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Three Days of Archie: A Short Muscle University Story


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2 hours ago, muscleaddict said:

Your comment about the Brummie accent made me laugh. Is that analysis based on Peaky Blinders by any chance?? 😂 

Exactly so.

2 hours ago, muscleaddict said:

Hey @Hialmar - I want to say it's great to see someone new commenting on one of my stories but I feel like you've maybe commented before?! Apologies if so! 😳 

I believe I haven't before. 

I wish you good luck with your writing.

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On 9/17/2022 at 12:11 AM, crushme99 said:

This is another wonderful start to a muscleaddict adventure.  MA, you have such a talent for jump-starting a story and getting the action and characters moving right away.  My prediction?  Ozzie and Deano Jr. will be in that bedroom, flexing and showing off and worshipping each other, just noisy enough to attract Archie and Billy Baxter.  Then a mega muscle performance shakes the rafters.  But we, as they say, shall see.

Bless you for the sweet words @crushme99! Think Archie would have something close to a nervous breakdown if that scenario were to unfold.

5 hours ago, DennisFLL said:

LOVED chapter one!  Lots of possibilities to look forward to - can't wait to see what happens when our Archie dates BillyBaxterBiceps!  Or what might develop if Callum puts on more muscle to win Archie's heart.  And  interesting if a close friendship develops between the two gay future step-brothers.  MA, your writing continues to be excellent, with the reader not wanting each chapter to end, and then looking forward to your next instalment right away.

Thanks for the awesome feedback as always, Dennis! Another friend of mine who doesn't post much on here said he thought this was my best first chapter since AJ & Noah. 😱😅 Bless you for the last part too. I *love* books and stories where you get to the end of a chapter and you just want to read the next one straight away (versus books that feel like a chore to read and a slog to get through) so I really appreciate that sentiment, mate!

You'll get to meet Billy Baxter in the next part...💪👀

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Things I know about billy_baxter_biceps:

        1) His name is Billy (I guess that’s kind of obvious)

        2) He’s studying law at The University of Sussex

        3) He wants to be a bodybuilder(!)

        4) He loves (and AGAIN I quote) - “small, geeky lads like you (winky face emoji)”. “Like you”. Like. Fucking. ME!

        5) He’s meeting me for a drink TONIGHT

Of course, that last point is the main reason why I’m currently in a state of panic. Because this is actually happening. I’m actually meeting the wannabe bodybuilder who I took a chance on and DM’d a few weeks ago when I came across his profile on Instagram in person.

I have no fucking clue how this night is going to go. Whether Billy Baxter is going to fancy me in real life. Whether he’s even going to like me. I can’t decide what to bloody wear. And I can’t shake this horrible gut feeling that this whole event is going to be one big unmitigated disaster, I’m going to come away feeling like a complete failure and all of my hopes of having a cute, funny wannabe bodybuilder boyfriend to have film nights with and cuddle up to while watching horror films are going to be completely dashed.

I put my blue short-sleeved shirt on over the plain white t-shirt I was fully planning to wear but for some reason doesn’t look or feel right now that I’m wearing it and check myself once again in my full-length mirror. UGH. Sometimes I just hate the way I look. Why can’t my arms just be a little bigger? I don't wanna look like Deano Junior or that Ozzie guy. But a Callum. That would be nice. Callum’s got normal-sized arms. Nice-sized arms. My arms aren’t normal. My arms aren’t nice. My arms are way too thin. And no matter what I wear. No matter what t-shirt I put on. Nothing in my wardrobe is going to make my arms look magically bigger.

The doorbell rings and I feel a wave of relief wash through me. I practically run down the stairs to answer it. As expected, Callum is standing on the porch of my mum’s house in that blue Marvel t-shirt I love. Here to save me from my gay crisis as usual. But he looks - weird. Like there’s something on his mind. What is that look on his face for?

“I’m SO glad you’re here!” I say to him. His face almost instantly relaxes and he smiles as if flattered, as he walks through the door.

“I'm freaking out a bit,” I tell Callum as we climb the stairs to my room. 

“Yeah - I kinda got that from your text!”

“And I have no fucking idea what I’m wearing,” I say as I walk back into my bedroom.

“Okay. Firstly, Arch - BREATHE. Secondly - show me your outfit options,” Callum says as he sits down on my bed. Very briefly - that weird look is on his face again and he pokes the inside of his cheek with his tongue. Kind of like the way Deano Junior does sometimes. 

I hold up my grey Jurassic Park "Clever Girl" t-shirt and Calum pulls a face.

“What? He likes geeks!”

“Jurassic Park though? It just doesn’t feel very … first date-y.”

First date-y. Oh God.

“Does your mum know you’ve got a date?”

I wish Callum would stop saying the word date!

“Nope. She thinks you and me are going drinking. So if she asks you …”

“I don't feel comfortable lying to Mrs A. What are your other options? Clothes-wise?”

I look down at my outfit of jeans, white t-shirt and blue short-sleeved t-shirt. “This?” I say, scrunching up my face.

“This is cute!” Callum says, with a reassuring shrug. 

I adjust my glasses in the mirror as I look at my reflection. I sigh and my chest heaves up and down. “Why are my arms so thin?”

“Your arms have always been thin,” Callum replies, matter-of-factly. “Anyway, I thought this … Billy LIKED smaller guys?”

Why did he say the name “Billy” in that tone? Like, it was a dirty word or something? Sick of looking at my weedy reflection, I groan and flop down on my bed.

“But … what if he doesn’t like me, Cal?” I say, looking up at my bedroom ceiling and avoiding eye contact with Callum.

I feel him shift and then I twist my head to see my best friend lying down next to me. His head on the pillow next to mine.

“Just … be yourself. Your geeky, ginger … cute self.”

My chest does something weird. “Cute?” Did Callum just call me cute? I bite my lip and look back up at the ceiling.

“Anyway - what if you don’t like HIM?”

Huh. I never really thought of that.

“I should do something about my arms though. Maybe I should join Deano’s Gym?”

I look over at Callum who’s grinning at me. We both know that’s not gonna happen. The thought of someone like me in Brighton’s most notorious hardcore hellhole bodybuilding gym is ridiculous.

“Your mum would be so proud if you did!” Callum teases. 

“That reminds me - I have something to show you,” I say, sitting up and reaching for my phone in my pocket. 

“Remember that Ozzie guy from last night?” I ask as I go into the Instagram app.

“Hmmm. Let me think. Yes, he was somewhat memorable.”

I show Callum the video of Ozzie posing topless at Brighton station he posted to his Instagram this morning. I’m not gonna show him the multiple videos Ozzie posted of himself pumping up backstage at a bodybuilding competition in the sparkly purple trunks Callum put on his head yesterday. Or the ones of him bouncing his pecs. Or the ones Deano posted on his Stories of Ozzie stomping around on stage, grunting, groaning and roaring with every pose he hit. I’d be way too embarrassed to show Callum those. Probably because of the effect those kinds of videos have on me.

Callum’s grinning and shaking his head as he watches the video. “Where was the other one?” he asks, referring to Deano Junior.

I shrug. “Probably taking the video. I don’t really think he’s the type to be flexing his muscles topless in a train station.”

“I would totally do that if I were a bodybuilder.”

I grin wildly. “I know you would!”

Callum grins back at me. Sometimes I still can’t believe we’ve only been best friends for two years. Other times I can’t believe we’re friends at all. Even before the sixth form, when me and Cal weren’t friends, I always noticed him. I always paid a little bit more attention to him than I probably should have. Maybe it was the gay thing. Me recognising him as being like me. But yeah - I always thought he was kind of cool and confident. Way too much so to wanna be mates with me. But here we are I guess.

“Cal … what am I gonna do if this happens when I'm in Durham?”

I look over at Callum. He’s got this weird, kind of distant look on his face. I don’t know what that’s about. I suddenly have a flashback to being in Deano’s room yesterday. Looking out of the window into the back garden.

“What? You mean if you have another gay crisis over a guy you’ve never met?” he says, lightly.

I stay looking at him, suddenly feeling stupid for texting him and asking him to come over.

“I’ll just FaceTime you, I guess,” Callum says.

I swallow. Neither of us speaks for a little while. It suddenly feels like there’s this weird atmosphere.

“Cal … what were you gonna say yesterday? In Deano Junior’s room?”

He’s not looking at me. He frowns a little and pulls a face. “Mmmm. Can’t remember now.”

He’s lying. I know he is.

“Sorry,” I say. “For, you know … making you come over.”

Callum furrows his eyebrows. “You didn’t MAKE me come over! I could’ve just told you to fuck off and get a grip.”

I smile at Callum. He’s smiling back. And now we’re just looking at each other. Time seems to slow down. A part of me wants to just stay here with Callum. Forget about this whole Billy Baxter date thing.

“I wish you were coming with me,” I say.

“I don’t think that’s how dates work, Arch,” he says, smiling at me. “Film night tomorrow, yeah?”

“Of course,” I reply. 

Every Sunday night is film night for me and Callum. He comes over to mine and we sit and watch a film on one of our laptops, alternating weeks to choose the film. Tomorrow night it’s Callum’s turn to choose. 

“So …” he says, suddenly sitting up and breaking the moment. “Did we decide on the shirt and t-shirt combo?”

“Ummm. Yeah. I suppose!” I say, rolling my eyes. 

Callum smirks and shakes his head at me. Seriously though - I really don’t know what I’m going to do when me and Callum go to separate universities in September.

Half an hour later and I’m walking to the bar I’ve arranged to meet Billy Baxter at. I’m nervous as hell the whole way there. But when I start to get closer to the bar, my body goes into a whole new level of nervousness. My heart is literally hammering in my chest. This is ridiculous!

When the front of the bar’s in sight, I start looking for a guy in a white vest and red cap - his common outfit for his gym pics. I half expect him to be standing there flexing his biceps with his head tilted to one side and his tongue sticking out (his signature pose). But there’s no one here. Which means I’m here before he is. And I have to stand here by myself looking like a dick getting increasingly more nervous. Fucking great.

Two guys walk past me and into the pub. One of them giving me a conspicuous look. God - am I really that nervous that a passing stranger can tell?

I check my phone. It’s 8:04. He’s late. No messages. What if he’s standing me up? And then I have a horrible thought. Oh God. What if he’s a catfish? And then an even more horrible thought. What if it’s someone I know? What if someone I know is taking the piss? Like, haha, Archie - as if a guy that cute with biceps that big would ever be interested in you? Skinny little geeky ginger you?

And at the thought of that being true - a fucked up part of me feels relieved. That I wouldn’t have to subject myself to this date. That I could just go home and pretend this whole thing never happened and just go back to watching Instagram videos of my mum’s boyfriend’s hot bodybuilder son and his even hotter bodybuilder mate. Knowing that there’s very little chance that any type of muscle guy will ever be interested in me.

But then … oh my God. Wait - someone tall and built in a tight blue t-shirt is walking towards me. Is that HIM? Holy fuck. This is him! And he’s … fit! Really fit actually. Better looking than in his pictures. How did I not realise how tall he was? He must be at least six foot one. Strong features. Clear skin. Blonde hair. He kind of looks like a posh boy. And the arms. Holy fuck. Okay - we’re not talking Ozzie and Deano levels of huge but they must be twice the size of mine. How is this guy here for a date with ME?

Something flickers across his face when he spots me and my stomach clenches. I’m not really sure what it is. Nerves maybe? Or something worse. Disappointment? Am I not what he was expecting? Does he like small geeky lads but didn’t quite realise I’d be THIS small and THIS geeky? Even though my pics on Instagram are a pretty good indication of what I look like in real life, now that he’s seen me in the flesh, does he not think I’m quite as “cute” as he told me he thought I was on multiple occasions?

“All right?” he says as he gets to me, his face relaxing slightly and one corner of his mouth curling a little smirk.

I say all right back (my voice not hiding my nerves) and we head inside, me trailing behind him, a good view of the modest lats peeking underneath the t-shirt of my “wannabe bodybuilder” date from Instagram. Things feel kind of awkward. I guess that's normal at the start of a date? At least for the ones I’ve been on.

He orders me a drink - the barman giving Billy the eye. And all these thoughts are racing through my head. That this is a disaster. That he doesn’t like me. That I’m gonna be relaying what a shit show this whole thing was and how much of an idiot I was to think a guy like billy_baxter_biceps would ever be interested in me to Callum when we have our movie night tomorrow. But then … as we’re picking up our drinks and getting ready to move away from the bar, Billy momentarily places his hand on my back. Ever so gently. And even though it’s such a small thing, it makes my whole body feel like it’s been set on fire.

I follow Billy Baxter to a corner table where he sits opposite me, looking decisively more relaxed than he did outside the pub earlier. I’ve definitely noticed a few heads turning. It’s not just Billy’s arms that are gym pumped and impressively meaty. His shoulders are broad. His chest is visibly developed under his blue t-shirt. There’s no mistake. He’s a gym bunny through and through. I have no idea whether he’ll actually become a bodybuilder (my inkling is probably not but who knows?) but he’s still packing an impressive physique. Hell - I’d be more than fucking happy with that physique. He weirdly reminds me of a bigger and more toned Callum.

“Are you a bit nervous?” Billy asks with a smirk. I feel immediately defensive and guarded. Do I really want to openly admit that I’m nervous?

“Mmmm. Before I met you, a bit. Maybe.”

His eyes fall to his drink, probably thinking how much of a fucking bullshitter I am.

“I thought maybe it was the biceps? Sending you into a flutter.”

Fucking hell. Billy’s mouth curls into a cheeky little grin and now I’m smiling like crazy and probably blushing a bit too. And we’re smiling at each other. And it feels like a moment. And I’m very aware of his gym-pumped arms right now.

He asks me how my weekend’s been and I feel both nervous and excited as I tell him about the barbeque at my “mum’s boyfriend’s” house, knowing that this could lead to a whole other bunch of questions.

Billy nods at first, not seeming to register what I’ve said. And then it dawns on him. “Wait - you mean Deano?!”

I try to cover up my smirk by poking my cheek with my tongue which reminds me of Deano Junior again and nod my head.

“I can’t believe your mum’s going out with Deano from Deano’s Gym.”

He says it sort of casually, but I can tell he’s impressed. 

“His son was there as well. Last night.”

Billy’s eyes widen. “What, the Pocket Rocket guy from Montgomery? He’s a tank!”

“One of his mates from uni was there too,” I tell Billy. I get my phone out, feeling a heady rush of excitement as I load up Seth “Ozzie” Osman’s Instagram profile. Something I usually only do in the privacy of my own bedroom. And definitely not in public. On a fucking date!

I hand Billy my phone. “It was this guy.”

Billy’s eyes widen as he looks at Ozzie’s profile and I can’t help thinking how much cuter he looks in that moment. “Wow!” he says, transfixed by my phone.

“I can’t wait to be that big,” he says matter-of-factly.

Okay - that’s … fucking hot!

“So you had a good night then?” he teases, as he hands me my phone back. I try not to smirk so much again. “Mum’s boyfriend took this,” I say, opening up the photo of all of the guys flexing their biceps in the garden and showing it to Billy.

“Awesome. Who’s the dweeb in the front?” he says, matter-of-factly, referring to Callum.

My stomach tightens sharply. I don’t respond.

“He’s quite cute, actually,” Billy says, still referring to Callum.

Ummm. Okay? I get another weird feeling in my stomach.

“I should’ve gone to Montgomery. Imagine how big I’d be now?”

His mouth briefly curls into another cheeky smirk. Like he knows what those comments are doing to me. And I’m starting to forget his earlier dig at Callum.

“How do you survive? Being surrounded by all these jacked bodybuilders?” he asks, handing me back my phone.

I fail to cover up my smirk, feeling both embarrassed and this unexpected rush. I swear I might be blushing a bit. It feels kind of horny being with a guy who KNOWS what shredded muscle lads in shiny posing trunks do to me. A guy who’s both muscular himself AND potentially fancies me.

He asks me if I want another drink. I say it’s my round but he brushes me off and insists he’ll buy it, then leaves me sitting by myself, still feeling that rush of excitement, both at how the date is going and the thought of what might happen next.

I get my phone out, half tempted to text Callum and give him an update, but probably leaving out the part where my date referred to him as a “dweeb”. But I resist, thinking that it might somehow jinx the evening if I did.

I look up to see two pretty boys whispering to each other and giving me these bitchy judgemental looks and my stomach churns. Because I know what they’re saying. What is that fit muscle guy who’s currently turning heads at the bar doing with a guy like YOU?

I go back to my phone, trying to ignore the urge to run out of the pub, delete the Instagram app from my phone, hide under my duvet and stay there forever.

Billy comes back with the drinks. I half expect him to ask me what’s wrong. But he clearly hasn't noticed my shift in mood. “Think I’m getting a few looks,” he says matter-of-factly. “I mean - I’m pretty much one of the best looking guys in here.”

Ummm. Okay? He says it so straight. Like he’s stating a fact. There’s no irony there. Nothing to suggest he’s being cheeky or playful. But then - I guess he IS kind of right. 

He starts talking about university and his law degree and how he’s planning to move to London after graduation. When I tell him about Durham and my English Lit degree he doesn’t really respond. Maybe he’s one of those people who thinks doing such a degree is a waste of time.

“Do I look like my Instagram pics then?” he asks, sipping his drink like he’s trying to play it cool.

I furrow my eyebrows. “Yeah. Deffo!” I reassure him. “Do I?” I ask, my stomach suddenly twisting.

“You look EXACTLY like your Instagram pics!” 

I nod and bury my face into my drink. When I look up he’s smirking and the atmosphere shifts again. 

I look over to the spot where those two bitchy pretty boys are. They’ve got their backs to us, no longer looking over.

“I was a bit worried,” I say, suddenly feeling vulnerable.

“About what?”

I shrug. “Dunno. Didn’t know if I was like … TOO slim?”

Billy full-on smirks and shakes his head.

“It’s the size difference I like,” Billy says, his eyes falling to my arms. I nod, not knowing what to say.

“Like … look at your arms compared to mine.”

I bite my lip, not quite knowing what to think of that. Or whether I’ve just been insulted. I feel like I’ve been insulted? But then …

“It's kinda turning me on,” Billy says.

What the fuck? My dick starts swelling instantly. I bite my lip, smirk and nod. Billy’s smirking back at me. This sexy smirk. I feel his knee push up against mine under the table. Oh my God!

“I take it you’ve never been with a muscle guy?”

I shake my head and bury my head into my drink glass again. “Might have to do something about that,” Billy says. “I love flexing my biceps for skinny geeks.” He sits back and puffs his chest out.

Fuuuck. Is this happening? His knee is still pressed up against mine again. My hard on’s juddering in my jeans. Billy Baxter Biceps actually fancies me. This fit wannabe bodybuilder is flirting with me. Suggesting to me that he wants me to feel his flexed biceps. The biceps currently staring at me from across the table. Those thick meaty arms he loves to flex while sticking his tongue out for his Instagram posts.

“Do you want another drink?” I ask.

Billy wrinkles his nose and pulls a face. “Could do. Or you could come just back to mine?”

And with that, all of my insecurities vanish. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything more.

When we get to the student house Billy lives in, he grabs my hand and leads me straight upstairs. I guess I’m not gonna be meeting his housemates then. 

When his bedroom door closes he makes an "Mmmm," sound, wraps his arms around me and my arms go around his meaty back. The feel of his modestly pumped back muscles making me swell instantly. God - this feels SO fucking nice.

He untangles his arms from around me and looks at me straight-faced. “Are you ready to worship the biceps of a future shredded muscle God?” 

Bloody hell.

“Ummm …”

“Get on the bed, you scrawny little nerd!”

What the - I’m kind of taken aback by this and the general shift in tone, but I’m just gonna go with it. I mean … I’ve been called worse things, to be honest.

I sit on the bed and watch Billy Baxter peel his blue tight-fitted t-shirt off. And now this wannabe bodybuilder is standing over me shirtless. Okay - he’s not a super jacked shredded Montgomery University-attending monster. But his pecs are toned. I can see abs coming through. His physique is pretty gorgeous really. He looks down at his physique, brings his arms together and tenses a little and for a second I almost want to laugh. I guess I’m just so used to seeing actual bodybuilders flexing. But then he brings his arm up and flexes the biceps in his right arm and WOW - I’m definitely not laughing now. My hard on judders in my jeans as Billy’s impressive biceps muscles pop and bulge. 

“GRRRR! I need to get fucking BIGGER!” he barks.

FUCK! Hearing him talk like that while flexing is so bloody hot.

“Wanna feel these biceps, geek?”

“Yeah!” I nervously whimper, partly embarrassed, mostly aroused like fuck.

“Good!” he says in an assertive tone. “Now lie down.”

I shift on the bed and obey Billy’s orders. He climbs onto the bed and onto my thighs and crotch so he’s sitting on top of me. “Fucking worship these biceps, geek!” he orders as he lifts both arms up and flexes into a front double biceps with a growl. My hands wrap around the ball of bulging biceps muscle and HOLY FUCK. It feels so hot. It’s like marble to the touch.

“SQUEEZE ‘EM!” he barks. I do as Billy says, digging my fingers in harder. He flexes harder in response and growls. Then he lets out a “YEAH!” and sticks his tongue out. Exactly like he does in his Instagram posts in that kinda douchey but fucking hot manner. 

He puts both hands behind his head, his biceps bulging on either side of his cute face, my hands still exploring the muscle. “I just wanna get fucking HUGE!” Billy exclaims. “Be a FREAK!”

I smile like crazy. Then for the first time, he leans into me and kisses me hard. It’s so forceful that it’s kind of awkward. And it feels very … wet. It’s like he doesn’t quite know how to control his mouth. Or his tongue. But it doesn’t deter from how fucking horny this whole thing is (I’m gonna let the scrawny little nerd comment slide). 

And now Billy’s on top of me. His gym-toned body pressed against my fully clothed one. He peels off my shirt and t-shirt and I momentarily panic. But his facial expression doesn't change when he sees my naked body. He doesn't look disappointed. He doesn't look turned off. 

He reaches for my belt buckle, undoes it and starts popping open the buttons of my jeans. I sink my head into Billy’s hot neck as he gets my cock out and squeezes it. Fuuuck. 

“Want me to flex again, geek?” he asks, my now exposed cock juddering.


Still lying on top of me, Billy brings one arm up, his face contorted into an outrageously cocky expression and he flexes hard with a hushed, “YEAH!” in my face. And in that moment he really looks and seems not like a wannabe bodybuilder but a PROPER fucking bodybuilder. It’s such a fucking hot image. I squeeze the biceps hard.

He looks at his flexed arm, purses his lips and exclaims, “God I love flexing! Just need to get these biceps fucking BIGGER!”

I groan as I squeeze harder and he smirks in response.

“You like feeling my biceps, geek?”

“Yeah!” I pant.

“GRRRR!” he growls, pumping the muscle into another flex. I groan as the muscle explodes underneath my fingers.

“Squeeze those biceps, boy!”

I’m gripping on, squeezing harder, and then I feel Billy’s hand around my hard cock and I groan with pleasure.

“You gonna cum over my muscles, geek?”

“Yeah!” I pant as he continues to pound on my cock.

He growls again and flexes his biceps. “Just wanna get HUGE!” he says while flexing. My hand gripping on again as he continues to pound my cock. “Gotta be a FREAK” …. flexing, grunting, pounding my cock … “Shredded! Monstrous! Flexing on stage!” … still flexing, still squeezing Billy’s biceps, still pounding my cock … “Huge pecs. Shredded abs. Massive fucking glutes!” …  “Oh God!” I cry, feeling closer to cumming … “You gonna fucking worship me when I’m a monstrous fucking muscle freak?” … “Oh God! Fuck yeah!” … “GRRRRR!” Billy cries while flexing hard … “The biggest fucking monster to ever walk the Earth. A roided fucking GOD” … “Oh God! Billy … I’m gonna” … “GRAAARRR!” the muscle explodes under my fingers as Billy the wannabe bodybuilder roars in my ear and, “OH GOD! OH FUCK! ARGGHHH!” I scream as waves of ecstasy go through me and ropes of cum fly from my cock as I grip on to this insanely hot muscle lad’s biceps.

I grip on to Billy, laughing in post-orgasmic pleasure. Billy Baxter has just made me cum. By flexing his muscles with the sexiest attitude and saying the hottest fucking things to me. A muscle guy just made me cum. And all I had to do was be myself. My geeky, ginger self. I guess Callum was right after all. 

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MA, it was GREAT!   Love the muscle-size difference in your terrifically written sexy story of the very hot, very cocky, handsome muscle-dude flexing for our geeky skinny muscle-admiring protagonist.  But something tells me that even though Billy can provide some nice muscle-worshiping for Archie, Callum is future boyfriend material for him.   Bring on chapter 3 soon, please. 

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Great chapter Mate! As always, a pleasure reading it and following the characters journey. I can’t wait to see where you take this story.

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I love hoq you make your characters have different personalities and it doesnt look like you are telling the same story over and over again.

Its the first time i think i have read about one of the characters actually getting off of their own body, loving his muscles and being open in his kinks. Do i suspect Billy wouldnt object to a trio with Callum joining in? That would make Archie crazy.


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MA, you so such a fine job of capturing the mind-blowing lust and excitement of real, true, hands-on muscle worship – from both sides of it.  How much Billy gets into the feel and gut-level urge to flex and strain and show off so long and hard until his muscles might rip themselves apart.  How much Arch craves the weight and thickness and strength and heat of those muscles in his grip and lying spread across him.  Oh man.  You are the master, MA.

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On 9/19/2022 at 6:16 PM, DennisFLL said:

MA, it was GREAT!   Love the muscle-size difference in your terrifically written sexy story of the very hot, very cocky, handsome muscle-dude flexing for our geeky skinny muscle-admiring protagonist.  But something tells me that even though Billy can provide some nice muscle-worshiping for Archie, Callum is future boyfriend material for him.   Bring on chapter 3 soon, please. 

Thanks, Dennis. I'm glad you're still enjoying it. ☺️ Hmmm. I think Callum might have to make a few changes though. Come on Cal, mate - you know what you need to do. Hit Deano's Gym. Get seriously jacked up. Style your hair into a mohawk and dye it purple. And since it's one of my stories, he'd probably have to buy Archie some kind of hoodie too. 😆

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On 9/19/2022 at 7:24 PM, BrzNLA said:

Great chapter Mate! As always, a pleasure reading it and following the characters journey. I can’t wait to see where you take this story.

Thanks, matie. Only one more chapter left of this but fingers crossed you'll enjoy it.

On 9/19/2022 at 9:32 PM, Ozymandias said:

Basically, Billy is hot but a twat.

Get Cal in the gym and on the roids, Archie!

See above comment! 😅 I wonder what Deano would make of Billy? 🤭

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