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Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 5) 19/06/22


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Zombies and Gods

Chapter 1: Arthur


The desolate street of a once vibrant city lay in ruin. Burnt-out and rusted husks of vehicles littered everywhere, with vines and plants overgrowing features like trash cans and nonfunctional street lights. Cracked concrete, boarded up windows, crumbling buildings; the age of man was edging closer and closer to extinction. All that roamed the city now were animals...and zombies. 

Mindless savages, once human, wrapped in rotting flesh, meandering their way around. Waiting to be excited and enthralled by stimuli. Preferably a tasty human survivor. Hoards just wandering, waiting to run into an unlucky person by pure luck. The human population was in scarce supply these days. Most were zombies, the rest of what was left were dead. Only a scattering of humans settlements remained; holed up behind fortified walls and armed protection. Most settlement believed themselves to be the last. Such was the reality of how few remained.

And yet, for all the zombies and all the survivors, there was another faction. A one-man faction. Or rather, a one-god faction.

Arthur came soaring in from nowhere, having leapt from several dozen miles away. His unbelievably muscular legs came crashing down on a woefully unprepared zombie. Not that there was anything it could ever have done to save itself from him. The creature was pulverized into a puddle of blood and gore as Arthur's beautiful feet, diamond-like calves, quads akin to tree trunks, all wrapped in smooth, silky, immaculately clean skin came bearing down on it. The it was the road's turn. Cracks sprang forth from the point where Arthur's feet made contact with the concrete. A small crater formed. Arthur stood perfectly balanced at the center. His arms folded, as the had been for the entire jump and landing. It had all been so effortless for him.   

The zombies blood stained the lower halve of his legs. Above this, above his godlike quads, were two things; a 9-inch flaccid penis on one side, and the most beautiful, plump, fantastically shaped ass on the other. Moving up we come to the most sculpted, most ripped, most muscular eight-pack set of abs one could imagine, flanked by similarly built obliques.

Arthur loosened his arms, revealing a jaw-dropping pair of titanium pecs. Two massive, bulbous, striated pecs with a deep crevasse in-between. His nipples were perfect too; the right color, the right size, and so inviting looking. On either side of his pecs were lats so big that even unflexed they were clearly visible and noticeable. To the sides were arms so big, so constantly pumped, that they looked more like concrete than the actual concrete. Below these were obscenely muscular forearms and hands. From the biceps to the hands was a level of vascularity that liked like lightning.

Boulder-like shoulders supported these arms, with traps large enough that a normal-sized human hand couldn't cover even half of them. The zombies behind Arthur had the honor of gazing upon this back; a topological map of rippling muscle tapering down to an enviously narrow waist. Plus a decent view of his insanely build triceps.

Topping everything off was his head; a beautiful, masculine, charming face. Deep blue eyes, perfectly aligned teeth that dazzled when he smiled, a sexy as fuck jawline complete with its own rippled cheek muscles (yes, that's right; Arthur has cheek muscles!). Clean shaved with a head full of perfectly groomed, thick, lush, jet-black hair. The icing on the cake was his skin; smooth, silky, free of hair, and not a single blemish of any kind anywhere. 

At a height of 7' 5'', his looks and physique alone made Arthur a god. And that's not even mentioning is actual superpowers. 

When the dust from Arthur's landing settled there was a brief moment of silence. The hoard of zombies were briefly caught off guard by Arthur's arrival. But once they realized what was happening, their barbaric instincts took over. Howling and growling like animals, they charged towards Arthur from all directions. Arthur smirked; this was going to be fun and easy. 

The zombies immediately tried jumping him. Their razor sharp claws and teeth thrashing. Of course not one of them made even the smallest mark on Arthur's body. Arthur just looked down at them and smiled in amusement at their futile effort. Their small fragile hands just bouncing off of his statuesque physique. Arthur put his hands on his hips and adopted a sexy pose. It was just natural for him to always look so damn good.

After letting the zombies enjoy their last few moments by letting them think they were going to actually make a meal out of him, Arthur began to casually stroll forward. Of course the zombies couldn't do anything to stop him. He just started walking slowly and the zombies were simply pushed aside. Arthur laughed at how easy it was. 

Suddenly, Arthur grabbed one zombie by the head and lifted it clean off the ground, holding it over two feet in the air (only then was it at eye-level with Arthur). Arthur looked at it. He felt sorry for it. Or rather he felt sorry for the human it had once been. Whereas that human had been transformed into a monster by a simple bite, another bite saw Arthur somehow ascending to godhood. While lost in thought, Arthur simply crushed the zombies head, popping it like a grape, drenching part of himself and the other zombies in its blood.

 Shaking the thoughts of pity for long dead humans out of his head, Arthur refocused on the zombies. Grabbing another, he flung it over his shoulder, send it flying for possibly hundreds of miles. Another he simply picked up and then tore in two at the waist, spilling entrails and blood. Arthur laughed. "Time to bring out the good stuff!" he declared, giving a double bicep pose, as if the zombies were a crowd of admirers waiting to see such beauty. 

But first, he closed his eyes and focused. His super-hearing immediately blocked out all sounds from the zombies and the surrounding environment. He was zeroing in on human heartbeats; heartbeats he could hear from a hundred miles away. He didn't detect any. "Good" said Arthur, talking to himself as he normally did. "I can let loose without have to worry about any little humans getting hurt" he said to one of the still attacking zombies, as if it could understand him. Arthur poked it in its head. His finger went straight into the things skull and directly to its brain. The zombie was killed instantly. For Arthur it felt no different than poking thin air! 

Taking a deep breath, Arthur began to whistle. His superhuman vocal chords began unleashing vibrations of such an intense level that all zombies caught in their path were liquified. Aside from them, glass shattered, stone cracked and crumbled, metal deformed, and any poor and unfortunate animals in the way got liquified too. By the time Arthur finished whistling (after about ten seconds) half of the area immediately in front of him for about a hundred feet was heavily damaged (more so than it already was) and about a third of the hoard were now just red puddles.

"Too easy" muttered Arthur, smirking. A zombie had run up to the right of Arthur and began thrashing at his arm. Arthur felt nothing of course, and so grabbed the thing by its neck and lifted it right into the air, one-arm style. He brought it closer to his face. The zombie clawed at Arthur's hand and forearm in vain. Letting out an exhale, Arthur breathed superheated air right at the creature's head, barbequing it at a temperature of hundreds of degrees. The things head melted like ice-cream. 

Dropping the lifeless corpse, Arthur turned to the rest of the hoard and let out another, larger exhale. Zombies left and right burst into flames, the remains of vehicles exploded, metal bars and posts began to melt and deform, and some of the closer building were set ablaze. The air was full of ash, smoke, and the smell of burning flesh. 

Arthur then pursed his lips and started blowing, unleashing air colder than even the depths of the Arctic. The buildings that had caught on fire were instantly saved. Arthur didn't want to cause too much damage to them; human survivors might one day have a use for them. 

Only a handful of zombies from the hoard now remained. Deciding to take care of them the old fashioned way, Arthur charged.

Five were crushed to pieces as Arthur knocked them down and then casually walked over them. Two were lifted by the backs of their necks and then slammed into Arthur's pecs. One was just crumpled like a sheet of paper by Arthur's fingers. Arthur then sank his fingers into the remains of a larger delivery truck. With only one arm he hoisted it so easily into the air above his head. Taking aim, he launched it at a group of about a dozen zombies. All of them were flattened.

With only one left, Arthur tore a large chunk of the road out with a single hand, and then proceeded to throw the three hundred pound chunk at the zombie with such speed and force that it took the creature's head right off and then kept going for another few feet before smashing into an old storefront. The decapitated corpse stood for a few more minutes before tipping over.

And that was it. Now there was just silence. Nothing but the sound of the wind and a few birds. The occasional crackle of a flame from the still-burning zombie corpses. Arthur felt quite pleased with his work. Another hoard taken care of. The world was now that bit safer thanks to what he just did. I might not have made a huge difference, but it was something. Arthur felt like this was his purpose. After miraculously gaining superpowers from a bite that was supposed to zombify him, Arthur resolved to killing these things off as best he could for the good of the human survivors. 

Arthur looked down at his flawless naked body. Well...almost flawless. He was covered in blood, soot, dust, and dirt from his couple of few minutes of fun. "Time to find a river or something" he said. 

"Want any help?" said a voice from behind him. Turning around, Arthur looked up to see a man perched on the top of a ruined bus. But it wasn't a man. He was tall, like Arthur. Muscular, like Arthur. Beautiful, like Arthur. 

The man smiled an absolutely gorgeous smile. His vibrantly green eyes practically glowing. He exhaled, and Arthur felt superheated air all around him. He wasn't at all affect as he was totally invulnerable, but the road beneath him cracked and then slowly began to liquify. The man stopped exhaling as Arthur looked back up at him. "Yeah, I thought I was the only one too" he said, registering the look on Arthur's face.   


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Ooooh the master of super-powered Gods is back, apparently? Hot story! Can't wait for more destruction and destructive love-making!

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Chapter 2: Irfan


"Em...hi" said Arthur, suddenly feeling a little self-conscience about being nude. He wasn't sure why; he was as beautiful as this man, but still. There was something about meeting an equal that made one feel less confident. 

"Hey" said the man, hitting Arthur with a killer smile. The man dropped down from the bus, leaving imprints of his own bare feet in the pavement. He too was nude, and had muscles the likes of which Arthur had only ever seen on himself. "That was quite the show you put on. I'm impressed" said the man, slowly edging closer and closer to Arthur. Both of them were sporting semi erect dicks. 

"So...you're like me?" asked Arthur, eyeing the hunk from head (full of lush black hair like Arthur's) to toe (very nice, tasty looking toes). "Well, I can do everything you just did, so yeah. I have powers like you" the man said, treating Arthur to a quick pec bounce and another killer smirk.

"Right, yeah" said Arthur, a little bashful, couldn't help himself from smiling, and bounced his own pecs back. "Dear God you're magnificent" said the man, running his eyes all over Arthur. He was clearly more daring than Arthur. Not to mention more suave and more smooth. Arthur instantly perceived him as being, for lack of a better word, more "cool". Arthur again blushed and chuckled. "Eh, thanks. You're, eh...pretty fantastic yourself" he said. 

"Can you do this" said the man, cocking an eyebrow before he started rolling his own eight-pack abs in a repeating wave-like manner. "Sure can" said Arthur, and started doing it back, and they shared a laugh. "What about this?" asked the man, and he lifted his leg, then ploughed it into the ground, practically shaking the whole street, creating lightning-like cracks from the point of contact. His quad exploded into a mass of dense muscles and pure power. "Yep" said Arthur, trying to build up a bit more courage with this guy. Arthur had never been a very sociable person. Arthur copied what the other guy just did, shaking the street himself, and displaying his own quad's incredible power. 

"Nice. Very, very nice" said the other god. He took a few steps closer to Arthur. Then another. And another. "Can you do this though?". The man pulled his arm back and then through a punch straight into Arthur's pecs. Arthur was invulnerable, and so couldn't feel pain, or discomfort, nor could her be injured or damaged in any way. But still, this was a punch from a god. It may not have hurt or injured him, but it still sent him flying. Next thing Arthur new, he was lying on his back after crashing through a dozen buildings and tearing a deep trench in a completely different road. As Arthur sat up the other god landed on his feet next to him after jumping, shaking the ground once again.

"Right here man" said the other god, thumping his pecs so hard that the shockwave pushed away all loose debris within fifty feet of them in addition to leaving off a deafening boom. The two of them of course felt nothing; only their hair ruffled a small bit. A few seconds later, the other god was sent crashing through one building after another, coming to a rest in what was once a police station. "That was fucking amazing!" he cheered, laughing his perfect ass off. He casually brushed off the bits of debris that had landed on him; fifty pounds, sixty pounds, a hundred pounds; it was all the same. The stranger once again walked right up to Arthur. They were the same height. Their bodies the same sizes and proportions. Arthur couldn't believe it. Three years since the outbreak. Three years of him thinking he was alone. And now here stood a potential friend, equal to Arthur in every way. A potential friend with a kind, warm, handsome face. 

"I'm Arthur" said Arthur, holding out his hand. "The name's Irfan" said the stranger, taking Arthur's hand and shaking it. Their grip strength was enough to turn diamonds to dust, and they weren't even trying. Arthur took a moment to study Irfan's features. Sharp jawline, a thick but exceptionally well groomed beard. Hair color the same as Arthur's, but styled differently. Whereas Arthur maintained a taper fade hairstyle, Irfan had more of a shoulder-length wavy hairstyle, which seemed to naturally fall away from his face, letting its perfection be easily seen. He was hot. Really hot. Arthur felt...excited.

"There's a river back the way I came" said Irfan, gesturing in that direction. "If you want to join me in cleaning up". 

"Right! Yes!" said Arthur, coming back down to Earth, making Irfan chuckle. Both of them were covered in dirt and dust, while Arthur was still covered in dried zombie blood.   

Irfan lead the way, taking off in a sprint, with Arthur close behind. Both of them reached a speed of about a hundred miles per hour after a few seconds. All the while Arthur kept an ear open to the sound of any human heartbeats, ready to stop himself and Irfan of there was a risk they might plough into any. After a few minutes they reached the river. Arthur followed Irfan in, enjoying the sight of Irfan's rippling back. 

Soon they were both washing themselves. Water up to their waists, grapping handfuls of it and sensually lathering up their beyond-bodybuilder physiques. Drops of water trailing down their bodies, moving over the cobblestones that made up their abs, or cascading over the edge of their pecs. Each drop clearly away dirt and blood to reveal the beauty of the skin and muscle the lay hidden beneath. They were the spitting images of Greek gods.

With the cleaning of themselves largely done, they then just stood there, facing each other, continuing to lather themselves up with water, checking the other out, exchanging smiles, smirks, and giggles. 

"So where are you from Irfan?" asked Arthur. "You have a very nice sounding accent". 

"Iran" said Irfan. "Or rather I'm from what's left of Iran". 

"Long way from home" said Arthur. "What bring to America's east coast? Or rather what's left of it". 

Irfan smiled. "Looking for you I guess" he said.

"Me?! What...I'm famous?!" said Arthur.

"No!" laughed Irfan. "I meant I've been looking for someone like you! Like me! Another godlike man". 

"Yeah. It's nice to know I'm not the only one." said Arthur. "So you got your powers from a bit too?"

"Sure did." said Irfan. "One minute I'm just some fat, balding, middle-aged merchant running for his life. The next I'm...well this". And he gestured down to his torso. He began bouncing his pecs, then treated Arthur to a heart stopping lat spread, before raising his arms into a double bicep. 

"Fucking nice Irfan" said Arthur. Arthur hit a lat spread himself. "Not too bad yourself Arthur" said Irfan, shamelessly checking out Arthur's glorious form. They shared another laugh. Arthur liked Irfan. He could sense that they were going to get on very well. 

"So your...middle aged?" said Arthur, flexing his eight-pack, solidifying it into the hardest substance on the planet.

"Yeah, I know right! I'm technically forty-eight, but when I was bitten I suddenly looked like I was twenty again!" said Irfan, his thick, unflexed pecs jiggling a little as he spoke so enthusiastically. "How about you?". 

"Twenty-six. I was a skinny nerd-type from this place called Ohio. I was at home when the neighbor burst in through the window and started biting me. Suddenly I'm more than seven feet tall, and I can fold car doors like their sheets of paper!". Arthur admired his own cannonball-sized bicep as he spoke.  

"I often wonder how it happened. Why didn't we become zombies?" said Irfan. Arthur shrugged his huge shoulders. 

"So your home. Or you had one. Did your family...you know..." Irfan was trying to be a sensitive and as delicate as he could. 

"Eh...no. They didn't...they were already outside and surrounded when it happened" said Arthur.

"I'm very sorry to hear that" said Irfan. "Thank you" said Arthur. "What about your family?".

"Well my dad was long dead anyway. My mom had moved to Saudi Arabia, one of the worst places hit. I've never found her. Same for my two brothers. Lost contact. No idea where they were. Or where they are now if they're even still alive.". 

"My condolences" said Arthur. Irfan looked right into Arthur's eyes and smiled. "Did you...have a wife?" asked Arthur.

"Who, me?!" laughed Irfan. "Before I became a god, I looked like a fucking potato!" he said. "No woman ever wanted to touch me!". 

"Well, you definitely aren't a potato now" said Arthur. This time Arthur lead the pec bouncing, and Irfan smiled his biggest smile yet as he joined in. "We are, as you say, gods" and Arthur struck another double bicep pose as he waded closer to Irfan. "Yes we are" said Irfan. Next second, Arthur got the thrill of his life. Irfan reached up to feel Arthur's bicep peaks, massaging them with his own incalculably strong fingers. "Very nice" said Irfan, almost as a whisper. 

Arthur dropped his arms, and he and Irfan stood close together for a moment. Their pecs just about grazed the other's as they breathed. "Come on" said Arthur. "I know a comfortable place nearby we can hang". 

They walked out of the river, emerging from the water and revealing their chiseled legs. Soon they were running at tremendous speeds, but with Arthur leading the way. They arrived at an old apartment building, and entered the penthouse. Clearly it once belong to someone wealthy. Dirty and dust covered, like everywhere else (not to mention the plants that grow when humans leave), but neither of them cared. "The bed has a nice view of the sunset" said Arthur, dropping himself down onto it. "So it does" said Irfan, joining him, and staring out the large broken bay window opposite the king-sized bed. "You know we don't need to sleep though" said Irfan. "I know we don't NEED to, but I still enjoy it" said Arthur.

Suddenly, Irfan moved one of his bare feet so it made contact with one of Arthur's. Arthur looked down at it, before looking at Irfan. "I'd like to know more about you, Arthur" he said. "Likewise" said Arthur. "But for now, we pleasure ourselves" said Irfan. He took hold of his fully erect, thirteen inch cock, and began to masturbate. Arthur smiled as he took hold of his own similarly sized unit. Soon the two of them were jacking off side-by-side in silence, enjoying the sound of the other's breathing, and the sight of their physiques all flared, pumped, and sexy as hell. After an hour of pure stimulation and enjoyment, Irfan shot his load straight through the ceiling, smashing a hole about six feet in diameter. "Fuck yeah!" he exclaimed. Arthur shot his load too, right in the same spot as Irfan. Irfan laughed. "Nicely done" he said, patting Arthur on his abs. 

"Check out that building over their" said Arthur, pointing to a neighboring apartment block. Using his superhuman sense sight, Irfan could easily "zoom in" in out the building and see it all in perfect detail. "Yeah, there's a little lone zombie near a window" he said. "Watch this" said Arthur. Tearing a small fist-sized chuck out of the wall behind him, Arthur put it in his mouth and start chewing. He then spat out little pebbles at speeds faster than guns fire bullets. Every single pebble flew the hundred or so feet to the lone zombie and tore straight through the damn thing. Eight shots, eights chunks blown right out of the thing. 

"Nice" said Irfan, clearly amused. "I can see another one in that building" said Arthur, tearing out another chunk and handing it to Irfan. "BOOM! Headshot!" yelled Irfan, and Arthur rolled onto his side laughing. "Okay, okay, you're possible the better shot" said Arthur. Irfan rolled onto his side too so that they could face one another. 

"I look forward to knowing you better tomorrow" said Irfan, smiling his shit-eating smile. "We should go zombie killing together" suggested Arthur. "Hell yeah" said Irfan, and Arthur giggled. "Goodnight" said Arthur. "Goodnight to you to" said Irfan. 


Making sure Arthur was asleep, Irfan quietly got up and walking to the bay window. Even though is was the middle of the night and pitch-dark, Irfan's super eyes could still see perfectly clearly in the dark. He had mixed feelings. On one hand he had met Arthur. Sexy, strong, superpowered Arthur; like him! On the other hand...he still hadn't found it. Years of searching Europe had lead to nothing, and now several weeks in the US hadn't turned up anything either.

Arthur murmured in his sleep. Irfan looked back and smiled at his new handsome friend. He couldn't believe he had found another one. Three years of thinking it was just him. The two of them might have an easier job finding it than Irfan alone. Feeling reassured, Irfan lay back down next to Arthur. He gently reached over and placed a hand on Arthur's left pec, feeling the godly heartbeat beneath.    

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1 hour ago, BIGBEN2 said:

Nice. Wish I could transform like that

Hey BigBen2. Love your pics! You might wish to look like Arthur, but I wish I looked like you! 😍 More chapters on the way. Let me know what you might like to see 😉

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Just… Insanely hot. Would love to see more powers, like telekinesis and hovering, their perfect feet just inches above the ground.

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1 hour ago, OldFashioned said:

Just… Insanely hot. Would love to see more powers, like telekinesis and hovering, their perfect feet just inches above the ground.

I find that to be so hot too! I love the idea of a huge naked muscle man's feet hovering just inches off the ground. And maybe he's posing or pec bouncing while hovering 🥵!!!

But for this story I wanted to focus more on physical powers and not supernatural powers. Arthur and Irfan have every single aspect of their physical beings dialled right up to a million. Strength, speed, durability, senses. Even less obvious features like their breath either being super hot or cold depending on how they blow. 

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you could go the knights of the round table approach and have 6 or 7 of them meet up to destroy the zombies, but it would be cool to look like both arthur and irfan, though i am more arthur if i were to grow

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Chapter 3: To be loved


"Favorite superpower" said Irfan, casually twisting and deforming the steel pole that he had absentmindedly picked up a while ago.

"Super strength, obviously" replied Arthur. He flicked his big toe against the husk of an old car, and sent it flying down the street where it smashed into and flattened a bus stop. 

"What about you?". Irfan gave it some thought before just saying "this". He began bouncing his pecs, releasing rhythmic vibrations into the air. He sped up the bounce until his was unleashing powerful shockwaves. A nearby three-story building began to shake and crumble, before collapsing altogether.  

"Pretty sure that's still super strength" said Arthur, cocking one of his eyebrows. "Then it's yet another thing we have in common" said Irfan, flashing a smile that made them both laugh.

They were strolling along the outskirts of the city, naked as the day they were born, flexing their muscles, garbing things like vehicles and lampposts to crush or lift for fun. Arthur was having the time of his life hanging out with possibly the only other superman on the planet. 

"So you must have travelled a lot to get here" said Arthur, not noticing that one of his feet had just pulverized a small rock into fine powder after walking on it. 

"Middle East, north Africa, western Europe. I spent three years wandering all over them, looking for other gods. All I found were zombies and humans. Then I swam the Atlantic after deciding to give North America a go. Took me five day to swim it. Arrived somewhere in Florida I think. The first thing I did was massacre a much of those brain-eaters before travelling north. That's when I ran into you". 

"I notice you refer to us as 'gods' a lot. I mean, we're obviously way more than human, but I don't know if I ever really saw myself as being...godly, you know?" said Arthur, bringing his arm up and flexing it. His sculpted, vascular bicep exploded into existence. Arthur pondered it for a minute; yes it was beautiful, and probably contained the more power than all of Earth's previous militaries combined, but Arthur hadn't really considered himself a god. 

"That's probably because you don't often hang around with humans" said Irfan.

"What do you mean?". 

"Well" said Irfan, "You know you're special even though you hang around by yourself. That's obvious. But you don't see yourself as superior because you don't often hang around other humans that emphasize the difference between us and them".

"So if I mingled with humans, I'd feel more...godly?" said Arthur. 

Irfan laughed. "Believe me, the second they see you it's all 'we're not worthy' or 'please be merciful'". 

"It sounds like they're terrified of you!" said Arthur. "At first" said Irfan, "But they catch on after a bit that I don't mean them any harm. So long as they don't do anything evil that is". 

Arthur had to admit that he kinda liked what Irfan was saying. His dick had definitely hardened a bit after listening to Irfan describe human worship. The only reason he didn't hang around with humans is because he was worried about hurting them. When you can unleash widespread destruction just by yelling loud enough you tend to keep your distance from the innocent. 

"I know" said Irfan, "Let's find a human settlement. Are there any nearby?". 

"Yeah. Follow me" said Arthur. Squatting just a little, Arthur's calves and quads exploded with mighty muscularity and rippling striations. He then pushed off from the ground, leaving behind a massive crater as he rocketed into the sky. A dozen miles up, and nearly a hundred across, Arthur landed in a lightly wooded area, knocking over trees and exploding boulders from the force of his landing. Same thing happened again when Irfan touched down alongside of him. 

They walked a little to the edge of the woodland where a large, fenced-off town came into view on the far side of a field. "They call it 'New Boston'" said Arthur. "How big is the population?" asked Irfan, closing his eyes to listen for human heartbeats, even though they were still a mile away from the town. As if such a miniscule distance would matter to them. "About twenty thousand" said Arthur, "And a lot of burly men are often sent on patrol into these surrounding woods. To look for and take care of zombies of course". He smiled a playful smile at Irfan, who flashed him a devious look in his eyes.

They both used their superhuman hearing and vision to scan the surrounding areas. Dozens of square miles were analyzed in minutes before they detected a small group of six humans manning a temporary outpost between them and the town. "All male" said Irfan, sniffing the air, detecting distinctly male pheromones, "Excellent". 

"So you're gay?" asked a hopeful Arthur, as he and Irfan began to jog towards the unwitting humans, both of them knocking aside trees, rocks, and any unfortunate animals that got in their way. "I'm a god Arthur. I'm whatever the hell I want to be!" laughed Irfan, as his body completely bulldozed a tree into splinters. 

They slowed down as they reached the humans, not wanting to give themselves away just yet. There were indeed six, all sitting around a small fire. They were cooking some deer meat by the smell of it. All male, they were mostly big looking men. Three caught Arthur's eye straight away: muscular arms in nice tight sleeves, and some decent looking chests could be seen too. Another two weren't as big, but still look lean and athletic. Their broad shoulders could be seen beneath their jackets. The last one was small. Skinny arms and no obvious signs of a built chest. Still cute though. 

"How's the meant coming Charlie?" asked on of the muscular ones. "Nearly there Joe" said one of the more medium sized men who was tending to the fire. "Fucking starving" said the big one named Joe, rubbing his stomach. Arthur's perfect eyes detected no abs, but rather a solid muscle gut.  "Yeah, town's been running low on supplies for weeks now" said another one if the bigger men. "Too many mouths, not enough hands" muttered Charlie. 

"And that's how we become their gods" whispered Irfan, "Introduce ourselves and then tell them that we can solve their little food shortage problem". Irfan was whispering so quietly that not even powerful electronics could have detected any sound. But Arthur's ears could hear him perfectly fine. 

"So how do we do this?" asked Arthur. Irfan smiled and ruffled Arthur's hair. "Allow me to warm things up for you" he said. 

Standing up to his full height of 7' 5'', Irfan began to quietly walk forward into the men's campsite. His wide, muscular feet snapping twigs as we went. "What was that?!" said the small man, jumping up from the ground where he had been lounging. "Shit, it could be zombies!" said Joe. "If it was zombies they'd come charging at us. It's probably just a critter. So...maybe more food?" said another one of the big ones. 

Suddenly, Irfan's beautiful, muscular forearms shot out from the foliage and gripped one of the big ones and one of the middle-sized ones by their necks. Both starting gagging as Irfan raised them both about a foot and a half into the air. "Greetings humans! Fear not, for I am a god who means only to harm the wicked" boomed Irfan, as he walked into their campsite, displaying the full might of his flawless naked body. "Holy shit!" exclaimed Charlie, looking back and forth between his two friends who were dangling at the end of Irfan's raised arms, and the glorious sight of Irfan's rapidly hardening cock. 

"Who the fuck are you?!" cried Joe. "I am the god Irfan" said Irfan as he dropped the two men he had been holding back onto the ground. They both scurried away, back to the others where they joined them in standing and staring is disbelief. All of the men starting showing signs of tenting in their trousers. BANG! A bullet had been fired directly at Irfan, where it hit him in his right pec. The bullet flattened against the immoveable muscle, before falling to the ground. Everyone turned to see the small man holding a gun and trembling. Irfan let out a laugh.

"Excellent shot my human friend! Right in the center of the pec and everything" said Irfan, looking down at where the bullet hit him. He started bouncing that pec, and that pec alone. He began walking towards the small man. One of the larger, more muscly moved in front of the small man, in an apparent sign of wanting to protect him. "How kind!" said Irfan, looking down at the big man. There was at least a foot and a half of difference between their heights. "You want to protect your friend. Well fear not, for I mean him no harm. Nor do I mean any of you any harm". Irfan casually brushed the big man aside with a single finger. The big man went stumbling into a few of the others who caught and steadied him.   

"Now my little skinny friend" said Irfan as he towered over the small man. The small man was absolutely frozen in place, staring up at the godly adonis in disbelief. "Would you like to feel the muscle you tried to shoot?" asked Irfan, now bouncing both pecs. The small man looked uncertain. "Don't be shy" said Irfan, "I'm not going to hurt you, and it will feel so good!". The small man reached up for Irfan's right pec. Irfan stopped bouncing it, and instead flexed it as hard as he could. The small man let out a gasp of surprise as his little human hand couldn't even dent the skin. He began groping Irfan's pec, but it was just so immobile. "What do you think?" asked Irfan, with the warmest, kindest smile on his face. "So beautiful" whispered the small man, lost in worship as he raised his other hand and began groping both of Irfan's pecs.

"What's your name friend?" asked Irfan in a gentle, kind tone. "Vincent. Or just Vince" said the small man. "You're and excellent worshipper Vince" said Irfan, letting his head fall back and closing his eyes, reveling in Vincent's feeble touch. "E-excuse me, mister Irfan, sir" said Joe, one of the muscular men, "May I touch your bicep, please". "Well of course you can little man!" said Irfan in jubilant tones. He walked away from Vincent and towards Joe, picking up one of the large rocks that encircled the campfire. It was so big that even Irfan's hand couldn't fit around it, but its weight didn't even register with Irfan. Irfan walked right up to Joe and BOOM! Flexed his bicep right in front of Joe's face, crushing the rock to pieces in his fist as he did so. "Woah!" said the men in unison.

"So big..." murmured Joe, "May I...may I...kiss it, sir?". Irfan conveyed an obvious yes with his eyes. Joe planted a big, wet, slobbery kiss on the peak of the bicep. Then another. Then another. I wasn't long before he was making out with the bicep, running his tongue all over it. Soon the other men began reaching for Irfan, picking parts of him to worship. They groped his ass, quads, and calves. The ran their hands over his abs, and massaged his massive back and shoulders. Vincent was on his knees licking Irfan's calves.

"Come join the party Arthur" said Irfan, not looking away from Charlie how was sucking on one of Irfan's fingers. Arthur emerged from the foliage, revealing himself to the humans. "There's another one!" cried one of the bigger men, his jaw dropping open at the sight of Arthur. Without getting up, Vincent crawled over to Arthur, and began gently stroking Arthur's big feet. "And what's your name sir?" asked Vincent, looking up from his kneeling position, past Arthur's fully erect member. "I'm Arthur" said Arthur, doing his best to put on his most official sounding voice. He flexed everything: hardening his eight-pack, punching up his pecs, flaring out his biceps and quads. "He is the god Arthur" Irfan said. Vincent bowed forward and began kissing and licking Arthur's feet and toes. 

"Good man Vince!" said Irfan, "He knows his place". The other men, seeing what Vincent was doing, all bowed down and began worshipping Irfan's feet. Five of them in a semi-circle, slurping at Irfan's size sixteens, like pigs feeding at a trough. "Now this is worship! This is what I was talking about Arthur" said Irfan. Irfan walked over to Arthur, with his five worshipper scurrying along the ground after him. "Doesn't it feel nice, being loved like this" said Irfan, as the five men resumed their worship of his feet. Arthur did enjoy the sensation of Vincent's tongue caressing him. "Gotta say, yes it does" said Arthur, and he and Irfan burst out laughing. 

"Right" said Irfan, "Let's see what we've got here". He grabbed the back of the neck of one of the larger men, and lifted him off the ground, raising the little human up to eye level. With his other hand he tore the lumberjack-like plaid shirt off of him, revealing the man's nice physique underneath. "Okay, okay. Some juicy pecs, broad shoulders, bit of a beer belly. But a nice looking bicep vein. You're very handsome. What's your name?" asked Irfan. "Zeke, sir" said the burly man, clearly enjoying the feel of his feet dangling in the air. Irfan suddenly kissed him. A proper, full tongue French-kiss. Zeke responded with a primal hunger. Irfan then suddenly dropped him with a laugh, and Zeke crawled back to Irfan's legs where he began licking Irfan's calves. 

"You do one Arthur" said Irfan. Arthur took hold of the neck of the other middle-sized men not named Charlie. He too dangled from Arthur's grasp. "What do we call you?" asked Arthur, with a kindly smile. "Tim" said the man as he shamelessly drooled to the sight of Arthur's pecs. "And what's the best thing about you, Tim?" said Arthur. Tim, still dangling above the ground in Arthur's grasp, lifted the hem of his shirt to reveal an unexpected and impressive six-pack. "Wow! Very nice" said Arthur. "It's nothing compared to what you have sir. I've never seen an eight-pack" said Tim, reaching for Arthur's mid-section. Arthur brought Tim closer, and Tim began running his fingers along the groves between Arthur's ab muscles. "And you?" Irfan asked the third of the burly men as Arthur dropped Tim. "Noel, sir" said the man. Irfan tore his top off too, revealing Noel's muscular build. "So what do you think Arthur?" asked Irfan, as Irfan played with Noel's meaty pecs. 

"I think this feels right. I think I want to be worshipped more like this" said Arthur, and he and Irfan exchanged smiles. Irfan walked over to the fire and grabbed all the meat that had been cooking there. He threw half of it to Arthur before eating his own half in one gulp. "Mmmm, tasty" he said. Arthur ate his too. They didn't need to eat, but eating was still an enjoyable activity. "Men! Your lunch is right here" said Irfan, as he began stroking his cock. "And there" he added, nodding towards Arthur's dick. Noel, Tim, and Joe began running their tongues along Irfan's shaft, before Noel took charge and began sucking. Vincent, Zeke, and Charlie began doing the same to Arthur. Zeke, being the largest, got the honor of deep-throating Arthur's godhood. 

Both Irfan and Arthur soon blew loads all over the campsite, drenching the men and their equipment in thick cum ropes. The men feasted on this white ambrosia for several minutes, before becoming full. Soon the six of them were recovering their energy on the ground, leaving out the occasional belch. "That's one way to solve their food problem" joked Arthur, and Irfan let out a hearty laugh. 

""Okay men. Lead us back to your town. It's time Arthur and I made ourselves at home there" said Irfan. "Yes sir" said the men in unison. Packing up their things, Noel, Zeke, Charlie, Joe, Vincent, and Tim spoke enthusiastically and animatedly to Arthur and Irfan as they trekked towards the town. The six men (two of them shirtless) were in awe of the towering muscle gods. Arthur and Irfan began telling them about their powers and abilities. "Super strength! You can hear heartbeats from miles away?! Heat breath AND freeze breath! I wish a zombie bit would do that to me! May I please touch your abs again sir? Being bulletproof must feel great! Is the tip of your penis bulletproof? IT IS! Woah!".

As they spoke and laughed, Arthur suddenly felt Irfan's hand slide into his. Arthur looked at him, and Irfan smiled back. "I'm having a lot of fun with you" said Irfan, speaking again in a whisper that only they could possible hear. "I having so much fun too" said Arthur. They held one another's hands tighter, as their new worshippers continued to heap praise on them. The fortified gates of the town grew closer.             

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An amazingly hot story! Love everything about it! Especially the super strength and super powers! 

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