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Beyond a Man


Chapter II


  Hudson whirled around to see the hulking silhouette of what could only be described as a beast of a man in the doorway that had seemingly appeared out of thin air. " Well done, Hudson" , the man cooed in his deep, gravely tone. Hudson recognised it as the one who had conducted his... transformation. He got hard thinking about what they had just done to him. "Welcome to the brotherhood, or M.A.S.S, the Military Association of Super Soldiers. I am Alex, the Holder. Here, put this on'', he continued, tossing Hudson a large white jockstrap. " This is what most of us wear- it increases hormone production", he said, coming into the light. Hudson could see him now, in all his shirtless glory.


  Alex was tall. And broad. Very broad. His boulder shoulders appeared to spam at least a meter across. God what a sight. A mountain range of traps framed an impossibly manly face, with dark serious eyebrows and a piercing gaze. His arms were massive, with biceps forming that orgasmic pill shape that just exuded power, capped off with man forearms and massive mitts. There was a dog tag, labeled with his name and title squeezed between his pecs, huge swollen melons, each capped with a massive juicy nipple the size of a small plate. Hudson drooled looking at them. His transformation made him a muscle slut.


  He had a shredded eight pack too, each brick molded into muscular perfection, undoubtedly through hours of hard, sweaty work ( and probably a few growth hormones). A tight adonis belt led down to a veiny crotch, his massive length sheathed by a straining jockstrap, almost unable to keep his cock inside. His massive thighs were huge and defined, each striation like veins on a hard oak tree. His calves were thick and manly, leading to size fifteen feet. From where he was, Hudson could smell the imminent musk emanating from the man's pits. God he was huge. Hudson's cock gave a tight throb at the sight of him.


  Alex eyed his hardening cock and smirked. "The procedure went well I see… we were observing you through the window there" , pointing to the mirror Hudson had just nutted on, still dripping with his slick. "Oh, and this", he announced, presenting a dog tag with his name and title on it. "Let me put it on for you…". Alex leaned in front of him, their bodys pushing in against each other. Hudson's nipples rubbed against Alex's massive under pec. He let out a soft moan as they twitched, his cock hardening as it pressed against Alex's overstuffed jock. Hudson couldn't help but press his hips in, humping the older man. "Woah, let's not get too ahead of ourselves here. There we go", he retorted, fastening the tag around Hudson's veiny thick neck. "I hereby announce you, Vein."


  "Thank you, sir ", Hudson said gratefully as Alex motioned for him to follow outside of the room. "You are actually our third recruit, or vessel as we call them. I was the first. Then came Behemoth, who's out on some… business right now." Hudson noticed Alex's jock got a little bigger at the last phrase. As they continued down the hallway, Hudson noticed many different doors: Semen Extraction Room, Nipple Treatment Centre, Body Amplifier Storage. Hudson's lustful imagination went wild at the thought of the power hidden away behind each paneled door. 


  " The serum we gave you was a unique concoction created by our leader, the Sergeant. Without him, none of this would have been possible." The two rounded a corner into a small open concourse, lined with doors. "These are the Barracks. Your dorm is right over there. Not many people are here now but… we'll see. I'll leave you to explore for a bit. Meet me in the gym in 10 minutes for your… test", he said with a sexy smirk, and left, his footsteps booming down the corridor. Hudson drooled. That man was so huge… so massively muscled. He wanted to be like that, to grow into a true beast. 


  Hudson entered his room and slipped on his jockstrap. Fuck, it was tight. Hudson let out a moan as he tried to squeeze his hardening cock inside it. Jesus Christ, it was huge! And sensitive… fuck…he could destroy a brick wall with this. Hudson got horny at the thought of him being such a muscled god. Fuck his old life. He was beyond them now. Ryan, Jack, Erick, all of them! No one could compare to his god-like physique now.

  "Big men don't need jocks. Fuck that. Let the world see my naked muscle. Time for a fucking worship session. My muscle god body needs to be felt." 

  Tossing his jockstrap onto the large single bed, he turned around the minimalist dorm. Spying a mirror on the wall, he started to flex his new body, letting the horniness wash over him in a lustful tsunami. "Fuck, I'm so big", he moaned as he lifted his massive arms up into a double bi, enjoying the massive peaks they formed. He looked like a twig yesterday compared to this. Now… Now he was a true man. 


  Next he spread his lats. Instantly, wing-like extensions expanded from behind him. "Mhmm… so good" he moaned as he started to massage his pecs. They were so big, so huge and solid, full of new muscle. "I'm a muscle god now! Ngh! God, yes!" He groaned as he flicked and played with his huge nipples, digging into the sensitive flesh. The sensations traveled down his washboard abs into his hardening cock, quicking growing veiny and huge, filling with testosterone saturated blood. Not big enough, he thought and lifted up an arm to inhale his man scent. His muscle musk filled him with more power and his cock instantly got harder and… bigger. A small pearl of precum formed at the tip. He licked his lips. "Yes, Alex, I'll explore alright… explore the muscle beast that you turned me into! Arg!" He growled and he snatched his throbbing cock and began to pump it, flexing his body as he did so, admiring his greek-god-like body in the mirror.

  He hit more poses, one after the other, relishing in the brawn that spread from his body. Each flex of each muscle felt orgasmic, building up his muscle lust for his fucking body. He moaned, twisting his sensitive nips and shoving his face in his own hairy pits, greedily inhaling his testosterone sent. His new face broke into a devilish smirk as he fapped his cock harder, moaning at the pressure building in his nuts. Whatever was in those serums really made him into a super soldier. It was so fucking hot to be huge and hung.

  Smacking his heavy cock against his abs, he bounced his pecs. Old Hudson never had this muscle control... but he did now. Now he was a man. Now he was a god. He turned around and flexed his back. Huge veiny expanses of broadening muscles piled up and flared out as his back exploded with sheer definition. He could trace every muscle group with sight alone. That was hot. 

  Moving onto his glutes, he gave them a hard squeeze and moaned seeing the sides cave into the muscle. He was packing everywhere now. He faced forward once again and started to flex his torso and arms, licking his shoulders and pits.

  He once again thought of Alex, and how big and muscly he was. Fuck! What a turn on. Alex was such a sexy fuck. His huge pecs… Hudson imagined what he would do to them… he imagined growing again, the sensation of a full body muscle orgasm rocketing through his teen god body as he became more of a man. Bigger bis, bigger pecs, more muscle! He imagined his cock growing, pumping him full of testosterone and pure manliness. His musk, even more potent… fuck…


  "Yes! More! Make me into a beast! I want to get… bigger! God look at me… I'm so big. So manly… look at my arms, fuck, what did they do to me. I used to be a boy! Hah, a fucking boy! Not anymore… I'm no longer just Hudson… that sweet little jock is no more. Now I'm a fucking soldier! A super soldier! My transformation made me into this, ready to serve. Gotta… get off on my hot teen body!"


  His self worship reached its zenith as he felt his load slosh around his balls and pump through his huge cock. "Ughh! So much cum! Muscle… cum! Cumming… cumming!" He groaned as he bucked his muscled hips and flexed his pornstar cock, muscle cum ejaculating out from his piss slit in a powerful fountain of man-spunk. It coated his reflection in the mirror, making him look like a true teen god. He laughed. "Hahahaha… fuck… that was so… good. My spunk's so thick, and only after a few hours… what did that Alex fucking do to me?"


  Shit. He remembered the gym. Glancing at the clock, he tore on his jockstrap and thundered out the door, his heavy footsteps pounding down the hall. He wondered what Alex was going to do to him next…


End of Chapter II


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Hopefully Hudson gets some more of that serum and outgrows them all😏 He’s already quite the cocky alpha, but it would be super hot to see him become even more dominant. Great start to this story!

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Beyond a Man

 Chapter III

  The gym was in a separate wing of the facility, a massive space, bursting with equipment and machines perfect for building the perfect body. Hudson charged in, slamming the double doors wide open with ease, his arms rippling with alpha power.


  The first thing that hit him was the smell. It was as if an orgy of a hundred men had just happened here, filling the room with their pubescent spunk, pulsing with hormones and musk. Hudson took a deep breath and felt his body tense. "Mmph… muscle sweat. Delicious". He licked his lips hungrily.


  Next he heard the loud grunting coming from a corner of the gym. It was so dominant and commanding, and it could have only been made by a beast of a man. 




  Hudson rounded the corner and saw him in his tight, sexy jock, his body covered in a shiny layer of man sweat. Hudson longed to lick it all up, and to bury his face into Alex's nasty pits and inhale all his pheromones.


  Alex was lifting massive weights, burning bicep curls and watching the veiny muscle pump even bigger, obviously enjoying it as shown by his apparent hard-on. That thing looked like it was going to burst.


  He looked up. "Hudson- ngh! You're finally here… FUCK! ONE MORE! ARGHH!!" He moaned through one more curl and sat up, smirking. He flexed his arm less than discreetly. "Just got done with my training. Fuck, what a pump!". He brought his arms into a double bicep, Hudson watched as the veiny muscle bunched up into a solid hard rock on his arm. Under, Hudson eyed his hairy pits, dripping with sweat.


  "Time for your test kid. Show me what I turned you into." Fuck, what a turn on. Hudson was going to show him alright- show him what a beast he was turned into. He grabbed the heaviest weights he could find and sat down on the bench and started curling. Instantly, his arm exploded with size, veins pumping to full size and snaking across his arm. 


  Fuck, that burn felt so good. "Yeah! More!" Hudson cried out "becoming a fucking... ALPHA!" his voiced dropped to a manly growl. He was pumping out rep after rep, all the time Alex watching him intently with an obvious tent in his jock. "Enough. Shoulders next".


  Alex brought him over to the shoulder press and added massive weights on. "Let's grow those puppies. I know you want to be wider", he said with a grin. Hudson sat down and started to pump. His shoulders groaned with the exertion, becoming more boulder-like with every press. Fuck, he was huge. Such a jock now. "Grow me... GROW ME! Look what I've become. Need more... bigger... BIGGER!!"


  He looked down after the set and noticed his raging hard-on. His hand grazed the tip and he winced. Fuck, it was so sensitive. Need to get off soon… who knows what this monster could do in the meantime.


  His workout continued as he worked on his chest and abs, thighs and glutes, pumping each to the max and revelling in the pleasure it gave him. Looking in the mirror and giving a full body flex, his back and lats exploding with mass as he lifted his arms up and behind his head, spreading his musk around the room.


  As he sat back down on the bench press and started another chest set, he felt a hand on his pouch. He sat up to see Alex standing over him, his hand on his own jock, tugging at the seam, smirking his signature sinister smirk. "You've done well. That almost concludes your test. I think it's time for a protein shake, don't you think? Come meet me in the locker room."


  And with that, he left. Hudson got up and wiped off his face. Alex wanted to see him in the locker room? Oh, Hudson was waiting for this. His cock throbbed, imagining… 


  When Hudson entered the dimly lit locker room, it was a ghost town. He wound through the maze of metal doors, looking for a sign of Alex. His muscles pumped in anticipation. Suddenly, he was pinned against a locker by a ripped veiny arm. It was Alex, with his sexy smirk on, trapping Hudson under his hulking forearm. 


  "Ready for some post-workout? Protein's the best source for- NGH! Growth…", he said in his husky, seductive voice as he flexed his free hand and bounced his pecs. Hudson was instantly hard as Alex grabbed him by the hair and shoved his face under his arm, deep within his pits. Hudson was forced to inhale all of his scent, which only grew stronger by the second. His cock throbbed with the knowledge of what was to come. "Mhmm..."


  "Yeahh boy… smell my ultimate alpha scent! I know you want this. Ever since I turned you into a muscle slut of a soldier you've lusted after my body. Well, news flash. The serum does this to EVERYONE!". Alex growled the last word as he pushed Hudson's head deeper into his sweaty man-pits before ripping it out and hauling him over his bulking shoulder.


  Alex threw Hudson onto a changing bench and started to rub his jock. "Ready for a real protein shake?". Hudson nodded. 


"Yes WHAT?"

"Yes SIR!"

Alex grinned with approval as he ripped out his throbbing length, hardened to its full 20 inches. A true god pole, covered with a map of veins. He slapped his length against Hudson's face, smearing a bit of precum across his chiselled jaw.


  "Suck it. Now."


  Hudson obeyed, opening his mouth to encompass Alex's huge tool. It filled him completely, bulging down his troat. Hudson couldn't even gag- it tasted sublime. He sucked with vigour, making sure Alex felt good.


  Alex flexed his body, lifting his arms up to a double bi."Fuck… that feels so good. Keep going. So horny… gonna fill you up so good". Even his nipples were erect. Hudson wanted to touch them. He reached up to grab them when Alex smacked his hand away. "Not yet, little boy. You're not quite big enough to top me." Alex laughed as he tweased his nips, just to tease Hudson. They seemed to grow with each tease, throbbing bigger and more defined. "Ngh! Arg, I'm so sensitive. Yea keep sucking my alpha cock."


  Hudson's cock was now full hard as well, curling out of his jock and out in the open. Alex kicked it with his foot playfully. Hudson moaned and contracted his throat, tightening the grip on Alex's monster cock. He moaned. "Fuck! So tight! Gonna… cum… soon…".


  Alex grabbed some weights from under the bench and started to pump. "Yeah… gonna pump my cum full of extra protein for our newest recruit. Welcome to manhood, boy." He growled between each rep, making his biceps burst with hulking power. 


  Hudson felt Alex's cock throb even bigger. He was close. Suddenly, he grabbed the back of Hudson's hair in his fist and started to face fuck him with enough power to shatter granite. "Mmpf!" Hudson choked. 

"Take it! Alpha! Cock! Bitch! Making me so fucking built! Yargh!!!" Alex moaned, pumping his cock with boundless strength. "Cumming… cumming! Gonna fill you up with my muscle cum!" 


  Hudson felt his cock contract a final time as if started to spew its immense load down his throat. It was rich and powerful and appeared to be never ending. His own cock spewed a load all over Alex's muscled thighs, dripping down onto a pool on the floor. Alex's cum was salty… and delicious. Hudson allowed it to fill him.


  "Fuckkk…. More… cum… cumming!" Alex moaned as he fucked another load down his throat. "Ngh… so good…". Alex slowly slipped his softening cock out from his new fuckhole. "Swallow", he ordered. Hudson happily gulped down the protein cum, feeling his muscles throb as they fed on their post-workout. 


  Alex bent down and wiped some cum off his thighs, licking a bit off his finger. "Delicious. Test, passed", he commented, before rubbing the remaining on Hudson's pecs. "Well that's all for today, stud. See you tomorrow." Alex left with a wink, his alpha scent still clinging to the room. 


  Hudson groaned as he sat upright on the bench. He was just about to leave when the growth began. "Ngh.. fuck! What's happening to me?"

To be continued in Chapter IV




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