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College Fantasy (up to chap 14)


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after some depressive and sleepless days i started writing again. i'll finish this in no time i hope. all your comments are so meaningful to me, they linger around my head when i think about how the story will move forward, and the reason i write. so, without further ado. 

Chapter 6

“Who are you really?” asked a lilac eyed boy.

Recently, before waking up, this reoccurring dream jumps in the last second. Usually with a question or some kind of advice. 

I suspected it was some kind of a habit my brain developed, and maybe it reflected the sounds I hear when I’m in a very light sleep, seconds away from waking up. But there was something more too, every time I saw the boy it was like meeting him anew, albeit it’s wrong. I knew it was wrong, because when I wake up I remember it… Do I though? What if, what I remembered was in fact a part of the dream, what if whenever I opened my eyes I actually remembered the dream and not the old ones, and be in the delusion of seeing it before because I saw it in the dream… Uhh, that’s what we call mind rattling.

I wasn’t sure. 

The greatly extraordinary days of precollege ended with the start of the year. In spite of his promise, it seemed like my roommate who I forgot his name again, haven’t really tried to have any kind of interaction with me. But I had to give it to him, ever since, he hadn’t got naked in the room. I wasn’t entirely sure what I felt about this. Part of me found the common decency getting to him endearing the other one wasn’t happy at all to lose the real life images, worthy of horny-jail death row. 

The college went on almost anticlimacticly. Lessons, rehearsals, and game sessions. My life had finally found its true pattern. At least I thought so.

I was playing Fantasia. It was old and weird, but entrancing at the same time with the kind of magic I found hard to describe. That doesn’t mean I won’t try though. It was like a whisper, a silent whisper, telling you there’s something wrong, but you can’t clearly see it, although there’s definitely something wrong. It never tells you, show you, but you can feel deep down the strange, almost melodic behaviors of the unnatural entities behind the screen shaping every event. 

Was I in the same kind of mystic? Those dreams, were they the play of the devil, or just a fragment of my imagination trying to find something unusual in this overly usual life. 

Either way, my interest in this game was clearly reasonable. I most like being alone for this, being able to experience games to their fullest. Being lost in their marvels. These weren’t possible with the disruption of other breathing creatures. And yeah — what was his name again — that guy didn’t stay at dorm, never. He had always places to attend to. We weren’t so much different when I think about it that way.

We were both immersed in what we did. And we didn’t want anything from each others world. 

This magical balloon was already deflating before I realized. If I just didn’t move according to my instincts there, how would it be then. Would I still be an affront in this person’s eyes? Would I still even be the main character of this story?

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Chapter 7

“Why do you play games?” asked a… this time not a boy and not a dream.

The name was Daniel huh, what a forgettable name. No wonder even the writer forgot to mention it at the beginning. 

“That’s a stupid question you know.” I answered.

“Huh? Mean, you are far too mean man. I just asked out of curiosity.” 

“Sorry, then allow me to ask, why do you have friend?”

He looked baffled for a bit, then started thinking while biting his thumbnail. He was sweaty all over his hooded sweatshirt, wait, pun not intended. 

“Because friends are fucking awesome!”

Serious? Uhh, of all the answers… And now was smiling like he found the secret of the universe! “Yeah, same.” I said.

“The same, what?”

“I play games because they are effing awesome.” They take me to places, a friend can never guide to. I sneered a little.

He pouted. My nostrils were getting desensitized to the whole smell thing. And well, couldn’t say I didn’t appreciate. He was putting the effort. And did it pay off! I could even see his once baggy clothes getting stretched slightly by now. But pouting didn’t really match to the big-guy look. Looks deceive.

“Okay, I’ll answer seriously,” serious mode activated, “You hang out with friends because they are fun, and I do the same. I have a lot of effing fun. But of course there’s more to it, isn’t there. We both feel that way for our interests. It’s layered… like onion.” I burst out laughing at my own joke. But he didn’t seem to get the joke. 

“Can I… Can I play one of them?” asked sincerely.

Hmm, if I said yes, then that would mean I had to give up playing for a time and let this guy take the controller, but odds weren’t at the side of him being addicted to it, so there wasn’t much to lose.



“Play this.” I handed him the Persona 5 box. 

“Maybe something less anim-“ Don’t do that to me, gosh! “I mean, actually no. Let’s put the biases away, right.” The words seemed to come out trampling his throat. How hard of a prejudice can one really have to weeb stuff? “But!” 

But? He hadn’t said the continuation. Dude, don’t leave me hanging.

“Maybe you can come with me to gym.”


“Are you serious?”

“Yeah… Just once! Maybe you’ll like it?”

Not in this life, nor before and after, say the word sport to me! The snarl stayed inside my head.

“I mean I am putting my biases aside, maybe you should try the same…”

Huh? Was I biased? I was, wasn’t I? Fuck.


Now now, you might be confused how did I come to terms with this guy. (not that we had any kind of interaction that could be called an arguement) You maybe think you accidentally skipped some parts. And that would be true, you skipped chapter 6.5! Okay, jokings aside. I felt the same too. He just suddenly started talking to me. I cut the beginning, it was just so cringe. He acted as if I was a toddler that wouldn’t understand what a dumbell is. Talking to me about sport, grrr.

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Chapter 8

I guess I now know why he was so persistent on returning to room with foul scent. He said, “Let’s get you adjusted to the place, maybe after that I can give you a workout plan. This will be just a, taste. You can watch me for now.” All that was to ready me to this moment. The moment when I felt my nose finally giving up, and every breath became more suffocating than holding it. Though, I gotta admit, adjusting to place? Was it really necessary? I wasn’t really a gym person of course, but I didn’t quite believe staying upright and doing nothing counts anything, at all. I was just staring at this guy doing warm -ups. But, uh-huh, I wasn’t fully disappointed per se, but I would’ve liked him doing weight exercises rather than the ones those whole cause of existent is sweating. It was a biased opinion right?.. right. He had found the right cord the attack, that sneaky basta-

“Never skip warm-ups, unless you want to have tingling joints. Or much worse,” he explained. I acted as if I was listening. Maybe I was… What I hear wasn’t something I could discriminate upon, yet. 

He did 500m Row, dunno what that is. But he pulled something hard, which gave me a good look on to his chest. It wasn’t exactly huge, but it looked hard. Really hard. 

Then he did some squats, which gave me a chance to look at his, uh, ass. That was actually harder since looking at ass could be easily seen. But boy, was that ass muscular. Not that it was visible under the fabric, but the fabric was conservative as much as the owner, you know what I mean. 

So on and so forth. He wasn’t sweating hard as I thought he would but it was slowly getting to him. And I could feel heat starting to radiate from that single body. Was that normal? Just one person proving ventilation useless. 

After the calf raises, I felt him getting more and more distant from saying anything. He was getting intensely immersed in this and his eyes were getting — I know it sounds weird but — hazy. Almost as if a silky, white, but transparent coverlet was engulfing them. 

At some point he ordered me to get his thermos bottle to him. I was skeptic but his eyes were gazing coldly vacant to me, despite the evergrowing presence of the blazing heat. I obliged.

It was getting harder and harder to concentrate on fantasies against the heightening anxiety. Speaking of height, I could swear he was taller than just before coming to gym. He was filling more of my vision than mere minutes ago. Something wasn’t right at all. 

“Didn’t you say just forty minutes? Maybe we should stop.” I suggested. 

After gulping down the whole icy water to his coral throat, he answered with a simple and quiet but fiercely commanding tone, “I decide when we go.”

He was looking at me. As if he just noticed something his face grew scaredy. The radiating heat vanished and his eyes returned to their natural condition. “Sorry. Dunno what got me there,” he said quietly and anxiously. “Let’s go.”

Later that day he said, this was his best workout ever, period. And he was insistent on me joining. He mumbled about how good he felt all the time. But I couldn’t really forget what I saw there. As if I was watching a beast grow. No, that’s not entirely true. I wasn’t just watching it, I was feeding the beast. Making it’s darker features grow strong. 

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let's say we arrived at the teaser parts of the juicy parts. i would've written more but i have a very strict sleep schedule, so, later!

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Mmmmm this is getting better and better.

The plot tickens.

This whole thing feel supernatural.

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Chapter 8.5 (you can skip this part, just build up and confusement)

Bluish dark sky with all its brilliant stars landed their dim light onto this isolated island of misery. There was a guy slowly, heavily walking down the road to his evidently inevitable death. Suffocating silence of the desert filled his lungs with sand. His feet were hardly able to clutch to ground, to step once again. He carried something heavy behind his back, and even though his life was threatened by exhaustion, he moved on, he marched on, he pushed on. 

The life had already made this man hardened against the deaths, his instincts were instantaneous, and his eyes were hawklike. But even for him this was an impossible adventure. Even for him, the story was fated. Even for him. But, this wasn’t for him. No. The thing he carried, a small cloth-wrapped baglike weight, was indeed hiding the soft innocence of a child. Not his child, this guy who hadn’t experienced love in any form, never had one. Never had the chance to. He didn’t know who he was even carrying, but he still moved on. Because something made him do it, like a whisper, whisper of gods. Or maybe his mind was trying to make-up excuses for his very human behavior.

With each movement sand subsided it’s place to dry, alkaline soil. The eye prickling particles of sand was replaced with the harsh dust of this deadly land. Hiding depth of it was replaced with the corpses of many people scattered around, mostly eaten by vultures.

I wish whoever there are, the god, the devil, whoever you are, please help me. If necessary take my life as a sacrifice, and give this small child another chance. I beg you. I beg you. I beg you. 

His mind slowly slowed down, hazily disappeared into the void. He wasn’t dead. Not yet anyway. But his conciseness was far too exhausted to continue. If only it wasn’t, what would have he said to the magnificent scene that befell them just after mere minutes from this fall. 

The deadly alkaline dust suddenly rose and filled the air in clouds with immense power. The earth shuttered and trembled as a rusty, metallic chest appeared from it’s creaks. 

When he woke up, man thought his voice was somehow heard. He took the child in the clothed bag, and put him into this chest. The chest gave the sound of locks at once and dived deep again. The old guy felt, and hoped he did the right thing. His existence for once, wasn’t in vain. That was what he felt before the adrenaline left his body and he died. 

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Chapter 9

Thomas nudged me from my back, we shared some classes. Although never mentioned with his name in the story, he’s a friend of Daniel. He came to my room just to ask how Daniel was doing, and even asked to play Persona 5, which is weird for a jock. Another detail about him is how immaculately he resembles the boy in my dream. In Thomas’ case, he had his hair laid back down, and with his stylish clothes, he looked like the heir of a wealthy family. If you still don’t remember who he is, all you need to know is he’s jacked and tall.

“I came across Daniel just the other day, and damn. What did you do to him dude?” he asked interestedly. 

“I didn’t do anything,” I said. Was it a lie?

“Don’t play with me man, he is even taller than me now. Is it some kind of advanced roid?”

Ugh, was it that? Maybe. But how did he get it then? “Trust me, I don’t know.”

Thomas looked unamused but then suddenly his face wore a wide smile once again. “Let’s have a chat after the class, what do ya say?”

I nodded.

He had a knowing, sly vibe to him. When to retreat, when to attack, was precisely calculated by his instincts, or fast thinking. He was someone I knew better than to retort to. Although we hadn’t got to chance to talk much.

After class, we were walking to the flower bed of the botanical class.

“Did you know I’d been friends with Daniel since we were kid?” Like I care... “I was always the taller one, stronger one, he started copying me at some point. I couldn’t have imagined he would surpass me one day, let alone this fast.”

“So you want his secret because of jealousy?”

“No, I actually don’t really need his secret. I am fine with how I am. Actually I was going to ask you to be there for him,” Thomas said.


“After the incident he started to change you know, although we invited him many times he just went to the gym for workout. Even a guy like him needs breaks, you know. I believe he’s scared to be powerless again if his life is threatened once more.”

I was shocked. Never thought of that…

“So, please don’t leave him alone. He talks a lot about you, actually. You would think he would only be boasting about his recent gains, but nope, he’s just talking about you. Ever since that day he was searching for an excuse to talk to you, you know.”

Really… I didn’t know what to say. Now realized all of that, it left me speechless. Why me? Because I was there? Maybe… maybe I somehow attached myself to his… what? 

“I admit, unfortunately I can’t be help to him anymore. I can see why he’s so obsessed about you. So, will you, please?”

I nodded.

“But hey,” he said, “I may not be the biggest one now, but I still got these guns.” He clenched his fist and the shirt stretched up, the vain visible even through the fabric.

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i just noticed i lost my humor, pff. there isn't left much to final. from now on all the chapters will be about muscle growth i believe. which is always hard to write. wish me luck guys. tenth chapter was always the big turning point in my mind after all.

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Chapter 9.5 The Teaser (skippable... again)

Under the vast desert — some might say hiding in the plain sight — stood an underground nation. They were dressed in every color imaginable, everyday. They were dancing, everyday. Worshiping, everyday. After all their creator desired them to do so. In exchange, he gave them happiness, in unattainably large portions. 

This creator — unlike so called ‘the god’ — didn’t want sacrifices every year, but one for all eternity. So he told. And that came millenniums later in a chest, from the upper desert. This was the only interaction the island ever had with outside world. They didn’t know how this child came in that chest. But the creator, or with his formal name, the Devil accepted the gift, as he saw the potential. 

But this gift was just a tool for the unimaginable power that was to be gained afterwards. A tool. I am a tool. You have been reading from the perspective of someone else up till chapter 8.5, yes that chapter was narrated by me. You may know me with the name of Thomas. And I am the lilac eyed boy in the dreams. Although the Thomas name is just an alias.

Things are set in motion. I have done my duty just a chapter ago. And yes, I was the kid that was put into that chest. 

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