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Ozzie & Deano: A Short Muscle University Story


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This is a short story (four chapters long) featuring the characters Deano and Ozzie from my Deano/Muscle University stories.

It's set over one weekend during the summer (about three months after Deano, Again ended) and unlike previous stories, this one is told from the point of view of Ozzie!

For those of you who are familiar with my stories - without giving too much away, there might be a couple of Easter Eggs/surprises in this one... 😜




“I can’t believe I’m waking up in Deano “The Pocket Rocket” Watkins’ bed!” 

A big smirk spreads across my boyfriend’s face as he rolls his eyes in typical Deano fashion.

“This is, like … your third day here!”

I wrap my arm around his waist, cuddling up to him. My face now closer to his as it rests on his pillow. That face I love so fucking much. With his strong, masculine features and his olive skin. Those green eyes looking back at me. His messy ruffled unstyled hair which always makes him look slightly younger and cuter and somehow suits him more than when it’s styled. 

We’re smiling at each other. Me and Deano Watkins. My BOYFRIEND. I still can’t believe I have a boyfriend! I still can’t believe that boyfriend is Deano “The Pocket Rocket” Watkins.

“This is still the world’s most BORING bedroom though!” I tease.

He rolls his eyes (again). “Shut up!”

Seriously though - it is the world’s most boring bedroom. The first thing I did when I entered Deano’s room three days ago was ask him where his posters were.

The walls of my bedroom back home are covered. I’ve got posters of bodybuilders from nineties legends like Brad McCarthy to current pro freaks like Tommy Foster and Austin “The Kapman” Kaplan sitting next to posters and flyers of stage shows like Hamilton and Wicked. I’ve got loads of pictures of my family and friends stuck up on the walls too. I guess that’s not really Deano’s style.

“Why don’t you just put ONE picture up?” I suggest, leaning up and resting on one elbow. “Just above your bed.”

Deano screws his face up. “Of what?!”

I give him a big cheesy grin. “ME!”

“Yeah - because my dad won't get suspicious of THAT!” he says sarcastically.

I shrug. “He’s gonna find out about us one day.”

Deano makes a face like he's saying don't even go there.

I gasp. “Let’s just tell him! This morning. Just before we leave. See you tomorrow, Dad. By the way, I like sticking my cock up lads’ arses. Ozzie’s arse, to be exact. Because oh yeah - Ozzie’s my boyfriend. My boyfriend who I’ve been shagging in my bedroom down the hall from yours the past three nights. See ya, pops!”

Deano tries to cover up his smirk by doing his thing of poking the inside of his cheek with his tongue. 

“BOOP!” I say, poking the bump with my finger like I always do when Deano does his cheek poke.

“STOP doing that!” he cries. He’s half-smiling so it comes out light-hearted, but I know he’s being serious. 

“You know I love the Deano cheek poke!” I say, laughing. “Okay - let me try something else. Do it again!”


“The Deano cheek poke.”

He shakes his head. “Fuck off.”

“Okay, well the next time you do it, I’m gonna do THIS …”

I move my face towards his and gently plant a kiss on his cheek. The spot he usually pokes with his tongue. I move my face back and yep - he’s grinning. This kind of cute, dreamy grin.

“So you better not do the Deano cheek poke in front of your dad!” 

I bring my lips to his before he has time to roll his eyes again. God, I love kissing Deano. I love being in his bed. I love the way my pecs feel pressed up against his. I love the way his hand feels squeezing my back. I love every single thing that’s happening right now. 

We part lips. And now we’re just looking at each other. Sometimes the best moments between me and Deano Watkins are the ones where we’re not talking (though I love those moments too). Where we’re just being with each other. Just me and him. Because I’m crazy about this boy with the cute ruffled hair in the world’s most boring bedroom. And even though he never actually says it, I’m pretty sure he’s crazy about me too.

A few hours later and me and Deano are standing by his front door. Me carrying my packed holdall. Deano with a backpack slung over one of his insanely broad shoulders. His dad has walked us to the door to see us off.

“Right - watch what you’re doing!” Deano’s dad says to him. “Try not to get TOO shit faced if you go out tonight.”

Deano rolls his eyes and pulls a face as if his dad’s nagging him. 

“You sure you don’t want a lift to the station?”

“No!” Deano groans, annoyed. “We’re fine!”

“Thanks for letting me stay, Papa D!” I say, brightly. That’s the nickname I’ve chosen for him. Pretty much everyone I meet gets a nickname. 

Deano’s dad pulls a tired face and shakes his head at Deano. “We need to have a bloody word about your taste in mates!”

I tip my head back and laugh. Deano Senior is such a fucking legend. He doesn’t give a shit. He just says what he thinks. A bit like me I guess.

“Classic!” I say. 

Deano Senior’s mouth starts to curl into a smirk. Because, despite the faces and eye rolls and comments about how shit my now dyed purple mohawk is, Deano’s dad CLEARLY likes me.

“Piss off the pair of ya!” he says, as we leave the house. Now Deano’s smirking too. As we’re walking down the drive, his dad calls out one last thing before he closes the door. “And your hair STILL looks shit!”

Absolute. Fucking. Legend.

One thing I love about being out with Deano in public is all of the looks and stares we get from people. I mean, I get a fair few when I’m by myself too. I’m a bodybuilder after all. But the looks definitely increase when I’m with Deano. I guess it’s not every day you see two pumped up short-arsed bodybuilders bulging out of their clothes. One with a mohawk dyed purple. The other with pretty regular hair - but hot as hell in every way imaginable. 

We’d probably get more looks if Deano took his bright blue Montgomery University hoodie off and was just wearing a t-shirt like I am (I’ve resisted the urge to flex my guns a dozen times on the walk to Brighton train station). He practically lives in that hoodie. That thought gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Because that hoodie was a gift from me. I once suggested to him that that's the reason he wears it so much. He didn't exactly admit it, but he didn't deny it either. 

“There’s one thing we never did on this trip,” I tell Deano, as we enter the station. He shoots me a confused look.

“Hold hands in public,” I tell him, with a smirk.

He smirks back and does the Deano cheek poke. I’ve heard that because Brighton is so liberal it’s not uncommon to see queer couples holding hands in public. 

“I mean … we still have time!” I say as an elderly straight couple walks past us, both of their eyes transfixed on us. Must. Not. Flex. Biceps.

“The train’s at platform four,” Deano says as looks at the board of train times to check our train to London Victoria.

“Was that a no to the hand-holding?” 

I get my answer with the look Deano gives me. I’m not going to push it. I’d love to be standing here and holding his hand right now. Letting everyone in this train station know that the sexy-as-fuck short-arsed olive-skinned bodybuilder in the blue Montgomery University hoodie standing next to me is my boyfriend. But I get it. I get why Deano won't do it. Especially here in the town he grew up in. But a part of me can't help thinking - what's so wrong about wanting to hold the hand of the person you're crazy about in public?

“So … we have twenty minutes to kill?” I ask, looking at the time on the digital clock on the board. A rush of excitement courses through me. Could I? Should I? Would Deano approve? Fuck it.

I dump my holdall on the floor and hand a completely baffled looking Deano my phone.

“Bodybuilder Posing In Public Number 6,” I say casually, with a shrug.

Deano’s face seems to go in slow motion as his eyebrows lift up, his eyes grow bigger and his mouth curls into an O. It’s so funny that I can’t help laughing.

“NO!” he cries, his eyes now like saucers.

“Erm … YES!” I reply. Before he can protest further, I’m whipping off my tight black Shredded Freak Nutrition branded t-shirt. And now I’m topless in the middle of the train station concourse. 

Deano’s looking around. He’s panicked, embarrassed, but also smiling a little. In other words - his usual reaction to me spontaneously filming one of my “Bodybuilder Posing In Public” videos that people go nuts for on Instagram.

“For fuck’s sake,” Deano mutters as he holds up my phone. “Can we be quick?”

I ignore him, get into Cocky Bodybuilder Mode and stick my tongue out as I lift my arms up into a double biceps flex. People are staring. Heads are turning. I can see excited faces. Hear people giggling. God - making one of these videos gives me SUCH a fucking rush. Every. Single. Time. 

And I know Deano secretly loves filming them. Even if he does get a bit embarrassed. I always take pleasure in reminding him that this series of videos wouldn’t even exist without him.

The first one was filmed in Chicago with Deano when we were over there for the McCarthy Classic trip earlier in the year. As part of a new training programme at Montgomery, a bunch of us got to fly over to the States and guest pose at one of the biggest pro shows on the IFBB calendar. 

After the show, we all went out in Chicago. Deano couldn’t get into an over 21 club without ID so I thought it’d be fun to go to a supermarket and flex in the aisles for Instagram. It was an idea I’d had for a while. I guess you could say Deano acted as a bit of inspiration. I guess I wanted to impress him.

The reaction to that video on Instagram was crazy. Since then I’ve filmed four more, giving them the name “Bodybuilder Posing In Public”. We filmed one on a busy street in the town centre of Cardiff. One on a tram-train in Manchester. One in a gay pub on the same day. And then one on Brighton Pier just a few days ago. I probably would have managed more if I hadn't spent most of the year at Montgomery University. 

Sometimes Deano joins in (if he’s in a persuasive enough mood), but I mostly do them alone. Sometimes other people join in too. People passing by. Which is EXACTLY what’s happening right now as I hit a front lat spread with a cocky grunt.

“WHOA! What the FUCK?” one of the three lads who have now come up to us cries. I don’t know what they’re more shocked at. The sight of my jacked physique, huge biceps and balloon-like pecs or the fact that I’m flexing and showing them off in the middle of a train station. They’re clearly loving the whole thing though. Because they crowd around me and start flexing their biceps for my phone camera. Then one whips off his t-shirt. He’s no bodybuilder - but he’s got a fair bit of muscle on him. And now we’re all squeezing most musculars while Deano films us to tons of stares and points from everyone else at the station and I’m absolutely loving it.

And then I spot someone walking towards us and my stomach does something weird. I think it’s more from excitement than any sort of fear. But there’s suddenly a bit of an “oh shit” moment between the group of flexing lads and Deano as the guy with British Transport Police written on his chest pocket approaches us.

“Okay, lads - that’s enough. Put your shirts back on, please.”

Deano shoots me a wide-eyed look, but he’s smiling too.

I’m not gonna argue with the guy, but as I pick up my Shredded Freak Nutrition t-shirt resting on my holdall, one of the lads speaks up.

“It’s not against the law to be topless, is it?”

“Yeah, but you’re causing a bit of a scene. Women and children present - you know?”

Ha! I‘m tempted to tell him that that was kind of the point. But this guy is a fucking policeman. Even I know this is not the time to argue and speak my mind (admittedly that’s a rarity for me). Luckily the other lads seem to get that too.

But I can’t resist saying SOMETHING. We’re clearly not in any kind of trouble here. And with the policeman’s relaxed demeanour and the way he’s talking to us, I know I can get away with it.

“Sure you don’t wanna get in here for a quick pic for the 'Gram?”

His face. HA! He gives me a disapproving look, not unlike the looks I’ve seen Deano Senior giving his son over the past few days. But then - 

“Make it quick,” he says, with a sigh. 

What the fuck? And now a baffled looking Deano is holding up my phone again as the policeman stands next to me and holds his thumb up (kinda cheesy but I’ll go with it) and I bring my biceps into a little flex and grin while wondering what the actual fuck is going on right now but getting a kick out of every second of it.

We’re still on a high from the whole thing when we’re sitting opposite each other on the train with a table between us. There’s something about being on a train with Deano that I love. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of the first time we went to visit my friend Ally in Manchester. Something shifted between us that weekend. I liked him before then. But yeah - that weekend was something special.

“Little Dude! This is awesome!” I say, laughing as I watch back the video of me and the lads flexing at the station on my phone. It’s almost crazy how I look compared to those other lads. I look like a proper fucking freak. Blown up. Pumped up. Shredded to fuck. My dick starts swelling at those thoughts.

“Why don’t you send it to your dad?” I tease. Deano smirks and rolls his eyes.

I gasp. “Or send it to your cute step-brother!"

Deano scrunches up his nose. “He’s not my step-brother,” he says, a little too defensively.

I don’t think Deano realises how lucky he is in the family department. He’s got a real big brother who looks like he just stepped off of Love Island, an adorable little step-sister, a step-dad who seemed a bit intimidated by me (maybe it was the mohawk) and if his dad gets married to his girlfriend he’ll have a younger geeky step-brother who spent most of yesterday’s barbeque in Deano’s garden staring at my pecs. 

I don't have any of that. I’m an only child and my mum died when I was twelve. I don’t think my dad has even thought about the idea of meeting another woman. I’m not sure if he ever will.

“Well, step-brother or not, Archie definitely fancied me.” 

“I don’t even know for definite that he’s gay!”

I give him a look. “Deano - he’s SO gay.”

A text comes through on my phone. It’s from my friend Liv. She’s one of the three school friends we’ll be meeting up with tonight in London. I feel a warmth as I read her message.

“Liv says she can’t wait to meet you tonight,” I tell Deano.

One of his eyebrows goes up and he gives me a little nod. “Great!” he says sarcastically while pulling a face.

I narrow my eyes and give him a stern look and he mischievously smirks at me. I know Deano’s not looking forward to tonight, and I know he’s sort of teasing me, but if I’m being honest - that reaction has kinda pissed me off. 

Deano met some of my old school friends in Manchester a few months back. I think it’s fair to say he didn’t have a great time. Admittedly, we’re all pretty loud when we get together. We’re a bunch of extroverted theatre kids who love nothing more than to spend a night out taking turns to do karaoke. And I know that’s not Deano’s kind of thing. But it was almost like he was stuck in his own head the whole night. I just wanted to shake him and tell him to relax. Maybe tonight will be different.

Of course, that’s not the only reason we’re travelling up to London today. There’s something else we’ll be doing first that’s more on Deano’s wavelength. Something I’ve been looking forward to for weeks now. I didn’t just dye my hair purple for the hell of it. 

“Are we still in Brighton?” I ask Deano, looking out of the train window.

“Ummm. Just about!” 

I stand up from my seat and sit in the one right next to Deano’s. My shoulder pushing up against his. 

“What are you doing?” he asks me with a baffled look on his face.

I don't reply. Instead, I take his hand in mine under the table and squeeze it.

“Now I’ve done everything I wanted to do in Brighton.”

Deano rolls his eyes, but his lips curl into a dreamy, almost bashful grin. I think he looks even cuter than he did in bed this morning. Even if his hair's no longer unstyled and ruffled.

I rest my head on his shoulder as I squeeze his hand. I don’t care if anyone walks past. I don't care if anyone sees us. Not for these few moments anyway.

Here’s the thing about my boyfriend. I might be bigger than him. I might have more Instagram followers. But I know one day those things will change. Because there’s something special about Deano “The Pocket Rocket” Watkins. There always has been. He’s just got it. The X Factor. Whatever you want to call it. Deano has it. Deano is special. And the crazy thing is - he doesn’t even know it. Which somehow makes him even more special.

And one day, probably not that far into the future, Deano will be a well known, much loved 212 class professional bodybuilder. With hoards of fans and followers. I know it will happen. It’s just a matter of time. I’m not saying I won’t have success as a bodybuilder. That I won't place well in competitions. But it’s much less of a guarantee with me. And I don’t think I’ll get to the same level as Deano. Deano will break through to a level not many other bodybuilders do. 

The problem is - when all of that happens, when Deano becomes one of the best 212 class freaks in the business placing well in the most prestigious competitions in bodybuilding, I’m not sure what that will mean for me. I’m not sure if they’ll still be a place for me. For us. For Ozzie and Deano. I don’t know at what point Deano will realise that he can do so much better than me.

I keep my head rested on his shoulder and squeeze his hand just a little bit tighter. Knowing that a day might come when it will no longer be mine to hold.

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Oh my god.  It's so great reading from Ozzie's pov - his thoughts on his strong feelings about Deano, as well the surprising ones on his vulnerabilities and maybe even feelings of inferiority.  Loved the Archie mention too and hoping for maybe more of this obvious muscle-addict's inclusion in your new story.  Good job, MA! 




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Yayyyyy, some great summer reading.  You tha man, muscleaddict.  Always have been, always will be.

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1 hour ago, DennisFLL said:

Oh my god.  It's so great reading from Ozzie's pov - his thoughts on his strong feelings about Deano, as well the surprising ones on his vulnerabilities and maybe even feelings of inferiority.  Loved the Archie mention too and hoping for maybe more of this obvious muscle-addict's inclusion in your new story.  Good job, MA! 




Glad you're enjoying it so far, mate! I have to say it's been really fun to write from Ozzie's point of view ("Ozzie's Autumn" coming soon? 🤔😝). And also writing Deano from someone else's perspective for a change too! Archie spin-off next?

51 minutes ago, crushme99 said:

Yayyyyy, some great summer reading.  You tha man, muscleaddict.  Always have been, always will be.

Haha! Bless you, mate. Hope you enjoy the rest of it! 😊

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Brilliant start! This is another shot of wonderful muscle romance from the master! Can’t wait for the next bit!!! ❤️

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Phenomenal!!!! I love how we have a glimpse into Ozzie’s psyche and be how he’s actually worried about loosing Deano. Can’t wait to read the next installment!! 

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18 hours ago, Eadwig said:

A great start, hoping there'll be more interaction with Ozzie and Papa D 🤣

Glad you're enjoying it so far, mate. I couldn't write an Ozzie spin-off without having him meet Deano's dad. 🤪😅

16 hours ago, Bjort said:

Brilliant start! This is another shot of wonderful muscle romance from the master! Can’t wait for the next bit!!! ❤️

Bless you, mate. This feels way too nice but I'll take it! 😅

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24 minutes ago, biggymnast84 said:

Phenomenal!!!! I love how we have a glimpse into Ozzie’s psyche and be how he’s actually worried about loosing Deano. Can’t wait to read the next installment!! 

Thanks for the lovely feedback, matie. Not saying Ozzie's predictions will come true but that part is borrowing from my own thoughts of Deano becoming a famous (well - famous in bodybuilding circles!) 212 class bodybuilder and surpassing most of his peers at MU. So it kind of felt obvious that Ozzie would have those fears and doubts of "what happens to me/us" if and when that level of success comes. 

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Holy Hell Mate! That is one awesome piece of writing and totally unexpected too. I was SO happy to wake up and see that you are sharing with us another story. I love your writing style, I know I told you that a million times plus, it is awesome to see my two favorite characters back. 👍😘💪💪💪

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