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Larry and Gary : The Coach and the Student


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Chapter Nine

"Please, Gary, please I am begging you. I cannot stand this any longer. Succumb to the strength and power of Porthos otherwise I...I'm going to cum I know it!"

Gary smiled as Larry's grimmace became even more engrained on his face. The two had been wrestling for the last ten minutes and although Larry was clearly suffering, both physically by the grimmace on his face and sexually with the tip of his cock less than an inch from Gary's cock, he had never let go of Gary's hand nor accepted that Gary was the winner. Larry had finally understood what it meant to be a man and so Gary pushed him.

"Hercules never succumbs" declared Gary, "for there is no one stronger than the Titan" and with that leaned in and growled "Therefore declare me the Titan"

"N...N...Never!" roared Larry and to Gary's amazement started to raise Gary's arm back towards the vertical despite Gary have been able to press Larry's arm almost to the table. As Gary watched, he noticed something akin to a spark in Larry's eyes and chuckled to himself under his breath before adding "So, the man who deemed himself to be a Titan has some fire in him, then prove it!" and with that Gary took a deep breath and slammed Larry's hand to the table, or would have done if Larry had not screamed "I AM THE TITAN" and stopped Gary's hand just an inch from the table. As Larry gritted his teeth and slowly pushed Gary's arm back up he grunted "My grandfather was four times stronger than I am, his motto in life was never let anyone deny what you are, my father was twice as strong as me and he said that I should never let anyone stand in my way. I do not have a son yet, but until that moment I have Henri, my best friend, an Englishman who came to France to protect the life of another, since we met we have become more than friends, we have become Titans and no one is going to tell me that I am NOT!" and with that final word roared, Larry slammed Gary's hand into the table breaking it down the middle.

As Larry get go, huffing and puffing, Gary felt his hand and looked at Larry with open eyes. He had beaten him. Him, a man who although in his 70's had been able to beat the strongest man in the gym in an arm wrestle and all because Larry believed himself to be Porthos. Rubbing his chin, Gary had an idea and raising Larry's head he said "I agree, I shall come and visit you during the October half term when my singing group takes a week off. During that time, we can go to that gym you joined to help stop it closing on one condition. We don't go in as ourselves, we go in as Hercules and Porthos, Titans in name and status, and we push each other as hard as we can. You want Hercules to bench press 250kg, he'll bench press it for three sets of ten reps. However, for every challenge you seek Hercules to do, Porthos must do the same, do you understand?"

Larry nodded, moaning "Yes, now please, Hercules, please my fellow Titan...help me become the man I know I am!"

Gary smiled and helping Larry to stand up, he turned him around, wrapped his arms around his heaving chest and whispered "Close your eyes, know what you are" and with that started to move his hands down to Larry's cock which was already started to pre cum. As soon as Gary touched it, Larry gasped and moaned "Drain me, Hercules, let me share my seed with the world!" and on that command, Gary started to rub with both hands. Within seconds, Larry was in agony and through gritted teeth grunted "The Titan is being tested and the Titan will CUM!" and with that a glob of cum, larger than a saucer exploded from his cock and landed some twenty feet away. Collapsing onto Gary, and causing Gary to grunt from the effort, Larry started to pass out moaning "The Titan agrees to your demands, o Titan!"


"Please be upstanding for the winners of the pairs competition and Europe's most powerful men. Gary Smith and Larry Johnson!"

As Gary and Larry stepped on stage, both wearing a laurel wreath of their heads and a sash emblazoned "European Natural Muscle Champions 2023", they bowed and soaked in the applause. It had been 18 months since their battle as Hercules and Porthos and now, both standing 7ft tall, a height chosen at Gary's request, and weighing 302lbs each, akin to Porthos at his physical prime, they were Anglian, English, British and now European pairs champions and as they recieved their trophies the MC added "And of course, the next stop is the Mr. Olympia. Guys, how are you feeling right now?"

As Gary and Larry looked at each other, they smiled, removed their sashes and taking a deep breath counted to three under their breath where on three they hit their trademark pose, a most muscular so painful looking that no one, not even the previous year's Mr. Olympia champion could perform it without breaking into a sweat.

"TITANIC!" they screamed as camera and mobile flashes went off all through the contest hall.

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