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Three Days of Archie: A Short Muscle University Story


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On 9/20/2022 at 3:49 AM, Ro20316 said:

I love hoq you make your characters have different personalities and it doesnt look like you are telling the same story over and over again.

Its the first time i think i have read about one of the characters actually getting off of their own body, loving his muscles and being open in his kinks. Do i suspect Billy wouldnt object to a trio with Callum joining in? That would make Archie crazy.

Thanks, matie - I think there's always the risk of having characters too similar to ones from previous stories and it's something I'm conscious of so I appreciate that comment! 😘

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On 9/21/2022 at 5:45 PM, crushme99 said:

MA, you so such a fine job of capturing the mind-blowing lust and excitement of real, true, hands-on muscle worship – from both sides of it.  How much Billy gets into the feel and gut-level urge to flex and strain and show off so long and hard until his muscles might rip themselves apart.  How much Arch craves the weight and thickness and strength and heat of those muscles in his grip and lying spread across him.  Oh man.  You are the master, MA.

Haha - thanks, mate. I'm glad you enjoyed it! And Billy's only a wannabe bodybuilder. What would he be like if(/when?) he blew the fuck up and got seriously jacked?!  😏

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Things I had never done before this weekend:

        1) Held the insanely sexy purple posing trunks of a recently turned pro bodybuilder and recent Montgomery University graduate in my hands

        2) Watched Callum flexing his modest-sized biceps while topless with a group of bodybuilders and muscle lads

        3) Met a fit-as-fuck wannabe bodybuilder with an impressive physique and some seriously awesome biceps for a date

        4) Touched, felt and squeezed those very awesome biceps as that very wannabe bodybuilder said the most outrageously horny things to me (“I just wanna get fucking HUGE!”) before he made me cum

        5) Woke up in bed next to that very fit-as-fuck wannabe bodybuilder!

I feel like I’ve been lying awake in Billy Baxter’s bed for ages. Just waiting for him to wake up. He’s lying with his back to me. Fast asleep. I keep wondering what’s gonna happen when he wakes up. I keep imagining him turning around, wrapping his big arms around me and bringing me in for a cuddle before kissing me. A much better kiss than last night.

When he finally does spin around to face me, the corner of his mouth curls into one of the same sexy smirks he was giving me last night on our date. 

“All right?” I say. 

“You took your glasses off,” he says, squinting at me. “Mmmm. Prefer you with them on,” he says matter-of-factly.

Ummm. Okay? Should I put my glasses back on?

Billy brings his left arm up and flexes his biceps. His eyes go to the impressive muscles bulging from his arms and he arrogantly purses his lip. Then he looks back at me and gives me a mischievous smile. The whole thing is just so fucking horny.

“So what’s the plan for today, geek?”

I tell him about film night with Callum. How it’s our Sunday night ritual. Billy gives me a half-hearted nod in response then turns away and pulls a sort of bitchy face. Unless I completely imagined that? He tells me he’s going to the gym. That it’s leg day. Then makes me instantly swell by telling me he can’t wait until his legs are so big that they rub together when he walks, like a “proper bodybuilder”. 

Billy sits up and grabs his phone. I lie there and watch his bare biceps, awesome round shoulders and toned chest as he plays with it. “What do you think of this guy?” he says after a while, handing me the device.

I’m looking at a picture of a handsome brunette muscle guy in blue shorts flexing his biceps for the camera in a bathroom. “Mmmm. He’s fit.”

Billy takes his phone away, an almost smug grin on his face.

“Who is he?” I ask, my stomach suddenly tightening.

“Some guy I’ve been chatting to on Grindr,” he says casually without looking up.

Erm. Okay?

“Oh right,” I say. I realise how my voice sounds. Flat and a little jealous. But isn’t this a bit weird? He’s lying in bed with a guy he went on a date and had sex with the night before and he’s showing him a picture of another guy he’s been chatting to on Grindr. I’m pretty sure that’s NOT normal.

“We're trying to sort out a meet.”

All of my insides tighten sharply. Seriously - what the hell?

“I … thought you liked small, geeky guys?”

“Yeah, I do! I like muscle guys too though. Obviously! This guy would be like ... a proper date.”

A PROPER date? I feel like I’ve just been kicked in the stomach. “So what the hell was that last night?” That’s what I WANT to say. But I don’t. I've never liked confrontation. I think I’m also a little scared of the answer I might get back.

“Oh right,” I mumble. I can hear the hurt in my voice. I’ve never been great at hiding my true feelings.

Billy looks up from his phone and at my face and something flickers in his expression. Like he’s realised what he’s said. And why it might have bothered me. He looks a little awkward.

“It’s just … types, isn’t it? Like … I like being with skinny guys and flexing for them, but if I was gonna go out with someone properly, like a boyfriend - it’d have to be with someone in the same league as me.”

I feel like I just got the wind knocked out of me.

“Like a muscle guy. Or a bodybuilder.”

So he’s basically telling me that he’s out of my league. That he can do better than me. That I’m good for a fun shag. Someone to admire his biceps. But I’m not good enough to be his boyfriend.

“Maybe you can come round and worship both of us?” Billy continues, his mouth transforming into a self-satisfied grin. Like he thinks that comment might actually make me feel better. Which it doesn’t. At all.

Not long after we’re both out of bed and full dressed. He’s made no attempt to kiss me or be affectionate with me since we woke up. But as I’m standing at his bedroom door, he walks up to me and wraps his arms under mine and around my back. Much like he did last night before he flexed for me and made me cum. I grip on to Billy Baxter's gym pumped back tightly and sink my face into his shoulder. I feel like I want to cry. How can something feel so nice and so fucking awful at the same time? 

“One last flex,” Billy says when he releases me from his grip, bringing his right arm up and into a flex. He releases a little, “GRRR,” and I manage to give him a little smile, trying to ignore the horrible feeling of utter despair. 

We climb down the stairs and I hear voices in the living room but, again, I’m not introduced to anyone. Then I say bye, turning away from the fit wannabe bodybuilder with the awesome biceps who I’ve been chatting to on Instagram and excited to meet in person for weeks who I now know definitely WON’T become my very own secretly geeky wannabe bodybuilder boyfriend who’s cute and funny and makes me laugh. And who I have loads in common with. Who I can have film nights with. And cuddle up to while watching horror films. 

Was I stupid to ever think that would ever happen? Probably. I feel this heady mix of emotions as I walk home. I keep telling myself that maybe I’m looking at the whole thing wrong. That last night I got to feel the seriously hot biceps of a fit guy while he told me how much he wanted to be a monstrous muscle freak before making me cum. That that was one incredibly hot fantasy-fulfilling situation. But I still can’t shake the crushing disappointment over what happened this morning. Billy showing me that pic of the hot muscle guy who he's meeting for a “proper” date. Him basically telling me that he is out of my league. And that the chances of us ever being anything serious are practically zero.

When I get home I crash on my bed. I’m half tempted to text Billy, asking him if he wants to meet up again. But something stops me. Maybe it’s the thought of sitting here waiting for a guy who clearly wants nothing more than sex with me to text me back. Or maybe I just have too much self-respect.

I lock my phone and fall asleep for an hour. I don’t feel any better when I wake up. I just feel this horrible sense of melancholy. I open up Instagram. That Ozzie guy has uploaded a picture of him and Deano Junior. It’s a selfie with Tower Bridge in the background. Ozzie is grinning. Deano Junior a little less so - but they look happy. It’s so different from Ozzie’s usual posts. And there’s a caption about how one person can really ignite your passion for life. And as I sit here reading it, I’m pretty sure he’s talking about Deano Junior and it’s so sweet that it actually makes me well up a little. 

And then my phone beeps with a text. It’s from Callum.

How did it go??

My stomach twists at the sudden reminder of what happened this morning. I text him back.

Erm. It was pretty good. (Sort of!) I’ll tell you tonight.

When Callum gets here, I jump up from my bed but my mum beats me to answering the door. I open my bedroom door and internally groan as I hear my mum saying, “Oh good. Maybe you can cheer him up. He’s been in a right bloody mood all day!”

Yeah. Thanks for that, mum! 

I try and act normal as Callum enters my bedroom. He’s wearing his red Dom and Cole in the Land of Ug t-shirt which I love just as much as the blue Marvel t-shirt he was wearing yesterday. (To be fair, I love most of the clothes Callum wears.)

We say hi to each other as he gets his laptop out of his backpack and sits down on my bed. It’s funny. Before Friday I never really paid much attention to Callum’s arms. But yesterday and today, it’s like I’m suddenly noticing how nice they are. 

“You okay?” he says scooting on the bed next to me. “Your mum says you’ve been in a mood all day.”

I roll my eyes. “I’m fine! She’s just annoying me. As always.”

Callum nods and gives me a look like he’s not sure he believes me. 

“What are we watching?”

“The greatest horror sequel of all time,” he says opening up his laptop.

I flop my face on the pillow. “Scream 2 again?!” I groan.

Callum giddily grins as he loads up the film and places the laptop on the mattress in the middle of us. I stay sunk into my pillow, Callum lying next to me. He's not even been here for five minutes and I already feel better. 

“Why do I know pretty much every line of dialogue of this film that’s coming next?” 

“Because you’re a gay and gays love Scream.”

As soon as the opening part is over and Jada Pinkett Smith’s character has been killed, Callum asks the question I’ve been dreading.

“So … are you actually gonna tell me how last night went?”

He says it without looking at me. I don’t look at him either. “Mmmm. It was … good,” I lie.

And NOW Callum looks at me. His eyebrows are furrowed. I just look at him from my pillow.

“OKAY …” Calm says, pausing the film. “What went wrong?”


Calum gives me a look. “Arch - I know you. Something obviously happened. Why else would you be in this mood?!”

“What mood?”

Callum raises his eyebrows and glares at me.

I groan. “FINE! It was nothing, really. So … we ended up back at his. And it was … fun! But then ... ugh, I dunno. This morning, he showed me a picture of this muscle guy he’s been chatting to on Grindr.”

Callum screws up his face. “Okay …”

“And he said they were trying to arrange to meet up.” My stomach twists. I feel embarrassed mentioning this to Callum. “And that this guy would be like a PROPER date.”

Callum’s mouth drops open. “So what was YOUR date supposed to be?”

“And then he basically said that even though he likes small, geeky guys, if he was gonna have a proper boyfriend - it’d have to be a muscle guy. Or a bodybuilder. Someone …” I pause, almost not wanting to finish the sentence, “... in the same league as him.”

“WHAT?!” Callum cries. He sits up, closes his laptop and puts it to one side. “He actually said that to you?”

I bite the inside of my cheek, nod and look away from Callum. “I dunno. Maybe he’s right. Maybe I was stupid to ever think a guy like that could be interested in me.”

“A guy like WHAT? A total fucking dickhead, you mean?”

I look up at Callum, surprised at how irate he is. I also kinda love that he just called Billy a dickhead.

“Arch - do NOT listen to him. No one’s out of anyone’s league.”

“Mmmm. Okay,” I say, not convinced.

“No, I'm serious. God - what a knob. Why does he think he can get away with treating you like that? Arch - I know he’s kinda cute and his arms are quite big but God - you deserve SO much better than that guy.”

I look at Callum, surprised.

“I do?”

“Erm … YES?! Arch - don’t you see? You’re really sweet and funny and kind and clever and … you're cute!”

My chest does something weird. That’s the second time Cal’s called me cute in two days.

“You deserve someone who’s, like, obsessed with you. Someone who wakes up every day and just smiles to himself because his boyfriend is Archie Andrews.”

What the hell? Callum’s looking at me weird. There’s this atmosphere all of a sudden.

“Cal? What were you gonna say to me? On Friday night? When we were in Deano Junior’s bedroom?”

Callum takes a big sigh, his chest heaving up and down. “Oh God,” he says. “Okay … there’s something I need to tell you. I keep putting it off but …” he groans and puts his head in his hands dramatically which kinda makes me want to laugh. I bite my lip to stop myself.

“What’s going on?”

“Okay,” he says straightening his back up. “Have you ever told a lie that you didn't mean to tell? Like … it just came out spontaneously? And once the lie was out there, it was kinda hard to take it back?”

What the hell is Callum talking about?

“And you didn't even know WHY you lied," he continues. "Not at first. And then ... when you finally figured out why you did, it was way too late to take it back?”

“Ummm …” I think for a minute. “No?”

Callum shakes his head. “Of course you don’t!”

There's a moment's pause. Callum just looks at me.

“I lied about Durham.”

He bites his lip and waits for my reaction. I’m so confused.

“I got in!” he says, with a little shrug and a nervous half-smile.

Wait - WHAT?? Callum got into Durham University?

“You did?!”

Callum nods, looking embarrassed and sheepish.

“But … you said you didn't get in?”

“That would be the spontaneous lie.”

What the hell? Why would Callum lie about not getting into the first choice university we were planning to go to together? Unless … and then it hits me … he didn’t really want to go. Because of me.

I drop my eyes, feeling I’ve been winded all over again. “So why did you lie?” I can hear the hurt in my own voice.

“Because I wanted to see how upset you’d be.”

I look up sharply. “What? Cal - that’s ridiculous! Of course I’d be upset!”

“But … upset because your best friend didn’t get into the same uni as you? Or upset because …” Callum stops. His eyes drop from mine. And fall on my lips. And then … he lunges forward and KISSES ME. What the hell is happening? Callum is kissing me. Callum’s lips are on mine. His chest pushed up against my chest. My hand goes onto his back. And oh my God. My insides are going crazy. Because I’m kissing Callum! Me and Callum are kissing. And I don't want it to stop. Why does this so fucking good? Why does this feel so right? 

“Holy shit,” he says as we parts lips.

“I know!” I say. I’m still gripping on to him. We’re both smiling. “We just …” I mutter. “You just …. you kissed me!”

Callum gives a sheepish little smile. And oh my God. It’s so CUTE. I can't believe this is happening.

“Haven't you ever wondered whether we could be more than friends?” he asks.

“I …” I stop, not knowing what to say. I haven't if I’m being honest. Me and Callum? More than friends? Callum just kissed me!

“Well, I have,” he admits. We’re still close to each other. My hand is still on his back. “I think about it all the time. I think about YOU all the time.”

I suddenly feel like I’m about to cry.

“Because I’M obsessed with you, Archie Andrews. And I wake up and just smile to myself because I'm thinking of you. Because of all those things I told you you were before. Funny and sweet. And kind and clever. And cute! You’re SO cute! I don't care. I’m just gonna say it. No - I'm gonna shout it. I THINK ARCHIE ANDREWS IS CUTE!”

I laugh. “Shhh! My mum’ll hear you.”

“I don't care. And I know you like bodybuilders. And muscle guys. But I meant what I said on Friday in Deano Junior’s bedroom. I’ll go to the gym. I’ll get bigger arms. Bigger than … Billy wannabe twat face fucking Baxter. I’ll get huge if I have to. I’ll join Deano’s Gym. Or … fuck it, I’ll go to Montgomery University if I have to. Actually, no. I won't. Because YOU won’t be there.”

I don’t believe this. I can’t believe this is happening. Callum likes me. All this time he liked me? Was everything I was looking for right in front of my face. All this fucking time?

“This is a lot,” I say.

Callum’s face falls. “I know. I’m sorry, And I’m sorry for lying about Durham. If you don't feel the same, if you don’t think this could work, then we can just go back to being best friends and I’ll try to not be completely and utterly crazy about you. And try to ignore how fucking good that kiss was. But before you do, can I just do one more thing?”

Before I have time to reply, Callum brings his lips to mine and kisses me again. And it feels just as good - no, just as amazing and just as right before. I can’t believe this is happening.

Okay - so Callum’s not a wannabe bodybuilder. And he’s in no way "secretly" geeky either. (I mean - look at his fucking t-shirts!) But he’s cute. And funny. And he makes me laugh. And I have loads in common with him. He’s someone I can have film nights with. And cuddle up to watching horror films. Here in my bedroom. And at Durham University, which we’ll be going to together in September by the sound of things. And then there are his arms. I kinda love Callum’s arms! And then there’s THIS. This kissing. Which still feels so amazing. And still feels so right.

“Cal …” I whisper when we've stopped kissing, my hand still gripping his back. My forehead touching his. His lips so close to mine. “I think I feel the same.”


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Sweet very realistic love story, and of course written beautifully by MuscleAddict.  Thought that it may have begged for a sequel - would love to read about where Archie goes in life and how far Callum takes his bodybuilding dreams.  

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What a wonderful and - TBH - unexpected conclusion.  Our hearts my be made of muscle, but muscle isn't all that rules our hearts.

Congratulations on this story, MA - and "thank you."

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18 hours ago, dredlifter said:

Awww very cute.  I could tell there was something not quite right with Billy.  Too into himself. 

Cockiness shown by a bodybuilder regarding his muscularity is sexy to me in stories.  But the hurtful way he treated Archie is not at all acceptable.

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1 hour ago, DennisFLL said:

Cockiness shown by a bodybuilder regarding his muscularity is sexy to me in stories.  But the hurtful way he treated Archie is not at all acceptable.

Agreed.  He was using Archie as a tool for himself.  

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4 minutes ago, dredlifter said:

Agreed.  He was using Archie as a tool for himself.  

That sort of persons do exist in real life, I'm afraid. You can't blame @muscleaddict to be unrealistic on that point. 

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