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College Fantasy (up to chap 14)


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The beginning migth be weary, until the juicy scenes are around the corner. so, bear with me a little

Chapter 1

I have moved to my dorm as soon as I could. The slightest bit of time without having any occupants around was precious for me. Only then I could taste the very rare sense of peace. And only then I could do whatever I want, whenever I want, without any disruption. Even this horrible scent that was coming from the window couldn’t recreate the effect of living with people. 

I always hated being social, that just kept me from doing things I loved to do, or preferred to do. I would have to always be alert to make them feel listened. In spite of the fact that I didn’t wanna listen. I didn’t like speaking nor consoling someone. I wasn’t always like this.

I wasn’t always a shut in, a nerd, a weeb, whatever that suits you to call me, but I won’t accuse anyone for this. I chose this life, suddenly, without any cliche trauma or something, chose to be a loner. And that was the best choice I made ever since. 

All I always knew was the pretty simple truth that, people are annoyance. Despite that, I couldn’t get a room all for me. The price was an eyesore. So you can say, the choice was made purely pragmatically, and now I am still leading my life with the same principality.

If I ever change, if my story could ever be interesting enough to be told, I will give you a heads-up before that, but now, not really. I am not even sure why I am the main character.

That day passed with quite the trouble. I had crashed onto the janitor because the ground was slippery, and found myself penniless when I accidentally ordered food to be paid with cash. Both occasions induced a lot of headache with me enduring a whole lot scolding. I remembered why I hated being around people again. 

The best part was when I started to play Persona 5, it was better than I expected.

And slept on. Next few days weren’t so bad, there were some kids shouting at streets that gave me a lot of frustration but nothing really worth mentioning. It was a lot of fun to play persona 5, and I was determined to finish it before the school starts. At first committing that much to a game seemed like it would make the experience hard to bask in, but I was wrong. Totally wrong. Because persona was a game that had no choice but to be beautiful.

I found myself playing it with no forcing at all for tens of hours a day. I even played it for one day straight. It was awesome. And then, I came to the ending. I was sleepy as hell, so I decided to not ruin the best part of the game and slept. I wish I had played it at the time.

At the night, a shadow crept into the room. A tall, and muscular, big shadow, that was moving with no care to the person who was sleeping, like they were owning the room.

A light scratched my eyelids, and suddenly shadow closed it. Just now noticing my presence. This 15 minutes interruption was enough to ruin my sleep as a whole. Although, the sweaty smell had a part in it too.

I probably slept like 3 hours before I woke up, which wasn’t anything satisfying but enough to have me spare energy to finish persona 5. And after all my roommate wasn’t anywhere to be seen, I wasn’t particularly fond of someone being about while I am doing anything, so I opened the game and dived in. Was it an emotional roller coaster, I remember tearing up a little, and just at the middle of the final scene, the door gave a rumbling bam, and the someone who had only got a towel around their waist came in. 

I could see the newly developing muscles, broader than average shoulders, and pretty tall (6’3) height. My eyes fixed on that body for seconds and noticing my gaze he gave a brief laugh, which left me reddened and turned to game. This is how the ending of my persona 5 experience was ruined. And not really. 

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Chapter 2

I was trying to not look back as he dressed up without any sign of remorse. We didn’t exchange any words, and when I heard the door shut, I sank onto the chair, closed my eyes. Even though the intense scene that just happened minutes ago left my mind dazzled, it was still not enough for me to disconnect from post persona depression. Damn, how did stories get that good? I could never write anything like that.

And slowly the thoughts hazily mixed together to a bleak soup, and whirled behind my closed eyelids. They weren’t vibrant anymore. The scene before my eyes, was a mixture of that mortifying naked guy’s picture and the emotional landscape of persona 5. With those engagements, they disappeared into ambiguity and shapes couldn’t make sense anymore. This was, what we generally call, sleep.

I was taken aback — for the third time — when I woke up three hours later, not on the chair but the bed. Not my bed either.

Did that guy carried me here? Then why not my bed?

Hmm, maybe I laid here myself. Not particularly remembering what had happened before sleep was pretty normal, but still, I couldn’t really wave the thoughts off.

To my surprise, the next thing I did was going outside the dorm — for the first time in days. Even I felt the need of refreshment after that devil’s tool of a game. That was without a doubt made so people would suffocate in incredible pain. At least I was so thick skinned, that tears mostly stayed inside my eyes, but I can’t say they weren’t still dripping somewhere.

But besides that, something about that resounding laugh has given me a hot, boiling rush of embarrassment. That needed refreshment too. Thanks to my stock of cold beverages, it wasn’t exactly hard. And the about the dorm was homogeneously colder than the blazing summer heat in my home town. 

All I did was walk around, explore the place inattentively. Seek out possible passages, short ways, although a certain famous app could do it far better than my shut-in ass.

Just as I felt I was now okay, and ready to return, a piercing shriek echoed across the street. I was frozen as the scream grew louder and constantly die down and rise again, with these adjustments simultaneous to the hitting sound.

I was as if pinned down on to the dirty concrete and a moist newspaper was trapped under my unmoving feet. It crackled desperately, but my eyes were fixedly looking at the dimly yellow light wavering — coming from the right passageway farther the alley.

I was running at once, not knowing why, not knowing anything to do, just running. I had no weapon, no body, nothing to fight with. But I knew what that light was. With ideas whirling inside my head, I shout out as I arrived there “Right here officer!” as if someone was following me. Someone croaked a curse then a rumble of heels hitting the ground, faded rapidly, I only had chance to see their backs disappear with a sharp turn.

There — on the ground — stood a guy. His clothes tattered and every place of him had wounds etched, apparently some of them made with fire. The dark burns were horrible to look at but I closed in anyway. That’s when I understood who this was. My dorm-mate, sitting on the ground, panting painfully.

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Chapter 3

I didn’t think I would find myself, on a stiff seat, in a pretty lousy hospital. But the ambulance took him here — I suppose it was an urgency. 

They asked me who he was, was I his acquaintance. They were hard to answer, especially because I had only known him for mere minutes. They asked me to wait there, until his parents are notified and there. I didn’t really know why they needed me to be at the hospital, but — regardlessly — I didn’t complain.

The reality of the situation was nowhere perceived by me. For some reason I just couldn’t shake the feeling it was the continuation of my weird persona dream mixed with this guy, that I had some hours ago.

What a way to meet-cute, right?!

I was looking down unseeingly, my elbows resting on my legs, and only now I noticed that weird newspaper still sticking out from under my left foot. I apprehensively — I hate dirt — pulled it off. To my relief it wasn’t so sticky that it would tear up, to have some of it’s part being stuck under my shoe.

Weirdly, this soggy piece of paper, didn’t just stick to my shoe, but it carried things with it’s weirdly gluey surface. There was a small, tattered paper piece, very white in contrast to the newspaper. The words were still readable although most of it was already lost. It said, “dernière incantation”. 

Not thinking much of it, I threw them all to the closest trash bin.

It was late, I decided to check the medical team to ask if I can depart for my dorm, but the words didn’t come out. Because I saw there, my roommate, completely fine, with no scratches at all, beaming at someone from his phone.

This day seemed to never end. “Are you okay?” I managed to ask. 

Just noticing my presence he answered, “You are the one who found me right?” he said eyes suddenly widened.

I nodded

His eyes narrowed, as a dazzling smile spread across his face. “Thanks man! I know we hadn’t have a great start. I’ll make it up to you!”

I shook my head, “No need. See you around.” And I left.

He was insanely hot. Even after that horrible event! I expected some kind of ruined, sunken person to be lying in the bed. Instead I found out he hadn’t lost any of his jealousy inducing charm. Hell, I bet he even looked better. 

He was a blondy with blue eyes, but despite the stereotype his face was manly and his body was big, not huge like professional body builders though.

These weren’t exactly the feelings I wanted to have. To have a crush on someone like him… Miserable indeed. Maybe being a shut in made me feel these intense uhh, harddships, more than outside people. After all I didn’t really see a lot of people to get desensitized about them. 

And my hardships didn’t end even when I returned to the dorm room. It stood, like a rocket about to launch. The metaphor made me grimace, ugh.

I wished for it to die down rapidly. And at some point decided to take the matter into my own hands. 

It slid between my small fingers. His slightly outward grown chest, those crisp eyes, the biceps that could do… uhh… if they were bigger, just a little bigger. Just a little, huge, like a beast. Just a little, more…

And I imagined him filling that chair, growing out of it as his muscles pulsed and he looked to me with a smug smile…

I felt my body spasm in ecstasy as I dripped down onto my bed.

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Chapter 4

Yet again, I was sleeping. At my dreams this time, once again the same soup of games and hot, sexy, steaming roommate. But at some point the dream suddenly vanished into darkness, and I was alone in an isolate, silent watery area that was pitch black. A voice called out to me, a boy. He had purple eyes and black hair, a really cute boy in fact. He said, “You gotta wake up.”

The light pierced between my narrowly open eyes. The surprising part was, even woken up, I was still staring at two purple eyed and a dark haired man. This time more mature, and quite handsome. He said the same thing, “You gotta wake up man!”

“W-what? What happened?” I croaked. 

“I heard Daniel was injured and you were there!”

What Daniel? Ohhh, that guy! Hilarious that I learned his name just now, maybe the writer forgot the police would’ve mentioned at some point. 

I yawned. But suddenly my body rose upwards, as he pulled me from my collar up to his height from the bed. I was staring at him, perplexed. “I — I didn’t do anything to him.”

“I know, I thought I saw something just now.”

Still bewildered, I put my hand on his, and he left me to my feet finally. I was just now noticing how big this guy was, the same height as Daniel, but muscular. He was paler, but wider, and his purple eyes were very noticeably weird. 

“Are you his friend?” I finally asked.

“Of course I am, thanks by the way. They don’t let me see him for some reason. So I thought of asking to you.”

“Oh, he’s pretty much okay. At first I thought he was seriously injured but at hospital he seemed better than good. Hold on, I will call the hospital.” And I did exactly that. “They said, he’ll probably be here in an hour.”

He nodded. This guy was giving me goosebumps with his weird sudden movements and constant piercing stare. The room was silent once again. He was still looking at me, as if surveying something. Then his facial expression changed dramatically to a very friendly smile and he said, “Thanks man, I owe you. I just saw the Persona 5 disk on your desk. Would you mind I played a little here?”

After all that unearthly behaviors of this guy, this was the most outlandish one. I — with a quiet voice — answered, “Yeah of course, you can take the console too.”

Was I out of my mind? A jock suddenly being interested in a weeb game was so mind wobbling for me, I forgot to contemplate about my answer. 

“No need for that, I’ll just look at here.”

“Uh-huh. Then… I gotta see if my sister has got some of the things I asked her to the post office.”

“Oh, can I come with you. I can help you carry anything!”

At first I was going to accept, but suddenly I remembered I actually didn’t have a sister at all. “No! No need really. They are light and.. Uhh, I wouldn’t wanna bother anyone for that. See ya!” I said and closed the door immediately behind. He was probably planning to wait for his friend while looking at my games. I couldn’t probably stay there for a second more though…

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the harem is slowly shaping. i have a lot of plans with all the characters. i am sure you guys will find pleasure reading them, as i do when i write. i couldn't sleep today, and because i learned english at a very late age, my writing can be very repetitive. sorry for that.

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Chapter 5

It was the most I had been outside in years. Two days straight, going to walks. At least this time I didn’t happen to come across a murder attempt. That’s something to cherish I daresay.

But this didn’t exactly mean I was in an okay spot. After all, now staring at me, the courier that some days ago I accidentally couldn’t pay and made him endure the long way twice. He was looking at me contemptuously from behind his coffee. 

He had black, shortish, coily hair. Although his face was boyish, I gotta admit his body is not. And his stare was darkening with evidently intent thoughts. 

I, slightly anxious, got up and paid my bill at the cashier, then turned to leave. But I heard the distinct noise of someone rising from their seat sharply. I hastened.

That was very, very scary. My insides were boiling with warning. Why though? Wasn’t scolding me at the door enough? I slowed down and took deep, fresh breath, except it hurtled out and left me coughing as a hand gripped me from my shoulder and pinned me to the wall of a building.

I looked up, and up to see the face of the courier, still fiercely glowering at me. I was stunned. Looked around in hurry and noticed how nobody was around. “I- I!” I couldn’t marshal my mind to spout words. His arms were bulging with muscle, sweaty chest directly touching to my nose at this point. His one hand was down, I couldn’t see from the pressure. He was much taller than anyone I have seen these days, not the most muscular though.

He was still looking with that same horrifying expression. Then he opened his lips and said through the tightly clenched teeth, “I came to apologize for that time.”

What? What did he just say?

“I was in a bad mood so I talked bad.” His face was still contorted with the most extreme kind of fury. 

Was this a new way of threatening? I was still looking up at him shakily. 

“Can you accept my apology?” he snarled.

I nodded. I didn’t think I had any other option either.

“Thanks. Here I got an apology gift.” 

A… a gift? His eyes were looking down. And I noticed the thing he was holding pointedly to my tummy. A chocolate. Huh? 

“Take it.”

I took it at once. Suppressed the feeling to say ‘yes sir’ and thanked with a nod. My eyes should’ve still been wide open. 

He stepped back, and turned a precise 90 degree to the cafe. 

My heart was thumping like a barrel of a drummist.

Tomorrow was the first day of college, and things were already going berserk.


i guess i got most of the characters introduced

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Nobody replying here funnily made it seem as if it's a blog of mine, so i'm going to use it like that :). I was going to write 6 or more chapters additionally today (because i wanna arrive at the growth parts faster) but a large spider appeared on my hand and i don't suppose i can return to my room with this much terror. 

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It looks like a good idea. Trying to piece this together it sounds like it’ll be fun

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A harem you say? That's a very unique idea. I remember some years ago it was really hard to find a "harem" in the BL gender. In fact I only remember one which was about a young boy that practiced kabuki.


Also, i really like your choice of words. It's not exactly your everyday way to speak and it really adds personality to the protagonist!!! 🥰🥰🥰

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