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I Can Fix Him (Complete story, 1/16/23, Bonus Material added 1/23/23)


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Chapter 33

            Gabriel squeezed himself behind the wheel of his car, and I eagerly hopped into passenger seat.  He pushed his seat all the way back and had the steering wheel as high as it would go, and he could still barely fit his inhumanly thick thighs underneath the wheel, and one good bump would cause his pecs to honk the horn.  His shoulder and lat creeped across the divide between the seats and took up some residence on my side of the car.  His other shoulder was pressed painfully tight against the door and window.  When he buckled his seat belt, he had to use an extender or the chest strap wouldn’t fight across his mountainous pec-meat.

            Forcing myself to stop staring at Gabriel, I asked, “What’s my surprise?”

            “You know what the word means, right?” he joked.

            “Is it ice cream?” I asked.  “I know Hank won’t let you have any, but maybe you want to watch me eat it.”

            “Guess all you want,” Gabriel said, starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot.  “You’ll never get it right,” he added confidently.

            “That means it’s nothing obvious, like going to a movie, or a nice restaurant, or dancing.”

            “It would indeed mean that,” Gabriel agreed.

            “A pottery class?” I asked, remembering his notes.


            “An aquarium?”

                 Gabriel laughed, now catching on to what I was doing.  “Not that either.  But I’m glad both those ideas would work.”

            “Are you getting me a pony?” I asked.

            “Where would we keep it?” Gabriel asked.  “The apartment’s too small.”

            “Are you getting me a miniature pony?”

            “I’m not getting you a pet.”

            “Can I have a hint?” I asked.

            “We’re here,” Gabriel said, stopping the car.  We’d been driving for about five minutes. 

            He’d pulled into an adult toy store.

            “You’re right,” I said, unbuckling.  “I was never going to guess this.”

            “I pass this place every day on the way to my gym, but I didn’t know what it was until Sheila told me about it,” Gabriel explained, getting out of the car.  “Then it hit me, I could ask the people who work here some ways I can get you off without actually, you know, having sex with you.”  He held the door to the store open for me.  “They had a suggestion I never would’ve thought of.”

            “Gabriel!” a tall, lanky woman with long, shiny purple hair and a silver lip ring said happily.  “You actually came.  I thought you wouldn’t.”

            “I never make an appointment I don’t intend to keep,” Gabriel said.

            “This must be Auggie,” she said, extending her hand to shake mine.

            “He is,” Gabriel said.

            “I am,” I said at the same time, shaking her hand. 

            “I’m Trinity,” she said.  “A pleasure to meet you.” 

            “What are we doing here?” I asked.

            “Gabriel hasn’t told you?” she asked.  She took her hand back and pointed to a sign that said, “Keep closed.”  “Why don’t you two come into the back?  Gabriel, you’ll drop your pants and get hard for me, right?”

            “What are we doing here?” I repeated as I followed Gabriel to the back room.  It was decorated more like a doctor’s office than a sex shop.  At the same time, I could tell the furniture had recently been rearranged; this furniture, including an examination table, didn’t live here.

            Trinity locked the door behind us, and Gabriel dropped his pants.  “When I was here last time, I explained to Trinity our particular problem.”  He hopped onto the table.

            “It is so life-affirming that you’re doing this,” Trinity interrupted.  “A way to bridge the sexual gap.  When he told me he was ace, I worried he wanted me to cure him, but this is so much healthier than that.”  She said all of this while putting on a white lab coat and a pair of latex gloves.

            Gabriel began stroking his cock firmly.  I moved to get a better view, but Gabriel shooed me behind him.

            “Can you stay out of my line of sight?  I want you here when I do this, but if I can see you, I’ll be too anxious to get hard.”

            I got behind him, and Gabriel returned to his cock.  It slowly began lengthening and hardening.  I hadn’t seen Gabriel’s cock fully erect at this inhuman size.  Even with our showers, he remained flaccid.  It was weird seeing it with a woman in the room with me, but I was too eager to care.   He had gotten his cock almost fully erect, so he began shaking it as he continued talking.  “I skipped a masturbation session so I could do this easily,” he said.  “Smart, right?”

            “Do what?” I asked, a little frustrated.

            “Trinity explained that I could make a silicone duplicate of my privates and have it turned into a vibrator.  Then, my dick could fuck you whenever you wanted, and you wouldn’t have to worry about me.” 

            Gabriel was now totally erect.  It was glorious.  It was by far the largest cock I’d ever seen, likely the biggest cock a human had ever possessed.  It was veiny and thick, thicker in the middle, with a head that was bigger than my fist.  It jutted out from him like a steel girder, rigid and firm, sticking straight out.  “I promise you, Auggie, I still plan on having sex with you, but this will be a good stopgap.  Something to keep you happy those times I can’t satisfy you.”

            “You’re making me a copy of your dick?” I asked.

            Gabriel nodded.

            “I thought you said you weren’t getting me a pet.”

            “Ha ha,” Gabriel said sarcastically.  “It’s a toy, not a pet.  Like the toy you got for me.”

            When he put it that way, there was a logic to all of this.  “That actually could work,” I said, somewhat impressed.

            “It’s why I consulted a professional.  I figured she’d have good ideas.”

            Trinity smiled and continued applying the lube. 

            “They have a take home kit,” Gabriel said.  “But when she saw how big my bulge was, she knew I wouldn’t fit in the basic model.”

            “Besides,” she added, locking a ring around the base of his cock to keep it hard, “I don’t think you could’ve done this by yourself.  Something this big is liable to make a huge mess.”

            “Tell me about it,” Gabriel said, pointing to his balls.  “Before these got huge, I never had much of a mess to clean up.”

            “Also,” Trinity said, moving over to a side table to begin mixing the plaster, “I don’t think Auggie here would enjoy a vibrator he can’t use,” she said, marveling at the size of Gabriel’s cock.  “How big are you?”

            “At last measurement, 13.9 inches fully erect.  And, like 12.5 inches around.  But only at the thick part in the middle.”

            I lost my balance when he said that.  I could obviously see the monument of cock in front of me—it was the only thing my eyes wanted to look at.  But applying numbers to it was a different matter.

            “I see,” she said.  “We’re going to take a cast of the real thing,” she said, looking at me, “and you can have that one to play with, of course.  But we’re also going to make an everyday one for you at a smaller, more reasonable size.”

            “I couldn’t do any of this by myself,” Gabriel said, echoing Trinity’s comment from earlier.

            “Are you really comfortable with her touching you like this?” I asked.

            “She’s a sex therapist, Auggie.  She showed me her degree.  PhD in Social Work from the University of Chicago.  She’s a bona fide doctor.  If she weren’t, I’d be a ball of anxiety, crying in the corner.”

            Trinity smiled.  “In addition to the toy shop, I work with clients in this back room.  It’s usually homier than this.  Gabriel told me he had no trouble getting hard in front of doctors.  I immediately thought of the white coat and gloves to keep him calm.”  She finished mixing the plaster and poured it into a large tube easily two feet long.  “Ready, Gabriel?”

            He nodded.

            Deftly, she flipped the tube upside down and over Gabriel’s cock, pushing it down until it formed a tight seal with the base of his dick.

            “Hold this,” she said to Gabriel, who grasped the tube with both hands.  “Excellent.  Keep it there for at least five minutes.”

            “That’s fast,” I said.

            “With the take-home kit, it’s 45 seconds,” she said.  “It can be challenging to maintain an erection under weird circumstances like this.  Gabriel’s big enough that I think it’s better to be safe than sorry.”  Trinity sat down on the other table she’d used to mix the plaster and lifted both legs up to sit cross-legged.  “Auggie, now comes the real question.  How big do you want your vibrator to be?”

            “Uh…” I had no idea how to answer that.

            “I know he likes them big.  Douglas, his ex, filled me in on that,” Gabriel said.  “But I really have no idea what counts as big.  I went from 4 to 14 inches in a short span of time.  I’ve lost all sense of scale.  And it’s not like I was looking beforehand.”

            “Even if we decide to go big,” Trinity said, “I recommend scaling down.  You’re not going to want a giant vibrator as your go-to.  And, if I understand this arrangement, this will become Auggie’s main vibrator.”

            “Only,” I said.

            “Okay,” she said.  “Auggie, what sounds like a good size for you?”

            “The biggest dick I’ve ever taken was 9 inches,” I said.

            “9 inches, then,” Gabriel said.  “That sounds like a good, big size.”

            “I was thinking more along the lines of 8,” I admitted.  “Maybe 7.5.”  Internally, I thought, “8 max.  If I’m going to use this thing regularly…”  Out loud, I finished my answer: “Trinity’s right.  You don’t want something that big every day.”

            “Let’s do a little smaller, then.  7,” Gabriel said.  “A half-sized model.”

            “That doesn’t hurt your ego?” Trinity asked, intrigued.  “He suggested smaller, and then you suggested smaller still.”

            “How would that hurt my ego?” Gabriel was confused.

            “Most men, especially men with such prodigious equipment would want to be the biggest man their partner has ever taken.”

            “Is that so?” Gabriel asked.  “Fascinating.”  He shrugged, repositioning his hands on the tube of plaster.  “I wouldn’t care if he wanted the 4-inch version of me—Gabriel classic.  That way, he could carry it in his pocket.  It’s his toy.  I want him happy.”

            “Auggie might care about things like size,” Trinity pointed out.  “He might want you to be the biggest man he’s ever been with.  It works both ways.”

            “Huh,” Gabriel said.  Without looking at me, Gabriel asked, “Is that something that matters to you?  Do you need my replica to be the biggest?  We got plenty of material to work with.”

            “7 inches sounds like a good size,” I said.  “I was saying larger than I wanted to not hurt your feelings.”

            “We can go smaller,” Gabriel said in his usual, jovial tone.  “I wasn’t kidding about 4 inches.  Or, hell, even smaller if you want.  A mini-me that fits in the palm of your hand like a tube of Chapstick.  I have no dog in this race.  I want you happy.”

            “7 is fine,” I said.

            “7 it is,” Gabriel said.  “This is the weirdest sensation of my life,” Gabriel said in a wild shift of topic.  “It feels like a wet sandcastle is drying and hardening around me.”

            “That’s essentially what’s happening,” Trinity said, checking the time.  “Just two more minutes.”  She looked at me.  “If you want, you could look around the store.  Find some other things to aid in your self-pleasure.”

            “And if you find something that requires two people, write it down so I can look it up later.  I’ll see if it’s something I could sign on for.”

            “I’m good,” I said.

            “Okay.”  Gabriel was happy, thoroughly, fully happy.  “Hey, Auggie, if we did go out for ice cream, would you order my favorite sundae and let me watch you eat it?”  He looked at Trinity and explained, “I’m cutting for a bodybuilding show.  I haven’t had ice cream in months.”

            “I could tell,” Trinity said professionally.

            “I’ve got a better idea,” Gabriel said, suddenly inspired.  “We get it to go, and when we get home, you eat it in front of me while I sit there shirtless, flexing for you.  In between bites, you describe it to me.”

            “I have a suggestion,” Trinity said.  “You bring the ice cream home, Gabriel lies down on the floor shirtless, and Auggie sits on top of you—fully clothed—while he eats it and describes it.”

            “It’ll melt and drip all over me,” Gabriel said.  Apparently, that was his only objection to me sitting on him while he was shirtless.

            Trinity suggested, “And Auggie could lick it all up.”

            I’d had that exact fantasy before.

            “I don’t think he’d like that,” Gabriel said.  “I’m super hairy right now.  The ice cream would get all stuck in my chest hair.”

            “I don’t think Auggie would mind that,” Trinity said.

            “I would not,” I said, immediately following her.

            “You want to lick me, babe?” Gabriel asked, confused.

            “Would that be crossing a line?” I asked.

            “I don’t think so,” Gabriel said, obviously confused that I wanted to lick his chest.  “As long as you stayed away from my navel.  I’d want another shower afterwards, by myself.  And then I have to get to bed.”

            “That’s more than fair,” I agreed.

            “That’s time,” Trinity said.  She removed the cast and told us both models would be ready in 5-7 days.  Gabriel paid, and we left.

            As we got into the car, I asked Gabriel, “Your favorite sundae has whipped cream, right?”

            “Yeah,” he said.

            “I’m gonna order some extra.”

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Chapter 34

            The next few days, my head was swimming.  Gabriel seemed to be making real, actual progress towards keeping his promise.  He was pretty much always shirtless these days, and whenever he saw me looking, he’d give me a smile and flex, rippling his huge, intense arm or pec.  Sometimes, he’d even let me feel his stony, rough-hewn muscles as he flexed.  And he initiated a lot of intimate physical contact.  Unbidden kisses, touching my face, stroking my hand, and longer more sincere embraces. 

            In addition to the physical contact, he kept finding little ways to show me he was thinking of me.  He sent me silly text messages while I was at work.  He took my car to the carwash because it was getting dirty.  He did the dishes a few times without me asking.  None of these things was inherently romantic, but they all felt genuinely thoughtful.

            He also began talking about our future a lot more.  At first, it was nearly inconsequential things like buying tickets for a concert two months away.  Then, it got a little bigger, like discussing when we would start permanently sleeping in the same bed.  Gabriel had never slept in the same bed as anyone else until very recently with me, so that was a significant step for him.  Then, it got to the big life questions.  Whether one of us would take the other’s last name or if we’d hyphenate.  Whether we’d merge our bank accounts.  Whether we’d go to Massachusetts for the legal document, or just do a ceremonial thing here in PA.  Whether this was our forever home or if we wanted to move to an actual house.

            I knew, on some level, that every individual thing Gabriel had been doing was calculated and planned to the smallest detail.  He’d made a schedule, and he always stuck to his schedule; it was one of his virtues.  However, I willingly ignored that reality.  In the moment, they always felt improvised and spontaneous, and I especially loved our nightly cuddles.  As Gabriel worked himself up to sharing a bed with me forever, he would have me join in him bed from 7 to 8, holding me close and affectionately stroking my face and chest.  But then, when it was time to sleep, more often than not, he’d send me back to my room.  Of course, since I didn’t go to bed that absurdly early, I’d usually surf the internet or watch some TV for a few hours after that.

            On Thursday night that week, just as I was going to bed, I got an email from Johnny.  It had an attached video, so I assumed it was Gabriel’s latest progress video.  But everything was off.  The email was sent from Johnny’s personal account, not his work account.  The video was a much larger file size than any other I’d received before—nine or ten times as big.  And, most bizarrely, rather than a title that was just a string of meaningless, random letters, symbols, and numbers, this one was entitled, “Goodbye 2 3 5.”

            What did that title mean?  This couldn’t be a progress video, right? 

            Was Trina pregnant, and this was his weird way of announcing it?  That wouldn’t be a Goodbye video, though. 

            Had some obscure relative died and left a video will?

            That title made no sense, so I clicked on the video, intrigued.

            When the video started, I immediately noticed it was filmed in my living room.  The first few seconds were just that: my living room.  Then, an EDM song started to play, and the lights dimmed, but a shaft of light was coming in from the hallway, lighting up a large section of the floor.  From this lighted area, Gabriel came dancing in.  He was wearing a tight blue Henley—he’d worn it out dancing with me a few times, and he was now outgrowing it.  The three buttons were undone, and his chest hair poured out.  His tight black pants were similarly too small for him.  He was wearing a pair of sunglasses, and he was barefoot.

            As the rhythm of the song picked up, he turned his body sharply to his right and looked squarely into the camera.  Then, he threw his glasses aside and began thrusting his hips.  His giant bulge swayed heavily in contrapuntal rhythm as his massive thighs threatened to bust out of his pants.  With his arms, he rubbed his chest and abs sensually, moving them up and down to the beat, rising and falling down the massive shelf seductively.  His tight, dense abs rolled in and out like a wave, and his thick, broad shoulders swayed in time to the music.

            When the song hit the peak of its intensity, he ripped his shirt clean off himself.  His movements were now emphasized by his taut core, the undulations appealingly, if surreally, altering the relief map of his abs.

            He continued rubbing his chest and abs, twisting his fingers through his fur, occasionally bringing one arm up so his bicep swelled beside his face, his cavernous armpit and wide lat fully exposed.  He ran his hand across his scalp to tousle his hair, down the side of his face, across his lips, and through his beard. 

            The whole time, he never broke eye contact with the camera.

            When the song hit the second verse, he turned around, rotating his hips and abs the whole time.  I could now see his defined, bulging back muscles.  His back looked full and tight, almost like an inflatable pool raft, but heavy and bursting with flesh and brawn.  The sweep of his shoulders and lats narrowed down into an impossibly tiny waist, and exploded back out into the most massive, juicy, muscular ass that had ever graced this planet.  His ass swiveled back and forth in tempo, quivering, flexing, and rippling with each movement.  As the verse reached the second chorus, he bent forward slowly, sticking his ass closer towards the camera.  It took up nearly the whole screen.

            Then, when the second chorus dropped, he ripped off his pants, revealing his naked ass, still presented fully to the camera.  He had been wearing nothing under his pants, so he was now completely naked, his ass on unobstructed display. 

            He stood back up, swinging his hips back and forth as his steps slid back and forth the other direction.  Each movement started in the boulders of his shoulders, pulling him in one direction, the rest of his mighty body following.

            When the bridge hit, he slowly turned back around, giving me a full eyeful of his giant, meaty cock.

            As he danced back and forth, his massive cock swayed with him, his balls lagging behind in their own inertia.  They were heavy, hairy, and full.  It had clearly been a long time since he had jacked off.

            Wait a minute.

            He began rubbing his giant hairy chest and rock hard abs again, occasionally pinching his nipples.  As he did, his cock slowly started to inflate.  It got longer and thicker, his heartbeat visible in its pulses.  The vein down the middle of his cock engorged, finger-thick, as his cock hardened into full erection.

            He wasn’t going to… was he?  On video?

            As his cock got harder, it began to stand up, stretch, and straighten, sticking further away from his body, pointing straight at the camera.  I was now facing Gabriel’s immense, girthy, erect cock—the slit centered in the camera, like an eye staring at me.  I could see as the slit secreted thick, translucent drips of pre.  The head of Gabriel’s cock grew further, inflating into an engorged cockhead of a man who was primed to fuck.

            Gabriel filmed this in our living room!  I could’ve walked in on him!  I could’ve…

            This broke House Rules #2 and #3.  And if I counted this as a progress video, #5.

            Goodbye 2 3 5.

            By now, Gabriel’s cock was practically pouring gouts of pre.  Gabriel put three of his thick, manly fingers of his right hand in his mouth, getting them wet.  He then did the same thing with his left hand.

            As he reached down to encircle his cock, I closed my laptop.

            It felt like I had invaded Gabriel’s privacy.  Like I had read his diary.  It had been an intensely erotic display—my own cock was fully erect, a wet spot in my pajamas—but I felt like Johnny had gone too far this time.  If Gabriel had known he was being filmed, he never would have…

            But Gabriel kept looking at the camera.  He directed all his actions at the camera.  He had to have known it was there, right?  Which meant…

            “Gabriel!” I called out, storming out of my room.  Gabriel had been asleep for hours by this point, so I marched all the way to his room and banged on his door.

            He said a muffled, “Sleeping,” but that wasn’t going to stop me.

            I threw open his door and turned on the lights.

            Gabriel recoiled into a fetal position—well, as much of one as his bulging body would allow.  Unmoved, I shook his bed—well, as much as I could.  When that didn’t work, I pulled off his covers.  He was only in a pair of white boxer briefs, and between his ass and his bulge, they were very taxed.  “I’m up,” he acquiesced.  “I’m up.”

            He sat up, saw me, and processed what was going on.  “I see you got my video,” he said coyly, pointing at my erection.  “I’m glad you liked it, but I’m not ready for sex yet, if that’s what this is about.”

            “Liked it?  So, you did send it?  Why did you send it?”

            Gabriel rubbed his eyes while explaining plainly.  “I told you.  I’m working on ways to sexually satisfy you without actually having sex with you.  You like porn.  You like watching me.  Ergo, porn of me.”  He finished rubbing his eyes, smiled, and raised his eyebrows suggestively.  “Did you like the bit at the end?  I kind of forgot the camera was there by then.”

            “I didn’t watch the whole thing!” I said.

            Gabriel’s smile broadened.  “Johnny told me this might happen.  He told me that the better a porn video was, the less time it takes the viewer to finish.  How far did you make it?”

            “Three minutes,” I said.

            I was about to explain, when Gabriel said, “Wow!  You must’ve really liked it.  It’s 28 minutes long.”  He looked down at the bed, and said, “I did an encore.”

            “I stopped watching after three minutes because I was feeling like a major perv,” I clarified.

            “Really?” Gabriel seemed confused.  “Douglas said he sent you dick pics all the time.”

            “Okay, wow.  One, Douglas sent me two dick pics total.  He was lying to you because he was jealous of you.  Two, I asked for those pics.  You gave me this unsolicited.  Three, you could’ve warned me.”

            “I clearly labeled the video,” Gabriel said.  “And what’s pervy about your fiancé sending you a sexy video as a bedtime surprise?”

            “You didn’t send me the video.  Johnny did.  You had my big brother send me porn.”

            Gabriel scooched closer to me in his bed.  “If I sent it from my email account, would you have opened it?”

            “Of course not,” I said.  “Not without asking you what it was first.”

            “Exactly,” Gabriel said.  “And if I’d told you I shot a dirty video in our living room, you sure as fuck wouldn’t have watched it.  Since I made it for you to watch, Johnny helped me out.”

            I was at a loss for words.

            Gabriel continued.  “Even once I finally get over my initial gross out factor, there are going to be times when you want sex and I can’t bring myself to do it.  That will be a reality of our marriage.  I made this video for those nights.  And if it works, I can make more, especially if my libido doesn’t completely nosedive after the drug trial ends.”  He looked at me sincerely.  “I made it now while my libido was through the roof because I might not have the nerve when it goes back to normal.”  He obliquely pointed to his genitals.  “Or however close to normal I can get with these hormone factories.”

            I stood silently.

            Gabriel spoke again.  “I looked at the camera practically the whole time so it would feel like I was in the room with you.  I’m getting a clone made of my equipment, so it will be like I’m with you.  Once you get the vibrator, I expect you’ll use it together with the video.  I kinda hope you will.”

            Gabriel laid back down and pulled the blanket back over himself.  “Now, please turn off the lights, go back to your room, and, if you’re horny, watch the video I made for you.”  He blew me a kiss and added, “I love you.”

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I don't know how to state this, I can't put my finger on it.  But I think in this case, I think there might be something more to Gabriel than just being aroace.  Maybe something that they didn't reason to be because Gabe looks and is so healthy and always has been.  A sort of "Who'd a thunk it?" situation. 

It feels like there is a little too much Venn diagram type of cause and effect decision making going on in Gabriel's head.  There's too much "pre-thought" going into everything.  It feels like more of an experiment with Auggie as the lab rat even though that's not Gabriel's intent.

Am I accurate in saying this as an assumption?

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Never one to push the creative process but….   there are 25 minutes remaining of Gabriel’s love video that desperately need your exceptional blow by blow, color commentary (lol)

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I am honestly so glad there is an ongoing conversation surrounding a story on this site. I feel like discussion adds a great deal to the experience of reading.

In any case, my personal main worry when it comes to this story is the way Gabriel is handling everything. I truly believe both Auggie and Gabe can find a mutually beneficial relationship, but it is the speed at which it is happening that has me worried. The switch from a caring but platonic Gabe to one pushing for heartfelt romance just seemed too sudden. The fact that his room is filled with nothing but motivation sticky notes to keep up the charade doesn't help either. While Auggie may be able to find a fulfilling relationship, even if it is one that is rather uncommon, Gabe seems to be placing actual strain on himself. As such, if he breaks from the strain, I then worry for Auggie. Auggie was given a taste of what a classical relationship with Gabe can be like. So, if Gabe can't continue in his act, Auggie's emotions would have been played with and his desires left wanting. 

Honestly, this story has me uneasy (in the best way mind you) because of this "will-they-won't-they" scenario. Slow-burn romance necessitates investment in the characters and their relationship, which leads me to genuinely care for both sides. I want to see Gabe live happily and wholly without sacrificing himself, but I also want to see Auggie get everything he needs without flying too close to the sun.


In any case, this has been a wonderful story so far! It truly is novel-worthy! Remember to take your time posting though. Personal care and comfort should always come first after all!

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Thabks for keeping us fed with updates.

Amazing chapters as always!

Just love the story, I feel like Gabriel is working through his fear of heights or spiders except replace that with sexual stuff.

He always has to tense up toward kissing he always felt like he had to endure and March through the pain.

Is he also afraid of seeing Augie in a sexual setting?

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