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It was careers day at school when Clark Kent was giving his speech to the class about his career in journalism, how he became a top reporter for the Daily Planet and all the doors his career had opened up for him. Most of the class looked bored out of their minds. Except Melvin. No. Melvin looked absolutely ecstatic. But not because of the possibility of a career working for the newspaper. But because he knew. He knew who this handsome muscle bound creature before him really was. He figured it out a long time ago when his obsession began. Melvin had always been the scrawniest, shortest nerd at school who all the other kids made fun of and called fag. Then Superman came on the scene and Melvin became obsessed. Here was this huge godlike specimen with all the power in the universe. Boy, if I could only have that power for myself thought Melvin.

It was at lunchtime when Melvin set his plan into motion.

"HELP! HELP! SAVE ME SUPERMAN! PLEASE" Melvin yelled from behind the schools gymnasium at the far end of the school grounds. It wasn't long before the man of steel appeared in the blink of an eye, clad in the bright blue and red suit that did nothing to hide his musculature and thick bulge.

"I'm here boy! What's wrong?"

"Thank god you're here Superman, there some guys threatening me with gun...behind you!" Melvin pointed to which Superman of course did to see nothing at all behind him but the expanse of the school grounds.

That's when Superman suddenly felt weak. He knew what he could be feeling, its the same feeling he always got whenever he was close to....green kryptonite. And there it was being slung over his neck and chest in a man-made necklace of sorts.

"Oh god! Why?! You bastard!"

"Hahaha why?!" Melvin laughed evilly as he started to tent up with his pathetic boner of 4 inches. "Because this is destiny that's why!" Exclaimed Melvin as he turned the superheroes body back against the wall and shoved him down.

"Now let's see what the man of Steel is packing" Melvin pulled down the red trunks revealing Supermans flaccid 9 inch cock. "God damn! Can't wait for this beast to be mine!"

"Wh-what?! What are you talking about!"

"Just relax Supes, I've got it all figured it out!" Said Wesley before pulling out a vial of silver kryptonite and squeezing the man of steels nose and force feeding the liquid down the heroes throat. "Taste good?"

"What the fuck was that?!"

"Just a special ingredient for me to get what's mine. Now it's time for my poison" stated Melvin matter of factly before lowering himself down and giving Supermans cock a good tongue bath as the man of Steel began to moan in ecstasy.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck" moaned Kal El in total bliss just giving himself in to the pure pleasure that Melvin was giving him. As Melvin continued to work the tip of the cock with his tongue and fondle the man of steels orange sized balls, before groping the huge lycra clad thighs and the massive hard pecs. Yes thought Melvin, this was almost too fucking easy. Hahaha.

It was then that a group of jocks who had bullied Melvin all his high school life came round the corner to witness the super blowjob taking place "what the fuck Melvin! Get off Superman you fucking fag! He wants nothing to do with a homo like you.

But it was too late.

Wesley has just greedily swallowed 5 volleys of super spunk down his throat with an evil eagerness.

Melvin stood up. All 5"4 of him and faced his bullies.

"You're just in time for the show guys!!!! Hahahaha.....HAHAHAHAHAA.....YESSSSSS....UGGGHHHHH......I CAN FEEL THE POWER. the power. Oh goddddd."

And then the moment Melvin had been waiting for for months began to happen. The ultimate moment. He began to grow.

Melvin went up.  And up  from 5"4 to 5"7.


from 5'7 to 6"


From 6" to 6"11. Melvins shirt and trousers had rode right up showing his stomach and stick like calves.

"How do you like me now boys? Things are just getting started." And with that Melvin struck a laughable double bicep pose with nothing almost there, but not for long as muscles upon muscles began piling up all over his body.  The jocks could only look on in confusion, last, awe and fear.

"What the fuck Melvin! How?!" Asked Chad the jock leader

"It's SuperMelvin now you pathetic runt! Look at me! LOOK AT ME GROW!" shouted Melvin as RIIIIP AND RIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPP his pants and shirt just tore right off revealing the body of a heavyweight bodybuilder.  "FUCK YEAAAAH! THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. And as for my feet." Melvin looked down. "I think I'm gonna need some bigger boots boys! " as POP POP his school shoes just exploded right off before Melvin stomped on the remains with his new super muscular godlike feet as Melvin continued to drool all over himself as he continued to Flex and grope his new godlike body.

"I bet you're all imagining what this feels like" Melvin said as he flexed a basketball bicep and groped it with his other hand. "It's a shame none of you will ever know." Melvin flexed a most massive most muscular grinning a sadistic grin his eyes beginning to glow red a little.

It was then that the drained Superman got up, his now pathetic skinny form in the oversized suit staggering to Melvin and attempting a punch to Melvins back but Melvin didn't even flinch.

"HAHA what was that?! You pathetic little alien." Exclaimed Melvin. "Check out what a real Superman looks like" said Melvin posing over the man of Steel in just his grey briefs.  "And oh yeah! By the way I have every single one of your attributes too" winked Melvin before gesturing down to Clarks now pathetic stub of a cock before Melvin concentrated as his now supercock grew and flexed out of the confines of his briefs into a thick footlong erection.

The jocks could only look on as Melvin, the former skinny scrawny short nerd of the school had now become a true god. Just totally intimidating the man of steel 

Melvin grabbed the collar of Supermans costume and lifted him in the air with one arm with total ease. He felt like a feather to him! "I suppose I better thank you for making me what I was destined to be! Hahaha! Life is sure going to be different from now on! Now I'm going to send you back from where you came from! " supermans eyes widened "wha! No wait-" before Melvin grabbed the end of Supermans Cape with his other muscular hand and span and swung the man of Steel a few times like a discuss before launching the alien High into the sky, before he was barely a dot. And then he was gone.

"God damn I'm strong! Hahaha I'm a god. A FUCKING GOD! Anyone else want to have a go against the god?!" Melvin gestured to the jocks. His godcock still erect like an accusing thick arm. "Haha I didn't think so!"

"You.......you treated Superman like he was nothing" Chad said.

"Hardly a Superman at all now is he HAHA" Melvin said sadistically. "But you know who is?" Melvins eyes began to glow before firing lasers straight past Chad's head and hitting the trees behind setting them ablaze.

"Time for you fuckers to pay for all the torment you gave me all these years! Get ready to face a gods justice."

And all the jocks began to scream and run. As Melvin smiled with glee. This is what he had always wanted. He stoked his thick supercock with total pleasure before firing super huge volleys of supercum about a hundred feet in the air before it rained down and creaming the jocks making them stuck in their path.

Melvin laughed again before concentrating and in a blinding flash he was now neck to toe in his very own supersuit, not like Supermans suit, but one of his very own. Where Supermans had been red and Blue. Melvins was Blue and Yellow. With Yellow Boots, Trunks and Cape. "Haha I did always like the Bananaman comics" thought Melvin as he worshipped his own body in the skintight material before crossing his arms and willing himself to levitate to 50 feet in the air and over to the terrified jocks.

"I will spare you all today. Your fear is enough. There is no more Melvin.  Only SuperMelvin. Anyone who calls me Melvin again will be thrown into fucking space. Understand?" Stated Supermelvin as the jocks looked on, a couple of them pissing themselves with fear.

Supermelvin turned his body in the air, extended his fist and shot out at 1000mph with the biggest shit eating grin on his face. I am God Supermelvin thought.

Melvin began to laugh, and laugh before concentrating and in a flash. 

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