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Feats of Manhood Part 3


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Part 3


After the last show of the day and me cleaning up, Bill gave me his address and told me to show up on Saturday afternoon. I arrived at the place around 1pm and knocked at the door. There was no answer, so reluctantly I tried the door and it was open.


"Hello?" I called out. The place was pretty quiet but I could hear something coming from the basement. I closed the door and walked through the place slowly. It was a big house a ranch style with tall ceilings and open areas. Again, I could hear the sounds coming from the basement. I found the kitchen and a door that led downstairs.


"Hello? Bill?" I called out from the top of the stairs.


"That you, Dave?" a booming voice called back.




"Come on down, just working out a little."


I went down the stairs into a wide open finished basement. There were weight racks and steel drums and old refrigerators and a lot of crushed metal in piles. I rounded a corner and there he was. He was sitting on a weight bench, twice the size of any bench I'd seen before (had to be to hold his massive weight). In his hands he was hefting two solid blocks of concrete with steel bars for grips. I just about lost it - each block had to be 3 feet square and weigh about 600lbs. He continued the curl the "dumbbells" for minutes, his straggly hair falling over his face and his mustache puffed out as he ground out rep after rep. Finally, he put the weights down.


"That's a good little warm up," Bill said. "Good to see you, David. Come here."


He was wearing a tight wife beater, half shredded from his bulk, the hair on his chest billowing over the top, and a pair of shorts far too small for his massive tree trunk thighs and giant cock that bulged obscenely. I moved closer and he pulled me in. I could smell his sweat - pungent and sexy and then he planted a deep kiss on me.


"Get naked for me, son. Granddaddy needs some stimulation for the rest of this workout."


I did as I was told and stood naked in front of this monster of a man. He gently caressed my body and put one thumb between my thighs and lifted me off the ground. I had to steady myself by grabbing his shoulders and hairy traps.


"Yeah!" he hissed. "Good little boy pussy on you. You like that?"


"Oh! Fuck yes!" I said.


He put me down, stood up and moved across the room. There was a pile of I-beams. He grabbed one. "You ready for the rest of this?"


"Yeah," I said almost holding my breath.


"Alright. This is a steel I-beam. Got a deal with a construction site. They give me all I need. And I need a lot." He held the bar in front of him and started to squeeze the ends. I could hear the crunching steel as his massive hairy hands crushed the ends of the bar and then he started bending it. He poured his power into the steel I-beam and it bent like a twig in his massive hands.


"YEAH!!! GRANDPA'S FUCKIN' MUSCLE!!! BENDING STEEL FOR YOU, SON!!" The he grabbed another two beams and held them both together and did the same thing. Here's this gigantic hairy old biker with the bristly mustache and sideburns bending construction beams like nothing! I was completely hard and leaking pre as I watched him.


Then he took the three beams and put them over his head around his impossibly thick 30" neck and just stood there with his hands on his hips. Then he did the unthinkable. He started pouring more of his superhuman strength into his neck with the beams wrapped tightly around it.


"MORE FUCKING POWER!!! AARRRGGGHHH!!! I'M A FUCKING MONSTER!! THIS AIN'T NOTHIN!!!" His face went red and his neck expanded and the beams started to expand out and with the power they started to snap. He was snapping steel beams with the power of his massive neck muscles. "YEAH!!!" he screamed as the parts fell to the floor.


Then he hit a most muscular pose and his whole body shook as his massive 39" guns and 75" chest exploded and shredded the shirt. His cock started expanding and soon the shorts were shredded as well. There he was completely naked and bulging with massive power and size. His now 22" cock was hard as steel and bits of his sorts draped of it. He continued to pose and flex - double biceps, pec bounces, each fiber of hairy muscle undulating under his skin. Hairy forearms thicker than the hulks and hands so beefy and huge they could crush solid stone. He picked up a couple pieces of the broken beams and started smashing them against his cock, the metal not even moving the monster.


"GRANDPA'S COCK IS STRONGER THAN FUCKING METAL!!!" He continued bashing at his cock, almost trying to torture it, but it was too fucking powerful. The metal just broke in pieces over the monster dong and his cock was still completely rock hard. After he was finished with the metal he said, "ONE MORE FUCKIN' TRICK, BEFORE I MAKE SWEET FUCKIN' LOVE TO THAT PUSSY, BOY!" He grabbed one of the refrigerators and held it in one hand. He pressed over head several times and then he smashed it onto his cock!


The fridge was impaled on his massive pole. He hit a double bicep pose and flexed his cock with the fridge on it. Over and over he cock curled the fridge - over 300lbs on his massive fuck pole. "YEAH!!! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!!! YOUR GRANDPA IS A TOTAL MAN!!! MORE MAN THAN ANYONE YOU'VE EVER SEEN!!!" He pulled the fridge off his cock and approached me.


Leaning down he spiked his massive 86 year old muscle cock between my legs and lifted me up. Slowly he entered me, kissing me deeply to resolve the pain that this power pole was giving me. I was in total ecstacy! He lifted me up and down on his cock and then sat on the weight bench and continued using me as a fuck toy.




My hands roamed over his hairy pecs and his incredible biceps and forearms and he loved the attention.




That's all it took. My cock started spewing over his thick hairy 8pack abs.


"THAT'S IT! SHOOT YOU LOAD FOR GANDPA!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" He groaned and I could feel his hot load deep inside me. He stayed hard for a long time and just kissed me and felt my small body with his massive hands.


Finally, he lifted me off his cock and just held me close.


"Think this is the start of something, Son," he said. "I got a lot more to show you."


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