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The Biker Gang


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Some of the characters in this story are from my first story, Vaccinated. It’s not essential that you’ve read that story first, but you’ll have a better idea of the characters and their histories and motivations if you have.

The events in this story take place after the end of Vaccinated, but before the Epilogue.

The pace of updates for this one will be a little slower, unfortunately. Hope you enjoy.

EDIT: This story contains spoilers to the events in Vaccinated, so if you're still reading that, or haven't read it yet and want to, you should probably hold off on reading this one until you're done with that one.



Jake was a Good Guy.™ But, he had a sadistic streak that his day to day life did not allow him to explore. He sought to change that.

He loved riding his Harley. The feeling of power between his legs, the throbbing vibrations against his bulge, the manspreading, the showcasing of his physique - powerful quads sweeping out, arse cheeks prominent, tiny waist broadening out to massive boulder shoulders. His body on display to all.

He loved having a passenger on the back, needing to wrap their arms around his powerful lats and hold onto his abs. If she was a woman, the tits pressing into his back felt just as good as if it was a man’s bulge pressing into his arse.

He also loved how obnoxiously loud his bike’s exhaust was. Not only did it draw attention to him everywhere he went, it horned him up every time he heard it. Whether idling, or powering out under load, the throaty growl of the engine matched the roar of the exhaust, the reactions of bystanders, cursing him and finding his bike obnoxious just adding to the appeal.

He decided he’d form a biker club, gather like minded guys together, and form the greatest criminal enterprise in the country. An outlaw club, a true outlet for his sadism.

But, he did not want just any biker gang, he wanted to limit membership, ensure only the best of the best were even considered for membership. Only the biggest, strongest, and hottest need apply.

Jake was co-owner of the best gym in the country - a two-branch gym, one on either side of the country, which had the greatest range of equipment, access to the best trainers, coaches, doctors and, with almost every cop in the city as a member, he had extensive contacts within police ranks, even including internal affairs.

He thought he could emulate the gym’s success - unlike most gyms, steroids were much more openly discussed and available, with access even arranged by the gym’s concierges for members. There were so many cops as members, the chances of ever being raided in a steroid sting were, effectively, zero. And if it was ever in the pipeline, he would find out well before the raid through his extensive contacts.

If his club also counted a heavy police presence amongst its members, he reasoned the club could similarly act with impunity, law enforcement unlikely to ever do anything, and if there ever was to be a raid or investigation, he would find out well before, and the cops would never be able to officially pin anything on him or the club.

And, if the worst did come to the worst, he had his business partners (one of whom was his best friend and would have his back, no matter what), who both had a unique and incredibly powerful ability as a result of an experimental vaccine.

They could ‘hear’ their sperm and, when they ejaculated inside someone, they could control their sperm, make it burrow into their bloodstream so the sperm would be carried to the person’s brain. Once in the brain, they would have access to the person’s subconscious, where they could make changes to any bodily function and system for a short time until the person’s immune system kills off the sperm.

So if he was ever arrested, a couple of cumshots or a smear or two of pre into the arresting officers, and he’ d be released before it ever got to the prosecutor. If it got to the prosecutor, again, a cumshot or smear of pre or two, and the case would be dropped. If it got to trial…. Well, you get the idea.

So what was his plan to limit the members?

It was… complicated.

Members had to pass an initial physical criteria assessment, which was based on a list of physical criteria and abilities that he had created. This listed both physical attributes - height, weight, body fat percentage, dick size - and physical abilities, such as number of pull ups they could perform, how far/fast they could run, that sort of thing.

The list of criteria was all objective, except for the attractive/sexy attribute - which required a simple majority vote of existing full members to pass - so 50% of members + 1 indicating they thought the candidate was attractive and/or sexy. Passing this criteria was a mandatory requirement to pass the overall assessment.

If they passed the physical criteria assessment, they could join as a prospect, but would only become a full member if they passed the full member test. Each prospect’s membership test was different, set by a committee of existing members, but usually involved a test of loyalty to the club, and a criminal element that proved the prospect’s willingness to break the law. It was an outlaw club, after all.

The list of criteria was vain, and shallow, to be sure, but it was his club, and if he wanted to eliminate tiny-dicks, twigs and dwarfs, if he wanted to be surrounded by tall, hunky, muscular studs, well, who the fuck are we to question that?

Each criteria had two components - an absolute limit, where no person could be admitted if they were below/above that limit, no matter how good their other attributes, and a preferred limit, which the applicants were expected to meet for all but one of their criteria.

Each member was only allowed one attribute between the absolute limit and preferred limit, and only if they had at least one other exceptional attribute. If they had two criteria in this range, they were excluded from consideration.

So, for example, the Height criteria was 6’ absolute and 6’3” preferred. If an applicant met all other preferred criteria, but was only 6’1”, they they could still be considered, if one of their other attributes, for example, dick length, was exceptional. But if the applicant was only 5’11”, they were excluded, no matter how massive their cock.

It was a complex system, yes, but it ensured only the fittest, biggest, strongest, most virile sexy studs could be members.

The full criteria list was as follows.


  • Absolute: Yes


  • Absolute: 6’/183cm+
  • Preferred: 6’3”/191cm+

BodyWeight (BW):

  • Absolute: 198lbs/90kg+
  • Preferred: 220lbs/100kg+


  • Absolute: <18%
  • Preferred:  <12%

Dick length:

  • Absolute: 8”/20cm+
  • Preferred: 10”/25cm+


  • Absolute: 40+
  • Preferred: 50+

1 min Pushups:

  • Absolute: 35+
  • Preferred: 40+


  • Absolute: 15+
  • Preferred: 30+


  • Absolute: 225% of BW+
  • Preferred: 275% of BW+


  • Absolute: 200% of BW+
  • Preferred: 250% of BW+


  • Absolute: 150% of BW+
  • Preferred: 200% of BW+

3.1mi/5km run:

  • Absolute: <22m0s
  • Preferred: <15m0s
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Oh hell YEAH, this is going to be very, very interesting. Beggars can't be choosers but I'm sure hoping the output comes as fast and furious as it did with Vaccinated! Nice set up and here's to (hoping for) a hot summer of Jake!  (Or, a hot winter of writing by mmvmgo2011)

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Well. Jake wont remember everything that happened but his dom and sadistic side has always been there looking for a way yo come out.

I cant wait to see the applicants and why do i feel Scott will be one of them?

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  • 2 weeks later...

MORE! Love the thought of these modern day beasts pillaging and wreaking havoc. 

I might reconsider the title, though. Words that end in ie (cutie, sweetie, drinkie) tend to be a little cutesy for a mob of badass motherfuckers like this. 

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4 hours ago, photoguy said:

MORE! Love the thought of these modern day beasts pillaging and wreaking havoc. 

I might reconsider the title, though. Words that end in ie (cutie, sweetie, drinkie) tend to be a little cutesy for a mob of badass motherfuckers like this. 

Taking my time with this one... but more is definitely coming. I hope it lives up to expectations.

As for the cutesy title -hadn't even considered that. We call them bikies, not bikers... I'll update it to use the American term.

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  • mmvmgo2011 changed the title to The Biker Gang

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