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Dreams Give You Power - Chapter 11: Dads a Cockblocker (9/30/2022)


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Chapter 2: Daniel Leaves for college

Once again John find himself in a familiar setting, standing in a vacant hall with no path other than forward. Except this time there was a clear goal before him a simple door, no muscle bound figure in sight. With no other options he began walking towards the door with baited breathe eager to find out what lurks in the room before him. Grasping the door knob he turns it pushing the door open, only for the door to collide with something mid swing. Stepping back John watches as whatever was behind the door was now trying to get out. Now that the unknown object had moved, the door swung open and all John saw was a massive leg filling the frame. Suddenly the well defined muscles flexed as the giant figure began moving, attempting to get out of the room only to fail in its attempt. The being was quickly becoming frustrated as the whole area before John began rumbling, cracks formed on the wall as a deafening roar filled the room. Rumble began falling as the walls before John gave way, two massive arms emerged tearing it apart as if the wall was made of paper. As the figure kept pulling free out popped it's head as it crouched through. As the dust in the air cleared his face became visible and John realized Daniel was the god before him. With a hungry look in his eyes Daniel extended his arms towards John, picking him up with one hand. But before he could even process what happened next Daniel surges in growth shooting up in height as you collide with the ceiling.   

The next morning

John slowly awakens from his dream as rays of sun begin shining directly on his face.

Still groggy he slowly opens his eyes, blinking multiple times.

As his vision comes into focus he's met with two globes taking up his vision.

John watched mesmerized, when suddenly each supple globe flexed as every muscle bunched up making them look like steel.

His gaze then drew his eyes upward where he saw his massive brother was doing a lat spread as he stared at his own reflection.

Continuing to stare John recalls the events of last night and remembers that his brother was quite a bit more massive than his current physical size.

Without any warning Johns powers had subconsciously activated again while taking in the shrunken down but still bigger form of his brother.

In response all the hairs on Daniels body stood, a visible shiver went down Daniels back.

Daniel turns around "Morning dweeb thought you were never gonna wake up."

John winced as he thought his brother was about to blow up on his for the events that transpired last night.

But instead Daniel simply hoped back into bed squishing John between his massive pecs and the wall.

Pulling Johns head up from the smothering he was giving him he greedily spoke

"I don't know how you did it dweeb but you GREW me last night! Sucks that it looks like it wore off, but From the second you started blowing me I could
feel my body burning. Hell I think you might even be doing it right now I'm starting to feel that buzz again"

Not sure of how Daniel would react to confirming these effects John had on his body, John denied it.

"Daniel I don't know how this is even possible, how could I possibly have done that."

In response Daniel released John from his embrace, then grabbing Johns hand and dragging him out of bed.

Bringing John over to his digital scale and stepping on it as the number showed 201 lb

"So what Daniel you weighed that much yesterday this doesn't prove anything"

Daniel rebutted "Dweeb you don't get it do you, I've been bulking for the past four months, but look at me now. Does it look like I've been bulking?"
Daniel broke into a side chest pose fully displaying his equally huge body from yesterday, but with one glaring difference today all that fat he built up from bulking had been turned into pure lean muscle mass.

As John examined his brothers body he was mesmerized, dropping the facade.
"Oh fuck...I did that didn't I" John spoke then falling silent and beginning to blush.

Seeing how John responded he knew he was starting to get along with the program and felt his buzz get stronger.

Grabbing his measuring tape from his drawer he hands it to John commanding him to see for himself the product of his new strange abilities.

With baited breath John grabbed the tape and brought one end to Daniels left bicep wrapped it around Daniels relaxed arm, reading the number out to be 18 inches.

"Woah..." John whispered to himself.

Daniel enjoyed the attention that he was getting from John and decided to push him even further.

Without warning he flexed his pythons almost breaking the tape free from Johns grasp, exclaiming "BOOM 19 inches and that's without my morning PUMP!"

As Daniel said this he grabbed the heft of his bulge with his free hand waiting to see how John would react.

John caught on quick and agreed as he felt his lust taking over him.

"Oh I think I can help with that Daniel"

But just as John was about to begin Daniel stops him.

"Hold on there's something else I want to check out before you start worshiping."

Daniel walks over to his bathroom door grabbing a pen and putting his back against the frame. Bringing his hand up to the top of his head he marks the wall with the pen and measures it.

As John realized what Daniel was doing he saw Daniels dick poke out his underwear spurting some pre cum letting out an audible moan.

"Fuuuuu-......Dude come look I grew an inch!" Daniel spoke.

Coming to the door John was shocked to see that his brother did indeed grow an inch from their night together last night.

Looking up at Daniel he saw the fire in his eyes and knew that his brother didn't just want to stop at one inch.

Daniel drew close to John pinning him against the door frame

"Your lucky spring break is over dweeb, or else I'd be using you as my personal growth bank, but I think I'd like to cash in a check right about now"

Daniel places his hand on Johns shoulders and forces him down on his knees, grabbing the back of Johns head and pressing it into his hard bulge.

While John would love nothing more than to grow his brother to his hearts content he didn't appreciate being treated like a tool when being called a personal growth bank.

But in the presence of Daniels perfect body he couldn't resist submitting himself him and worshiping the body he helped grow.

With that John began to worship his brothers body letting his powers flow freely through him

Daniel coos in appreciation as his body began to tingle at the slightest touch of Johns hands.

While not as strong as last nights burst of growth, Daniel began slowly expanding.

Mid blowjob they were interrupted as their father called them down for breakfast.

"Shit get dressed bro"

Both John and Daniel in a panic began getting dressed as Daniel struggled to even fit into any of this clothes.

"I think you might need to stay in here Daniel until the effects wear off. There is no way Dad won't notice your sudden increase in mass"

"Guess your right, but I hope it doesn't go away any time soon."

With that John proceeded to have breakfast with his dad, while Daniel jerked off to himself in front of his mirror.

As the day progressed John avoided Daniel after being treated like a rag, even though every other part of him was screaming to grow his brother even more.

Thankfully Daniels drive back to college was in a few hours and he was his wearing baggiest sweater, already packed at the door reluctant to leave.

First Daniel says goodbye to his old man really letting him feel the full brunt of his strength to drive the point home that he was the stronger of the two.

then while saying goodbye to his brother as they hugged Daniel whispers in a low growl into Johns ear "Don't you go growing anyone else you hear, six more weeks then your mine!"

Finally free from the torment of his brother John stood with his father as Daniel got in his car.

Once Daniel was situated he waved back as he caught a look at his father face.

His father had an ominous grin on his face as he wrapped his arm around John.

Paying it no mind still high off his improved body, Daniel just played one of his podcasts and drove off.

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Chapter 3: Dad plants his seed

The following day John began pondering the limits of his own powers trying to figure out how exactly they worked. Walking to his mirror he thought he might give growing him self a try, but as hard as he tried he didn't feel anything looking at his scrawny frame. He knew that if he wanted to keep up with whoever he grew
he would need a body capable of handling the changes made to the men he affected. While processing his own defeat, he didn't feel like giving up and since Daniel had left his own workout area ready for use he thought he might as well do it the normal way.

The only thing was he had no idea where to begin, so he sought out the advice of his father. His father had always been in shape as far as he could remember so it seemed like a logical decision to get his help, and with much of a lovable big teddy bear his father was he knew he'd jump at the chance.

"Hey dad, I got a question for yo-."

As he was asking John noticed the plethora of containers all being filled with food, the fridge was completely wiped out. Any junk food that would have been found there was gone now filled with healthy options instead.

"Sure thing sport, just gimme a sec I'm readying my meal prep for the week."

John watched as his dad was finishing up

"So what did you want to ask sport?"

"Well you see the thing is ever since seeing Daniel come home, I've been thinking maybe it's time that I put some meat on my own bones"

Sebastian's face lit up, elated at hearing his sons proposition.

"I thought you'd never ask, hand me some more plastic containers will you I'll go ahead and prep your food too. I was already meaning on improving the basic setup your brother left during his short stay. He sure gave your old man a run for his money and I think its time to reignite that passion your brother clearly got from me."

"What do you mean by reignite dad?"

"Haha I suppose you wouldn't know what I mean since you were too young to remember, but your old man wasn't always this small. How do you think your brother was able to put on so much mass during his time at college, it's all thanks to this."

Sebastian did a double bicep pose and his toned arms showed their definition.

"Your brother should be showing some gratitude to have gotten all my good genes, but like I said I think it's time to show him where he got them from in the first place. It's actually perfect that your asking now I've already got a bunch of supplements on the way."

"Now that I think about it I have an old picture book around here somewhere, maybe then you'll have a better idea of what I mean"
Sebastian rummaged around in some storage cabinets and pulled out a picture book. Opening the book he grabbed a specific picture from it and handed it to John.

Looking it over John was puzzled as he didn't see his father anywhere in the photo, all he saw was a bunch of frat guys posing together.

"What are you talking about dad your nowhere in this photo?"

"Ouch... come on you don't recognize your old man."

Pointing out in the photo with his finger it landed on the biggest guy in the photo easily putting all the other to shame with his sheer size.


Sebastian proudly confirms "Yep your dear ol dad was a bona fide alpha in his frat. I may not show it now, but all those guys were jealous of how easy I put on mass. Things of course changed when I had Daniel and then you. When your mother left us, I had to be the responsible adult and take care of you two so I didn't have the time to work on myself. But don't you go thinking I regret any of it, raising you two has been a great part of my life."

Johns fathers wraps his arms around him giving him a heart felt hug.

John knew his father meant it since he had always put his sons first and never once took his own frustrations out on them.

"So hows about we go and have ourselves our first workout session together after breakfast sport."

"Sure thing dad, I'd love nothing more"

Sebastian spent the rest of the afternoon planning their workout schedules and showing John the ropes while many packages were being delivered to the house all towards the their new efforts to get jacked. Getting back in the grove of things himself he felt more energized than ever. He had missed the rush he got from a good workout. However he couldn't explain it, but this felt different from when he had worked out in his youth, it felt...Stronger.

As they continued their first workout together he could clearly see John had been lost in thought all this time after showing him his old photo, he knew his son had a muscle obsession since he saw his search history but he never thought it was this bad. He guessed that explains what drew him to Daniel.

As much as he wanted to just lay all his cards on the table he thought John wasn't ready yet after the way he was treated by his brother and he didn't want to just use John for his own gain. Although he didn't see the harm in a little teasing to get a gauge of the potential of Johns powers at the end of their workout.

"Man what a rush, how are you feeling sport after your first real workout."

Out of breath John respond "Great!" even though his heavy breathing said other wise.

"Don't you worry you'll get used to it the more we train, take me for example the light training I already did to stay slim over the years has helped me increase my stamina. Actually it's sort of like my bodies remembering what its like to GROW-"

As soon as he said the word grow, Johns thoughts were taken over by the glory that was his fathers physique back when he was around 25 years of age. But seeing his fathers current foxy features, his mind combined them with all his prior mass envisioning his father slowly swelling to his former glory.
The result was even hotter than the man he saw in his fathers old photo and John could feel his powers taking over, but try as he might to stop them he could only suppress the effects of his powers.

Thankfully without any physical connection to his father, his powers were greatly reduced so his father did not seem to be responding to his influence.

What John didn't know was that his father was just hiding his reaction as Sebastian was already feeling a change in his body as the same warmth that had filled Daniel had started filling him.

Sebastian takes a look at his son, he can clearly see he's struggling to keep himself calm and thinks he may have pushed John to far, but decides it's better not to blow his whole load. Instead continuing to tease John until he's ready to fully grow his dad with all his power.

Sebastian pats his son on the shoulder "Alright sport good workout, your old mans gonna hit the showers, these worn out bones need a break."

Sebastian leaves to take a hot shower and gives John the opportunity to calm down before he passes out from embarrassment.

As his father leaves the room John sees his fathers sweaty workout towel and can't help himself, as soon as he hears the water turn on and the bathroom door lock he grabs the towel and rushes to his room and locks it behind him.

In the bathroom Sebastian disrobes and notices that his body feels fuller, hell it even looks bigger to his trained eye, no one would be able to tell but he sure could.

Taking in the appreciation he had for his minuscule growth he hopped into the shower ready to rub one out.

As he took his 5 incher in hand he imagined what he'd done by planting the idea in his Johns head of his already foxy dad trying to get back to his glory days.

Meanwhile in the other room John was losing himself to his own fantasies as his father had hit all the right buttons after their first workout together.

Back in the bathroom Sebastian was finishing up his shower as he fails to notice his body was getting even warmer, thinking it was just the hot water.

Enjoying the feeling he gets aroused and starts tugging on his engorging member. He didn't know what was coming over him picking up the pace as the head of his cock throbbed dribbling cum into the tub.
Quickly reaching his climax he blew quite the load, splattering all over the shower wall in front of him. Staring confused at the copious amounts of seed that had come out his cock, he looked back down
at his dick seeing that it was still rock hard not going soft. It shone a bright pink continuing to pulse, Sebastian thought his eyes were playing tricks on him though as he was no where near John at this moment.
And yet here was his own member looking as if it was slowly growing with each throb. Trying to pay it no mind he tries finishing his shower.

Getting out of the shower he felt revitalized his cock still fully hard even after having turned the water cold. Looking closer at it he knew that something was going on.
Grabbing his measuring tape, he placed it at the base of his cock and shot a few spurts of pre cum as his mind registered the number it reached.

"Holy fuck 5.5 inches!"

He didn't know how it was possible but John must have been affecting him somehow and sure it might have been only an halve an inch, but if this is how big he got just from hypothetically mentioning growing in front of John, how big would he get once he actually made physical contact with him.

Suddenly he felt the warmth leave his body as he looked back up at his entire body, getting a better look past the fog in the reflection to see his body was feeling slightly fuller, even after the big meal
he had with John it looked like he was running on empty, yet he felt like he weighed more. Feeling up his chest each individual pecs felt firmer to the touch, the ridges between his abs felt deeper. He could have sworn that even his body hair took on more color making him look himself during his prime.

So he stepped on the bathroom scale and spurted cum on the sink counter.

"Damn a whole pound heavier too!"

Walking back out to the their at home gym, Sebastian's suspicions were only confirmed as he found the photo of himself in a different spot and a small smear of cum on the photo.

It was then that he knew this summer was going to one to remember and that he could not wait to wipe the smile from Daniels smug face when he comes home from college.

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Great story!  I'm sensing an impending clash of size and power between the son and the dad and I'm for it!  Instead of a sibling rivalry it's a father/son rivalry.  I like it.  I hope the dad puts on some good size  :)

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7 hours ago, dredlifter said:

Great story!  I'm sensing an impending clash of size and power between the son and the dad and I'm for it!  Instead of a sibling rivalry it's a father/son rivalry.  I like it.  I hope the dad puts on some good size  :)

Completely agree with this comment!

The story is heading in a  very interesting way, hope there'll be lot of competition between father and son, checking muscle and cock sizes, maybe some wrestling and cockfighting as well!


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