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Ozzie & Deano: A Short Muscle University Story


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21 hours ago, BrzNLA said:

Holy Hell Mate! That is one awesome piece of writing and totally unexpected too. I was SO happy to wake up and see that you are sharing with us another story. I love your writing style, I know I told you that a million times plus, it is awesome to see my two favorite characters back. 👍😘💪💪💪

Bless you, mate and thanks for the lovely words! Fingers crossed you like the rest of it! 😊

13 hours ago, dredlifter said:

Loved it!  I love the "bromance" between Ozzie and Deano Sr. 

Thanks Dred! There's definitely love there (despite what Papa D might say 🤭). 

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Deano tries to cover up his smirk by doing his thing of poking the inside of his cheek with his tongue. 

“BOOP!” I say, poking the bump with my finger like I always do when Deano does his cheek poke.

“STOP doing that!” he cries. He’s half-smiling so it comes out light-hearted, but I know he’s being serious. 

“You know I love the Deano cheek poke!” I say, laughing. “Okay - let me try something else. Do it again!”


“The Deano cheek poke.”


FINALLY ! The big Deano feature gets a name!  "Cheek poke"!  I LOVE IT!!


Sydney bodybuilder and influencer Aziz 'Zyzz' Sergeyvich remembered 10  years after his mysterious death in a sauna in Thailand at the age of 22 -  Opera News

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On 6/21/2022 at 4:10 PM, Mdlftr said:



Deano tries to cover up his smirk by doing his thing of poking the inside of his cheek with his tongue. 

“BOOP!” I say, poking the bump with my finger like I always do when Deano does his cheek poke.

“STOP doing that!” he cries. He’s half-smiling so it comes out light-hearted, but I know he’s being serious. 

“You know I love the Deano cheek poke!” I say, laughing. “Okay - let me try something else. Do it again!”


“The Deano cheek poke.”


FINALLY ! The big Deano feature gets a name!  "Cheek poke"!  I LOVE IT!!


Sydney bodybuilder and influencer Aziz 'Zyzz' Sergeyvich remembered 10  years after his mysterious death in a sauna in Thailand at the age of 22 -  Opera News

Can't believe you actually managed to find a picture of a bodybuilder doing the Deano cheek poke! 🤣  That's brilliant, mate.

6 hours ago, Mickeypuk said:

Amazing pick from last story and great to see a nicer side to Ozzie

cant wait for the rest

Glad you're enjoying it, mate! Next part coming up! 

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I don’t think I’ve fully processed the fact that a) I’ve now graduated from the Montgomery University of Bodybuilding & Fitness and (as a result of that) b) I’m now a professional IFBB bodybuilder. Me. Seth “Ozzie” Osman. A pro fucking bodybuilder.

I mean - I kinda knew it was gonna happen. I was one of the best students in my year. But I never could have predicted the emotions I'd feel on the day I graduated and was given my pro card. The elation. The sheer sense of pride. The incredible high. And I know that wasn’t all because of the fact that I’d turned pro. I knew a part of it was because I’d finally graduated from university too. It was finally all over. I’d made it to the end. 

It’s not that I hated being a student at Muscle University. There were parts of it that I actually really loved. It’s just that I never really felt like I fitted in there. The fact my first year dorm mate who was also my best mate at uni at the time turned on me when I told him I liked lads didn’t exactly help matters. In truth - it probably played a big part in why I struggled so much there.

Of course, things turned around massively towards the end. When I met Deano. Okay - maybe not quite from when we met. More from the moment me and Deano started shagging each other. I’ve made no secret about the fact that the last few months of university were my best. And that’s one hundred percent down to the fact that they were spent with my misunderstood, cheek poking, pocket rocket boyfriend. Mostly hanging out in my dorm room. Watching films. Shagging each other senseless. Cumming over each other’s bouncing pecs. That kind of thing. We hung out in his dorm room a few times too, but Deano always got weird about being affectionate with each other in front of his roommate Shaun. Not that Shaun ever seemed bothered. It seemed like it was more Deano’s issue. 

But that’s what I’ll miss most about Muscle University. Being with Deano. Getting to sleep with him in my bed. Having him there in my dorm room next to me when I woke up. Getting to hang out pretty much whenever we didn’t have lectures or weren’t training (though sometimes we even did that together). 

It’s kind of weird to think we won't have that anymore. Well - I can still go up and visit him at university when he goes back in September. We’ve talked about it a few times, but I know I won’t. Just the thought of going back to Montgomery now that I’ve left causes my chest to tighten for some reason. It would be too weird. I feel like I'm well and truly done with that place.

So this is the plan. After this summer, when Deano goes back to Muscle University for his final year, I’m moving to Manchester. I’m getting a flatshare with one of my best friends, Ally, who lives there already (also an extroverted karaoke loving theatre kid like my other friends).

I’m going to try and get some kind of job (maybe something acting or theatre-related if I can), carry on doing work for my sponsor, train at one of the big bodybuilding gyms there and work towards doing my first professional bodybuilding competition. And I can't wait. I love Manchester. I love the idea of living with Ally (we’re gonna have so much fucking fun). And because it’s not a million miles away from Montgomery, Deano’s going to come down and stay on weekends. And maybe other times too if he’s not too tied up with lectures and coursework. 

And before then, we’re just hanging out with each other as much as we can. Deano came to Cardiff a few weeks ago to stay with me and my dad. He’ll be coming again next month. We’re staying with Ally in Manchester at the end of August. We’ve talked about going to visit Deano’s dorm mate Shaun in Nottingham. I just spent three days with him in Brighton. And tonight we’re staying at a hotel in London. Not just to go out with my school friends either.

Another really cool thing that happened as a result of me graduating from Montgomery with my pro card is that I got snapped up by a bodybuilding nutrition company that now sponsors me. Shredded Freak Nutrition. (Hence the t-shirt I’m wearing today.) Even the fucking name is cool. And the guys running it are really nice lads. They said they loved my attitude and look and social media presence and thought I was a good fit for their brand. So they were basically looking for a cocky pec bouncing bodybuilder with a mohawk who films videos of himself posing topless in public places.

Shredded Freak Nutrition are the guys who hooked me up with today’s gig. The main reason for this weekend trip to London. They’re the reason me and Deano have just entered this rather fancy looking hotel room. Well, those guys and my dad who paid for the room.

“This is well nice!” Deano says surprised as he dumps his backpack down. “Did your dad choose this?”

I laugh. “Nah. I chose it. Wasn’t actually that expensive,” I say, opening the door to a mini-fridge. “Fancy some wine?” I ask, holding up a little bottle.

“They’ll charge you a fortune for that!”

I put the wine back, hunch over and put my hands up into claw shapes for one of my dinosaur impressions. Deano, who’s now perched on the edge of the double hotel bed, rolls his eyes as I walk over to him.

He pretends to disapprove of my dinosaur impressions, but I know he loves them. “Adam Lloyd doesn’t do dinosaur impressions”. I’ll never forget those words he said to me when we were sitting on Cardiff Bay Beach back in the Easter holidays. Or that moment. That was the moment I knew he’d chosen me over Adam. That was the moment I knew Deano was really mine. 

Deano’s mouth curls into a big grin as I let out a little roar, then climb on top of him and sit on his lap. My torso pushed against his. Deano's meaty arms go around my back. I bring my lips to his and kiss him. 

“What kind of dinosaur do you think I’d be?”

“Ummm. A Twatosaurus Rex?”

I tip my head back and laugh.

“Didn’t your dad think it was weird that we wanted a double room?” Deano asks.

I pull a face and shrug. “We share my double bed when you come to Cardiff.”

He pulls a face. Then he does the Deano cheek poke and I give his cheek a quick kiss on the spot.

“Stop!” he whines.

“So … ready to see me in my sparkly purple posers?” I ask, gripping his back tight.

Deano raises an eyebrow and gives me a look of distaste. I sometimes can’t believe I managed to find a bodybuilder boyfriend who hates shiny posers and only wears boring matte and (even worse!) velvet trunks. 

I gasp. “What if I’ve bought a surprise second pair I haven’t told you about? AND … they’re velvet?”

Deano gives me a sceptical look. “You’d NEVER wear velvet posers.”

“Nah - I wouldn’t,” I say. Deano grins and I kiss him again. It becomes harder and more passionate and we both fall back on the bed. As usual, I’m rock fucking hard. This is one thing me and Deano are very good at. The sex. It’s always been SO fucking hot. There’s just this animal-like chemistry between us. There always has been. Right from that very first time in that hotel room in Chicago. 

I’m undoing Deano’s belt. His cock is fucking throbbing in his painted-on skinny jeans. My shiny sparkly posers might not turn my boyfriend on (the weirdo!) but pretty much everything else about me does.

I unbutton his jeans with so much force I'm surprised they don't rip. He’s grinning and biting his lip as I get his massive rock hard cock out of his boxers and start sucking him hard. I love looking up and into Deano’s eyes when I’m sucking his cock. I love seeing his face. I love watching his eyes rolling back in his head as he grips and squeezes my shoulder blades. 

I bring my arm up and into a flex so my biceps are popping. Deano’s hand slips down to feel the flexed muscles. I suck harder and faster while thinking fuck yes - squeeze my fucking biceps, boy. 

Deano lets out a loud groan. “Ozzie!” he pants. I look up to see my boyfriend in his own little heaven. I didn’t think we’d be doing this practically as soon as we entered the hotel room, but here are we. Two jacked up bodybuilder boyfriends horned up to fuck. I want to make him cum so fucking badly. 

I stop sucking his cock and he gives me an almost pained puppy dog look, before his mouth curls into a big grin when I mount his legs. A grin that gets bigger as I whip off my black Shredded Freak Nutrition t-shirt and his hands immediately land on my waist. And travel up my torso. Feeling my bumpy abs. And over to my hard flexed biceps as I get into Cocky Bodybuilder Mode again and hit a front double with an outrageous grunt.

Fuck. I don’t think I’ll ever NOT love flexing. It’s just not conceivable. That feeling of the pumped hard muscles flexed and hard. And the image! Okay - I know they’re MY biceps, but man - there's something so beautiful about my guns when they’re flexed. Round, hard and freaky. Thin skin barely containing them. Veins running down and over the muscle. Most people would probably think that was weird. Having those thoughts about your own muscle. Being amazed by it. Turned on by it, even. But other bodybuilders - they’d understand. They’d get it. They’d get that feeling of pride and amazement that comes with seeing their own flexed biceps looking back at them. Their own freaky creation. Pumped and huge and glorious. With the hands of their pocket rocket bodybuilder boyfriend feeling, squeezing and exploring them. (Okay - maybe not every bodybuilder would understand that last part. Just the exceptionally lucky ones.)

I stop flexing my biceps and bring my arms down. I give Deano a mischievous smirk, bring my arms together and watch my thick pillow-like pecs squeeze and tense and balloon off my chest. If there’s one muscle group I’m famous for it’s my pecs. To put it simply - they’re fucking outrageous. They almost look TOO big for my chest. 

And if there’s one thing I love to do with my pecs, it’s bouncing them. I’m kind of famous for bouncing my pecs. Whenever I do an “Ask Me Anything” on Instagram, it’s guaranteed that about a third of the questions will be about pec bouncing. My followers seem to love it when I bounce them. Which is handy, because I fucking love bouncing them. And oh yeah - Deano loves it too. I mean, he tries to deny it. He makes comments. He rolls his eyes. He does the Deano cheek poke. But whenever we’re messing around and I start pec bouncing, I see the effect it has on him (and more precisely his cock) and I KNOW. That it turns him the fuck on. Just like it is right now. Because I’m bouncing my pecs and Deano’s digging into the thick cushions of chest muscle with one hand while pounding on his cock with the other.

He’s so turned on. He’s so horned up. Watching his pumped up now pro bodybuilder boyfriend bouncing his huge thick muscle tits. I fucking love the effect my muscles have on him. I sometimes feel like this is how EVERYONE should feel about muscle. Everyone should think it’s amazing. Everyone should get turned on by it. Everyone’s normal reaction to seeing a pumped up, newly crowned pro bodybuilder bouncing his thick pecs should be to want to cum. To shoot their fucking loads on the spot.

I bring my fists together and squeeze hard with a growl. Deano cries out, “Fuck!” in response. I bring my arms and elbows out and then … I fucking crank into another hard most muscular with another loud growl. Everything pops and flexes. Striations spread across my chest. The veins in my arms bulge. My biceps harden. I’m squeezing and squeezing. I’m not letting up. One long squeeze. One long growl. Muscles popping and bulging. Deano’s hands are on my hard flexed muscle and just before I release the squeeze, Deano cries out and thick ropes of cum erupt from his cock and land on my ridiculously muscular upper body.

“FUCK!” I cry. Deano’s groans turn to laughs and pants. We’re both laughing. I’m covered in his spunk. It’s on my pecs. And my arms. I grab my t-shirt from the bed and start wiping myself down, laughing and still on a high from making my boyfriend cum in spectacular fashion as he flops back on the bed, still laughing and catching his breath.

“Ooops!” I say, looking at my cum covered balled-up t-shirt. “Sorry, Shredded Freak Nutrition,” I say, throwing it on the floor. 

Deano’s grinning and biting his lip as I flop down next to him on the bed, both of us still on a high.

“And I wasn't even wearing my sparkly purple posers," I say as I wrap my arm around Deano's waist and put my head on his chest. "Wonder what your cute gay step-brother would think about what just happened?”

“Cute? Okay - that’s ... wrong. And he’s NOT my step-brother.”

I laugh. “Whatever, Little Dude," I say, still snuggled up to him. His arms around me. His hand placed gently on my shoulder.

"Mmmm. Shall we just forget the Tiger Classic and stay here all day instead?”

I twist my head up to see Deano giving me a cute little grin. Then I rest my head on his chest again. We stay like this for a little while. Cuddled up to each other. Me and my pocket rocket bodybuilder boyfriend Deano Watkins. 

“What time are we going out tonight?” he asks, breaking the silence. There’s suddenly a weird tone in his voice.

“Mmmm. We’re meeting them at half seven.”

Deano doesn’t respond. I look up at his face. He’s got that look like he’s miles away. Like he's gone somewhere else. My boyfriend is such an overthinker. I wonder if he ever stops. I sometimes imagine his mind to be a bit like a hamster on a wheel going round and round. I’d love to know what’s going on in that head of his. I’d love to get inside that mind.

“Are you okay about going out tonight?”

His expression doesn’t change. “Mmmm,” he says. I give him a sceptical look and he rolls his eyes. 

“Just … I dunno. I don’t really fit in with your friends, do I?”

I screw my face up. “Does it matter? You’ve got me there. Anyway - they like you.”

He does a brief mini Deano cheek poke. “Jeremy doesn’t.”

I frown at him. We’ve been through this before. Deano is convinced that my friend, Jeremy has some sort of problem with him.

“Well, he hasn't said anything to me. Anyway - who cares if he doesn’t like you? You don’t have to get on with ALL of my friends.”

I think about mentioning the fact that I don’t like all of Deano’s friends. Shaun and Mafra are sound. But I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think his mate Ash is a bit of a dick. 

“I am NOT doing karaoke though!” Deano says sternly.

I laugh.  “We don’t ALWAYS go to places with karaoke, Little Dude.”

He gives me a look with an eyebrow raised.

“Okay - maybe we do. We ARE theatre kids.”

“Shall I tell them I can’t stand musicals?”

I laugh. “Okay - how about this. When you come to Cardiff next month, we won’t meet up with ANY of my mates. It’ll just be the two of us. For the whole time.”

Deano screws his face up a little. But his mouth is curling into a little smile. I know for a fact he likes what I just proposed.

He clears his throat. “Do you sometimes think it’s, like, better when it’s just the two of us?”

I furrow my eyebrows, then smile. “Yeah!” I say, like the answer to that question is obvious. Because it IS.

Deano just grins at me, in that cute little way.

“I think that’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be when you’re boyfriends,” I say. I move my face closer to his and kiss him. I don’t think I’ll ever NOT love kissing Deano.

“Right, Little Dude!” I say, sitting up. “I’ve got bodybuilding stages to stomp and strut around on and sparkly purple posers to wear.”

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18 hours ago, Jlb423 said:

Muscle freak genius.  Like always 

Thanks Harry! 😊🤪

12 hours ago, Wrestlejock646 said:

Love it...so glad to see another story of yours get started!

Glad you're enjoying it, mate! I'd love to post more stuff here and more regularly but other things have a habit of getting in the way. 😧

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