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Azrael (Chapter 5 added 9/23/22)


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This is one really hot and unique story. Can’t wait to see how the guys transform over time, especially Will. His change in demeanor is just as hot as his growth. 

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6 hours ago, LorianofLothric said:

This is one really hot and unique story. Can’t wait to see how the guys transform over time, especially Will. His change in demeanor is just as hot as his growth. 

Glad you like! I think personality changes are so hot. We've got a few more of these in store ;)

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On 9/21/2022 at 9:27 PM, Ro20316 said:

Will has found something of a loophole. He grows muscle fast and has an incredible genetica maybe with this newfpund mass and strenght it will be easier to get bigger and Azrael will come was again offering another deal.


I've got some fun twists planned :) thanks for reading!

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Chapter 5: Matt


Matt was a god. He’d always been one, he now believed, demonstrated by the way his body had always added muscle with ease and in perfect proportion, complementing his beautiful, rugged face. And now, with the help of the stranger he’d met six months ago, his cock was quickly growing to godlike proportions. 

After he’d given up those first ten pounds, he’d earned them back easily. It was his job, after all, to pack on muscle. The second he’d returned to 270 lbs, he’d traded again. And again, and again. His dick was now 7 inches hard, and considerably thicker than before. His balls were enormous. The result was a heavy bulge when he put on his posing trunks. He’d had to buy new pairs as his endowment had grown, to accommodate his new size.

It seemed that reality had warped around his cock size. Now, when he googled ‘big bodybuilder tiny cock’ videos of him on stage didn’t immediately appear. He would watch old videos of him posing on stage and see his posing trunks full of much more than they had been before. It was intoxicating. And now that he was slightly above average, he wanted nothing more than to show off his body and his new cock whenever he got the chance.

The only thing stopping him from giving away even more muscle and getting even more cock was that he had a competition coming up in four months, and he needed to stay around 270 to remain competitive. Although it was difficult to add mass beyond 270–this had always been the upper limit of Matt’s weight—he had found that gaining back to 270 was relatively easy. After the competition, he was considering taking a year off. Dropping weight, maybe fifty pounds, getting a double digit cock, and then building his body back. 

Matt worked out at the only hardcore gym in town, and, like his cock, no one seemed to notice the changes to his weight. One Tuesday evening he arrived for a chest lift. He had been 269lbs the week before, and he was planning to make his final exchange of muscle before focusing back on his competition. It was chest day -- his favorite -- and with his headphones in he entered his typical state of hyper-focus. Benching, flies, cables. At the end of two hours his chest had never looked fuller or more swollen. 

Glistening with sweat, he took his shirt off right there on the gym floor, taking advantage of the quality lighting to assess his conditioning. His heavy pecs cast long shadows down his perfect abs, each a square brick of sinew and strength. His deltoids had been filled to the limit with blood, and as he flexed his bicep in front of himself, he admired the way waves of striations poured through them.

He enjoyed the stares he got. He was the biggest guy in the gym by a wide margin, and the men that watched slack-jawed as he flexed and relaxed the muscles on his giant frame caused his newly enlarged cock to harden slightly. When he turned from the mirror, shirt tucked into the back of his pants, he was shocked to see a body that rivaled his own

“Evening Matt.” 

It was Jackson Cheung. Though slightly shorter, he’d filled out his frame even further since Matt had last seen him. Jackson had always been a bit of a rival, but Matt was cordial.

“Hey man, good to see you.” He clapped him on his large delt. “What you doing out here?”

“I’m the guest poser at a show in town. Just here two days. Figured I could use a lift.”

“Right on. You finished?”

“Got a couple more sets, but you want to grab a bite after? I need to look nice and full tomorrow.”

They agreed to meet at a local cafe afterwards, one of those farm-to-table places that catered to fitness freaks. Matt was tempted to keep his muscle: he didn’t like the idea of spending an evening with Jackson as the smaller one. But then the memory of Jackson in the tanning room, when he’d seen Matt’s cock and said “can’t win them all” flooded his mind. He wanted to be sure he was the bigger man where it really mattered. Matt wondered how Jackson remembered that interaction, now that Matt was slightly above average.

Ultimately, his desire to have a superior cock won out. In the locker room, Matt stripped naked. Before Azrael, he would never have done this. Now, he made it a habit, taking his time putting his clothes on, taking long luxurious showers. He loved being naked. Tonight, he walked to the scale ass naked. It read 171 lbs, better than expected. He then walked to a urinal, relishing the feeling of his heavy quads shaking with every step, his large balls rolling between his thighs as his cock bobbed lazily in front of him. He’d always gotten stares, but that was when he had worn a towel around his waist religiously. Now, the sight of a massive, decently hung behemoth had most men in the lockers at least stealing glances. 

He took a long piss, flushed, then turned to the sink to wash his hands. He saw his imposing frame in the mirror, and with quiet excitement, he thought All right, Azrael. Take ten pounds.

He watched as his muscles decreased slightly in size. Again, with his tall frame and significant mass, ten pounds didn’t create a drastic change. But he felt the orgasmic rush of his cock unspooling. His balls felt heavier, his cock thicker and longer. And he’d done it, he was 8 inches. Well, not currently. Flaccid, his cock looked imposing. Hard, it would be officially above average. The thought began to arouse him, and he figured he would have to wait until later to admire his new proportions.

“Looking small,” Matt heard. Jackson had entered the lockers, covered in sweat, headphones around his neck, and he was looking at Matt’s lighter body. Matt turned to face his rival, ensuring that Jackson could see his cock. Jackson glanced down at it, and his eyes widened slightly.

“Oh damn. Maybe not that small after all.”

Matt smirked. He could feel his cock hardening, which even despite his newfound exhibitionism would normally be outside his comfort zone. But there was something in Jackson’s face that made him feel bold. It was a look of pure, unmistakable lust.

“Not like you haven’t seen it before,” Matt said. 

“True,” Jackson said. “That was in the tanning room at Southwest Regionals, right?”

“Not sure,” Matt said. This was a lie. He remembered every moment of Southwest Regionals. He’d won first place, but he’d been pissed the whole time after Jackson’s comment. He wanted to know how that event had changed, now that his cock was larger. “You had some smartass comment when I was getting sprayed, but I can’t remember what it was now…”

Jackson chuckled, “I think I said something about your dick being smaller than mine.”

Matt laughed, “Must not have gotten a good view, then.” He grabbed his junk in his right hand and shook it lightly at Jackson. A passerby in the gym nearly left his jaw on the floor as he accidentally caught a glance of Matt’s show.

“No, no. I got a pretty good look,” Jackson said. “Just, not many guys can match what I have.”

Matt felt infuriated, and intrigued. He couldn’t help it: his cock was fully erect now, throbbing in front him. He caught Jackson staring at it again.

“This might be crazy,” Jackson said, “But you want to skip dinner and come to my hotel?”

Twenty minutes later the two were stripping down on Jackson’s bed, pressing each other’s hard, muscled bodies against each other. It had been a long time since Matt had been with someone larger than him--there were few options, and fewer that were into men. The fact that Jackson, who had a girlfriend, was currently licking Matt’s pecs, was a complete surprise.

They pressed their bodies together, Matt’s hands on Jackson’s ass, Jackson’s lips on Matt’s biceps. They were both sweaty and virile from the gym. Eventually, Jackson wrapped his muscular hand around Matt’s throbbing cock, and for the first time Matt felt just how big he had become. He pulled Jackson’s sweaty underwear off of him, to get a look at his cock. 

Jackson hadn’t lied; he was huge. When Matt had seen him in the tanning salon, he’d looked big, but nothing extreme. But that was flaccid. Erect, his cock had to be close to 9.5 inches.

“Fuck,” Matt said. “You’re huge.”

“Hey man, you’re not too small yourself. But yeah, big everywhere I guess.” Jackson winked and raised both biceps. In Matt’s diminished state, they were indeed larger. 

Give it to me, Matt heard inside his mind. You can gain it back. Are you really going to let this asshole outshine you?

Matt tried to resist. But then Jackson said it, “I love being the bigger man. Can’t help it. Always have. Turns me on knowing that no matter how big your muscles get, I’ll always fill out my posers more than you”

Take it. Matt said internally. Take forty pounds.

The feeling was surreal. Matt hadn’t been under 225lbs for years, and to suddenly find himself so tiny was dizzying. Meanwhile, his cock felt like it was receiving the most incredible head he’d ever received, swelling larger and large, thicker and thicker, all while his balls grew to the size of tennis balls. When the feeling subsided, he looked down at his cock. It was a foot long, and thick as his wrist. Matt had never been so turned on.

“Fuck,” he murmured.

“Fuck is right,” Jackson said. “I can’t believe I’m seeing the famous package in person.”

Matt ignored this comment, though he was interested to know what Jackson meant by “famous.”

“Remind me,” Matt said. “When we were tanning before Southwest Regionals, what did you say?”

“I just told you,” Jackson said. “I said, ‘thought horses weren’t allowed to compete in this division.”

Matt laughed, and as he did so his massive member bounced in front of him.

“Not used to being smaller down there,” Jackson continued. “Pretty hot, I gotta admit. It’s a shame you lost all that muscle, though. Your body used to match your cock. But I do like being so much bigger than you.” Jackson bounced his pecs in front of him. Matt felt a wave of fury and arousal course through him

“Ass up, Jackson. Those muscles need a pounding.”

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I love the changes in POV.. it keeps us on the edge.

Matt's ability tonbuild muscle is great but now he had lost 50 pounds. Wil he be able to gained them back before his competition?

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Like this story too... I am favoring the story about Will.. how much bigger will he get? Then, also what's Azrael looking like?  He's getting the benefits...

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On 9/23/2022 at 9:34 AM, britmusclejock said:

Loving this story! Thank you.

So glad you like it! I didn't realize how fun it would be to get feedback in real time. Hopefully I can keep things interesting :)

On 9/23/2022 at 9:45 PM, Ro20316 said:

I love the changes in POV.. it keeps us on the edge.

Matt's ability tonbuild muscle is great but now he had lost 50 pounds. Wil he be able to gained them back before his competition?

Besides being my first muscle story, it's also my first story with multiple perspectives. Its been fun to write! And I'm excited for the narratives to start mixing.

On 9/25/2022 at 8:17 AM, benroc said:

Like this story too... I am favoring the story about Will.. how much bigger will he get? Then, also what's Azrael looking like?  He's getting the benefits...

Just you wait ;)

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Chapter 6: Quinton

For six months Quinton thought about Azrael, and for six months he resisted calling for him. Firstly, he knew it wasn’t real. No tall, muscular man with a huge cock had ever confronted him on the bathroom, and he certainly hadn’t briefly transformed Quinton into an alpha male for a few brief moments. He had been drunk, or lonely, or something, but that certainly had not happened.

Second, even if it had happened, Quinton wasn’t going to suck anyone’s dick. He liked pussy, and boobs, and girl’s butts. Although, he had never slept with a girl. And they never showed up in his porn searches.

So here Quinton was, a 23 year old virgin at yet another club, dancing and having a good time with the help of some Fireball shots, and getting rebuffed again and again by the women in the club. Deep down, Quinton was an alpha male. He knew it. He just needed everyone else to see it, and that started with finding a woman who would sleep with him.

As he got drunker, he started to care less about finding a woman. The music was loud and he found himself dancing near the front of the club, where the DJ was playing some buzzy house music. Two lesbians were making out in full view of the crowd, and Quinton felt a strange pang of longing.

“I want to apologize,” Quinton heard someone shout into his ear. He barely made out the words over the blare of the music. Quinton turned and saw the man from the bathroom, the one who had called himself Azrael. Only, he was even larger and more beautiful than before.

“Shit,” Quinton said out loud. He had to crane his neck up to see the man, who likely stood around 6’4. He had put on significant muscle, filling out his tight white t-shirt nicely. He had stunning eyes, and square jaw, and a beautiful sprinkling of stubble across his perfect face.

“Come outside with me?” the man shouted, and Quinton obeyed. Either he was drunk enough, or the authority that exuded from this superlative alpha made him compliant. He had never felt like more of a beta than now.

Outside, the cool air sobered Quinton up slightly, and the two walked side-by-side on the crowded streets of the weekend.

“As I was saying,” Azrael said. “I need to apologize. Last time we met, I asked you to suck my cock.”

Quinton winced at how casually Azrael said it. He was certain the people that flooded the street could hear him. Azrael continued:

“I got a little carried away. I’ve had my eye on you for some time, and I got ahead of myself.”

Quinton stared ahead, perplexed by what he was hearing. Was he hallucinating?

“So,” Azrael continued, “I‘d  like to reframe the parameters of our deal. I’ll give you the body of your dreams, and all you have to do is give me a kiss.”

Quinton laughed. This felt like some twisted fairytale.

Azrael stopped walking. They were standing in front of an old church, the epicenter of the weekend partiers about a block away now.

“As a reminder,” Azrael said, and he snapped his fingers. Quinton immediately felt his body erupt in size. He watched as he sprouted up towards Azrael, meeting his eye level at 6’4. His shirt rose up, and his pants and shoes became painfully tight. This pain was compounded as pounds and pounds of muscles began to fill out his frame. He felt it first on his traps, the way they started to bulge around his neck, then his chest, which grew heavy with pectoral muscles. He shivered as his nipples rubbed against the fabric of his shirt. His arms had already felt heavier, both because of their new length but because the muscle on each was growing rapidly, but suddenly they were pushed away from him as a wave of growth spread through his lats. His shirt ripped down the front, and before he could attempt to hold the scraps against himself against his heavy pecs and his naked torso, his ass swelled in size, ripping his pants down his newly gigantic quads. He was left standing in the street in nothing but his underwear.

“What the hell,” Quinton shouted, embarrassed. His voice was full and deep, manlier than it had ever sounded. His embarrassment only lasted a moment. He looked down at his abs, each a sizable brick on his stomach. Then noticed his bulge, which filled out the front of his underwear to a cartoonish degree.

“Don’t worry,” Azrael said. “No one can see us.”

Two people walked right by Azrael and Quinton, without even looking at the two gods, one clothed and one nearly naked.

“Go head,” Azrael continued, “Take a peek.”

Quinton didn’t hesitate. He pulled his underwear over his quads, straining to get the fabric to comply. When it resisted, he felt a wave of testosterone pour through him, and he ripped his underwear right off. His cock was huge.

He started to bone up at the sight of it, feeling his heavy balls. A bit of precum started to drip out of his dick.

“You like it?” Azrael asked, smirking.

“I do,” Quinton admitted.

“It’s just a kiss. Guys do it all the time.”

Quinton looked down at his body, every bulging muscle. He hadn’t seen his face yet, but he knew it would impress. He turned to Azrael, put his hand around his neck, and kissed his perfect face.

Quinton had never kissed a man before. The feeling was surreal. Unlike the few women he had kissed in the past, Azrael felt so much more solid. There was a degree of aggression reciprocated in the kiss, though it lasted only briefly, and Quinton was so overcome with how nice it felt for Azraels’s stubble to rub against his chin that he let out an audible moan.

And suddenly they were back on the dance floor at the club. Quinton was jarred by their sudden return, but looked down to see that his body was still the adonis it had been moment ago, only now he had a perfectly tailored shirt and skin tight pants on.

“Why did you bring us back here?” Quinton shouted, looking at Azrael. Well, Azrael’s lips--to be exact.

“We never left,” Azrael shouted back. “That all happened outside of time in an instantaneous--”

But Quinton was already kissing Azrael again. He knew people were staring, but he couldn’t help it; it felt like he was breathing for the first time, that if their lips parted he might suffocate. After several minutes of this, and two obvious and gigantic erections pressing against the front of their pants, Azrael asked, “Should we get out of here?”

“And go where?”

“Anywhere you like,” Azrael replied.

“Do you have an apartment nearby?”

Azrael laughed. “How’s this?”

He snapped his fingers and suddenly all Quinton saw were city lights. It took him a minute to get his bearings, but they appeared to be in a sort of modern, minimalist bedroom, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking an unfamiliar skyline and a large bay. The lights were off in the large bedroom, and the contours of Azrael’s body gleamed in the gentle light coming from outside.

“This looks like…”

“Singapore? Yes, the owners are away. I don’t think they’ll mind if we have some fun in their penthouse.”

Quinton kissed Azrael again as the wish-granter started to unbutton Quinton’s clothes, pulling the sleeves over his massive arms, sliding the belt out from around his tight waist. Once Quinton was completely naked, Azrael nonchalantly (and literally) tore his clothes off, casting them aside like a used paper towel.

Quinton looked at Azrael’s dick. It was huge, and thick, and bobbing slightly. It dwarfed Quinton’s cock, even with his new proportions.

“You wish you were bigger?” Azrael asked, “You’re packing 9.5 inches now.” He almost sounded disappointed.

Quinton looked down at his huge member. It was nearly twice as big as it had been before. His whole life he had wanted to be an “alpha male.” Now he was one, he figured, and yet he couldn’t help but wonder if this whole time he had actually been after something else.

“Can I…” he said slowly. “Suck you off?”

Azrael’ eyes widened, and then he smiled. “It would be my honor. But you have to promise not to swallow any of my cum. I don’t think you’re quite ready for that.” 

Azrael sat on the edge of the bed while Quinton slowly began sucking him off. He had never sucked a dick before, but he felt the same way about licking Azrael’s hard cock as he did about kissing him: he felt like he was quenching a thirst he never knew he had.

“This feel good?” Quinton asked. Azrael moaned and stroked his hair. “It feels incredible. You sure this is your first time?” Despite the thickness and the length, Quinton eventually had the cock in his mouth down to the hilt. From there, he began moving his head back and forth, slowly at first, then faster and faster until Azrael said, “Fuck. I’m gonna cum, Quinton.” He tried to push Quinton’s head back, but he wouldn’t let him, he kept sucking and sucking until Azrael unloaded surge after surge of cum.

It tasted incredible. Quinton couldn’t describe it. He swallowed as much as he could until it started to overflow out of his mouth and onto Azrael’s Adonis belt. Azrael sighed, and laid back on the bed.

“Here I am, trying to be a good guy,” he said. “And you go and do that.”

“Did I do something wrong?” Quinton asked, cum dripping down the sides of his mouth.

“No, no. Haven’t gotten head like that in decades. It’s just…”

And already Quinton could feel an intense wave of growth pouring through him, filling him with a mixture of pleasure and fear.

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Azrael was after Quinton but whatever reason we dont know yet. Is he looking for a partner? 

Quintom' size was Will's when everything started so will his size match or surpasse Matt's now?.

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