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Consequences of Disbelief (One-Shot Short Story)


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This is (not completely but) directly connected to the "Consequnces of Growth Pills" story of mine. I recommend reading that first. But it is readable individually too. 


Mike was employed by an elite family named Clause, for the training of their youngest son, Timothy. Boy was called too meek and weak for his now 20 years old age. 

Clause family was a part of a famous oil producing group, but they found their true light in the 20th century with the medicine sector. They nearly monopolized the entire industry, not just with buying but with endless new scientific breakthroughs. 

Mike was a gym coach who loved to change people like they’ve born anew. It was his specialty and he never failed at it. Except one time, a long time ago, that boy was a hopeless case.

He didn’t care if the family was special or elite, he went there with a tanktop, completely covered with sweat from working out. When he arrived there, all the family was sitting around a long and thin table, with their silver dishes and shining food. 

Mike saw who he was going to be dealing with instantly. The boy was smaller than his family members by a foot. All of them at least 6’1. This was a comical scene for Mike, but he knew to keep his mouth shut in subjects that wasn’t intended for him to speak. 

The head of the family wasn’t the father, as he had died recently, it was all coordinated by the biggest brother, named Johnathan. Which was parallel to the meek little brother, who was named John. 

Mike thought the father must’ve had a sense of humor. 

That was entirely lacking from other family members though, they were cold and surveying him all the time. At first he thought it was another one of those admirations for his big body, but as the staring continued, he started to feel for the first time in his life, harassed. 

The little boy, John though, was silent and quite modest in his behaviors with the touch of eliteness in his movements. Mike preferred his ‘client’ to all the other weirdos in the room.

When the time came Mike went to the room of John. Surprisingly, his client wasn’t an uninterested nerd about workouts, actually he was pretty insightful and enthusiastic about this whole thing, which made Mike optimistic for him. Although there were possibly no way for him to grow few of his bones and be tall, but he still had some potential in his body that was subject to filling out. 

So the gym adventure began. To describe Mike you can say he was an insanely wide, and 6’8 guy. Unorthodoxly trained all his life, which he thought was responsible for his unearthly body. His clients thought Mike’s secret training routine was just something made up for the ads, but they were wrong. At least Mike thought so. 

He wasn’t selected for this job because of his secret. He was here because his body was a success of human kind. A sheer example of what one can be.

Mike couldn’t do his circuit before John arrived, so he postponed it to after his session with the boy.

And it went better than Mike could’ve ever imagined. The boy was a natural. At first he thought John was going to faint from the start with the cardio. Because he was panting like a rooster crowing against a hunter cat. But unnaturally, his panting disappeared, and he started to even smile without not even much of panting. So Mike hardened the conditions, and the same thing happened again.

But the real star of the show was the weight training. Mike felt weirdly tired when he got to those parts. But the boy, he was bursting with energy. He did everything Mike had set for him, fastly. And Mike could’ve sworn he saw a predecessor of the bicep on the boy after the first set. Mike had hard time showcasing the fundamentals, because of the strangely hard time he had with his usual weight set. He had to lower it, which reddened his face, after all this was the first time he experienced something like this. 

This contrast grew and grew. It was an exhausting 2 hour session. But there wasn’t a trace of panting on the boy, although he was sweating like crazy. It wasn’t just a simple illusion anymore. He was natural, and his body was already shaped enough to not be called nerd at the public. When they shook hands, Mike noticed he was looking down at the kid not by one and a half foot, but more like few inches.

After the sessions he went to do his usual circuit, but it was impossible. His body was aching from everywhere. And he felt horrified by a strange thought. Everyone there, looked bigger than he remembered. Just like how boy did. Maybe they didn’t grow at all, and just Mike shrunk. What were the odds for that?

His suspicions were confirmed by the dreaded measure. He had shrunk, 2 inches in one single day. And his muscle mass was nowhere near what it was. He made an appointment to a private hospital for the next day.

Early at morning they wanted him to take some x-ray scans. And told him when his results will arrive. Until then, he went to his work. 

That day in summary went spectacularly. John was already starting to act cocky around Mike and even showed off his muscle to a girl passing by. They weren’t big, but they weren’t small either. 

At the end of the day Mike was invited to the mansion once again. When he arrived his x-ray results came, with an examination report.

He was reading it slowly while eating the meal. And felt like puking. Even if there wasn’t a report, he’d have understood the problem immediately.

Half of his organs were nearly torn apart. He should’ve been dead in this condition. They were smaller than before, and melting like ice against fire. Or better put, octopus against gravity.

He jumped in his place to leave, for his needs, but suddenly he found himself encircled by bunch of bodyguards. For his former self, these easy to take down guys, were now an impenetrable wall that was closing in on him. He shouted, questioning what was their intention. But between the hitting, and kicking, of a dozen muscular studs, he fainted.

When he woke up, he was in a damp cellar. His hand didn’t look like it belonged to him. When he found the mirror, he held his scream barely from slipping. His face was sunken, and weak, his eyes were like large orbs hardly holding onto his face. All his muscular body, his height, him, was no more. This had to be a dream, a nightmare. There wasn’t anyway it to be true.

But this mere hopes, were blown to bits when he appeared before his cellar.

A guy, bigger than his entire recollection of bodybuilder. A guy more full, more muscular, and manly than he ever was. With an astounding 7 feet height, this guy smirked down upon him. Looking amusedly, at the shell of an imitation of a man. 

Mike knew who he was. He had trained him after all.

John spoke, with a deep, rumbling voice that made the ground shake, “What do you think of the new god?”

It was a question. It was asked just to feed his ego. It wasn’t a taunting remark. The one who asked it, was wholeheartedly believing in this.

Mike asked him with a voice he failed to recognize, what have they done to him.

“This,” said the musty smelling guy, as he bended the metal bars and broke them apart to get in. He put one of his feet onto Mike, which he had failed to dodge. He was pinned to the ground. And the god complexed giant spoke, slowly crushing the life out of the Mike. “My brother was a client of yours, he wanted to be strong as you. But you said to him he was a hopeless case. So when he took over the family fortune, he started a research in muscle growth, and came up with the prototype pill. He couldn’t find anyone for experiment, so I said I would allow him to experiment on me. That’s why they got you to train me, added this drug into your food and slowly took all you had. We will now release this secretly by black market, the world will change!”

Mike couldn’t bellow any word. His mouth was filled with blood, and his mind full of regret. Then, with a crack, the pain ended.

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I personally have really enjoyed reading this story and Consequences of Growth Pills. I appreciate you writing them and I look forward to and hope to see more short stories of Consequences.    

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