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Wrong Target (part 7 added 02/10/22)


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More please! Would love to know how dad feels about his new size and whether he’s still hungry for more! Maybe show his son who’s the real man in the house

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Maybe a family reunion invite that reveals that both sides of the family are susceptible to becoming HIMS....  Except Kyle.

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Alright, finally I've managed to write down a part two for this, hope you all enjoy.

And I'm definitely taking your ideas for part 3 ;) Any further feedback is appreciated of course.




Kyle looked up in awe at his father. The enormous man was drenched in sweat, and breathing heavily in the middle of the living room, his heaving, muscular chest moving up and down with every breath.

It was over.

Kyle’s mother got down from the stairs and stood next to her son, both seemingly unable to stop looking at the new, giant man filling up the living room in front of them.

David blinked a few times, as if emerging from some kind of a stupor, he looked around. He noticed his wife and son in front of him, but he felt that something was off. They were different somehow. They were smaller, so much smaller than before. The reality of that night’s events finally hit him.

Kyle watched his father slowly realizing what had happened, he saw him look down over his new, engorged pectorals, which were already so big before, but were now each probably larger than his entire chest. Then, he saw him bunch his fists up. David’s gaze went slowly over to his own arm. He started raising his right fist up slightly, to allow himself a better look.

Kyle gulped as he saw the enormous muscles in his father’s arm wake up and bunch up at his command. The mere act of raising his hand triggering a magnificent concert of muscle and strength across his ripped, large arm made Kyle shiver.

David brought his arm up into view, and slowly flexed his bicep, causing his already enormous arm to swell even larger.

Kyle worried for a moment about what his father thought, until he saw a smile creep onto David’s face.

“H-honey,” Kyle’s mother began. “Should we call a doctor?”

“This is magnificent!” David boomed, his voice now even deeper and more commanding than before, every syllable and sound oozing with masculinity.

Kyle noticed his mother bite her lip.

“I’m HUGE!” He shouted, and looked down at the two of them with an enormous grin.

Then, he caught a glance of his erect penis standing in full view. Suddenly the three of them felt an air of thick unease fill the room. Kyle’s father didn’t try to cover himself up, but a little bit of redness filled his handsome cheeks.

For an awkward moment all three of them stared at David’s huge new tool. It must have been over 15 inches long, and who knew how thick. It stood impossibly erect, hard and glistening under the soft yellow light of the living room.

“We should measure you.” Kyle’s mom said softly.

All three of them must have realized that they all had to get comfortable with the situation fast, as any part of David’s body would be hard to cover up now.

“No,” He boomed, and he brought both of his arms up and flexed them. “I am far larger than any measuring tape in this house. It would be much better to compare.”

Kyle and his mom look at each other.

“Come.” David commanded, and gestured next to his leg while looking at his son.

Kyle immediately complied. He walked up to his father’s thick, muscular leg. The size of it filled his vision as he got close. He stood next to it, realizing somewhere in the back of his mind that the top of his head must have only barely reached up to his father’s ball sack on the other side of that enormous thigh. He stared up at his dad, part excited, part scared. From where he was standing, he couldn’t even see his father’s face.

David smiled.

“Just as I thought,” He said, and backed up a little. Then he flexed his titanic quads right next to his son, which made Kyle flinch. “My leg is bigger than your entire body.”

And he was right. Kyle saw that his father’s thick and corded thigh muscles were definitely wider than the width of his shoulders. He realized that it was possible that David’s one ripped, striated, flexing calf that he witnessed slowly twist and bunch up so close to him now might have more muscle than his entire body.

His father was a giant. Not only a giant, but a muscular, and strong giant. Kyle wondered if he was standing next to the biggest HIMS man in the entire world.

“Annabelle,” David boomed. “Come.”

And he lowered his hand down to her, opening his palm up. She walked up to him, all thoughts of disgust she once felt towards HIMS men long gone from her mind. She shivered slightly as she raised her hand up to his, overwhelmed by just how much bigger it was. She felt his long, thick fingers brush up against her forearms as she gently touched her palm against his, feeling the intense warmth emanating from the wide, flat plane of his hand that stretched out all around her own. Her hand barely covered his palm. She looked up at him, in awe. He smiled down with her, it was a wicked, playful smile. She blushed.

“H- how tall do you think you are?” She asked from below.

David looked around the living room. And then he looked down at his son, still standing next to his leg. Then he looked back at her.

“You tell me.” He said.

Anabelle looked at her husband, then at the ceiling of their living room, and then down to her son.

“Jesus David,” She said, her voice filled with excitement. “You must be at least… twelve feet tall.”

David then took a deep, satisfied breath. In all that time he was cautious about not catching the HIMS virus, he never knew just how incredibly good it would actually feel. How, despite his already way above average size which once more than satisfied him, how it could feel better to be even bigger. The feeling of growth itself had been one of the best things he had ever experienced, and now, standing there, simply feeling just how huge he had become—he only thought of how much of a fool he had been.


After the night of his father’s growth, they contacted the authorities, and were made to go into a brief lockdown. In all that time Kyle hadn’t felt anything, and had to give up hope on ever getting the HIMS.

Once they were let out doctors came to inspect his father, and government officials came with him to move them all to their new HIMS home.

The doctors were impressed with the incredible growth that David had experienced, considering that most HIMS men grew to be somewhere between 9 and 10ft tall. After their examinations, and after hearing of the events of that night, they had concluded that the David’s growth was in part because of his already large size, but may have had more to do with the huge quantities of calories that he was given.

They and the government officials weren’t happy with David hoarding so much of the nutrient canisters at his house but weren’t about to really say much to this towering, muscular, 12ft tall giant. But they were pretty sure that the massive quantities of the nutrient dense formula he consumed only furthered his growth. They also noted the other difference between David and other HIMS men--his incredibly shredded physique. While most HIMS men were muscular and powerful, they usually looked more like leaner power-lifters, but David had the appearance of a huge physique competitor, lean and shredded, yet superbly muscular and huge. They said that the strain of the HIMS virus he got must have been particularly potent.

Although Kyle was glad that his father apparently hadn’t given much thought to where the HIMS he caught came from, he never stopped thinking about the fact how, despite his best efforts, he hadn’t managed to catch it himself.

A few months after the incident Kyle stumbled on some lab working on an experimental drug that claimed to mimic the effects of the HIMS virus that was looking for people to sign up and test it. Kyle signed up immediately, desperate to get a taste of what his father had become.

It was a long shot, and the lab seemed remote and exotic, but still, he figured, it was worth a try.

He waited for a long time for the drug to arrive, but apparently the move to the new HIMS house had messed with the delivery company’s system, and the vials of the drug took much longer than they should have to arrive.

This, however, turned out to be a good thing as a few weeks after volunteering to test the drug out, news had started to come out about the horrible side effects the drug apparently had on people that tried it. While it did cause some growth at first, apparently the growth was soon reversed, and the subjects experienced horrible health issues.

Eventually the vials did arrive, and Kyle stored them away somewhere in his room. Kyle was glad that he didn’t get them on time, but he was still distraught that his chances of growth were dashed once again. Especially as life with his newly enlarged father reminded him daily of the incredible superiority that these new HIMS men possessed. It was certainly difficult at times, living with a man so much bigger and stronger and... well, hung than himself. And to make things worse, that man was his own father.

Their lives certainly did become different after that night. They lived in their new home, with its impossibly tall ceilings and huge furniture designed to accommodate HIMS men and their families, which David did sometimes have some trouble with because it was more snug for him, even though it was designed for inhumanly large people.

Kyle slowly got used to living around the house though, standing on a stool to brush his teeth, the way his feet hanging off his father’s couches, the house’s subtle shaking every time his father walked near, or went to his huge fridge - which was very frequently as his father was almost always hungry.

It was true that HIMS men had an enormous footprint, demanding so much more of everything from food to energy to clothing, if they chose to wear it, and their libidos seemed inexhaustible. He needed someone to always be ready to get and do things for him, and he chose Annabelle for that. His mother had adjusted surprisingly quickly to her new role.

Although it wasn’t hard to see why. David was always gorgeous, but now he was superhuman. One of his fingers must have been longer and thicker than most men’s dicks. Kyle didn’t want to think too much about how the two of them managed in the bedroom, but from what he heard through even the thick walls of their new HIMS house, he figured they must have found a way.

His father was almost always erect. He occasionally wore some HIMS clothing to cover himself up when he thought he needed to, but after going through a whole pile of HIMS underwear in the first few weeks, all torn by his frequent and powerful erections, he figured it was easier to forego clothing altogether most of the time.

They got used to it. They got used to a lot of the changes pretty quickly. The biggest change of all was the HIMS men that his father started bringing over to the house. David quickly realized that his new, more powerful cock was just too much for his wife, and that if he wanted to have sex again it would have to be with other, huge HIMS men.

So, Kyle lived with a parade of enormous men making their way to his parent’s bedroom every other night or so. These people were giants, and he was always terrified of them when he let the one his parents had found for that night in, but even still, when his father walked up to greet them Kyle witnessed just how enormous his dad really was.

All of these 9 to 10-foot-tall HIMS men barely ever made it more than up to his dad’s chin. They looked like they were his kids, smaller, teenage children yet to reach their father’s full height and mass. He looked down at giants.

His mother was ok with all of this as well, in fact she frequently followed these men and his father to the bedroom.

Kyle thought that she would be much more upset that father got the HIMS virus, but she was completely enraptured by his father’s new form, and his changing personality.

David had always been a strong, confident man, but now it seemed his dominance and confidence had grown just as he had. It was very difficult not to do what he wanted, his demeanor, his stature, his voice, the way he carried himself, it was just all so different somehow.

He was never mean, and he never did anything they disliked. To Kyle, he just seemed to exude some sort of new… arrogance. He simply always got what he wanted, he didn’t really take their opinions too seriously, although he never made them do things they didn’t want to. Now that he was a 12’ tall, insanely muscular, virile and powerful exemplar of masculinity and strength, he simply always thought he knew better.

And, to Kyle, it sometimes seemed that he thought he was better. Something he felt compelled to voice to his father one night.

His father, who sat completely naked on a gigantic HIMS armchair in the living room, his muscular thighs bunched up against one another, pushing the arms of even that huge HIMS armchair apart with their sheer mass, his powerful arms resting nonchalantly on the armrests, elbows spread wide, his triceps fighting with his lats for space, his chest completely hiding the huge armchair’s rest behind its inhuman width and muscularity, simply stared down at his son, almost puzzled.

“I don’t think I’m better than you,” David began, but then he stopped himself and thought for a moment. “I’m just… ten times more than you. I weigh ten times more, I eat ten times more, and, well, you know...”

Kyle stared up at his huge father in shock, he wasn’t even trying to hide it, Kyle thought. His gaze fell, and briefly met his father’s huge crotch peaking from behind his mammoth quads, a massive ball sack cushioning a flaccid cock larger than his own could ever be even at its hardest. And then again, Kyle figured, why should he.

That was something that Kyle had to wrestle with constantly. He was on the one hand entirely in awe of this enormous HIMS man that his father had become. He wanted to be there with him, it helped him enjoy his growth and size by proxy. A part of him loved that his father had grown so huge. But on the other hand, it had left him feeling so small, so weak, knowing that he could never, without catching the HIMS by himself, ever hope to compare to his father.

At some point Kyle had learned that the lab that he got his experimental growth drug had burned down in an accident, and a lot of the secret research that went into the drug had disappeared. He didn’t think of it much then, knowing that the experiments related to the drug had long been stopped and the drug’s production discontinued.

All until one night.

The three of them had gathered in the living room, watching the news on TV. Kyle sat on the armchair, his legs hanging in the air. His father took up all available space on the large HIMS couch facing the TV, with Kyle’s mother sitting on his titanic thigh, leaning on his chest, and absentmindedly caressing his rock-hard abs, each one larger than her entire fist.

The news anchor (clearly a HIMS man) started talking about the experimental drug that Kyle had stashed away in his bedroom.

“…Originally intended to achieve HIMS-like effects on non-HIMS subjects, the drug seems to be entering a new space of possibility.

A pharmaceutical company in California, after obtaining several samples of the drug, reportedly conducted further research on the drug. However, this time the research wasn’t conducted on non-HIMS subjects to induce HIMS-like growth, but on already grown HIMS men themselves.” The news anchor spoke.

Kyle watched on, apprehensively.

“The company reports that, after many months of thorough and careful research, they have found that the drug could once again be considered useful, except that it seems to be useful for HIMS men themselves.

It seems that the drug can facilitate further growth, even in HIMS men that had their HIMS symptoms fully manifested. Increasing leanness, muscle size, and even height. And, all the while without any of the negative side-effects experienced by its original non-HIMS subjects.

Although the effectiveness of the drug seems to be related with the initial size of the HIMS man injected, as larger HIMS men seem to respond more readily to the drug’s effects.

However, the original lab and research on the drug are now mostly lost, leaving only already existing samples of it useful to any HIMS man out there. It is uncertain if more of its formula can be created…”

Kyle stared at the television, unblinking. He didn’t process anything that came out of the TV after that. He just looked ahead, and felt the weight of his enormous father’s gaze.

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I wonder why he hasnt caught the virus yet when he is being close to HIMS men.

I have a feeling his dad knows about the vials and will want them to see the effects on him.

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