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  • 3 weeks later...

  Hudson grinned as he turned the vial around in his hand. Just thinking of what it would turn him into made him horny beyond belief. He flexed his arms in anticipation, glowering at Alex, who lay aghast on the ruins of the lab, his cock leaking precum. "Haha… Alex… not the big guy anymore huh?" Hudson jeered, bending down to scoop a smear of precum on his thick finger. He licked it, revelling in the way his former senior's juices tasted.


  "Hudson… oh god… look at you. Fuck… what have you done to youself?"

"What have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE?" Hudson boomed. "I've become, in just a few mere months, a more powerful alpha than you WILL EVER BE!". He struck a few more poses, bathing in self-worship. "And I'm about to get bigger. This serum will make me a BEHEMOTH." His eyes suddenly lit up, as if realising something. "This… haha…fuck…this is what you gave him right? To make him into that beast? The Behemoth. Haven't seen him since he stole that growth from me. I was gonna be so much bigger if it wasn't for that fucker. I should have realised it sooner. Hahaha… bet that bitch didn't get a second dose before taking the 4th serum. He's not going to want to miss this. Come here. Now." With that, Hudson grabbed Alex's comparatively tiny waist and slung the soldier over his bulging trap and strode out of the lab, busting the door frame in the process.


  As the giant soldier thundered down the hall, his cock hardened, straining his jock strap. Alex could feel it, prodding his calf. It was gargantuan, and even from his awkward position, he could make out every massive, engorged vein. Just thinking of how big it would grow soon made him shiver in lust.


  Hudson grinned, feeling the smaller man shake as his cock grew harder. His inauguration as a god was imminent. Soon he would become the biggest alpha. The ultimate soldier. A perfect muscle beast. 


  Soon they reached the barracks. Hudson tore each door open, but to no avail. This left virtually only one place he could be. The gym. 


  Hudson busted open the reinforced double doors, his presence filling the immense space. His cock at full attention, he bellowed. "BEHEMOTH. COME HERE YOU LITTLE PUNK. WATCH ME BECOME THE ALPHA OF YOUR NIGHTMARES." A boom sounded from one end of the hall. Hudson could just about make out a large shadow moving through the dimly lit room. It grew bigger as it weaved through rows of machine and weights, before finally stepping into the light of the doorway.


  It was the Behemoth. And he had grown.


  Whatever his own cum did to him was working. The Behemoth was beyond huge. Probably almost as big as Hudson was now. "Hudson. Long time no… ngh… see bud. Had a few hehe… missions to carry out. Is why I might be… a bit bulkier than when we last met." He said flexing a massive arm. Hudson watched as his bicep balled into a huge melon of muscle mass.


  This was no stop for the new Hudson. Throwing Alex onto the floor, he flexed his muscles and charged at the man. The Behemoth dodged him and landed a punch right to his chest. Hudson whirled around and landed a solid kick in the muscled man's chest, knocking him back. The Behemoth ran back charging, knocking Hudson to the ground.


  The Behemoth landed a running jump on him, effectively pinning Hudson to the floor. Immediately Hudson threw himself around and put the other man in a lock.It was then that the Behemoth spotted the vial in Hudson's hand and knew what was up. An evil plan formed in his mind.


  The man smashed his head against the vial, smashing it. "Argh!" He yelled, as the glass cut through his skin. The serum started to flow into him. "NO!" Hudson yelled. The Behemoth was writhing now, his veins pulsing with a second dose of the stuff that made him into such a beast. There was no telling how big he was gonna get.


  "UgHf… FUCK little man… thanks for the– ngH! God I'm gonna get so huge. I can FEEL IT. MAKE ME A BEAST!!" he roared as his moved his twitching body into a most muscular. His biceps began to engorge, becoming even more pumped, as his forearms grew veinier. Bigger triceps, bigger hands, everything was BIGGER.


  His shoulders were next. They ballooned up into these huge… broad… monsters. The Behemoth laughed. "So… much… MUSCLE! YES… WIDER. I DON'T WANT TO FIT THROUGH ANY DOORWAY. ARGGGHH!!!" Hudson watched his traps hike higher and higher. That serum was his ticket to becoming the ultimate soldier… and that monster took it. Hudson was mad.


  He flew at the Behemoth, trying to clamber on his growing muscle. "Haha… you feel like a twi- NGH… hah… looks like I'm growing there too. MpFH! Come here, bitch". The larger man wrapped one hand around Hudson's comparatively tiny hands, picked him up and jammed him on his cock, which had begun to grow. 


  "HAHA… I've always wanted to do THIS. To FUCK you cute little muscle ass. Mmpf… yess… grow… bigger COCK. Pump me full of my alpha hormones and make me a god!" He flexed his body, his cock growing girthier and thicker by the second. Hudson felt like he was going to get split in half. 


  The Behemoth started to rock his hips back and forth, his body still piling on mass. "From now on… you will call me 'sir'. UNDERSTAND?" he commanded. Immediately Hudson submitted to the man he made. "Yes… sir".




  "Good… time for me to pump you full of my alpha cum… and don't get any fantasies of growth. The Behemoth serum only gives the power for Transfer. Haha… bet you thought you would grow too huh? No. All this MUSCLE.. is for ME!" he roared as he slammed his writhing penis in and out of Hudson's hole.


  "So tight… fuck, I'm getting so huge" he said as he lifted his arm up and kissed the thick bicep on it. His pits, now extremely hairy and sweaty, pressed onto Hudson's face. The submissive stud licked and inhaled his alpha's scent. "Good punk… inhale my musk. Submit it to me." 


  His body was now HUGE. Pecs, perfectly round and square, topped off with massive nipples and a rippling 12 pack. His thighs were trunks, wrapped in a layer of sinewy BULK. His back was a forest of muscle, each one sculpted to perfection.


  The Behemoth twitched. His balls were now huge and heavy with cum. Hudson could feel his gargantuan load cooking in them. "Get ready bitch… When I cum, my transformation will be complete. I will have become a fucking muscle god. A super soldier you will only dream of becoming. Watch me… watch me turn and transform into the man… beyond a man… UGFHH" 

He exploded inside Hudson, his cock growing huge as he pumped the smaller man full of his muscle cum. It flowed into Hudson. He could feel it, a torrent of spunk filling him up. "Ugh! NgGH! UGRGFF! YES! TAKE IT. MORE! MOREE!"


  The pressure was so great that Hudson flew off his cock into the gym. He landed next to Alex, who was spent from having orgasm after orgasm. He watched as the Behemoth's own monster orgasm rocked through him, finally turning him into a muscle god. 




  From now on, things were gonna be… different. Under the rule of the new alpha muscle god.




  The Sergeant reviewed the security footage of the Behemoth's ascension to godhood with a constant hard on and a smirk on his face. Good…, he thought. Phase one was complete. Grabbing a vial labelled Alpha Serum #0, he headed out of the lab.


Thank you for all your support. I will try to create more stories in the future. Happy New Year

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I’m curious to know what the Sargent is going to do with Alpha Serum #0 😈😈😈

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