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From Big brother to huge brother


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Warning incest and probably other weird stuff down the line u have been warned

first time writing here sorry if it’s a mess

lotta set up in chapter 1 and maybe 2 

Also writing this on phone so if the formatting is weird I apologize 

with that all out of the way here we go

ryan got out of bed sore from yesterdays workout. feeling good he was finally making a good income off of his only fans after working for so long to be able to build up his body and fan base with the support of his older brother Ray.
“come on get out here u big dork” Ray yelled.
Ryan chuckled to himself only his older brother could get away with calling him a dork with him being a 6’3 hunky mix of Viking and indigenous blood “ I don’t care if your tired get out here” Ray yelled.

Ryan put some blue shorts on and met his brother in the living room a similarly attractive  but bespectacled  man being slightly shorter at 6’2 with a lot less muscle on him.

“Come on lay down if your going to help pay the bills with that body I gotta make sure your taking care of it” after Ryan lays down Ray carefully massages his muscles sometimes giving an area a playful squeeze

“your lucky I took the time to learn this u big hunk imagine if u had to pay Someone for this you lucky ass” he says squeezing his brothers butt jokingly. “Now u can stay there if u want but I’m making breakfast”

Ryan lays there for a bit just enjoying his less sore body watching his brother cook in nothing but his shorts and a cute apron. “He should really get back into working out again I miss him coming to the gym with me”Ryan thought    

“come on Prince Charming foods ready” setting a large but healthy meal for his brother and himself. “four eyes you ever gonna run out of names for me” ryan says between bites         
“not any time soon Goliath” they both laugh at the dumb game the have made between each other.
“Now on to business” Ray says in a jokingly serious voice

“ your finally making enough for the both of us I’m proud of yah you big nerd sooo what the plan moving forwards mr.swole” 

“Well for one with u having to take less hours now I was hoping You would join me in the gym it was fun spending time with you. Secondly I’d like to take us on a vacation ” Ryan said with a hopeful look on his face 

“uh sure I guess I won’t need to work so much overtime now might as well bulk back up a bit and take some time off” Ray says flexing his average but toned arms. “So when do you want me joining you in the gym ?” 

“how about tomorrow runt” Ryan flexing his huge 22 inch arms  “whatever you say bigger bro” Ray jokes while cleaning the dishes.

ryans smile fades for a second that didn’t feel right before the pandemic the roles were reversed .his ripped nerdy big brother dragging him to the gym celebrating him meeting his goals and reassuring him when he fell short.

But with their parents passing Ray didn’t have as much time for the gym having to work his ass off to earn enough for both of them his body fading some what still fit but nowhere near to wear he was. “Hey I’m not bigger everywhere u half-horse” hoping to give his big bro a little confidence boost. 

“hey I’ll let u know the correct term is centaur” shamelessly dropping his shorts swinging his soft 6 inches around. Ryan blushing slightly “come on horse man get those pants back on we got some stuff to do.” Not wanting the admit he found that hot . 

 Ryan enjoys his rest day by buying his big bro some workout clothes then later  submerging himself in a bubble bath in there giant tub.

while Ray works from his home computer as a game designer happily logging off after a dreadful 9 hours he flops onto the couch turns on the tv. Ryan flops on top of him in nothing but his towel

“hey u big lug if u wanna share a spot shouldn’t it  the bigger guy be the one being laid on” Ryan ignoring him passing out his head on his brothers lap “great now I’m stuck here” Ray says gently stroking his brother hair eventually passing out himself  

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Chapter 2 

Ryan woke up to Ray’s throbbing morning wood in his face. The thick 9 inches slowly leaking pre onto himself  “honestly once he bulks back up a bit I might force him to make an account too” Ryan thought fully hard at this point. “I mean he always gives me a massage after my work outs only fair that I help him out a bit to “ he quietly mutters to himself trying to rationalize his feelings.

as he starts teasing his brothers cock slowly licking around the head and doing some other tricks he picked up from collabs “yah deeper babe” Ray mutters still out cold. Ryan gains some courage and goes further down on his big bro earning a moan from Ray “please I know u can take it all Erika” referring to his ex that had to move away due to the pandemic.

Ryan finally reaches the base of the beast breathing in his bros musk before slowly bobbing up and down . eventually Rays balls swell a bit  before tightening up cumming so much Ryan has to pull off quickly swallowing as Ray wakes up.  “ wow haven’t had a dream like that in a bit “ then notices some of his cum landed on Ryan “ dude I’m so sorry “ grabbing some stuff to clean up the mess.

“It’s fine just clean up the couch u horny mother fucker I’m gonna take a quick shower and imma work your ass twice as hard at the gym today” Ryan says walking towards the shower thankful the towel helped conceal his boner 

as the water hits him he starts jacking off his 7 inches “fuck that was wrong but it felt so good” gathering some of the remaining cum on his body then swallowing it “fuck” he moans cumming the hardest he has in awhile.

once he’s sufficiently clean he finds his brother ready to go “before u say anything ray its fine it’s not like u did it on purpose” “but” ray tries to respond “but nothing I’m not gonna get mad at u for having a wet dream now drive us to the gym you worrywort “ 

Once at the gym Ryan grins looking at ray “welcome to hell dork” as he tests his big bros limits on just about every machine in the gym ending with ray exhausted and sore waiting for his younger brother to finish his work out “you did great today pretty impressive all around” Ryan said honestly impressed his brother was able to handle everything he threw at him to today “I don’t feel that impressive though” ray whined trying not to move. that’s what happens when you don’t test yourself for awhile but don’t sell yourself short most of the guys I workout with couldn't handle all of that” Ryan  says helping his sore big bro shower and change 

“now let’s go home donkey dick” ryan says laughing.  Ray was going to say something but passes out in his ripped brothers arms. 
Once home Ryan undreses ray placing him in rays bedroom already impressed that it looked like ray was somehow already putting on a lot mass. “Dam he’s going to be a beast” Ryan said heading to bed 

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Chapter 3 

Ryan keeps pushing ray to his limits every time he goes to the gym and he is putting on muscle pretty quickly.after ray finishes his workout Ryan is  testing his limits bench pressing more than he has before and Sam the gym owners son pushes him right before he finished setting the bar back almost crushing Ryan.

ray with a murderous look in his eye catches it with one arm. “You really couldn’t wait 5 for seconds u impatient  piece of shit” Ray says slowly inching taller his clothes tightening over his rapidly growing muscles “your worthless ass could have killed him” ray now standing at 6’7 his clothes barley hanging on but all ray can focus on is the bastard that almost killed his big baby brother.

“ u ever start feeling impatient again you can expect this” ray hits Sam with a swift punch to the gut “do we understand” Sam nods holding his guy and trying to cover his boner then runs to the locker room. Ray calms down looking confused “wait why is everything so small “ Rays clothes finally give up as ray hits another small growth spurt ending at 6’10 with an godlike body.

Ryan couldn’t help but stare as his big dorky bro flexed the massive mounds of muscle called his pecs but his eyes where drawn Downwards to his 9inch soft cock” holy shit you were growing fast but this is just incredible” ryan said .

ray runs into the locker room looking confused and alittle embarrassed Ryan following soon after “ what happened out there big bro” 

“I don’t know I say the bar falling and everything went red when I came to I was like this” he gestures to himself. “Let’s get home before anything gets Weirder” as they get home ryan measures ray

26 inch biceps 

65 inch chest 

30 inch quads 

“We might as well measure your dick to big bro”  

9.5 inches soft 

and 13 inches long 

“holy shit” Ryan almost drooling at the foot long  in front of him 

“should we call a doctor or somthi-” ray moaned as his balls grew to orange size ryan started smelling a masculine sent emanating from his now huge bro 

“u seem fine only part that needs help is this” he starts sucking rays monster cock  “what are you doing Ryan” ray almost attempting to stop him before ryan starts deep throating him “fuck dude “ ray says pushing ryan further down on him neither  noticing it’s going deeper than should be possible as all 13 inches are in Ryan’s throat.
“Fuck he smells so sexy” Ryan thinks just breathing his brothers musk .

ray starts skull fucking him completely lost in the feeling. then after a few minutes they both cum. Ryan’s stomach visibly bloats and has to come up for air as ray keeps Cumming.

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1 hour ago, Ro20316 said:

Ryan is  abeast and soon his bro will folllow

I should have went into more detail but Ryan is shredded like almost unreal levels of muscle packed on to his hunky Frame . Now that his big bro is catching up muscle wise and surpassed him everywhere else it turns him on to no end . He wants his kind hearted big bro to get a bit more dominant with these changes

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Chapter 3.5

Once ray stops cumming he picks up Ryan something he wasn’t able to do this morning with ease . “ you ok Ryan”  ray says worried looking  at his brothers bloated belly. “Never better you dorky hunk. We gotta do that again soon”. He says rubbing rays cock

“ dude how did you not choke on this”

ray said swinging his huge soft dick back and forth “ dude I’m not even sore stop worrying”
Ryan said noticing his gut shrinking back down and his butt growing rounder and firmer 

Ray insists on cleaning up the mess he made once Ray finishes cleaning Ryan walks up to ray still naked and takes some pictures “what are you doing ryan” ray said trying to cover himself up a but  but failing horribly. After a few more taps on his phone he grins “making an only fans for you and before you say anything I already set up some stuff with some of my usual collab partners” ryan said while thinking “your gonna be a stud big bro wether you like it or not”

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chapter 4 introducing 2 new characters 

Also probably inaccurate porn stream stuff 

It was the next day and ray had excepted his fate the twin hunks Ryan got to collab with ray arrived right on time.  ray saw two beautiful black men walk into the room Kyle and James basically identical and in rays opinion flawless perfectly carved muscles with nothing to be ashamed about under the belts. Kyle sees ray barely dressed “dam dude how did you hide this beast of a man kind disappointed you didn’t share him sooner” groping rays obscene bluge playfully.

“He was just overwhelmed with work too busy to have fun ” ryan said not lying technically. James leans in and kisses ryan “after we have fun with your big bro how about you and I have some fun”

let’s get started guys Kyle says desperate to get ray out of his clothes .“stream starts 5..4…3..2..1” 

the stream started with the twins both kissing ray .James grabbing ray’s ass while Kyle jerked ray off through his pants kind of there trademark for threesomes.”thanks for showing up studs “ray says to the camera  his deep voice covering his nervousness. “I’m so lucky to be joined by these two legends ray”says trying to complement his costars 

a huge donation drops 300$ “strip you giant stud” 

the twins both smirk ripping rays clothes off leaving his Adonis body and semi hard cock free for the twins and chat to see. 

another few donations drop 

holy shit is that even hard yet 30$

how long is that beast 50$

and then a huge one  just fuck already 400$

Kyle basically drooling “yah let’s get started” he’s starts sucking rays monster off as James preps rays muscle ass and whispers “ a three some is definitely a way to start stud”done with his prep James pulls out his 8 inches and starts plowing ray “holy fuck” ray moans he grabs Kyle from his dick now throbbing at its full glory

“you ready yet boi” ray gaining confidence as Kyle nods he lowers kyle onto his dick starting slow but eventually fucking him at a ferocious pace while James pounds him.the chat going ballistic donations rolling in ray feels something strangely familiar.

he starts growing again his muscle swelling as he is overwhelmed by pleasure of the two sexy men rocking his world his dick grows to 16 inches Kyle surprised he can take it all somehow but very much loving it. the chat assuming it must be fake still enjoys it as 
They just keep going at it in different positions for hours taking request from large donations 

as the stream ends the twins are exhausted but happy pass out on the bed. ray still in a lust fueled frenzy grabs ryan “please baby bro I need you right now”humping him though his clothes  ryan instantly strips preparing himself for the pounding he was about to receive.

“Please destroy me bro” ryan says right before ray slams into him like an animal in heat “fuck your so tight” ray starts getting taller again stopping at seven feet. Picking up Ryan to fuck him deeper. “You ready for this slut”ray says causing Ryan to almost cum on the spot. “Yah stud fill me up” they both cum ryan passing out from pleasure. Ray pick him up and sets him next to the twins then joins them all 4 of them passed out exhausted. 


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a little more Info about the twins

they are 6’4 looking basically identical besides a tattoo on kyles butt.

they are close friends with Ryan after many Colabs with him. 
ryan and James used to be on again off again boyfriends that are now just fwb 

they both earn enough with there streams and other means that they live a very lavish lifestyle and are set for life. 
James is a bi switch in private but strictly tops on stream to keep up a persona

Kyle is a size queen he acts sweet on stream but loves tormenting his tops off stream. 

Kyle handles all of there income and while James handles there social media pages

while they won’t be in every chapter I do plan on using them a decent amount moving forward 

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