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Dreams Give You Power - Chapter 11: Dads a Cockblocker (9/30/2022)


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Sebastian is loving what is happening and now Daniel eventho he is an alpha himself when met with someone bigger than him he has learned to respect and submit.

I love this.

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Chapter 10: Dads New Routine

After having cum on his Daniels face a glimmer of Sebastian's old self shone through.

"Oh god sorry sport just don't have full control of myself sometimes."

He effortlessly picks Daniel up from off the floor handing him a towel from the bathroom.

"Here clean yourself up me and John are going to go get our next workout in."

Walking into the bathroom Daniel needed a shower after the after the torrent of cum that coated him.

All through out his shower he could hear the clang of metal coming from their home gym their fathers grunts growing louder.

After that scene he just experienced he was rock hard jerking as he was wiping the cum away.

He was terrified yet also turned on at the thought of his father growing mid work out, just how big would he get?

Blowing his load into the drain he watches as the small drops he shot out blend into the see of cum that pooled at the drain.

Finishing his shower his attention is drawn back to the door frame once again having to face the reality that his father was now 2 inches taller than him and by the
sounds he was hearing from their gym he gulped imagining the beast making them.

He wasn't sure if it was out of curiosity or the complete control his father was gaining back, that he decided to take a look, joining their workout.

"Hey sport thought you'd never come, sorry about this morning again."

Daniel was shocked when he saw his nude father still the same size as earlier this morning, spotting John for his set of bench pressing.

Sebastian could see the look of stupor on Daniels face and decided to answer his raging question.

"Your probably wondering why John hasn't let loose and grown me yet huh?"

Sebastian nods

"Well you see Sport your old man still wants to feel the rush of a good workout nothing beats hard work and dedication. John and me came to the decision that it's not best
to be growing me at all times, might lead to better results later."

Sebastian cups his dick as he says results

Daniel could see John struggling to push his final rep as he was tenting up, getting the view of dad from down below.

"Oh shit sorry sport got a little lost in thought there!"

Sebastian helps John put the barbell back on the rack.

John "No fair, Dad it's like you want me to grow you right here and now."

It was clear that John was not in approval of their dads decision to outright reject his growth powers.

"Oh come on John, you don't want to spoil all that potential you've got we should keep the focus of growing me and focus on your own progress."

As much as he wanted to disagree his dads workout were the only way he was able to put on mass so he reluctantly agreed getting back to their workout Daniel now joining them.

Later that night Daniel was getting ready for bed when he suddenly hear a faint thudding against his wall.

Thinking nothing of it he tried getting back to sleep, but the thudding was growing louder.

Trying to tune it out the thudding was soon accompanied by the sounds of moans.

Daniel then realized the noise he was hearing was his Dad getting those results he mentioned earlier.

All throughout the night he could hear the now pounding grow louder the voice of his father becoming clearer as if he was speaking though paper thin walls.

Orgasm after orgasm his father never seemed to be satiated as both him and John kept going all night. After a while Daniel was thankful that he was finally able to sleep throughout all that noise.

The next morning

Daniel woke up feeling tired halve mad at his father for ruining his sleep, but what could he say to titan that his father became at night.

Walking down for breakfast he was met with the hulking figure of his fathers backside. The muscular globes he had for an ass was stuffed into a pair of underwear barely holding on trying to contain all that meat.
Working from home now his dad must have been thankful that he didn't need any pants or else he might not have been able to go into work. Drawing his gaze upwards he could see the exposed midriff caused by his fathers increased height.
He could see his chiseled lower lats their definition showing with the slightest movement as his father cooked. The suit he was wearing looked painted on, the sleeves ready to give way at any second as his biceps contracted from the
simple movement of stirring eggs on the pan.

"Morning dad."

"Oh good sport your up."

Sebastian raised his arm in surprise his bicep finally bursting through the seams.

"Dammit not another one! That's the third one this week."

As much as his father looked angry about it the bulge in his underwear was saying otherwise.

"So ummmm about last night Dad" Daniel asked worried about his fathers answer.

Sebastian spoke"Oh you heard us huh, guess it's a bit hard to keep quiet. I promise I'll try to keep it down next time."

"Oh John won't be joining us for breakfast this morning his resting upstairs, guess I wore him completely out."

Looking at his father physique he could definitely see that as the definition of his muscles looked even better than yesterday.

"Guess I'll just tell you now since Johns not here but I'm leaving for a work trip in a few days."

A bit of Daniels smug self came back hearing this.

"Oh shit really old man!"

Sebastian picked up on this and felt his inner alpha coming back.

"It's only for a week so don't be thinking your gonna one up me in that little time"

Sebastian chuckled to himself.

"Guess I'll just tell you now before you find out when going to your bathroom, I'm already at 6'4 as of this morning, packed on 10 lbs of mass too."

To add effect Sebastian flexed his chest blowing the buttons of his suit towards Daniel freeing his cramped chest letting them air out.

Daniel felt himself backing down.

"Oh yeah sorry dad I don't think that's even possible"

Daniel couldn't believe the words coming from his own mouth was he really admitting that?

Once he saw Daniel understanding Sebastian calmed down and realized what he had just done.

"Shit I'm gonna have to go shopping for some more clothes"

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