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Wrong Target (part 10 added 10/11/22)


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Next week went by fairly quickly for them. Like David said, a new room was added to their house, one he intended to turn into a HIMS gym. The atmosphere was pretty lively with construction going on, and construction workers crowding the house almost 24/7, as David demanded it be built as quickly as possible.

He himself wasn’t around much, though. He had chosen to spend most of his free time at the HIMS gym in town, not wanting to miss out on any potential gains.

Kyle saw him only sparingly. Usually he found him gulping down protein-rich nutrient canisters like the ones they had before his father got the HIMS every so often in the kitchen. Or, he would see him go by to the bathroom when he came back home in the evening, in a struggling pair of HIMS boxers, drenched in sweat.

But every time he did see him, he looked just a little bit more pumped. To someone unaccustomed to life with a HIMS man, especially with a HIMS man like his father had become, he would look like he always did, but Kyle noticed these little changes, he knew the drug was working.

Really, he heard his dad more than he saw him those days, mostly at night, mostly through the walls, relentlessly going at it with whoever it was that night. Even more so than before, Kyle thought.

His mom woke up quite late every day that week, clearly exhausted by whatever it was they did in their room. Their marriage had completely changed. Though she was always more liberal and understanding of David’s desires, even after they got married—knowing just how much of a man her husband was, in some way she even liked it--now she gave up any idea of having even a semblance of monogamy in their relationship.

He was beyond anything he ever could have been before, and his appetites seemed endless. If anything, at times she was worried more about herself.

Though Kyle knew that she was very good looking, even for a woman of her age, he did notice some changes about her ever since they moved into the new house. She definitely took more care of her appearance, watched her diet, went to the gym. And it showed, she was definitely in the best shape of her life, which for someone like her meant that she was now beyond stunning.

Kyle wondered if it was because she was afraid of becoming inadequate for his dad. After all, she now had to compete with all those gorgeous, tall HIMS men—and, by the sound of it at night, other women too.

He wondered if his father noticed.

As the week drew to a close, the work on the home HIMS gym was winding down as well. Kyle was eating breakfast one morning, watching the construction work unfolding in their home when he felt his father’s enormous hand gently slap his back.

He turned around and saw his father standing next to him, clearly ready to head out to the gym.

“Soon, I’ll be able to work out here,” He said. “Properly.”

“What do you mean?” Kyle asked.

“Well, I think I’m already starting to outgrow the equipment at the HIMS gym downtown.” David said and flexed his arm with a smirk. “What can I say, I always was a very strong man.”

Kyle looked up at his dad as he showed off his huge bicep. He sometimes forgot that his dad was already a giant even to other giants, so it was no wonder that now, as he became even bigger, even stronger, his training would require weights beyond that of even HIMS men’s already superhuman strength.

Construction finally cleared up, and the day came for his father’s next injection.

Kyle stood in the living room on the stool, measuring tape in hand, waiting for his dad to come.

After what seemed like an eternity, David finally left the bathroom and made his way over to Kyle.

“Are you ready son?” He asked, Kyle nodded. “Alright, let’s see just how much bigger your old man got.”

He stood against the living room wall, and Kyle reached up all the way to his head.

“D- dad, you’re 12 foot one!”

“Hell yeah.” David said, clearly proud that he blew right past the 12-foot mark like he hoped he would.

As Kyle went around his father’s body, and took all the measurements like last time, he noticed David was far less enthused this time around. When it came time to measure his thigh, Kyle looked up at his dad from next to his leg, still feeling overwhelmed every time he did so, just by how much of his vision his dad occupied when he was so close. He tried to look at his face, but the enormous landscape of quads, and abs, and of course his massive pecs that stretched so far above him was more than a distraction. Not to mention the thing hanging between David’s legs.

Eventually, he got back to the tape, his dad was slowly becoming more patient with these little lapses of awe he received from his son, and from others.

Kyle read out the measurement of his father’s thigh, surprised.

“It’s no longer almost 50 inches, you’re 50.1 now.” Kyle said, but was surprised by the frown that formed on David’s face.

“Odd,” David said. “I thought that I’d grow faster.”

Kyle looked at him, stunned. His dad grew almost four inches taller in a week like it was nothing, and now he was complaining that it was not enough? But then, Kyle remembered just how used to being big and growing his dad was before he got the virus, he shuddered to think just by how much his ambition had grown along with the rest of him.

Soon, they were done, and Kyle opened up his phone to write down that week’s measurements. Kyle’s dad was once again definitely growing:

H: 12' 1''

Ch: 83.5

B: 38.2

W: 57.2

T: 50.1

Ca: 33.7


Kyle got to the last part of their measurements, and he looked up at his dad. He knew his father had decided to empty his balls before the injection to avoid creating an incident like last time. So he wasn’t quite sure what to do.

“So, are we going to measure it after the injection?” He asked his dad, looking at the thick flaccid tool hanging over David’s bulging ballsack.

David looked down at him, puzzled.

“Why?” David asked.

“Well, I just assumed you wouldn’t be…” Kyle started, but David cut him off.

“No,” He said. “We measure it now.”

And like on command, his father’s giant cock twitched, and began filling out, lengthening steadily.

“I… I thought u came before the measuring.” Kyle said, almost shocked.

“I did. Thrice.”

Kyle stared at the growing erection before him, for a moment he wondered if he himself had ever actually come more than twice in the same day. He couldn’t recall. He was a 20-something man, in the prime of his youth, and he couldn’t do more than twice. Yet, there his father was, deep into his fifties, showing off a libido that would put 10 of his combined to shame.

David looked down at him, knowingly.

“Son, it’s a miracle I can ever get it down at all.”

Kyle was awed.

He got up on the stool, and once again went to measure his father’s cock. It was definitely bigger.

“It- it’s 16.1 inches, dad.” He said.

“Fuck,” David said. “That’s twice as big as I was before.”

Kyle was stunned. He had no idea. He always thought his dad and him weren’t much different down there before, but now it made more sense. He thought his dad relied more on his looks and body to have such great success with men and women, as he had to have a regular 5-inch cock like him, but now he realized his father had always outshone him in every way imaginable.

He knew the women from his mother’s side of the family were all huge, stacked, and ripped, but now that he thought more about it, he did realize the men from that side of the family weren’t so impressive. He must have got it all from her, then, he thought.

“Come on son, time to make me grow again.” David said, breaking Kyle’s train of thought.

Kyle complied, following his dad to the armchair.

He noticed that his father had even more difficulty fitting in the thing than he did usually. He wondered how much longer it would take before his dad became too big for an armchair designed for giants.

Then, as his dad got ready, he very carefully brought the syringe up to his father’s skin. Kyle kept glancing at his dad’s cock, which still stood fully erect, aware of what went down last time.

“Don’t worry, son,” David said. “I have it under control.”

Kyle nodded, and proceeded with the injection.

David moaned, loudly, and clenched his fists, but he was much more in control this time. Still, Kyle tried to do it all as quickly as he could, still weary of how long his dad could keep it under wraps.

As the injection neared the end, his father went red in the face, pre was leaking generously from the tip of his now even bigger cock—but, he did it. Soon it was over, and he had managed to control himself.

Though, Kyle backed away as soon as he was done.

“Thank you, son.” He said, letting out a deep sigh. And he got up. “Now, you will excuse me, as I have to go take care of this thing.”

David smiled down at his son, and walked towards the bathroom. Kyle stood there, watching his enormous dad, every muscle on his body was so big, and smooth, and growing.

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More please! Super excited to see dad keep growing bigger and cockier. The power dynamics and hyper-confidence and desire for more are all hitting my buttons.

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Really enjoying how the dad's growing needs cause everyone around him to try harder to satisfy them when they're clearly approaching insatiable. He's over-equipped to take care of himself and his wife and son and the other giants just want to make him happy.

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How is that he hasnt been infected when he was covered in hisndad's cum? Is he inmune? .

Now with his dad's new gym he will see how strong he really is andni bet a parade of HIMS men that his dad will bring to "workout". It is good to read about the mom and her changes, not because of the virus but on her own. 

I hope he finds someone somehow to be with. His life is revolving around his dad and he both want and doesnt want that at the same time.

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Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I've got a combo of motivation and free time which I'm going to exploit by posting another part while it lasts!


Part 5:

Kyle and his mother were forbidden from entering his father’s new enormous home HIMS gym. Not that they complained. Much of the equipment inside was large, heavy, and free enough to cause them serious injury, or worse, if it ran into and “humans” by accident. Even when David wasn’t using it.

That’s how his father put it. Kyle wondered what exactly David considered himself to be, when he used that term, although, Kyle thought, it was probably just poor phrasing. Either way, he didn’t want to think about it too much.

David did however install a window that looked right into the gym from his bedroom, although Kyle didn’t use it that much.

His dad spent a lot of time in that gym, and from the sound of it, David was certainly enjoying it. It must have been exciting seeing yourself progress as fast as he was.

“Annabelle.” Kyle felt his dad’s voice shake the house.

He knew this was their cue. David was signaling he needed his fuel.

He and his mother got up and went to the canister containers in the kitchen. The two of them carried one of these metal containers, as large as their torsos, filled with thick, nutritious formula for HIMS men all the way to the door of the new gym. Kyle noticed that his mom had a much easier time with the weight of it than he did. That did not help his already shrinking confidence much.

When they got there, his mother knocked on the door.

“It’s here honey!” She said as she started unscrewing the top, with some difficulty.

The gym’s massive doors swung open to reveal Kyle’s father. The thick, intoxicating musk that was trapped inside the gym hit both of them like a truck. Kyle sometimes felt like it was growing larger and more powerful along with the rest of his father. As well as growing more… irresistible.

David was entirely naked, as usual, his cock fully erect.

Kyle couldn’t help but feel a tinge of awe, or fear, or excitement, or… whatever it was, as he stared up at his dad. David had grown another two inches taller last week, and it looked like he was already growing a couple of more.

The soft, top light of the gym showed off his father’s head-spinning progress as it accentuated every striation and bulge on his even harder and even more muscular body. His muscles appeared so much firmer than before, they looked not only bigger, but stronger as well. The formula was transforming him in more ways than one.

David just leaned down and picked the canister up in one smooth confident motion. The two of them stared at his pumped, bulging muscles as they flexed and twisted majestically while he moved. He flicked the top off with his thumb and proceeded to bring it up to his luscious, giant lips.

He raised his head and started sucking down the contents of the canister. His Adam’s apple, bigger than most people’s fists, bobbed up and down his lean and corded muscular neck as he drank down more calories than dozens of regular humans consumed in a day like it was nothing.

David simply turned around and closed the door behind him as he kept drinking, going back to his workout. Kyle and his mom heard the sound of metal crumpling as his dad’s powerful mouth sucked the container dry and deformed its thick metal shell.

Kyle’s father had started spending massive amounts of money on himself ever since he got the HIMS—which he had to due to his increased demands for…well, for everything—but now the expenditure must have grown enough to outspend a small village. And that’s excluding the costs of the new gym.

Not that his father ever had problems with money though. Kyle didn’t notice any changes in his own money that David gave him, so whatever it cost must not have been much of an issue for his dad. And his mom was a pretty well-off woman on her own, and now--one that was enthralled with her husband's size as well as growth. Not to mention that on top of all that his dad now received money from the government through the HIMS support program. So his ability to focus on himself was more potent than ever.

Their life went on like that day to day. They were still stuck inside, as the HIMS infection was still a problem out there, and everyone was encouraged to stay indoors. Kyle spent the time reading about HIMS. He knew that, while the men with the HIMS virus were only able to infect others during and in the few days after their growth sprout, after which they could no longer transmit it to others, that the virus could stay dormant after one was infected for weeks, sometimes months. Without the person carrying it actually being infectious themselves. He desperately tried looking for whatever signs he could to see if he himself wasn’t actually already infected, but just didn’t grow yet. Although he found nothing concrete.

So his days went by—alternating between his research and tending to his growing father, measuring him getting taller, stronger, more ripped—seeing his dad’s already massive cock lengthen by about an inch per week.

It came time to measure his dad before what was to be his fourth injection. Kyle was used to it by now, and kind of looking forward to it, although he didn’t really like to admit it.

His dad had already grown to be 12’ 5’’, all of his muscles looked incredibly ripped and pumped even when he would just stand around, completely relaxed. Kyle wondered, with the incredible shape his dad was in, if he could win a bodybuilding contest without even having to flex. He certainly looked like he could sometimes to Kyle. If it was ever possible to have any division for his size and height, that is, which Kyle sincerely doubted existed, or would ever exist. And David seemed to be making extra sure that it could never exist, simply by growing so much more than anyone else.

“Finally,” David exclaimed as Kyle read out the measurements on his bicep. “Forty inches. Twice as big I was before.”

“Forty point one.” Kyle added.

“It doesn’t feel like it though.” David said.

Kyle looked up at him, confused.

“I feel so much stronger now. There is no way these things have only twice the power that they used to have when I was…” He stopped himself, looked at his son, and after a moment, finished his thought. “Smaller.”

“What do you mean?” Kyle asked.

“I mean that the weights I can now lift far outdo anything that should be possible even with my size.” David simply said.

“Oh.” Is just about all that Kyle could muster. He just looked at his dad’s massive form before him, entering briefly into a worshiping daze, before continuing on with the measurements.

“I guess it’s just another part of me that’s becoming… more.” David said, nonchalantly.

After they were done, Kyle stood there for a bit, writing down his dad’s stats as David brought Kyle’s now modified, slightly taller stool over to the armchair.

H: 12' 5''

Ch: 85.8

B: 40.1

W: 58

T: 53.6

Ca: 36

P: 18.1

Kyle climbed back up the stool, syringe in hand, as his father sat into his HIMS armchair. Although really he more so pushed himself in between its armrests. His thighs deforming it with their sheer mass.

“Ready?” Kyle asked, tentatively.

David nodded, and extended his arm to his son.

Kyle looked at his father’s arm for a moment. It completely overshadowed the armrest below it now. The forearm alone must have been thicker and more muscular than any part of Kyle’s entire body. It was bursting with corded, powerful muscles. And his dad’s arm was thick, too. Large, round muscles sat on his father’s upper arm, bulging and smooth. His shoulder was not only much bigger than Kyle’s head, but even as David sat down, higher up than the top of his head as well. Just that one part of his dad’s body was already so much bigger than when they started the injections.

As he laid his hands on his dad’s arm, and began injecting him with the drug that plunged David once again deep into an orgasmic bliss, he thought about how much smaller his hands were on his father’s titanic limb, when compared to the first time he injected him.

When they were done, and Kyle was getting down from his stool, he saw his father try and get up. But something was off.

As his father rose up, Kyle noticed that the huge armchair rose with him. Kyle watched as his dad failed to notice that the HIMS armchair was stuck to his colossal thighs and huge but firm, round ass. David simply stood up, feeling nothing, until he was at his full height, and the chair’s lower end pushed itself against his extended rock hard legs and fell six feet down to the floor with a deafening crash.

David turned around and saw what happened, he looked for Kyle. He saw him backed up against the wall, safely away from his stool, which was moved slightly by the armchair's fall.

“You alright?” He asked.

Kyle nodded, breathing heavily.

After he saw that Kyle was ok, a deeply satisfied smirk spread across his face.

“Next time, we use the couch.” David said, and made his way to the bathroom, his throbbing cock already in hand.

Sometime later, the three of them were once again in the living room. Kyle and Anna were working on mailing invitations for David’s birthday party, which was in two weeks. David sat on the couch, his legs spread wide, watching the news with them.

The news anchor talked about this new weakened strain of HIMS that had apparently been spreading like wildfire across the globe in the last few days. It was significantly less effective, infecting an individual and giving them HIMS antibodies, but not causing any growth at all.

They were informed that the governments were easing restrictions even more, as this new strain proved much more infectious than they thought it was. Hence, the preparations for David’s birthday.

Kyle was lost in thought, wondering if he hadn’t accidentally gotten that strain somehow. He never grew despite being so close to his father around his growth, and despite his original attempt to infect himself. But then again, maybe it was still gestating inside him, he thought, it may have been too early to tell. He wasn’t going out and exposing himself to any potential infection for weeks, so there was a real chance that he completely missed this weakened form of HIMS. He couldn’t know, there were all sorts of rumors about HIMS and how it worked that he could find if he only looked for it, there were even some rumors of women getting infected with what some called the ‘HERS’ virus, but surely, Kyle thought, if that were the case they would have already heard about it on the news. The only thing he knew for sure was that the restrictions were easing, and that the vast majority of people were immune to HIMS now, although they never grew themselves. It was a giant relief for the governments of the world that didn’t have to sustain even more hulking, hungry giants running around.

He thought about that for a moment, realizing that, statistically, most people were still small. And yet, as he looked through the invitations for his father’s birthday, he noticed that every single one of them contained HIMS accommodations attached for the invitee and his family. He looked at his monstrously immense dad who was spread out on the couch above him, naked and rock hard, and he wondered, how did so many of his friends and relatives all get the HIMS? He shuddered at the thought of what his growing father’s upcoming birthday party was going to look like.

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That birthday party is gonna be an event.

Now we know why he hanst been infected. The first days were quarintinw xor his dad so thats why.

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