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An Unexpected Inflation Parts 1 and 2


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Chapter 1- That Pumping Thought


    Keith was your typical college athletic dream.  Good grades, great looks, gets all the babes.  Your typical young hunk.  His blonde hair kept styled always to the left with a short hair cut and swept bangs.  He could fill out a nice athletic uniform with his tight muscles screaming through the clothing as his uniforms and overstretched clothes sprawled across his muscular frame.  At about 6' 3" tall, he towered over most of the team mates.  Didn't matter what sport.  Swim Team, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, you name it.  He was in it.  The swim team was his favorite though.  His time to show off what he had worked hard for since he was 18, now 23.  His muscles glistened in the sunshine as his body would drip from the water cascading off his bulging shoulders.  The sinews of his pecs and traps, biceps and large horseshoe triceps and ham like hamstrings and bulging thigh muscles, and his cobblestone 6 pack, creating a path for the streams of water to cut deeply on.


    Every night, after a big meet, he would proudly display is confidence.  At least, that's how his family and his friends saw it.  Except, deep down he was a little insecure. He had worked hard to build his 200 lbs. frame up to proportionate v taper that every man dreams of.  The one thing, though, he hated the most was his package.  Sure he had the body any wetdream consisted of.  But the one thing lacking, at least in his eyes, was the size of his cock.  His balls were pretty above average already, so no problems there, about large hen egg size in a tight hairless sack.


    His penis, however, was fairly average.  About 5.25" when hard about 1.5" wide.  Not porn star size by any matter but it mattered.... a lot.... to Keith.


    Here I am again, standing in front of my mirror.  Gosh I really hate the way I have a smoking hot bod and nothin' below the belt to match.  Hmph. 


    "Keith!  Dinner is ready!" 

    "Okay Mom!  Heading down in a bit!"  I holler down to my mother. After these swim meets, why do I always have to look at myself and point out the worst thing about me.  "Why can't I just be happy about what I got?  What I built."  I ask myself 


    These thoughts keep racing through my head.  Deep in the back of my mind, I keep wondering at the dinner table.  "What if I can build up my cock too and why not my balls while I'm at it.  Go big or Go Home I always say."  I chuckle thinking to myself.


    "What's on your mind champ?"  Dad asks.

    "Oh it's nothing, just thinking about how I smoked the other swimmers in today's meet. 

    "You got that right!  You're just as an athlete as your old pop was in my heyday."

    "Don't make it weird.  I shove his shoulder." 

    "Pretty soon, Dad, Keith will be just as big as you!"  My brother, Jason, chimed in. 


    Jason is about 6' and is a bit athletic but nothing like me.  He does have broad shoulders and large feet.   He'd be good if he could keep the muscle on him.   Doesn't work to well on him.  Though he maintains a fair bit of toned definition at 155lbs.  He'd be good as a swimmer, but sports aren't his thing.


    "Yea sport.  Try not to eat so much or you'll outgrow the house!"  Dad laughed.

    "Anyone want desert?!"  Mom asked as we continued our meals.


    After supper, I went back to my room.  That thought keeps popping up in my mind.  Could I build a better package.  As I lower my sweatpants, revealing my blue boxer briefs with the slight mound I dreadfully call my own.  Pulling them down, I go to my bedroom door and lock it so as no one comes in.  I go my bed and bring my laptop.  I look up my favorite story website about male growth, specifically the muscles and cock section to pound out my sorrows as I lust to have the feeling of my cock skin to stretch over an engorging monster of a penis. 


    I my penis swells to it's full measly 5.25" size as I pound away.  I grab some tissues as I feel myself closer to climaxing.  I usually have to use a towel but I totally forgot about it.   Tissues are the only option at this point.  As pre-starts to flow like a faucet from my ample egg sized balls, I begin to twitch as I feel the fountain unleash within and I burst forth with my cum.  It quickly overflows the tissues and pools on the tiled floor in my bedroom.  I do the best I can to clean it up after I come down off of my high.  My muscles feeling pumped like after a workout.  Well, it was a workout. The best kind I would say.  Hah.  I chuckle thinking to myself.


    An ad pops up on the website and I notice it after cleaning my spooge lake I created in my bedroom. 

    "Hm..."  I see what it says thinking how interesting a fantasy... too good to be true.


    Ad:  The UberPump Pump Ring.  Just slap on the ring around your cock and watch it grow!  Looking to add serious size and girth.  Not recommended for those with body image complex. $99 + shipping and handling.



    "Well, what do I really have to lose I suppose.  I'll try anything at this point."  I say, looking down at my little guy who seems to be excited about what I am thinking.  He certainly approves of this. 


    With my part time job at the pubic pool and the local gym, I have saved money through my freshman and sophomore college years.  Now that I'm a Junior, it's time I started looking the part below the belt.  A big package for a big guy.  I whip out my credit card from my wallet and click on the add.  I add the device to the cart and begin reading.   A secondary item pops up!

    Ad:  Do you want a more forceful pump while feeling a bit adventurous, then add on this UberPump Hand Pump to take it up a notch for the whole package.  Recommended for those looking for SERIOUS GIRTH AND LENGTH GAINS.


    "Sure, why the hell not." I say and add this item to the cart as well.  I look through the typical legal jargon and entering my information.  I finally purchase what I've been looking at.  The item says it processed and will arrive Friday.


    "Great!" I thought!. "Just before summer break begins.  Even more time to have fun!" And I drift off to sleep.



    Chapter 2- The Tightening (Inflation Begins)


    Friday arrives and after waiting since Wednesday I sigh in relief.  "Thank you!  I thought I let myself get scammed in my post orgasm arousal brain."  Once I got home from the local college, I rushed upstairs with the package to try it out for myself.  No one home. All by myself.  The perfect timing.


    I open the package and lay its contents on my bed.  Going back to the door and locking it as I am still paranoid about that, I begin to undress down to my boxer briefs and walk over to the bed.  Staring down at the ring that supposed to be adjustable to "any size" the contents packaging says.  I wonder how I am supposed to fit it over my small-ish and flaccid length.


    "Better read this first."  I pick up the instructions.  Reading the directions, mostly in terribly translated English I decided to just download the SmartPhone app and pair it to the ringed device lolling around in my hand.  It's slightly rubbery yet firm and seems to have some give and cushioning on the inside diameter.  But don't really see any buttons or dials.  Just a rubber ring.  My phone finishes "Syncing" the ring to the app.  Pump Me. is the name of the app.


    "That's a weird cliche name for an app like this" I say to myself.  The app quickly responds after opening. 


    "Please place penis into ring and hold firmly in place." The app prompts me.


    "Well, better late than never."  I slide the ring and hold it firmly to my pubic bone.  The app suddenly pings and give me my exact penis stats.  "Wow, how'd it do that!?" I say out loud.

     Suddenly I feel a tightening around the base of my cock.  Snug, but not tourniquet tight.  The app pings again.


    "Fit complete.  Begin inflation process? Yes or No?" 


    "Interesting, I don't remember reading anything like this on the website."  I say as I hit yes.

    I yelp as I suddenly feel the ring tighten further around the base of my dick and then a small prick. 

    "What the hell was that?" I say, panicking wondering whether I am about to ruin my so called one-eyed pal.


    The app *pings* again.  "What size do you wish to go?"  It prompts with a text box.  There's a small warning under the text box but I fail to read before typing. 


    "Um, I say 9" long." 

    "Girth?" It asks next

    "Um...Let's get a little crazy seeing how this thing is probably bogus anyways.  8" girth?"  *ping*


    "Inflation Process beginning.  Sit back and enjoy." 


    I suddenly feel as if I am getting an erection.  My penis feels flush and hot, and I feel as if it is literally inflating with air.  I look down at my penis as it quickly reaches its 5.25" length.  I feel a tightening in my groin as the ring begins to force more growth into my cock.  Slowly, I stare at my penis wide eyed as it begins to pulsate and beat as if it has a heart beat and begins to inch slowly upward in length, surpassing its former length going into new territory. 


    Length: 5.5 in

    Width: 1.5 in


    "Fuck! This feels  freaking insane" I yell as I sit down on the end of my bed.  Staring down, seeing my once average cock growing and swelling, inflating with pure size.


    "I glance down toward my phone as again, I notice the red warning under the text box input.


    *Warning: Do not input size greater than 1 inch of current penis size.  This may cause painful stretching of the skin.  DO NOT OVER DO IT!


    "Oh fucking shit!  Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!, Hell!"  I burst as I suddenly realize my horrific mistake.

    Then suddenly *squeak* I feel my skin begin tightening around my shaft and head the ring begins to force more growth into my penis.


    Length: 6.25in

    Width: 2in


    *Squeak*  The skin tightens even more as the growth continues its onslaught.  My toes curl as an uncontrollable urge to cum takes over.  Then the skin tightens more and  stretches.   I painfully stare down at my cock as it turns bright red and see it inch a little longer.  Another *squeak* this time and audible stretching sound I hear coming from my over taxed skin. Veins stand out in bold relief as the pressure builds in my cock.


    I finally stand and wobble over to the dresser, digging through to find my tape measure.


    I want to know exactly how long this thing is  Standing there, I place it over my tight, drumlike skin, and it reaches to 7.25in long.  I have to measure the width. I wrap it around and do some quick math: 2.5 in wide. 


    "Fuck!" I say, slightly sweating now as the stretch becomes form painful and oddly pleasurable.  A sound that sounds more like overtaxed leather begins to creak from my groin as another round of growth hits, this time with more force.  *Stretch* *Squeak*.  Sounding more like a balloon.


    "My God!  Look at this fucking thing!"  I look down, still sweating from the onslaught my penis is enduring right now.

    "Fuck me!  It looks like a purple dirigible!"  And that it did.  My penis has now reached an unnatural shade of purple.  The sounds coming form my skin more like that of a balloon than stretching skin! 


    Another pump goes and my penis inflates.  Faster than any other time! 

    *Squeak* *Stretch* *Squeal*  This time jumping a half inch in under 5 seconds. 


    "FUCK!!!"  I yell.  Clawing at the device to try and pry it off.  Realizing at this point I might actually make my penis explode for trying to be such a body image hog.  *SQUEAAAAAAAAAL*  and long stretching balloon sound comes from my dirigible of a cock that's attached to me.  I feel it spread out to almost 2.75" in width.  It having already reached it's goal of 9" albeit abit longer than what I typed in.  The girth now spreading out to match what I had typed in! 


    "Fuck!  It feels like I'm going to fucking POP!""  I yell out, clammering for my phone.  Trying to find anything to stop this onslaught.!



    The area just behind the head of the shaft begins blowing up.  giving it that baseball bat look.  Stretch marks beginning to appear along it's length.  My penis crying out in pain and pleasure as the final *PUMP* *BLOAT* pushes my cock into blimp like territories.


    With a final *BLOAT* and *PUMP* my bloated dirigible cock shudders and stops swelling, leaving me with a painfully erect cock that has been mutated into a dream and horror as I look on in silence.  Afraid to touch it.  I feel the ring suddenly release itself.   The pin prick feeling gone and now just a normal cock ring feeling.  A wave of lust fills my mind as thoughts race through my mind.


    "Holy fuck!"  I huff, as a trembling hand caresses the bloated cock balloon before me.  Then the sudden realization hitting me that the thing forcing my legs to stand wide apart, spread eagle, is my fucking cock.  My dirigible cock, now a veiny monster pulsating within its vice like grip of the skin.  The cock head seemingly keeping in proportion to the penis, now fist sized.  The piss slight now as if you could fit a whole quarter into. 


    The stretched feeling is still there painful, as I begin to hunt for my phone.  The app *pings*.


    "Final measurements" It reads out across the screen. "9.1in Length.  3in Diameter. Girth: 9in"


    I toss my phone down on the bed and lay back gently, so as not to wobble the balloon stretching from my groin.  As if not to pop it.


    Feeling the tightness of it's mass, I kept wondering why the app didn't stop pumping my girth up past the 8in I typed.


    "Man this tightness is arousing.  Almost too much.  I feel if I cum I might pop!"  I run my right hand up and down it's fat lenght.

    "Fuck! I can't even reach around this thing with my meaty paws.  I try to look up, only being met by my might pecs.  Sweat running down and into the cleavage of my muscle tits.


    *Stretch* "Fuck!" I feel my arousal heighten as my bloated cock engorges itself into a steel like erection with all the stimulation it recently received.  I rush up form the bed, the dirigible bouncing into my abs, smearing pre-.  I rush to my on suite bathroom and catch a glimpse of the purple, stretch marked, mass that is my baseball bat shaped cock.  I suddenly feel the urge to cum, overwhelmed by it even.  I rush over to the toilet and before I get a chance to aim, I suddenly feel my balls draw up and tighten. Trying to release their contents into the toilet.  The sudden extra pressure pushes my cock even further.  Bloating it more, as I normally doing while cumming.  The feeling and sound of my skin stretching more to accommodate the growing mass intoxicating.  The flow becomes more of a fire hydrant release as my cum sprays out as a stream. Not multiple squirts, a stream.  The veins of my cock standing out as my balls forcefully eject their contents into the toilet. 


    Finally, my cock calms down and begins to deflate. The skin sighing in relief as the pressure is release off of it.   The stretched feeling disappearing and turning more into a heft.  Something I've never felt before.  Going completely soft now,  the cock ring releases fully and I am able to slide it off.  A little more difficult now with the extra heft.


    "Damn.  I'm a fucking stud now."  I say, looking at the limp and thick beast hanging between my muscled thighs.


    I walk back into the bedroom and get the tape measure out. "Let's see how big you are soft now, hopefully you go down a bit more."


    Stretching it along the length.  "Damn, I'm longer soft than I used to be hard."


    Flaccid: 5.5in

    Flaccid width: 1.75in


    "I guess I'm a grower."  


    Picking up the phone, I begin reading.  I read that some length gains and girth gains are permanent.  "I guess pushed the boundaries for you little guy.  I say, rubbing him through my now bulging boxer briefs.  Still a bit sore from the punishment.


    "I will say this, we are definitely going to be working you out more!  I wonder if there's a setting for balls to be pumped on here."  I wonder as I comb through the app.   Finding out what I needed, a slight devilish grin appears on my face.

    "We are definitely having more fun this summer with you!"  I say, looking at the ring and the extra device with arousal and lust in my eyes.  "Or find someone to experiment with...."

The rest of the story can be found here: http://www.patreon.com/uberpumpstories


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