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Wrong Target (part 10 added 10/11/22)


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I’m also digging the subtle indication that the mom seems to be slightly enhancing too.  Perhaps as a result of dads emissions?  This idea is really hammering on the son’s jealousy and insecurity.  

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This is incredible!  Does anyone else get off on when the Dad is drinking the nutrition formula?  How about when he says “I’m HUGE!”  Love it!!!

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48 minutes ago, bigbbny said:

This is incredible!  Does anyone else get off on when the Dad is drinking the nutrition formula?  How about when he says “I’m HUGE!”  Love it!!!

I have SUCH a thing for big dudes with enormous appetites! So yeah, I’m with you on that!!

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8 hours ago, dredlifter said:

También estoy investigando la indicación sutil de que la madre también parece estar mejorando ligeramente. ¿Quizás como resultado de las emisiones de papá? Esta idea realmente está golpeando los celos y la inseguridad del hijo.  

I'm hoping to see the mother grow too :(

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I wonder how Kyle is going to feel during the birthday party especially when most of the invites noted accommodations for HIMS family members.  That jealousy and insecurity will be increased by the amount of HIMS people will be at that party.

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On 9/26/2022 at 9:07 AM, dredlifter said:

I’m also digging the subtle indication that the mom seems to be slightly enhancing too.  Perhaps as a result of dads emissions?  This idea is really hammering on the son’s jealousy and insecurity.  

I am FINALLY caught up with this story, and I love it so much! I thought about that too. I was wondering if she was being affected by the virus somehow (before the mention of HERS at the end of the chapter), or if she was working out extra hard and trying to maximize her appearance by the normal ways women have. I did think briefly about her ingesting the dad's emissions briefly too, and if so would that work on David's increasingly subservient son?

On 9/26/2022 at 12:41 PM, bigbbny said:

This is incredible!  Does anyone else get off on when the Dad is drinking the nutrition formula?  How about when he says “I’m HUGE!”  Love it!!!

I LOVE the parts where David is ingesting massive  amounts of nutrients like it's nothing. Then, when he basically crushed the sturdy metal container just by the vacuum created by his powerful lips and lungs, I about lost it! 

Overall, I absolutely adore this story. Anyone who's read my comments on other authors' stories where a character is left out of the growth, like the incredible Elongro series by @dredlifter, knows that I pull for the person who is left out of the growth to eventually get their day. But that remains one of my favorite stories even though the plot didn't resolve exactly how I wanted it to. If Kyle doesn't grow, I just hope it's not a situation where literally  everyone BUT Kyle ends up growing, and I personally am not one for female muscle or height growth.   However, I realize that sometimes that's the way these things go.

I am enjoying the story immensely no matter what happens in the end. What I have loved is the increasing dominance of David, and I want to see him grow much more and to read more about he is basically becoming super human even compared to other HIMS guys thanks to Kyle's experimental drugs.

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I’m glad you’re all enjoying the story so far. I love that it's sparking discussion around whats happening and where things may go. Glad you're having fun.

Anyway, here’s the start of David’s massive birthday party. Time to add some variety.


The day of David’s birthday party had arrived, and with it some rest for Kyle. He and his mom worked really hard getting everything ready, so he was happy to finally relinquish all the duties surrounding his father’s celebration to the catering service people, and also his mom—who was still at it, making sure everything was going well.

His dad didn’t contribute, instead spending all of his time eating and working out, even more so than usual. Kyle also realized that he never really asked them to set the party up for him at all, it was as if they were just fulfilling an obvious expectation.

David was also in a pretty sour mood before the party. He was convinced that his growth wasn’t progressing as fast as he would have liked. He was also disappointed he didn’t manage to break through the 13-foot mark before his birthday, although he got pretty close, now standing at a titanic 12’ 9’’.

Despite living with his father for quite a while now, Kyle never really got used to being around HIMS men, it was all still strange to him. Part frightening, part exciting. And this feeling only amplified significantly now that he was in a room full of them.

Although he still had trouble adjusting, the world at large certainly seemed to be moving on. Moving through the room, he felt like he was walking between trees, but it was just the obscenely thick and muscular legs of all the HIMS men gathered there. Every single one of those legs was taller, stronger, and larger than his entire body, he realized.

The entire room rumbled with their loud, commanding voices, the music and the smaller guests completely drowned out by the conversations of these huge and domineering men.

All of the HIMS men were entirely naked, of course. Some sported boners, some didn’t, but they all stood around, massive nutrient drinks in hand, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Kyle had to wear clothes still, it would be considered very strange if he started walking around all naked like them, same went for all the women there as well. Although Kyle realized that he had never seen some of those women dressed as skimpily as he did that day in his entire life.

He noticed someone enter through the front door, clearly a HIMS man. It was his uncle Dan, his dad’s brother, who looked to be around ten feet tall, entering the party with his two daughters, who were around Kyle’s age. He too was walking in naked.

More and more governments of the world passed laws enabling HIMS men ever increased freedoms. One of the new changes was that clothing had legally become optional to HIMS men, as some considered it cruel to force them to wear clothes that were almost always extremely constricting, and that added ‘sometimes unbearable’ heat to their already extraordinarily warm powerhouse bodies.

As Kyle neared the other side of the living room, he spotted a familiar face.

“Kenny?” He said, and approached his cousin he found sitting on a stool.

“Oh hey.” Kenny said smiling at him.

They shook hands. It was odd, Kyle thought, he couldn’t remember the last time he could really shake another man’s hand like that. Kenny apparently never caught the HIMS either. It was certainly some kind of a relief seeing a man his own size for Kyle.

“How are you? We haven’t seen each other in ages.” Kyle said, sitting down on a stool next to him.

“I’m good, I’m good. You?”

“Yeah, fine.” Kyle nodded, and they looked at each other. Smiling.

“So where are Zack and uncle Bob?” Kyle asked. Kenny was the son of his mom’s brother. He was 25, about a year older than Kyle. They looked similar too, they both had skinny, shorter builds. Neither of them had an ounce of fat on their entire body, but they could never really get big.

 “Well, that’s… them there.” Kenny said, and he lifted his drink hand, pointing at two men on the right side of the room.

“Oh…” Kyle said, as he stared at a pair of huge, muscular men, laughing with some women.

The older man was about 9’ 8’’, and was built like a lean power-lifter. Certainly muscular, but with some extra padding that just made him look bulkier and stronger. That was Kyle’s uncle Bob, his wife was stood next to him.

She looked stunning, Kyle didn’t think that she put quite in the effort that his mom did, but he never remembered his aunt looking quite that good before.

Next to them was Zack, Kenny’s younger brother. He towered above his mother at what looked like 9’ 5’’. He was slightly shorter than his dad, but he looked like someone took an insanely buff quarterback, and just blew him up to more than nine feet tall. He had this contagious, relentless energy about him, constantly grinning, constantly in motion, loud and boisterous.

Next to his leg was a girl, about his age, that was dressed in a very revealing outfit, and seemed unable to stop herself from constantly groping and caressing Zack’s massive legs as he spoke. She looked up at him with a constant look of pure, unchecked lust. That, it turned out, was Zack’s girlfriend.

Kyle seemed to have remembered that Zack was supposed to turn 19 around that time. He did briefly wonder what it would be like for Zack growing up after getting the HIMS at such a young age. Soon he will barely know a life in which he wasn't a massive, muscular, hung giant that got to do whatever he wanted.

Kyle didn’t want to linger too long on Kenny’s situation, knowing, in part, what it was like.

“Man I can hardly recognize anyone in this room.” Kenny said.

“It has been a long time, and… you know,” Kyle added. “There were other changes.”

“You don’t say?” Kenny said and they laughed.

The two of them looked around the room.

“Seriously, the only ones that I recognize here are my folks.” Kenny said.

“Well, I’m sure you know most of them,” Kyle said. “I don’t know about those two, they’re my dad’s work buddies.”

He said and motioned at two men chatting on the other end of the room, they both seemed to be around 9 feet tall as well.

“That guy, though, is my uncle Dan, my dad’s brother.” Kyle said, motioning at his uncle who had recently arrived. He had already walked over to two other giants, there seemed to be some women stood around their legs.

“Oh, I met him, I should have recognized him.” Kenny said, and they both realized that the size isn’t the only thing that changed in these men. They stood completely differently, cockier and more confidently. Their faces had all morphed somewhat, turning into these handsomer, manlier pictures of themselves.

“And that to his right is Jeff, with his boyfriend, and next to him is Leo with, I think also his boyfriend.” Kyle said, figuring that these were all probably just their public relationships. The HIMS giants probably picked their wives and girlfriends, and those small non-HIMS boyfriends to be there because it made them feel that much bigger being with others that were still so small. He knew how little HIMS men cared about things like 'monogamy', and how they were all probably casually fucking other HIMS men on the regular. That last thought alone made him more than a little envious.

He also realized that all the men in the room were in a relationship, all except for him and Kenny.

“Wait. That’s little Leo?” Kenny asked, surprised, as he looked at a 10’ 6’’ monster, who of all the people in the room resembled Kyle’s dad’s shredded yet huge build the most, standing next to Kyle’s uncle.

“Man, I haven’t heard him be called that in a long time.” Kyle chuckled.

It was an old nickname, Leo was a couple of years older than Kyle, and his brother was a few years older than him, so it went back before Kyle's time. He remembered when Leo was considered to be one of the smallest members of his family, standing at only 6’ tall. His dad’s side of the family always considered him to be the runt of the litter. Now he stood towering over even his 10’ tall father. That side of the family was so huge, Kyle thought, even now among other HIMS men.

Kyle didn’t really know if they had any nicknames for him, although if they had it all probably stayed in between them.

It suddenly hit him how much smaller he was now than even before. All of his previously slightly taller relatives had blown up to the size of houses. And they all looked insane. He couldn’t keep his eyes off them.

Kyle didn’t know what it was, but he seemed to notice that wherever two or more HIMS men stood together it was as if they were fighting for space. Even when there was plenty of room around.

They were always pressing into each other. Massive round shoulder against massive round shoulder. Powerful elbows spread out, their long feet far apart, pushing and nudging, their colossal muscles always squeezing against each other.

He didn’t know if they were even aware that they were doing it. It was like some play of dominance, none letting another invade his space, but always trying to butt into someone else’s.

There was a lot of friendly loud slaps and powerful side hugs, ruffling hair for the smaller HIMS men by the larger men. There was a power play to it, but also kind of sensual element as well that just oozed out of them uncontrollably.

Although Kyle and Kenny never received any of it, of course, it was as if the HIMS men didn’t recognize them as men anymore. And it wasn’t a wonder as to why.

The whole room was thick with testosterone and musk.

It was just another thing that reminded the two small men of just how much more their friends and family had now become.

“Who’s that guy?” Kenny asked, snapping Kyle out of his thought spiral.

“Who? Oh, that. That’s Richard. He’s dad’s old work friend. I think they used to work together a long time ago, apparently Richard thought dad a lot of what he knows about business.”

They looked at the man in the center of the room, carrying on a conversation with two women in front of him, who Kyle barely made out to be his cousins, Dan’s daughters. They were both tall, strong women, and yet they looked so tiny compared to this hulking old man.

He was huge, far bigger than all the other men there, standing at 11’ tall, possibly some more. He was built like a huge competitor bodybuilder - stocky, strong, and pumped. Except, Kyle knew, unlike a bodybuilder this old man didn’t have to put any effort or thought into training or nutrition. He simply had the HIMS man’s privilege of forever and effortlessly holding on to his unreal hulking physique, which, for a few gifted regular humans would be barely attainable for maybe a week around a competition after decades of work and steroids.

The old man's enormous muscles flexed with each tiny move he made as he talked with the two ladies in front of him, grinning.

“Allegedly,” Kyle whispered over to Kenny. “They say that he used his insane wealth to actually go out and buy himself a HIMS infection.”

“What?” Kenny asked, surprised.

“I mean, if you have money anything’s possible. Right? Anyway, they said that he bought a trip to some lab somewhere and got himself a special, extra potent strain of HIMS to make himself as huge as possible,” Kyle said, finding that he was talking like his old self to a fellow small man for the first time in ages. Realizing just how much his diction had warped around his father’s new and dominating presence.

“At first,” He continued. “He didn’t want anything to do with HIMS, like most people, but they say that as he saw just how big all these HIMS men were getting, and how they were being treated by everyone around them, and the prestige that came with the HIMS, he wanted in on the action, and he wanted to be bigger than them all. Who knows what they did to him.”

“Jesus, how old is he?” Kenny asked.

“I think he’s around seventy, maybe more.” Kyle said, and the two of them stared at the huge old man.

Some parts of his mature, angular and strong face, and his dense white hair and stubble might have given away his age, but his body certainly did not. It was smooth and healthy, and packed with powerful muscle. His skin was positively glowing, taut across his enormous muscles, without a blemish in sight, looking tighter than an 18-year-old. This titanic cock hanging fully erect over the two women below him, pulsing and hard.

Seeing him there like that, Kyle reflected again on just how quickly and how totally people seemed to have accepted all of this as normal.

“Allegedly he has a couple of non-HIMS boyfriends, but here's here with his wife. She's the big redhead; I don’t know if you’ve seen her.” Kyle added.

“What? That’s his wife? But she looks our age.”

“Yeah,” Kyle said. And they exchanged knowing looks. "Yeah."

“Hey boys.” Kyle suddenly heard his mother’s voice behind him. She leaned in and put her hands on both their shoulders.

He also felt one of her breasts push into his arm for a moment, before she backed off slightly. That kept happening more often, almost as if she didn’t quite have the same idea of the size of her own body anymore. And now that he thought about it, Kyle realized that his mom’s breasts kind of looked different.

“Hey, mom.” He said.

In fact, he realized, her entire body looked different, she looked very hale and healthy and strong.

“Have you seen your father? He went out somewhere 15 minutes ago and he hasn’t come back.” She asked.

She was right. His dad was conspicuously missing from the party for some time now. But he had no idea where he might have gone away to.

“No, sorry.” He said, and felt her give him a gentle pat on the shoulder.

“Oh well, I’ll go out to look for him.” She said and stood upright. Kyle looked her over, he was right, she did seem different somehow. Curvier, more filled out.

Then, just as she was about to leave, the huge hallway doors swung open, and there he was: David, almost 13 feet tall and more muscular and powerful than ever, holding in his hand a small, red box.

Everyone instinctively turned around to look at the most massive man in the room return to his own party.

“Everyone...” His voice boomed down at them from his titanic height, immediately commanding everyone's full attention.

He held up the red box with a proud smile on his face.

Kyle wasn’t quite sure what he was doing.

“It is great to see you all again like this after such a long time. We all went through a very strange period of time recently. It was long, and it was not easy, but I think we can all agree that we emerged stronger and better in the end." He grinned. "So, to celebrate that, and the day of my birth, I decided to share a gift.”

He opened the box, revealing a shiny unused pack of the greenish-clear vials of the drug he was on.

All the HIMS men knew exactly what it was. They all stared at it with hunger, some staring at it with their mouths agape.

“I have ten HIMS guests here today, and they all deserve one a vial of this very special formula that made me grow so much even bigger than I already was. So I give them now to you, so that you too can have a small taste of what it's like to be me.” He said and flexed his enormous arm far above everyone there.

A hungry silence filled the room, and David ate it up with a big, cocky smile.

“God, David, that must have cost a fortune.” Robert, his old mentor said, staring hungrily at the vials.

“It did,” David said, nonchalantly. “But I would have nothing less for my august guests. Come, let us begin.”

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