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Larry and Gary : The Coach and the Student


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Chapter One

"Come on, you can do this, Gary. Deep breaths, close your eyes if need be and push!"


"Yes you can, believe in yourself. You came to me with a request to become as big, strong and muscular as me and as your friend I took you on board. Now, come on, lift it!"


As Gary slumped forward in the shoulder press, he looked up at Larry and started to whimper "I'm a wimp, aren't I? Go on, tell me, I'm a wimp! All of those bullies in school told me I was a wimp, everyone in my home town calls me a wimp, so come on, out with it!"

As Larry gently patted Gary on the back he said, quietly, "No one is a wimp, least of you all. It's been a good twenty years since you last did any serious exercise. Becoming this strong doesn't happen overnight!" and with that he raised Gary's head and bounced his pecs with a cheeky smile.

As Gary managed a chuckle, Larry helped him up and said "This has been the first day of a long term plan. The fact that you admitted that following your career as a paid carer, looking after others instead of yourself, you need to get into shape was the first step. Listen, on the way back home, I'll tell you about how I got started okay?"

Gary nodded and after changing into their normal clothes, Larry downing three protein shakes in a challenge with the gym owner, the two clambered onto Gary's tandem and using his phone as a sat nav device the two headed back to Gary's home in the heart of rural Cambridgeshire.

"This is how I started" said Gary as the left the town the gym was located in, "Cycling, to and from my school every single day from when I was nine or so until I left school at seventeen. Eight years, six days a week come the hottest summers or the coldest winters. And do you know how far I cycled? Ten miles. That's right, twenty miles a day!"

"But that's 6,240 miles a year" exclaimed Larry to which Gary chuckled "How else did I have the base to build nineteen inch quads and fourteen inch calves" adding "Ooh, mind out, big hill coming" and as Gary changed the gears, the grunts of effort that came from him made Larry moan under his breath. He had known Gary for at least 15 years meeting him online in a bodybuilding forum, but when Gary asked to meet him in person five years later, Gary blew Larry's mind. He was ripped. He might have only stood about 5ft tall, and weighed a mere 146lbs but his musculature was so impressive that Gary, who had only wanted to photograph a muscular body instantly grabbed Larry's chest and moaned "Most muscular, my friend, most muscular like you have never most musculared before!" and feeling the pecs underneath his hands turn into boulders admitted that he wanted to be a bodybuilder like his friend but that his paid caring duties always got in the way.

But that was a decade ago, and thanks to the pandemic that had swept the world causing crisis in the paid caring industry, Gary had been laid off and now was a slob by his own admission. Standing 6ft tall, he weighed 258lbs and with a waist of 48 inches it was clear to everyone, even Larry, that he was way too big for his own good. So when he told Larry about what had happened and admitted that he had always desired Gary's magnificent physique, Gary invited him to spend two months with him at his own house in order to get him started and that journey had started the previous night when Gary, not usually one for posing despite his history, gave Larry his dream. A private posing demonstration and a chance to measure his physique.

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Chapter Two

"I seem to recall from our various chats online, that you were very much an 80's child, am I right?"

Larry nodded and said that during his school years, when it became very clear that he was not going to be as big and as strong as the other kids in his year, his heroes were almost the complete opposite to those of his peers. Whereas they liked Transformer toys, Dungeons and Dragons and Action Man, he was more likely to be found with his head in a book and therefore liked the animated versions of literature be that Dogtanian, a canine version of the Three Musketeers, or the series featuring Willy Fog, based on the tales of Jules Verne.

"I remember them as well" smiled Gary and rifling through his drawers produced a DVD of the series saying "Rigadon's strength is what got me, after all anyone who can operate a railcar from Fort Kearney in Nebraska to Grand Island, a distance of forty miles in around four hours using nothing but their arms, gets my seal of approval and as for the Dogtanian version of Porthos wrestling a bull and then performing an overhead lift of it...well, that certainly gave my manhood a good workout on many an occasion" and chuckled but that seemed to have the opposite effect on Larry as he said "I looked up to those two men, they were heroes to me, men endowed with physical strength far beyond my own and yet, I could never bring myself to admit I wanted to be that strong even though it was my deepest desire!"

"So you kept it hidden all these years?"

As Larry nodded sadly, Gary sat by him and said "Closet He-Man fan?" and as Larry nodded again, Gary smiled and took out a photo from his wallet and showed it to Larry saying "When I taught biology at school near Birmingham, they had a Halloween fancy dress ball one day and I went as him" and as Gary looked at the photo of Larry dressed akin to He-Man Gary added, "Won first prize for best staff outfit" and then jumped up adding "Now I wonder" and with that went into another room coming back a few moments later wearing a dressing gown and saying "You remember how I told you that I haven't really changed that much over the years? How I am still able to wear clothes that I could a decade ago? Well!" and with that dropped the gown to reveal...

"It still fits?" gasped Larry, "after nearly thirty years"

"It does indeed" and with that Gary hit a front double biceps and smiled "So, want to measure He-Man's physique? You'll find a tape measure in that drawer" and as Larry fetched the tape measure, Gary took off the breastplate and stood ready to be measured.

"You need not worry about height" said Gary, "I am 5ft exactly and weigh 128lbs" and with that Larry stood behind him and measured each of his muscles announcing the measurement.

"36½ inch chest, 11 inch biceps, 31 inch waist, 18 inch quads, 13 inch calves. Small yes, but you're a man" and with that Gary grabbed hold of Larry's chest and said "Flex, Gary, hit a most muscular then pretend you are He-Man and flex those pecs to destruction!".

Gary smiled as after taking several deep breaths, squeezed his pecs as hard as he could. As he did Larry moaned "Pecs, transforming into boulders of pure undiluted masculinity. Harder, Gary, grunt, growl, scream that phrase!"

"I HAVE THE POWER" roared Gary as he relaxed the pose and as Larry let go he moaned.

"Remembering last night are we?" chuckled Gary as Larry moaned behind him to which Larry said "Yes, sorry" and as Gary laughed out loud as they turned into the lane that led to his house he said "Don't worry, I enjoyed that flexing session, but tonight it is your turn. Let's see what your base is and how we can make you into a man by the end of this trip eh?"

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Chapter Three

"This is already further than I have ever been before" said Larry, as he stood before Gary in just his gym shorts, "The main reason I hated Games and PE was having to change into gym clothes in front of other people. People who, although the same age as me, were bigger, stronger and more powerful than me!"

"As I have said on a number of occasions" said Gary, reassuringly, "I am not here to judge" and with that picked up the tape measure and asked "May I?" to which Larry nodded adding "Tell me the worst!"

"First, step on the scales and lets see how heavy you are. As you are 6ft tall, you shouldn't weigh anymore than 85kg, that's around 187lbs or so, therefore the fact that you weigh 117kg, 258lbs is, and remember you have asked me to be honest on all ocasions, terrible. You are in line to have diabetes and possibly even cancer if you don't slim down soon, but that is what I intend to help you to do. You see, I have your best interests at heart. Now, raise those arms and let's see what your chest is like. 48½ inches, that's interesting, that for a person of your height isn't so bad, next arms, well, no problems there on the proportionality debate, both 15 inches around. Now, I think you can guess what I am going to say?" and as Gary wrapped the tape around Larry's waist s quiet "I'm too big around the middle aren't I?" greeted the measurement of "48 inches. Miles too big, but I will help you. That said, you do realise that you have a good base overall. After all, a set of 23 inch quads and 16½ inch calves for someone your height is very impressive. It's this you need to deal with" and with that gently patted the bulge around Larry's waist.

"Admit it" whimpered Larry, "I'm fat aren't |? I'm a slob! All those years caring for others when I should have been caring for myself. I'm a lost cause aren't I?" and as he started to snuffle, Gary gently patted his back reassuringly and said "Don't worry, how's this for a plan of action? By the time you leave here in two months time, I will help you get that waist down to 46 inches and your weight down to 240lbs. If I can then...then...then I shall pose naked for you. Mandatories and Free Posing!"

As Larry looked up, Gary chuckled "And I mean it as well" and Larry said quietly "You mean it? I'll be able to see what you usually keep hidden, but is evidenced by the bulge in your posing suit from time to time?"

"Provided you lose two inches off your waist and at least 20 pounds in weight!" smiled Gary, therefore tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn we are going for a long walk, don't worry, I know how much you like history and there is plenty of it here, therefore it will be an historical tour of the area around here. Therefore off to bed, long day ahead!"

As Gary climbed into bed that night, his mind was reeling. Could he really lose twenty pounds in weight and some two inches off his waist in just eight weeks? And with a prize of seeing Gary naked as well if he could manage it as well, that was something he had always wanted to see just to understand Gary's masculinity. Therefore it should come as no suprise to hear him moan "Gary, you're a real man" cross his lips as he drifted off to sleep.

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I like the premise of this story... seems realistic but with hot possibilities. Maybe it's just me being confused, but it seemed that the characters switched names (Larry/Gary) a few times.

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Chapter Four

"Come on lazybones, up and at them. We've a six hour walk to get in before breakfast! That's right, part of your new regime, you have breakfast at lunch and lunch at teatime which means no teatime, well, aside from several doses of protein shakes and bars that is!"

As Gary pulled off the sheets on Larry's bed, Larry moaned as he looked at his watch.

"But its six o'clock in the flipping morning!"

"Precisely,l the coolest part of the day" replied Gary, "just the right temperature to get your body warmed up for the exercise session after lunch. Don't worry, I won't push you too hard on your first day, just a mere three hours under a bar doing presses, incline, flat and decline!" and with that he grabbed Larry, still dressed in his night clothes and a few minutes later they were walking around the fields close to Gary's home where soon the difference in fitness became clear. Gary, who had only recently added track atheletics to his roster, was forging ahead, walking at close to four miles an hour where as Larry could only muster one mile an hour, and even that had regular pauses to catch his breath, so it should come as no wonder than after just an hour when Gary passed Larry for the fourth time Larry moaned "Please, no more, I know you are trying to help but I can't!" and with that slumped onto a nearby seat puffing and panting.

As Gary sat down besides him, he looked Larry up and down and taking hold of his wrist, closed his eyes. A few moments later he opened them and said "Oh, my goodness Larry, I had no idea" and taking a cloth from his pocket in his gym shorts waved it in front of Larry to cool him down adding "140 beats per minute, that's more than your training zone. I assumed when you told me that you went for regular walks you walked as fast as I did"

"I can only manage about 30 minutes to the mile" panted Larry, "admit it, I'm fat, I'll never be as big, strong and powerful as you are" and with that Larry collapsed into a pile of tears. As Gary gently patted him in sympathy he leaned in and said "May I tell you something that I have never told anyone before?"

"What?" sniffed Larry, "that you are also this region's champion gymnast, diver, swimmer and runner as well?"

"Well, I am yes" smiled Gary, "but..." and with that he looked around and whispered "Would you like to experience what it is like to be as big, strong and powerful as I am?"

As Larry looked up, Gary nodded saying "Don't tell anyone, but having a degree in Chemistry, Biology and Applied Physics does have it's perks" and with that gently heaved Larry onto his shoulders and said "Come on, we're off to my basement"


Half an hour later, Gary turned on the basement lights to reveal a wooden chair in the middle of the room and as he did he declared "The secret of my powerful frame!"

"A wooden chair?" replied Larry, "and how does that help?"

"Watch" chuckled Gary as he disrobed completely, sat down in the chair, took a deep breath making his chest inflate and then declared "Activate". As soon as he did manacles slammed into place around his ankles and wrists and a moment later a leather belt wrapped around his chest.

"Oh wonderful" sighed Larry, "you're a member of the e-stim brigade aren't you? Fine, where do you want the electrodes?"

"Oh no" smiled Gary, "I'm a member of the macro brigade. Watch!" and with that he took another deep breath, pushing the belt to its limit and declared "ARNIE!"

Instantly the chair started to glow and as it did Gary started to moan.

"Oh yeah, I love this feeling. I try and do it every single day if I can"

As Larry watched, his eyes bulged as Gary seemed to grow in front of him and he exclaimed "You're growing!"

"That's right" grunted Gary as the belt started to expand to accomodate his growing chest, "This is a machine of my own invention. It can make me any height I like and makes my body react in kind. I am now growing to be the same height as Arnie at his prime, 6ft 2, whilst still keeping my own physical dimensions" and with that me moaned adding "And my cock loves it even more!" and with that he closed his eyes as his cock, at least five inches flaccid in Larry's opinion, started to harden and grow in sympathy with the rest of him. After just a few moments, the chair stopped glowing and as the restraints were released Gary stood up and walked over to Larry and chuckled "Hello there, short stuff, how's the weather down there!" and bounced his pecs.

"But...that's..." stammered Larry his eyes focused on the bouncing pecs

"what 6ft 2 of raw. masculine, muscularity looks like" said Gary, and then grabbed Larry's hands and said "I know this physique backwards" and with that placed Larry's hands on his body reciting stats that he knew like the back of his hands.

"194lbs, around 88kg of mass, a 55 inch chest, just shy of Arnie in his prime, 17 inch biceps, a 47 inch waist of course I am off season at the moment but still that''s an 8 inch difference between waist and chest, not bad eh, 27 inch quads and 20 inch calves, comparable to Arnie even if I say so myself and as for muscularity" and with that he took a deep breath, gestured Larry to stand behind him, moved Larry's hands to his pecs and with a roar of "I have the power" hit a most muscular that caused Larry to moan "Boulders, you don't have pecs, you have boulders" which as Gary relaxed saw Larry stagger backwards in shock and land in the chair which activated. As Larry struggled, Gary turned around and smiled saying "Now, let me show you what I meant" and with that declared "GARY 2022" at which point the chair glowed and Larry screamed in terror.

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1 hour ago, CardiMuscleman said:

As Gary sat down besides him, he looked Larry up and down and taking hold of his wrist, closed his eyes. A few moments later he opened them and said "Oh, my goodness Larry, I had no idea" and taking a cloth from his pocket in his gym shorts waved it in front of Larry to cool him down adding "140 beats per minute, that's more than your training zone. I assumed when you told me that you went for regular walks you walked as fast as I did"

Now I really wanna know Gary's maximum heart rate 😍💪😉 His mighty heart pushed to the limit. 

Maybe Larry get's to hear Gary's loud, strong heartbeat at the end, when Gary flexes naked? 

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Chapter Five

"What's...What's happening to me?"

"Simple" smiled Gary as he watched Larry's tall frame start to reduce, "You're shrinking to the same height as I am usually, 5ft. And when you do, I shall be able to explain what you have to do. Now just sit back and let the bliss swell over you!"

As Larry struggled against the manacles and belt, Gary chuckled, "Oh, what's the matter then? Not kinky enough for you?"

"LET...ME...GO!" roared Larry as his voice seemed to raise in pitch slightly and a moment later he was released. As he stumbled forward into Gary, Gary picked up him and grunted "179lbs, easy, that's what I can leg press, if you want me to!"

"I'm not 179lbs, I'm 258lbs, you weighed me just..."

"Larry, Larry, Larry" smiled Gary, placing him on the ground, "You are now my height, 5ft tall, thanks to my invention I am now able to show you just how heavy you are. You are a full 51 lbs heavier than me and it's all fat. That's what you have to lose in order to look like me and that is what I intend to do. You see, when you admitted to me that I was your inspiration, I...well, let's just say I pushed myself. You see, just as you hold Rigadon and Porthos in awe, I too hold a cartoon hero in awe and yes, you've guessed it. It's He-Man. Just think Larry, do you know how muscular someone like me standing seven feet tall would be? It would be a sight to behold and that's what I want you to be. If you were able to lose the weight we had agreed to, I would do something I have never done before. Sit in that chair, completely naked, offer you the chance to sit on top of me being able to feel my cock underneath you and then turn us both into a couple of seven foot tall men" and with that Gary moaned

"We would both be demonstrations of men in the purest form of the word. You'd weigh 247lbs, have a 46½ inch chest, 14½ inch biceps, 46 inch waist, 22 inch quads and 16 inch claves and standing next to you, flexing my muscles with every fibre of my being I'd be...a literal god of a man" and as he reeled off his stats, his cock started to harden.

"250lbs, 71 inch chest, 22 inch biceps, 60½ inch waist, 35 inch quads, 25½ inch calves. Ooooh, I...I...I'm..." and with that he gritted his teeth, tore off his posing suit, grabbed hold of his cock and started to assualt the weapon grunting "Come on, Hercules, you know what I want to happen. Show Larry what it means to be a real He-Man" and as he rubbed it, his cock hardened even more until it stood nearly ten inches long and at least eight inches thick. As Gary slumped to the floor, he lifted his head to the ceiling and with a roar of "I HAVE THE POWER" came like a hosepipe.

As Gary gasped, the orgasm hiting him like a lorry, he collapsed backwards and as Larry cradled him Gary moaned "This is what I want from you Larry, you to become a man, like me. Larry, can you hear me? Larry? Are you alright?"

"Larry, are you alright?"

As Larry opened his eyes, he saw Gary leaning over him with a concerned look on his face.

"Oh, thank goodness. I woke up as I normally do about five and was going to wake you when I saw you fast asleep, then just a few moments ago you roared, almost like I do when benching 110kg as a one rep max and when I came in you were flat on your back in bed, hard as nails and breathing so hard I was worried that you were having a heart attack"

"I...I dreamed that you had a machine, that could make us grow and become men" and with that he sat up saying "Make me a man, Gary. I want to share in your power, strength and masculinity!"

"Sure" smiled Gary, "let's get some porridge and protein shake into you first eh?"

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Chapter Six

Over the next two months, Gary pushed Larry harder than Larry has ever been pushed before, and at the same time made a few odd requests. First, whenever he went to the gym, he had to wear a blindfold so that he couldn't see what he looked like and secondly, all the mirrors at Gary's home were either covered up or removed. There was method in Gary's madness saying "I know what I look like, I want you to forget what you used to look like" and thus that was the case for the whole of those two months.

And as for the training. They both woke up at the crack of dawn and after a bowl of porridge got on the tandem bike that Gary set so that Larry's gears were so much higher than his, they cycled to the gym a distance of ten miles, then after putting on the blindfolk, Gary would lead Larry into the section of the gym for that exercise session and pound him for two hours straight, followed by a protein shake. Then after another ten mile bike ride home, he then put him through his miltary days getting him to do as many pushups as he could until he collapsed, as many jumping jacks as he could until he collapsed, as many squats as he could until he collapsed and finished it off with as many dips as he could do before he collapsed, followed by another protein shake. Then, finally, to get him into the right frame of mind, he would put Larry through his posing training with each pose minutely executed and then repeated ten times with a final protein shake before bed only to wake up again six hours later. Yes, it was agony for Larry and he even went so far as to call it hell, but 56 days after arriving at Gary's and after the last of his exercise sessions, Gary produced a mirror and as Larry limbered up for his final posing practice, Gary removed the cover and gasped at what he saw.

"Muscles" he declared and instantly hit a front double biceps, puffing out his chest and sucking in his stomach. As he stood there, completely naked, taking in his size, Gary chuckled and said "Come here" and started to measure the man, for that is what Larry now was.

"Over the last two months, your height has not changed one bit, but your weight. Well, let's put it this way" and with that patted the startings of a six pack adding "How does 102.8kg sound?"

"You could bench me!" exclaimed Larry and as Gary chuckled with a "Perhaps" he started to measure the lad, still standing in front of the mirror holding the pose and breathing deeply as he did.

"50 inch chest, a gain of 2½ inches on when you started, 15½ inch biceps averaged, a gain of half an inch, your waist is 47½ inches down half an inch, but that's not surpring really, as the training you have been doing has been more muscle building in order to increase your metabolic rate but don't worry, it will get there, quads 23½ inches, up half an inch and calves 17 inches up another half inch, again all that walking you used to do means that you are unlikely to gain there!"

"Who cares?" moaned Larry, as he transitioned to a side chest, "I've got a proper set of pecs, muscle instead of fat, I feel powerful, I look powerful, I feel more like a man than I have ever felt in my life. Oh, Gary, thank you!" and with that he wrapped his arms around Gary and with a grunt of effort picked him off the ground.

"Who's become a right little He-Man?" chuckled Gary and as he said that Larry started to pant.

"Yeah" he moaned, "I feel like a little He-Man too. Big, strong, powerful, a man" and with that he lowered Gary and looking him straight in the eyes said "I am going to have a good dream tonight, you and me, strapped into that machine I dreamed about. Being turned into ten feet powerhouses, I would still be bigger than you but damn, all this new muscle flexing, posing, oh man I can feel it!" and with that his cock started to harden causing Larry to moan "I'm getting hard, I've never gotten hard at all in my entire life, oh please, Gary, pose naked with me, let's make our cocks cover this mirror with our masculine cum!"

"May I make an admission?" said Gary with a smile, "I've been keeping something from you. The reason that you dreamed about that machine is..." and with that he looked around and making sure it was just he and Larry said "...as you drifted off to sleep I told you that I had such a machine. It's in the basement and yes, I have now added another chair. You tell me how big you want to be and we can both become it!"

"He-Man!" growled Larry, his cock now fully hard, "The He-Man as shown on those streaming platforms. Ten feet tall, so muscular and powerful that no one could stop him" and with that he roared as he came covering the mirror with his cum. As Larry panted from the exertions, Gary chuckled.

"Two He-Men to go then?"

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Chapter Seven

"Oh yeah, I'm ready, are you ready Gary?"

"I'm always ready!"

With that the two men broke free of the chairs and standing tall, their heads just missing the roof of the basement, took a deep breath and with Gary's command of "Alexa, take a picture in ten seconds" hit their hardest most musculars. As the camera counted down, they gritted their teeth as they squeezed every last ounce of power into their bulging pecs and as the camera took the picture they roared "WE HAVE THE POWER!" at which point they relaxed and laughed as they saw the image showing two men of inhuman size and power standing flexing their pecs harder than any most muscular ever seen before. Recovering from the ordeal, Larry placed his hands on Gary's monstrous chest and moaned "Oh, Gary, to think that when we first met some fifteen years ago, this is what I wanted to do. Place my hands on your pecs and ask you to gently bounce them. I didn't as I was afraid that I would cum like a trooper if I did"

"What?" chuckled Gary, "like this?" and with that flexed one pec after the other, slowly at first, then quicker and quicker until both pecs were flexing at the same time causing Larry to moan "Yes, just like that!"

"Well, I think I can arrange that" smiled Gary, "but first, let's see what He-Man looks like shall we?" and with that picked up a measuring tape from a nearby table.

"We are both ten feet tall, but as you know our BMI values haven't changed. Mine is 24.78, the same it has always been, therefore I weigh 507lbs, yours is 30.05, as I said a reduction from the 35.27 you were, and as a result you weigh 723lbs, therefore you are heavier than me, but my muscles are more dense than yours because there is very little fat on mine. Thus when I tell you that you have a 116 inch chest, 36 inch biceps, 54½ inch quads, 39½ inch calves, the fact that you have a 114½ inch waist goes to show what a long way you have to go!"

"I know" moaned Larry, as he started to rub his eight inch flaccid cock, "but even now I am dreaming of the day when I am able to step on stage, with you as my posing partner, a six pack dominating my torso, my pecs, bulging large and hard over them, my rock hard biceps, quads and calves on full show. Gary, tell me, I, I can become a contest bodybuilder can't I?"

"I am sure of it my friend" smiled Gary, as Larry screamed in estacy as his thirteen inch cock shot a glob of cum a good two feet from him and as Larry collapsed on the floor huffing and puffing, Gary knelt down and said "Want to measure me then?" to which Larry jumped up and commanded "Front double biceps, Gary, like a real He-Man" and started to measure.

"95½ inch chest, 29½ inch biceps, 94½ inch waist, but that eight pack shows that is all muscle, 45 inch quads, 32½ inch calves" and as Larry wrapped his hands around Gary's chest, he pulled the tape measure in tight and panted "Come on, you can do it Gary, most muscular that tape to a one hundred inch chest".

Gary took several deep breaths and as he did so Larry started to moan "Yes, fill those powerful lungs with all that oxygen. I can feel your heart starting to pound in preparation. Dang, if it is not going at 250 beats per minute now, I would be amazed. Then when you are ready, I want you to close your eyes, imagine or remember the most extreme demonstration of male power ever and flex as hard as you can!"

Gary nodded, closed his eyes and after another three deep breaths, flexed.

"Yeah" screamed Larry, as the pecs changed from muscle to rock, "Flex, Flex those puppies. Grit your teeth, force every last molecule of oxygen into your blood and make that powerful heart send them to your pecs. Harder, Harder Gary. Yeah, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600 beats per minute. Come on, you can do it Gary, I know its torture but you've loving it. That's what that fourteen inch cock is telling me. Just a few more seconds of pain then you can come like a true Titan" and as Gary squeezed his pecs Larry declared "One hundred inches" causing Gary to scream "HERCULES" and with that a shot of cum twice the size of Larry's shot out of his sixteen inch cock and landed twice as far as Larry's did, and as Gary gasped for breath, his chest heaving Larry moaned "Steve Reeves performing one of those peplum movie feats of strength?"

"No" moaned Gary, "an actual feat of Herculean strength, arm wrestling the man who was named as the later one. Hercules and Porthos!"

Larry gasped and as Gary nodded his head, Larry exclaimed "You imagined Hercules and Porthos arm wrestling?"

"Naked" he added with a smile and then as the smile broaden said "You know, with a little tinkering I think I can make us into them. If you don't mind being Porthos that is?"

"ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!" roared Larry as he held aloft an imaginary sword.

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Chapter Eight

As the sun started to set, the garage doors of Gary's house opened and out he stepped, now transformed by the wonders of his inventiveness into a modern day equivalent of that demigod that defied masculinity, Hercules. As he left the garage, he took a deep breath, his chest heaving as he did so and sneaking a look behind him declared "I thank you, Apollo, for lighting the skies, warming the air so that I, your nephew, am able to demonstrate my god given strength to the mortals of this world" and with that ripped off the loincloth that he had been wearing, closed his eyes, flung oout his arms and moaned "Describe me!"

"As the demi god, son of Zeus, and self described Titan felt the last rays of the sun across his naked body, his six foot frame..."

"More" moaned Gary

"ten foot..."


"thirteen foot frame..."

"That's better"

"...towering over the men that worshipped him, his eight hundred pound frame..."


"... thousand pound frame..."


"..two thousand pound frame..."

"Yeah, now we are talking"

"...rippling with muscles that would make any man beg for a chance to worship him, those muscles were tensed to make sure that none disputed his power. His chest, some two hundred inches across, his waist a mere hundred inches, his arms one hundred and sixty inches around, his upper legs some hundred and ten inches around, his lower legs one hundred and fifty inches around"

"And" puffed Gary as he started to assualt his cock, "his mighty weapon?"

"When at the point when no man could resist the attack, thirty inches long, twenty inches thick and capable of shooting his essence a good hundred yards!"

"YEAH!" screamed Gary as he shot a load that was as big as his head high into the air and as it landed in the top of a tree, his moans amplified his next statement.

"See, the gods have chosen the target for my strength!" and with that he walked over, wrapped his arms around the mighty tree and after taking several deep breaths roared as he uprooted the tree and held it there as Larry made his entrance, clapping slowly in disdain.

"Aye" he said, "that is a useful trick. I remember the time I did that with three Cardinal's guards the other side. Interesting, but it proves nothing!"

As Gary slammed the tree back into the ground, he stared at Larry and said "And who art thou?"

"The Titan" came the reply

"Nay, I am the Titan!" and with that walked over to Larry towering over him by a good six feet, "you are a mere mortal!"

"I am the Titan" replied Larry, as he took off his shirt, "see is this not the body of such a description?" and as he flexed his upper body added "I may only stand half as tall as you, but, I have the strength and power of a Titan. I weigh 353 livres, have a chest that measures some six pied around, my waist measures three pied around, my arms are nearly two pied around, my upper legs although covered now are three pied around, my lower legs two pied around and the descripton of Titan comes from all who know me in the King's corps!" and with that Larry bowed, crunching his fourteen pack.

"In that case, prove the descripton" declared Gary and stepping back from the tree gestured to it. Gary took a deep breath, ripped off his breeches revealing a flaccid ten inch by eight inch cock and marched towards the tree. His arms were only large enough to go halfway around the tree but as he gripped it he moaned "I do this in the name of His Majesty, Louis, Captain Treville, my friends Aramis and Athos and the love of my life..." and with that he closed his eyes, gritted his teeth and roared at the top of his voice "...HENRI"" and lifted the tree out of the ground by only a few inches before slamming it back into the ground, turning to reveal a now engorged twenty inch by sixteen inch cock that started to drip.

"Perhaps there is some merit in your description" said Gary with a moan, and gestured Larry to a picnic table. As he sat the other side, Larry sat in front of him with Gary offering him one of his arms, "therefore we shall test this statement, I presume that you know about the test of strength that is famed throughout the world?"

"Aye, the test of strength where two men wrestle but only with one arm" and with that placed his arm on the table and the two men locked hands.

"If I win this test, then you agree to give up the title of Titan but I shall reward you for your mortal strength by letting you listen to my godlike being when I lift that tree over my head!" said Gary

"And if I win" said Larry, staring Gary in the eyes, "then you agree to forgo the title Titan and reward me with your essence. I wish to drain you of your godlike powers and become the only true Titan in the world, agreed?"

Gary nodded with a grunt and as both men gripped their hands, they stared each other in the face.

"At the count of three" grunted Gary to which Larry nodded.

"One, Two, THREE!"

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