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  "F-fuck! What is happening to me? It feels so good!" Hudson roared as he felt the familiar sensation of growth begin in his abs. They suddenly contracted as he moaned. "Fuck… nGh…yes. What was in his- mpPf! Cum?". His abs started to grow more defined, as they shredded into bricks, each as solid as a rock. He ran his fingers over them, fuck… they were ripped. He started to flex them when his thighs suddenly swelled. They were becoming bigger, bulging into true monsters that could crush anything with minimal effort.


  They writhed in muscle glory, each striation coming alive and growing. His calves were next, becoming thicker and more defined, cutting into blades of man steel. His feet too, were not left out as they doubled in size and length, becoming absolutely humongous. "More… more- nGH!" He moaned as he ran his hands up his legs and felt every defined muscle contract.


  He buckled over, falling on the floor on his knees and hands."Fuck…so much pleasure…so much mass. Becoming a muscle god! Haha… gonna dominate Alex… fucking little bitch… gonna be so hungry for this coCK! ARGHH!" He roared as he cock suddenly exploded in his jock, releasing a thick stream of precum and forming a wet spot at the tip. It began to grow too, more muscular and girthy. "Look at my power tool now! What a man. So thick and huge, I'm a real muscle hung now. Bigger! BIGGER!" 


  He grinned sinisterly as he watched his right arm balloon with mass, shredded up from ripped forearm to boulder shoulder, each muscle becoming thicker and more defined. "So…huge now… NGH! More. MORE. Give me everything…" he moaned as he continued to get wider, the growth spreading to his back, his traps hulking up into bulky mountains behind his veiny neck. He got up, horny and full of pain and pleasure as his obliques continued to widen, his back becoming broader and filling OUT with all his new muscle. 

"Power… yes… god, I'm so fucking horny…. gotta fuck something…" he punched a locker, his arm rippled and grew thicker, pulsing with each wave kf growth. Suddenly, he clenched his pecs as they grew out and wider, filling out his now massive frame with more muscle. They were round now, his nipples being shrunk by all the mass. "Ngh! No! Fuck… my nips… need to… fuck…." He moaned as he groped his chest. "Need to breed… to fuck something"


  He saw a solid concrete wall behind a locker. Perfect. He ran up and slammed his body on it. Immediately cracks appeared, as he moved his hips, humping the wall with his massive body and monster cock. "Fuck! So hard! I'm a beast now! Need to get… bigger…!" Soon, a small indent formed in the wall. He smirked evilly. Yes… he lined up his dick with the hole and trusted. His rock hard cock smashed right in it, deeping the hole. "NGH! I just destroyed a wall. With my cock! Haha this is what a super soldier is? Make me bigger! ARGHH!" he roared as he plunged his cock all the way in, making the hole into his personal fleshlight. 


  He could feel the overproduction of sperm in his balls beginning to rack up. His new load of muscle cum was beginning to fill his swelling gonads with his milk. He pounded the wall harder, grinding his grizzly pubes against it, grasping for that friction. "MMPF! MORE! Getting so… fucking huge..!" he moaned as he continued to destroy the now crumbling wall. 


  Close. He was close to cumming. Fuck, it felt so GOOD. POUND. POUND. POUND. All of his weight now fucking the wall. "Cumming! Cummin-".

Suddenly a huge, rough hand grabbed him from behind and whirled him around. A man more massive than Alex stood there, his tight jockstrap straining to contain his massive cock, which was leaking a steady stream of precum. Hudson knew immediately who this was. The Behemoth.


  "Well well well…" he growled in his gravelly tone. "Look's someone got a 'hold' of what Alex was 'holding'" he said, grinning. He massaged his cock, slowly getting it to full length. Hudson starred in awe as his mammoth dick elongated into a huge, thick veiny destroyer. Hudson's cock was almost at its limit now. 


  The Behemoth saw this and immediately plunged down to ground level and started to stroke Hudson's cock. Immediately, it spewed all over his huge chest and face. The larger man only grinned sinisterly as he lapped the cum up, even sucking on Hudson's cock. "Nghh… what are you doing?"

"Exactly what it is I'm doing" he retorted "cum right after a growth is- MmpF, FUCK- is the best for Transfer. YES! FUCK!!" He roared as he stood up and flexed both of his arms, which had begun to swell. 


  "Watch what your cum did to me twig!" He laughed evilly as he smirked, turning his attention to his growing body. His biceps continued to swell as the ballooned bigger. And BIGGER. They were massive now. Hudson, now in his growth aftermath, could only watch this man become something far more than he ever could. 


  The Behemoth's pecs exploded with mass as his shoulders became absolutely humongous, swelling with power as his traps grew even more defined. "Fuck! Need more!!" He flexed his abs, each brick etching bigger and bigger until they had become a massive ten pack. His cock, started to thicken too, as he began to drip precum on the floor. Hudson ran to lap it up, desperate for more growth. The growing man saw him and pushed him down with a strong shove of his massive hands.


  He placed a foot on Hudson's chest. "No more growth for you- argh! Only I can be this big! Watch a true soldier- fUck BIGGER! Grow!!" He moaned as he exploded with more size. Hudson starred as the man's cock looked like it was going to explode. "Need to take care of this… don't want someone to steal my show, do we?" He tore open a locker and hauled out a bucket. "Haha, knew this old bucket would be good for something," he said as he grabbed his dick and started to stroke it furiously. "Fuck, so BIG! MORE! GIVE ME MORE!" 


  His cock soon exploded with cum, as it pumped gallons of white liquid into the bucket. "MMM… MUSCLE CUM! THIS IS WHAT A REAL SOLDIER LOOKS LIKE TWERP!" He shook his dick as it shot load after load. The bucket was filled to the brim now. The Behemoth picked it up with ease. "Time for a workout. Gotta test out my new mmpF! Massive body. Then, my own personal protein shake." 


  The man then strod out of the room, leaving Hudson a defeated mess on the floor. He was so… big. So manly… fuck, he tossed him around like a doll. Hudson wanted more. He got up, angry. Turning to a locker, he punched it, bending metal against his heavy fist. Fuck him. Hudson wanted growth. Hudson wanted to be a monster. And he knew just how to get it. 


  A second dose of serum.


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