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Weird, But Sweet (Complete Story, 1/18/23, Bonus Material added 1/25/23)


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20 minutes ago, ploder4 said:

I still would like to hear your vision for the honeymoon.  We all know it would be outside the story at this point.  Everyone has their own version of it.  I would like to hear yours.  If you don't want to post it publically you can DM me. 

Agreed.  Maybe it could be done like the movie Clue and have multiple endings:  "It could have happened like this", "or how about this".

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Can I ask how you went about writing multiple stories at the same time?  Did you have set days where you focused on a specific one, an amount of time each day for every story, or was it more random and based on whichever story inspired you in the moment?

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On 12/7/2022 at 2:11 PM, TQuintA said:

The ridges of the veins encircling his shaft drove me further as they excited my insides.  His heartbeat throbbed, rebounding with my own, our hearts synching up into one frenzied pulse.  In the haze of delight, we were essentially an interconnected whole.

Random part I've found when I searched for "heartbeat" and I just love how @TQuintA describes stuff ❤️❤️

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From the Post story notes:



Melody’s coven were originally much bigger characters, fully aware of Roy before he reached out, and constantly trying to trick Roy into joining because of how rare healing witches are.  Before I cut that subplot, I actually wrote the chapter where he met them (if there’s interest in reading it, I’ll post it).  Part of the chapter is setting up the characters Gladys Price and Jay, whom I had big plans for.  Gladys is not above violence and threats and was desperate for Roy to join the coven.  As for Jay, let’s just say that Jay’s good at glamours and (despite being straight) was going to try to honey pot both Roy and Mason at different points in the story.



YES please! DO TELL!!

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