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(Interlude blue italic: Morzoul | orange italic: Grave digger)

It was already late afternoon when I regained my consciousness. I was resting against a tree. I was naked. And I could feel the freezing wind on my skin.

It was a miracle that I was alive when I heard the low voice inside my head. Looks like our tiny virgin is finally awake. I gridded my teeth before I slowly glanced down onto my massive cock. I felt the blood slowly flow down inside my cock. It was cold outside… But fuck I was hung like a horse. I could see the monstrous outlines. My muscles were bigger as well. I was big before. But now I was more knight material than a simple worker. Looks like someone is enjoying his new physique. Come on. Give me some more control. “Shut up” I said it out loud until I realized that thinking was enough to talk with him. “You made enough trouble already.” I couldn’t resist grabbing my huge shaft for a long moment, when something was approaching in the distance. It was just a moving spot on one of the distant mountains. But it slowly made its way in their direction. Stop squinting your eyes together and gimme more control. Was it just a feeling, or did he get excited?

I concentrated and slowly gave in a little to offer him more control about my body when my visions lowly changed. It felt like a bottomless pit. An endless desire which built up inside my chest, balls and inside my mind. I could feel his lust… His power flowing throughout my veins. The colors of the world faded in a sepia tone before my pupils slightly widened when I witnessed even more colors than before.

The shape in the distance got blazing sharp. It was a carriage. And judging by its build it was expensive. I never saw anything like it. Massive horses pulled it down the steep mountain paths closer in our direction.

Damn boy. What are you waiting for… Come on… Lemme take full control… Lemme breed them all… Let me make a true man out of you. “Shut up” I growled when I slowly took back control over my mind. I could feel his lust. The temptation. I slowly glanced down onto my body.

I was naked. I had nothing with me except my body. “Guess we’ll see if I can play the role of a true man after all” I muttered when I slowly made my way towards the path. The carriage thundered down the street. I was waving. Ignoring the open-mouthed driver who just gaped at me.

It only took three long moments until the carriage suddenly stopped after the passenger gave a signal to his driver.

I slowly approached the carriage. I did not hide my slightly hard cock. I stood up straight. My massive pecs pushed out to perfection. My arms pumped to their rims. I had to look like a confident fucker right now.

The window slowly lowered when I spotted a young pumped man. Judging by his outfit he was nobility. He was wearing thick clothes. Tailored to perfection to push his muscles into the perfect spotlight. His voice was low and full. “Isn’t it a bit too cold for a man like you to wander around all naked?”

I looked him in the eyes. I didn’t say a word for a long moment. “Our majesty, would you mind helping a broken man out?” I knelt onto the cold ground. My massive cock almost kissing the street in the progress when he gave his butler a sign in the carriage.

“Only if you’re from now on working under my service instead” I could feel his gaze. His eyes on my thick muscles. On my massive cock. I knew he liked what he saw. And I could feel my own unstillable lust for domination and growth.

His butler slowly pulled out a few clothes of a similar quality for me. They were a bit too small. But they were warm. They felt amazing on my skin.

“I’m at your order, master” I bowed, ignoring his butler who clearly didn’t like me. I didn’t care. I just found a new place. After all I couldn’t go back to my village. I didn’t even know where my village laid at. So that’s your type, huh? Submitting to small runts like him? Don’t worry. The show just started…

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7 hours ago, hairymusclemorphs said:

Don’t worry. The show just started

Ohhh he loves to play. That noble man wont know what fuck him.


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I’m loving the fantasy aspects of the story so far! I’m curious to see what sort of shenanigans our demonically enhanced protagonist engages in.

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02 Nathan | Controlling the body?

It was already dark outside when I slowly stood up, stretching my sore muscles. I stood around 6’7, had icy blue eyes and a jawline most men would murder for.

Well I couldn’t complain about my situation. I was the son of two legends. My father, a royal paladin who could strike down a small army on his own if needed. And my loving mother who serves the church as a high priestess.

Those were a few of the reasons why I ended up in Brutanmar, a college for the elite. It was the largest institute for applied magic and combat fighting in our world. And it was known to incorporate the roughest training routine along the lines.

Usually, men just trained to become a knight, or studied to become a better magician. Not in Brutanmar. Each day started with 6 hours of combat training, workouts and strategic fighting techniques before we were forced to freshen up and study magic for another four hours.

I glanced towards the side of the small cozy library where my master sat above a huge book. He was a man in his late seventies. He was the only teacher who taught light magic. Or in the church’s eyes: Holy magic.

I let out an exhausted sigh when he glanced up, meeting my gaze. “Young man, you still have to finish todays chapter. You can only use holy magic if you know how the human body works. You need to know the bones. The muscle fibers. All the tissues and fluids that flow below our skin. That’s the only way you can control them with magic. How you can heal wounds or strengthen your body with mana”

“I can’t believe my mother could learn all of this in just seven years”. He chuckled slightly. “Jaqueline could probably revive a man out of a pile of ash.” He tapped his finger slightly onto the table. “I know it’s not easy what we force you students to learn. And I know that most students jump off towards one side or another. But you shouldn’t skip the hard parts, Nathan. If you can control the human body… You can use it to your favor and against the favor of your enemies. Why waste energy when you could just break a spine with the snap of your finger?”

He clearly was hyped up by his own magic. “You know that’s not fair to just break people like twigs with pure magic”.

He shrugged. “At least you didn’t choose a bare art like elemental magic. Maybe I’m pushing you forwards because you’re my only student. I wouldn’t want to see you levitating boring stuff all day long. What is a levitation spell worth if you can clog their arteries instead?”

I slowly sat back down to the satisfaction of my teacher. Even when he thought crazy stuff and most students called him a maniac. He clearly had his point. When he got wind that I was Jackqueline’s only son. He was close to just force me to sign the application papers for his class.

He always overruns the hours, forcing me to study until late at night. It is my fifth year. In my first three years I only studied anatomy. The human body inside out, before he started with magical theory in my fourth and fifth year.

But even now, in my fifth year he forces me to restudy whole chapters when I miss a single detail of the human body.

Sometimes I craved to just relax in the evenings like my friends.

Almost two weeks had passed since my last study session when he slowly got up in his chair. “You’re finally ready for real magic, Nathan” He slowly walked over the wooden parquet before he unlocked the door to his small classroom.

It was a small room, filled with wooden benches, tables and a a large blackboard at the front. I slowly followed his steps before he stopped me.

“Today you’ll learn how to apply the knowledge you’ve gained over the past five years”. He slowly grabbed a piece of chalk and started drawing a basic glyph on the board.

“Remember the spell for enhancing objects? You draw mana off the object’s core and it swells in size… But what happens if you modify it.

What happens if you use it on muscle fibers throughout your body and draw the energy from environmental mana instead?”

His grin got slightly wicked. “Or once you get the hang of it. What happens if you draw the energy out of your enemies. If you’re a demon hunter you could draw energy off the demon’s aura. If you’re a exorcist you could sacrifice someone…” He clearly was a crazy bastard when I listened to his next words.

“Now use your knowledge. I want you to expand all muscles you learnt over the last years… Concentrate boy…. Pectoralis major… Musculus platysma, deltoideus, trapezius, sternocleidomastoideus!”

For everyone else he sounded like a maniac. Citing his latin phrases. I concentrated. Slowly envisioning my naked body in my mind. My muscle fibers underneath my skin, before I triggered the spell and started drawing the magic off the air around me.

I could feel it…. The growth… My clothes slowly started tightening around my body. My skin felt tighter while my arms and pecs slowly pushed outwards when I saw the eyes of my master get even crazier… “Good job! Gooood job!.... Now boy… Don’t forget to grow the connected tissues. Your bones. Your Skin… Your veins… Or your muscles will just destroy your body in mere seconds due to their expansion”

His grin got wicked. I slightly panicked when I tried to focus. “Breath in and out… Relax and focus, Nathan…. FOCUS!” I focused on my bones. On the skin which covered my muscles. I felt the tightening feel losen up a bit. My abs rippled all over. My cock started growing when I started focusing more part of my body.

I breathed slower… Focused on my organs and heart which slightly swelled along when my body started growing taller. I could feel the pressure on my clothes when I heard the button of my dress shirt pop apart.

My shoulders got wider… Thicker… my neck pushed out. I had my eyes closed… Not caring for anything else right now when I started drawing more magic off the open firepit in the room. My sleeves ripped apart when my biceps started pushing through. I could feel the sensation in my cock. My fat member growing up against my abs while I could sense a new scent in the air… Fuck… It was my own…

Pre was running down over my shaft, dripping off my massive growing nuts onto the ground. My pecs pumped out further. Wider… Thicker…

“You really come after your mother” I slowly opened my eyes when I heard my leather boots snap open. My massive feet ripping through my socks. My school uniform ruined to shreds. “Wouldn’t say that” my deep masculine voice clang in the air.

My body kept growing. Thickening until I felt the high ceiling brush against my hair…. My nipples were rock hard. My cock was above 20 inches by now… And thick like a fucking forearm. I couldn’t resist running my hands over it when I felt the inhuman lust building up inside my nuts before it sprayed a monstrous load against the walls.

“You see… The bigger you grow your cock… The more sensitive and horny you’ll become… Always remember that” He had an amused grin on his lips. “Now try setting your body back to your previous state…. And clean up this mess” He slowly turned and left without another word.

I stared at the walls and the ground. My ankles covered in thick jizz. Cum still ouzing out my cock in floods before I slowly managed to shrink my body almost back to my old size…. But I kept the one or other enhancement. . .

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That is sum hot stuff. The way tNathan is learning how to control the holy Magic but who is Nathan?. Is he the noble guy in the carriage or is he our mortuary man trying to trick the demon?


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