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An average night out? | Pt. 1 - 7.2 (last update: 08-10)


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Sounds so familiar to what happened to me two months ago, xcept i don't know his name nor i know if he's gay or not or i had any sexual encounter or thing going on, he was just happy for me to see his impressive body and he was super-super nice, i also saw him a bit of times more before he truly disappeared. So happy to see it written out into a full story and so happy i had that rare opportunity! At least i hope he gets too see Tom again... Keep going please.

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On my way home, I stopped at a small shop for menswear to lend out a smokin for the night that accommodated my new size. It was expensive… But it was for Jake, after all.

I cooked up some rice, chicken, and a salad for lunch before slowly getting ready for the wedding.

I wouldn’t say I liked social events. I slowly undressed, staring at my improved self in the mirror. I was hot. I had to be around 6’2 (1.87 m) in height, and my muscles looked pumped and juicy on my compact frame.

I slowly glanced further down until I saw my jockstrap. My cockhead forced the fabric down, revealing my hairy cockbase slightly. My balls looked huge, more like large eggs or small oranges. I decided it was best to wear compression shorts for the night. Because fuck…. I was already close to getting hard right here and now.

It took me a while to get my beard back in shape. “Could’ve sworn it was perfect yesterday.” I styled my hair back with a bit of wax before I slowly grabbed my keys and wallet, making me on my way. My neighbor Elena just came up the stairs with a flower bouquet in her hands on my way out. “Looks like Romeo is finally ready for his lover who’s loitering around in front of the apartment complex like a hungry animal,” she chuckled slightly before she checked me out. “My niece just gifted me these flowers. Guess she wouldn’t be mad if one found its way in a handsome man’s Smokin.” She slowly pulled out a blue rose and tucked it into my jacket’s pocket. “If I wouldn’t be gay, you’d already got me with your charm,” I grinned before I slowly went further down. “I’ll tell you everything about the night when I’m back. Promise.”

Whoever she meant with my Lover, it probably wasn’t Jake.

I left the house and gaped at Tom. He leaned against an expensive-looking black limousine, like those cars that politicians and influential people used to get around the world.

Tom looked gorgeous. He filled his Smokin to perfection. His clothes looked expensive—way out of my league.

I approached him slowly before I stopped in front of him. He grinned, revealing his perfect teeth, before wrapping his large arms around my frame, pulling me into a tight hug. “Sorry that I took so long… Wasn’t in town.”

I slightly shifted in his hug before I wrapped my strong arms around his frame, feeling his wide-muscled back. His pumped pecs against my frame.

I inhaled his scent. His slight perfume. I didn’t say a word. I just enjoyed his body heat. “Thought you might enjoy some company at the wedding.

It felt as if my sorrows had just vanished under his embrace. He slowly loosened his bearhug before looking me up and down. “You’re looking great today. Even bigger… and hotter than in my memories.” He slightly leaned in and forced me in for a kiss.

I felt his lips while his slightly stubbled chin grinds against my beard. “You’re still the hot beast of a man I recall last time. But the Smokin makes you even more attractive.” I ran my hand over his shirt, squeezing his pecs slightly underneath his jacket before we got interrupted by the clock towers’ bells.

“Guess it’s time to get going.” I could listen to his voice all day long. I slowly got into the passenger seat after he opened it for me.

I could feel my cock still slightly throbbing against my compression shorts. I never was so happy to meet someone again out of the blue. He made me feel weak and puny in comparison, yet in reality, I craved to grow big enough to lift his whole car.

It was a smooth ride. The cabin was isolated so well that I couldn’t even hear the ongoing fuzz in the city while he steered the car towards the location.

“Didn’t expect to see you again.” I ran my hand lightly over his thick quads before he slowly ran his pumped arm around my arm, slightly pulling me over to his side. “Sorry… I Guess I’m quite the asshole in your eyes for not giving a sign from my side over the past weeks”.

I slightly traced my finger over his quads when he drove down the underground parking garage. He went down to the lowest deck, almost wholly ghosted, before turning off the engine before he leaned over for a rough kiss.

I ran my hand underneath his shirt, feeling his body heat before he slowly managed to control his lust again. He was wearing compression shorts as well. But they looked close to bursting, creating a massive bulge down his quads.

“To make up for it… I’ll invite you to my place after the wedding.” I could feel my throbbing cock. I was rock hard, but it felt like it was still hardening further. I could feel the wet mushroom tip fight its way further down my leg, slightly brushing through my legs’ body hair. I hugged Tom’s neck and pulled him back to my side. In for another long kiss. “Don’t ghost me this time… Because I’m craving for a good fuck tonight” I ran my rough hand around his bulge, squeezing it slowly while I slightly had to adjust my legs to give my balls more space.

I was sweating slightly before I heard Tom’s slight boyish squirm. “Can’t wait to see your rough side tonight” I listened to his low chuckle before I felt his hand around my wrist, slowly leading it back further up.

“If you continue squeezing it that hard… you’ll make me plow my load before the party even started” I slowly woke up from my slight trance. His cock was pulsating. Visible through the fabric. “Fuck… Sorry. Guess got slightly carried away.”

We took a moment to calm back down in his car before we slowly got out, ready for the party.

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it's going so good. btw, can you maybe change the title when you update, to show the chapter count? you can do it with editing the first post. because i sometimes don't understand if it's new chapter or a comment. 

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Hot hot hot hot! So curious to see how it keeps going... IDK Honestly,  i did expect Tom to have gotten bigger and why would the main character want to outgrow him?...

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Part 5

I was glad that I wasn’t alone tonight. Nothing was more annoying than getting seated next to a bunch of drunk single ladies who tried flirting all night.

I felt out of place when we slowly entered the expensive location. Everyone was dressed up so well. They even had a red carpet rolled out for the guests, which led into the vast hall.

It was the exact opposite… Of what I craved for. Everything was tidy. Everything was so clean. Almost all men were shaved. Tom walked beside me, linked arm in arm with me.

He knew how to move in perfection. How to behave in these expensive locations. He playfully caught two glasses of champagne from one of the butlers’ silver tablets before he handed one over to me. “You are new to this kind of party, aren’t ya?” He mused in my ear.

He already knew the answer. “Can’t say I’m a fan of these events.” He chuckled slightly before a young woman and her man slowly walked toward us. “Mr. Reinhardt. It’s a pleasure to meet you in person finally. That’s my wife, Susan.” He presented here like a piece of flesh on the market when she slightly made a perfect curtsy.

She knew how to move. Tom politely smiled: “You must be Mr. Watson. A pleasure to meet you. That’s my new lover Luke”. I watched how Mr. Watson glanced in my direction, keeping his fake smile while I bowed slightly back at him.

Tom extended his hand for a firm grip before they went further down the way. “Reinhardt as in Reinhardt Corporation?” I glanced up at him, and I could see his cheeks slightly redden after I had just discovered he was the son of one of the wealthiest men in our country.

“You could’ve at least warned me before we entered the party” I wrapped my hand around his fingers before I squeezed his hand tight. I wasn’t angry but slightly worried. And somehow, Tom didn’t look confident around all these men and women.

He still behaved like the perfect gentlemen. But I could feel the sweat on his palms. Deep down in his heart, he wasn’t the confident beast. He wasn’t the man who rode motorcycles all night long. And he wasn’t the man who took charge.

He just knew how to hide his true self. How to play the tough guy. And to give him some credit… He had the built for it. He had muscles any man would lick his fingers for. And a cock closer to a weapon than a fuckpole.

Perhaps it was why he waited so long to see me again. I took a moment to relax and focus while ignoring the fuzz around us.

I felt his hand squeezing my own while he had already grabbed his second glass of sparkling wine, clearly trying to get rid of his insecurities that way. “You don’t like these parties either, do you?” I glanced up at Tom and could see him slightly waver. “Well, in that case… You probably wouldn’t mind joining me for a brief toilet break, right?” I slowly lead him through the crowd. It wasn’t hard because they made a path for us.

The restrooms were down in the cellar. I shoved him into the dark room before the movement sensors activated the light. It was a large, expensive-looking room when I slowly led him into one of the stalls.

It was ridiculous. Even the restroom was a small hall with over 30 pissouars hanging on the walls. The stalls were in a separate room, offering complete privacy for whoever needed to relieve himself.

I slowly ran my hand down until I opened the button on his jacket, revealing his tight shirt. He glanced down at me. He was already tipsy after just two glasses. I could see his red cheeks while he ran his strong arms around my neck. Whispering in my ear, “Sorry that I pulled you into my messy life,” I could smell his musk. His slight perfume while I couldn’t resist him any longer. My cock was throbbing the whole time.

I slowly ran my strong hands down his torso until I slowly opened one button after another. “I don’t care if I’ve to play your dog in public all day long. But don’t play the tough man if you can’t even down two glasses of champagne with your mass and height.

My balls were churning. I could feel my cock slowly grinding up against my underwear. I slowly ran my tongue over his pecs. He had smooth skin. He got a workout in before the event.

I felt his arms hug tighter around me. He was hard. I could see his thick shaft’s outlines while he struggled to hold back. “Hey… Don’t tell me that’s your first time you’re making out with someone….” I could see him avoid my gaze.

“You are full of surprises….” I slowly traced my finger over his thick abs before I unbuckled his belt, pushing his pants and briefs down before his massive cock swung up against his abs, pre already flowing down his thick member.

I glanced up at him. His cock was already pulsating like crazy. His face was bright red right now. “I… I just had trouble finding anyone who managed to take it in…” He shifted slightly when I pinned him against the wall with my forearm and slowly lowered my hungry lips over his thick shaft.

I kissed his mushroom head before steadily running my tongue over his full member. I was feeling each salty inch before I started taking it into my warm mouth. I was ignoring his boyish grunts. “Lemme teach you a few lessons” I could feel my cock stir in my compression shorts.

I wanted to breed him so bad. I wanted to outgrow him. I wanted to show him how it was done. I slowly pushed my mouth further down his inhuman cock. Wrapping my rough hands around his vast glutes.

I felt his hand running through my hair, slightly cramping while he flexed his massive glutes, trying to hold back. But I knew he just made it worse.

My pits slowly pushed out hairier underneath the fabric of my shirt. My muscles filled my clothes to their limits. I could feel my tie fighting with my neck. My cock was getting thicker, pulsating as well, while it was harder to control myself.

I slowly placed my rough right hand over his vast shaved nuts before I slowly squeezed them to their limits, hearing his uncontrolled moan before he pumped a massive amount of hot semen into my throat. It filled my gut to its limits.

I shoved him even rougher against my hungry lips before flexing my glutes, quads, and calves and lifting his massive frame off the ground, squeezing his ass in the process. He was leaning against the wall, his eyes closed while his cock still was far from done. I could feel it pulsate in my throat when I slowly shoved my pinky against his asshole.

I felt the shiver that pulsated through his body. He moaned louder before he pumped a second load down my throat. My cock had already soaked my pants when it slowly got painful. I could feel my thick anaconda grinding against the compression shorts. My quads felt way too good. They were rippling underneath Tom’s weight while I slowly shoved my finger inside.

I stepped back and off the wall when I felt his total weight resting on my body. I slowly squatted, feeling the insane sensation that ran through my bones.

I wanted to shout out under the inhuman pain. But instead, Tom’s shaft spurted an even bigger load down my throat. My quads rippled when I heard the first ripping sound. My arms had just split my business shirt underneath my jacket around my biceps and pits. I squatted even lower until Tom’s feet almost hit the ground before I pumped my massive quads and calves and pushed him back up. My cock churned. I let out a satisfied grunt against his cock. My muscles rippled. My muscle fibers almost doubled in density.

I could feel the pain slowly morphing into pure lust. My feet were fighting with the leather of my shoes before I slowly heard them ripping apart like paper. “FUOOCK,” I let out a deeper growl when I slowly squatted back down, shoving a second finger down his ass.

My tie imprisoned my neck. I could feel the air getting tighter. I heard my shirt’s buttons snapping apart, popping onto the ground. My Adam’s apple just pumped out even further along with my growing neck until my tie slightly strangulated me.

It turned me on even more while I slowly lifted one of my arms to look at my growing biceps. I could feel the fabric of my Jacket and shirt ripping apart underneath the pressure of my growing arms and lats. My cock snapped through the fabric of my compression shorts and pants, destroying the expensive fabric in mere seconds. I felt Tom blowing his last huge load when I slowly pulled his shaft out of my mouth to lower him back down. I grabbed my cock and slowly pushed it between his sculpted legs. Felt the outlines grinding against his bubble butt.

“BIGGER,” I let out another growl when my socks tore apart, revealing my monstrous feet. I slowly repositioned my other arm off Tom’s body when I felt his arms wrapping around my neck instead, gradually freeing me off my tight tie. My cock almost supported his whole bodyweight right now.

His legs constantly rubbed against my hairy growing nuts while my outfit for the night was ruined.

I could smell my musk in the air. My masculinity flooded the whole room when I thrust my massive cock up against the wall, forcing Tom against it again. In for another long kiss before I slowly let him off my monstrous pulsating cock. He was panting hard after I emptied him like a fucking protein shaker.

I turned my massive body away from him before I wrapped my two rough hands over my throbbing cock.

Each thrust made me hornier and worsened my growth before I blasted my load all over the expensive walls. Cum splashed back over me, covering my newly grown frame in my potent jizz while the air reeked of my musk.

I slowly lifted my right arm in the air for another long flex before I took a good whiff of my new scent, digging my nose inside my sweaty pits…. I slowly turned back towards Tom. My cock was covered in thick, dense cum, still dripping while it ground against his brick wall of perfect abs.

He was at least a head smaller than me. I slowly extended one of my rough fingers before I squeezed his hard nipple. “Guess the party is over for me” I flexed a most muscular right in front of him.

I heard him say just one line. “Let’s… skip… the party….” Before he hugged his hands around my waist and tried bearhugging me with my new size.

I ran my wet arms around him before I lifted him off his feet for a real bearhug, feeling his cock sliding in between the valleys of my hairy, slightly pulsating abs.

I slightly lowered my head towards his ear. “Lemme guess… You want Daddy to take care of smuggling us back to your car, don’t you?

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