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I Can Fix Him (Chapters 17-18 added, 11/28/22)


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14 hours ago, palisade said:

I'm adoring this story and imagining Gabriel's transformation. Though having been in a smiliar situation myself, I doubt i'd be as chill with it all as Auggie seems to be!

"Similar situation"?

You mean you have a 275 pound studly roommate who shaves twice a day, has equipment the size of a baseball bat and a couple of grapefruits and you haven't jumped his bones?!






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I just had time to sit down to read this story and give it the attention it deserves - and it hasn’t disappointed me yet.  TQuintA, you never cease to amaze me how you are able to create such captivating characters who seem like old friends and enjoyable storylines.  Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.  Awesome work as always! 

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Looking forward to the next ones!

Edit: A heads up. They're now testing sorting by original post date. You may want to post your next chapters to a new thread and link to the chapters in this old thread. Seems unfair and a shame if next chapters get buried. 

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Chapter 15

            Friday came sooner than I thought, and I was dressed in comfortable hiking clothes: a loose grey shirt and comfortable blue cotton shorts.  It was July after all.  I had nowhere for stuff like my phone, wallet, and keys (as my pants had no pockets), but I’d rather be comfortable than worry about storage. 

            After Gabriel got home from work, he insisted on shaving his face and chest, which took a two forevers and left a soapy, hairy mess in the bathroom sink.  After I cleaned up the bathroom, it took me two minutes to get dressed.  Gabriel was still getting dressed 20 minutes after I was ready.

            When he came out, I almost laughed.  He was wearing a yellow tank top that was three sizes too small—he practically exploded out of it.  One of his nipples was on clear and prominent display, the other barely hidden by a strap of fabric.  His chest threatened the straps, and his shoulders were so round and big, the straps that dug into his traps made them look even more powerful.  It was so tight it restricted his breathing.  That shirt was confetti waiting to happen.  And his shorts?  He was wearing a pair of shorts so tight that I could easily make out the entirety of his cock—I could tell from just looking that Gabriel was hung now.  The shorts confined his movement, making it hard for him to walk, and they might have even cut off blood flow to his lower extremities.

            “We’re going on a hike, Gabriel,” I admonished.  “Outdoors.  People other than Douglas and me will likely see you.”

            “Good point.”

            “And since we’ll be walking, exercising, that sort of thing, you’re going to want larger clothes so your legs can move.”

            “I suppose you’re right,” he admitted.  “I just bought these last month in case I wanted to go running or jogging,” he complained.

            “Last month you were a smaller man.”

            “I don’t know what to do.  I don’t have any other hiking clothes.”

            I scrutinized his outfit.  “I don’t know what makes this,” I gestured to his ensemble, “hiking clothes, but any of your gym clothes will do.”

            “It’s a date, though, right?  Aren’t I supposed to dress special?”

            I resisted the urge to snicker.  “It’s a hiking date followed by a boxed dinner where we’ll sit on the ground.  Wear clothes that can get muddy and sweaty.  And do it quick this time.  Douglas will be here any second.”

            Gabriel acquiesced and went back into his room to change.

            As he was getting dressed again, there was a knock on the door.  I opened it wide, saying, “Come on in, Douglas.  Gabriel will be ready soon.”

            And then I saw Douglas.

            He was even more gorgeous than I remembered.  His blond hair was swept back in a fiercely precise undercut.  His face was angular and sharp, but warm and approachable, lit up by an uncannily white smile.  He’d grown a beard in the years since I’d seen him, and it sat tight and close to his face, specked with hairs of varying hues: red, blond, brown, gold—an autumn cornucopia of colors.  I just wanted to reach out and touch it, to feel its splendor.

            His head sat atop a thick, powerful neck.  He’d gotten more buff in the years since I’d seen him, too.  His shoulders had distinct and defined deltoids, his chest pushed the front of his short-sleeve white shirt.  The shirt itself looked summery and breezy, and he overfilled it.  Instead of buttons at the neck, there were laces, and he’d left them undone to expose the top of his magnificent pecs.  I could see whiffs of chest hair, and maybe even the uppermost tip of a tattoo—I could even see the striations in his pecs.  His biceps magnificently took up all the space in his sleeves, threatening to tear the cuffs, and as he idly swept a strand of hair off his forehead, his arm flexed deliciously, stretching the fabric of the sleeve even further.  Of course, his shirt was loose around his taut midsection, so I was left to wonder at the abs that lay beneath. 

            His pants were a stylish but functional pair in earth tones—the latest spring fashions no doubt.  I question the wisdom of pants on a mid-July hike, but I had to admit he filled them gloriously.  This man never skipped leg day.  His quads and ass were mighty, making their presence known with every step he took.  His legs were two girthy columns of brawn, masterpieces in motion.

            I scanned down further, enamored by his masculine essence.  Even his boots looked durable, winterproof, a practicality that added to his rugged appearance.  Men’s shoes normally do nothing for me, but these so fully brought his look together, they had me momentarily question my opinion on men’s feet.

            “Long time no see, huh, Auggie?” he said, smiling at me.  When he caught my attention, he gave me a quick peck on the cheek, his facial hair rubbing pleasantly against my face.

            That snapped me to attention.  “Sorry.  I was staring.”

            He turned around slowly, his arms upturned and slightly to the side, displaying his chiseled physique for me.  “Stare all you want.  That’s part of the reason I came out.  So men could bask in my glory.”

            Douglas was easily eight inches taller than me, taller than Gabriel even.  I did not feel like a man in his presence.

            As Douglas completed his turn, Gabriel came out of his room.  “Hi, Douglas.  Hope I didn’t keep you waiting,” he said, closing his bedroom door behind him.  He was wearing his normal workout clothes.  As a top, he had on a dark green t-shirt that hugged his arms and chest, a deep V to give us a flash of his pecs.  His shirt showcased his powerful torso but left enough room to breathe.  He also had a pair of black shorts that molded to every contour of his masculine, muscular quads and beautiful displayed his ever-increasing bulge.

            Looking at their clothes and mine, I suddenly felt underdressed.

            As Douglas eyed Gabriel up and down, he said, “I didn’t actually recognize you at the gym that day.  You got huge, man,” and grunted again.

            “You do that a lot,” Gabriel commented.

            “Only when I’m overwhelmed by absolute masculine perfection.”  He held open his arms to invite Gabriel in for a hug.  Unfamiliar with this ruse, Gabriel accepted the hug, only to have Douglas press himself fully up against Gabriel’s firm pecs, his hands roaming the hills and mountains of Gabriel’s muscular back, daring even to drop down and graze the ripe surface of Gabriel’s ass.

            When the hug was over, Douglas had a self-satisfied smile on his face.

            Gabriel, however, just said, “You’re a weird hugger.”

            Douglas stepped to the side and opened the door to let Gabriel and me exit first, and since I left after Gabriel, I saw Douglas readjust his semi through his pants.  Douglas again caught me staring.  With one arm still holding the door open, he winked, squeezed his crotch, and then put a finger to his lips and made a near-silent shushing noise.  It seemed an odd thing to do, but I got the message.  He didn’t want Gabriel to know the hug had gotten Douglas somewhat hard.  It would spook him.

            It felt silly to drive to a hiking trail, but there really was no other way to get there.  We piled into Douglas’s car, a very pricy white sports car—I don’t know car brands, but I know what expensive looks like.  Gabriel sat up front with Douglas for the leg room.  I was alone in the back with water bottles for the hike and the picnic supplies for after. 

            It was a 20 minute drive, and I saw Douglas make a play to grab Gabriel’s thigh three separate times.  All three times he was rebuffed, but it looked like Gabriel wasn’t saying “no,” just “not now.”

            While we drove, Douglas regaled us with all the vistas and points of interest we were headed for along the two mile hike.  I balked a little bit because two miles there meant two miles back, all four miles through bugs and trees and mud.  I’ve never seen the appeal of nature hikes, but Douglas sounded excited.  He also asked polite questions about what had happened in the past few years since we’d last seen each other, making sure to include me in the conversation.  He was as amiable and friendly as I remembered him.

            At one point, Douglas laughed heartily at some offhanded joke I made—it wasn’t even that funny—and he looked back at me, turning his head, his gleaming teeth lighting up his face in a smile, and he said, “I’ve really missed you two.”

            In that moment, an unbidden thought came to my mind.  “Gabriel and Douglas would make an amazing couple.”  I surprised myself.  No jealousy.  No animosity.  Just sheer joy for my friend’s potential love life, if he wanted one.

            When we arrived at the trail, I was shocked to see just how forested it was—I didn’t know there was such lush vegetation this close to the city.  I was also dismayed to find how…uphill…the hike would be.  The trail was a few degrees of inclination from being a mountain.  The scenery was self-evidently gorgeous, but my legs were going to burn tomorrow.         As we got out of the car, we each grabbed a full water bottle, and Douglas insisted on carrying the picnic supplies.  He let me stash my phone and stuff in the basket, so at least I wouldn’t have to carry them.

            The conversation changed as we hiked. For a while, Gabriel and Douglas continued talking.  I mostly faded into the trees.  They weren’t trying to leave me behind, but I’m a lot shorter than them, and I don’t do leg presses.  Additionally, I was doing my absolute best not to be a third wheel.  Douglas even cracked a joke about me lingering behind them so I could stare at their asses.  They were a little bit ahead of me, but not so far ahead that I couldn’t hear the conversation. 

            Honestly, I wish I couldn’t hear a word.  They were mostly discussing workout regimens.  I was bored, and half of what they said sounded like it was in Latin or Greek.  Or both.  I expect Douglas kept the conversation to lifting weights in part to put Gabriel at ease.

            Because Gabriel was visibly ill-at-ease.

            Any time Douglas so much as bumped into Gabriel (as is wont to happen when two broad men share a hiking trail), Gabriel froze up, his shoulders stiffening.

            About halfway to our destination, the conversation came to a standstill.  Rather than force it, Douglas looked around, appreciating the unspoiled natural splendor around us.  Gabriel was pretending to do the same.  I knew Gabriel well enough to know when he was tranquil, and he was far from tranquil.  After a few minutes of this, he lagged back a little bit until he was even with me. 

            “Why’d you abandon me?” he asked in a hushed voice.

            “Abandon nothing,” I said in my normal volume.  “Short man, tall hill.”

            “We’ve stopped talking.”

            “I noticed.”

            “I don’t know what to do.”  Gabriel was still whispering.

            “A date is not unlike making a friend,” I explained.  “You know how to make friends, bud.  Do that.”

            “Douglas and I are already friends,” Gabriel insisted.  “He wants us to be something more.”

            “I assure you, a first date, even with someone you already know, is like making friends.”  I shook my head a little and added, “And you haven’t seen him in years, so you’d need to make friends all over again anyways.”

            “A date is different, and you know it’s different.  There’s a different language, different expectations.  All these unspoken rules and cues.”  Then, he repeated, “I don’t know what to do.”

            “You could try, oh, I don’t know, talking to him?”

            “About what?”

            I shrugged.  “Pick a topic.  He’s a chatty fellow.  He only stopped taking because he’s following your lead.”  I neglected to point out that Douglas had tried to take the lead, but Gabriel hadn’t followed.  No need to kick him while he was down.

            “What should we talk about?”

            “Anything, really, Gabriel.”  I was getting exasperated.  “Motorcycles.  Kung fu films.  The Rock of Gibraltar.  Just pick a topic.”


            “Yeah.  Anything will do.  Ideally, you’ll pick something that you think you both might be interested in, but at this point, just start talking.”

            Douglas cleared his throat.  “No whispering, you two.  It’s either all three of us, or none of us.”

            Gabriel kept his hushed tone.  “Do you think he’s interested in motorcycles?”  There was an eagerness in Gabriel’s voice.

            “Go ask him,” I said, pushing Gabriel forward, my hand on the small of his back.

            As soon as Gabriel had caught up with Douglas, he stammered his way through starting the conversation back up.  “So… um… what do you think about… I don’t know… motorcycles?”

            “Good,” I thought to myself.  “Clunky and awkward isn’t the choice I would’ve made, but at least he’s talking.”

            Thankfully, Douglas was an aficionado himself, and the conversation easily picked up a natural rhythm.  Soon enough, they were talking about cars and trucks and all things vehicular.  If I only understood about half of the workout talk, I only understood a tenth of the car talk.  Gabriel had gotten me interested in riding motorcycles and the aesthetics of motorcycles—Douglas and Gabriel could probably build a motorcycle.  So, I tuned out and looked at the pretty trees, pretending I wasn’t desperately wishing for a hard drink and a soft chair.

            By the time I tuned back in, we were at the crest of the hill, and the sun was about to set.

            Even I have to admit, it was gorgeous.  The air was light and just turning slightly chilled, the faintest scent of campfire smoke in the distance.  The sky seemed somehow bigger, like you could see farther because there weren’t buildings obstructing your sightline.  The sky itself seemed a more sapphire blue behind clouds that were tinged with silver.  The light of the setting sun refracting through the clouds shattered into an array of oranges, reds, and purples.  Down below us was a valley filled with pine trees, an oxbow river lazily wending its way through.  I swear I even saw a baby deer scamper by.  I didn’t know sights like this actually existed outside a Hollywood movie.  For a few minutes, I understood the appeal of nature hikes.

            “Wow,” Gabriel and I said in unison.

            “It’s an amazing view,” Douglas said, looking at us.

            “Flatterer,” I said.

            “Flatter nothing,” Douglas insisted, “You’re adorable, and you know it.”

            “The view is astounding,” Gabriel said, looking at the actual scenery, oblivious to the compliment Douglas had given him.

            “Worth the hike, right?” Douglas replied, setting up the picnic.  “If we set up close to the edge of the hill, the sunlight will last longer.”

            As I took in the view and caught my breath, the two of them finished setting up.

            “No thanks,” I heard Gabriel say.  I turned around to see Douglas taking two bottles of liquor out of his picnic basket: one tequila and one whiskey.

            “A few drinks won’t kill you,” Douglas said, pouring us each a glass.  “And you need some loosening up, doesn’t he, Auggie?”

            Gabriel and I sat down and took our glasses.  “If you’re trying to get me drunk,” Gabriel said, looking at his glass leerily, “Auggie can tell you that that doesn’t work.”

            “It’s true,” I said.  “But it is the second closest I ever got to sleeping with Gabriel.”

            Douglas looked dubious.  “You two don’t have sex?”  He took a sip of his whiskey and began handing out our dinner.  Bridget was right: high on protein, low on flavor.  At least he remembered I’m vegetarian. 

            “Not together,” I clarified.

            “In all the years you’ve lived together,” Douglas continued, “you’ve honestly never hooked up?  Not even one embarrassing night you don’t talk about?  With Gabriel looking like that, and Auggie looking like that, not once?”

            I was going to obfuscate the situation, but Gabriel flatly said, “I’ve never had sex.”

            “You’re a virgin?  That explains the nerves!” Douglas said, raising his glass to the universe.  “Well, just to put it out there, I’d be honored if I was the first guy to cross the finish line.  It would almost feel fitting to me.  You’re the reason I know I’m bi.”

            “Me?” Gabriel asked.

            “Both of you.  All those years ago, when Auggie told me he thought I was your boyfriend, he pointed out just how much I was feeling you up in the gym.  I never felt up any of my other clients.  Auggie had me dead to rights.  I was taking every excuse to touch you or show off for you.  To get shirtless in your presence.  To show off for both of you.  It was unprofessional how I manhandled you two.”  He smiled lasciviously.  “And spending time with my clients outside of work?  I just didn’t do that.  Part of the reason I stopped hanging out with you guys is that I didn’t want to admit that you caused a stirring in me.  When I couldn’t stop thinking about you, even after we stopped hanging out, even years later, I had to admit it to myself.  Especially one night after a whole bunch of people from my gym went out clubbing.  That night, I found myself drunkenly having a three-way with my coworker and her husband, and enjoying him way more than her.”

            “Your first time with a man was in a three-way?”  I was suddenly worried Douglas was too advanced for Gabriel.

            “If you’d asked me at the time, I would’ve said yes, but eighteen months later, I can be more honest.”  He finished his whiskey and poured himself another.  “That was just the night I finally let a guy penetrate me.  However, there are some things I did with my best friend in high school that definitely count as being with a guy, even if I refused to admit it then.”  He turned to Gabriel.  “So, I get it, Gabriel.  Even though you’ve lived with a guy for five years, I sincerely understand and empathize with being scared to take it up the ass.” 

            I winced silently.  Gabriel was not going to like that word choice.

            Douglas continued.  “I haven’t been in your exact position, but I lived in the house next door for years.”

            “You misunderstand me,” Gabriel assured him, his voice tinged with frustration.  “This isn’t about any specific act.  I don’t have any experiences.  None.  Not a one.”

            Douglas’s body language changed.  “So, when you say you and Auggie haven’t hooked up, you mean nothing?  Not even a blow job?  Or a hand job?  Jacking off together?”

            “Nothing at all like that,” Gabriel insisted.

            “You guys have been together for years,” Douglas said, trying to understand.  “I just assumed there was some sexual component.”

            “We kissed once back in college,” I confirmed.  “Beyond that, nothing.”

            For a moment, Douglas shrank in on himself, contemplating what to do next.  Then, he moved further away from me and closer to Gabriel.  “For a guy like you, I’ll go slow.  We can start with handholding and dinners at sunset.”  He gestured to the sunset with his head and proffered Gabriel his hand.

            To my shock, Gabriel took it.

            “If I may say so,” Douglas said, “you look positively stunning in this light.  Huge.  What stack are you on?”

            “What?”  Gabriel looked confused.  I was confused too.

            Douglas tugged on Gabriel’s hand.  “How big are you?”  Ah, he was talking about weightlifting again.  That was Douglas’s go-to move to put Gabriel at ease.

            “271 pounds,” Gabriel said, confident in himself, absently flexing his pecs one by one.

            “Yeah.  At your size, you’re on something.  I’d assume steroids, but, uh…” he furtively glanced at the bulge in Gabriel’s pants, “something tells me otherwise.  So, what are you taking?”

            Gabriel let go of Douglas’s hand and explained about the drug trial.

            “Aha,” Douglas said, clearly feeling vindicated.  “I knew you were on something.  Is it making everything bigger?”
            “Bad move,” I thought.  “He doesn’t like talking about his cock.”

            I was about to interrupt, explain that that was a dangerous line of questioning, when Gabriel answered.  “8.5 inches erect the last time they measured it.”

            “Jesus!” Douglas shouted, scooting back a little bit in surprise.  “And here I thought I was gifted at 7.”

            “Are you comfortable talking about this?” I asked Gabriel.

            “I’ve actually been dying to tell someone.  It’s such a fucking hassle!”  Gabriel then went into a screed about how heavy and sweaty his junk was, especially at the gym.  How it bulged in all his clothes.  Itched all the time.  How hairy and horny his balls were making him.  And how less and less of it was fitting into his fleshlight because of how long and girthy it was.

            Gabriel finished with, “And did you know veins could run down your thing?  I did not.  I thought I was dying or getting gangrene until the doctors assured me that was perfectly normal.”

            “As far as I’m concerned,” Douglas said, flexing his left arm, tracing the vein that ran down its length, visible even through his long-sleeve shirt, “It’s like the veins on a well-developed arm.  It just shows you’ve got power and thickness.”

            This conversation had made me painfully erect, so I crossed my legs and turned to the side.

            “That is an impressive arm,” Gabriel said. 

            I’d never heard Gabriel ever comment on another man's body.  Never ever.  It was weird.

            “Please,” Douglas responded, coaxing Gabriel’s arm into a flex.  “You outweigh me by almost 50 pounds.  You outclass me by a country mile.”

            “Those pecs?  That smile?  I’m surprised you’re single.” 

            Single?  What?  What was Gabriel on about?

            Then, Gabriel put his hand on Douglas’s knee. 

            Was Gabriel flirting?  Was that what this was?

            Douglas leaned in.  “My pecs?  Your pecs are mountains!”

            Gabriel moved his hand to Douglas’s chest.  “But you have intense definition.”  He squeezed the pec.

            Yep.  Gabriel was flirting.  This is what it looked like and sounded like when Gabriel flirted.

            The two continued flirting like that as we finished dinner.  

            They flirted like that as we cleaned up.

            They flirted like that as we hiked back to the car.

            They flirted like that as we drove home. 

            I stopped contributing to the conversation as I had little to contribute to a back and forth tennis match of, “No, you’re prettier.”

            When we got back to the apartment building, we stopped and looked up at the moon.  It was dazzling and gleaming, and gave a magical glow to the concrete barrenness of the parking lot.  It had gotten just cold enough that little, insubstantial puffs of white could be seen if we exhaled deeply.

            “Your beard is dazzling,” Gabriel said.  “It glistens in the moonlight.  It might be the most lovely beard I’ve ever seen.”

            “Thank you,” Douglas said stepping in to close the gap between them.  “If you think it looks good, wait until you feel it.”

            I could tell from the way Douglas stuck out his chin that he intended Gabriel to run his fingers through it and feel its suppleness and thickness.

            Instead, Gabriel kissed him.  Briefly, but intensely.

            After the kiss, Douglas stared agog.  He’d honestly expected it would be much longer until such intimate contact.  His shock faded into a dopey smile.  He’d clearly liked the kiss.

            Gabriel nodded, pleased.  “Let’s do that again.”

            “I’ll leave you two alone,” I said as Gabriel and Douglas began making out, right there in the parking lot.

            I wasn’t surprised when I heard them come inside ten minutes later and make a beeline for Gabriel’s room.

            “Good on him,” I thought from my bed.  “He tried something, and he liked it.  He faced his fears, and he got a hunk as a reward.”

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Chapter 16

            Half an hour after I left Gabriel and Douglas to do their thing, there was a knock on my door.  I got up, only in a white t-shirt, boxers, and socks, and opened it to find Douglas, shirtless.  He looked down at me wolfishly, but I had trouble meeting his gaze because I was enamored by his torso.  His pecs were thick and luscious, striated perfection, coated in the faintest blanket of hair.  He had tattoos of indeterminable filigrees adorning his chest and shoulders; his shirt had been completely covering them.  They mesmerized me, their red loops and violet curves highlighting his muscles and inviting my touch.  His abs were crisp and focused.  Eight intense bricks that highlighted how strong and powerful he was.  I’d never seen an 8-pack in real life, and watching it undulate in and out as he breathed heavily, I never wanted to see anything else.

            “What do you say, Auggie?” Douglas said.  “Would you like a goodnight kiss?  Or something more?”  He raised his eyebrows up suggestively.

            My baser instincts would have me throw myself at this Adonis and ride him like a bucking bronco.  But something wasn’t adding up.

            “Your date was with Gabriel, not me.”

            “Please,” Douglas said, stretching out the “ee” sound.  “My date was with both of you.  How hard did I hint at a threesome before I learned about Gabriel’s virginity?”  I looked back on everything Douglas had said that night. 

            Gabriel and I are part and parcel.

            The peck on my cheek. 

            He’d missed both of us.

            His coming out story. 

            It’s all of us or none of us. 

            Yeah, he’d definitely been angling for a threesome, and I was too busy worrying for Gabriel to notice.

            “You’re into Gabriel, not me.”

            “Gabriel’s hot, yes.  But you’re adorably fuckable.  You’ve got a mouth on you that could suck a man dry.”  His brows lowered, his eyes narrowed, and his nostrils flared.  I’d never seen sexual arousal quite so blatant. 

            Then he grunted at me, just as he’d grunted at Gabriel.



            He was fucking irresistible. 


            And yet, out loud I said, “It would be betraying Gabriel.”

            “Considering your arrangement, I thought you’d say that.”  He produced a note from his back pocket.

            It read: “Auggie has my blessing to do any romantic or sexual act with Douglas that they both agree to.”  It was in Gabriel’s handwriting and had his signature.

            “I came with a permission slip,” Douglas said.

            “Why would he…?”

            “He tried.  He really tried,” Douglas answered before I even finished my question.  “And I tried.  I did some of my best work.  I used my best moves.  But he’s ace.  He just came out to me.  It fucking sucks, but it’s not like he led me on or anything.  Doesn’t mean you and me can’t still have fun.”

            I walked past Douglas, saying, “Wait here.  I have to check on Gabriel.”

            When I got to Gabriel’s room, I knocked and went in without waiting for his answer.

            He was shirtless, and I could see all the extra mass he was carrying, and his cut abs, and the stubble already starting to peek its way to the surface of his chest.  But all of that could wait.

            “Auggie?  I thought you’d be with Douglas.”

            “Are you okay?” I asked.

            “I’m ace,” he said.

            “Then what was tonight?” I asked, sitting on his bed.  “You were flirting with him, right?”

            “I think so?  I’ve never done it before,” he sat on his bed next to me.  “When I talked about my thing,” he pointed to his bulging crotch, “in such detail, with such ease and such relief and no trace of embarrassment, I was convinced that that was proof.  Then, we complimented each other’s bodies over and over again, and I was completely okay with it.  The only logical deduction was that I wanted to be sexual with Douglas.  I mean, there were finally enough data points.  Statistically speaking, the Law of Large Numbers and all that. Turns out, I just wanted to complain about my dick.”  He pointed again to his thick log, visible through his short.  “I fucking hate this thing, Auggie.” 

            That’s what was going on in his head?  He was working up a statistical model?  I explained to him, “Just as a future heads up, when you’re into a guy, logic seldom factors into it.  If you’re invoking the Law of Large Numbers, what you’re feeling isn’t lust.”

            “Good to know.”

            “Since you weren’t feeling anything, how did you flirt so convincingly?”

            Gabriel gave a half-shrug.  “I just repeated things guys had said to me.  I didn’t repeat any of the things women had said to me in case this was a gendered thing.”  He shrugged again. “I didn’t mean a fucking word I was saying, Auggie.  I just thought that if I said those things, I’d feel those things.  Like priming a well.”  He shrugged a third time.  “My well’s dry.  Or I don’t even have a fucking well.  Whichever metaphor works better.”

            “But you kissed him.”

            “I kissed Bridget too,” he reminded me.  “It’s that gendered thing I was telling you about.  Everyone expects me to be the aggressor ‘cause I’m the big man.  I’d been waiting for him to kiss me for nearly an hour, just like I did with Bridget.  When he still hadn’t kissed me and we were back in the parking lot, I realized he never would, so I took matters into my own hands.”

            “But you asked him to kiss you again.”

            “It was confusing,” Gabriel said contemplatively.  “With Bridget, I immediately knew something was off.  Like a donkey kicking my stomach.  With Douglas, I thought, ‘Yeah, I guess I can do this.  This isn’t terrible.  And he seems to really like it.’”

            My eyes widened in disbelief.  “You didn’t enjoy the kiss?  You looked like two horny rabbits going at it.”

            “Meh.”  He thought about it.  “I could take it or leave it.  I was singing “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” in my head to keep myself amused.”

            “But you were full on making out,” I said, confused.

            “Yeah, I guess we were.  Made breathing a challenge.  Is it normal for a guy to stick his tongue in your mouth?  Is that a thing gay guys do?”

            “It’s not a gay thing, Gabriel.  It’s an allo thing.  It’s called a French kiss.”

            “That’s what a French kiss is?”  He looked amused.  “I just thought it was a slang-y way of saying ‘passionate’ kiss.  ‘Cause, you know, the French are stereotypically passionate.”

            “And you didn’t like that either?”

            Gabriel looked to the side, thinking deeply about the experience.  “It was noteworthy and memorable.  The beard was better than the tongue, and I guess I could do that again if I needed to.”

            “That’s a no.”

            “That’s a no?”

            “That’s a no.”

            Gabriel nodded, a little sadly.  “Then we come back to my room, and he takes off his shirt, and I look at his chest, ‘cause I’m supposed to.  And I’m checking to see if it’ll get me ready.  So, I’m like focused on it.  And he flexes a little, and rather than turned on,” he said this part quietly like he was sharing a shameful secret, “I was just glad that my chest was bigger.”  He retuned to his normal volume.  “Then he took off my shirt.  He ripped my shirt, Auggie.  And I’m running out of shirts that fit.  Then he kissed me all over.  All over.  I think he licked my belly button.  That was unpleasant.”

            “You could’ve told him to stop,” I reminded him.

            “I was doing an experiment.  I kept expecting at any moment I’d get an erection or feel something, but I just felt weird.  Then, he gets up to take off his pants, and, well, I’m looking at his penis.  Staring it head on.  And it was hard and wiggling, like one of those cheap plastic snake toys where you pinch the end and the snake moves back and forth.  I’d never seen one from that point of view.  I’d also never seen an uncircumcised one.  Because, you know, I’d only ever seen my penis.”

            I didn’t feel the need to remind him he’d seen mine once.  But he’d been drunk then.  Maybe he didn’t remember.

            “So, that was… neat.  But I knew I didn’t want to touch it or put it in my mouth, or anything like that.  That was a definite no.”

            “Is that when you told him to stop?”

            “I probably should have, but, again, I was on a mission to get an erection, and I was nowhere near aroused.  So, I let him come back over.  And he pulled down my leggings, and he pulled down my boxers, and he was very happy about what he saw.  He grinned from ear to ear.”  After a pause, he finished his thought in a mildly disgusted tone of voice.  “Then, he sniffed my balls, Auggie.  Is that a thing?”

            I nodded.  “That is most definitely a thing.”

            “Okay, that’s fucked up.  Balls smell like… well, balls!”

            “Some of us like the smell.”

            “I’ll just trust you.”  Gabriel shook his head like it was an Etch-a-Sketch and he was trying to delete that new, unwanted info.  “When Douglas went to kiss my penis, I stopped him.  By that point, my insides were turning in knots, and if he actually kissed it, I might have vomited on him.”

            “Then you fessed up.”

            “Yep.  All thing considered, he was very compassionate and conscientious.”

            “Well, he still had me as backup.”

            Gabriel made a face of recognition and understanding.  “That’s why he had me write that note.”

            I nodded.

            “Thank you for checking in on me, but I’m just relieved the night’s over, and I can go to bed, fully assured that if I were a poker hand, I’d be four aces, king high.  The erection was a fluke because of the drug trial.”

            “If that’s the case,” I said, “you’re likely to have more.  You have, what, 15 weeks left?  16?”

            “14.  And thanks for the warning.  Now, go back to your room and have fun with Douglas.  If his erection’s flagging, just let him get all hepped up on your ball stank, or whatever you gay guys do.”

            I left Gabriel in his room and returned to Douglas.

            He was on my bed, naked, fully erect, and playing with his right nipple.  “I trust Gabriel gave you the green light.”

            “He did, but I’m not having sex with you, Douglas.”

            He sat up quickly.  “Why?  Jealous I paid more attention to Gabriel?  I’d always intended on fucking both of you.  Gabriel just needed more defrosting.  You were already hot enough to eat.”

            I felt a little weak in the knees.

            Fuck, that line worked on me? 

            I said, “It’s not that.  It’s just, I have a personal rule right now that I can’t date men who remind me of Gabriel.  He’s going through some incredibly fucking hot changes, and it’s too confusing for me to be with anyone too similar to him.”

            “How am I like Gabriel?”

            “Please,” I laughed.  “Similar interests, similar smiles, similar physiques.  You’re Gabriel with blond hair and a tan.  You’re the Malibu Ken version of Gabriel.”

            Douglas leaned forward and reached the foot of the bed.  “Surface-level similarities, Auggie.”  There was an unctuous enticement to his voice.  “Gabriel’s a goody-two-shoes.  It’s part of his appeal.  I’m a bit more rock and roll than that.”

            “Because you have tattoos?”

            “Because I have a drop of the rebel in me,” Douglas corrected.  “Not enough to be a bad boy or a heartbreaker, but enough to be the ride of your life.  Gabriel builds up his body as an end goal in itself.  I build mine up to enjoy every last inch of it.”  As he said that, he slid his hand from his chest, down his abs, and up to the tip of his cock.  “Gabriel takes your lead, happy to follow.  I’ll have you obey my every command, and thank me for the privilege.  I party.  I drink.  And most importantly, I fuck.  How am I anything like Gabriel?”

            I was tenting my boxers.  “I suppose you’re not.”

            “So, then, get over here and suck my cock like I know you want to.  And if you’re a very good boy, I’ll return the favor.”

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Best explanation for bodybuilding, EVER:

[Douglas]:   "Gabriel builds up his body as an end goal in itself.  I build mine up to enjoy every last inch of it.”

And Auggie has a ringside seat to ALL of this!

Enjoying the ride, TQuinta! 


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On 11/20/2022 at 1:16 AM, IJrges said:

Edit: A heads up. They're now testing sorting by original post date. You may want to post your next chapters to a new thread and link to the chapters in this old thread. Seems unfair and a shame if next chapters get buried. 

This is the sort method I was already using, since I want to see new stories at the top. If I want to see more chapters of an existing story, I follow it, and get the notifications.

It also works well with those stories that create new threads for every chapter (which I find annoying personally), since new chapters will always be at the top. It solves the problem with these stories not really being able to be followed.

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On 11/19/2022 at 9:16 AM, IJrges said:

Looking forward to the next ones!

Edit: A heads up. They're now testing sorting by original post date. You may want to post your next chapters to a new thread and link to the chapters in this old thread. Seems unfair and a shame if next chapters get buried. 

Yeah, not a fan of this new option, especially since I keep selecting "by recent update" and it keeps reverting to "original date" every time I log in.  I need my shortest saved route for each update on Auggie & Gabriel and Mason & Roy. No unnecessary keystrokes and detours.

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I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for what's next.

There's just a lot of anticipation. 

I hope we get to hear Augie's clearly tangled and messy feelings. 

Could he say to Gabriel how attracted he is? Would he be able to tell him his desires?

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