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Part 0


It was still cold outside when I enter the corridor of the public swimming hall. I was in my second year of university when I decided to join the swimming club. I wasn’t built for swimming. I enjoyed weight lifting and wrestling. Well… and growing in every aspect possible. But my doctor told me I could use the extra cardio to get my blood pumping once a week.

Most of the other studs were twunks. Maybe it was just my view of the world. I was tall with my 6’4 (193cm) in height. And no one even got close to my physique. I looked like a muscle freak compared to their slim swimmer bodies. And it wasn’t a bad thing… To be honest – It was a great feeling to outman them with my own image of masculinity.

I rummaged through my bag searching for my speedo. But it was no luck. I glanced over to Jake. We weren’t close friends, but I could sense his lust for my body. I catched him checking me out from time to time. And even now he was clearly glancing further down towards my prominent bulge. I was packing close to 10 inches. And I couldn’t hide the fact that my bulge was pushing my jockstrap slightly down, revealing the heavy base of my shaft.. “You don’t happen to have a spare speedo?”

He slowly took his opportunity to glance all over my frame. I was pumped from my workout earlier. My pecs were slightly hairy and my cock was pushing my jockstrap out to perfection, revealing a slight trail of pubic hair. I was the only stud inside the swimming group who wasn’t shaved to the bones.

Probably because speed didn’t matter in my eyes. He just nodded towards the equipment room. “I don’t have any… But they have a collection of lost speedos. Just pick of them.” He focused on my massive cock and blushed when I slowly adjusted my fat package, pushing my jockstrap further up again… “Thanks man” I slapped him on his athletic back before I slowly steered towards the storage room.

The light was dim in there. It stank like chlorine when I searched for lost items. The lost stuff was stored inside a huge wooden chest. *Damn… Looks like no one wants a pair of lost speedos back…*

When I opened the heavy box, I found a collection of 30 to 40 speedos, several bodysuits, and swimming caps in all colors and sizes in there.

Most looked rather boring. And many were way too small for my physique. I slightly got hard when I just imagined how they wouldn’t even survive my pumped calves or quads by trying them on.

I already heard the showers running in the nearby shower room when I grabbed the hottest one out of the pack. It was a signal red one with a white cross over the top.

That man had to be a fucking freak, because when I tried it on… It fit. And to my surprise: It was even a few numbers too huge for my 10 incher and my bull nuts. I felt small for once when I had to use the built in Laces to pull it tight around my sculpted hips.

I spotted Jake in the shower room and took the spot right next to him. Just when the water hit my sculpted body and the fabric of my speedo I let out a deep, long and uncontrolled moan. I slightly crunched forward under the pleasure… Fuck…. It felt like I just came when the water hit my package… I let out a low grunt, slowly trying to get back control over my lust before I inhaled slowly… Until I realizing everyone in the shower room stared at me. A few were clearly aroused by the sight. Others disgusted. “Care bout your own business already” My voice was deeper.. manlier… I saw Jake gaping when I just forced him into a headlock. I was rock hard. I ignored the other men in the showers who just left as quickly as possible.

“Fuck… Whatever you put into my speedo… You clearly knew what was going to happen, right?” I pinned him rougher against my musky pit, ignoring his weak attempts to get out of my grip…

“I PROMISE..” His voice was muffled “..NNGH I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WITH YOUR SPEEDOS” He squirmed and gasped for air when I released him. At least he was also popping a boner now… “..I swear I’ll fucking break you if you lied” I saw his red head.. He was still cute with his pumped athletic frame.

I Couldn’t be mad about him more than few minutes so I decided to help him with his boner problem in an instance. I pulled him underneath my showerhead and switched the water to the coldest setting.

It was winter. And I knew how cold the water could get in public places. The cold stream hit our bodies. He wanted to shift away, tried to shout but I Just muffled his shouts with my rough hand, forcing him up against my sculpted body.

It worked for him… But it didn’t work for my part. It only made me even harder when I felt the water hit my massive pecs, rushing down over my sculpted abs and my throbbing boner. It was almost as if my body just adapted to the cold while I felt him shiver in my arms.

At least the trick worked for him… When I switched the water back to hot. He was clearly pissed, pushing my arm away before he stomped off into the swimming hall.

I sighed, watching his bubble but waddling away while I still waited a few more minutes until I had my fat cock back under control. It still was semi. But I didn’t care. I couldn’t hide my cock even if it was soft. They can stare as long as they want. Because I would do the same if I saw my reflection in a mirror right now.

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Part 1 – Philipp

I yawned slightly before I downed the rest of my protein shake. It was still morning and I couldn’t get used to the early hours. They assigned me to the early shift anyways. Again and again.

I let out a long deep sigh and slowly stretched myself. I felt the white shirt and my shorts slightly ripple underneath my movements.

“Damn Phil. If you can’t even keep your eyes open in front of the monitors, you should watch the pools instead.” Liam leant against the doorframe. He was clearly a morning person. Juiced up with energy and motivation.

Liam stood barely 6’. Maybe he was that energetic because he still was in his late 20’s. “Come on. Don’t give me that pissed glare”.

I kept glaring for another long moment before I slowly got up. I towered around 7’2 (2,2m) and I was pumped. I couldn’t see anything below my juiced-up pecs when I stood straight… And my package…

Let’s just say that they tried several times to order a matching speedo for my job. It took them three attempts and I still remember how I ripped the first two in half by trying them on.

Even if we had our differences: Liam still showed up at my gym three times a week to lemme spot him. He was athletic and in shape. Just a little short for my taste.

I still recall how I forced him to join me at the gym after he called me a maniac when I told him that I work out 6 times a week. I managed to get him from zero gym workouts to 3… And he made quite the progress over the past two years.

… Maybe I should just infuse his food with protein. Force him to grow past his athletic swimmer built… .

“I’m going…” I groaned when I slowly rolled my shoulders slightly back. I took another glance towards the monitors. There were only few people inside the pool area that early in the morning. The university sport group and a few elderly people, who enjoyed their free time.

I watched the swimmers for a long moment before Liam interrupted my thoughts.

“You won’t mind getting me a coffee on the way?” – “You’ve already had enough of that demonic juice…”

I slowly stepped out of the control room, starting my tour along the fun and wellness area of the bath.

It had its benefits to take the early shift… There were no Teens hiding in the slides and barely any children or people who needed help.

The hot spa area and the large, heated pool was still empty. I checked the sauna area for any dehydrated brats but found none. So there really was just the noswimmer area and the 50 meter pool which were occupied that morning…

Well… Less work for me…

I grabbed a coffee for Liam at the entrance area and slowly swaggered back through the shower room. They were empty. And I even managed to get through the doorways without my forehead knocking against the frame.


My shirt was getting slightly damp through the steam inside the shower room, sticking against my hairy pecs and abs. I felt my quads grinding against the white fabric of my shorts.

Our uniform was simple. Basically… We always wear white shorts and a shirt… And underneath a prominent red lifeguard speedo.

I could swear they changed their dressing order after I joined the team. Probably to make it less intimidating for pool visitors when they saw me around.

I couldn’t blame them. I stepped back outside into the pool area. I stood at the side of the pool and just watched the group….



Alex strolled outside the showers and ran his hand through his wet hair. He swaggered towards the others and just grinned while enjoying the attention he got.

He stood right behind Jake while they waited in line. “Come on… Don’t be mad about earlier… Just helped you with your… little problem” he teased, pissing him off even further.

He kept grinning before his cocky grin slowly vanished once he followed Jake’s gaze towards the lifeguard who watched them from the side.

He was… Huge…

He stood away at least 40 meters from their position… And he still was big enough that they could spot his massive soft bulge through his white shorts… His giant pecs and arms forcing the material to its limit. His hairy, sculpted calves and quads. And a slight musk which filled the air.

That freaks’ size wasn’t normal…. And to Alex’ dislike Jake didn’t have eyes for him any longer… Instead, Jake kept gaping at that fucker’s body.

Alex hugged Jake from behind, pulling him in against his body until his pumped pecs, abs and his semi hardon pressed against his back… “Huh… Never knew you’re into freaks like him” his low voice vibrated throughout his body. “Always thought you’re straight like me, man”

He pinned Jake harder against his body while Jake tried to get off his grip… Alex slowly leant in. “Better watch out… Because I’ll help you out with your little problem after the training session…”

Jake wiggled slightly in Alex’ tight grip. He heard his low voice whispering in his ear. “Always wanted to destroy a fucking fag in the showers” – He chuckled… And finally let him off the hook when it was Jake’s turn.

Alex pushed Jake aside and took his spot instead before he dove into the water, leaving Jake behind.

Jake was slightly trembling. Yeah.. He enjoyed men. But he couldn’t stand jocks like Alex…

He stood on the starter block, watching Alex’ wide shoulders and how he dove away. It was his turn and he made a great start, slowly reaching the 10 meter mark. His thoughts were circling… Shifting while he remembered the feeling of Jakes muscles grinding against his body. He liked men with mass. And he enjoyed bodybuilding shows a lot in television. Yet he never really managed to gain any weight. He just wasn’t built for weightlifting.

He was at the 45 meter mark when he felt the air getting pressed out of his lungs. He crunched once he felt the pain in his calves. He had a cramp… And he started panicking. He still was under water when he saw the huge shadow and felt the water move around him.

His eyes were open. Watching the huge shadow who dove into the water. It was the lifeguard he spotted earlier on the sides… He saw his huge bearish body charge into the water.

He knew that man wasn’t built for swimming… But he could see his strong arms. His massive legs with each of his movements… And he could see the monstrous pecs and abs through the now transparent shirt. That man was bigger than any bodybuilder he saw on television… And that man was way beefier and way manlier than his wildest dreams.



It wasn’t the first time this happened. And it wouldn’t be the last time. I didn’t wait for an invitation when I jumped heads first into the water.

I could feel my rough hands splitting the water surface before my heavy body followed. I maybe wasn’t built for swimming… But I was muscled… And I had enough strength in my bones and muscles that I could catch up with Liam and the others.

I pulled his body against my front before I felt the ground of the pool underneath my feet. I squatted down before I flexed my monstrous quads and calves to push my heavy body back up towards the surface.

Liam already stood next to the rim, pulling Jakes’ body off my strong arms. I heard him coughing when I slowly pulled my heavy body out of the water behind him.

My clothes were transparent, sticking to my monstrous, built frame. My hairy bulging pecs and the prominent happytrail down towards my speedo.

My cock was monstrous. You could spot my hairy cockbase and the outlines of my massive member pushing the fabric slightly down while my now transparent shorts and shirt were sticking to my skin.

The young female trainer was already next to us, ordering the other spectators and students back into the water.

“We’ll get him checked by a doctor.” Liam smiled. He knew how to get along with people. Me on the other hand… Well I never had to deal with lots of them after most of them were disgusted or too intimidated by my size.

“Thank you sir for pulling him out” she slightly bowed her head before Liam bent over him again. “Able to walk?” He glanced into Jake’s eyes before he got a shook in response…

Liam slowly got back up before he gave me a sign. “I’ll call Luke to take a look on him… You can carry him to the first aid room in the meantime” He was already dialing while slowly walking towards the cold cup of coffee which rested on one of the radiators at the side.


I slowly squatted down before I lifted his body off the ground. I felt his hands wrapping around my pumped neck. His body was freezing. I slowly made my way back towards our monitoring room.

“Sorry for the trouble” he whispered in my ear which made me slightly tense… “That’s really the first thing you say after almost drowning in our pool?” I chuckle slightly before I laid him down on the treatment couch.

“You didn’t make me any trouble… But next time… Try not drowning if you wanna make me a favor” I slowly started getting rid of my shorts and shirt before I pulled two large towels out of one of the drawers.

I handed him one when the door suddenly swung open and a pumped jock stood inside of it.

“You allright Jake?” He almost shouted, apparently slightly out of breath. He looked worried the first moment after he entered. But his attitude shifted quickly when he heard my low voice out of the corner “He’s all right” His eyes ran over my body, stopping right at my massive bulge… Was he clenching his teeth slightly?

“I am” Jake was drying his body off slowly. “Want to get back to me and the others?” The jock asked while giving me a death stare. “Nah I’m fine…”. There was clearly some sort of tension in between them. And the jock clearly was pissed that his friend didn’t follow his suggestion.

He just wanted to start a second attempt when I cut him off. “You should leave now” I finished drying off most of my body. My hair was still wet. Water was still dripping down from my huge nipples and bulge. “I’ll take care of him” I watched his expression shifting.

My eyes slowly wandered towards his speedo. I held back my amusement. He was really wearing one of my old speedos… Couldn’t blame him. But it was way too big for his bulge and build.

I could see the lace tied in a prominent ribbon.

Meanwhile my own speedo - which was a few numbers larger at least - Didn’t even need the lace. It looked as if mine was close to just burst off my nuts any moment… And I knew it pissed him off to see me wearing it like that…

I had to deal a lot with studs like him… Or rather… I fucked lots of studs like him in my spare time… But right now, I was clocked in. And when I’m clocked in, I’m playing my role as lifeguard.

I watch him open his mouth again when he suddenly got interrupted by Luke and Liam. Luke was the doctor from across the street.

He was a pumped man in his late forties. He stood around 6’4 and wasn’t bad looking. But he was married. I was invited to their birthdays a few times in the past. They were a lovely couple. And yet I still had a crush on him now and then.

He eyed Alex who stood there like a deer in front of a truck before he left. Pushing his frame out through the door past Liam who gave me a puzzled look.

I just shrugged it off. After the medical examination he slowly stood back up. “You’re fine. Probably just a cramp. And apparently you didn’t swallow any water… But take a break from swimming for today until your calves are back on track. And you Phil… Miriam plans a party next Sunday. Feel free to join in… Liam can come over as well” He grinned mockingly, still remembering the last time when Liam couldn’t walk after the long night.

“But I won’t give you any alcohol this time, Liam. Although Miriam enjoyed the strip show” He slapped Liam on his back. “I’m off guys”.

I slightly grinned before I noticed Jake was slightly hard, gazing away when our eyes met. “Nothing to worry about… We aren’t straight either” I tossed him my pullover which rested on my desk. “You should wear something before you catch a cold. Just bring it back next week….”

I slightly massaged my quads while watching him how he puts on my sweater. Well… It looked more like a dress than a pullover on his scrawny body.

Liam put on his widest grin. “Maybe you should wear one of mine instead….” He wanted to get up but Jake shook his head… His face was bright red. “I It’s fine… Hides the fact that I’m hard…”.

He shifted slightly when he got up to leave. “Hey boy… Next time if you’re in trouble… Just hit us up. We don’t bite…” He just nodded and left with another word.


“Can’t believe you gave him one of your stinking sweaters Phil… Is it the same one you wore at Gym yesterday night?” Liam raised one of his brows while he watched me pulling out another set of dry clothes. “Come on… I can’t just let him walk out with the boner of his life… And it doesn’t stink… Just my natural odor… By the way… That jock earlier looked familiar didn’t he?”

Liam shrugged. “Probably one of the studs in your Gym… You’d remember any of your lockerroom fucks, right?” He raised a brow. “Come on Phil…. You will at least remember your one-night stands.”

I shrugged. “Would remember if I fuck a runt like him”

 “Shut off…. He was bigger than me” I slightly leant in when my deep voice vibrated throughout my torso. “Don’t worry. I didn’t forget any of our fucks… But right now… We’re at work….” I ran my fingers through my damp hair before I sat down on my chair again.

“You’ll make the next walk… I’m not in the mood for another dive this shift…”


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Part 2-1 – Off duty

It was early afternoon when I finally was off duty. I changed into my regular red jockstrap, a pair of jeans and a black v-neck before I slowly made my way towards the entrance.

It was cold outside, and my thick jacket made me look even wider than I already was. The train station was packed with university students today. It wasn’t an issue for me to get in…. I stood close to the window until I realized who was standing right next to me.

It was the Jock from earlier. And this time… He was standing right next to my pits. I always got rid of my jacket in the train. I didn’t care bout others… If they didn’t like my musk they could just go away… But right now there was no way he could get out of this situation. The train was packed to the rims and he was forced against my side. He had earbuds in. He was beefy… Juicy… And he could still use some manners when I remembered how he glared at me earlier today.

The train slowly filled up further. People rushed into the heated wagon when he was pushed further against my side by the crowd. He had no other option. They forced his frame around like a toy.

Sure he was built… But he couldn’t deal with the mass when they forced his head up against my pits while I held myself on the iron rod on the ceiling.

He got rid of his earbuds before he tried pushing me away… I slowly glanced down. His hand against my side before I slowly turned which now forced his body up against my massive abs, pecs and bulge… I could spot his eyes glaring up at me from his position before he was forced rougher against my body when the door opened up again….

“Whats´s up down there?” I licked slightly over my lips. He turned me on when he tried punching me for my dumb line.

I felt his fist slam against my brickwall of abs… My cock slightly hardening in the process before I felt his knee slam against my nuts.

I didn’t show any emotion before I ran my free hand down around his back and glutes, before I slowly squeezed them rough, crunching down just so slightly until my lips were close to his ear.

“Listen boy… If you want to stimulate me… You’ll have to use more of your legs strength”…

I turned and now pinned him up against the corner of the wagon and the window… My huge body blocked the sight on his frame while I could feel his hands all over my hairy frame… He was trying to push me away… But he couldn’t even move me a notch…. “Fuck boy are you turning me on right now….” I bucked my hip slightly forward until he felt my massive slowly hardening cock against his abs and bulge…. “But if you make me hard…. You’ll stay until I’m soft again” I forced my thick finger in between his glutes before I shoved it inside…. He wanted to scream but I shoved his mouth up against my hairy, sweaty cleavage. My shirt rippling underneath my muscles…

“Damn looks like our jock got hard, huh? Like Daddy Phil’s body?” I shoved my finger further inside over my thick knuckle when I grabbed his bulge with my other hand. I felt more people press up against my back while I kept going… My own cock got slightly harder…

I inhaled the dense air… Felt my muscles slowly getting sweatier while my testosterone level starts rising again. Each moment made my lust worse… I could feel the lust… The sexual tension when I heard his low moan up against my pecs….

I slowly glanced down…. I felt the damp feeling around his jeans…. “Huh…. That was all?” I slowly pulled my finger back out of his glutes before I traced it over his nipples…. I heard the announcer… We were close to my station when I slowly glanced down over my thick pecs. My sleeves were shredded slightly. My lower abs were showing… I grew again…

It was years since I last had a good growth spurt… I crunched down again when my low voice hummed in his ears…. “You better last longer next time… Same day…. Same train” I pinched his nipple hard until I heard him squirm before I left him behind. Slowly getting off the train.

I was massaging my bulge slightly… He only got me semi in there… Fuck it turned me on to break jocks… TO turn them into my own obedient runts… I grinned when I slowly made my way up the stairs… Towards my second home: The gym.

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