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Wrong Target (part 10 added 10/11/22)


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This story inspired a very fun RP! Excited to see the remains! I know I could probably find the original HERS version, but I prefer to read your translated version 

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3 hours ago, MrAlice said:

This story inspired a very fun RP! Excited to see the remains! I know I could probably find the original HERS version, but I prefer to read your translated version 

Oh the original ended where part 1 ended, the rest is entirely new.

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4 hours ago, lolpoooper said:

Oh the original ended where part 1 ended, the rest is entirely new.

Oh cool! Then I’m hugely grateful and crazy excited!!!

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I tried to get David’s measurements to be realistic, as one can with someone his size, by taking a physique competitor’s measurements and just kind of increasing them by the percent that he has grown. Hope they make sense.


A couple of days later, Kyle came home from a bike ride and headed to his room for a change of clothes. As he walked up the colossal reinforced stairs of their HIMS house, he saw the doors to his room were slightly ajar. Cautiously, he walked up to the doors. He slowly opened the them, and they revealed to him what he had been worried about for some time now—his massive father, leaning on his wardrobe which didn’t even come up all the way to his chest, holding in his hand a red box, full of the experimental drugs Kyle had ordered a long time ago.

“Hello, son.” David said, with a smirk.

“Dad?” Kyle said, glancing at the box his father held in his hand. “How did you- what are you doing with that?”

“Sorry son, I didn’t mean to invade your privacy like this, but—after that news segment a few nights ago, I couldn’t stop thinking about the name of that company that made that drug they were talking about. It was like I saw it once before,” David said and stood up to his full height, looking down at Kyle over his giant, pumped pecs. “Then I did some digging and I found that you had purchased that very drug from them quite some time ago. I saw it on the receipt for the credit card you use, and then I figured well, since you can’t use it, that I should give it a try instead. It was, after all, bought with my money.”

Kyle gulped. He knew this moment would come eventually, but now that it was here, he wasn’t sure he was entirely ready for it.

“Try it?” He said.

“Yes,” David boomed. “If the claims are true, then this thing could help your dad put on some extra muscle, wouldn’t you like that?”

David brought his right arm up and flexed it into an inhumanly large ball of muscle. Kyle noticed it was pumped too. It was strange, he thought, as he didn’t remember his dad working out in a very long time, and yet his muscles looked like he just got done with a great workout.

“Wh- why?” Kyle asked.

“Why? You know your old man always loved working on his body.”

“But, but you’re already so big.” Kyle said, meekly.

David grinned down at his son.

“I know.” He boomed. It sent chills down Kyle’s back.

It wasn’t enough that his father was one of the largest men in the world, now he wanted to grow even bigger. He found it exciting, somehow.

“And you’re going to help me,” David said, and he produced a thick measuring tape from the top of Kyle’s wardrobe, that Kyle didn’t even notice was there. “As I grow, I want to keep track of just how large I have become. Just like old times.”

Then, he walked passed Kyle, and headed downstairs to the living room.

“Come.” He ordered, and Kyle followed him.

As Kyle descended the stairs he saw his father standing against a wall, next to one of the larger stools in the house. He extended his massive hand with the measuring tape to Kyle. Kyle took it without objection.

David looked next to the stool and Kyle climbed it. He stood next to his dad, measuring tape in hand.

“First, let’s start with height. The doctors measured me at 11’ 9’’ last time.”

Kyle stood up on his tip toes, and brought the tape up to his father’s head. He blinked a couple of times, and let out a confused ‘Ummm…’

“What is it?” David demanded.

“It says here that y- you’re 11 foot ten and a half inches.” Kyle said.

David smiled.

“Well, the growth must not have entirely stopped back then. Good. Now, do my chest.” David said, moving on, and he raised one of his arms. Kyle put one part of the measuring tape on his father’s chest, and David slowly turned around, allowing his small son to wrap the tape around his behemoth torso.

“Read.” David said.

“It’s, it says 79 inches.” Kyle said.

David then lowered his arm, and turned to face Kyle. He curled his fist and flexed his enormous bicep right in his son’s face. Kyle felt the heat of the massive muscle radiating in front of him, it was so huge he had trouble wrapping the tape around it.

“Oh my god,” Kyle said. “It’s 37 inches.”

At this, David laughed. The sound startled Kyle so much he almost fell off the stool.

“And to think,” David began. “That I once thought my 20 inch arms were so impressive.”

Kyle looked down at his arms, and thought about how far away they were from even his dad’s old measurements.

“Snap out of it,” David said. “Waist.”

And he raised his arms and puffed out his already pumped chest.

Kyle somehow managed to wrap the tape around his father’s comparatively narrow waist.

“55.9.” Kyle said.

“Get down and measure my legs now.” David commanded.

Kyle eagerly complied, getting down from the stool and standing next to his father. David extended one of his legs for Kyle to measure it.

Kyle looked up, he never got used to standing so close to his dad, feeling the sheer mass and size of him. Standing next to him, it felt like they weren’t even the same species anymore, he was just so huge, so muscular, so much more than Kyle could ever be. And it was all his doing.

But he gathered himself, and wrapped the tape around his father’s colossal thigh, being careful to avoid his massive hanging cock and balls as he went around.

“Oh wow, it’s almost 50 inches.” He said.


“It’s 49.5.” Kyle said.

David nodded.

He flexed his calf next to his son.

Kyle didn’t have to lower himself a lot, if at all, to wrap the tape around his dad’s muscular calves.

“33 inches exactly.” Kyle said.

“Jesus, that’s almost as big as some guys’ chests,” David added. This freaked Kyle out a little, he didn’t quite know why. “Did you remember all that? I need you to write it down when we’re done.”

Kyle nodded.

“Good.” David said, and turned to face his son. “Well, since we’re measuring everything else…”

Kyle froze for a bit; he already knew what was coming.

“Why leave the big guy out?” David said, and smiled at his son in front of him.

Kyle looked down at his father’s enormous crotch. Then, he noticed David’s cock slowly begin to lengthen downwards.

He had seen his father’s erection many times, but he couldn’t remember if he had ever been so close to it before. He did not object to this, in fact he was kind of curious.

As his dad’s massive cock filled out more, it began to rise. Suddenly, Kyle saw it coming up towards him, heading straight for his face, and he had to step aside to avoid getting get hit by the giant thing. He watched the gargantuan tool thicken past him, slowly rising up towards his father’s chiseled core.

“Heh, sorry son,” David said grinning down at him. “Shouldn’t stand so close when I’m growing.”

After what felt like an eternity, his dad’s cock stood up fully erect. David pushed the stool nearer to Kyle with his foot, seeing that his son couldn’t measure his cock just standing next to him on the ground.

Kyle climbed up, and pressed one end of the thick measuring tape against the base of his dad’s dick.

It felt very warm, and very hard. Kyle didn’t really think he could even move it on his own, it was that thick and rigid. He slowly brought the tape up by the side of the giant penis, all the way to the bulging tip. The skin was so smooth, like silk. There wasn’t a single blemish or imperfection anywhere all along his dad’s enormous tool. God, he thought, that could have been him.

He hated himself for it, but, in a way, he did find it kind of beautiful. He snapped out of it though, and looked at the other end of the tape.

“Jesus dad,” Kyle said, shocked. “It’s 15.8 inches long.”

“Dear God. I thought I was big before but this is something entirely different.” David said, his voice brimming with power and pride. “I am almost jealous of the microdick guys who get HIMS and get to only grow their peckers up to my old size. And they think they’re huge.”

David chuckled. Kyle gulped, his hands still pressing against his father’s gigantic dick.

“That’s enough.” David said, and Kyle quickly brought his hands back to himself. “Now write it all down. All of it.”

Kyle whipped his phone out and started jotting down the numbers, which were still burned into his mind.

Meanwhile, David laid down the red box on the coffee table, and gently opened it with his thick, long fingers, revealing 10 vials of greenish-clear liquid resting inside next to a syringe.

Kyle felt uneasy, he kind of didn’t really want to think what those things would do to his massive dad.

“Well, uh, if that’s all…” Kyle said as he saved the measurements on his phone’s notes app, and turned around to walk away.

Suddenly, he felt a huge meaty palm land on his shoulder. He froze. He darted his eyes over to see his dad’s arm pressing gently down on his left shoulder, and still, he couldn’t move. He couldn’t remember the last time his dad touched him since his growth, it was enormous. David’s palm covered the entirety of his left shoulder and a lot of it still hung off past it, he saw his dad’s long fingers extend down his chest, feeling the tip of his massive ring finger brush against his nipple. He felt the warmth of his dad’s big round thumb on the other side of his neck.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He heard David say behind him.

“U- uh, nowhere?” Kyle said, defeated.

“That’s right,” David answered, and with the tiniest bit of effort, turned Kyle around to face him like he was a toy. “I don’t know how this thing is going to react with my body. So I’ll have you inject me with the first vial.”

What his dad said made sense, but there was just something about having to inject his already giant father with the drug he got himself hoping to grow a few inches that made his stomach twist in a kind of... jealousy, but also excitement.

“Well, I mean, it’s not just the drug,” He said. “There’s other things that you sh—“

“I know,” David cut him off. “I’ve read it all. I know how to take it--one vial a week before a meal. I also know the way to optimize my growth. The increased nutritional load, the exercise requirements.”

Kyle looked up at him as he spoke.

“As you can see,” David said, and flexed his bicep and pec. Kyle's hunch was right, they were pumped. “I’ve given that new HIMS gym in town a visit today, and I hope to have one HIMS-sized gym installed in our house soon. So don’t you worry about that, and let’s just see how this thing works in action.”

Kyle nodded, and his father released his grip on him. Kyle walked up to the box and drew the liquid from the first vial into the syringe, as his dad picked up Kyle’s stool and made his way to the giant HIMS armchair on the other side of the room.

Kyle walked after him when he was done, and carefully climbed up the stool to stand next to his father’s arm. David had extended his left arm and relaxed it onto the armrest. Kyle put one hand on his dad’s arm, he noticed how tiny it looked against the sheer mass of his dad’s muscles. It barely covered a small fraction of his father’s size. It was only in the rare moments when he got so close, and got a chance to compare his small human form to his dad’s that he really got to see what a giant his dad truly was, and yet there he was, helping to make him even bigger.

“Begin.” David said, impatient.

Kyle took a deep breath and calmed himself down, then he plunged the syringe into his dad.

As he began to press the liquid out, his father suddenly threw his head back and moaned.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH…” David’s body flexed and twitched in what looked like pure orgasmic ecstasy.

His dicked slapped against his abs as he struggled to keep his arm steady for his son to finish injecting him with the drug. Precum started leaking heavily from his engorged member.

“FUUUUUUCK.” He groaned.

Kyle managed to drain the last drop of the drug out of the syringe as quickly as he could. He pulled it out and quickly backed away, looking at his father as he brought both of his arms together and gripped his giant cock. Eyes closed, shaking with powerful arousal.

David unleashed a fountain of cum into the air, moaning and groaning as he rubbed his thick manly hands up and down his cock for what felt like minutes.

“Oh fuck.” He sighed, letting go of his dick and leaning back into the chair when it was done.

“Sorry son.” He said, panting. “Boy, it was good you were there huh, I could not have finished that whole vial on my own.”

He beamed a giant smile down at Kyle, who stood there, clearly stained in some of his dad’s release.

“Get your mom and clean this up, I have to go eat--gotta optimize my growth. Same time again next week.” He said, got up, and took a deep, satisfied breath. “God, I can’t wait to see how much I grow.”

Kyle thought the same.

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How wrong would it be if Kyle's mother grew as well (reasons unknown)?  I wonder if both parents would end up debating if they had to send him away to live with other non HIMS relatives.  If not for his safety, but also so his mom and dad end up making a HIMS child.  Then they'd have a completely HIMS family.  Kyle not included...

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