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That was a fantastic chapter! The development of the guys' cum being able to help each other is awesome. Maybe Big Mike can achieve his giant muscle dreams and our narrator can use Mike's cum to grow even bigger than he thought possible. He will probably get one hell of a workout pulling Mike along on a trailer with flattened tires. I can't wait to see what that workout plus the constant flow of Mike's cum will make him! I do hope that the next chapter contains some more measurements, including height. It might apply to both of them if Big Mike still has his muscle underneath his fat layer. I'm so excited for more!

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Big Mick 8 

Pulling around Big Mick in his current state is a chore and challenge at the same time.  Fortunately, I was able to grow enough to at least be able to pull him albeit very slowly.  The wheels were basically not there as his weight rendered them almost useless.  But it was a good workout and Big Mick wasn't complaining either, looking down at me fully naked as clothes were just a joke at this point.  He smiled at the fact that he could see my cock starting to bulge forward like it was a guiding stick on our journey.  My ass was constantly looking like it was being flexed trying to pull Big Mick along and as impressive as my cock is the view from above looking down at my pecs was just as nice.  The harness across them held them up and the chains had a big enough hole for my hard nipples to stick through.  Big Mick would have admired my body even more but his eyes soon closed in pleasure as I was sweating rather hard and was thirsty so I gave Big Mick's hose some good action.  

Big Mick's cum was similar to an energy drink in motion.  My thirst was quenched for the time being and I was able to continue onward a bit more but it also had some growth properties as well.  Big Mick knew I was done when he felt the release from his cock and immediately looked down.  Most of the effort was being exerted in my legs so naturally that's where all the benefits were going.  Since I had the harness around my waist and over my torso, I didn't immediately feel the changes occurring.  The weight didn't get any lighter but my strides were getting stronger.  Big Mick smiled and looked lustfully at my muscled ass growing larger with every step taken.  

The effects didn't really garner my attention until my legs grew to the point that they were starting to bend the already wide holsters further apart and my range of motion started to slow.  I just figured I was getting tired again and took some more helpings of Big Mick's seed.  Well needless to say the bars I was holding onto, snapped from the cart, and the cart slammed to the ground with Big Mick slightly sliding forward.  I raised the handles up to my face and turned back to see my ass was huge and pressing up against Big Mick.  All I could hear was the view looked rather appealing from his point of view.  I laughed a bit and put my hands on my waist to figure out what to do when I felt my legs which were a lot larger than before.  I bent over a bit to get a small peak of them over my pecs and almost came in my face looking at the size of them.  I didn't want to waste too much time on them because we still had a few miles to go.  I had an idea to keep moving.  I took some more of Big Mick's cum still not connecting the growth so far to him as I usually grow overnight.  

I lifted the cart up and connected the chains through some holes to fasten on my waist and upper body and used the broken handles as a rein for Big Mick to hold onto as we continued to move.  I take a few more swigs for good measure as I figured this would take a total body effort now and began to move once more.  I feel the chains on my upper body start to dig into my skin abit as my back was widening and shoulders were thickening.  I didn't realize how much I was tensing my chest during this new effort as well as they were growing also.  I noticed it but didn't notice it because I saw the building straight ahead and I was more so ready for this part to end than concerned about what was "growing" on.  Upon arrival Big Mick saw a small pond and directed me there like I was his noble steer and said let's go to the pond first before going inside and take another sip before we move again.  So I did as he suggested and moved us over to the pond.

I looked at my reflection in the pond and HOLY SHIT.  These chains don't look like they will be able to take much more of this strain.  Big Mick said, now you see why I wanted us to come here first.  He encouraged me to go ahead and flex and break through the harness.  I thought about what I saw online with full lat spreads so I placed my fists on my hips and began to flare my back and stick out my chest.  It didn't workout quite like I wanted as the chains were still very constricting.  Big Mick was encouraging me to really dig down deep and flex HARD.  I relaxed and thought back to one of my early inspirations of Pumping Iron, The Hulk, and even Big Mick.  I tried once again but this time with success.  My back and chest freed themselves from the chained harness.  A couple of pieces landed in the water and a few flew into Big Mick but he was so massively fat that it just absorbed the impact and slid down off of him.

The rest of the chains just fell down at my waist and either laid across my huge ass or over my cock and quads.  I took a few moments admiring myself in the reflection of the pond just flexing my arms and bouncing my pecs thinking how much fun my fans and worshipers will have.  The chains looked like a metal skirt around my waist which I unclasped to be completely naked once again.  Big Mick cleared his throat and asked if I knew how this all happened and I told him I hadn't really thought of it.  He explained what he saw during this whole transport mission and my eyes widen in surprise and delight.  As soon as he finished his story, I grabbed his cock and sucked for dear life because you know he does have to get back to the building and all.  After a few minutes of drinking I began to lift the end of the trailer up and down as if I were doing curls about 10 to 15 times and went back to the pond to see the results.  I flexed my arms in the reflection like a kid on Christmas waiting for Santa and saw nothing.  My excitement faded until I felt a warm sensation in my arms and I began to flex again except this time I saw my biceps begin to rise and peak.  They were already above my eye level prior to this growth but now it was just becoming obscene.  AND I LOVE IT!

Going forward I have to be careful with my arm placement because I could probably knock myself out if I'm not careful.  Now the fun part getting Big Mick in the building squatting down and placing my hands under the trailer but the most exhilarating feeling was having my chest resting on top of my quads and spilling over the sides a little as well.  As began to stand the trailer's edge slammed into my ass and bent the steel a little bit.  Big Mick made the sly comment of calling me a hard ass and it was true.  So I took a few steps forward and tried again and was successful but I did have to stand there for a few moments to look at my new guns and all their glory and power.  I started to turn slowly towards are new home a few hundred yards away and began walking towards it.  That first step with this new growth felt amazing feeling the size and power within is something that I will not get used to as I want more but first things first.  We got to get established in our new digs.  Plus I need to get some more measurements especially after all of this.
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Big Mick Part 9

After a few days of silence, my first 2 fans, Travis and Derek connected with each other on my fan page after they figured out they were the lucky 2 that had the honor and pleasure of meeting, feeling, and measuring me.  They both realized that I haven't responded and became a bit concerned.  There were rumors that the government came and got me like they took Big Mick.  Derek was in IT and was able to ping where my phone last was.  Which was by the old house that Big Mick was before the move.  He shared this information with Travis and they decided to go pay the location a visit to see if they can figure out what happened.

Not too long afterwards, they arrived at the abandoned home and were shocked at the destruction before them.  They recognized the vehicle that was dented and banged up from my old apartment and tried to figure out what could have done this as the damage was very severe.  Derek found my phone and showed Travis.  This confirmed I was there.  They also saw the large hole on the side of the house and the one in the floor of the kitchen.  Curiosity took over them both and they went in to explore a bit to get a better idea of what happened there.

By this time, I realized that Big Mick and I needed to have some work done here to make our new home suitable and that I needed to go find my phone.  I told Big Mick that I would be back.  I was going to go back to the house to see if I could find it somewhere, not like I could really do much with it due to my large hands but it was worth a shot to at least try.  Besides, walking around here through the thick woods will provide good cover for my nakedness for now but I figured it would be best to get moving now before time gets away from me.  Feeling the leaves and pine needles brush across my body was arousing but I had to keep focused on the task at hand.  Travis and Derek went downstairs to the basement and saw the other large hole's in the back of the house and realized they should probably leave before it collapses.  How it was still standing is a miracle in itself.  
They started to make their way out until they felt the ground shake and tremble.  Dust and small debris started to fall on them.  They ran back upstairs and back out to their cars as the shaking grew stronger and stronger.  They decided if it were an earthquake they needed to get under something fast but there wasn't anything around just an open field.  They were running around trying to figure out what to do until Travis stopped and Derek ran into him asking him what the hell.  Travis pointed and Derek's jaw dropped.

I appeared from the backside of the house looking for my phone which was a bad idea because I couldn't see below my massive chest that close.  Travis and Derek almost instantly came and the sight and size of me now and just about froze in their place.  I knelt down with a loud thud that shook the unstable house and them.  My chest was pressed against the ground along with my cock as  I started to move my hand around the ground to try and feel for my phone.  I looked up and saw them transfixed and asked if they saw my cell.  Travis absentmindedly nudged Derek to show the phone.

"Perfect!"  I exclaimed.  They still looked awestruck but explaining would do no good plus they could be my little fingers to help get some things done and get some more measurements.  I smiled and began to stand up slowly.  Travis and Derek were soon in the shadow of my massive frame.  My godly cock started to rise as well meeting the bottom of my pecs.  "Move backwards out of my shadow"  I stated and they obliged.  As they slowly walked backwards while looking up they just saw mounds of muscle blocking their view until the sun hit them in the face.  They kept moving back until they were able to see my face.  I squatted down and felt for the car once again and began to put on a small show.  Curling the vehicle once more but this time intentionally slamming it into my chest.  Causing it to bend and twist out of shape even more.  My cock was liking the feeling of this as well.  I then let it fall back to the ground and hit a double bicep pose to show off my new size & strength.
I know that had to make them cum a few times but if it didn't when my own cock head cleared the top of my pec cleavage and still rose higher and was leaking precum that did it.  I smirked and heard the heavy breathing below.  I gave them a few minutes to regain their composure. I've told them that I hope they have some tape measure and asked if they are ready for a small adventure.  They ran to their cars and got the tape measures.  I picked them both up and carried them in my arms to my new home.  Figured it would be easier and quicker this way vs them walking behind me.  Derek was enjoying the view below of my protruding cock and Travis was getting cozy with my pec.  I took the same path home where the branches were already snapped from my first pass through so they wouldn't get knocked out by them.

We arrived at our destination soon after.  I lowered them down and preemptively told them about Big Mick.  They didn't believe it until they walked in and saw for themselves.  Big Mick was alive and was instead Fat Mick instead of Big Mick.  They started making comments about how I should be the new true Big Mick.  I saw the frustration and fury in Big Mick's face and grabbed the 2 and told them this shit won't fly that he is the one and ONLY Big Mick and if I ever hear of this or see it posted anywhere I beat them to a fuckin pulp without hesitation.  They both pissed themselves instantly and apologized quickly.  I dropped them and gave them the access to my bank account and told them to go gather some materials to help make this place a home since Travis is handy and to keep their fuckin mouths shut about everything they've seen thus far or else.

Big Mick was still furious at the exchange and realized he couldn't do anything much at the present time except maybe sit on em or roll on top of them.  I told him not to worry they will be gone for awhile and now that we know what can help you essentially slim down we can focus on that while they are gone.  I went out to the pond to "wash off" real quick put then did a few pushups well pec-ups just for fun to get the blood flowing to suck myself off some before turning my hose over to Big Mick and before I took his.  But those 2 did make me think since Big Mick will eventually be himself once more I do need a name for myself eventually but we will cross that bridge when the time comes.  I returned inside to see Big Mick was ready to give and receive so was I for hours.
This time I was able to keep up with Big Mick until we both had enough.  He asked what the hell did I have them do to be gone for so long.  I told him they had to go get some mirrors, tape measures, generators for lights and stuff like that.  Probably won't see them until tomorrow anyway.  Like a child with a bottle Big Mick sucked on my cock until he passed out and I did the same on his.

The next morning, I heard some movement outside and looked around.  Big Mick was noticeably less fat.  He could probably even walk around a little but we can test that theory out later.  I didn't really have a sense of how large I became until I stepped outside and noticed Travis and Derek looked a bit smaller/further away.  They had the same expression they did when they first saw me yesterday.  Except this time I had a stern look on my face and asked if their attitudes have changed.  They just nodded.  Good.  Now let's do some measuring.  They brought everything I asked for and the good times started.  They started with my calves which measured 88.5 inches around.  My calves are bigger around than your bodies is what it sounds like now.  I was still angry about yesterday and how they treated Big Mick.  I think they realized this as well as they moved up to my quads and read aloud 126 inches and I said amazing how 1 of my quads is bigger than both of you combined.  I wonder how big Big Mick's are I stated just to keep fucking with them.  They apologized some more as I knelt down so that they could get a measure of my pecs.

I told them to show how sorry they were by pleasing me through my nipple.  I must say they did a good job.  Both of them were licking and taking turns trying to use their mouth to pull something too big to fit comfortably but again E for effort.  I allowed them to jack off on them as well.  Without hesitation all I heard was moans and then warm cum landing on my pecs and Travis and Derek rubbing it in like lotion while cumming again at the sight of this.  Big Mick woke up to the sounds outside and just listened for now.  After a short break, Travis and Derek got back to the measurements.  Next up biceps, tape measure had them peak out at about 92 inches solid.  Travis ran his fingers down the vein network on my bicep that was just measured and even licked the mountain of muscle as it towered over him.  He was thinking about grinding his dick on that thick vein running along side the bicep but that was quickly interrupted by yours truly when I said time to measure my favorite muscle.  As I flex my chest in anticipation.  Slowly but surly they measured my bulging mass of a chest and read out 191 inches!  
I laughed and told them to read off my before and afters.   Calves at last measurement were 38 inches now 88.5 inches.  I flex them hard at the reading of the numbers.  Quads at last measurement were 54 inches now 126 inches.  Flexed those as well in approval.  Next up biceps at last measurement were 39.5 inches and now they are at 92 inches and finally our favorite muscle group, the pecs at last measure were 82 inches and now at 191 inches.  I hit a double bicep pose and side chest pose in approval.  I then tell them to go inside and setup all of the items they purchased while I clean myself up.

They pull everything inside and I go off by the pond which I really didn't need but I wanted time to myself to think about how big I've grown and how much larger I want to become while sucking my own cock.  There's only one Big Mick but what should I call myself, should I put a poll question out to my fans or what.  Plus with Big Mick shedding alot of fat he will soon be mobile once again but I think as he continues to lose mass and I gain mass we will soon be the same weight but I will surpass even him in his current state.  The thought was alluring and caused me to release a huge load.  I hope those 2 do what I told them inside.

Travis and Derek were soon at work.  Big Mick was looking at them with a fury still in his eyes as they were setting up generators and such.  The anger within him caused him to stir and turn, he did something he hasn't done and wasn't able to do for a long time.  He began to stand up on his own.  The barn and ground shook with tremendous force as Big Mick almost was as tall as the huge barn itself reaching the eaves.  Travis and Derek scurried on the ground and backed into a corner.  All I felt outside were forceful tremors and heard Big Mick's voice approaching his once former fans saying to them you think this shit is funny.  Travis and Derrick were whimpering in a corner apologizing crazily.  Big Mick continued, "Yeah, it was funny when I wasn't able to move around now that I have some mobility once again BIG MICK is BACK you little fucks and this fat ass you all were talking about will probably take you out."  Before Big Mick could do anything else I made it into the barn and was able to temporarily hold him back and told those 2 to leave for a few minutes.  They were frozen in place until I yelled at them to, "GET THE FUCK OUT NOW BEFORE I LET HIM GO".  They got the hint and went outside.  Big Mick stopped forcing the matter and was mad at me for a second asking why did I let them go.

I told Big Mick to look at himself, he was standing and waddling which is more than he has done for awhile.  I tell him to just wait until most or all of the fat is gone and you have your muscle mass back on you then go after them.  He thought for a minute but realized I was right.  Big Mick did say it felt good to move around again but then said keep those little fucks away from me for now and I did.  I told them they were only welcomed outside and with me only because Big Mick will likely kill them right now.  I dismissed them for the day and told them to return tomorrow morning.  I went back inside and Big Mick was ready for his next helping since we had the majority of the day ahead of us a lot was able to be consumed.  Of course I still had my pre-cum helpings in all of this.  We had about 3 or 4 sessions on each other before exhaustion really set in.

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Those guys were mean toi big mick but he brought to himself with his ambition for more. he is now changing back and i hope he gets a bit better with everything and learned his lesson

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Big Mick pt.10

Big Mick woke up first today and without thinking just stood up with ease.  He was still about the same height almost touching the eaves of his new home.  He looked down at himself and saw that he now had a dad bod.  Still a bit of fat on him but he was starting to regain mass at a slower rate.  He looked down at me still sleeping puzzled yet envious at the same time.  Trying to figure out how I got so large so quick.  He instantly figured it was his cum that caused this but couldn't figure out why it only fattened him up but muscled me up.

Big Mick didn't have too much time to think about it now because he saw Travis and Derek coming over the horizon.  He figured he would scare them shitless and decided to crawl out the barn as to not disturb me and hide behind it crouching waiting for their arrival.  Travis and Derek were casually talking about the day before and how they were assholes to Big Mick.  They got within earshot of Big Mick when they heard a voice, "Did you little bitches think I forgot what the fuck you said.."  They froze in place as Big Mick stood and began to walk around the barn.  He didn't like the fact that he didn't make the earth tremble as hard as he used to but it shook enough.  Being that he wasn't as tall as the barn itself which was around 18 to 19ft tall.  Big Mick was probably around 16.5 to 17ft tall.  He was still big to them but not huge like he used to be before he was fat but his size could still be very destructive if need be.  Travis and Derek immediately fell down on their knees to beg for forgiveness.

Big Mick wasn't trying to hear any apologies, he just wanted payback in the strongest way possible.  He was getting ready to strike them down for good until they all felt the earth tremble with a very strong force.  I heard the commotion outside and looked to see Big Mick wasn't there anymore.  I saw the Travis and Derek bowing down on the ground and made my way outside.  The force of the shaking of the ground is what Big Mick wanted to be able to do once again but he braced himself for what was about to exit the barn. Me.  I stepped out the barn not much taller than I was previously but I was certainly wider, thicker, and very much stronger than I was the day before.  Big Mick wasn't pleased at the obvious turn of fortune for those 2 and seeing that he is now mobile and has a few feet over me in height, he walked over and began to rant about how the little runts still need to get what they deserve.  Big Mick still had fury in his eyes.  I stepped in front of them to try and calm Big Mick down.  Granted I was eye level with his chest which actually worked out pretty well because my chest was pressing up against his abs.

He tried to move me out of the way unsuccessfully thinking his height would balance out the odds in his favor.  Which didn't work out for him at all, it really looked like he was on a treadmill trying to walk but not going anywhere or doing anything except digging up the dirt with this feet moving.  He must of thought it was arousing because his cock started to press against my abs and then started to bend upwards to grow through my pec cleavage.  But before it could do that, Big Mick stopped and asked why was I defending those little cunts.  I told Big Mick that they made a mistake but I'm sure they can make it up to you in other ways which Travis and Derek nodded aggressively in agreement.  It wasn't good enough for Big Mick he wanted blood for some reason and he started to move towards them again unsuccessfully once more.

I gave him a slight push so there could be more space and the old saying I guess I don't know my own strength really applied here because Big Mick stumbled a few feet back.  He looked like he was ready to fight at this point and I told him to do what he must if this will get it out of your system then lets go.  I casually start to walk towards Big Mick shaking the ground with my every step.  This infuriated him even more.  He lunged towards me and punched me in the chest.  He actually had to punch down a little bit because of the height difference but he connected pretty hard but it wasn't hard enough.  It really felt like someone slapped my pec hard and left a print.  It didn't slow down my advance either.  He was about to try and hit me in the legs but thought against it seeing how I was shorter and stockier he aimed for my head.  I caught his fist in my hand and continued walking forward pushing him back.  

Big Mick tried to pull his fist out of my grip but I wasn't going to let go.  He looked down at me while I looked up at him still pushing him backwards my arm snaked with bulging and pulsing veins.  He wasn't going to stop trying to hurt them so I told Big Mick this stops today.  I pivoted and spun Big Mick around before lifting him over my head and started to press him.  Oddly enough that freaked him out along with being tossed around so easily.  But it still turned him on as his cock was slamming in and out of my pecs as I pressed.  I decided to try something different and suck on his while pressing.  Up and down Big Mick went and in and out his cock  went while my massive rod was being rubbed against by Big Mick's balls.  I felt Big Mick's pecs tense in my hands, I used my thumb to flick his nipple a bit too as he was close to climax.  I kept teasing him until I drained his balls completely down my throat and his body went limp.

I flipped him down onto the ground and pinned him there and told him I was sick of this shit and his attitude and that it is done.  Big Mick didn't say much but he felt me increase in size and thought back to his original mindset of figuring out how to regain his title of Big once more.  He nodded in agreement and I got off of him.  I looked over at Travis and Derek and they both were passed out from jacking off so much from the sights they've just witnessed.  I told Big Mick when they wake up we can have a session with them so you can remember what all the fun was like.

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Big Mick pt. 11

Big Mick figured he'd best go along with it until he knew exactly what was going on so he agreed.  Travis and Derek woke up to see Big Mick and I looking down at them.  Well they could see Big Mick's face with a forced casual smile and could only see the bottom of my chest.
I told them that Big Mick agreed to allow for them to give him a worship session like he used to have to show him what he has been missing for awhile.  Big Mick just nodded and they began to cautiously approach Big Mick.  I took a few earth trembling steps back to watch the show.  I told them it was cool Big Mick and I had a chat.  With that Big Mick began to flex for them and they began exploring Big Mick's new body.

The tension began to ease in Big Mick as he felt the pleasure of the worship sessions once again and was in a state of bliss.  He was back to his old ways and the old days with smaller weaker individuals trying to squeeze his biceps, massage his pecs, and do size comparisons against him all while performing different feats of strength.  It was amazing.  They weren't the only one's enjoying the show, I was as well sipping on my favorite drink from my own hose.
Travis and Derek came on Big Mick's chest and he just rubbed it in like a moisturizer and when I say Big Mick has skills he has skills.  Because he has done this so often and for so long he was able to get Travis and Derek hard once again within seconds, this time turning around to have them focus on his back and ass.  Travis and Derek released a few more loads and just collapsed from exhaustion.  Big Mick turned around to thank me for easing the tension but before he could utter the words he saw I was knocked out from exhaustion watching the session too but that I was slightly bigger than before.  
His anger returned a little but not towards the smaller ones now but solely focused on me and how did I do it.  He walked over to the pond to see his reflection once more and glanced over at me and couldn't figure it out.  On the one hand he could drink his own seed and get fatter once more and on the other hand he could drink my seed lose the fat and gain a small fraction of muscle at a time.  Big Mick could help but do what he normally did when in deep thought for the past few months.  Sit and drink until passing out vividly dreaming about how although he was fat he was massive but that slowly melted away from him being massively fat to massively muscled.  Towering over everyone including me and being worshipped by hundreds.  
Big Mick woke himself up with a loud snore of his own making with the sun setting on the horizon.  He awoke to a slightly larger version of himself and stood up making the ground shake a little.  He smiled at that feeling.  It woke the rest of us up as well.  I got up and started to walk towards Big Mick not fully aware of my increased size as well but Travis and Derek couldn't only just tell I was larger but could feel it as I moved.  Big Mick felt it as well and began to turn around.  I realized I grew a little taller as well as my pecs were like a shelf for Big Mick's as they were starting to push them upwards.  I was now eye level with his throat but because of his upward pushed chest, his neck was blocked from my view so it was just pec meat.
My cock sprung to life and rose between my pecs which I was used too by now but then when I felt Big Mick's it got even harder and tried to fight through Big Mick's pecs.  He tried to fight it by flexing his chest a little but that only made the arousal stronger.  I looked up at Big Mick a little and said it looked like he overdid it on his own supply once more.  Big Mick looked down at me and smiled slyly and realized he liked this feeling of being the big man.  Even though it wasn't his preference but he was going to keep this up at least to the point where he was huge and still able to be mobile but didn't want to tell me that was his ultimate plan.  He would still drink a small amount of my seed to build muscle a little bit but it won't be nearly as much as he will drink himself just to keep up appearances and he would slow the flow down to me to save more for himself.
He flexed in my face and I flexed in his chest and I figured it was good and he was fine.  In the following days Big Mick liked to tell me things we needed to help spruce up our new digs and I would go off to retrieve different items.  Travis and Derek would could by periodically to help assist with setup.  While I was away Big Mick would suck himself off and of course I did the same to myself.  Except Big Mick was going through trial and error of how much he needed as to not overdo it.  For me we already knew it was no holds bar.  In the evenings things changed over to more and longer foreplay and then only one helping of each others seed.  Big Mick pretended to sleep while I was still awake for a few more hours exploring my new but soon to be smaller size.
Groping my enlarged pecs slowly and sensualy, playing and tugging at my own nips.  Big Mick opened his eyes just slightly to see what I was doing and was getting turned on.  He was glad he turned his body the other way so his cock would grow away from my sight.  I then began to flex one arm at a time rubbing each bicep peak individually and running my finger across the vein network.  My own cock was pleased with this level of attention and rose as well sliding easily as precum was leaking.  I used that to shine up my new temporary body.  I really wanted to stand up but didn't want to disturb Big Mick while he was sleeping.  Fortunately Travis and Derek were able to install the mirrors like we wanted so I was able to see myself in the reflection.  I couldn't really reach the peak of my bicep as my chest and arm prevented that full range of motion but I didn't mind but I was able to do a lat spread while seated.  I felt my balls churn to get ready to blow slow I placed my cock in my mouth and received everything I had to offer.
Big Mick wanted to join in so bad but he stuck to his plan but his cock felt otherwise and began to leak some.  I went to sleep soon after and Big Mick finally dozed off himself.  I still have to think of a name for myself, Big Herc, Muscled Mammoth, something but I guess it will come to me eventually but the next day was going to be full of excitement for both of us to see the changes to come.
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Big Mick pt. 12


The evening proved to be very eventful.  Big Mick turned over in his sleep to have his growing body face me with his cock near my face and absentmindedly I began to suck like it was a bottle in my sleep while Big Mick stroked my hair like a child.  It was clearly evident that our subconscious wanted this to continue despite the will power of Big Mick who eventually turned back over after our hours long session ended.

Big Mick was the first to awake in the morning excited to see how he grew.  He looked at the mirrors on his side and saw that he did get noticeably fatter but still retained some decent mass to look like a huge powerlifter.  He decided to stand and with his new size his standing made the building shake in a way that aroused him even more and his cock rose but he fought the temptation as to not overdo it to become immobile once more.  

All the commotion and trembling caused me to stir.  Big Mick smiled and couldn't wait for me to see him so he turned around to look down at me and instantly began to leak precum.  He was trying to figure out how what he saw was possible.  I sat up and then began to stand a bit more gingerly than Big Mick because I was still a bit groggy and then hit my head on the beams and let out a loud ouch.  Big Mick couldn't believe he now had to look up at me.  His hose was now a steady stream of cum.  I couldn't even fully stand up anymore and I still haven't turned around yet.  But that hit on the head surely will wake you up if nothing else will.  

I slowly turned around slightly hunched over until I was facing Big Mick whom I could no longer see due to my increased size and mass with my chest blocking him from view.  But I did feel his presence as I felt his warm seed hit my chest.  I laughed and said good morning to you as well.  I said to Big Mick let's go outside I'm starting to get a kink in my neck.  I could feel the small tremors as Big Mick walked, I said to him as he was moving that more than likely we won't be able to live here anymore after today.  He didn't say anything just mumbled a bit.  When I felt the small tremors stop I figured he was outside.  Big Mick was mumbling to himself how could this happen, he was supposed to be the only one of mass around then the building and ground began to shake with a force never felt before.

I began to move and with such power it caused Big Mick to fall on the ground.  He faced the entryway to the building we once called home.  I was still bent over heading to the too small doorway.  Once there I decided to stand straight up with force with my head blowing through the ceiling and part of my chest and nipples sticking out of the openings that were once windows.  I continued to walk forward shaking the ground around me and making larger holes in the walls for my pecs until I was close enough to destroy the wall and building as a whole walking through it.  "Aaah much better don't you think" I said to Big Mick hitting a freakishly massive double bicep pose.

Big Mick was enraged and lunged forward poking me in the abs cursing up a storm about how the fuck is this possible and that he is the one that should be my size not me and that he wished he would have not been found and his legend could have grown to this size even if he couldn't.  During his rant I thought back to all the events that led up to this point.  The more and more he spoke the angrier I began to become until finally I said in a loud and commanding voice "ENOUGH".  I stepped back into the now destroyed former home of ours so he could see my face and all of me.  I then explained to him what transpired to get to this point.  How I doubled the initial concoction on the first try and what my cum and his does to me as well.  He stood there dumbfounded.

In the beginning I wanted to be like Big Mick because we all fantasized about doing so but after hearing his last tirade I no longer want to be like Big Mick who really at this point is little compared to me.  I smiled and called him Little Mick for the first time which he tried to protest and I flexed an arm and asked is there really a need to argue this fact.  He was quiet instantly.  I said to him up until this point I didn't know what to think of what I have become but now I think I know.  Big isn't enough to describe me neither is huge or colossal or worldly, I think Godly is more like it and to really cement this point you're going to help me once more with the growth I need and that is rightfully mine so that others like Travis and Derek can worship me properly.  The feeling of little hands all over this body is a very exhilarating thought.

Little Mick tried to protest by saying he won't agree to that.  I laughed and told him his cock said otherwise and that did he really think he could escape me now his god of muscle.  I lifted him up in the air and began to suck his rod dry until his balls were shriveled up I then bound him with reinforced steel so he could witness my ascension and how I got there.  I then began to suck my own rod for hours to his astonishment and amazement at what was happening right before his eyes as I ascended to my rightful place as god of muscle among men.

The place of my ascension was cleared of the shrubbery and trees mostly by my own hand in uprooting them.  As most of the trees only came up to my waist then.  My legion of followers have constructed a massive home for their new ruler along with a room with various entry points for my followers to walk out on planks and worship the body of their new god all over.  A few times a year I laid across the ground and allowed them to climb all over me to compete in their favorite pass time to see who can climb up to the base of my nipple first.  They bathed in the pond of my seed which didn't do much for them other than keep disease away.  Little Mick was given a place for visitors to see him and congratulate him as the one who gave them their god.  I still sucked my own seed down and continued to grow and told my followers there will come a day where this will all be too small for me and I will have to leave but until then they continued to enjoy everything about me flexing, showing feats of strength, etc.

What's to come in the future, only time will tell....
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I have a few additional ideas for a continuance of this story that I have written up recently that I will post which could be thought of as an alternative ending of sorts.  It was pretty long so I will post them in different parts as well hopefully it won't change your opinion of the story overall 🙂 

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