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Megadrol (Parts 1-16)


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Thank you all for your continued support, this is the import from the database failure. Yes, there is more coming, I apologize for the extended absence, career obligations and all that. Thank you for reading!





            My name is Matt, and at the time that I am beginning this story I was 22 and just about 6’2”. It might have been a little strange back then to immediately describe my height before all else, but that’ll be clear later.

            At the time I had just gotten my LPN and well…kind of flunked out of the program to get my RN. I had been going a community college in Tyson, Michigan, just outside Detroit. I had just moved to town from my hometown of Jackson, just west of Tyson by an hour’s drive. I was from what was left of the urban decay, a little stuffy subdivision filled with new houses, but old money.

I was not necessarily part of this “old money” crowd, but I wasn’t poor. At least, financially. I was never rich in friends during my school years. I wasn’t popular growing up. I didn’t really have any friends, being you know, out and proud. So I was delighted to move to Tyson and start over. And as it turns out, I came across a good deal on a house in the countryside outside Tyson.

My house, for how small it was, had some perks. Tyson had everything I needed and I was only a half hour away from Detroit (okay an hour due to traffic). I had a whole two acres of land surrounded by woods which is why I really bought it, a nice open space to do whatever I liked. Looking back, I am not sure what were my ultimate plans— maybe sell after renovation and turn a profit? I can’t be sure, I kind of rushed into the purchase and wound up with a pretty lackluster set up. But it was nice to have my independence! And truly, it’s not like that ever mattered how crappy the house was now.

At the time, living on my own I kind of struggled for cash. I did not go hungry, but the mortgage and the day-to-day expenses ate up my checks quickly. Not only that I had to furnish an entire house on my own. I had actually taken up a job at a prison, which albeit paid extremely well, for mostly predictable reasons did not suit me that well.

Life, back then had its up and its downs, and while the independence and the freedom from any connections back in Jackson was wonderful, the glow faded after a few months at it. And now, I was bored. And being young and single such as myself, I started to look for people to meet one way or another.

            My love life though, was kind of lackluster. I’ll be the first to admit, I kind of had high standards and a couple of issues. One: I was fairly tall, and I liked guys taller than me. Two: I prefer to be dominated, and it’s just not the same when someone is smaller than me. And three: Muscle is a must!

            Every so often between long work weeks at the locked-down clinic I worked in, or long pensive bike rides, I’d find myself downloading apps like grindr or tinder or whatever. And a lot of the time I’d end up thoroughly disappointed. I knew a few gay guys in the area, and a few had become friends of mine. But a lot of them, barring a minority were pretty bleh for my tastes. I love handsome jocks, what can I say? And there was a shortage.

            There were a few buddies that I had that lived in and around the area. Michigan, being the automotive state is terribly spaced out. So it is not uncommon to measure distance between friends and places in minutes it takes to drive there.

So that brings me to Ben. At this time (and it blows my mind to remember this) he was little shorter than I was. About 6’, and he had a stockier build, when we had first met. Ben and I met in college, he actually lived in the Tyson area his whole life. We were actually both going to nursing school and unfortunately Ben walked away even before I did. It had been a few months since we had seen each other.

Despite his premature end to school, he found success in his own way. He too found an amazing deal on a house; it was actually way better than mine. It had an awesome full basement, three bedrooms and a big yard. I had come to wonder, in the months after moving into my house what he had been up to? I seriously considered hitting him up. He didn’t live far from me; I’d drive to him.

            And then came a sign that could not be ignored, he distinctly showed up on grindr one day. I struck up a conversation. That handsome lightly bearded face of his, I noticed his jawline had become quite sharp! I frantically typed:

            “Hey!” I said, “How have you been?” And sent my picture.

            He typed back right away! I was elated hen he said “Oh man, Matt how are you! I’ve been super good actually!”

            I replied, “Good! I just moved to Tyson and got my own house, just like you!”

            Ben wrote, “Awesome dude! I’m glad to hear that for you, I’ll have to come see it some time.”

            I smiled at my phone; I was sitting in my living room, leaning over the app with a twinkle in my eye. “What have you been up to since we last spoke?” I asked.

            “Working on my house, but really working on me, and my body.” He returned.

            My eyebrows raised, “Oh yeah?” I wrote, “Show me.”

            He sent me pictures of his recently redone carpet and painted walls. Which while nice, weren’t really what I was asking for. “I think you know what I meant when I said show me lmao” I replied.

            I was gobsmacked by what he sent me, they were standard grindr pictures: a headless torso. But that torso was not like the one I remember, this one was cut! I had to ask, “Did you just send me some random guy’s pics haha?”

            “No.” He wrote, and then sent a candid with his face.

            Ben had put on some serious mass! And he had lost quite a bit of fat, he was getting leaner, buff even! I was a little jealous!

            “Holy shit dude, you look great!” I typed, “You have been working out a lot!”

            “Thanks man, I got a home gym.” He replied, “We should workout together!”

            I immediately stood up with excitement, “Definitely! We need to hang out!”

            “I’m free all week,” Ben said, “You tell me when and where.”

            “Tomorrow afternoon?” I asked.

            He sent a winking face as a reply. We then made plans for the following day.

            I was stoked! But more importantly, aroused.  I studied the photos Ben had taken in his basement right next to his gym, his chest had gotten super defined, it had always been kind of big, one of his best features, but now his pecs, they were a lot denser looking and bigger. His abs were a respectable four-pack and his legs, thick and strong from his countless miles of running, looked aided by squats and deadlifts. In a photo where he had turned to his side and flexed a surprisingly developed (and hot) bicep, his ass looked even fuller than I ever remembered before!

            And as I stroked my dick, I asked myself something, “How did he do that?”

            I would soon find out, and my life would change forever.

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            It was the following day, and we were set to meet each other, we had decided on some small Chinese place at a strip mall off Lapeer street. I had nothing to do with my time and showed up pretty early out of a sense of anticipation, I couldn’t handle pacing around my house doing nothing. I sat in the parking lot for a while idly listening to my music.

 I drove this little cheap Toyota Camry I had bought from a guy in Jackson. It was a beater car for sure, almost 20 years old and running flawlessly. It braved every single pothole Michigan roads had to offer. I remember riding in it well. It’s almost sad to think that this is not possible any longer.

I went in about ten minutes before Ben and I had arranged (after waiting an hour in my car) and waited, sipping water eagerly. My eyes kept darting to every car that would roll up, and a subtle sense of disappointment would overcome me each time they passed or the person getting out was not Ben.

Finally out of nowhere I can see him walking across the lot through the restaurant windows. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes! I had kind of thought that maybe Ben had touched up his grindr photo a tad or at least used the best lighting ever. But now, in the daylight where I could drink him in, I could see under his tight shirt his thick pectoral muscles bouncing lightly with every step. I noticed how his sleeves tightly gripped the clearly dense and defined triceps and biceps of his. He walked up to the door and came in, I stood up to greet him.

“Ben!” I said, “It’s great to see you man!” I extended my arms out for a hug.

His face lit up instantly with a handsome smile, framed by his sexy stubbly beard. “Matt!” And he embraced me tight. Very tight! It was a little surprising the evident ease at which he moved my whole body which as I remember used to hover over him a little bit. But now…I swear Ben had gotten a hair or two taller since High School.

We did some catching up right away as we ordered our food. And boy, was he ever hungry! He ordered the Bourbon Chicken, the Orange Chicken combo, pork and beef fried rice, and a plate of fried vegetables…all for himself!

Meanwhile, I just got the Kung Pao Chicken meal and felt actually intimidating into ordering a little extra rice because it was such a small order in comparison!

            Ben had been a prodigious young athlete in high school. His all time claim to fame was going to state for the Mile in Track and Field. While not built like a standard distance runner, which was lanky and often times even wispy, Ben was a studly linebacker type build who clocked a time of 4:45 for his best mile time. Fucker was fast! I guess he still regularly ran, but really had taken to weights in his adult years (obviously), and his appetite reflected the hours he had been putting into the gym.

            As we chatted I learned he had also bought himself a house and worked hard to make it nice, but mostly worked hard on building up his home gym and using it.

            “You look really good man, let’s see those arms!” I couldn’t resist.

            Ben gladly brought his arms up into a double bicep pose. My pants reacted appropriately to their obvious strength and size.

            “I gotta ask man, how did you do it! I want to get on your level, but I’ll be honest I’m short two things: direction and motivation.”

            Our food had come and Ben’s ordered practically consumed the entire table, squeezing my plate to hang slightly off the edge. Over the steaming plate of chicken before him, Ben leaned in a bit and lowly mentioned, “Well, I got to admit, I may have taken a shorts cut or two…”

            I widened my eyes and mouthed the word “Roids?”

            “Oh no!” Ben smiled and cheerfully waved off with a  chuckle.

            “Then what then?” I asked.
            Ben began, “Well…”

            And sparing the reader some long irrelevant backstory about the internet and message boards and research in cutting to the chase Ben had come across:

            “…SARMS.” He mentioned, “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators.” They are similar to steroids in terms of effect but none of that nasty stuff for your health, at least that’s what the research indicates.”

            “Hmm.” I said pensively, worried for my friend. “Are they safe?”

            “Well I certainly think so, I’m getting stronger and bigger every day with this stack I’m running. So I have been doing this rather standard stuff that most consumers get their hands on, Ligandrol. Been taking that for about a month. But I also just got this premium, top of the line stuff that I could not pass up. I haven’t taken it just yet. But not because I am nervous or anything. Quite the contrary, the company was running a trial on this batch and gave me all this reassuring safety and efficacy data on purchase and I can’t believe how the Ligandrol is working as is, and I’ve only been on this stuff for a month!”

            “What’s the company?” I inquired.

            He smirked and rubbed the back of his head coyly, “Well uh…the FDA got to them and they shuttered literally after I sold them out of their stuff, craziest thing. But they are…or were called AlphaLabs.”

            I could only laugh, “So you mean you have been taking this stuff the FDA apparently wanted seized? You got some major stones, dude.”

            He nodded and smiled understandably, “I know, I know. But I’m saying the science is sound from what I have researched and now I am a living breathing test subject, and it’s working well I’d say. I’m excited for each and every workout, day after day. You and I really should hit the gym together, a tall guy like you? You’ll look massive!”

            I almost blushed at the prospect. “Do you workout at home, I can come there no problem!”

            “Cool!” He replied happily, “I got some errands to run after this but do you want to later today?”

            “Yes!” I said with a little bit too much glee, which I chastised myself for throughout the following hours. We both finished our meal, Ben not even needing a box for leftovers despite the huge feast he had partaken. He stood up and I noticed how tight his pants were against his bulging ass, which bumped the table as he stood up. He stretched, bucking his hips and I could make out from my angle the curvature of his package, pressed out proudly by his muscular thighs.

            We parted ways and I found myself pacing the house to get ready just like before, albeit in gym shorts this time. A couple hours went by and I headed over to the address Ben had provided, it was a nice ranch house actually not terribly far from where I lived. Similar country setting with woodland surrounding a big back yard.

I went up to the house and knocked, and Ben came to the door joking, “Matt! It’s been too long!”

I was about to reply but I took pause. I had wanted to ask at the restaurant but now I really had to ask: “Have you gotten taller?”

            Ben blushed, and said, “Probably not, I don’t know.”

            I then snapped out of it, and undertook the traditional exchange of pleasantries people say when they enter someone’s house for the first time: “I like your house/ I love this carpet/ I dig the portrait in your dining room, and other such fawning. Except, none of my comments were ingenuine. Rather, the spacious and well furnished home surprised me a bit, and the full basement with a home gym? Get out of here!

            As Ben led me through the house he mentioned: “I’ve been using the hell out of my gym equipment, I really built it up after doing my renovations.”

            “Oh yeah?” I said.

            He nodded, “Yeah I redid the bathrooms and the floors, carpeted the basement, that’s where the gym is, wanna see?

            I said yes readily; then was led down into Ben’s nice basement with new carpet. Across the other end was a rather complete gym, a squat rack and bench were there, with a bunch of dumbbells and an extra bar. There was a leg extension and bicep curl attachment on the bench—Ben could get quite a pump down here!

            “Nice gym man,” I complimented, “Can’t wait to use it!”

            “Definitely bro!” Ben replied, “ASAP, let’s make it happen! I’m gonna try this Megadrol now that I got a spotter on bench!”

            “Is that what it’s called?” I asked, “Megadrol?”

            Ben looked at me sheepishly with a smirk, “Oops I have said too much…Yeah, that’s the new stuff I’ve been trying this passed week combined with my basic stuff, Ligandrol.”

            “Not that you’ll need it, big guy.” I said. “Maybe I might have to try that stuff you got some day.” Half joking.

            Ben returned, “Maybe,” as if he wasn’t certain if he would share, “Maybe some day. I can probably hook you up with the Ligandrol, I have plenty.”

            My face lit up, “Well hell, can I have some now? How much you want for it?” I asked.

            Ben said, “Tell you what, if you promise to workout with me as much as possible, I am talking at least three times a week, I’ll give you a bottle for free.”

            I waved my hand, “I can’t take it for free, please what it’s worth?”

            Ben would have none of it, “No seriously, I got the Ligandrol free for trying out the other stuff so I have plenty to spare if that is something you are serious about considering.

            In hindsight I may have eschewed some sense of self preservation by being won over so easy by a research chemical. I had shrugged, I thought how could I pass up on the offer, just looking at Ben’s body, it made me want to take it right away. I had let myself slip a bit, and while I was always decently trim I started to look downright flabby and weak. I needed to change that up, asap!

            So I asked Ben how it worked, how I should take it. And he recommended starting off with a decent dose, and I listened. He handed me a small oral syringe that could draw up the ligandrol. Thankfully it wasn’t even an injection, it was taken by mouth.

            Ben mentioned, “Well since you’re on board, mind if I take some of that Megadrol?”

             I replied, “Was I stopping you?” and we exchanged a laugh.

            Ben went and got the bottle from his bedroom as I sat in the basement, I stared at the Ligandrol and thought of how amazing my friend looked. God his ass going up the stairs stretched his jeans in all the right ways. I didn’t want to be too weird since we had not seen each other in years before today, but it was no secret Ben was gay too. I couldn’t resist myself at the restaurant and I had to feel that chest of his. Those arms, bulging as they wrapped around me. He looked so much different than last time. As he came down the stairs I had to ask: “So how long have you been on this stuff again?”

            “Bout a month.” He returned, “The gains were great, want to see my before picture?”

            He pulled out his phone and I was shocked. He looked like he did back in college. “This has to be from years ago, there’s no way you looked like this a month ago.”

            He cockily flexed his arms, “Believe it, baby! Check the timestamp!”

            I did, it was for April, just a month and a half prior. “Holy shit! Is all I could say, this stuff works!”

            Ben laughed, “I’m thinking it might!” as he unboxed the Megadrol. It was an orange suspension in a brown and unlabeled bottle. “Are you taking yours?” he asked.

            I hesitated for a second as he drew up his, I relented “Sure, why not?”

            Ben cheered, “Bottoms up!” and we dosed.

            It tasted terrible! I had to ask for a drink!

            “A small price to pay,” Ben said as he got me some water, “Just wait and see!”


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I walked over to Ben’s workout equipment, he had quite an array to choose from, but I chose an old classic and elected to go for Bench press first. It had been too long, and frankly I was a little worried I would embarrass myself.

            I loaded up the bar with two ten pound plates, just as a warm up. It was not hard but it was not as easy as I would have hoped for. Ben was taking his sweet time upstairs, changing into his workout clothes so I loaded up the twenty-fives instead. I pressed out ten good reps by myself as Ben came down the stairs. I racked the bench and sat up.

            “Holy god!” I yipped, “You look great in that shirt!”

            He was wearing a blue thin strapped tank that really emphasized the mass he gained in his shoulders and pecs. “Oh geeze, thanks!” he smiled. “It’s my favorite, I love blue.” Then he eyed my weights, “Just get done warming up?”

            I replied, “Yeah. Wasn’t too hard.”

            “Good because we are pounding out the weights today, help me rack the forty-fives.” He asked.

            “For like me?” I asked.

            “No, silly! My warm-up.” He cajoled.

            I did a double take, “A warm up? This much?”

            Ben just winked at me and laid down under the bar, his shirt rode up slightly on his stomach showing a V-line that was starting to form. His shorts also rode up on his legs revealing those huge quads of his. He hoisted the bar above his head and did ten flawless reps, without any visible strain. I of course did not need to spot him at all.

            “Damn man!” I had to submit, “That was impressive.”

            He flexed his pecs eagerly, “We just getting started!”

            I got under the bar next. And while I did not fail, it was a bit of a struggle to lift 135 pounds ten times over my chest. And normally I would have faltered and given up, but I could feel that energy coursing through me, and as I looked up to Ben I had to keep pressing that weight harder and harder.

            “Good job!” Ben commended, “Now help me rack up two more forty-fives.”

            I was gobsmacked, “Going up fast, aren’t we?”

            He laughed, “That’s why I have you, bro!”

            “Alright…” I said as he got back under the bar, and wouldn’t you know it he did ten more without even the slightest need for my assistance!

            “Dude!” I cried out.

            And not a moment later he got down on the ground and began hammering out push-ups, “I like to do push-ups after bench to really juice that last bit of effort out of my chest, I can really feel them tearing away at the muscles.” He managed fifteen reps until he failed.

            I tried myself to do push-ups, and I managed a paltry six. After a rest, might I add.

            Ben asked, “You want to go up in weight on bench?”

            I huffed after getting off the floor, “Yeah give me a second to recover.”

            And he did…while he put twenty-five pounds on each side of the bar, causing the bar to flex slightly with 285lbs of weight.

            “Alright I might need your help this time.” Ben admitted.

            “If I can!” I said back, half joking.

            Ben kicked up the music on his speaker and was getting amped up, “Let’s go!” He said as he laid back on the bench and lifted the bar.

            One rep, came easy. Second rep, looked even easier. Then a third, forth and fifth all without help. Ben’s face started to turn red, he was really exerting himself now. Reps six and seven and no sign of stopping. And then he made it to ten without my help.

            “Fuck yeah Ben!” I cheered as to my astonishment he kept going! To a mighty sixteen reps until failure.

            “Yeah! Woo!” He cried in ecstasy, “I just blew my personal best out of the water!”

            “Ben this is fucking crazy!” And as he stood up I almost flinched, I swear this boy looked bigger! “You must feel strong as fuck!”

            “Hell yeah I do!” he congratulated himself.   “C’mon get under the bar, let’s do 150, I believe in you, bud!”

            I obeyed though I had some reservations. But I couldn’t shy away like this when Ben had just done that right before my eyes.

            “You got this Matt, let’s do it.” He goaded.

            I took a deep breath, and I suddenly felt the energy coursing through my veins again. A pump like none other, I lifted the bar and did my first five no problem! My last five were a struggle but I managed eleven with the last one being spotted! I felt great!

            He gave me a high-five, “Good going dude, that was great! Do you feel the stuff?”

            I couldn’t lie, “Yeah I did actually.”

            He went on, “Well your chest is looking pretty pumped dude, pop off that shirt and lets have a look.”

            I had to almost hide my boner; I was also a little hesitant. “O-only if you do too!”

            And we did, and before I could say anything about how amazing Ben looked, even compared to yesterday when I did not get the chance to see his bare-chested glory, he said to me, “Bro you look hot! Look at your chest, it’s already responding!”

            “Me? You’re one to talk dude. I can see you have been working on those abs of yours, but that chest we all know has been your best feature.”

            “Pshaw!” He said, “Just a little hard work is all,” and he flexed his pecs in a way that made my heart skip a beat.

            Now I was actively trying to hide my boner. I wanted to ask if I could feel his chest. His pecs were so rounded and perfect, I just wanted to caress them in my hands and give them a squeeze! But I stifled myself, “Let’s move on to squats, it’s been awhile too!”

            “Good man! Love to hear it, bro!”

            And then Ben proceeded to blow me away in each exercise that we did. I managed a brave 175 – (my bodyweight!) in squats, which was a personal record. I could only do 3. Ben of course managed to do two plate squats for several sets, and then went up to three plate saying to me, “I have never done this much before!” And he did a set of five before racking it!

            This was the pattern with the bicep curls we did and the tricep extensions, each time Ben would outshine me like it was nothing. He was getting so sweaty, so was I. I air was rich in jockey musk, I loved it. We worked out for a solid hour and I was about ready to call it quits, Ben just wanted to do a de-load set on bench of 185lbs. More than my squat max…

            As he did so, his shirt rode up on his stomach again, the V-line was showing, it was hot! But I noticed something…I noticed that his shirt rode up higher on his stomach though it was almost completely laid out across his body. It looked tighter on him even.

            And when he stood up and handed me a towel we clasped hands like bros do, and I swear to god I did not have to look down at all to meet his gaze. Something I had always done if ever so slightly. I did not want to repeat myself, but I almost asked, “Ben have you gotten taller?”

            But I wrote it off as I was immediately preoccupied with the soreness of my muscles.

            “Same time tomorrow?” Ben asked cheerfully.

            Though my body ached terribly, I agreed without pause.

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            I got home after working out with Ben and goddamn was I sore. My stomach rumbled the second pulled into my driveway.

            “No way I’m cooking tonight.” I told myself as my chest cried out from the effort of opening and closing my front door.

            I walked into my house and turned on the lights. I was exhausted and sat down, I looked around and got to thinking, “Damn this place is kind of small.” I was mentally comparing my place to Ben’s, the only thing I had really had on his house was my big yard surrounded by woods.

            The living room wasn’t cramped for my use, it was maybe 15 by 15. But it being the biggest room in the house, felt a little tight. My master bedroom was just a bit smaller at 12 by 15, and with my dresser and my king-sized bed (I had to have one, unless I want my feet to hang over the end) there was not a lot of room. The kitchen and bathroom were puny, and the second bedroom which I used for all the junk collected over the years was a glorified closet.

            I called in a pizza order; I was absolutely famished!

            The girl on the phone asked, “What size and what do you want on it?” in a flat tone.

            “Extra large meat lovers…and breadsticks!” I said.

            They replied, “Mm-hmm anything else?”

            “No.” I said regretfully, I almost wanted to get an additional pizza!

            “Give it a half hour for delivery.” The person replied after giving my address.

            I figured I had time to take a shower, so I did. The hot water felt magnificent on my body, the salt of my sweat melting away. I had to duck a bit to get under the shower head, which hurt my sore quads, but it was worth it. That soreness in my whole body just reminded me of Ben.

            I got lost in thought. I kept thinking about how radical his before and after was. Especially if he had only just been using this Ligandrol stuff for a month! My mind turned with excitement at the prospect of being able to take it myself. I was anxious to see what it would do to me. And then I thought of that Megadrol stuff, Ben was about to grow like a weed! The thought of it turned me on.

            Thinking about two bros, going hard at the weights getting bigger and stronger and enjoying each other’s gains and bodies. And fuck, I know Ben is gay, he while he was kind and respectful enough to not make a move on me and keep things strictly about our workout – damn, did I ever want him to make a pass. I wanted to grab his thick ass in those basketball shorts or feel his bicep and get close and go in for a kiss.

            I was rock solid and started to jerk off, the lather of the soap really helping me out. Suddenly my soreness started to feel pleasurable, the feel of the hot running water…the thought of Ben’s body— my body getting stronger and ripped…the sound of the doorbell…

            The doorbell?

            “Oh shit!” I cried. The pizza was here I was stroking my rod in the hot shower.

            “Just a second, getting out of the shower!” I yelled, which I suspect was in vain because the bell rang again!

            “Just a sec!” I said again louder. I panicked, I could hardly find my wallet and was still naked as all get-out. I wrapped a towel around my waist to answer the door, which normally I would be above, but for whatever reason I made it an emergency in my head to answer the door asap.

            And to my surprise, I knew the pizza delivery man! It was my old friend Spencer!

            He was just as surprised as I was, albeit for different reasons. “Oh!” he said, “Hi Matt…”

            I turned red in the face, what a reunion this was! I was hoping this would be a quick and awkward exchange of cash but now I had to stay for a second.

            “Spencer! It’s been too long!” I said, then looked down, “I’m terribly sorry you caught me like this!”

            His eyes were a little wide, “Uh yeah…Anyways, I got your food, 24.60 for it all.”

            I threw him thirty-five bucks, “Keep the change.” I said.

            His bewilderment turned to a smile, “Hey thanks!” he grabbed the boxes from the carrier, “Say man, have you been working out?”

            I blinked, “Uh yeah, a little bit.” And chuckled awkwardly.

            He kept smiling and said, “Well it shows!”

            I blushed as I took the hot food, “Thanks my man!” and then something struck me, it didn’t add up someone like Spencer would be handing me a pizza and thanking me for an above average tip. “Wait dude, I have to ask why are you delivering pizzas? Doesn’t your dad like own his own company?”

            He rubbed the back of his head and gingerly explained, “It’s to show initiative and get me to be more social, I guess. One of his weird lessons. I don’t know, probably wants me to take over for him one day and I’ve never had a job, so he tells me to get one no matter how crappy.”

            “Huh, well, definitely stay in touch man! Come over some time.” I invited; I hadn’t seen my boy Spencer since some random English class early on in college. While we never really hung out too much outside of school, we were pretty tight for a couple of semesters.

            He really seemed appreciative of the invitation, “Thanks, you know I just might!” he replied, and then went on with his work.

            This left me with my food, and I started pulling slices straight from the box and chowing down like none other. At about halfway into the pizza and breadsticks I wondered if I should slow down. I was tearing right through it and there wouldn’t be any in the morning at this rate.

            But then I thought of Spencer and what he had said, and I thought of the Ligandrol (which I took a dose of with a protein shake I had with my food), and I said to myself “Why the hell not?” and finished off every last morsel. Borderline stuffed, though even I could admit I would eat a dessert if someone offered.

            I should have gotten another pizza like I had originally wanted!

            No matter, I was beat, and after my big dinner I went for bed. Though as I was laying down, I could feel the Ligandrol kicking in. All the soreness in my muscles seemed to dissipate as my body relaxed. I felt totally at ease, but a certain sensation kept me awake: My dick which had gone unsatisfied suddenly rubbed up against the spandex of my Adidas underwear. I got hard in seconds, so I did what any young stud like me would do and grabbed hold. It felt so good in my hands, so girthy and hot just a huge handful. I had always been kind of hung, but I was really feeling myself and noticed I was looking extra big tonight. It really helped with what came next.

            I pleasured myself not once but three times in a row. The last time I jerked off I thought about the following day with glee, it was another day off and me and Ben were about to lift hard as hell. And maybe, hopefully, I’d get something more out of it.

            A man can dream, and that’s exactly what I did.


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              I went to the bathroom and looked myself over, there I was. Pale skin, short black hair, long arms and legs that had some bulk, could be better described as lanky. My torso wasn’t the worst, I had a little bit of chest muscle and in the pleasing light of my bathroom mirror you could make out my abs... at a good angle. But this was nowhere near what I wanted to be. I huffed disappointedly, as I did so there was a knock on the front door.       


              I answered it, and who else but Ben? I looked him over, damn he looked great! Beautiful brown hair which while short, stayed well coifed on top of his head. A head which had a nice, manly jaw line and a super masculine, but not excessive stubble. But below this, hiding under clothes and that thick neck of his, was his body! Wow, this guy was growing like crazy!


              “I’m coming in.” He said without saying hello.


              I was at a loss for words, I nodded and just studied Ben over. His tight v-neck shirt clung to the massive, rounded plates of muscle that were his pecs. It strained the fabric and caused his shirt to ride up slightly, so that whenever he moved his arms the bottom row of a cut six pack was visible. His stomach was getting noticeably tighter.


              Ben was standing on the pavement below my front stoop, he stepped up and passed me on the way indoors. I was taken aback; he was taller than me! By a good inch!


              I faltered, “B-Ben! You’re so much taller than—”


              He turned around and smiled, “Maybe it’s just you getting smaller, Matt!” and then flexed his guns— Jesus they were huge!


              Then he barked, “Dude I’m fucking hungry! Feed me!” in a way that startled me. Ben saw how it made me react and he started to laugh, “Haha! Sorry bro, I’m just famished, big guy like me has to eat, whaddaya got in the fridge?”


              And he started to help himself without me asking.


              I just sat down; my head was almost spinning. My friend was becoming muscular perfection, it made me feel so inadequate.


Almost as if he knew what I was thinking he started talking: “Yeah that Megadrol stuff seems to be working don’t it?” He said as he raided my kitchen for all the protein it had. He started shoveling back all the cottage cheese and Greek yogurt, and quickly made his way over to any eggs and meat I had in the fridge, making himself sandwiches and frying the eggs simultaneously. In an instant it seemed he had wiped out my stock, and I just watched him eat it all.


              He winked at me, “Gotta fuel up to get big, am I right?”


              I said, “Dude you’re absolutely massive! How much do you weigh?”


              Ben was too busy chowing down to pay me any mind, I just started blathering praise, “Ben I have to say you are just absolutely stunning right now. Look at you! Please, I’m begging you, take your top off!”


              He eyed me seductively at this request. He stood up, I gulped. He walked across the small expanse of my living room in no time at all. Had he…had he gotten even taller? I swear I was looking up to his eyes now. It couldn’t be… His shirt was riding higher, the sleeves had stretched up and clung to his shoulders and biceps like a second skin— fuck, one flex and it might rip!


              “Guess you could say that Megadrol really works huh? I can feel it Matt, I can feel my body growing, even right now. You wanted me to weigh-in, go get the fucking scale then, little guy!” he ordered.


              I had to comply.


              I got my bathroom scale, just some cheap piece of crap with a rotary dial. I set it down and I looked up at him and he smiled down at me.


              “Get ready, Matt. You’re gonna flip when you see this.” Ben growled sensuously.


              He stood on the scale, and I could not believe my eyes, he weighed in at 270 pounds! That was over 60 pounds more than what he said he weighed just yesterday!


              I stared at the number astonished. I couldn’t believe it, but I had very little time to try and comprehend what I was seeing before I heard a ripping sound.


              I stood up and looked back at Ben, and almost fell backwards! He was getting taller, much taller, right before my very eyes! He had gotten so massive that his V neck split down the middle and now his amazing pecs pierced through the fabric as the shirt slowly gave way. I backed away, “Ben!” I shouted, “What’s happening?!”


              “The stuff dude, it’s working, it’s working just as I had hoped!” He boomed, his voice commanded such a deeper and louder presence than it had just a moment ago. “Look down!” he ordered and pointed on the scale which he was standing.


              I couldn’t believe it! The rotary dial was slowly but steadily advancing higher and higher in number. His weight was increasing constantly! If this wasn’t proof enough of his claims, I saw each individual rung of his abs emerge from the rapidly tattering cloth he wore as a shirt just moments before. Two, then four, then six, then EIGHT beautiful diamond cut ridges emerged.


              And the whole time he was getting taller and taller still! Soon he was almost seven feet tall! I looked down and he had surpassed 300lbs and was working up to 315!


              “Fuck,” Ben threw his head back in ecstasy, “This feels so fucking good Matt, you have no idea! I can feel the power coursing through EVERY SINGLE FUCKING FIBER OF MY BODY!”


              I was in total shock…so why was I hard? Was it because Ben’s powerful frame was rising higher and higher into my living room with no signs of stopping? Was it because he dominated me and used my food and my house as a stage for his amazing transformation? Was it because I felt so inferior next to such a godly specimen of power and strength? I couldn’t be sure…but what made me rock solid was what Ben did next.


              He looked disdainfully down at his basketball shorts, which had become drum tight against his massive quads and glutes. What once came down to his knees now rode high like skimpy runner’s shorts. “This shit is getting tight, especially in the crotch!” he said. And cupped his bulge in his shorts which I had now noticed also had blown up to epic proportions, for truly an epic man (if you could even call him that now!).


              He immediately grabbed hold of the waistband and with almost no effort ripped off the shorts like they were a piece of wax paper. The incredible size of his forearms and biceps flared at even just this simple action because they were just so mind-numbingly huge. And getting bigger with each passing second.


              Somehow his underwear, now completely skin-tight left nothing to the imagination. And boy was Ben ever hung! His mammoth cock rested soft, clearly longer than I was hard on top of two heaving prodigious balls that would easily overtake my palm in width. This was making me insanely horny!


              I squealed, “Ben, let me feel your arms, please!” I had to; I don’t know why but I had to! I should have run, every instinct in my body should have said to flee for safety, Ben was now encroaching on eight feet tall and ceiling plaster was raining down upon me. He was refusing to let something as flimsy as the ceiling to diminish this epic growth spurt. Who cares if it was mine? This was history in the making! The scale (which I could scarcely read past Ben’s giant toes which had grown over them maxed out at 400 pounds before cracking and breaking. Everything about this situation was unnatural, frightening; but there was a carnal, deep urge that made me want to touch him, to feel such amazing virile power as Ben and his gigantic arms.


              “Go ahead!” he boomed, pretty soon you’re not gonna be able to reach em!” And he laughed, and each time he did so he seemed to grow another quarter inch. He was right! I hurried right up to his arms, he now loomed over me again. I in a matter of minutes I was now only face-to-face with his gargantuan pecs, and before they were too high I happily buried my face in them. Nuzzling the light but manly coating of hair they had.  


              Ben grabbed me by the back of my head with his tremendous hand, he could have crushed it if he wanted to! “Lick it!” he said, forcing my head to his skin (not that I needed forcing) and I did, I pleased him as best as I could. I could feel my toes leave the ground and his grip adjust wider on the back of my skull! I kissed his pecs and licked his gigantic nipples but I begged to touch that godly bicep, which was now nearly above my head when Ben was standing up straight. In fact, Ben could not even stand up straight now, he was yielding  with  a mild crouch only for my safety so that I could worship his arms before he utterly destroyed the ceiling!


              As he crouched, I took my opportunity, this bicep was bigger than my head was round. I wish I had a tape measure! I grabbed it, it was hard as steel and hot, both literally and figuratively. I had to grab it with both hands. He flexed his guns and held a double biceps pose – albeit, crouching— and I swear to God I was lifted up off the ground by his peak and literally could swing from Ben’s arm like a tree branch. Though this was no tree branch, this was something far stronger, far sexier, far more powerful. This was all pure bone and muscle, supporting my nearly two-hundred-pound weight like it was a feather.


              “You feel so damn light, little man! How’s it feel being so tiny compared to all this strength and size?! Huh?” He demanded to know.


              “I am in awe of you Ben!” I hooted, as tears literally welled up in my eyes, this was the most amazing and wonderful thing that had ever happened to me! Suddenly I felt a jolt downwards and a crashing noise. Had Ben shrunk an inch?




              I looked down and under the amazingly gargantuan soles of his feet had completely enveloped the area of my scale and crushed it! His feet had to be at least twenty inches long and that was a conservative guess on my part!


              “Look at me Matt, isn’t this awesome! And the best part is…I’M ONLY GETTING STARTED!” Ben roared.


              And then the rate of his growth simply EXPLODED! I was so startled by his voice I fell from his arm and landed just adjacent to his feet, which soon expanded to make contact with me. I was staring up at him. How on earth his underwear stayed intact until this point was a marvel of modern engineering. But this did not last. From my privileged view I got to see Ben’s underwear split apart majestically from the pressures of his tremendous ass and genitals. His gigantic dick burst from its prison and laid resting half-hard a quarter way down his amazingly ripped thigh.


              The fabric of his underwear fluttered down and landed on my face, obscuring my vision, but It gave me such an intoxicating aroma of Ben’s jock musk. It was so pervasive and masculine, and the smell of his feet which were now literally pushing me across the floor as they grew smelled heavenly.


              But then I heard a crash, I tore the underwear from my face. I looked up and to my horror, Ben had stood back up to his full height and was quite literally growing through the roof! My lust turned to terror, lumber, insulation and roofing shingles rained down all around me. Nails were skittering and rolling across my carpet.




              I could not see Ben’s torso anymore, only his tremendous cock and his superhuman legs, now nine feet tall in of themselves stood within the confines of my house. His perfect, sculpted ass was widening the hole his torso had made, and his thighs pressed the hole even wider! More debris kept raining down upon me. I could hear people screaming outside now, the world had taken notice, a giant was in our midst.


              “GET READY MATT BECAUSE THERE ARE MAJOR CHANGES COMING TO THIS WORLD AND YOU ARE GOING TO BE RIGHT BY MY SIDE TO SEE IT ALL!” Suddenly, Ben lifted his legs, and stepped up-and-out-of my house like it were some small fence that had to be straddled to get over. His 4 foot cock swung mightily over my destroyed house, dragging across the roof and smashing the chimney and tearing up shingles. In his nearly 30 foot godly glory, he stepped out from the hole he had made.


              At almost deafening volume, I heard Ben say “BUT BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU STAND, I’D HATE TO CRUSH YOU BY ACCIDENT! HAHAHAHA!!”


              I ran to my front yard, Ben was towering over my house. I ran up to him, my body barely reaching his shin in height! His massive ripped calf loomed over me and continued to stretch and swell to new and greater dimensions of massive! I ran out to the street to get a better view of him. “Ben!” I cried, “You are a fucking giant! You are absolutely amazing, nothing on earth can compare to how strong and magnificent you are!”


            “FUCK YEAH LITTLE DUDE!” Ben cockily pointed at me as he continued to surge higher into the sky, he flexed his massive biceps, and did some ab crunches, and then gave some idle tugs of his cock. I was melting in his precense.


            All around me were horrified, petrified faces of weak puny people, mouths agape at the transformation taking place before them.


            Ben by now had blasted up to fifty feet in height, then sixty, seventy, no eighty feet in hardly a minute! He was relishing the orgasmic, unending wave of power roiling through him. His strength had increased by several orders of magnitude, thousands of times stronger than any living creature there ever was.


            He then decided to take his first hulking steps, as a supreme muscle giant. It just so happens, that first step was directly onto my Camry which fit comfortably under his foot, which was FIFTEEN feet long itself! The earth rumbled under the massive weight of Ben’s body, each step only trembled the earth more and more. The crowd was in a state of panic, Ben had advanced directly for town, there was chaos.


I was too busy marveling at the godly beauty Ben bestowed on us. I saw him stride confidently away in his naked perfection, literally stepping on trees like they were knee high (and shrinking!) twigs! The pavement of the road had shattered completely under him, creating craters into the underground water and sewer lines. He hoisted an oak tree from the ground with both and hands and held it overhead, it waned in size as the effort he placed into it drove his growth into a higher gear. He soon had the power to snap the trunk in two and with disdain he tossed at some nearby houses, irrecoverably damaging them.


He was overjoyed with his newfound size and power. He was stomping on cars that were parked on the side of the road, he would kick houses like soccer balls and watch them explode on impact. And still more and more size poured into him, unstopping. I had drawn closer to my front porch of my house, which was totally decimated to get a better view as Ben’s body blasted higher over the trees, thundering with unspeakable mass.


              The earth shook underneath his unspeakable tonnage, the wreckage of my house shuddered. Suddenly a load bearing beam gave way and the compromised structure of my crappy little cracker box came bearing down on me.


              I screamed…


              All went black…


              That was, until I heard my alarm clock and groggily woke up.


              “Shit that was a good dream.” I said to myself. Then I went through the details and thought to myself “Damn, I’m kinda fucked up.” And smiled. I don’t know why I am into what I am, but all I know is I am definitely a size queen!


 I got up to head to the bathroom, to uh… clean myself up from having such a good dream.


              And then I saw myself in the mirror…

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              …And I basically looked the same. But not totally! Spencer was on to something, even from a week ago I think that one workout really did a number on my chest, which seemed to catch the light in a more pleasing way than I have seen in a long time. I wrote it off as a residual pump from such a hard day’s work, but who could really say?


My soreness, which under normal circumstances would be absolutely crippling, as I’ve always had terrible, awful DOMS. But strangely, I felt quite refreshed! In complete antipode to what I was anticipating as I have not hit the weights hard in months! In fact, I felt almost ready and raring to lift again, bench or whatever, I could do it no problem.


But I was only almost ready. Just like yesterday morning, my stomach growled ferociously.


“Damn it, I really should have gotten that second pizza!” I again kicked myself.


I opened the fridge, and just as to be expected from a young bachelor’s fridge: there wasn’t much. My stomach protested to this discovery forthwith. I thought about my kinky little wet dream and was grateful Ben hadn’t actually come over, there would not have been anything hardly for him to eat.


I combed the cupboards, and other than some cereal (which wasn’t gonna cut it by itself), I found myself seriously considering making dinner items. I had no protein, I finished off all my eggs yesterday and what little food I did have was heavily carbohydrate based like instant rice, instant mashed potatoes, instant ramen…I was beginning to realize I ate a lot of things made instantly.


Well, being instantly miffed as I was, I scarfed down the last of my cheerios and milk, hardly a bowl and a half. I needed more, lots more.


I sighed wearily, who wants to go shopping on their day off? I looked at the clock I had some hours yet to be over at Ben’s so I reluctantly got dressed to go about my chore.


I was feeling like a bum, my laundry needed to be done so I tossed an old t-shirt in the dryer and threw on some pajama pants, the hallmark of a successful young man. While I waited for my shirt to de-wrinkle after days of lying on the floor, I decided to text Ben, figured If I was headed out might as well offer, right?


I texted “Yo bro, going to Kroger, you need anything?”


He shot back a couple minutes later, “Yeah actually, if I CashApp you, you mind buying me some stuff?”


I almost wanted to do it pro-bono as thanks for giving me such attention lately, though my wallet cried out as I texted back “Nah you’re good, what do you want?”


He said back, “No, I have a hundred bucks, buy me these…”


He then sent a grocery list. It was actually remarkably similar to what I was planning on getting myself, just an unusual amount for a single guy living on his own.


Such things included a carton of 60 eggs, three gallons of milk, two ten pound cases of chicken breast, ten pounds of hamburger, three pounds of bacon were the protein items, not to mention bags of steamed vegetables for the microwave, cottage cheese, vanilla Greek yogurt (I have an intuition about these things), and then just general foodstuffs like bread, cheese, butter, etc.


On second thought, I happily took the $100, it quickly seemed like it wouldn’t be enough just for Ben


I got my shirt from the drier and donned it, a University of Michigan navy blue shirt with the quintessential yellow ‘M’ right in the center. I pulled it down and it seemed a little…snug? Did it shrink in the dryer, I wondered? It gripped my midsection a little bit, and while I had a little flab down there it certainly was not an unflattering garment to wear. I checked myself out in the mirror, and it gave me quite a tapered look, and the contours of the Yellow M belied the effort I put into my chest the previous day.


I shrugged it off and hopped in my old Camry. Kroger was just in town, and while traffic is always miserable along M-9, the main state highway that connected Tyson to the rest of the metro area, I managed to skirt around it by taking a myriad of side streets. Of course, this came at the cost of driving my poor car across the insanely bad Michigan roads. Heaven help my struts, they took a beating just to drive the back way to Kroger.


Once there I went about my shopping and basically just doubled Ben’s list. It made for a huge cart-load that took a decent amount of effort to push.


One of the employees asked me, “Can I help you find anything sir?”


I almost said no, but then inspiration struck, “A tape measure I said. Longest one possible.”


The young man led the way down the et cetera isle, and just happened to find me a 10 foot tape. “Should suit my needs.” I said, though I would soon be wrong.


“Feeding an army?” the clerk had asked jokingly.


I just smirked, no I’m pretty sure I and Ben would be eating all of this and more in the coming weeks, without a doubt. But I didn’t say anything back. The cashier was a little surprised one guy was getting such an obscene amount of food, but I was more surprised at the bill. $246 and some change. For just two guys! Suddenly I was glad Ben had promised me that $100.


I looked at the clock and I started feeling anxious, I was due to be at Ben’s in an hour!


I hustled back to the car and loaded everything up. I had some difficulty because of all the useless shit I kept laying around inside my car, my nursing stuff, old fast-food packaging, receipts galore. Pretty soon I wound up loading the front seat as my trunk was filled just as much nonsense.


My stomach suddenly growled again, I was starving! I made my way to the adjacent McDonalds, because who cooks food right after they buy it? Not I. I did not have the time. I ordered Two big macs, a two large fries and a ten piece nugget. I caught a glare from the drive-in lady who I assume was wondering why I was alone in my car. Maybe she thought I was gonna get fat like so many others that passed through the line? Either way, all that food would be for ME.


And as it turns out I had plenty of time to eat it. Not only was traffic a mess but in hurrying back I decided to take M-9. Poor choice, an accident had shut down the highway from Michigan Avenue to Grand River Boulevard. Which basically forced me to find a convoluted and painfully slow detour. I shoveled food back as I did so, my stomach thanking me for the large infusion of calories and protein.


“God!” I cried out in frustration as I pulled back into my house, I was now several minutes late and I still having to stash all my food in the fridge.


I texted Ben out of courtesy letting him know I would be late.


He said, “You good bro, I just appreciate you doing this for me, it means a lot that you would. Very encouraging, knowing I got someone who supports my goals.”


“Goals?” I texted back, half curious half-knowing.


“We’ll talk about that later, lol” he wrote back.


As quickly as I could I stashed all the food I believed to be mine, which was a little difficult to parse out as everything had an identical double, plus some odds and ends I had to root around for. I had decided to buy myself a case of protein powder, and a little shaker bottle to stir it with. I did not buy Ben one but figured he could dip into it as he pleased.


After practically lunging into my car and wrecking the transmission with how excitedly I slammed the car into drive, I peeled out from my house and went up to Ben’s house. It was about a ten minute drive (Like I said we measure in minutes of drive-time, but I figure he lived about six miles away as the crow flies). I started to feel giddy, I could not wait to get a nice strong lift in and starting seeing results, and of course I got to do it with someone who I think was quickly becoming my new best friend.


I pulled into Ben’s driveway and got out of my car and grabbed what bags of groceries I could.


I rang the doorbell and Ben answered, having been cleaning his house for my arrival.


“Hey Bro, you made it!” he said jovially.


I was a little embarrassed, I prided myself on punctuality, “Yeah sorry I am a bit late.”


He waved it off, “Oh no big deal my man, I was just doing some housework, come on in.”


I stepped up on Ben’s porch and handed him the groceries, he was looking at me smiling and I was about to hand over the bag of eggs to him but then I stopped and hesitated. His smile turned to a look of concern, he asked, “What’s wrong dude?”


“Ben…” I said with hesitation.


He just looked at me strangely, head cocked in look of handsome confusion.


“Ben, you’re looking at me eye-to-eye, like you are at the same level as me standing.” I said.


He didn’t quite follow at first (or maybe he did and he was fooling with me), “So…?” he returned.


I continued, “Ben, I’m six foot two, and unless I am shrinking, you were never tall enough to look at me in the eyes level before. I swear you’re getting taller.”


He laughed, “Hey maybe! Who knows? I think it just might be a matter of who is wearing shoes and who isn’t, but if that’s what you think I won’t stop you!”


I did not laugh, I was convinced. I found it a little unsettling, was my dream coming true? I started to feel almost guilty at the same time, for making my friend such a sexual object even if I did it unintentionally in my dreams. I have always had a thing for big guys…REAL big guys we’ll say. And I had always kind of kept it secret, keeping my lustiness hidden to muscled hunks that come across my Instagram feed, and their XXX twitter accounts of course…But to objectify a friend so perversely as I did, I did not know how to feel about it. It didn’t seem healthy. But what it did do is awaken a certain energy in me I have not felt in such a long time, a desire, a goal to work towards. I had always wanted to be a beautiful, shredded muscle-bound hunk like I see online. It seemed like Ben really wanted it too, and he was making it happen! Perhaps it was all a compliment to him that I felt the way I did. Either way, I had to keep it locked inside.


Ben unloaded groceries and I helped while I quietly disassociated for a second on these thoughts.


“You alright man?” Ben asked, snapping me out of it, “That workout yesterday drain you a little too much?”


“No!” I chirped, “In fact I am more than ready to lift today, more than yesterday!”


He chuckled at me, “Is that why you’re in pajamas?”


I gasped, “Shit!” I said, “I forgot to change!”


He had a good laugh at my expense, and slapped me on the back, “Here buddy I have some workout clothes for you.”


I looked at him gratefully, “You do?”


“Yeah!” he winked, “Come with me into my bedroom and we’ll get you hooked up.”


How could I resist such an invitation?


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We walked down the hall into Ben’s master bedroom. He lived in a three-bedroom house all to his own, he kept one room as an office and another entirely vacant because he did not have any stuff with which he could fill it. Must be nice having all that space.


He led me into his bedroom, which was also rather spacious despite having all the items that I had in mine. He even had a king size bed, and he’d need it if this growth spurt of his kept up!


“Hope you don’t mind using some of my old clothes, hope they fit you, tall guy.” Ben mentioned.


I said, “Well if they fit you, they fit me, apparently.”


He dug around in his drawers for something for me to wear. He pulled out a few garments for me to select, “What would you like?” he asked whilst presenting them across his bed.


There was a white wife-beater tank, a couple of standard t-shirts, and for shorts some generic blue basketball shorts. Then as a joke, Ben also got out some skimpy three-inch inseam boy shorts. They were red and hot pink and looked like something you’d wear to a gay club to show off your goods. At least, I thought this was a joke.


I chose the most conservative options available: a t-shirt and basketball shorts, thinking this was the obvious choice. 


“Damn!” Ben snapped his fingers, “I was hoping you would go for the short-shorts.”


I smirked, “Oh yeah?”


He nodded, “I mean you have the long sexy legs for it, they would look good on you. Oh well, some other time maybe.”


I blushed at the remark. I blushed further at his following request, “Mind If I change too?”


I tried playing it cool, “It’s your house, ain’t it?”


Ben immediately started gathering his clothes around while I hesitated to change. I turned my back and timidly took off my shorts.


Ben chimed in “Oh man, your ass looks great in those Aeropostales!”


I was flustered, “What?” I smiled.


Ben went on, “Seriously, the way it hugs your ass man, you have a good taste in underwear, damn! Just wait till we start putting serious work in on squats instead of the half-assed stuff we did yesterday.”


“T-thanks…” I returned as I pulled up my shorts on my apparently nice-looking ass.


I reared around and it was breathtaking, Ben took his shirt off slowly with arms crossed. “Oh my god!” I blurted.


I think Ben knew what I was gonna say, but coyly he said, “What’s up?”


I explained my shock, “Ben, your stomach, you have a six pack! You’re putting on gains faster than I have ever seen. Yesterday it was decent four pack, but now it’s clearly six— unflexed!”


He shrugged like it were no big deal, “Gotta be the stuff I’m taking, I guess. Just having a real good reaction, must have good body chemistry for it.”


I couldn’t stop myself, “Bro you look goddamn amazing, it’s unbelievable.”


“Now Matt,” Ben said biting his lower lip, “Keep talking like that and you’ll make me horny!”


I paused for a second. “Maybe I wanted to make you horny.”


Ben’s eyes snapped to attention, “Oh really?”


I kept going, “I mean a big hot stud like you, of course I would, you know I’m gay, right?”


Ben winked, “Yeah, I just didn’t want to make it weird.”


My dick was rock solid, and Ben could see that. “What’s weird is,” I began, approaching Ben, “You’re not making out with me.”


He looked surprised. Oh no! Had I said too much?


And then he grabbed me by the waist, and with his strong arms pulled me into him and we started kissing. Really passionate hot and heavy tongue kissing, he grabbed my ass and gave it a squeeze and we were grinding our dicks together through our shorts.


Oh God I was in heaven! The feel of his muscles against my body, the heat of it! And Ben was such a good kisser, his full beautiful lips and diligent tongue massaged and wrestled with my own in a sexy interplay of pure masculine virility.


“WAIT!” Ben said, “We have to finish our workout first, then we can fool around.”


I was for an instant mildly disappointed, “Do we have to?” I groaned, basically begging to go further.


He looked at me with a sudden stern resolve, “Yes.” And then he flexed his bicep and pecs, “I’m not trying to let these go to waste my man, and neither should you. I need to take my Megadrol and we’re gonna get a nice session in. And there will be a reward after!”


I couldn’t argue, and I always got hornier after workouts anyway. “Yes, sir!” I replied without further contest.


I finished donning the clothes Ben gave me as he drew himself up a dose of Ligandrol and Megadrol, oh man was he ever gonna lift hard!


Together we went down into his basement and started loading the squat bar, I admitted to him, “I kinda wanna do Bench today too.”


Ben replied, “That’s good by me. But squats first, what did you max out at yesterday?”


I stammered a bit, slightly humiliated, “1-175…”


Ben replied, “Well we are definitely bringing that up today! Start with that weight then.”


“Are you nuts?” I said.


He looked at me sternly as before, “Don’t question me now, you took your Ligandrol last night, right?”


I nodded.


“Then get to it.” He ordered.


If yesterday I did not want to look like a bitch, I really did not want to today considering what might be waiting for me after this workout. I loaded the bar with some delay and gave myself plenty of time to warm-up with calisthenics.


“Are you gonna hit this bar, or not?” Ben chuckled, as he did a set of ten with it as if were nothing (it was his warm-up).


“Y-yeah.” I said, and got before it. I was nervous, had I adequately recovered from yesterday’s hard lifting? I could barely do 3 of these, did Ben really expect me to do 10? I took a deep breath and decided to pull the trigger.


And to my astonishment, the bar was relatively easy to de-rack. And pretty soon I was doing squats with great depth and form. Ten came unexpectedly easy actually!


“Yeah Matt! See, what did I tell ya? Let’s go bro!”


I was pretty stoked myself, even I found myself cheering my success.


“Two plate, two plate!” Ben chanted as he loaded up the second forty-fives and did a set of ten very easily.


              “Good job bro!” I congratulated.            


              Ben cockily replied, “You ain’t seen nothing yet, my man. Your turn!”


              I came at this weight with less hesitation than before. I was empowered, I could feel the Ligandrol coursing through my muscles and the explosion of strength that came along with it. I lifted the bar onto my shoulders, and I felt ready.


              I squatted the first three without much trouble, the following few came harder and harder. Ben encouraged me with some cheering “Come on Matt, use those big sexy legs!”


              I thought of how awesome my ass and quads were about to look and it renewed my vigor in lifting the bar a sixth and seventh time. And then I thought of what might Ben do for me if I made it to a ten full repetitions.


              By rep nine, my face was beet red, my legs were trembling. But I was bound and determined to rack the weight after a tenth set, and I fucking did it. I was ecstatic, I could not believe I had just squatted well over my bodyweight ten times. Especially when my own bodyweight was too difficult to do ten full reps yesterday!


              “Oh my god Matt you’re gonna get so fucking ripped I can’t believe you did that!” Ben cried.


              I had to thank him, “It’s all because of you, bro!”


              We proceeded with our workout, we each did another set of squats, and while I could not do a full ten, I made sure to not go down a single pound. After a couple of bonus exercises like curls (Ben did forty-pound dumbbells in each hand like It was nothing!) and tricep kickbacks. We then pushed on over to Bench at my request.


              “I wanna max out, let’s keep it two plate.” I said, “I’m trying for one rep.”


              Ben nodded, impressed. “Okay, I see you.”


              I laid down under the bar which flexed slightly from the weight. Ben got into a spotting position, but I swore to myself it would be unnecessary, my chest did not have one iota of soreness from yesterday. In fact, my pectoral muscles felt completely rejuvenated (probably in part due to my excessive calorie consumption). I brought the bar down to my chest, and I could feel the surge of strength. I pressed the bar once, twice, three times! I had a spotted fourth rep and I forced myself for a fifth.


              I sat up I could feel my chest bristling with power. “YEAH!” I cried, getting real into my workout now.


              Ben grabbed me by the hand and stood me up, bringing me in for a jockey, sweaty bros’ embrace. “You fucking did it Matt, don’t you feel so good?”


              “I—!” I couldn’t complete my sentence.


              I was standing before Ben, and while it may have been imperceptible at first It was undoubted up-close and personal, Ben had grown like another quarter inch! Whereas all our facial features were perfectly in-line earlier in the day (making our make-out sesh super hot), I noticed the tip of Ben’s nose was slightly higher than mine now, and the crest of his hair had seemed to be just a little higher than my own.


              “Growing like a weed, aren’t I?” Ben said, knowing what this look on my face probably meant. “Now that you mention it, you do look a bit smaller little man.” He said jokingly, but he had no idea how deeply striking his “little man” comment was to me, it pulled me right back into the dream I had that morning! It was a diminutive remark, but damn why was it so hot?!


              “Bro,” I said, “I have to measure your height. I just got a tape measure from Kroger that we have to use.”


              Ben invited happily, “Bust it out then!”


              I went upstairs and got into my car. The cool warm wind of June felt great against the sweat on my torso. I immediately tried getting the tape measure out that shitty blister pack casing that is borderline impossible to open, having preoccupied myself as I walked back downstairs and thus not directing my attention to Ben.


              Once I finally broke the damn thing free, Ben asked, “Are you ready?”


              And I looked up, there was standing in just his underwear, sporting a hot bulge in the pouch of his red spandex. He looked astounding! Not exactly as muscular as I had envisioned in my dream, but he was well on his way. I unfurled the tape measure with a flourish and held one end to the top of his head. I found this action deeply erotic as I had to be so close to Ben, who in turn simply beamed with confidence that someone was doing this for him.


              Once I reached my final measurement after making sure the tape was taut and everything multiple times, I staggered at the result.


              “How tall were you last time you checked?” I asked, my mouth suddenly feeling a bit dry.


              “Six feet.” He replied matter-of-factly.


              “Dude. You’re six foot three now! You’ve grown three inches!” I said literally buzzing with excitement, “That’s crazy! And it’s looking like you’re building nothing but muscle with all that extra height!”


              “Fuck yeah! That’s amazing! I always wanted to be taller than I was!” And he did a double biceps pose to celebrate this discovery, “Hey maybe it really is that Megadrol doing this to me?”


              “I don’t know but this is like almost unheard-of dude, with this kind of potential you could be ripped to shreds in weeks!”


              Ben inserted “And don’t forget super tall, nothing like being buff as fuck AND tall enough where everyone has to look up at you. Maybe even you too, Matt. Who knows how far this could go? One this is for sure I AM FUCKING AMPED TO KEEP IT GOING!!”


              I could only help him revel in this discovery by giving a well meaning if not speechless “Fuck yeah bro.”


              And then he pulled himself closer to me. “Now, weren’t we forgetting something?”


              I shuddered with a deep and carnal sense of lust. My cock sprang to attention, I was harder than I have ever been. All I wanted to do was touch Ben, to be touched by Ben, anything. He grabbed my ass and pulled my hips into his, both his arms around me which bulged with their burgeoning mass. God it was so hot! The feel of his breath against me, he ran his hands up my sides to pull my shirt off.


              “Goddamn Matt, you are looking buffer already!” He said and went in for a kiss.


              I had wanted to inspect myself in the mirror to see if there was some truth to his statement and that we wasn’t just trying to make me feel good. But I did not get the chance, I grabbed a handful of his huge, rock hard glutes and began to slowly drop to my knees. His dick was hard, pressing obscenely against his spandex, leaving almost nothing hiding. It looked so huge! It pushed his waistband away from his skin.


              I helped get the underpants off, it took some coaxing to pass his huge ass and thick thighs. But soon his cock, which looked quite a bit bigger than mine (and I was 8 inches!) bobbed in front of my face. I had to have it. I grabbed onto the thick shaft of his member, and my full body quivered with sexual rapture. A fantasy was kind of coming true now, little did I know this would be the first of many.


              I was just about to put his rod in my mouth before he said that word again which had disappointed me earlier: “WAIT!”


              I looked up with a hint of desperation, but before I could say what I wanted (Which was “I can’t!”) he finished his thought:


              “Let’s head to the bedroom.” And he led the way, privileging me with the view of his ass walking up the stairs, staring me right in the face.


              We entered the boudoir and immediately we started making out like two horny teenagers during their first time. He laid me down in the bed so that he was over top of me, straddling me with his huge mass.


              “You’re so fucking hot Matt,” He moaned as we adjusted ourselves on the bed, “I wanna fuck you really bad.”


              I have no idea what came over me, I was a vers top and normally someone so magnificently hung as Ben would have been out of the question. But an allure, a deep desire wanted him inside me. And I could not be sure if there would ever be an opportunity quite like this again.


              I disrobed out of my sweaty clothes as Ben licked my body up and down, he then went to work on my dick which he expertly began sucking. It was glorious, Ben’s talented mouth and lips caressed my balls and dick like none I had ever had before, and he deep throated my rod with each downward stroke of his head. Never once did he choke, he just ran his hands across my chest, admiring their hardness. While I got to admire his big strong arms and the orgasmic fellatio I was receiving.


              But it wasn’t to last, I would have came too early anyway!


              “Roll over!” He demanded.


              And I did just that and got on all fours.


              “Yeah Matt, do exactly what I tell you and you’re gonna have a great time.” Ben growled sensually.


              My whole body practically ached for Ben’s next actions. He worked my ass a little bit with his hand to give it a warmup, but it wasn’t long before he was applying lube directly to my ass and then his cock.


              I grit my teeth, “Please be gentle, you’re so fucking huge.” I begged as I submit myself to this beautiful muscle beast that was my new best friend.


              He chuckled, “Just this once,” and then started to slowly work it in. He expertly ground his hips back and forth to coax me to open up, as I threw my head back in pure joy at the sensation. He was masterful with his foreplay, and I was so ready.


              I don’t know how he did it but he managed to work that 9+ inch monster into my ass, and give me the best fuck I have ever received. We did multiple positions, each more pleasurable than the last. Finally in one final epic thrust, as he grabbed on to my hips for extra leverage, he had made me cum simultaneous to himself as he growled, “God Matt your ass is so fucking thick and tight I can’t stop cumming!”


              It was and will forever be the best fuck I ever had. We lapsed into his bed with tremendous sexual satisfaction, and we spooned for a couple hours, falling into the sways of a well-deserved nap. I laid there so immensely satisfied, I did not know what the future held, but I knew I was really going to like it. And little did I know, this amazingly gratifying sex would wind up changing me and my body forever!

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              We laid for a pretty long time, though to be honest it was still too short, and I wish we had stayed all day long. I woke up from a light doze to find Ben snoozing away. I was lying with my head across his big chest and my left hand rested on his stomach. I grinned as I let my fingertips play with the strong contours of his abdominal muscles. I had never bedded a guy with a six pack before (unless he was helplessly skinny, of course). I gazed down his midline and was privileged with the work of art that was his strong stomach with a gentle V-taper that led to his wide hips and thus his huge butt. Sadly I could not see his rounded ass, but I was treated to the sight of his dick which even soft definitely left an impression of that of a porn star in terms of length and girth. From there, his quads dramatically swept outwards, and almost at the end of the bed were Ben’s big feet.


              I just couldn’t stop looking, my hands kept exploring his body, they just couldn’t resist. I was even so bold to grab a hold of his dick while he slept.


              He roused to consciousness and laughed a bit, “You’re awake I see.” He said.


              I replied. “Yeah. I’m pretty well rested. Wouldn’t mind a shower though.”


              He stroked my hair, “Ah no dude, you smell good right now.”


I looked up at him and smiled. He looked back and did the same. He submitted “Alright, I suppose. Give me a sec and I’ll get you a towel. I’m just enjoying this moment a bit longer.”


I ran my hand down the developing tone and shape of his obliques, which were giving his body such a nice Superman kind of shape. I would run my hand further down to his hip bone, and further still between his thigh and dick, massaging the area as I did so. Then something came across my mind I had to ask. “Hey Ben,” I spoke up.


“Yeah, dude?”


I asked, “Hey can I measure you a little later?”


He sat up a bit, clearly liking the thought, “Like my chest and arms and stuff?”


I replied, “Yeah. I mean with the size you’re putting on it’ll be cool to really track your progress, I think.”


“I love the idea!” Ben replied, “Yeah after we shower we can do that. It’ll really help encourage me to meet my goals.”


I had remembered our earlier conversation, and so I asked, “You never told me what those were,  mind sharing?”


Ben looked at me with a huge grin on his face, there inlay some hesitation in his words, as if he didn’t want me to be alarmed what he might say. “I have a few in mind, some really accomplishable, I think. Some…more of a fantasy of mine, but whatever.”


I looked at him with intrigue as we continued laying in the bed. “Well go on, don’t be shy.” I cajoled


Ben got up and returned, “I mean to some extent, I’ve already reached what I thought was legitimately possible for me.” He confided, sitting up staring into space. “While I was bound and determined to pack on size and strength, I must admit I did not think it would happen this rapidly. And honestly, it has made me happier than I have been in a long, long time. It feels like such an accomplishment!”


He paused for a second, and then continued, “But what comes next after you accomplish your dreams? You got to have more. I feel the need to have more, Matt. I want this to keep going!”


I felt a warm presence against my hand, Ben’s cock had shifted as it started to get hard. It laid semi-erect against my wrist.


Ben kept going: “I’ll be honest, I always wanted to be just unspeakably big. Like insanely big, bigger than any person who has ever lived. That sense of power, that respect you cultivate just instantly by people looking at you, I want that. I kind of have an unusual secret. I’m not embarrassed by it any more, god no especially not now. But I could never put it to words.”


I had to know, “What is it, Ben?”


“Matt, I wanna be a giant. I want to tower over everyone; and wield pure physical power and superiority that no man could hope to control. So big that I shake the ground with my footsteps. Like so huge, everyone on earth with have no choice but to think of me, to admire me, to worship me! It’s a little fantasy of mine, and I’m really into it, which is probably how I ended up like this, buying Megadrol and stuff. And now that I am finally being true to myself, I think the universe is finally making this happen. Because you’ve been right this whole time, dude. I’ve been getting taller, I’ve been getting bigger and more muscular at an unheard of rate. And It turns me on, at a fundamental level. It was as if it were my destiny to end up like this! Isn’t that just so perfect?!”


I was speechless for a moment. I could feel Ben’s rod, now standing up on end, completely engorged and ready to go. But did he feel mine, which was equally so, pressed against the bed? Then his huge member wavered slightly, I could tell Ben was offput by my silence. The last thing I wanted to do was make him feel judged! But in truth, how could I verbalize how I truly felt? He was getting softer! He needed a reply!


“B-Ben…” I began almost shaking, “T-that is singlehandedly the hottest thing I have ever heard in my life. I-I…” I could not believe I was saying this out loud, I gasped from the emotional intensity of it. My eyes even started to water.


“Hey!” Ben said reassuringly, grabbing my chin, “It’s okay, spit it out. I won’t judge you.”


I sputtered, “Ben…I want to see that happen, I want to see you get that big! I wanna help you and be there for you! I believe you can!”


Ben suddenly had a beaming smile and his massive dick reflected his sense of pride.


“But!” I abruptly said, garnering the stud’s undivided attention, “I wanna get big like that too— with you! I can’t believe it Ben, but…I FEEL THE EXACT SAME URGES! It’s like you were going through my browser history, dude! I love looking at gigantic muscle gods online, and I want to be one SO BAD. And I see you doing it, right before my eyes and I am so insanely proud of you, and jealous of you and intimidated by you! Ben you got what it takes! And so do I! We can become absolutely legends! I’m here for you!”


Now it was Ben’s turn to fall silent. I was feeling just an overwhelming flurry of emotions, I was casting my inhibitions, my shame aside to someone who felt almost entirely the way I do. I almost wanted to tell him about my dream, but I feared that would be going to far…but really would it have? In that moment, I did not get to find out.


Rather, I was pulled into a hot, steamy kiss. Ben got up, stood before me in his bare assed beauty and tossed me two towels from his dresser. “You hopping in the shower with me, big man?”


My heart fluttered. I got right up, and followed Ben, my eye ever attuned to the peak of his hair to see if it had gotten any higher up. I could not be sure. Ben led us into his bathroom, a little cramped to be honest, especially with two big dudes crowding up the place. It was maybe ten feet by six feet in area, with a recessed shower/tub. The long bathroom counter took up a sizable amount of space. Above it there was a huge mirror, that while did not reveal my full legs, did an excellent job at showing off my torso.


I did a couple of idle flexes and…holy shit? I really looked kind of good…from just two workouts! Already my stomach had started to firm up, and my chest was filling out. For the first time ever in my life, my shoulders looked almost rounded, and my legs and ass just as Ben had said – looked pretty damn good! And while I could not hope to compare to Ben’s overall body, I got to admire a his glutes and hamstrings as he had his back turned testing the water, I knew in my heart of hearts I would not be far behind!


We climbed into the tub, Ben’s shower head was elevated and extended to create a spa rain shower spray. The nozzle was about seven and a half feet high, just a foot and a half from the ceiling. The way the hot water fell over me felt absolutely enchanting.


“Hey, man.” I spoke up as we washed our bodies together in the steamy heat, “I am so happy you invited me over and let me know about this Ligandrol stuff.”


Ben looked proud of himself, “No problem!”


I continued, “I can only imagine what it’s like being on both that stuff and that Megadrol. What does it feel like?”


He stood under the falling water and explained candidly, “Honestly, I am hornier than I have ever been in my entire fucking life. And both times we lifted I just don’t really feel myself getting exhausted. I feel almost like I have near unlimited energy! I really would like to push myself and see what happens!”


“Me too, I want to see it. In fact…” I was a little anxious, “I was wondering if I could buy a vial of that Megadrol? You said you had ten, right?”


Ben sighed, “Yeah…”


I caught on instantly, “Did I overstep?”


Ben explained, “No, but I knew you were gonna ask me sooner or later.”


I tried to save face, “I-I don’t meant to take it for granted, I’ll pay a premium.”


He rest a hand on my shoulder, and said “Oh it’s not that, trust me I know you are good for it. It’s just that AlphaLabs is out of business remember? Megadrol, was actually a limited stock experimental chemical only made by that one company, and I bought out the whole stock. It uh, kind of cost a lot of money… A little more than I was originally proud to admit. But I would say it was $2000 well spent, thus far. And we’re just getting started!”


“Two thous— Jesus! That is a lot!” I returned, “Where did you get that kind of money for SARMS?”


Ben looked at me with that sternness from before, “Well if it’s important enough to you, no cost can be too great, right? I read very promising studies released by AlphaLabs on what Megadrol did to their test subjects. But I don’t think it ever worked as well as it has on me! Maybe I should find a way to write and thank them!” He joked.


I waited for him to continue, when he did not I reiterated: “S-so does that mean I can buy a vial, or no?”


Again he exhaled pensively, “Not yet. I need you to prove you are worthy, Matt.”


I looked up at him, “How?” I asked with grave sincerity.


              “By showing me your dedication to your own size, as well as mine. At the size I plan on getting I am gonna need some help doing things, getting me food, and clothes. I can’t just do it on my own. And before you ask, no, I don’t need your financial help. I just need help cooking, cleaning and purchasing. I have plenty of cash. But I will admit… I recently quit my job at the hospital and have been dipping into my savings.”


              “Oh man, don’t do that, I can help you with cost of food and all that. And clothes are not a big deal at all!” I readily offered. “Can I ask why you quit?”


              “I was working as a tech in the ER, and just every one there were massive fucking dicks. The staff, the patients, the management, all of them! I hated that place!” he spat. “Miserable! Whole hospital should be torn down!”


              I spoke up, “Ben, we are just on the same wavelength today.” I confided, “I fucking hate my job too. I work up at the prison as a nurse and while I make good cash it’s fucking awful dealing with the prisoners and the bitter staff who hate their lives. The warden is the biggest and most perfect description of a chode too. A short, fat, dickhead with a love of belittling others.”


              “What’s the warden’s name?” Ben asked.


              “Mr. Carson. I think his first name is Terry.” I replied.


              Ben encouraged as he turned off the water, “Well someday soon you’ll be so big and buff that he will have choice but to either respect you or fear you. Just keep lifting with me, and I’ll make it happen!” the confidence in his voice made me feel better about having to go into work tomorrow. I had not been looking forward to it and I had to head home soon if I was to get adequate sleep before my shift.


              But then Ben enticed me with, “Do you want to stay over a little while longer? You hungry? I was gonna cook steak.”


              Ben did not have to tell me twice, I smacked him on his perfectly round ass cheeks. Which while felt empowering, I was immediately afraid I had spanked Ben a little too hard with too much eager force. “Sorry!” I submitted forthwith.


              “What? That’s all you got, weakling?!” And he laughed his way out of the bathroom, “Now come on let’s eat!”


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            After a big dinner of mashed potatoes, asparagus and these thick sixteen ounce steaks that were beyond delicious – I had to go home. The food was phenomenal, apparently the steaks were marinaded for a day and a half and they were cooked medium rare, as we both liked it that way…Apparently he really put the emphasis on rare because one could almost hear a little mooing sound.

            I found myself driving home, just a bit…distraught. I did not want to leave Ben’s house, and oddly enough I had grown more comfortable in the confines of his basement, or the dining room where we ate our steaks, or on the back patio where I watched him grill without his shirt on. I was not beside myself or anything, but in short order I grown rather attached to the prospect of being there and found myself wishing to make it as soon as possible.

            Next, came a sense of dread. Working for the Oakland County Prison was just a nightmare to be honest. Not only did I have to drive like forty minutes because I for whatever reason had no direct way to the place, I just found the environment so unpleasant, which is weird because who would think that about a literal prison, right?

            My job was routine, and mind numbingly dull. I had my patients, murderers and rapists aplenty, line up outside my office. Single file one after the other, pissed off they have to waste their time waiting for me to stick them with a needle or give them some low dose pain killer than does not work anymore for them.

            “Fairy” I heard that a lot from the old-timers. “Faggot.” Weirdly enough the rapists were keen on this word more than others. “Queer.” Said the hicks from the upper peninsula. And anything you can imagine, I heard it.

            Not all of them were bad. Most prisoners just had a shitty demeanor and said little. A couple, like Holt or Tuscola (their last names is how I knew these guys), were actually quite friendly. I never bothered to learn what they did for fear that it would change my perspective of them.

            But above all else, it was the staff I worked with. Brain dead, drone like, joyless, edgy bastards almost every fucking one. The fellow nurses, hated their jobs and treated prisoners like shit which made for a vicious cycle that would ruin my day unnecessarily. The guards, I don’t know, just looked down on me for not being a guard. It was a massive clique that made up a majority of non-prisoners. I was not allowed in.

            But at the capstone of this pyramid of constant misery was Terry Carson, the warden. An angry, small man of 5’ 1” and what I imagine Napoleon was like without any hint of charm or temper.

            This goon would frequently come around the nursing office and do these nonsensical performance evaluations where it was just a literal excuse to call us nursing staff shit to our faces. Seriously!

The one nurse that I half-way liked, a sweet old lady named Joyce said to me: “He just does this, it’s him blowing off steam not one of has been fired. Don’t talk back and say yes sir, no sir when appropriate. And you’ll get your annual raise.”

            There would be no fucking way I was gonna make it to an annual raise. I would not last that long, I had worked there three months and while I made top dollar for how little I had to actually do I could not stand this production-line style torture.

            And I don’t know what Carson’s problem was for me in particular, maybe it got out I was gay but he just would rail on every little detail.

Wrinkle in my scrubs?

He said on my first day inspection “What the holy fuck, you sloppy millennial? Iron your uniform before you come into work looking like some degenerate.”

Patient processing running behind schedule (which was often)?

“Pick. Up. The. Pace! I swear, these young guys that come through here are absolute gutterballs!” He one time said.

I could go on. I prefer not to, thinking about it still boils my blood. For some reason he loved calling me “Gutterball”. And I hated it! This is what would await me tomorrow. I almost did not want to go to sleep. But I had to be up god awful early, 5:30 just to make it there on time and get let through the gates. Which was a hassle all its own.

I showered and head for bed, and suddenly my body just relaxed. As soon as I got under my covers I almost seemed to just get pulled away into a deep, restful slumber…


…I opened my eyes, something felt off. My head was pressed against my headboard, and my feet were resting on the floor in front of my bed. My alarm clock had gone off. So I rolled over to turn it off and SLAM! The whole thing was smashed to smithereens!

“What the fuck?” I said to myself but had little time to think. The shifting of my body had caused a trembling throughout my bedframe. Suddenly the legs gave out and I and my mattress were dropped half a foot to the floor.

I urgently stood up and crashed my head right into the ceiling above me before I could even fully stand up…the nine-foot ceiling... I fell backwards onto my bed and landed with a heavy thump. My ass bounced on the mattress, flattening the aluminum frame below it. I looked up in the growing light of dawn and only a few feet above my head were a tremendous hole in the plaster that was scattering dust and debris on my bedroom floor.

I then took stock of my surroundings. They had shrunk! By a lot! I was suddenly very much just trapped in this tiny version of my room! What’s more my naked self was sitting on my mattress which was barely bigger than an ottoman to me now. At first, I was rather alarmed, who wouldn’t be when they found out they were trapped? But as I looked down at my legs, which extended across three quarters of the length of my bedroom, I realized something.

They were sliding across the carpet, farther and farther away, but simultaneously getting bigger! I looked at my legs and gasped! They were tremendous! I went to feel my rippling quads, and due to my suddenly augmented size, I did not realize how big my arms were. My left arm tore through the wall between me and the living room, creating a huge gash that you could see my furniture through. I tore through it like paper! And I wasn’t even trying!

As my weight increased, I started to press down harder and harder on the mattress which at first deceived me, I thought just my legs were growing longer. But I realized that the mattress itself was getting smaller and smaller relative to my ass, pretty soon my cock and testicles, burgeoning with more and more size, dropped over the edge and landed on my carpet. The fibers gracing my balls felt awesome, and it would have started to make me horny if I wasn’t freaked out at all the damage I was causing. I rested back against my wall; I could literally feel my back sliding steadily upward against it. My lats expanding, cracking the drywall with my torso’s weight.

I should have been more alarmed than I was, but quickly this was being placed with an orgasmic sensation that bristled through my entire body. More than anything all of this felt so fucking good! And as my head inched closer and closer to the ceiling and the bedroom became more and more confined, I figured that there was no going back, and I shrugged. I began to stand up, in a dramatic slow way. Arching my back as I did, so that the debris that would fall from the roof would roll off me easily.

I pressed through the attic like it were nothing, the wood snapping at the stunning amount of force my most insouciant movement would make. The force of my body itself growing was enough to split apart the rafters! I caught a glimpse into my unused attic moments before it would be no more, it looked so tiny! I had gone up here only once and could barely stand up when I was 6’2”! but now I could hardly fit both of my hands inside the remaining area!

I felt the shingles roll down my shoulders as I cracked through the final layer of my roof. I brought my arms up as I stood up to my full height, I was easily taller than my house! The noise I was making was incredibly loud, what a wake up call my neighbors would have today!


I shifted my stance as I lifted my arms up into a glorious double biceps pose, causing my feet to rip through the exterior walls of the house, my toes poked huge holes bigger than watermelons in the siding and pushed more and more of the wall outward as my soles continued to press on in their growth. Suddenly the structural integrity of my house’s eastern wall gave out entirely as I flexed my quads, and half of it came down.

“YEAH!” I hollered out in as I flexed my huge, inflating pecs. I stepped forward, into my backyard. All around me were trees. Tiny thin, little twigs and sticks that I could grab in my hand. I needed to use my muscles, they begged for some sort of exertion, I was overcome with desire to use my newfound and exponentially exploding strength!

I started ripping the whole trees from the ground like I was plucking carrots. Most of the ones I started with only reached my pecs! And those were quickly shrinking, it was as if my growth were accelerating in response to this very easy effort!

I would toss the trees over my shoulder, and they would soar clear over my house and into the road where it caused a car accident, by landing on some poor shrimp’s Subaru! I noticed this after I ripped up a few more trees, I turned around to see my handiwork. I could easily see over the crest of my house. There were flashing headlights and the car alarm was going off. Poor little shit was killed on impact, oh well!

My neighbors had come from out of there houses to inspect what the hell happened. I was surprised they did not see my gigantic head from over my roof.

One thing is for sure, they saw me coming! At first they felt it. Thump. Thump. Thump!

And then they heard me, “OOPS DID I DO THAT?” I laughed and the crowd dispersed in all out panic!

God this was so fucking great! I was having the time of my life, and I decided to take a little walk as more and more size just would not stop coming into me. I wanted people to see me, the real me, the giant I was destined to become.

 I walked down my road, my huge feet taking up the entire right side! I decided to stick to the flow of traffic so as to not accidentally crush admirers as I passed. These little people were wise to pull over, and either worship me with total awe or fear by running away.

I loved how the pavement felt beneath my huge feet. It would crack and split and give way super easily. It reminded me of when I was a kid and I would walk on the shallow shore of a lake my cousin lived on during winter. The ice was barely a few millimeters thick and would rupture under the weight of my body. The asphalt did so more and more with each passing step. I got a mile down the road in under two minutes just by walking (I was walking over 30 miles per hour!) And I looked behind me.

Next to a deluge of parked cars that had pulled over from their busy commute in total fear and bewilderment, I saw the line of my footsteps each one growing in area and the amount of destruction. Now I was leaving perfect imprints of my toes and the ball of my foot, breaking down into the underlayers of soil below the surface of the road. I wiggled my toes and literally powderized the asphalt as my hulking, massive body came looming in on downtown Tyson. I had to widen my stance, pretty soon both my feet fit neatly between the road lines on both lanes.

“GOOD MORNING, MICHIGAN!” I bellowed out, my powerful voice rolling across the landscape like a thunderclap, being heard as far away as Windsor, Ontario. I stood proudly over the puny main drag of Tyson, everything looked so pathetic! Whole apartments, multi-story structures barely reached my diamond cut abs. I must have been well over 150 feet tall! And still I was just getting BIGGER each passing second!

“DAMN YOU ARE SO FUCKING SMALL!” I announced, my voice causing cars to quiver on their shocks, the whole of Tyson privileged with my colossal form.

I advanced further into the shrinking town. Buildings were being tested by the sheer immensity of my footfalls. I found myself on M-9, traffic was at a standstill with the morning rush hour!

I looked down the road, bumper to bumper traffic, unable to go anywhere! People were fleeing their cars, and if they weren’t they certainly did after my next pronouncement. “HOPE YOU ALL GOT INSURANCE, BECAUSE AN ACT OF GOD IS BLOWING THROUGH TOWN!”

And without delay I started stepping up the highway, flattening two or three cars with each step. I was slow and deliberate, ambling along as I felt the crunch and crinkling of cars and trucks underneath my huge sole, now at least 30 feet in length and 10 feet wide! The grinding and smashing of the metal and glass against my impenetrable skin felt absolutely orgasmic, with each step I was asserting my incomparable power on the shrimps that seemed barely two inches high to me now!

The amount of damage I slowly unleashed on the highway was completely unheard-of. I crushed a hundred if not more cars in the matter of a couple minutes. And more and more damage was wrecked on the surrounding shops and apartments as a giant of my phenomenal weight passed. If any scale had been able to weigh me, it would have read upwards of 2800 TONS. My feet would pass through the pavement and rupture and flatten the water and sewage lines under the road, as flattened heaps of what were once cars fell into the holes I would make progressively larger and deeper as I strolled north.

Cars who had just arrived to see my little walk through the downtown tried U-turning to hurriedly escape my rapidly advancing footsteps. This caused several accidents and a pile-up. I was moving closer to 40 miles per hour now and after sweeping a pile of cars that had crashed into each other out of the way with my giant foot, I turned around to admire what I had done.

Downtown Tyson looks like it had suffered an earthquake the likes of which Michigan would never see, on par with the greatest ones in history like the San Francisco quake of 1906. Water shot from ruined mains, flooding the parts of the street mercifully left free from my powerful weight, whereas more and more wreckage and sewage filled the sinkholes I had pounded into the roadway.

I took a look around, I could see for miles! And for miles, these puny little bugs could see me! I could see Detroit on the horizon, I looked around and could see almost all of Oakland county before me, and in the distance, a familiar and disgusting looking gray blob. Just North of the towering financial capital that was Rochester Hills, was Oakland Prison.

A Giant like me, couldn’t be bothered to sticking with the roadway any more. It was too restrictive. I started making a Beeline for my place of work. I quickened my pace into that of a purposed walk. I did not pay any mind to what or who I was crushing, or what stood in my path.

At first it was the brick townhouse structures that lined the main drag of Tyson. Then it was residential houses and side streets, either crushed entirely under my feet, or obliterated by the swing of them. My powerful legs, now they themselves over 150 feet in length as I surged higher and higher into the morning sky, would cause whole houses to collapse as I brought my unrelenting tonnage to the ground.

I came across Fenwood Lake, a big sandy beach haven with houses upon houses desperately choking each other to compete for space on the shore. I strode through into like it was a puddle, and at the deepest point, the water barely reached my ankles! This created a deluge the likes of which the area had never seen! Thousands of gallons were displaced onto the shore, flooding and destroying once highly-sought after real estate. The initial wave that broke the shore was literally strong enough to wash away cabins. Vacation homes to the tiny insignificant losers who would now forever have to crane their necks up, Up, UP to see even the steel hard wall of my 8 pack. Praying that I did not destroy their lives and homes with the most careless action.

I left the lake fifty feet taller than when I had entered, each step I took had devastating consequences. I laughed hardily, “HAHAHAHAHA!” the water left in Fenwood (almost half of it was now on land) shook violently at the vibration of my laughter. “HERE GUYS, LET ME FILL HER BACK UP FOR YA” I aimed my gigantic 50 foot long cock as I stood on the wreckage of the town ashore. I let loose a torrent of hot, steamy urine that began to fill the half-drained lake with ferocity.

I tilted my head back, “AH FUCK, THAT FEELS SOOOOO GOOD!” I Moaned at the lake was almost entirely replenished with my piss. I finished the deed with a laugh of absolute ecstasy and looked at my ever-shrinking surroundings. I was truly unstoppable; I was having so much fun just doing whatever the fuck I pleased. But where there was carelessness, now there was a mission. I could survey the land for countless miles. Then I saw it. My heart started to pound. I stared at the Oakland Prison some twenty miles away with intent anger.

I stepped towards it, moving I would guess at nearly 50 miles per hour. Two steps and I said to myself “THIS IS TAKING TOO LONG! WHY WALK WHEN YOU CAN RUN?” I lurched forward with a furious change of pace, and immediately houses in the surrounding area would explode as if a nuclear bomb had detonated. Michigan was the land of 11,000 lakes, but I added more with each of my next steps.

Within a minute I had with not much effort jogged the nearly twenty-mile expanse between me and Oakland County Prison. By the time I arrived, it was the only structure within a one-mile radius structurally sound enough to bear the intensity of my massive weight.

“TERRY CARSON, WHERE ARE YOUUUU?” I called out in a sing-songy voice, I knew he was inside. “COME OUT, COME OUT WHEREEVER YOU ARE!”

I scanned the prison yard and nothing. Suddenly a rapid popping and flashing came from one of the guard towers. They were shooting at me! And I couldn’t even feel it! The towers barely reached my cock, and they had the foolishness to shoot at me? Me? A 500-foot-tall God!

I did a lat spread to emphasize my superiority as I laughed! I swatted at the guard tower like one would a fly, completely pulverizing the structure and much of the wall and fencing causing the entirety of the prison population in the yard to frantically try to escape. They were smart for doing so.

“IF I DON’T SEE THAT FAT LITTLE FUCK CARSON IN THIRTY SECONDS EVERY ONE IN THIS BUILDING IS GONNA END UP A SMEAR UNDER MY FOOT!” I commanded with deafening authority. I almost began to laugh, as I thought of the destruction of the prison just by lightly jogging up to it.

The Guards cringing in terror, heard my demand to see their boss. Suddenly an exodus of blue little ants centered on an ashen gray dot fled the building. They had brought me to him.

“CARSON YOU FUCKING PATHETHIC LITTLE MITE, YOUR TIME HAS COME.” My voice boomed across the land, I brought my foot down on the south western wing of the prison, decimating half of it under my sole alone.

I looked down on the amorphous gray blob of my former boss turned flea. He did not run for he was paralyzed with fear. I assume, for all I know he could have had a stroke from the terror of my voice alone, I couldn’t tell he was too little to make out! I could just tell it was him, petrified.

“YOU HAVE ANY LAST WORDS?” I asked the Warden slated for my wrath.

Whatever words came from him sounded so distant and tiny that I could not ever register it. I just burst out with a laugh that caused recently damaged sections of the prison to continuously collapse from the sonic force I generated. ‘HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! YOU MISERABLE RUNT, I CAN’T EVEN HEAR YOU YOU’RE SO INSIGNIFCANTLY TINY! I CAN’T WAIT TO DO THIS!” I Then proceeded to straddle the yard in which Carson was trapped. I looked down at him and he ogled up at me, falling to his knees and begging for mercy!

I then with all my might brought my fist down to the earth in one cataclysmic blow centered directly on the Warden, completely disintegrating any semblance of what could make him even close to human, turning him to a small red paste smeared on the knuckle of my middle finger. Oakland County Prison, and well, Oakland County and most of Detroit could not withstand such seismic force and in a 7 mile radius I saw anything that dared crest above the tree line (or the top part of my feet) collapse immediately. From the small amount of effort I exerted my body literally doubled in size to well over 1400 feet in height.

I gazed around, the damage was total. My dick elevated it’s self to a tremendous and throbbing length of 200 feet long. My huge throbbing member was easily the length and thickness of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. I started stroking my titanic shaft, I could literally feel my cock growing in my hand as my feet continued to push through the carnage I had caused so easily. My toes would sink lower into the bedrock, as my ankles, my calves and quads would soar higher and higher, expanding with each breath I took.

I ran my hands down my pecs and abs, so perfectly defined and more than anything so DEADLY STRONG. I was a muscle god that knew no comparison, a divine being that will forever own this world. I resumed jerking my tremendous, insatiably horny dick. I bit my lower lip and started to grind my hips, sending minor quakes throughout the Midwest.

Hundreds of gallons of precum splashed down on the earth below, flooding a crater I had made at my feet.


And there I unleashed a monumental blast! Never had…there in history…been such…


…A mess on my goddamn sheets! I woke up to find the covers soaked in my cum!

“Fuck!” I said, “Guess I gotta wash these!”

I got up and gathered my covers and head to the washing machine and reflected on the awesome, completely fantastical dream that I just had/was having recently. Then I cringed, “Why’d I think about the Leaning Tower of Pisa?”

I shook it off, I’m a weirdo. I’ve come to embrace it. Why I have never been able to do is accept being tardy, even to my most current shit job. And when I saw I was already 20 minutes late for work I cried “Oh my god! I’m so late!”

I slammed the linen into the washer and started the old reliable thing up. I went straight for the bathroom to brush my teeth and to rinse the cum off my abs.

Wait, my abs?

I was looking in the mirror, “No way!” I said to myself, “I have a four pack!”

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My heart was pounding, I was beside myself with a mix of excitement and anxiety. I called work, to let them know I was on my way, and come to find out in the worst way possible Joyce, the nurse that I halfway liked, had quit. This news came so poorly to me because I had tried to call her phone directly, which forwarded my call up the chain of command…right up to the Warden’s desk, who normally would not be kept aware of such insipid matters.

When he answered I about careened off the side of the road, I nearly hung up.

“Hello, this is Warden Carson. Who is this calling?” He said gruffly.

I stammered, I didn’t know what to say! “T-this is Matt Gabel, uh…the nurse…”

His tone immediately became surly and cross, “Oh god what do you want?” he said, before coming to a realization that made me step on my brakes reflectively: “Wait!” he cried, “Why are you calling me from an external number, Gabel? You should be inside prison walls and therefore not on your personal cell.”

“Y-you see—” I tried to say.

“I see what now? A nurse who clearly is not present and accounted for when I can see diabetic prisoners waiting for their insulin lining-up outside my office? You know Joyce quit right?”

“She did?!” I said.

“Don’t talk over me!” He snapped, “Yes, and come to find out the other half of the day crew, meaning you, is not here either. Is that, or is that not about to change?”

I yipped, “It’s about to change! I’m on my way now, I was letting Joyce know and—”

“Tough shit,” he interrupted once again, “From now on you’re reporting directly to me, got it? Report to my office before working with any of these felons, we need to talk.”

“I—” I tried to say, but he had hung up and I was trapped at a red light on Lansing Road and Groveland. “Fuck!” I hollered, as I bashed my steering wheel.

Today was clearly meant to be a great day…

During the shift, I was treated to a thorough assassination of my self-esteem at the hands of the Warden. “Gutter ball Gabel” this, “lazy piece of work” that, yadda…yadda… “…Much to be desired, but you’re what I am stuck with now” was the culmination of his tirade. This interfered with the general workflow of the day and in combination with my tardiness I ruined what little joys some prisoners had, time in the yard or a full sit-down lunch. And they let me know it.

Most were impatient or snappy, “Hurry up!” or “Let’s go!”

And then of course, in walks this big burly dude who did something crazy with some piano wire. He had gigantic forearms and a build that could only be made from day in and day out of using the weights available in the yard. Daryl was his name, and all he needed was some goddamn baby aspirin and the weakest dose beta blocker for blood pressure. I had the displeasure of interrupting his entire mid-day meal.

“C’mon fairy boy give me my pills!” He sniped.

And normally I would smile and continue about my day, ignoring such comments as if they were left unsaid. But today, I was all sorts of done and I growled, “Don’t motherfucking talk to me like that!”

He reacted immediately, trying to raise his hands in anger. The corrections officer that had worked with me had to grab him. Daryl shouted “What you say, you time wasting little bitch? I will fuck you up—thinkin’ you can talk to me like that!”

“Settle down!” the corrections officer ordered, “Just take your pills and get out of here Daryl, tell the kitchen I said you got ten extra minutes of food time.”

The prisoner glared at me as I handed over a couple pills for him to dry swallow, “And ten more minutes in the yard, right?” he said, not averting his eyes from me.

The guard barked, “Hit the bricks, you got what you get!”

He left I could hear him boast as he walked away, “These homos getting ballsy around here, gonna learn respect soon with a mouth like that!”

I shook it off, but damn that murderous son-of-a-bitch had the gall to treat me like that? I truly hated this job. And I had five more hours to work…

            No matter. In due time he and all the others would come to regret their mistakes.



*                      *                      *


While I had worked my shift, my friend Spencer had been for a while now thinking about our conversation. Over the past couple of days, he really gave a lot of consideration to hitting me up and maybe even getting a couple workouts in. He had always been a fitness enthusiast, we’ll say. Never living the lifestyle to completion but always vying for it despite relentless self-sabotage.

He had an easy childhood, he’ll readily admit. His father was a very wealthy man, he was majority shareholder of Common Field Incorporated (CF Inc). This was a massive firm that held a huge stake in the food production of the entire Midwest. It was mainly a middleman that bought up crops from farms at rock bottom prices, and distributed them to massive food conglomerates such as Mars, Nestle, Kellogg. Other clients included huge chains such as Dominoes, Jack-in-the-box, Little Caesars, to every day bulk products that they would put on shelves such as brown rice and dried beans.

Common Field had become a transnational conglomerate that owned a huge market share of the American diet. And at it’s helm was the CEO and majority shareholder John Patel, Spencer’s father.

Of course, this top-level position was as a recent accomplishment, however. Throughout the majority of Spencer’s young life, his father was largely absent as he had submitted himself to the all-consuming lifestyle of corporate ascendency. And now that Mr. Patel had reached the apex of what he considered his career, he found himself returning to his child, his only child: Spencer, and not liking what he saw.

And no offense to the guy, I quite like Spencer. He was down to earth and never flaunted his wealth. But lacked ambition especially for someone at age twenty-five and had almost no career to speak of. This, John did not care for. And so, Spencer’s father forced him out into the working world.

Saying to his son, “You need to prove to me you can build connections and a life for yourself that will make you successful. I don’t care how you do it, but it can’t be with my money.”

            Spencer, to his credit, was remarkably understanding. Or perhaps, in my opinion: a pushover and a little naïve. We laugh about it now, but he was shell shocked at how expensive living the average American lifestyle can be. He was allowed to keep his car, a nicely sized Ford Explorer, but that was it.

            So, without much guidance Spencer kind of ended working at a pizza joint, that was in fact supplied by his father’s company. Hence the off chance I answered him at my door while I was practically naked.

 He had texted me sometime during my shift that day and I did not get to see it until it had ended at seven in the evening.


            “Hey man, you want to hang out? I really want to hit the gym with you sometime!” His text said.

            I was sitting in the prison parking lot, seeing this was a delight, “Of course man, I was gonna go hang out with my friend Ben, and we were probably gonna lift together. But I would be down to have you join in, or we can do 1-on-1 if you want.”

            He immediately shot back, “Ben who?”

            I paused. “…Ben Cedar…why?

            He replied, “No way! That’s who you’re talking about?! I know him, we went to HS together! Yes, please we will definitely have to hang, ASAP!”

            I smiled at the coincidence, “Definitely!” I wrote back, “See you soon, dude!”

            Finally, a bright spot to this day!

            It was immediately ruined by my forty-minute drive home. Did I mention my radio does not work? Just thought it would be fun to mention it.

 I hurried home. I had not made plans with Ben for this evening, which kind of left me feeling…bored. Dare I say, I even felt a sense of longing. Of course, this was not too much a bother at first because I was so hungry and I had an absurd amount of raw food for one man in my fridge, so after I arrived home I started cooking. I had frozen a lot of the meat and stuff but had decided to make a nice steak and some potatoes for myself. It would obviously pale in comparison to the meal Ben had cooked yesterday, but I was famished and it was all I could think of for the moment.

After putting on the steak, a measly fourteen ounces, I decided to break out the cottage cheese as a snack. I realized a couple spoonful’s in I was still wearing my gross scrubs and figured it best to throw them in the laundry. I stripped in the living room and went to the bathroom to find the basket, and then of course my mirror.

Let me tell you, I was stunned! I saw myself; I had looked twice as good as I did just a week ago. My stomach muscles were starting to catch the light unflexed. The accentuations of my torso had noticeably changed! My arms, had a hardness and a curves that I had never really noticed before. My shoulders seemed to puff out and I shuddered— I could actually flex my pecs! I was enamored at making them dance on command, it made me feel so strong!

I instantly got hard and I took to noticing my legs— damn, they were looking pretty defined, I turned to my side and my ass was looking so thick, being accentuated by the V taper I had from my pose. The fabric hugged my glutes tightly as they pressed out, rank with my musk. I felt so felt so fucking great!

I started to jerk off, but damn it! The steak was still cooking. I went back to the stove in the nude and flipped the meat and stirred up the instant potatoes. Thankfully I was unharmed from the experience.

As the food finished, I found my teeth grating as I was so horny. I eyed my coffee table and snapped my fingers! Couldn’t forget my next dose. I took it happily…and then a little more than I had in the past. Only a milligram…and a half… give or take a tenth. No big deal. I decided to let my food cool and laid back on my couch and got to work.

I felt myself up and down from the prodigious chest muscles forming to the hardened layer of abdominal muscles developing on my stomach. My long legs spread out, one laid over the back of my couch, the other with one foot hanging off the opposing arm rest. The couch heaved under my weight, I got to thinking of my freaky dreams that I was having. I just envisioned myself getting stronger, getting bigger. I felt my hormones riling up and yearning for immediate release.

Well…It didn’t take long.

And almost right on cue, I got a text from Spencer.

“So, you want to chill tonight, big man?”

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