathed Arthur, "both your mouth and your fucking god cum!". "I bet you taste even nicer" said Irfan, running his hand over Arthur's pecs, flicking his fingers against the nipples. Arthur let out a moan of pleasure. They made out some more; their heavy, hungry breathing fueling the sensuality of their passion. "Be mine" whispered Irfan in the height of ecstasy. "Oh I'm yours" said Arthur, groping Irfan's indestructible glutes. 

Their passionate kissing continued even as Arthur felt Irfan enter him. A godly cock of inhuman size forcing its way past Arthur's own invulnerability. "Yes!" cried Arthur. Instinctively flailing his arms, Arthur accidently crushed and crumbled a few chunks out of the wall behind the bed. He didn't care. Both he and Irfan were letting out super-heated gasps of air, threatening to set the building on fire had it not been for their own indestructible bodies containing the heated air. Irfan continued to thrust, getting off on the sight or Arthur's ripped, symmetrical eight pack flexing and unflexing with every thrust from Irfan. Arthur grabbed Irfan's by the back of his neck and pulled him in for another sloppy, greedy kiss.

It wasn't long before Irfan came inside of Arthur, and Arthur's own dick exploded red-hot, white ambrosia all over the two of them. Irfan didn't waste any time lapping it all up.

They lay once again in each other's arms, snuggled up in post-climax bliss, both of them still covered in their juices. Irfan just barely licked Arthur's lips with the tip of his tongue, making Arthur giggle. "You're too cute!" said Irfan. "So are you, stud!" responded Arthur. Arthur pressed his head into Irfan's pecs as waves of relaxation slowly descended over them both. "Wanna be boyfriends?" asked Arthur, half-asleep. "Fuck yeah I do big man" said Irfan with a smile, giving Arthur one last kiss on the forehead.


Damien chocked in Irfan's grasp as he was held over four feet off the ground, well over Irfan's own head! "I'll ask you one more time human: Where is this Paxton man?!" demanded Irfan, his friendly demeanor completely disappeared. Tears streamed down Damien's face. "Please! I-I don't k-know! He hasn't been here in m-months!" said Damien. Irfan dropped Damien, who immediately bowed. "Please don't hurt me! I swear I don't know" begged Damien. 

Irfan looked down at the human with disgust. "You'll search whatever records you have, and you will present me with everything I want" said Irfan, place a bare foot in front of Damien's face, Damien immediately began licking and kissing it. "Absolutely my master!" said Damien.

With a flick of his big toe, Irfan sent Damien sliding across his office floor. Walking over to the whimpering human and squatting down, Irfan looked at him directly in his eyes. "Not a fucking word to anyone! Especially Arthur, understand?! He's good. I don't want him getting mixed up in this. Even if he is a god. He's got a good soul and a good nature. He doesn't need to be ruined, like I was" said Irfan, leaving out a heavy sigh. "Yes" said Damien, barley more than a whisper as he started crying again.

"Good boy" said Irfan. Just for good measure, Irfan tore the office doors off their hinges before snapping them in half so easily. He then strode naked across the street, back to his new house, back to his sleeping boyfriend. His perfect, beautiful Arthur.                       

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Bit of a short one today guys! I want to get to the zombie thrashing and main plot sooner rather than later. Enjoy!

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  • MrMuscleLover12 changed the title to Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 4) 18/06/22

Chapter 5: First real date 


"Favorite...music genre?" asked Arthur, as he casually tore another zombie apart with a lazy swing of his massive, muscled arm. Irfan vaporized a trio of undead with some superheated breath before pausing to think. "Hmmmmm...I would have to say I'm a bit of a pop lover" he said before tossing another zombie into the distance, where it just faded from view. All around them was a swarm of ferocious undead who were nothing but sport for the two gods. Their naked bodies completely unconcerned by the feeble, pointless attacks of the hoard. All attacks just bounced off of their invincible physiques. 

"Not that surprising" joked Arthur before clapping his hands together, trapping and pulverizing the head of a zombie between them. The clap's shockwave sent others stumbling and tumbling backwards. "You've got that sweet, fun, pop-vide energy to you!" he said with a laugh. 

"What?! My music tastes amuse you, is it?" asked Irfan with a devilish grin. Standing to his full height and puffing out his godly pecs, he began to whistle. With complete and total control over every aspect of his physical being, Irfan was able to focus and concentrate his whistle into minutely precise soundwaves. He aimed straight for Arthur. All around Arthur were zombies who started to liquefy and disintegrate as they were atomized by Irfan's whistle. Totally unbothered by the whistle, Arthur just started to strut his way over to Irfan, ignoring they undead who were crumbling like sandcastles. Reaching Irfan, Arthur brought the whistle to an end by planting his mouth on Irfan's, delivering a soft, gentle kiss to his lover's all-powerful lips. 

"Was that meant to be a wolf whistle?" whispered Arthur. Irfan smirked. "Shut up an kiss me you stud" he said, locking lips with Arthur. For several minutes the stood amongst the remains of the monsters they had destroyed, licking each other's tongues, exchanging saliva and breath so hot that it could melt steel. Their towering naked muscle bodies pressing into one another, and their fully erect cocks coating themselves in pre-cum. It had been less than an hour since their last round of pristine sex. They were trying to focus more on doing the job they had promised to do. 

"Right" said Arthur, breaking the kiss, "we'll head further east, towards the rest of the hoard. I'm guessing there's a cave network somewhere there. It's probably where they're coming from". He released Irfan from their embrace, but still held his hand. Irfan bounced his pecs and made puppy-dog eyes, trying to guilt-trip Arthur into another round of superhuman intercourse. Arthur laughed. "Come on you beautiful dope" he said, leading Irfan by his hand. "We'll deafen our new town later with sex. I promise". 

They walked hand-in-hand, their immense and flawless bodies swatting aside obstacles and ramming through walls as they made their way through the remains of an old, small, long-abandoned town not far from their new home. Neither of them really cared about the path of destruction they were so casually leaving behind. "It's my turn anyway" said Irfan. "So...favorite hobby?" he asked. Arthur blushed, and began waving his hand as if you say "leave me be!". "No! Come on! We promised we'd answer everything" said Irfan, playfully jabbing Arthur in his rock solid obliques. Had Arthur not been a god we would have had the tickling of his life. 

"Fine" said Arthur. He took a deep breath, only making Irfan laugh again from being so dramatic. "I...I used to knit" said Arthur. "Knit?" said Irfan. "Knit" said Arthur. "I used to knit clothes. Mainly for myself, but also for anyone who asked me to knit for them". "That's so sweet!" exclaimed Irfan, wrapping a titanic arm around Arthur's massive, wide shoulders, and pulling him in for a side hug. "Yeah, I liked it. Natural talent, you know? Now since I don't bother wearing clothes, and now that everyone's a zombie, I don't have a reason to knit anymore. That, and where the hell would I even get yarn from now?" said Arthur.

"I want you to knit something for me sometime" said Irfan. "A nice long wooly scarf. Or a big cock-sock!" he said, making Arthur giggle. Arthur reached down and stroked Irfan's gorgeous unit a few times. "Why would I ever want to cover up this masterpiece?" he asked. They kissed one more time before casually strolling through another stone wall. "There it is" said Arthur, pointing towards a nearby hillside. The mouth of a cave loomed large over a gathering crowd of zombies. 

"Must be a nest. Shelter from the elements" mused Irfan. "At least now we know where the zombies who've been bothering the towns people have been coming from" he said. "Ready to make a grand entrance?" asked Arthur, cocking an eyebrow. "Are you?!" cried Irfan, suddenly becoming very animated in demeanor. "Am I re..." Arthur didn't get a chance to finish his statement before Irfan grabbed hold of one of his wrists. Next thing Arthur new was that he was flying at tremendous speeds towards the doomed crowd of undead. Smashing into them, obliterating dozens, and creating a massive crater in the ground, Arthur's completely undamaged body picked itself up. "Oh you are so dead!" he laughed, turning to see Irfan still high up in the air after jumping hundreds of feet from where they were. 

Grabbing a terribly unlucky zombie, Arthur threw it with his full might straight at Irfan. With his inhuman precision, Arthur's zombie projectile hit Irfan square in his chest. The zombie exploded like a water balloon against Irfan's unstoppable pecs, but was enough to cause Irfan to mess up his landing. Landing flat on his front, Irfan's fully erect dick sank straight down into the hard earth, before the rest of him sank too, making a sort of shallow dirt-angle. "Nice throw" said Irfan. That was all he got to say before Arthur's giant hand wrapped around his neck and tossed him into another group of zombies, like a bowling ball against feeble pins. 

"Ha!" laughed Irfan. Picking himself up, both he and Arthur starting grabbing an throwing zombies. Like a game of bloody dodgeball, the undead went flying threw the air at deadly speeds. Some smashed into the ground, others in the hill and edges of the cave entrance, while some hit their targets. Arthur and Irfan just shrugged them off. The impacts of their insect bodies couldn't dampen their momentum. "I won!" cheered Arthur. "What?! How do you figure that?" inquired a bemused Irfan. "Well I got you with more zombies. You missed me more often" said Arthur. "We were keeping count?" said Irfan. "Ugh! Of course you wouldn't keep count if you were losing!" Arthur cried in a melodramatic manner, making Irfan laugh. Embracing Arthur from behind, Irfan wrapped his stunning forearms and massive bicep peaks around Arthur's rippling midsection. Arthur could feel Irfan's cock pressing against his steel glutes.

They stood there for a few minutes, just swaying gently. Irfan kissing the back of Arthur's neck and boulder shoulders, Arthur reveling in the feel of it as he affectionately stroked some fingers up and down Irfan's forearms. "Of course I was keeping count" said Irfan, resting his head on the back of Arthur's neck. "I knew you won. You're amazing" he said. Turing around to face him, Arthur planted another kiss in Irfan's lips. Irfan held on gently to Arthur's obliques, while Arthur rested his muscular arms on Irfan's massive shoulders. "You're amazing too" said Arthur. They moved as if dancing to music only they could hear. 

Their golden moment was broken by the echoing sound of zombies from deep within the cave. "Wanna race?" asked Irfan. "To where?" asked Arthur. "To the other side of the hill!" yelled Irfan, suddenly taking off faster than any human or animal alive ever could. "Hey!" laughed Arthur, taking off at an equally thunderous speed. The two of them shot like missiles into the cave, moving faster than sixty, maybe seventy miles per hour. Their perfect eyes allowing them to see in excellent detail despite the total absence of light. The zombies residing within the cave barely had time to react. Suddenly two muscle bound gods came ploughing into them at nearly a hundred miles per hour! Zombies were just pulverized out of existence was Arthur and Irfan drove right through them all. They exchange smiles as they laughed their way through the cave. Stalactites, boulders, cave walls; nothing got in their way. "Woohoo!" yelled Irfan as he and Arthur were thrilled by it all. 

"Cave end coming up!" called Arthur. "Don't stop Artie!" called Irfan. They kept going. Without a single break in momentum or speed, their bodies ploughed right into the cave's end. Their toes, their knees, their hands, their chests, their faces, their eyes; they just carved their way straight through the hill. Adding a huge extension to the cave. Before long the came exploding out the far side of the hill, having transformed the cave into a proper tunnel. 

"That was epic" said Arthur. "I don't think I've ever realized how powerful I actually am". Arthur couldn't believe he had just run at full speed through an actual hill. Millions and millions of tons of rock and earth had just given way to him. "Bet you have no idea of some of the things you can do" said Irfan, kissing Arthur on the cheek, amused by the look of incredulity on Arthur's face. "Well...I definitely don't think I'm as creative as you" said Arthur. "Come on. Bath time" said Irfan, as he gestured to the blood, dirt, and dust the currently coated their bodies. 

At a nearby lake, Arthur lifted a gigantic boulder, tearing it right out of the ground with one arm. He dropped in in the lake before using his fingers to carve it into a kind of recliner for himself and Irfan to lounge on as they soaked in the water. Irfan snuggled up to Arthur, resting his head on Arthur's pecs, giving the nearest one a quick kiss. Arthur moved his hand around in the water, washing away the bloodstains and dust from his body and Irfan's. "How long do you think we'll live for?" asked Irfan, suddenly and unexpectantly. "Hmmm?" responded Arthur. "How much time do you think we have?" said Irfan, sitting up from resting his head on Arthur's chest. "What do you mean?" asked Arthur. "Well, it's just that every single physical aspect of us is superhuman. Do you think that applies to our lifespans too?" said Irfan. Arthur hadn't considered that. Were they...immortal? Or just long-lived? Arthur remembered Irfan revealing to him his age, and how being bitten had not only given him his incredible powers, but restored his youth too. 

"Only one way to find out" said Arthur, cupping Irfan's chin and gazing into his eyes. "Would be nice to know, since it still feels like we're human in that we might still have to worry about the ravages of time" said Irfan. "No matter how much time we have, I think it's safe to say we're definitely better off than the humans" said Arthur, giving Irfan a reassuring kiss. The water rippled gently around them, as they admired the beautiful scenes of nature surrounding the lake. "I think this whole planet is better off than the humans. It's become more peaceful and serene since the human population all but collapsed" said Arthur. "If, of course, you don't count the hoards of zombies". 

"Only one way to find out" repeated Irfan, more to himself than to Arthur. "What was that? Have you been listening to me?" said Arthur. Irfan sat up straight on their makeshift loveseat, the muscles in his biceps, triceps, and shoulders all bunching and flexing as he did. "Hey...Arthur...what if there was another way to find out. To find out more about us. Ourselves. Where we came from. How we got these powers". said Irfan. Arthur sat up too. "Do you....know something?" he asked.

"Do you remember ever hearing anything about a man named Gabriel Paxton? Before the collapse of society, that is" said Irfan. Arthur thought about it for a while. "Yeah. Wasn't he some kind of scientist, or geneticist?" he said. "Yeah. He was. And might still be" said Irfan. "You think he's still alive?" said Arthur. "How or why would you know any of this. And what's it got to do with us?". 

Irfan let out a sigh. "He is, I believe, the man responsible for all of this" said Irfan. "For...for the outbreak?" asked Arthur, and Irfan nodded. "But I thought he worked for some UN emergency climate group, or something" said Arthur. "I remember I saw him on TV a few times during the first few days of the outbreak". Irfan nodded again. "And where did the outbreak first happen?" asked Irfan. "Somewhere in the middle east, I think" said Arthur. Irfan nodded again, more vigorously. A moment of silence. They maintained eye contact. It hit Arthur at last. "You're...from there" said Arthur. Irfan nodded more solemnly. "Irfan...were you there? When it happened? Did you see something?!" asked Arthur.

Irfan took one of Arthur's hands in his own. "I promise you, I will tell you everything I know. But for now, I know for a fact that Paxton is the man responsible for the outbreak, and why you and I are they way we are" said Irfan. Irfan squeezed Arthur's hand with the force of a hydraulic press, yet all Arthur felt was a loving touch. "That's why you're here" said Arthur, "you're tracking Paxton". "I knew after the outbreak that he'd flee west. But yes, that's why I came here in the first place" said Irfan. He ran a hand down the side of Arthur's face. "But you...you are the reason I will stay after I find this man" he said, and Arthur's heart began doing summersaults! 

"Wait. What are you going to do if and when you find Paxton?" asked Arthur, a little apprehension in his voice. Irfan paused to think. "Whatever you deem to be an acceptable thing to do" said Irfan with a smile, "he has as much to answer to you as he does to everyone else". It was Arthur's turn to nod. 

After another few minutes of silence they made their way back to shore. "I think we can call it a day" said Irfan, the water cascading down his outstanding physique, tracing arousing line across his wide, steel-plate like pecs and immaculately detailed eight pack. Down his rippling quads, down his shredded calves, and pooling around his big, wide, muscular feet. Arthur stood looking like this too. No human would've been able to resist the urge to release cum at the sight of them. 

"Wanna race back to town?" asked Irfan. "Hell yeah" said Arthur, and the two of them when thundering once again across the landscape, tearing apart trees and rocks as they went. Irfan raised his godly arms as he ran, as if on a rollercoaster, and shouted for joy at the feeling of freedom superspeed and invulnerability brought to him.

But Arthur wasn't quite as thrilled this time around. What Irfan had told him weighed heavily on him. Irfan had said that he promised to tell Arthur everything eventually. But that meant that there were things he wasn't telling him now. Things related to the outbreak. Who had Irfan been before he became a god? This question weighed heavily on Arthur. And how close was Irfan to finding this Paxton man? And what lay in store for Paxton, if he truly was responsible for all of this? Irfan may be a playful, fun-loving person, but he revealed back at the lake that he isn't coming from a place of joy or happiness. Arthur had known Irfan now for all but a week and a half. Arthur himself may be a god, and may be invulnerable, but the world clearly isn't. Maybe he should be more careful around Irfan. For now. If not for his sake, then maybe for everyone else's.    

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  • MrMuscleLover12 changed the title to Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 10; finale) 01/08/22

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