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Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 10; finale) 01/08/22


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Yeah maybe a chapter 10 could explore some sexual fantasies of this god. Maybe he creates himself a toy. Or perhaps Irfan finds a way to come back…


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Chapter 10: The new world


Arthur slept soundly in his oversized bed. He didn't need to; sleep was only necessary for mortals. But he stilled enjoyed dreaming and relaxing. He was stirred awake by the gently touch of a human tongue, slowly and methodically tracing the curvature of his eight pack abs, lovingly savoring every inch, right down to the groves between the stone-hard muscled bumps. Arthur stretched with pleasure, his nearly eight foot tall body reaching its full height on the bed, his massive jacked arms reaching high above his head, while his feet and toes pointed straight down as he lengthened every body part. 

"Good morning my love" said Arthur, gently place a hand on the little human's head, affectionately running his fingers through the little man's hair. The human continued lapping at Arthur's abs, before climbing up onto Arthur's torso completely, and resting his naked body against Arthur's superior nude physique.  

"Morning my handsome man! And of course, my all-powerful god!" said Bill, snuggling his face into the crevasse between Arthur's titanium pecs. Arthur shivered with pleasure as he felt Bill's lips gently caress the tops of his pecs, before tickling his nipples ever so lightly. Arthur bounced his pecs for fun, giggling at the sight of Bill comically lapping at one of his nipples every time it came within reach. They laughed together before Arthur wrapped his gigantic, powerful arms around Bill and rolled onto his side, cuddling the mortal close to him.

"So what do you wanna do today?" asked Arthur, gently brushing some of Bill's hair around his ear, combing his finders around the edges of the ear and the temple, giving Bill a sweet little massage. "Whatever you want, my love" whispered Bill, kissing Arthur's nose, making Arthur giggle again. "No seriously, come on! What do you want to do? Anything, anything at all!" said Arthur, leaning his head in, resting his forehead against Bill's. Bill thought for a moment. "Well...I did enjoy watching you juggle the Himalayas. Oh, and that time you moved New Zealand and Australia together to make one new combined piece of land! That was fun too!" he said.

"Yeah, but is there anything you want to do that doesn't involve watching me?!" said Arthur, bemused and exasperated. "Obviously not!" laughed Bill, jumping back up onto Arthur before leaning down and jamming his tongue into the god's mouth. They kissed for several minutes before a knock at the giant oaken doors on the far side of the room interrupted them. Bill hastily grabbed some bedsheets to cover his nakedness. Arthur chuckled at the sight of Bill and his human sense of modesty. 

Floating up off the bed, Arthur's full naked form levitated just above the floor. The sight of Arthur in such a godly pose caused Bill to squirt a little cum under the sheets. "Oops! Sorry, my love" said Arthur with a smirk and a wink. "Oh it's fine" chuckled Bill, crawling forward a little so he could kiss Arthur's hovering feet.

With just a thought, Arthur made the twenty feet tall double doors open, and a man entered the theatre-sized bedroom, walking across the wide open-space floorplan; his footsteps echoing every so slightly. As soon as he reached the spot five feet in front of Arthur, he immediately prostrated himself before the levitating god. 

"Good morning to you, my master" said the man. "Good morning Cole. Have you brought me news?" asked Arthur, looking down upon the punitive human; Bill still slurping loudly on Arthur's toes. 

"Yes master" said Cole, Arthur's personal public liaison. "People have been reporting signs again. Signs of...well flashing lights in the sky that is" said Cole, still prostrating himself fully face down. He had not made eye contact with Arthur when he entered the room. The humans had convinced themselves that it was improper to look Arthur in the eye unless given permission. Arthur had never commanded this, but didn't forbid it either. 

"Hmmmmm, yes. Irfan must be trying to send a message again" sighed Arthur. Sometimes he wished he had just killed Irfan back in Halifax. "Very good, Cole. Thank you for informing me. Now leave us, please" said Arthur. "At once, master" said Cole. As was the custom that, again, humans had decided upon, not Arthur, Cole crawled forward on all fours to kiss each of Arthur's floating feet once each, before getting to his feet and scurrying away. Arthur telekinetically shut the door behind him. 

"Why is Irfan always trying to reach us?" asked Bill, standing up on the bed to hug one of Arthur's massive legs, where he began making out with one of the two most muscular and shredded quads in history. "Well, the last time I saw him he was still a little pissed off about the whole 'stranding him on Mars' thing" said Arthur, floating away towards a nearby desk, with Bill almost tripping over himself to try and keep up. 

At the desk was one of the most advanced computers ever created, designed completely by Arthur and his infinitely powerful intellect. Telepathically interacting with it, Arthur opened a line to his personal global defense command. "General? Are you there?" said Arthur. "Of course my master. How may I serve you today?" asked the man on the other end. "Activate the defense shield over the eastern hemisphere. Mars is sending us messages again" said Arthur. "It will be done without question, my master" said the general, before Arthur cut the line. 

Turing around, still floating a few inches over the floor, Arthur reached down and took hold of Bill under his armpits, lifting him up into his arms. They kissed for a bit before Arthur spoke. "I need to go and see what this is all about my love. It's nothing really, but I should go see what Irfan wants. Don't want to leave him throwing a tantrum like that" said Arthur, as he and Bill floated together in one another's arms, slowly revolving on the spot. 

"Give him a good punch for me" joked Bill, kissing Arthur on his lips again. Arthur put Bill down. "I won't be long. I love you!" said Arthur. "I love you too!" called Bill, chasing after Arthur as his godly husband flew out the balcony door and up into the sky. Bill watched in awe as the serenely beautiful god with the bodybuilder physique shot off over the immense city that surrounded the royal palace. Millions in the surrounding areas looked up towards the sky and cheered when they saw Arthur flying overhead.

Arching himself, Arthur rose at supersonic speeds up through the clouds. Like swimming a backstroke, Arthur turned to view the Earth below becoming more and more distant as he ascended into the vacuum of space. He stopped and hovered for a moment as we watched a massive meteor, at least a mile in diameter, fly towards the planet. Even though the defense shield that Arthur himself had constructed decades ago would've easily deflected it, Arthur still shot golden beams of light from his eyes and detonated the meteor.

Looking out into the distance, Arthur could see more smaller ones approaching. Shooting off at extraordinary speeds, he ploughed his way through each and every one of them, obliterating them with his perfect indestructible body. Arthur continued to fly in that direction, reaching the space around Mars after a few seconds. From orbit, he could clearly see the construction of more would-be meteors on the surface. 

Arthur descended like a lightning bolt; as fast as light, and with a dramatic impact. Blowing open a crater on the surface, and unleashing an earthquake, Arthur rose like a god from the destruction he had so casually unleashed, floating up into the air knowing full well that Mars' sole occupant wasn't the least bit affected by the chaos of Arthur's landing. 

"Hello Irfan" said Arthur, his eyes glowing with golden light, ready to strike down any projectile sent his way. One pile of rubble nearby began to shake and crumble before a fist attached to an obscenely muscular forearm blew apart on side of it from within. Out stepped the second most beautiful and powerful man in all of existence. "Must you bury me every time you visit!" scoffed Irfan, brushing red dust off of his boulder shoulders.

We walked his way over to Arthur as the latter descended, finally touching his feet down gently on the ground. They stood less than an inch apart, their pecs touching. Arthur was now almost a foot taller than the seven foot tall Irfan. Irfan looked up at Arthur, while Arthur looked down at Irfan with his glowing golden eyes. "I should be able to do that to! But you decided to keep all the power to yourself!" growled Irfan. Arthur smirked. "For the better" said Arthur. 

"So, how's Gareth? Or is it Shawn? Which husband are you on again?" said Irfan in mocking tones. "His name is Bill, and he's husband number five" said Arthur, unperturbed by Irfan's attitude. "Right, right. Number five. Because of course you have to settle for mortals who keep dying off inconveniently. It's not like you could've had an immortal husband" said Irfan. "You could've had one too, but now you have to settle for nobody" said Arthur, glad to see that it wiped the smile off of Irfan's face. 

Storming off in a huff, Irfan's feet cut groves in the ground as he stomped off. "I assume you wanted my attention for some reason?" joked Arthur, floating off the ground again after Irfan, enjoying the fact that it was now his turn to be the mocking one. "It's been two hundred years of this nonsense Arthur! Don't pretend you don't know what I want" hissed Irfan, effortlessly tossing a massive boulder at Arthur out of frustration. Arthur didn't even flinch as the boulder shattered into a thousand pieces upon impacting his invulnerable body. 

"You promised to fuck my brains out at least once a decade, to keep me satisfied and to help me blow of some steam" said Irfan. "It's now been over thirty years since your last visit!".

"That's the one advantage of mortal husbands; different cock every fifty years or so. Maybe I got bored of you and your usual tricks" said Arthur. Reaching out telekinetically, Arthur grasped Irfan in a giant invisible fist, lifting him off the ground and turning him around to face him. "But I will say this; if you keep tearing up pieces of Mars and throwing them at the Earth, you won't have a planet left!". 

"Oh yes, whatever will I do without this barren rock of isolation!" spat Irfan, struggling in vain against Arthur's telekinetic hold. 

"I mean it! Since I exiled you here two hundred years ago, Mars has shrunk by about twenty percent!" said Arthur. "How nice it must be to have an intellect of infinite potential" said Irfan, rolling his eyes. "You want to float forever in the emptiness of space, or do you want solid ground to walk on?!" said Arthur. Irfan just huffed and avoided eye contact. "And you know that even if you threw the entire planet to Earth I could still easily protect it. Mars doesn't weigh that much to me". 

Dropping Irfan, Arthur floated down next to him, and wrapped his powerful arms around his ex-boyfriend. "How about we take care of some of that stress and loneliness" purred Arthur. Irfan went red in the face from frustration. "Ugh! Well...okay, fine!" he said, furious that he hated Arthur but still badly wanted him. Arthur laughed as he grabbed Irfan by the back of his neck and threw him off into the distance towards a nearby mountain. Flying after him, Arthur plunged down onto Irfan cock-first, smashing right into Irfan's ass at incredible speeds. 

What followed next was the intercourse of a lifetime. Arthur new that, unlike Bill, he didn't need to hold back or anything. He fucked Irfan with all the might and anger he could muster! Irfan yelled out in pleasure, feeling thirty years worth of pent up sexual frustration finally being released. Arthur continued to abuse Irfan's hole, thrusting with the force of one of Irfan's meteors. The mountain behind them cracked and shook as Arthur unleashed waves of pleasure throughout Irfan's body. Reaching into Irfan's mind telepathically, Arthur gave him even deeper pleasure than ever before, stimulating the pleasure centers of his brain right down to the quantum level.  

Irfan came, releasing more cum than any human could ever hope for. But then Arthur came. Even from space the explosion of cum would've been visible. A whole shockwave spread for hundreds of miles as Arthur transformed the badly beaten mountain into a snow-capped one. Arthur's cry of pleasure threatened to destabilize the orbits of Mars' two moons. 

After several minutes of heaving breathing, the two of them regained their senses. They both lay on their backs looking up at the sky. Irfan absentmindedly placed a hand on Arthur's abs and caressed them gently. "Thanks" he muttered. "No problem" said Arthur. "Can I...come back to Earth?" said Irfan, knowing full well that Arthur was going to say no. Rising up into the air once again, his cock still dripping with some leftover cum, Arthur looked down upon the spent body of Irfan. "Sorry Irfan. But we both know that power is your downfall. And you being around inferior lifeforms is too much of a temptation for you". 

Irfan let out a sigh of frustration again. "Well...at least promise you'll be back before the turn of the century! Or I will throw more meteors!" he said. Arthur smirked. "We'll see" he said. Launching himself directly upwards, Arthur left Mars in almost as dramatic fashion as he had arrived in. Shooting through space, Arthur's body was soon engulfed in flames as he reentered Earth's atmosphere.

Bill ran and threw himself into Arthur's arms the second he saw him touch down on the balcony. Bill dropped to his knees and licked the remnants of cum from Arthur's cock head. "So how's Irfan?" asked Bill, licking up and down the shaft of Arthur's foot long, flaccid godhood. "The same. Angry, horny, bored" said Arthur, levitating his husband of the ground telekinetically before strolling back into the massive bedroom, floating Bill alongside of him with total ease. "So no mass extinction by meteor then? Hopefully?" said Bill, making Arthur laugh. "That was neve going to happen! I wouldn't let it" said Arthur, before floating Bill into his embrace.

"I will always keep you safe. For however long you live for" said Arthur, kissing Bill on his cheek, making the little human blush. "Do you ever wish that your husbands could live longer lives?" asked Bill, running his delicate human fingers over Arthur's godly pecs. Arthur bounced them for Bill's amusement. 

"Of course, but there's no reason why our love can't be real just because I'll live on forever while you won't. You and every husband that came before, and every one that will come after you, will be men who make me feel good and loved! Human or god, isn't that all that matters?" said Arthur. Bill wasted no time in kissing Arthur all over his face, aroused by such a passionate declaration of love. 

"Now then" said Arthur, casually making Bill cum with a telepathic command before tossing him several feet to the bed. "I must get on with my duties as ruler of Earth". Arthur resumed floating once again. He very much considered standing and walking to be largely beneath him at this point in his life. "I will be back in a few hours to take you to do that fun thing you'll come up with!" he said, blowing a kiss to Bill. "I'll try to have come up with something by then" laugh Bill.

Arthur flew out the balcony doors once again, only this time flying down to the streets of the planet capital city. All around humans threw themselves down in worship as Arthur floated amongst them. Hundreds wetting themselves with cum from the sight of literal physical perfection. 

As they bowed and worshipped, Arthur floated and reflected. Two hundred years of rule, and two hundred years of peace and no zombies. The Earth was better now than it had ever been before, and humanity was finally in its long-awaited golden age, all because of him. Perhaps one day Arthur would oversee the spreading of mankind to other planets, or maybe he'd create planets of his own! Start his own galaxy-wide empire! Arthur chuckled at the thought, his handsome face eliciting more ejaculations from some onlooking humans.

Raising himself higher, Arthur looked up at the sky. He looked beyond them, his godly eyes showing him distant galaxies and the planets within them in perfect detail. Perhaps someday they'd be his. It's not like he had a limited amount of time. The universe was just a science experiment to him now. 

"All hail Arthur" chanted the crowd around him in unison. Prostrating in circles around his hovering body, Arthur's body began radiating golden light. His pecs inflated as he filled his chest with air. His perfect white teeth shone brilliantly as he looked out upon the crowds of worshippers. His days as a scrawny twink watching the zombie plague unfurl on TV were literal lifetimes ago to him now. Hard to believe he would be the cure not only to the plague, but to the condition of begin human too! 

Arthur's shinning body unleashed on more wave of pure pleasure upon his devoted subjects. 

He smiled again. His world was perfect. He had a husband to love and cherish. And his plaything was only a few hundred thousand miles away. 

No more zombies. Only gods.  

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  • MrMuscleLover12 changed the title to Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 10; finale) 01/08/22

Done for now! Hope everyone liked the finale. 

I'm open to sequels and spin-offs, but I've got a busy month ahead, so I don't know if I'll have much time for a while. 

But enjoy nonetheless! 

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