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Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 10; finale) 01/08/22


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Irfan has secrets,maybe he id the result of diferent experiments or maybe there is something in their dna that makes the bite react that way...

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5 hours ago, elton said:

Bow to master MrMuscleLover12

Thanks! But probably better to bow to actual muscle gods! 😂

How I would love for Arthur or Irfan to be real, and to be able to worship them at their feet 🥵

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2 hours ago, MrMuscleLover12 said:

Thanks! But probably better to bow to actual muscle gods! 😂

How I would love for Arthur or Irfan to be real, and to be able to worship them at their feet 🥵

I would rather to be either of them. It's so hot to imagine having that kind of power myself and make me so hard.

Again, please continue and make more great stories. You're a brilliant writer.

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3 hours ago, elton said:

I would rather to be either of them. It's so hot to imagine having that kind of power myself and make me so hard.

Again, please continue and make more great stories. You're a brilliant writer.

Thank you! 😊

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Chapter 6: Those with power


Week three. Week three of Arthur and Irfan residing in the survivor settlement of New Boston, casually mingling amongst its inferior human residents, completely nude all the while. They had both settled in quite nicely, helping out the townsfolk with their incredible powers, in return being worshipped upon command, and even using the humans for their own sexual pleasures.

Arthur mainly focused on gathering food and building materials for the humans, scavenging nearby ruins for any materials that might be of some use. Irfan kept himself busy with "zombie patrol", even though Arthur now knew that Irfan was really scouting the surrounding countryside and wilderness for traces or signs of his target. Thanks to the powerful musculature of their feet, legs, and glutes, both of them could cover mind-bogglingly massive amounts of area in short amounts of time, only occasionally needing to set up camp outside of New Boston.

Arthur often joined Irfan on his hunt for Gabriel Paxton, but still preferred the company of the humans, and the busy bustling nature of New Boston's streets. Not to mention the sheer thrill of strutting about naked, showing off the most pristine physique you've ever seen, reveling in the stares and climaxes of mortal beings.  

One morning, while Irfan was off on his usual zombie smushing endeavor, Arthur decided he wanted to spend some time with the neighbors. Lying in bed in the house that he and Irfan had been supplied with by the town, Arthur stretched his body in relaxation, amused by just how far over the end of the bed his legs stretched. An above seven foot frame was difficult to accommodate.

Getting up, Arthur strolled over to the door. That is, the door had long been removed. Torn off its hinges on day one after Irfan decided it was an unnecessary feature. Only humans needed doors for protection and privacy. Now there was only the empty threshold which had been smashed and splintered in the exact same places every day to allow for their incredibly wide shoulders, and indestructible heads, to pass through. Arthur walked right through, smiling as he felt his shoulders and forehead glide through those adjustments.

The stairs groaned under the weight Arthur exerted as he descended down to the kitchen. The one room in the house neither he nor Irfan had ever used. Neither of them needed to eat. Their bodies just seemed to replenish the nutrients and electrolytes they needed. Arthur had probably only eaten two dozen times or so in the past three years. And most of those were only for pleasure rather than for necessity. 

Arthur emerged out onto the street outside, where the humans who witnessed him promptly bowed. Arthur had grown used to this by now, and didn't much notice the humans. He made some effort at a greeting as he passed each one, and they tried to kiss his feet as quickly as they could while he passed by. Arthur continued until reaching the next house down.

"Bill!" called Arthur, using but one finger to knock on the front door. Even this was enough to generate excessively loud bangs. Scurrying footsteps could be heard on the other side of the door, and before long a six foot, robustly built, handsome human man was there, still in his bathrobe, basking in the glory of Arthur's radiant body. 

"Hey man" said Arthur with a smile. He took hold of Bill's collar and picked him up. With Bill's bare feet dangling, Arthur held him up to his lips and gave the man a kiss on the cheek. Arthur helped himself into the house, carrying Bill all the while by his collar, before dropping the human. 

"Hi Arthur! It's such an honor to have you in my house!" said Bill, prostrating before Arthur, kiss Arthur's feet and toes. Bill was a handsome bachelor who had been quite..."active"...in the community prior to the arrival of Arthur and Irfan. Now, he was Arthur's second favorite plaything, after Irfan. And unlike Irfan, Bill was obviously in no way a match for Arthur. 

"Making breakfast? Wanna through on some extra eggs and bacon for your god, little man?" said Arthur with a smirk, flexing his biceps to emphasize the power that Bill was all to aware Arthur possessed. Bill just nodded silently as he drooled a little. "Good boy" said Arthur, reaching down to pet Bill gently on the head. Arthur then reclined on Bill's couch while the human hurried off to the kitchen to fix the best possible breakfast he could for Arthur.    

Eventually, Arthur was enjoying a scrumptious breakfast while Bill was enjoying running his tongue over every inch of rock-hard muscle he could find on Arthur's body. Arthur had finished slurping on the last succulent piece of bacon when Bill had started running his tongue along the groves between each of Arthur's eight ab muscles. A slow, gentle tracing to really demonstrate just how ridiculously cut and shredded these godly abs were. Arthur smiled down at the sight of Bill, gently placing his hand on the back of the mortal's head and neck in a tactile way of encouragement. Arthur's hand was big enough to engulf the majority of Bill's head and neck. Arthur amused himself with the thought of how easy it would be to just end Bill's life here and now. Just a quick little pop! But no; Arthur was a benevolent god. Such violence would be saved for the undead.

"Did you enjoy your breakfast, master?" asked Bill, looking up for a moment and taking pleasure from Arthur's impossibly strong fingers massaging his neck muscles. "Very much so, little man" said Arthur, bouncing his pecs, causing Bill to suddenly cum. "Ugh!" cried Bill, as cum leaked out from behind his bathrobe. Grabbing the back of the robe, Arthur pulled it right off of Bill, momentarily lifting the man off his knees. They were now both stark naked. 

Bill had moved up to Arthur's still slightly bouncing pecs to suck on the closest nipple, while Arthur curled and Arm around Bill, flexing to so as to demonstrate the sheer power and solidity his bicep and its peak possessed. Bill was instantly rock-hard again as he tried to suck on Arthur's pecs and feel up the divine bicep that was pressing into his shoulder. 

"You're so beautiful. You're so perfect" whispered Bill in between lapping at the smooth, silky, steel-hard pec closest to him.

Taking a moment to center himself, Arthur focused on his voice. He focused on his vocal chords. Meditating for a moment, Arthur then spoke. "Cum" he said, directing the command straight at Bill. "Ugh!" cried Bill again, leaking more juice down onto Arthur's legs. Arthur laughed. "Cum" said the mighty god again, and once again Bill climaxed, albeit with less volume this time around. Arthur was beginning to empty him.

"I...I didn't...didn't know you could...do that" said Bill, panting from the exhausted of multiple orgasms. "Yeah, Irfan and I can adjust our vocal chords with such control and precision that we can influence the subconscious minds of humans and zombies. It's like we activate your autopilot, and issue commands that your brain then follows" said Arthur, gently stroking his finger along Bill's cheek. "Wow" said Bill, barely more than a breath. 

"Could you kill with it?" asked Bill in hushed, reverent tones. "Absolutely. I could tell your heart to just stop beating. Or I could tell your brain to shut down" said Arthur. He glanced down at Bill whose eyes were full of wonder, awe, terror, and lust all at once. "...or I could just make you cum again" said Arthur, with a devilish grin. Bill did cum again at the mention of the word, but all he experienced was the feeling of release. He had been emptied by his god. "Looks like you're in need of rest" laughed Arthur, lifting Bill up into his arms and cuddling him. Bill rested his face against Arthur's pecs, while Arthur wrapped his arms around Bill and gently rocked him. 

They lay like this for about twenty minutes before BOOM! The wall of Bill's living room had been blown apart. Bill let out a cry of shock and terror, while Arthur shielded him with his body, reacting to the explosion with lighting speed. Splinters of wood and shards of glass bounced harmlessly off Arthur's body.

"Arthur! I did it!" said Irfan, walking across Bill's living room after walking straight through the wall as if it hadn't even been there. "Irfan! What the hell was that?!" cried Arthur. "You could've injured Bill!" he said, annoyed at his boyfriend. "It doesn't matter, I have way more important news right now" said Irfan, evidently unaware of the peril he almost put Bill in. "Doesn't matter?! Irfan, you can't..." Arthur trailed off once he saw what was behind Irfan. Outside the now demolished wall, Arthur could see that Irfan hadn't exactly treated the street any better. Large craters in the road were obviously left by Irfan's feet and powerful strides, while street lights were dented and deformed, most likely from having been in his way. Arthur could only hope that none of the townsfolk had been unlucky enough to have been in Irfan's path.

"Oh for fuck sake Irfan" said Arthur as he saw the damage. "Arthur, listen to me! I found him!" said Irfan. "Who?" asked Arthur, still frustrated, and still holding Bill in one arm, Bill's whole weight not registering with Arthur. "Who do you think?! Paxton!" said Irfan, placing his hands on Arthur's shoulders, looking his lover in his eyes. Both of them were sporting massive erections as usual, and Irfan's cock was currently resting on Arthur's. 

"You found him? For real?" asked Arthur, gently placing Bill back down. Bill instinctively crawled to Irfan's feet and began making out with them, probably hoping that Irfan would show the rest of his house mercy. "Yes" said Irfan, ignoring Bill's worship. "I finally found him. He's further north, in Nova Scotia".

"So...so now what? Are you...we going to go visit him?" asked Arthur, suddenly unsure as to what to make of this discovery. "You bet your magnificent perfect ass we are!" exclaimed Irfan, clearly becoming excited at the prospect. Irfan took hold of Arthur's glutes, and pressed his sculpted torso into Arthur's, while Arthur took hold of Irfan's shoulders. They began making out, with noisy and wet-sounding kisses as their tongues fought for supremacy. Grabbing Arthur's ass even harder, Irfan lifted him up and carried him to Bill's couch. Poor Bill was still sucking on Irfan's toes, largely ignored by the two gods.

The excited Irfan raised Arthur's legs up, and rested Arthur's muscular calves on his own strong shoulders. In went Irfan's cock, and Arthur let out a moan of pleasure from feeling Irfan enter him. Humans had begun to gather at the hole Irfan had made, and they began to pleasure themselves at the sight of the gods making loving.

Irfan continued ploughing Arthur, his own eight-pack flexing and crunching as he thrust. Irfan has both hands on Arthur's pecs for balance as he continue to fuck his boyfriend. Bill's couch finally gave way, crumbling under the pressure to the godly love making.    

Irfan increased his tempo, thrusting harder and harder as Arthur continued to moan in pleasure. Eventually, Arthur's cock erupted like a volcano, and Irfan released his load with the same force of a ballistic missile. Thankfully it was released into Arthur, otherwise it may have levelled the block. "CUM!" roared Irfan in ecstasy. Not only was the force of his voice powerful enough to knock the watching humans backwards several feet, but every single one of them climaxed the instant the soundwave hit them.  

After a few minutes of recovery, Irfan lifted Arthur to his feet. The shared another passionate kiss, before hugging and holding one another in their arms. "You okay Bill?" asked Arthur. The barely conscience Bill lay on the floor at their feet, have once again been emptied by the verbal command of a god. Being the closet to Irfan at the time of Irfan's command to cum, Bill had emptied himself like never before. "Good little human" said Irfan, reaching down, taking hold of Irfan by the neck, and lifting him up effortlessly and dropping him onto the soaked, broken couch. 

"Right" said Irfan, taking Arthur by the hand and leading him out through the destroyed wall, passing by all of the moaning, post-climax humans. "Wanna race?" asked Irfan, cocking an eyebrow at Arthur. "Lets wait until we're outside of the town before we start blazing one trail after another" said Arthur, gesturing to the damage Irfan and made on his way in. "I...was in a hurry to find you. I made sure nobody was in the way" said Irfan, doing his best smoldering look, trying to through Arthur off. "Mmmm-hmmm" said Arthur, a little amused. 

Reaching the edge of town, the two gods squatted. Their calves and quads instantly flared with raw power. Muscle and veins exploded all over, and with a simple, effortless push they launched them selves into the sky. A thousand feet up, and three times as many across. They landed with a force strong enough to create a crater the size of a lake. With the humans now even further away, the jumped even harder.

Soon they were covering miles in a matter of minutes. Leaping again and again, soaring higher than any airplane in history had ever managed, basking in the light of the sun and a landscape of pearly-while clouds. 

The finally arrived in the outskirts of what had once been Halifax. Their superhuman hearing could make out hoards of zombies in the distance. 

"He's...over there?" asked Arthur, looking over at Irfan. "Near the city center. There's a bunker. Surrounded by what looks like military artillery. Still functioning military artillery" said Irfan. "It sounds like you could've handled this all by yourself" said Arthur. Irfan smiled, his pecs bouncing. "Obviously. But why not make a date out of it? Besides...don't you want to meet your maker?".     

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  • MrMuscleLover12 changed the title to Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 6) 02/07/22
  • 3 weeks later...

Chapter 7: He who made me


 Irfan landed first. His bare feet smashing into the concrete ground, leaving a crater several dozen feet wide. Arthur followed soon after, his crater overlapping with Irfan's. The naked, towering gods paced around the wide, open, courtyard-like area. All around were strange little towers, and what looked like high-tech hanger doors. The air was still, and the courtyard was silent.

"It's quiet" said Irfan. "Too quiet?" said Arthur with a smirk. Irfan chuckled. "Yeah, well...we're invincible so I suppose we don't have much to worry about" he said. "Come on, let's find Paxton" said Arthur, closing his eyes to better focus on detecting human heartbeats with his super hearing. Irfan did the same. "Hmmm, odd. I don't hear any heartbeats" said Arthur. "Yeah, me neither" said Irfan. He starting walking forward, his toes crunching the debris their landings had made into dust. 

"STOP!" came a voice suddenly. "What the fuck?!" said Arthur, looking wildly around the wide open space. Nothing had changed. Nobody had appeared. "Loudspeakers" said Irfan, pointing towards the previously unseen, tower-mounted devices. "Stop! Stay where you are! Don't do anything, just leave! Please!" said the shaky, clearly frightened voice. "Paxton?" whispered Arthur to Irfan. Irfan nodded. "Oh yeah" he said, approached on of the loudspeakers. There was a small security camera underneath.

"Hello Paxton. Remember me? It's your old buddy Irfan. Except for a few upgrades of course" and Irfan bounced his massive, steel pecs with incredible speed as he spoke, flashing a sexy smile towards the camera. Chances are that Paxton probably spewed cum the instant Irfan's pecs twitched. "Here's what's going to happen Pax; you're going to surrender peacefully, or me and my boyfriend are going to come in there and remove you in the fun kind of way. Fun for us that is" said Irfan, speaking directly to the camera. 

"No! Please! Just leave me alone!" came Paxton's voice. The man was clearly terrified. "You have to answer for this Pax!" said Irfan, gesturing all around him. "Billions either dead or zombified. All of human civilization reduced to a shadow of its former self! There are things you need to answer for".

As Irfan spoke, Arthur began glancing around him. The strange, small towers had begun coming to life. Technical lights activating, along with mechanical sounds inside. The tops of the towers had begun sliding open, with the sound of something rising to the top. "Eh...Irfan" said Arthur. "...crushing rocks with my bare hands too! I can even exhale with enough heat to melt steel! So if you think hiding a mile underground is going to help....what Arthur? What is it?" said Irfan. 

"That" said Arthur.

Massive turrets like those out of some sci-fi movie had ascended from the towers. Defense towers! Paxton appears to have been anticipating this visit. The turrets were rotating and adjusting themselves on their stands, aiming their sights directly at Arthur and Irfan. Irfan scoffed. "Right, yeah. Big whoop! So he has some fancy guns. So do we!" he said, hitting a double bicep pose, displaying peaks even the greatest bodybuilders in history could never have achieved. 


One minute Irfan had been standing right in front of Arthur, the next he had been slammed into the side of the adjacent building with enough force to crumble the entire wall. Stone, glass, and other materials raining down on him. Arthur, whom the shot had barely missed, began pulling of feats of incredible agility and nimbleness as the turrets fired off more shots. Arthur weaved his way around the shots, until one hit him directly in the face. Blasting him downwards into the ground, Arthur was propelled for several feet; his head and shoulders carving out a shallow trench as he slowed from the force of being thrown. 

"Oh he has guns alright. Maybe as big as ours" said Arthur, panting a little. Despite the unbelievable force of the impact, both Arthur's face and overall state were unharmed. Clambering to his feet, he saw another turret take aim, heating up for another shot. "AHHHHH!!!". Irfan came charging across the courtyard, his feet cutting deep into the stone ground. Leaping several dozen feet up and across, Irfan slammed his body into the turret aiming for Arthur. His fingers tore the metal and machinery apart like wet tissue. The turret was reduced to a mangled heap in seconds. 

"Now I'm fucking pissed!" he yelled. BAM, BAM, BAM!!! The turrets shot more rounds at the two gods. But Arthur and Irfan were far more prepared. Leaping like acrobats, they expertly maneuvered their way around the shots. The first turret they reached they tore in half together; Arthur grabbing hold of one side, Irfan grabbing the other, and just ripping it asunder. The next turret was shattered to pieces by the force of Irfan's deafening battle cry. His vocal chords emitting vibrations of such power that the components and bolts that held the weapon together couldn't take it.  

Arthur used his breath to melt two of them, but was struck in the back by a third, sending him flying forward into and through a pillar. "You motherfucker!" screamed Irfan. Ripping the turret from its foundation, he simply threw it up. It sailed upwards until it couldn't be seen anymore. The final two turrets fell by Irfan's hands too. Mangled and mashed until the resembled nothing describable. "Arthur! Are you good?!" said Irfan, as he lifted his boyfriend up into his arms. "I'm fine Irfan. Not even a scratch" said Arthur. Despite the shots they took, both of their bodies were in no way marked or damaged. 

"We're coming for you Paxton!" yelled Irfan in the direction of the camera. All that was there now was a smoking ruin of a thrown turret. "Oh. Right. Guess I should've paid more attention to where I was tossing those things" said Irfan. "I think he knows anyway" said Arthur. The two of them began approaching the main bunker doors, until yet more "activation" sounds became loud and obvious. "What now?!" said Irfan.

The high-tech doors that Arthur had earlier noted be sliding open. Irfan laughed. "Zombies?! Ha! Pax really has no idea what he's doing, does he?" said Irfan. The hoards rapidly began charging towards the gods. And with laughable ease, both Arthur and Irfan began swatting them aside, three or four at a time. "He may just be trying to slow us down. Or distract us. It took you this long to find him. He's obviously good at hiding" said Arthur, flicking a single finger and exploding the target zombie into a red mist. "Shit, that's a good point" said Irfan, not in any way noticing the undead hands trying to claw at his indestructible, perfect body. 

Using their fists, breath, and pecs, Arthur and Irfan laid waste to the hoards of undead as they made their way to the main hanger doors once again. Twisted corpses, melted flesh, and partially atomized bodies littered the once clean and unobstructed courtyard by the time the two gods had crossed a distance of just a few dozen feet. The metal doors were clearly immensely thick. Irfan just sank his fingers in, tore them out of the wall, and tossed is to the right. The doors might as well have been made of cotton. 

Rather than call the elevator up to them, Arthur and Irfan just dropped themselves over the edge of the mile long shaft. The elevator below was smushed and flattened when they landed. "So what's the plan?" asked Arthur. "Simple, we kill him. Make him pay" said Irfan, shrugging his massive, muscular shoulders. "What?! No, Irfan! This guy created the zombie plague. Maybe he could reverse it? Or at least make a vaccine!" said Arthur, a little put off by Irfan's steadfast decision to kill Paxton. 

"Trust me Artie, this guy is way too dangerous to let live" said Irfan, his eyes still focused entirely ahead of him. After a short walk down the central atrium, they reached central control room for the defenses they had destroyed above. A human heartbeat was finally detectable. Paxton must have found a way to shield himself from their incredible senses. 

With a flick of a toe, Irfan smashed the doors and part of the wall wide open. A scream of terror could easily be heard over the noise. Paxton. He was small, chubby, balding. Human. Weak and vulnerable. The look of absolute abject horror on his face as Irfan walked with purpose towards him, took him by his neck and lifted him to eye-level, dangling him two feet over the floor. "Remember me!" Irfan snarled, throwing Paxton at Arthur. The poor man collided with Arthur's pecs. He might as well have collided with a metal wall. He fell to the ground in a heap, crying and clutching his shoulder that had taken most of the impact. "Irfan! Calm down. I want him alive! I don't know about you, but I have questions!" said Arthur, irked but completely unharmed by Irfan throwing Paxton at him. 

"Please! Sir, help me! I'll do anything" said Paxton, who was now kneeling at Arthur's feet, one of his hands on one of Arthur's massive quads. The quad made his hand look miniscule. Arthur grabbed him by the back of his collar and hoisted him up off the floor again to eye-level. "You better talk! Because you ruined a lot of lives!" said Arthur. "I-I-I didn't! I s-s-swear!" said Paxton, starting to babble as he feared for his life. "Yes you did! You turned my family and my friends and the rest of the fucking planet into zombies!" yelled Arthur, right into Paxton's face. "I didn't! I swear to you! I played a part but I didn't do that! It was never meant to be that!" cried Paxton. "Then who did, huh?! You're telling me you didn't unleash the single greatest disaster on the world in history! Then who did, you lying piece of shit! Who?!" roared Arthur. Paxton fell silent. "Well?! Speak!" yelled Arthur. 

Paxton's lip trembled. As if he wanted to speak but couldn't. Like he wanted to share, but for some reason wanted to keep it a secret. As if there were ears that shouldn't hear what he was...going to...say. Arthur, still holding Paxton, moved him a little to the left, out of his direct line of sight. "Irfan...why...why is Paxton saying these things? Why is he lying about...why?" said Arthur, his vision honing in on Irfan. 


Irfan took a deep breath. "Arthur...Paxton did help to develop the chemical that acted as the catalyst for the zombie plague. But he was not the one who released it. In fact, there never meant to be a zombie plague at all. That was a tragic side-effect" said Irfan. 

Arthur stared in silence at Irfan. Paxton still dangling in his grip. A sickening feeling developing in his stomach. 

Irfan took another deep breath.

"I unleashed the zombie plague. I destroyed the world. I'm not after Paxton because of what he did. I'm after him because of what he has. I am Irfan Utaq, a scientist that worked on the development of chemical U88. A substance that was supposed to elevate the human race to the peak of evolution. And in a way it did. I separated those who are destined for godhood from those who are too weak to have power. And we're here now to collect the last of U88, and become the true gods we were destined to be".

Arthur dropped Paxton in disbelief. 

"Come on Artie. Don't you see?! This is better! A better world! Run by those genetically chosen by nature to rule!".

Arthur felt faint.

"Yeah I understand. It's not every day that you discover your boyfriend ended the world".    


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  • MrMuscleLover12 changed the title to Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 7) 20/07/22

Hi everyone. Sorry about the long wait! Life got in the way as usual 😒

Hope everyone enjoys the new chapter! Big twist!!!

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  • MrMuscleLover12 changed the title to Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 10; finale) 01/08/22

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