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Oof! His head is already brushing the ceiling and he doesn’t seem like he’s done growing still (at least I hope he’s not done)! There’s still so much stuff to outgrow still! Such a hot story!

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Love it! Love all the musk 🐽🐽🐽and pit action. Secretly want daddy to find super potent stash grow into a monster and teach the boy a lesson on who’s in charge 😈

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I love how he’s getting so massive he’s breaking through doorframes now! And I wonder if the “milk” will actually turn out to be (at least partially) made of the farmer’s cum. If he starts drinking it straight from the tap, how big will he grow I wonder! That house and the furniture won’t stand a chance against this hypermasculine male!

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He slowly forced his lips up against my inhuman pecs. He didn’t resist any longer. Instead, I could feel his hot lips around my nipple. His tongue slowly slid over my sweaty pecs until his constant low grunts were muffled under the impact when I gently pushed his head further in between my monstrous cleavage while I slowly positioned my cock up against his cheeks.

He was scrawny compared to me. My cock was more than triple his size by now. I slightly leaned in when my low voice hummed in his ear. “Losen up for your new master.” Precum was flowing down my shaft until it disappeared between my musky nuts.

I could feel Mike’s little hands, how he crawled them into my monstrous pecs. I slowly raised my arm on another excellent flex before I took a good whiff of my musk once more. I felt my cock harden fully, almost crushing him against my brick wall of abs. He was already panting when I slowly lowered my upper body until I could thrust my fist in first. My cock constantly grinds against my forearm while his uncontrolled moans are muffled against my hairy pecs.

I had managed to place his cock between my abs, crushing his shaft in between hard enough that he couldn’t blow his small load during the foreplay when I finally used both my rough hands to stretch his ass up to its limits. Shoving my monstrous cockhead inside.

“Come on, boy… Grow for Daddy… Give me something to breed. I can’t stand twigs who can’t even take my cock inside. He tried saying something when I forced his head underneath my sweat pits instead, feeling his cock shiver against my abs.

He was a fucking pervert, and he loved every bit of it. I still wondered how he grew the night before. What his secret was. What he mixed into my food. I relaxed my abs. His cock blew a monstrous load all over my hairy torso and up against my pecs. But he didn’t settle. Instead, he tried pushing his head out underneath my pits.

I let him lose slightly when he started licking all over my hairy pecs and abs… Like a hungry wolf who just got served a stack of fresh red meat.

“Who allowed you to clean me up” My low voice boomed when I forced his head back against my hairy cleavage before ramming my cock inside.

His body rippled. His muscles pulsated, and his ass. *NNNGHH FUOOOCK* I couldn’t resist a grunt when his powerful glutes exploded around my shaft. He grew on my shaft. And I could feel his rough fingers how he squeezed my nipples rougher, making me shudder slightly in the process.

His glutes flexed stronger like iron tongs. My balls were churning. More pre-cum flowed out of his hole, pushing his growing abs further into a roid gut. I tried to focus. But the pleasure… This lust of breeding him. Of his increasing body surrounding my cock.

It was his cum… But there was a twist to it, wasn’t there? I let out another deep uncontrolled grunt when I felt his grip stronger. More powerful.

If I wanted to keep my fucking position. I had to act fast.

I used my whole body weight to slam us down onto the ground, ruining the wooden floor planks underneath our combined weight.

I could hear his masculine voice. His low grunt while he tried to get back towards my torso.

I pulled my monstrous shaft out of his hole. I was eying his massive body all over. There was no way it was my cum that made him grow… right? I towered above him. My gigantic cock was towering above him like a free fountain. But he tried to push it away. He tried to get his tongue back to my hairy abs—the spots where he blew his load.

I pinned him back onto the ground, looking at him like a wild animal out for prey.  “Guess I’ve to know your secret first before we can have fun in peace” My deep voice rang through the room before I kept his upper torso pinned to the ground and lowered my monstrous frame over his body. I was licking over his sensitive and growing shaft.

The taste was familiar… Like a sweet can of his milk. “You fucker…” I ran my rough fingers around his thick neck and throat. “Never thought I’d find a bigger pervert than my own.” I slowly repositioned my monstrous frame until I sat on his abs. His cock was grinding up against my hairy, pumped glutes and my huge back before I slowly lowered my unfucked ass around his anaconda. “Thought you’re servicing me because you’re a good runt…. But guess I’ll have to teach you the hard way first. Who’s in charge, huh?”

My rough hand slowly ran further up over his torso and pecs before I slowly shoved one of my large fingers down his mouth. “Come on, boy… Cum for Daddy… I know you want me bigger… Right? Nothing better than being the fucking cum-dump for your Daddy.”

He wanted to resist. But he couldn’t resist when I flexed my glutes to their limits. I could see the lust inside his body before his high-pitched moan filled the room. I could feel his hot jizz fueling my ass up to the rims. My cock bulged out another inch. My balls started growing onto his abs. He could only witness my growth. Feel my increasing weight while I towered above him. “Guess pays double that you’re so sensitive, huh?” I ran my rough finger over his nipple when I started bouncing my massive cheeks against his cock.

“FUOOCK, YEAH.” My voice crackled when my adam’s apple pushed out even more prominent. The ground was shaking underneath my bassy voice. Each second made my growth speed up faster. “BIGGER!” It was an order. When more power filled my veins, my eyes started glowing in an icy blue color. My pecs pushed out further, kissing my hairy abs while I couldn’t move my arms properly any longer before I felt it.

The pain was inhuman. I doubled over in pain. I was resting my Huge head on his chest before my glutes cramped in the process. Crushing his cock to its limits. I heard his moan. Felt the cum that filled my belly up to the rims.

“F Fuck… L Luke, everything all right?” I heard his silent stammering in my ears.

Before the loud crackling sound of shifting bones filled the air, my spine rearranged. Thickened. My whole skeletal structure started changing. “NNNNGHHH FUOOOOCK” I let out a painful growl when my pecs bulged outwards. My shoulders got wider…. I grew taller to keep my mobility as good as possible.

Sweat flowed down my body, dripping onto Mike while he clearly worried about me. “L LUKE!” I felt how he ran his tiny hands around my massive arms, which rested next to his body before I repositioned myself. My huge legs were now resting on the ground beside him when I could feel it.

The pain started shifting again. My pupils dilated in pleasure. I slowly pushed my upper body back upright. Mike couldn’t see me from his current position. Just my godly pecs and abs. The constant flow of sweat still dripped off my growing frame.

“Guess I just found my personal lifetime stock of milk,” My deep voice boomed. I flexed a most muscular before leaping in and forcing Mike into a bearhug. I wanted to kiss him so bad. I wanted to breed him all night long when I finally felt his arms wrapping around my monstrous neck.

// I'll leave the ending open for now. Maybe I'll continue it in the future.


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